i just wanna pinch her cheek

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MC having cute aggression towards the RFA member they're with. (Cute aggression {or its at least what I like to call it} is when you just find your significant other so cute you just wanna bite them... Or eat them up *wink wonk*)

OH THATS AN AWESOME NAME FOR IT, in Tagalog “Gigil” is the closest term, like you want to put your hands or teeth into something because it’s so damn cute… and trying to hold back… but let’s be honest… who holds back? *chomps on Nonny-Chan’s arm… oops… perhaps some restraint is best*

*MC bites Yoosung on the arm* 

Yoosung: “H-Hey! Ow! That h-hurts! W-why did you do that?”
MC:” If it hurts so much… why are you blushing? Did you, did you like that it hurt?”
Yoosung (blushing intensifies): “No… I mean… maybe?”
MC: “Would you like me to try again?”
Yoosung (offering his arm): “I… if you want?”
MC bites his neck instead
Yoosung: “Oh!”

*grabs Zen by the arms and squeezes*
Zen: “Jagi! If you wanted a gun show you only had to ask!” (flexes)
MC: “N-no that’s not it, I just couldn’t hold back my affection for you and I had to squeeze you!”
Zen (smiling fondly): Awww Jagi, you’re too perfect for words!
MC:”… I didn’t tell you to stop the gun show though.”
Zen continues flexing.

*pinches Jaehee’s cheeks*

Jaehee: “MC we’re at work! This isn’t appropriate!”
MC (now draped over Jaehee’s shoulders and hugging her in front of customers) “Awww but honey you’re so damn pretty! I can’t help it! Every time i see you I just wanna smoosh that lovely face of yours and hug you and pinch you and love you-”
Jaehee (blushing and smiling apologetically): “Yes, Yes okay fine- continue pinching my cheeks.” 
MC squeals and continues to pinch, Jaehee sighs just happy her girlfriend has stopped nauseating their customers with her affection. Just wait until they got out the back… then HER pinching would begin.

hugs Jumin around the waist and starts aggressively swinging him side to side*
Jumin: “I… as… uh… sweet as all this… is… MC… why are you… shaking… me?”
MC: “Because I love you and I can’t get enough of you and I just want you all to myself and I can’t take it!!!”
Jumin (dialling a number): “Yes, Assistant Kang. Cancel all meetings for today- MC is in dire need of help… well if you must know Assistant Kang, in dire need of me… Assistant Kang? Hello? Hmm… I think we lost connection. Now where were we? Ahhh yes… continue heaving me about as you will my dear.” 
Jumin smiles as he sways along in his wife’s embrace, can’t get over how cute she’s being… thinks perhaps this could be a new natural therapy they could introduce at C & R- Hug it out… hmm… 

*bites Saeyoung on the earlobe*
Saeyoung: “MC… don’t start a game you can’t win.” 
*bites Saeyoung on the jaw*
Saeyoung: “I’m giving you fair warning here MC.” 
*bites Saeyoung on the collarbone as she slides to sit on his lap*
Saeyoung (dramatically sighing): “It seems we are at an impasse my dear. I’m trying to work and you’re sitting there giggling while biting me… There’s only one thing to do- bite you back until your giggling stops and your begging begins…”
MC: “Saeyoung!”
Saeyoung: “Yes, a marvellous start. Now just add… please at the end!”

*aggressively massages at Saeran’s cheeks*
Saeran: What are you doing woman? 
Saeran: “Is that why you’re trying to rearrange my face with your incessant pawing?”
MC: “YES!”
Saeran: “Is it helping… this… whatever this is?” 
Saeran (sighing): “Okay then. But when you’re done, it’s my turn.”
MC:”Sure Saeran, you can play with my face!”
Saeran: “Wrong cheeks MC.” 

*nuzzles into V’s neck and bites his shoulder*
V: “A-Ah! Is there a reason why you suddenly want to eat me?”
MC: “I always want to eat you, today however- you’re just ridiculously adorable and I had to have a taste!”
V (blushing): “You are welcome to MC, anytime.” 
MC (blushing right back): “I… I meant that in a non-sexual way…”
V (blushing intensifies): “M-me too.” 
MC: “But… if the offer is on the table…”
Bites V’s neck hard enough to leave a mark. 
MC: “Hmmmm, delicious.” 

My Girls- Jughead x Reader

A/N: Hey guys! My requests are now open so send me your ideas! This is another one of my own ideas. (Also I know Jellybean is 10 in the show but just for the sake of this imagine I’m gonna pretend she’s about 6.)

Summary: Jughead and the reader babysit Jellybean whilst FP is out of town.

Warnings: None, JUST FLUFF!

Word count: 1'003


“JUGGIE!” The young girl yelled, sprinting to jump into her brothers arms. Jellybean was the most adorable little girl and you loved her with all your heart. She shared the same raven-hair as her older brother, along with the very same bright smile that could cure all sadness. “Hey JB!” Jughead chuckled as he picked his younger sister up, perching her on his hip. “I brought someone to see you.” He told her, and Jellybeans eyes flicked from her brother over to you standing next to him. “Y/N!” She exclaimed holding her arms out in excitement to embrace you. “Hello gorgeous!” You said, hugging her tightly and pressing a kiss to her forehead.

You and Jughead had been a couple for almost a year now and whenever Jellybean came to stay you and Jughead would spend as much time with the adorable 6 year old as you could. Today FP was out of town on some Southside business and you and Jughead had agreed to babysit Jellybean for the day. “I’ve missed you so much Juggie” Jellybean stated flinging her arms around his neck and burying her head into his shoulder. You placed a hand on your heart dramatically and scoffed “What about me?” You joked, making the little girl giggle. “And you Y/N, OBVIOUSLY” she laughed, jumping down from Jughead’s grip and running over to hug the top of your leg, almost causing you to fall making the three of you chuckle. “How does a milkshake at Pop’s sound then?” Jughead asked causing Jellybean to grin in excitement.

