i just wanna see it happen

i totally went and ditched this blog for a little while, but i’m back!  promise!  so if you like final fantasy, and you like Crisis Corn  ( no i’m just joking ) … okay for real this time.

if you’re interested in a now-breathing ZACK FAIR blog that’s just cropping up again, then give this a like or a reblog, pretty please!  i’d appreciate it a lot. i’ll check your blogs out and we’ll be good friends!  i’ve got all kinds of final fantasy experience and we can talk games and stuff if you’re into that, too. i’ve got a ton of versus pages that i can add to if you wanna mosey on over to those to see what i can offer ya!  don’t worry about being out of fandom or out of game. i’m always down to work stuff out!  it’s happened before! 

thanks in advance!

if you wanna know my sense of humour then just know that i laugh whenever i see fernando nicknamed ‘nando’ bc all i can think of is cheeky nando’s. unfortunately this happens all the time

I don’t think Lapis will become a villain but I would enjoy a mini betrayal arc, like if she was offered her old life back on Homeworld (which she misses deeply “I just wanna go home”, “I can’t go back after what I did to Jasper”) and is given the chance to avoid the war and fighting, she might just take it (temporarily until she is convinced to return or something).

It would be unique and I would enjoy seeing Lapis’ manipulative nature being more focused on since manipulation is apparently a big part of her character.

It probably wont happen but it’s interesting to see her willing to ditch Steven for the first time ever. Even if it doesn’t happen, the beefs, Jasper and Bismuth are coming back and there will obviously be some deep interactions with Lapis there for each of them, which I’m excited/scared for. Hopefully by then she’s learned not to take things too far.

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Okay legit i think im about to cry seeing all this hate you get for no reason,like honestly you are so fucking sweet.Just seeing you being active on your account makes me happy,sebbi doesnt deserve this hate,honestly like her art has made me so positive and is the light in my worst days tbh,i dont even watch aphmau but sebi is fucking nice and caring and i wanna stay for her :")

aaaaa this is the sweetest message?? thank you so much ;; hate happens unfortunately but things like this light up my day thank you so much sweetie i hope your day graces you ;; <3 <3

so looking at the datamined stuff it seems like you absolutely have to get the pocket knife from robert which happens on the second date

of course i assumed the knife in marys hand in her sprite was the pocket knife robert gave you idk why i made that connection it just made sense

its probably something to do with dating the dads in a specific order but not going through with the final date and instead doing the final date with joseph

I still cannae believe there is gonnae be a punisher series!!! And because its pretty much at the point confirmed the whole Karen page and the punisher having scenes together. I cannae wait because their is so much chemistry there its 🔥 🔥 (I dont think anything romantic will happen..it will be a soul connected. I can live with that cos that’s far more than want karedevil has to offer) anyway I just can’t believe I’m getting the punisher. every time I go to a comic book store. The chance I get, I take it and go straight to the punisher stuff. Anyway I’m just hoping this one is here to stay because there is so much I wanna see jon as this punisher do!!!

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Omg you look great with you haircut!!! You can definitely see a sparkle in your eye and you just seem more happier and I wanna cry. I'm so happy for you!!! 💞

i’m much happier dhhsjdjd i actually Love a part of myself now and feel Somewhat Attractive and that’s never happened before i

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The asshole you reblogged is highly against GG and is calling them transphobic and racist.

I see a lot of that in the grump tag which has been happening and it’s really idiotic that people still want to play and enjoy a game that has the slightest involvement of the grumps in it but wanna shit all over the game the next second, like, okay, just say you’re being a cheap asshole then. 

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oh man speaking of infinity war, my fic that im writing is like for the most part really canon compliant, ya know, except for that One Thing, and so i wanna wait to see what'll happen in infinity war before I post just in case cuase its just around the corner but also likeeeeee another yearrrr rip

Write it anyways! It’s a long while til infinity war and theres so many characters in in im not sure we’ll get much of steve or bucky so go for it! write some stuff! speculate! read the comics for infinity war and tack them on to the current spot of mcu! There are no rules!

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If someone who is kin with a character, i want to see what happens if they meet the creator, id grab popcorn and watch cause honestly i wanna know how theyd react "hi im your character" or would they just be too scared to say anything cause they realize in that moment that they're stupid

I already know that personal content creators like those who draw/write about their OC’s get INCREDIBLY UPSET when people kin on their characters.

You know what tho? id like to see a Factkin have to explain to their ID that theyre them and its totally not identity theft or fucking creepy as shit

You know I really loved WW

but what I also would love to see is a movie with just the Amazons. Their Story. What Hippolyta told Diana. I wanna see how Antiope became the great General, how Hippolyta became Queen. And in the end, I wanna see how Hippolyta formed her Daughter out of Clay and Zeus gave her the breath of life. I wanna see the wars they fought!!! This would be an awesome movie. They can tell the movie with the Actors they used in the movie, and tell the story in Flashbacks. Maybe Diana asking what did all happen….I WANNA SEE THAT!!!


There’s a lot of emotion behind their skating outfits/// ❤️️

Took a nap and had a dream that I’d gotten a hyperrealistic tattoo of a Band Aid, just so that I could cover it with a real Band Aid.

When people would ask what happened, I’d say, “It’s kind of weird. Are you sure you wanna’ see?” and then I’d dramatically rip the Band Aid off to reveal my tattoo of a Band Aid.

Classic Astral Plane Me.

The suck button.

