i just wanna put your guys into my pocket

*listen to all i wanted by paramore,ilusm by gnash, and Make me (cry) by Noah cyrus*

“Even if we tried, it wouldn’t work”- Jack Gilinsky

This story begins in highschool. It was the beginning of your Junior year. You were kicking off the year by going to the first home football game. You always get there early enough to watch the boys run out onto the field. Most of your friends were already there. Everyone mostly knew you because of your boyfriend, Jack. Jack and you met when you both were camp counselors this past summer. You were new in town and he was the first person to make you feel at home. You two mostly talked about music and it was history from there.

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You and your family sat in the stands by Jack’s family. Your brother Derek was also on the football team. While waiting for the announcer to announce the players, you took your eyeliner and wrote number 10 on your cheek. “Alright ladies and gentlemen please give a hand to our Panthers”,you announcer spoke. He went down the line of numbers and introduced every boy. They lined up on the field and waited for kickoff. “(y/n), come join us in the student section”,Taylor said. “Ok”,you said following them. You noticed everyone was covered in baby powder. Someone handed you a bottle and other dumped it all over you. “Why baby powder”,you asked. “It the whiteout game, one of our school colors”,Taylor said. “Hey (y/n)”,someone said making you turn around. A guy then threw powder all in your face. “Oh my goodness, Ow”,you said looking down. The asshole threw it right into your eyes. “Sammy, whats your problem”,Taylor said hitting him in the chest. “Oh my bad, I didn’t mean to get it in your eyes”,he said. “Come one lets go to the bathroom”,Taylor said taking you under her wing. “Here let me help”,Sam said. “I’m fine, really”,you said. Taylor took you to the bathroom and helped you clean up. “So thats Sammy Wilk”,you said. “Yea, he’s cool. He just plays too much”,she said. “Thanks for helping me out”,you said. “Its no problem”,she said smiling. “I feel like we’re gonna be close”,you said to her. “I guess i’ll be your best friend”,she said sarcastically. She smiled at you and you finally felt like this year is gonna be awesome, well you thought.

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Highschool was the shittest time of your life. The only thing that made your day was your friends. They made you forget about all the drama school caused. Jack was always there when you needed someone. Of course Taylor was there, but you didn’t wanna put everything on her. You didn’t want her to see you as the depressed, crying girl you were behind closed doors. You only wanted her to see the bright side of you, always. Anytime you were upset, you thought Jack could always feel it. Everytime you shed a tear, Jack was always parked outside your window ready for you. You’d scale your house and sneaked out and go driving with him. Sometime you wouldn’t talk and Jack understood. Mostly it was being neglected by your parents, or only getting negative attention from them. They only saw the bad in you. Your brother always got all their love. He was the first born who was planned and got straight A’s. You weren’t a planned baby and they reminded you all the time. You made B’s but that wasn’t good enough. They were never physically abusive except once. It was mostly verbal. Your brother knew about it, he always tried to protect you. Lets just say, not every family is perfect even if they look like they’re right out of a catalog.

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You two walked back to the field. You saw that the boys have already scored twice. Jack turned around and waved to you. You smiled and puckered your lips to him. Derek looked at you and pretend to puke. You scrunched your nose at him and shook your head. “You and Jack are too cute”,Taylor said. “We’re okay”,you said. “You and Jack”,sammy said in a questioning voice. “Yea”,you nodded. “cool, again sorry about earlier”,he said. “It’s fine”,you said smiling. “We haven’t formally met yet, Sammy Wilkinson”,he said sticking out his hand. “(Y/n), (Y/f/n) (y/l/n)”,you said shaking his hand. “Nice to meet you. We’ll probably see more of each other since me and Jack hangout alot”,he said. “You do. Well you probably do he hasn’t introduced me to many of his friends”,you said. “that’s not surprising”,Sammy said under his breath. You furrowed your eyebrows. “What do you me-”,you were about to ask Sammy but interrupted by the buzzer indicating it was halftime.