The three of you arrived back at FP’s trailer after drinking many milkshakes and eating many burgers, and Jellybean seated herself on the carpet playing with a doll she’d brought with her. You on the other hand flopped down onto the couch in exhaustion, shortly followed by Jughead who laid back with his head in your lap. You slowly removed his signature grey beanie (something that he only allowed you to do) and began to twist his soft black curls between your fingers, enjoying the way that he relaxed beneath your touch, as relaxation was something hard to come by given all of the stuff going on with Jason and Jug’s family. For a moment you just lay there, enjoying each other presence, until Jellybean came speeding up to the two of you and jumping on Jughead’s lap. “Oooh, Y/N I wanna play with Juggie’s hair too!” She exclaimed, climbing over so that she was sitting on the back of the couch next to you. You chuckled as Jughead let out a breathy laugh. “Ok Jellybean the hairdresser, what did you have in mind?” You joked, pinching her cheek gently. “No scissors I hope!” Jug said, sudden terror crossing his face. “Don’t be silly Juggie, you have lovely hair, I just want to plait it and it will be even lovelier” she said matter-of-factly. You snorted allowed at the idea of Jughead with plaits all around his head. “You’re going to look gorgeous babe!” You said, placing your hand on Jughead’s upper thigh, placing a kiss on his cheek, he just shot you half death-stare half smirk, but you knew he’d do anything to please his little sister.

You watched as Jellybean took three strands of Jug’s shiny curls between her tiny, slender fingers. She began to cross them over each other until a very wonky, loose plait started to form. A smile crossed your face as you looked up to see JB with a very serious concentration covering her features, her tongue poking out of the side of her mouth held between her teeth. You thought about how you’d love to have kids one day, especially kids like Jellybean. You watched Jug as he sat patiently and jokes with his younger sister. The love he held for her make your heart melt, and you thought about how maybe one day Jug would make an amazing dad just as he was an amazing brother. “And…done!” Jellybean said proudly, sitting back to look at her masterpiece. “Aww Juggie you look gorgeous! Well done Jellybean!” You giggled at the sight of Jughead with three plaits randomly spaced across his head and a small pink bow clipped right to the very top of his head. Jughead leapt up and peered into the mirror, almost bursting into a fit of giggles upon seeing himself. “You know what JB? I love it!” He joked, grabbing her by the waist and spinning her round in a circle. “You’re welcome” she said proudly.

The three of you finally settled on the couch after Jughead had managed to get all the countless hair ties and the bow out of his hair with great difficulty. You decided to watch a film, so you jogged over to the kitchen, rooting around for some popcorn. When you finally found it you poured some into a bowl and returned to the couch to see the most adorable thing you’d ever seen. Jellybean was fast asleep, with her head resting against Jughead’s shoulder, soft snores escaping her slightly parted lips. “Awww” you whispered. Jug looked back up at you and smiled sleepily. “It’s been a busy day for her I think.” He said as you sat down on the other side of him, resting a hand on his chest and placing your head on his other shoulder. “She loves you you know Y/N.” he told you, snaking an arm around your waist and pulling you in closer to him. “So do you.” You chuckled, bringing your gaze up to meet his. “Guilty as charged.” He whispered, careful not to wake the sleeping child on his other side. His lips met yours in a short but sweet kiss, and you nuzzled your head further into his chest. “I love you too Juggie.” You replied as your eyes closed slowly.

Just before you dozed off into a dreamless sleep you felt Jug’s chest rumble beneath you as he let out a soft laugh. “My girls.”

A/N: Sorry this one was kinda short, don’t forget to send you your requests guys:)

REQUEST: the marshmallow & chocolate of the s’more // reverse idol!au // park woojin

Originally posted by woojinnies

genre: fluff

fic style: bulletpoints

summary: a surprise scenario for an Woojin-loving anon / where you are an idol of a 3 member coed group where you are the only girl. you go onto the show with Wanna One and you are the only girl. why is it that Woojin is captivating you??