My band’s drummer, John, is also a sound guy; for several years before we hooked up musically, he had been doing sound for other bands I was in, as well as for touring acts I booked shows for. He’s very good at what he does, and has a pretty massive rig. Anyway, he’s the nicest guy in the world at band practice, at Burger King, or at a gig we’re playing, but when he’s running sound for other bands, he can be pretty crabby. Very little patience for bands who start late or end late. Even less patience for bands who take an encore when they’re the second band playing out of five. Very little patience for singers who ask for more vocals in the monitor while cupping the microphone ball in both hands (feedback, anyone?) In general, just an altogether grouchy sound man. For example, he ran sound once for this seven- or eight piece ska band. One of the trombone players said he needed two mics: one for his horn and one for his backup vocals. Normally at this venue (a 120-seater), John didn’t bother to mic horns at all. Rolling his eyes, John put up a Shure Beta 58 and some AKG condenser mic. “This Shure is for your vocals, and this AKG is for your horn, OK?” he said. “Don’t blow your horn into the vocal mic, because your horn is about 30db louder than your voice and I’m going to have everything mixed properly.” Horn player nods his head. During the second song of the set, apparently this trombonist was set to get a solo. Right before his solo starts, he grabs both mics and pushes them close together, so that the capsules are actually touching. He then blows this fortissimo opening note into BOTH mics. I was sitting at a table in back, by the sound board, at the time. John’s limiters caught most of it, and I STILL had ringing in my ears for two days. At the end of the song, John mutes both of the guy’s mics (and leaves them mute), and basically threatens to ream out the guy’s plumbing with his own horn if he ever pulls that shit again. John does this through his talkback mic, which is clearly audible over the monitors. The crowd bursts into laughter, and the horn player goes bright red in the face.

At any rate, for years I had heard John threaten bands with the “suck button.” Bands who were taking too long to set up, or whose members repeatedly refused to follow reasonable directions (please keep that vocal mic away from the monitors!), would be threatened. “Pull that shit again, and I’m gonna hit the suck button on you guys!” I took it to mean that he would intentionally make them sound bad, but he never followed through on the threat, so I took it as a vague general warning.

So anyway, a little while back he’s running sound on a four band show. The second band, a Matchbox 20/Train kind of band, has him running 20 minutes behind before they even play a note because their lead guitarist was late. Their allotted set time is 40 minutes, but their last song runs over and by the time it’s done, they’ve played for almost 45 minutes. John says quietly over the talkback mic, “Hey guys, you’re done.” The lead singer says loudly over the vocal mic “Sound man says we gotta get off the stage. We got one more song for you!” as they kick into another soupy jangle-rock tune. John shakes his head at me. Then, the most amazing thing happened. After their “encore,” this band kicks straight into ANOTHER song without announcing it, apparently in the hope that John wouldn’t notice it was a different song.

John leans over to me to be heard over the PA and asks, “Hey, wanna see the suck button?” “Sure,” I replied. I figured he was going to muck with the levels or just turn them off or something. Instead, he reaches to one of his racks and starts scrolling through patches on his trusty DigiTech unit. Sure enough, he gets to a patch titled SUCK BUTTON. He engages it, and all hell breaks loose onstage. The lead singer and the lead guitarist (who was singing backup), immediately start to sing WAY off key. They try to get back in tune, fail, trail off in mid-line, try again, and start glaring at each other. The guitarist is so distracted by this that he starts muffing the chord progression. If not for the drummer, I think the whole song would have derailed. For the entire four minute duration of the song, I was treated to this asshole band sounding like crap and getting madder and madder at each other. John explained the patch to me; basically it pitch shifts all tracks from the vocal submix up one step, BUT ONLY IN THE MONITORS. So the audience, out in front of the mains, was treated to the sound of two guys trying to get in tune, only to be utterly confused. If they got it sounding right in the monitors, they could tell that something was grossly wrong in the mains. And each of the singers thought it was the other guy who was singing out of tune. I just about died laughing.

the 5 stages of stanning day6 as explained by day6

1. casually and carefully dipping your toes into the fandom

2. ‘you know i think i actually like this band’ after listening to the title tracks 

3. full on stanning after hearing the whole albums

4. finding the covers

5. selling your soul to satan for day6 and ascending to the heavens because stanning day6 means stanning pure talent and you should go do it now

Humans are Weird

Beings of the galaxy research for PURPOSES. How to recreate a sound. How to get into space. Humans? Humans randomly poke into shit and ask questions and light stuff on fire and run it through a blender and a spectrometer. Because they can. Because they’re curious.  
“Human Steve. What are you doing?” 
“Trying to figure out what in hell that rock from Taurus nine is made out of.” 
“To what purpose?” 
“I wanna KNOW.” 

Beings of the galaxy visit Earth, and get tours of the research facilities. They are so fragmented. And often IN COMPETITION with each other. Their genome was sequenced IN A RACE. Their most useful antimicrobial medication was found BY ACCIDENT, by a human who would let things grow in his petri dishes ‘just to see what happened’. They are ignoring their own health concerns to clone an extinct mammal no one has a purpose for. Their largest, most expensive experiment ever built is to see about sub-atomic particles that may or may not exist. There is no planned purpose for those particles, either way. They just want to figure it out. 

Beings of the galaxy hire as many of these ‘scientists’ as they can, then get out of their way. 

sana, my beautiful darling. she’s making these walls she’s learned to build up around her over the years even thicker, because of how much she’s been hurt lately. it’s too much, what she’s been through, in such a short amount of time, and you can tell just how…emotionally exhausting this has been for her. you can see it in her eyes. and she’s at a point where she can’t risk getting hurt more, so she’s closing herself off. building that though exterior. making herself look and sound though. and the saddest thing about this is that you get the feeling that she’s…given up. but can you even blame her? you can’t, not after everything that happened on may 12th. she is just so tired. 

and now, she’s not letting herself feel, because not feeling at all is much better than risking getting her heart broken again, multiple times