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Jack and his sweat drenching body ran toward you. It was so crowded because everyone was going to get food. You saw Sammy wiping his nose and cramming something into his pocket. “Baby, hey”,Jack said behind you. “Hey”,you said smiling at him. “Are you enjoying the game”,he said kissing your cheek. “Yea, you kinda suck at football”,you said srunching your nose. “Why is there powder all over you”,he said wiping some off you. “School Spirit?”,you said raising your shoulders. “You and school spirit”,he said laughing. “Hey, I’m trying okay”,you said throwing powder on him. “Oh no you didn’t”,he said. “Jack no”,you said running down the bleacher stairs. “Come here, come give me a hug”,he said. “No you’re sweaty”,you said running around the back of the bleachers. “But I just wanna show you how much I love you”,he yelled back. You keep running until you see two guys smoking. “(y/n), whats up”,you heard one say. “Sam?”,you said looking into the shadow. “Hey Jack! You didn’t tell me you were dating my new friend here”,Sam said flicking his cigarette. “Yea. Hey, lets go get some food from the consession stand”,jack said putting his arm around you. “C’mon Jack, lets hangout now. I know you need your fix”,he said flashing the little baggy that he crammed into his pocket earlier. You looked at the bag of cocaine and then jack. “How about you and your fine ass girl come back to my place and we have a little kick back”,the other guy said. “Fuck off Skate. You graduated two years ago and you’re still around. Plus I’m not that guy anymore”,Jack said.

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You couldn’t comprehend what you just heard. You were appalled and disappointed. You took off running to find Taylor or Derek. “(Y/n), wait let me explain”,Jack said behind you. “What? That you’re a coke head?”,you said. “I used to be, not anymore. Those guys are bad news. Please don’t ever associate with them”,he said. You didn’t say anything and turned around and walked away from Jack. “Where are you going”,he said. “You said not to associate with guys who are bad news, so I’m walking away from you”,you said. “I don’t talk to those guys anymore! I’ve been clean ever since summer, when I met you. When I met you, I wanted to be good for you.”,he said grabbing your hand. You turned to face Jack again, but with tears streaming down your cheeks. “Don’t cry”,he said wiping your cheek. “What if you died, or got so stoned you did something terrible that you could harm you or someone else”,you said. Jack looked down and the the buzzer sounded saying third quarter is starting. “I gotta go”,he said walking toward the field. “Jack, tell me what you did”,you said grabbing his hand. He yanked his hand back and put his helmet back on. “Jack, I will leave if you do not talk to me”,you said. He stopped and you were desperate. “If I tell you, i’ll loose you. I don’t wanna lose you. You’re too important”,he said. 

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“Do you love me”,you said with a course voice. “Of course I do”,he said smoothing down your hair. “Then why won’t you tell me”,you said laying your cheek in his hand. “I’m not telling you because I love you”,he said kissing your forehead. “See you later”,he said jogging off. “Jack”,you yelled after him. He kept running not looking back or acknowledging your desperate call for him. “Guess lover boy won’t tell you about his interesting past”,you heard someone say behind you. You turned to see Skate. He looked like a true smoker. Baggy clothing, pungent smell of weed and cologne, greasy long hair. “I can tell you everything”,he said taking another hit. “And what he doesn’t know, I can fill in”,Sammy said walking up next to Skate. “You been crying babygirl”,Sammy said getting closer to you. This guy was starting to give you a creepy vibe. And when the words ‘babygirl’ left his mouth, they made your whole body cringe. “The wind make my eyes tear up”,you said. “bullshit”,sammy said whispering into your ear making goosebumps cover your body. “I have to get back to my friends”,you said backing up. “We are you friends”,Skate said looking you up and down. “Look, I don’t wanna hear anything. Plus you might tell me bullshit”,you said folding your arms. “Why would I do that? Why would I try to make Jack look even worse, the truth will already do that”,sammy said. “Jack will tell me when he’s ready. And if it is anything bad, he’s changed. I only care about our future”,you said. “What fututre? You think you two will last?”,Sammy asked. “You can’t change your past, but you can let go and start your future”,you said.