warning: Woojin overload 

  • you and your hyungs played around in the waiting room, there was 3 minutes until you all go onto mini program with Mnet, where the princess (you) must find a prince (you don’t know which group) with your hyungs as your knights (more like the king and queen)
  • why did you call them hyungs? 
  • it was more comfortable to see them as actual brothers than a loving oppa 
  • plus you were the one taking care of them; paying for their food etc
  • your company, BigHit, trusted you guys enough to not have an affair with one another
  • not that you would anyways, you saw them as your real brothers
  • gross
  • you guys were in a 3 member group called “The Outsiders”
  • you all were born out of korea
  • your hyungs were twins of Korean and Japanese descent, they were both born in Japan, Naoto hyung and Naoki hyung
  • you were the leader of the group because the company didn’t want the twins to fight over the leader spot while being the same age
  • you were from America; you actually came to BigHit to be a makeup artist/stylist but you were caught by a representative practicing with other trainees and saw massage talent from you
  • so here you all are
  • “The Outsiders!! you’re up!!”
  • you all were casually talking to the MC when you all got startled by the airhorns
  • the song Nayana started to play
  • one by one, Wanna One members were walking to the center of the cameras 
  • you guys were in awe, all of you guys looked like your jaws were gonna fall off
  • everyone was laughing at your guys’ reactions
  • “ya y/n is really funny” you heard Daehwi say
  • you played along
  • “isn’t that a given for idols on variety shows-cho”
  • you jokingly shrugged as your hyungs pretended to wipe imaginary dust from your shoulders
  • “So before we begin, I’d like to point out y/n’s accent, since it’s so adorable. does anyone else have a cute accent?”
  • Wanna One was a yelling mess
  • “Hyung what are you talking about? I am a Seoul person.”
  • you thought he was so cute, you just wanted to pinch his cheeks
  • “Ya y/n, stop gawking at Woojin” Naoto hyung was jeering at you
  • Naoki played along “I guess everyone else can leave since y/n has made up her mind”
  • “wae wae wae”
  • the Wanna One members were upset that they didn’t have a chance to showcase their charms 
  • the MC played along
  • “so y/n what do you like about Woojin?”
  • you didn’t get shy easily so you didn’t mind the attention, I guess you were the opposite of Woojin
  • everyone was looking at you, except Woojin 
  • he was such a blushing mess who could barely keep eye contact with you
  • “Woojinnie is so cute… he’s like a marshmallow-cho..”
  • leave it up to your hyungs to hype it up
  • “Woojin what do you have to say about that??”
  • all the attention was now on Woojin
  • “I-I th-think that y-y/n has pre-pretty choco-chocolate eyes..”
  • poor boy was a stuttering machine gun; you didn’t know it was possible to stutter that fast
  • “let’s support them as the S’MORES COUPLE”
  • i want s’mores rn
  • during the break, you got a chance to talk to Woojin
  • he was awkwardly funny but that was his charm
  • you thought that even though you guys were the opposite.. that opposite attract right?
  • he was so different that I guess you could say, it was love at first sight
  • “y/n.. what is your ideal date?” he finally took up the courage to look you in the face
  • you wanted to reply October 15 since it was when the leaves would change colors but you didn’t have to wear a thick coat
  • but you said
  • “having s’mores by the campfire while looking at stars-cho”
  • you smiled
  • today was the last day of “dating” Woojin
  • it had been an incredible 6 months
  •  it was finally the end of June 
  • you both had one last day together
  • Woojin told you that today was going to be a surprised
  • he took out his favorite bandanna and wrapped it over your eyes
  • you felt a soft peck on your forehead 
  • then you felt him lead you into a car
  • since you were good at directions, he had to take a lot of detours to confuse you
  • he played your favorite radio station the whole time
  • it felt like such a long time before he came to a halt
  • he princess-carried you out of the car and sat you down on some chair
  • it felt like those chairs you would bring out to camping
  • Woojin lifted the bandanna
  • the sun was setting
  • you were seated at a small campsite with the lake just beyond the sliver of trees
  • Woojin scratched the back of his neck
  • “I don’t know if this is what you wanted… but I didn’t want to ask you for details or else I would ruin the surprise”
  • you felt like tearing up knowing that this would be your guys’ last day as a public/virtual couple
  • “no.. it’s perfect-cho”
  • you sniffled as he came up to hug you
  • he rested his chin on top of your head
  • “why are you crying we still have the rest of the night?”
  • he pecks you on the lips 
  • poor boy still gets super blushy every time he kisses you
  • you guys struggled to get the fire started; in the end the staff had to do it for you guys
  • the whole time you guys were making s’mores; you guys were recollecting your memories with each other
  • how one time you caught Woojin sleeping at the dining room table, just waiting for you to come back home from practicing and you didn’t want to wake him up so you both just slept at the table that night; caught a cold the next day
  • or how one time you wanted to surprise him from his tour back in Japan so you hid in the back of his van with balloons and marshmallows
  • you were so content with how things were going with him, you wish you could turn back time so that this relationship would go on forever
  • you both finished your s’mores and took a stroll to the lake to look at the stars
  • the lake was so still, you were able to see the reflection of the stars above
  • Woojin pulled you from behind into a back hug and nuzzled into your neck
  • “I wish that, for every star you see in sky you see.. they could never amount to how much more you shine..”
  • you could feel his tears falling down your collarbone
  • does this really have to end like this??
  • that night was the last time you guys were a public couple
  • you guys kept your relationship under the belt after the program ended
  • the only people who knew that you guys were still together were your hyungs and Wanna One
  • bless their soul
  • having a private relationship was hard
  • you guys would try so hard to hide your identities when you guys were on dates
  • but like hell you guys were gonna give up this beautiful relationship
  • you guys were the perfect combination~ 
  • I want s’more loving 
Call Me

Originally posted by jonqins

Description: Honestly, who hasn’t had a crush on their older brother’s friend?

Warning: None

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Baby I’m pretty young and wild and so fine

He had known you since you were little. He might as well have been your older brother as well, always lounging around your home, staying for dinner, spending the night, just being attached at the hip with your actual older brother. He didn’t exactly ignore you, but he never really paid attention to you either, at least, not in your opinion. He was a mere two years your senior. He was always ahead of you in everything, and viewed you as a child. As his own kid sister, accepting that you were there, doing what every young girl did; run around, be loud, be obnoxious, get in trouble only to whip out the doe eyes and get forgiven for whatever you had done.

This awkward distance between you and me
Can we narrow it down?
You are taller than I am
Do I look like a child? Why are you trying to send me home before 12?

The time seemed to pass before your eyes. In a flash, you were no longer the little girl running around the backyard, chasing butterflies, your pigtails bouncing behind you. You had grown both physically and mentally. You had progressed to being in high school.
He, along with your brother, had moved on to college.
Your life changed. Your attitude changed.
Your interests changed.
He noticed. Of course he noticed, being older, he saw that you were acting like the girls did when he was your age. Not really knowing what you were doing or what you wanted, but knew that you wanted to be near your older brother and his, as if you had just realized it for the first time in your life, attractive friend.
He knew what you were up to when you asked so sweetly to tag along to the skate park, or to the cave area where the older kids were hanging out, or even with him when he decided to go for a midnight McDonald’s run. He knew it was just your new hormones clouding your head, and making you act this way even if you didn’t know it yourself.
So he did what your brother threatened him about. Keeping his distance.
I mean, that was the right thing to do right? He thought to himself, when his heart clenched when you pouted once he rejected your offer to come.
“No, you can’t come with me, it’s nearly one AM! Do you want your brother to castrate me?!”
“It’s just a hamburger, why can’t I come too?”
“Because you’re a child, now stop asking.”
It’s for her benefit.
He told himself, when he left you on the couch, pouting, obviously holding in a few tears. The right thing…

My mom and dad are away
And I’m hungry
Oppa, wanna come over and eat chicken?

