i just wanna slap him

Character Asks - Stiles Stilinski

Who is more likely to hurt the other? : You wouldn’t hurt each other per se… Stiles kinda hurts himself with his clumsiness.  Falling off the bed, running into walls, hitting his side against a table, he really brings it on himself

Who is emotionally stronger? : Stiles, even though he’s been through so much, he’s become a much stronger person because of it, and you’re so proud of him

Who is physically stronger? : Stiles.  “How long have you been hiding this muscle!?”

Who is more likely to break a bone? : Both of you, him because he’s reckless and you because you always try to cover for him when in fights

Who knows best what to say to upset the other? : Stiles does, sometimes his anger just gets the best of him and before he can stop himself.  His expression goes from angry to guilty in a second, but it’s already too late to take it back

Who is most likely to apologize after an argument? : Stiles (since he was the one who took it too far) he would show up knocking at your window in the middle of the night, and you would yank him in and hug him tightly asking where he’s been and how worried you were.  Then you’d both be apologizing and hugging onto each other

Who treats who’s wounds more often? : You’re always fixing up Stiles.  And every time you go on an aggressive rant as you clean up his rooms.  “I swear Stiles, sometimes I just wanna slap you” You said before kissing him gently and throwing away the bloody rags

Who is in constant need of comfort? : You, you’re always scared that one day he’s going to leave and not come back.  Especially after the void situation, you’re always worried about him.  This usually results in random tight hugs or passionate kisses. It used to surprise him, but now he knows it’s just your way of telling yourself he’s still there

Who gets more jealous? : Both of you can get pretty possessive, but Stiles is more aggressive about it.  You’d see his jaw set as his teeth grit, and his arm would sneak around your waist and pull you in close against him.  You would smile at him and kiss his cheek, knowing he was having a jealous moment

Who’s most likely to walk out on the other? : (continuation from before) You would walk out after his outburst, he’d call after you but you’d get in your car and go, not being able to stay in the room with him and your own thoughts.  You needed to go and clear your head before you talked to him again

Who will propose? : Stiles would, one night after your movie night.  You’d be cuddling on the couch and he’d pause the show, and kiss you abruptly.  You’d laugh out of surprise, and he’d go on to tell you that he wanted to be able to do that for the rest of his life.  You would look at him confused but bashful, having no idea what he was going on about.  Until he got off the couch and kneeled on the floor.  You’d gasp before he could say a word, and the instant he pulled out the small velvet box in his pocket, you’d scream happily and tackle him to the ground, kissing him over and over and saying yes before he even popped the question

Who has the most difficult parents? : Neither of you really.  But Stiles thinks he does because his Dad likes you more than his own son.  (you’ve always been a part of the Stilinski family)

Who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? : You.  You like holding his hand cause they’re large and it makes you feel safe with just his touch

Who comes up for the other all the time? : (idk what this means..? If someone wants to tell me pls do and i’ll come back and edit this one in)

Who hogs the blankets? : Stiles always hogs all of the blankets and he does it just to annoy you and you know it.  You always snatch them back while he’s asleep, which is a fight that continued through the whole night until he just wiggled his way in with you and wrapped you up in his arms as well

Who gets more sad? : You, on the nights where you’re worried about him because he and Scott promised you they’d be back at 11 sharp and it was 11:30.  But he always came home to you, holding you close and promising he was safe and fine, that he’d always come home to you

Who is better at cheering the other up? : Stiles usually gets pretty down when the rest of the pack don’t believe his theories.  If you were honest with yourself, sometimes they did seem far fetched but you knew that he put a lot of work into what he did and tried your best to get his mind off of it.  It usually involved Star Wars.  Or sex.  Or both.

Who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? : You.  It’s always you.  Stiles puts all the Dads in the world to shame with his lamely hilarious jokes and sarcasm.  A lot of times you have to tell him to tone it down because it’s a serious situation

Who is more streetwise? : Stiles says he is, but it is most definitely you

Who is more wise? :  Stiles is smarter school wise, he just doesn’t apply himself in the ways you know he could.  You always went to him for extra help and he understood the topic pretty easy, and taught it to you so you’d get it too

Who’s the shyest? : You are.  Stiles may be a stutter-y clumsy mess, but compared to him, you were pretty quiet.  You were surprised when he asked you out, though you’d been friends for years you didn’t think he’d ever think of you as anything more.  But after a long time of being together he’s really helped you break down your walls

Who boasts about the other more? : Stiles boasts about you a lot, but you definitely beat him at it.  Earlier on in sophomore year when you were still a shy little thing and your relationship with Stiles had just begun, Jackson Whittemore had started hitting on you.  Long story short you got fed up with it and snapped at him, yelling about how Stiles was better than him in every way and that you’d never go for a douche like him.  After your outburst you promptly spun around on your heel to leave, only to find Stiles standing there with his jaw dropped.

Who sits on whose lap? : Stiles is always pulling you onto his lap.  He just loves to hold you and cuddle you and kiss you and really just loves that you’re his girlfriend.  He has a knack for telling you he loves you at random times, which you found adorkable

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I almost feel sorry for Hayden cause he is at that age where you explore a lot of different opinions and say really stupid shit and think you have the whole world figured out and probably do annoy and piss off a lot of older people near you. But also he has a whole celebrity twitter account to fuck up like that on. At the same time, omg he's annoying, you just wanna slap him.