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“Once you learn what he did to Addie, you’ll never see Gilinsky the way you do now, ever again”,Skate said with grief. “Who’s Addie”,you said with a soft voice. “Why don’t you ask loverboy at the after party tonight”,Sammy said stomping on the rest on his blunt. “Cmon, we have to go get booze for tonight”,Sammy said to Skate. “See you there”,Skate said to you.

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Hello, first, your blog is so beautiful and funny, thank you. I was wondering if you do not have a list with all the nice quotes that Jensen and Misha say about each other? Like "Misha is the funniest thing that ever happened to me" or something like that?

thank you :) i’m sorry i don’t have a list of all the quotes but here’re some that i can recall at the moment:

“It was like being in the water without a life jacket. Scary. Not being able to see him.” – Misha

“I love you, Misha. I mean, honestly, it’s from the bottom of my heart that I say that. Seriously, it’s not stopping.” – Jensen

“He’s so cute, isn’t he? Like one of those little teddy bears. You just wanna stuff him in your pocket and take him home with you.” – Jensen

“It’s nice because I feel like there’s this angel standing over me.” – Jensen

“No, I know. I love you, too.” – Misha

“With you, it’s like my friend and protector.” – Misha

“You’re smart, you think on your feet, you make brilliant videos and put them on Facebook, write amazing texts and tweets and stuff. Go ahead, spit out some lyrics, big guy.” – Jensen

“You’re not alone. Never alone.” – Misha

The Signs Locked In The Mall The Whole Night

Aries: “Hey guys what do we do now?”

Taurus: *crying* “I just wanna go home :(”

Gemini: “Lets explore this place”

Cancer: “Taurus are those your tears on my brand new hoodie, i’m gonna kill you”

Taurus: *runs away*

Leo: *sings and manages to break all the windows in the mall*

Virgo: “Let’s all steal this stuff and put it in our pockets!”

Libra: “Hey Virgo that’s not cool man.. what if you owned the store”

Virgo: “If I owned the store I would kill you and put you in the basement how about that :)”

Libra: “Ha, you’re only kidding with me :) … right”

Leo: “Haha Virgo I could help you out”

*Taurus comes back*

Taurus: “Guys! come here! I seen a dead body in the manager’s office! I think it’s been there for hours!”

*everyone follows Taurus*

Scorpio: “We should’ve just called the cops by now I can’t breathe”

Sagittarius: “Scorpio be chill, we will say it wasn’t us it’s gonna be fine”

Capricorn: “Guys maybe it was Taurus the whole time.. Maybe Taurus killed that person, I’m leaving” *leaves the scene*

Aquarius: “Cap I feel safe with you I’m coming with”

Pisces: “Guys let’s all use the selfie stick and take some pictures with the body wouldn’t that be cool.”

Sagittarius: “What selfie stick? This selfie stick? And why is it covered in blood? OH MY GOD I TOUCHED IT.”

*cops arrive because Scorpio called the cops*

Every other sign: “IT WAS SAGITTARIUS!” 

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We need more of our James baby because James is LIFE 👏🏻 the first time you come to the warehouse, the first time you stay the night or when he proposes I don't care because SWEET JAMES IS EVERYTHING

well im gonna do aLL THREE!!