“Yuta!” You had stomped your foot, and whined at him. He would never admit it, but he had to bite his cheek to keep from pinching yours. Your little tantrums were adorable to him, just like when you were eight and your older brother had stolen your cookie. Instead of telling your mom, you had whined and cried to Yuta, to get it back.
“No.” Yuta stated, turning to leave only to be grabbed by the arm and turned back to face your pouting one.
“C’mon!” You whined. “Mom and Dad left, bro’s with some girl. I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat! I don’t have any money! Please Yuta~!”
He almost grinned at your pleading. Almost.
“Fine.” He caved, sighing dramatically. “Only because I doubt your parents would ever let me stay again if I let their only daughter die of starvation.”
“Thank you~”

Are you going to keep doing this to me?
I may seem like I have no manners but I like you baby
From now on, I’m not gonna call you oppa but just bae
I don’t know, I wanna say bae

This is my chance. You thought with a triumphant smile, trying not to squeal when Yuta agreed for dinner. I can finally show him I’m not a little girl anymore.
It was discouraging to say the least it took these past four years of your high school life to even get Yuta alone, let alone agree to stay with you alone. And you weren’t going to let the opportunity pass.
You had no clue when you had stopped seeing this Yuta as an older brother, and wanting him to be something different. But you knew that somewhere along the time you knew him, it had changed.

What’s wrong with you today
Why are you making my heart race?
You seem different from usual
You seem prettier today

He noticed, although he tried his hardest not to. But he did. He noticed when you returned, you were dressed up more than normally. It may have been simple in hindsight, but he knew it was different. The run down sweater you had been wearing previously, until he had so gracefully spilled water all over it, had been swapped out for one much brighter, and eye catching.  The shorts, and cute little pigtails didn’t exactly help either.
He tried to ignore the adorable little smile you gave him.
He tried to ignore the way you sat closer to him than normal.
He tried to ignore the way you were making his heart flutter.
But he couldn’t.

Why are you doing this
Why, my baby
My heart feels like it’ll explode
If you smile like that, what am I supposed to do?

Come sit close to me
Who cares? It’s alright
Can’t hide it
I wanna know you more

“Yuta~” You pouted, when you saw him shift. “Why won’t you sit next to me? Why do you keep moving?”
Yuta looked lost for a moment, opening and shutting his mouth, no words coming out before he just sighed, and relaxed back on the couch, eye closed, accepting you scooting closer to him.

I think the time is now
The mood is good
It’s only us two
I wanna kiss you

“Yuta…” He heard you whisper, almost not hearing it, but he heard you clearly.
“Will you look at me?”
Yuta did as you asked, opening his eyes, barely turning his head so he could just barely see you biting your lip, looking at war with yourself.
“Why won’t you…” You swallowed your fear. “Why do you avoid me?”

My heart is pounding so take a deep breath
You look like you got ready but not
I like that so much, I just started laughing

“I’m avoiding you?” Yuta chuckled at that. “I don’t avoid you!”
“Yes you do!” You groaned, falling back against the couch. “You’ve been avoiding me since my sophomore year!”
“I have not!”
“You have!”
“Why would I avoid you? I grew up with you, you’re basically my sister!”
“No don’t call me that!” You whined, shaking your head dramatically.
“What’s wrong with me calling you that, you always call me brother?”
“But I don’t want to call you brother.” You mumbled, hoping he didn’t hear you.

Are you going to keep doing this to me?
I may seem awkward but I like you baby
From now on, I’m not gonna call you oppa but just bae
I don’t know, I wanna say bae

“Why don’t you want to? You’ve been calling me brother since you knew the word.” Yuta groaned, rubbing his face in frustration.
Young girls are so confusing.
“I don’t want to call you brother because I want to call you bo….”
“Boyfriend…” You whispered, hiding your face in embarrassment.

Why are you doing this
Why, my baby
My heart feels like it’ll explode
If you smile like that, what am I supposed to do?

His heart nearly leaped from his chest at the confession.
I knew she had a crush when she was younger… He mused. But I didn’t know she still…
“Boyfriend?” He asked, sitting forward, making you flicker your gaze up at him before returning it back to your lap. Nodding, you licked your lips.
“Yeah…but you always call me a kid…I’m not a kid.”
“You’re in high school.”
“I’m a senior!” You protested. “I’m close to graduating and going to college with you and my brother!”
“I watched you grow up.”
“I watched you grow up too, what’s your point?”
“Don’t you think it’s weird?”

I think the time is now
The mood is good
It’s only us two
I wanna kiss you

“If you want me to just get over it, tell me bro-” Yuta stopped you with a finger placed on your lips.
“Not brother.” He stated, watching you flush red in the cheeks, to which you raised your eyebrows at.
“Call me boyfriend.” He whispered, replacing his finger with his soft lips, letting his hand fall to how your cheek while he gently claimed your lips with his.

Why are you doing this
Why, my baby
My heart feels like it’ll explode
If you smile like that, what am I supposed to do?

“I’m not brother.” Yuta whispered, hovering by your lips. “I’m your boyfriend, and you’re mine now.”

Come sit close to me
Who cares? It’s alright
Can’t hide it
I wanna know you more

I think the time is now
The mood is good
It’s only us two
I wanna kiss you

“Your brother is going to kill me, you know that right?”

