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Sorry I don't wanna sound rude, but I'm just curious and kinda ignorant... do u know why it's racist to headcanon asian male characters as ace/aro??

I’ll answer best as I can (seeing as I’m not Asian..)

Ace/aro hc’s for Asian men is basically shitting on people who for years have watched themselves be stripped of their sexual part by media. They have been portrayed as unattractive and uninterested, hardworking nerds, strange foreigners, and other unfair things which lead to viewing them as undesirable irl (fiction is not ~just fiction~ after all). Dick size jokes are all too widespread. People discard Asians on their dating profiles saying that “they’re just not attracted" (a.k.a. racism). Fandom spaces treat Asian men (especially those with soft facial features, not unlike Yuzuru Hanyu) as not-masculine, too pure and innocent to be sexual uwuwuwu and that’s a whole new level of anime bullshit and racism which I’m not capable of going into.

If you really want to find out more you can google desexualization of Asian men instead of, you know, asking a white Polish woman about it *shrug emoji*

But I’ll tell you why it’s especially bad in Yuuri’s case. Yuuri is an Asian man who learned how to be a sexual being with another man - that’s his entire Eros story arc, and as we established that’s not something you see often. What we see often is a trope of desexualazing Asian male characters, gay characters, as well as characters with mental illnesses. Yuuri is all of that so of course, sadly, there is a lot of ace hcs for him while there isn’t much for Victor - gay, also mentally ill (depressed), but not Asian. Pretty telling, huh? And I’m not saying here that headcanoning them both as aro/ace is the way, definitely not.

In the series both Yuuri and Victor have been shown to display romantic as well as sexual feelings towards each other. Yuuri, ever since ep 1, is blushing around Victor all the time, not to mention that ep 10 revealed their fun times during the banquet one year before that. That is not being ace or aro and yet people insist on it in Yuuri’s case. Probably because of his Katsudon Eros early on? It’s like people saw a (false) leeway and jumped at the occasion to hc the Asian guy as aro/ace while canon kept providing evidence against this idea.

He is in a relationship! He is portrayed as an attractive man and insinuated to be sexualy active too - by Chris and by himself. Don’t take that away.

Basically, the rule that should be applied in any case is: don’t change representation to suit your needs. Representation is scarce. Don’t make gay characters asexual. It supports the homophobic view that being gay is okay as long as it’s “pure” - void of sinful gay sexual attraction. Don’t strip mentally ill people of their attraction to another person. That is infantilizing and ableist. Don’t make a Japanese man ace/aro, when his story arc is about owning his sexuality and sexual/romantic attraction to another man. Actually just don’t do it at all, not to Yuuri, not to Phichit. Let Asian men be desirable and desiring.

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What kind of drunks do you think the gom + nijimura are?

MIDORIMA and NIJIMURA done here.


  • Actually a pretty damn sweet drunk. He’ll be whispering sweet words in your ear all night and making sure that you were happy. He gets very touchy too and would stroke your hair or kiss you softly. Little touches here and there.
  • But he’s still a very aware drunk. As he always is. He’ll make sure nobody touches you inappropriately and that he behaves as an Akashi normally would in public.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • This is odd. What are these circle things.
    • 😂 why are bubbles coming out of the eyes.
    • Oh, they’re tears.
    • 💩 why does the poop have a face.


  • Loud and annoying as hell. He yaps nonstop and would talk about basketball and whatever was going through his head the whole time. Though he wouldn’t be an angsty drunk and would be really, really happy.
  • He’s got strong tolerance so you won’t see him drunk that often. But when he goes hard, he really goes hard. You might find him with his shirt off dancing with someone on a table.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • Are u naked I bet ur naked
    • i wanna see u naked too
    • naked. nude. strip. imma go take off my shirt.


  • Even happier than usual. You won’t be surprised to find people actually tying him to a chair just for him to settle his ass down. He’ll be bouncing all over the place otherwise and showing off dance moves he learned from TV.
  • Kissy drunk too. He’s the type of drunk who’ll attempt to kiss everyone in sight so better watch out.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • Ur cute
    • im cute
    • we’re all cute
    • CUTE


  • Very quiet drunk until you get him talking and he can go on on some deep existential shit that you really don’t want to hear. Like he ages a billion years and will have a midlife crisis.
  • He’s still very responsible though and will be the DD most of the time. He’ll make sure no one throws up on each other (it has happened) and that everyone’s back in their own homes in one piece. Also, he’ll take embarrassing drunk photos of everyone.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • Have you thought about the afterlife?
    • People with different religions would have different afterlives?
    • That’s an interesting idea. Hm. Much to think about.
    • No, I haven’t been drinking. Much.


  • Gets very aggressive but sleepy at the same time. He gets super tired so better let him rest up on the table instead of pushing him to dance or drink more because he will go Hulk on your ass.
  • Pretty weak tolerance so he’s usually the first to get drunk if he drinks too much. He doesn’t really like the taste of alcohol but prefers champagne and dessert wines over anything else.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • I want candy
    • Give me candy
    • Where’s my candy
    • Neruerneruenreu