so the first time you come to the warehouse it would be because cow chop was looking into starting a new show where they get their videos get animated, and when brett brought it up to the rest of the group they were all really excited for it and trevor mentioned that he knew someone that would fit in with everybody great and also get the job done so trevor invited you to come and your cute charisma, fun personality and talent got you the job as well the interest of james, he thought you just seemed like an interesting person and liked how honest you were in the interview, so every in the office would notice him hanging around you a lot and would eventually just ask you out because i dont think he is a beat aroudn the bush kind of guy

first time you stay the night would be super chill, you guys wouldve been together for about 3 or 4 months, it wasnt planned or anything you just came over to watch some movies but ended up playing mario kart and you two are so competitive that it ended being a lot of cmon six outta seven or next one is all or nothing and by the time you guys just agreed to just stay tied it was already almost midnight, and he just shrugged just stay for the night its too dark to drive home he said standing up to get water he damn well knew that the dark wouldnt stop you from driving home but you knew this was just his way of being shy about asking you to stay so you just smiled to yourself and looked over at him could i borrow a shirt then? and the he nodded with a big smile on his face because he loved the way you looked in his clothes, theywere usually so big on you you didnt have to wear pants, but after playing some smash and trying to get through another movie you guys decided to head to his bed, it was very calm and comfortable, you guys spoke softly to eachother about different things like his tattoos, or whyd you like sunsets so much, small and soft kisses were shared because you guys were getting tired but still wanted to show your affection towards eachother and you fell asleep facing eachother, hands intertwined between you

and the first time he proposes wouldnt be something very big and extra about it, i think itd be something really casual but thoughtful, maybe he asks you to hangout but doesnt tell you where and he brings you to your favorite spot in la lets say it a park beside the beach, because you liked that you could enjoy the view but could avoid the sand on the concrete path, it was the afternoon when you guys got there, he had brought some food he made at home for you, you guys had like a small picnic, and the sun was setting and he liked the way your eyes were bright with curiousity when you saw the sky, he looked at you with so much love and grabbed your hand with also grabbed your attention and you just smile at him and couldnt help but ask what? with the way he was looking at you and he just digs for something in his pocket and pulls out a little casing and puts it in between you two, and just…he looks at you with so much love when pops the question (id think eh would say it like would you wanna marry me?)

New edit: Lmao y'all don’t know how to fucking read do you? Like all most of y'all do is play the victim card like some sad tragic anime character, pls. Like anti-shaladin people I literally DEFENDED y'all in MULTIPLE paragraphs here but here I am getting shit for making a few sarcastic jokes. I have one person calling me a minty apologist when I literally called them out on their bullshit (even though I made like a small joke on the infiltration which was taken seriously idk why y'all are so extra like this). I can’t even summon up the energy to type properly and not like some Fuckboy on drugs bc this is all so ridiculous. If y'all have so much problems with each other sort it out between yourselves or bring in a few close friends. Don’t be taking this shit to tumblr of all places (a well known shit talk website) and expect people not to react. (I’m looking at you Minty I mean for fucks sake I know I said you could play a SMALL portion of the victim card but you know this whole shitfest could have been avoided if y'all just left the antis alone or done something simple like post “any nice polite antis want to discuss/intellectually debate on shaladin” or something ANYTHING except seeking these guys out in the numbers on a discord group. Like you be acting like you calling out Donald Trump on some high end level blackmail he did when in reality you’re just posting screenshots of conversations that were meant to be private. Were some of the things they said rude??? HELL YEAH! But did they actively seek YOU out?? Uh no.) (though really in the first place, Antis if you hate shaladin so much…why you gotta go seek shaladin blogs out just to shit talk them….this isn’t a remake of mean girls or whatever….like fuck…you coulda just…avoided shaladin….and not looked at the blogs at all….) (BASICALLY WHAT THIS WHOLE THING IS SAYING IS THAT YOURE BOTH WRONG AND YALL GOTTA CHILL OUT AND EITHER APOLOGISE OR IF BOTH OF YOU GON BE PETTY THEN JUST IGNORE EACH OTHER)