RFA+V+Unknown+Vanderwood MC that has a baby at home or at the apartment

Okay idk if the title makes sense, but it’s where MC has a kiddo and she’s basically trapped in the apartment, so she’s like um im a mom I gotta go man or like umm… i have my kid with me what do i do???. Something like that. the babies are random, some will be a 1 year old girl or and infant boy. who knows~


  • Lucky for you, you got a babysitter.
  • While in the apartment you called and got someone to watch your kiddo
  • So as days went on and on you were missing your baby
  • And then Yoosung being the worried lil cinnamon roll that he is asked
  • “MC? you seem upset…what’s wrong?”
  • Ugh bless his pure heart
  • “I just miss my daughter”
  • hold the fucken phone
  • Daughter???
  • “You’re a mom????”
  • you explain that you were a teen mom and that you haven’t been away from your child this long
  • He teared up a bit at your story
  • He was calling up Seven to fix this
  • “Shes a mama in need, help a brotha out fam”
  • So things got arranged were your little girl brought to you.
  • You and her stayed in the apartment and you felt much better
  • To thank him you would send him pictures of your daughter
  • “Aw she looks just like you!” You haven’t seen my face
  • So when the party came around you brought her and he just fell in love.
  • He treated her as his own. it gave him more of a reason to finish college so he could support you and her


  • Honestly you didn’t completely trust anyone to tell them you have a little 11 month old girl with you at the apartment
  • And you were worried about what they would think
  • then when Zen got hurt you just wanted to go and help him and you got the chance to go with Jumin’s help
  • But your little Girl…Do you think he would like you once he found out about her?
  • “Zen…is there anything that would make you stop liking me?”
  • *que dramatic zen gasping*
  • “Never! I know we’ve only known each other for a little bit but there isn’t a thing you could do that would make my feelings for you go away.”
  • Okay you were more confident, you got ready to head out to meet him at his home, baby in tow
  • You didn’t get a chance to say you were a mom because he left the chatroom to clean his home for you
  • You stand in front of his home really nervous but knock anyways
  • He opened the door and looked at you
  • “MC is that yo-…a baby?”
  • He was very confused
  • “hehe Hi Zen”
  • He invited you in before slamming the door in Driver Kim’s face 
  • You quickly explained that this is indeed your baby and you apologized for hiding it
  • “I didn’t want you to hate me…”
  • oh boy
  • He feels so bad
  • Immediate hug
  • “You and your baby are always welcome”
  • With that cleared up things went along pretty well
  • You ended up telling the rest you had a baby with you the whole time.
  • Yoosung’s reaction
  • was
  • funny as hell
  • Your little girl took a liking to Zen 
  • After Zen saw how beautiful your baby is and how well of a mother you are
  • He knew you two were perfect for him and he just
  • “Can i adopt her?”
  • que blushies
  • Boom Lil baby MC and you were stuck with him forever


  • She figured it out. Baehee smart
  • She noticed in the chat how you acted with the others
  • “Yoosung! you need to go to bed!”
  • “Zen honey you should be more careful”
  • “Seven you are just too cute! i wanna pinch your wittle cheeks!” might or might not be talkin bout his ass  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Then she just asked
  • “MC are you a mom?”
  • “Hmmm? ya I’m a mama”
  • Called it~
  • She was curious about everything
  • were you older then you let on? or were you a young mother? where is your child?
  • you just told her you have a two year old
  • and your son was with your mom
  • She understood how hard it must be for you to be away from him
  • So she would check on you constantly asking about him
  • Pretty much worried about you two like a mother hen she is
  • Soon enough she cared about your son as much as you do
  • You were able to bring him to the party
  • She was in LOVE He was EVERYTHING
  • Just how you described him
  • She just could imagine him running around the shop helping
  • She was excited to be apart of his life


  • had no idea
  • The man was so worried about his bb Elizabeth to be worried about yours
  • But then when he became closer to you he wanted to know more about you
  • When Jaehee asked if you would go visit Jumin you were like
  • uhhhhhh…Does he like kids?
  • But she was desperate and you felt bad for her
  • so you didn’t say anything
  • Well when you showed up at the apartment
  • He was surprised to see you…and a baby…
  • “hehe…surprise?”
  • It was a literal baby only 5 months old
  • exe.Jumin has stopped
  • Well dafuk does he do now?
  • But surprisingly this wasn’t so bad
  • Seeing you be a good mom made him want you more
  • “You’ll be a great mother to our children” Hold up bucko give me my ring first
  • And don’t tell me he didn’t buy everything for the kid Jumin he’s only 5 months he can’t have that
  • At the party he was practically labeling himself as the father
  • But you didn’t mind all that much gonna get some Gucci diapers


  • Welp we’re in a pickle
  • once he saw you in the apartment holding a 1 year old he knew you shouldn’t be here
  • He called up V and’s like
  • “Master your slave has some news”
  • V was worried too but you wanted to do this So they’re like
  • “Ight you can stay”
  • I strongly believe Vanderwood would be royally pissed because Seven would spend more time watching you two then he would before
  • So remember that bomb? haha seven din’t think of it at first and then he’s like
  • “Oh shit”
  • and then the whole unknown thing happened
  • “We have Gucci diapers in paradise~”
  • “Keep talking”
  • Enter seven and the whole drama that happened
  • You had your hands full with your baby to care that seven was trying to give you the silent treatment
  • Seven actually got wrapped up in the whole kid thing
  • He fell more in love with you playing with your baby
  • it was one moment when your baby plopped down beside him and passed out
  • error 707 died of cuteness
  • He was sold, him and your lil boy were tight I think Your son liked seven more then you
  • He got no work done he was too busy playing dad
  • you too might as well get married you two acted like it
  • “Saeyoung! {insert baby name here} can’t eat those!”
  • “But MC!”
  • “NO!”
  • Baby took the Honey budda chips while you two argued
  • won’t be long till lil baby has a sibling~