I don’t  feel sorry for him. I had enough sense at his age to not act like I knew everything. He’s old enough now, kid gloves are off, teen gloves come on. No time for coddling.

Anonymous said:                                                                      How do you think that’s going to play out? Callie and Jude used to be really close and I don’t see Maia and Hayden working together like that again. Maia really has had enough and to be honest it seems like most of the cast. Jude should go to study abroad or something             

I don’t think they’ve worked together much in a while. In fact, I think Teri was the only cast member he worked closely with, other than the other immature teenager on set (sorry guys).

What was shocking today was Sherri standing up for Maia. Sherri is super nice, and if she’s had enough, then … trouble.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Wow Sherri retweeted Maia’s shady tweet towards Hayden. I wonder if sherri knew she was talking about him             

I have to assume Sherri follows both people, so she saw it. Furthermore, Maia has since directed it at him, so she knows now.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Hayden use to be so sweet. I don’t know what happened to him. He’s just like his mom and it’s sad. His Dad might not be any better. Someone needs to set him straight. Is Jude rude to Callie because Hayden is rude to Maia. He’s young and ignorant but his parents are adults. They probably don’t care about how he acts. A while ago Jake T Austin liked a tweet about Hayden’s mom and her not be a good influence or something similar to that. So he must know stuff. No excuse for Hayden acting that way.             

I don’t know if he was ever sweet, but he used to keep his great “opinions” to himself. His ego grew through the course of the show which probably culminated in what he perceived as a win with the demise of Jonnor (total speculation). It also grew with people calling him mature, but he wasn’t. He was just opinionated. Hayden’s mom called Jake a drug addict on social media, everyone saw her fight with Jake, so that’s where his beef was.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I bet Hayden’s mom doesn’t care how he acts on Twitter. Someone needs to set his straight because I’m sure his mom won’t. Probably partly her fault hr acts like this.            

He is following her example. The thing is, if he wants to be an actor, he needs to clean up his act or he’ll never get another good gig again.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Wait what happened with Hayden? I don’t really pay attention to the actors, just watch the show and I’m curious           

Hayden read an article and thought that made him an expert on birth control. His male right activist self thought that women were mocking men for dropping out of a male birth control pill study due to side effects. Women, rightly so, have mocked this study because women have been dealing with these symptoms for decades. Instead of listening to women with personal experiences, he insisted that female side effects were either due to a placebo effect or “not a big deal.” Maia called him out on it, and he got pissy and how he’s asking why don’t more women become scientists and doctors if they care so much about women’s health.

He’s a misogynist.

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Remember when Tom Mison said there would be "plenty for the ichabbie shippers" this season? Biggest. Understatement. Ever.

Rofl yeah, I look at the gifs from that sometimes and laugh tbh:


Like, seriously, he was not lying, or overselling it, and like we knew there’d be some stuff but he actually downplayed it (aww, he’s learning!). But yeah, we totally know his tell now - the smirky eyebrow-raise + the “I’m trying really hard to look sneaky but really I’m mostly just trying not to burst out into giggles” face means he’s holding back something good. If yall go to cons and meet him, you know what to look for. :p

Thomas James Mison and his transparent lack of chill is such a gift. 

  • juvia badass fight
  • juvia and gray maybe doing a unsion raid at the end of their fights to show them their ~unspoken bond~
  • juvia slapping silver hard
  • silver teasing gray about juvia being his girl if he’s really his father
  • juvia and gajeel brotp

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So like I just randomly got Boyz 4 Now feels about how supportive a big sister Tina is about Louise's crush and I love it so much she's just like 'you wanna slap him? Okay we'll make this work for you' and it's great Tina's amazing

heck yes heck yes

and I really love how their dynamic sort of flips in boyz 4 now, you know? like usually in their relationship, louise is full of confidence and surety and always acts decisively whereas tina tends to be slightly more unsure of herself, yeah? but in boyz 4 now, louise is the one who’s completely caught off-guard and feeling confused and vulnerable and I just love so goddamn much how tina is so there for her and so ready to help her out and guide her through this new and confusing moment in her life.

it’s just great

Can I also address something else he said in that podcast because near the end he was talking about how he always feels really touched when people say that the things he’s said have an impact on their life but that he doesn’t see himself as much of a hero compared to surgeons and soldiers etc. Because I kinda just wanna slap him around the face like “THERE AREN’T ANY SURGEONS OR SOLDIERS HELPING ME RECOVER FROM PANIC ATTACKS AND STOPPING ME FROM CONSTANTLY WANTING TO KILL MYSELF MY BUDDY MY GUY”

trott: guys zero fault this and i’ll give you a backrub

smith: i really need a backrub, ((my back really hurts right now)). and something else if you know what i mean!


trott: i guess it has the physics of the wheels playing a part. how does it work?

smith: i wouldn’t mind getting physical with you

ross: what does that mean, when you say that?

smith: i just wanna knock him about a bit

ross: slap him about, show him what’s what, slap him about a bit

trott: we’ll see where the backrub leads, if you know what i mean