Fuck ok guys I don’t know who minty or any of these people who are involved in the discourse are but y'all need to chill TF out. (Except maybe minty can lose her shit a little since y'all are fucking taking the nastiest most extra and unnecessary dump on her) I’d type in proper English and fucking make an essay if I could but I’m running on multiple cans of double shot espressos and approx 2 hours of proper sleep so leave me and my typos be. I’m only just awake enough to understand that this whole discourse could have been so easily avoided but ok fine it’s happening anyways cause y'all are extra

First of all, like in a way it confuses me as to why a shaladin shipper would go into an anti group but ok fine sometimes I wanna check out the compitish too. I mean you didn’t have to minty but fine ok I won’t judge too much since I do the same thing when I tryna throw some shade. Not saying that minty wanted to throw shade ok this is just my (hopefully incorrect) assumption so don’t be harassing minty about this

Edit: ok so I found out that apparently minty and their Friend went there to see if there were any nice antis and were severely let down. Fine ok y'all didn’t go there to throw shade. But y'all had to stay there?? I mean…like I’m usually all for throwing shade but…y'all coulda left…at any time… (still kudos for the infiltration lmao) (ok Kyle take this seriously)

But the rape video thing I mean like ://// if you didn’t wanna watch it like ok then don’t watch it y'all don’t gotta be so extra and just like “oh my goooOOoOoooOd minty’s tryna trigger us that god damn pedo shaladin shipper” I mean really guys chill TF out and just kinda ignore it?? She was just tryna help out some people and all y'all gotta do is either ignore it or help out :// no one forced you to do shit so don’t pull the victim card

As a matter of fact none of y'all get to pull the victim card. (I mean maybe except minty since in the first place most people just seem to be mad over the rape video which is just a misunderstanding so) (but they only get to pull like a small victim card. Very small. Since they didn’t really have to join the group in the first place. So not the full victim card just just like half or like a quarter) (yeah I realise I sound fuckin biased as shit towards minty but it’s hard not to sound biased when it comes to this particular sort of situation)

I mean I see this whole really extra and unnecessary discourse and I’m just reminded of all the warnings my Friends gave me on the Voltron fandom like why y'all gotta give us a bad name like that :/

Also like seriously guys try not to let this stereotype all of one group. Like don’t pull the “oh these few antis were assholes therefore all antis are assholes” like 1+1=492928???? Really guys I mean we’re all in the same fandom can we just leave people alone.

(Ok this is where I deviate from the whole Minty discourse and start talking about shalladin and the whole pedophillia thing)

I mean shalladin isn’t even actual pedophillia (Unless you count pidge who is like 14 and in her early teens which is technically still within like child-ness of that makes sense). Y'all realise pedophillia is sexual acts between an adult and CHILD right?? Right????? I mean the other paladins excluding pidge are in their late teens meaning 18-19 :// that’s not pedophillia that’s just mildly uncomfortable if Shiro turned out to be canonically like 40 or 50 but I doubt it :/

I mean if y'all are really that uncomfortable with it then fine ok that’s nice to each their own but y'all be calling other people pedophiles for merely liking shalladin. Like bitch ok leave other people alone pls? You stay in your corner we’ll stay in ours.

Also guys I mean like don’t go seeking out anti-shalladin people just to fuckin throw shade and shit at them :// I mean y'all are at least half the fuckin reason why they hate shalladin shippers. Just leave them be to each their own. I mean unless they seek you out then just politely tell them that they can take their opinion and put it in their pocket.

Also I don’t wanna get no anonymous bitches telling me I’m a pedophile for shipping shalladin. I don’t wanna get no ignorant fucks coming up into my inbox screaming at me for having a god damned opinion. Don’t be coming up at me like “Yoo like dude why tf would you post this like Fuck off” bitch I’m posting this cause I’m sick of seeing the Voltron fandom go into a god damned fucking war bc of these situations. If y'all chilled TF out and stopped being so extra and stopped purposefully seeking people out to fight with them maybe we wouldn’t be in this particular situation in the first place.

And there you have it. An actual essay on why Kyle is very very done with extra people in the fandom.