  • Um…should had checked if she had a baby girl before inviting her into the club
  • the damage was done
  • He would go into the chats more frequently to check on you
  • you expressed how much you missed your 3 year old
  • hmmmm…
  • “Seven Could you do something for me please?”
  • “Slave is always willing to help master”
  • “Uh thanks?”
  • V personally brought your baby to you because he felt bad
  • From when he picked your baby to dropping her off he bonded with the kid okay?
  • He had a hard time giving her back to you
  • He stayed for a bit and helped you with her Rika can wait
  • He found it harder to leave but he did Fuck we almost had him
  • But he would still message asking how you and her were
  • When it came to the party he was there and he made a bee line to you and your baby
  • and your 3 year old little girl just
  • “Jihyun”
  • We got him, you taught your little girl to say his name
  • Hook line and sinker He couldn’t leave you
  • Although he did think about Rika he was reminded about you every time Your little girl called him name
  • and how much you wanna bet later in life V taught your little girl to say
  • “Marry me?”


  • He didn’t care
  • yeah okay you have a kid big whoop
  • honestly i think he would hate you a little for being a mom 
  • She deserves whatever happens, the kid is gonna be all fucked up because moms just corrupt you
  • And then
  • He watched you for awhile how you interacted with your baby
  • what? is this how moms are?
  • You were all bright and shiny, your little boy was all bubbly and happy
  • She’s a good mom? what?
  • He’s truly confused
  • he had a slew of emotions
  • He’s angry at you for reminding him of his mom
  • Confused that he’s seen what a good mother you are
  • and…jealous of your baby  
  • “Why did he get a good mom and i didn’t?”
  • you saw him, the boy didn’t have a good cover at this point
  • he was having a mental breakdown in the street
  • “are you okay?”
  • He jumped 
  • He was supposed to be watching you not the other way around
  • You put your hand on his forehead with a concerned face
  • you’re in my bubble lady 
  • all blushy and confused
  • He run away from you with his heart pounding
  • What.just.happened???
  • What ended up happening is he only chose you so he could keep an eye on you
  • he didn’t understand how you were able to be carved into his heart so suddenly
  • after meeting him again in the apartment You would go with seven to find him
  • and with your motherly instincts and heart I think you’ll be able to heal him. 
  • He would come to really like you baby
  • He would have to if he plans to have kids with you like he wants to


it got too long so I’m just going to make it a short fan fic okay? the idea’s are flowing guys okay? I’ll put a link or something when i upload it, but wow you and Vanderwood falling in love?!?! oh this should be fun

Master list of my headcanons

Ray’s headcanon

Thank You

A/N: Aight so here’s a little vanilla Cas smut for Smut Appreciation Day (which I am late for, courtesy of my bitching father and overall exhaustion yesterday). I wrote this quickly with the hopes that I’d have enough time to write another piece or two before I pass out tonight, so it’s not as good as I had originally planned. ;( Nevertheless, here’s this! (If y’all want s’more smut, I reblogged all of my old smut I’ve written, if you haven’t read them all.) 

Word Count: 2170

Warnings: Pure smut. No plot. The tiniest bit of fluff all the way at the end. A tiny peek at shy!Cas. Oral and fingering (female receiving). Some graceplay. (Is that what it’s called?)

Summary: When [y/n] sits down one night to teach an angel how to play Poker, she doesn’t expect to stay in for the evening. But, after one thing leads to another, Castiel and the huntress are spilling secrets that they never thought would see the light of day. Words become actions, and they find solace in each other in ways they never thought they would. 

(Shitty summary lmfao.)


The first kiss was tentative, exploratory, unfulfilling in its lightness. His lips were warm, soft and pressed thin with nervousness. The scruff of his cheeks tickled her fingers as the pads of her digits passed over his jaw and chin. He released a shaky breath, the hot puff of air against her lips sending a pleasant shiver down the column of her spine.

“[Y/n],” Castiel murmured, the nearness of his mouth brushing over her own. Politeness would dictate that she pull away, give him a moment to absorb what was happening, what he was experiencing, but she slipped her fingers into his hair, determined to pull closer. He groaned at the dull edge of her nails as they scraped tantalizingly over his scalp; not hard enough to be painful, but too light to be truly pleasurable. Still, as she pressed closer to him, her knee tucked between his legs, she could feel the rigid length of his cock as it pressed against the side of her thigh through his trousers. His hands found her waist then, caution thrown to the wind, and the second kiss was nothing like the first.

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There's no harm in feeling vulnerable with me (Jason ToddxReader)

Note: Reader has a hard time falling asleep in fear of nightmares.




One thing for sure is that it was quiet, eerily quiet. But that’s what one would expect in the middle of the night, but the silence was slowly starting to bother (y/n). It was quiet even for her own tastes, except for the occasional mumbling coming from Jason, who was sleeping soundly next to her with his arms wrapped around her waist.

(y/n) glances at the digital clock on the side-table, it was three in the morning. Ever since she had a horrible nightmare, she refused to get a wink of sleep. Every night was a cycle. She contemplates about sleeping, refuses to sleep in fear of another bad dream, feeling awfully tired, and then back to square one.

Glancing towards Jason’s direction, (y/n) gently pries his arms off of her before silently descending to the door. A couple of minutes had passed. (y/n) situated herself on one of the chairs of the kitchen with a cup of tea on the table. Leaning back and crossing her arms, she starts to space off, thinking about all of the possible things that could make her stay awake, unaware of the footsteps approaching behind her.

“(y/n)…?” A hoarse voice snaps her out of her thoughts. She glances towards Jason, who was leaning on the door frame, a tired look on his face mirroring her own.

“Jay…” (y/n) mutters softly.

“It’s three in the morning, you should be sleeping. How long have you been awake?” He walks over to (y/n), taking a seat next to her. “What’s up? What’s bothering you?” Jason pulls her onto his lap, the both of them facing each other.

“Oh you know, I just wanted to get a drink so…” (y/n) knew Jason caught onto her lie, judging by the frown he was giving her.

“There’s no use lying, (y/n). Just tell me.”

“Look, it’s just that I can’t sleep. I’ve been having…bad dreams lately. There’s nothing to worry about.” (y/n) assures him. She lays her head on the crook of Jason’s shoulder, his hand starts threading through her hair while the other wraps around her.

“How long has this been going?”

“Three days and counting,”

“You should have told me.”

“Didn’t wanna wake you up. You already get less sleep since you’re out patrolling every night, Red.” (y/n) taunts, a small smile on her face.

“I’m awake right now anyways.” Jason clicks his tongue, reaching up to pinch (y/n)’s cheeks.

“Stop it!” (y/n) lifts her head to meet his stern gaze before playfully slapping his cheeks.

“Wanna talk about it?” Jason suddenly asks.

“About what…?” (y/n) tilts her head in confusion.

“Your nightmares,“ He clarifies, running a hand through her hair again. He watches how the smile on her lips quickly turn into a frown. “I guess that’s a no?”

“Maybe another time, Jay.”

“Want me to tell you a story then?” Jason asks, a grin on his face.

"What am I? Five years old?…” (y/n) retorts at him. She leans her head on his shoulder again, his hand still running through her hair. Closing her eyes, she listens to Jason’s heartbeat. It always seems to calm her down, as strange as that sounded.

"I’m kidding, don’t be fussy about it.” A yawn escapes his mouth. Jason stops messing with (y/n)’s hair and tucks it under her shirt, feeling the warmth from the small of her back. “I forgot to tell you, about that…(y/n)…?“ Jason calls out but no response was coming from (y/n).

Jason takes the liberty of glancing over her form. Fortunately, (y/n) was fast asleep on his shoulder, not caring about the position that she was in. He tiredly sighs, giving her a peck on the forehead. Slowly, Jason tries to stand up with (y/n) in his arms, as he made his way back to her bedroom. He was glad that she was finally able to get some sleep for once.

Basketball Confessions {Lai Guanlin}

Lai Guanlin

Basketball Fluff


Synopsis: An accident turns into a short game of HORSE and cute confessions.


“Y/N I want to go to the park~” my 5 year old sister, Hwasung, whines.

“In a little bit, okay?” I tell her while pulling her onto my lap. “Let me rest from our game of tag.”

Hwasung nods but pouts while staring at my phone screen with me.

The truth is, I don’t want to go because it’s the same park where my long-time crush is playing basketball… Lai Guanlin. I was sort of stalking his Snapchat when I saw one of his friends, Samuel I think, hacked his Snapchat and recorded him shooting a basket at the park.

Guanlin and I have only really talked to each other once. I wouldn’t even call it talking. We were chosen by our teacher to act this part of a play out in our literature class and let me tell you that that has ruined my life of becoming an actress because I had to face him and I just became so flustered that I could barely speak and our teacher had to help me.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Hwasung asks while looking at my home screen.

“Uhm, yes?”

Hwasung giggles and pokes at the screen. “He’s so handsome~”

“Isn’t he?”

She nods. “Can we go now~??”

All I can do is laugh and ruffle her hair while getting up. “Let’s get ready.”

After many outfit changes, I stick with a messy ponytail, a regular white sleeveless shirt tucked into ripped high-waisted shorts, and black Converse high-tops. I pick out an outfit for Hwasung and have her change, then I start to braid her hair while humming ‘Oh Little Girl’. Finishing off Hwasung’s braid, I sling on a small backpack with snacks and my wallet in it and take her hand.

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sakura(oda) was such a qt during her training days. her long hair, she looks like that shy type girl before and i just wanna pinch her cheeks because she was VERY cute that time. this time she looks like shes LOOKS LIKE A CONFIDENT QUEEN i love her lol

(In order from left to right, starting from top left)

Big-nosed man: your nose is big, but that doesn’t stop you from looking handsome! Look really cuddly too! He just LOOKS like he had lots of money! May have a good job! Makes funny bug-eyes when he sees six! It’s funny and cute to me! And watching this specific guest eat…where does that food magically come from? Just drags it all to his mouth and inhales it! Intriguing, no? Fun to watch! I give him a favorite rating of 8/10!

Sausage lady: why only sausages? Can’t open your mouth wide enough for different food? I understand that you aren’t as messy as the others! So proper! How respectful! Why are there only this style of female guests tho? Why can’t some female guests look a little different? Try some different styles, miss! You might find one you like!
I give her a 7/10!

Flabby cheeks: CHEEKS! I wanna pinch them so badly! What a cute! Looks a bit lazy-probably wouldn’t mind if I did so! Just wanna pull those cheeks out to the side and go BBBRRRBRBRB! A really calm eater, too! He makes sure to nibble at his food slowly to savor the flavor! How respectful to the chefs! A good man! I’ll grant him a 10/10!

Round face: looks so sad/tired. Is something wrong? It’s ok, you have lots of food to cheer up with! Food that you sometimes spill from your mouth. But that’s ok! He doesn’t waste it! Makes sure to eat the crumbs and whatever else falls! He almost seems to eat with his eyes closed from a distance. Maybe he needs a nap? I’ll give him a 6/10!

Happy mask guest: are you actually happy under that mask? I hope so! Hope the food tastes good, too! Have any masks I can buy from you? I bet you look great without the mask! No reason to be self-conscious! Wow, now I’m really curious as to what their real face looks like! Giving them a 5/10 only because I can’t see their true face!

Angry mask guest: what a cute derp, but what’s making them so mad? Once again, really wanna see what’s under that mask. Really bugging me now! I already know the rating for this guest is same as the other mask guest, because neither show a face and neither are seen much…

anonymous asked:

if you had to ship your favorite blogs with btob members, who would you choose for each member and why would you ship them!!💙

anon!!!! this is such a cute question i’m totally screaming!!!

let’s start:

  • eunkwang: i’d totally ship my small fart with the loml @kwangie. why? they’re both soft and small and cute and so full of love for btob. also hilarious and full of bad jokes that makes your day be blessed // extra: very caring, loving, emotional, i feel like they would buy a bunny together and call it richard just bc its funny. gotta love these two <3
  • minhyuk: this was actually hard for some reason?? like look im sorry to all minhyuk stans i know but im shipping ppl who are alike and i could only think of beth @btobmelodies as a big match for minhyuk. why? bc she’s our mother, she’s ot7 biased, very funny and supporting, also she assures me all the time i’m anxious that everything is fine which i truly appreciate it and u kno who does that as well?? yyeah buddy that’s minhyuk - always taking care of our asses bc we’re too stupid to do it on our own. gotta love two moms.
  • changsub: i have so many options in here so i will mention two blogs: @yikes-anotherkpopblog bc g is simply so freaking funny like look i go through her blog and get my maximum amount of laughing for a day and this reminds me of how changsub always puts a smile on my face no matter what((i love and protecc)); however, the 2nd person would be my friend, scar @lovinsoftboyz. she would match changsub’s unseen side: the soft, loving, insecure one. i feel like she would protect him at all costs always and she would be so understanding?? hmu
  • hyunsik: LOOK HERE IS MY FRIEND SHANIA @feel-em WHICH IS LIKE THE FEMININE VERSION OF HYUNSIK: SUPER SUPPORTIVE, CREATIVE AS FUCK, also a soft mochi which i am always 100% ready to protecc // she’s also very talented and she’s truly an artist even though she wont admit it. me @ u: heart eyes emoji
  • peniel: i ship my princess @squirrel-minhyuk with this adorable egg. why? because they’re both timid at first but rlly nice to be around. also very understanding and they’re both talented in their visual areas (for puni video editing and for ilsa drawing) and look anon they’re both fluffy i wanna pinch their cheeks extra: they seem like they’re done with the entire world and maybe they are but that’s just their face
  • ilhoon: i can only ship my creative, funny, charismatic and gay for me friend, elif @thebeatscenarios with this cursed boy. i feel like they would create songs together and that she will be his muse and my egg would make ilhoon be less cursed bc she’s a softie so he gotta be a softie as well with her // jokes aside they’re both very friendly and full of charisma and i feel like they would always laugh and feel good around each other look its my heart full of love for you two
  • sungjae: look fam, not to be biased or anything tbfh i am, nobody can stop me but i ship my hyperactive but lazy, meme-loving, soft ass with this boi right here. you said fave blogs and im one of my fave blogs bc if i dont love myself who will haha i feel so soft when ppl tell me i’m like sungjae because look,,, we’re both brainstorming at the speed of light also we’re both funny and interested in weird things and tbh we’re such fangirls / fanboys together for a lot of groups and so supportive towards our egg peniel (for me not only peniel but ilsa as well) and Fffuck fam im sorry i had to do it

as an ending note, i enjoyed this question a lot!! thank you once again anon. and for my people who didn’t appear on this one: im so so so sorry if it upsets but pls just remember that ur hype man (me) always ships u with ur bias even if i didn’t mention you in this post!!! 

Mademoiselle Clé

Word Count: 2,657

Chat Noir keeps singing song lyrics as he makes his appearance on Marinette’s balcony, but could Chat’s singing also reveal something else besides his own arrival?

This is my first ML Fic and I already have the first 3 Chapters written out so no doubt this will update again next weekend. Tell me how you guys feel about it! <3

(Ch. 1) (Ch. 2) (Ch. 3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5)

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Rosy Cheeks

Bucky x Reader 

REQUEST: Can i please request 14. Why am I in love with you again?19. We should just get married.68. You’re cute when you blush. with Bucky please ?

A/N: I love writing this!! I love fluff! 


Originally posted by 107th-infantry

It was a lazy day at the compound. Steve, Sam, and Nat were on a mission in Africa and Wanda, Tony, and Vision were off doing their own thing. The only two occupying the building, at least to their knowledge, was Y/n and Bucky. They sat together on the couch with Bucky’s hands wrapped around Y/n’s waist. She smiles against the comforter hugging against them and buries her head into the nape of his neck.

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**i love fetus Jimin—I just had to put him in here!**

You feel your phone vibrate in your lap, but don’t flinch and continue to listen to your teacher. After about five minutes, it vibrates repeatedly. Your teeth clench, knowing exactly who it was but not wanting to check. After you decided to confess to a guy you had a crush on for more than a year, he turns you down in an awkward manner. You’re beyond embarrassed still, and don’t want to speak to anyone. Your teacher dismisses your class, and you grab your backpack and walk out. Immediately, you feel hands on your shoulders push you into an empty classroom. “Why didn’t you answer my messages, huh?” Jimin growled, pressing you against the door.

“Jimin,” You look away, trying to dodge his kisses. “I’m not in the mood.”

“I can make you in the mood,” He forced his hand up your skirt, creating friction between your clothed womanhood and his fingers.

“Jimin!” You shoved him by his chest away from you, “What don’t you understand about I’m not in the mood?”

He stumbled backwards, in shock of what you had just did. “I..” He blinked, “(Y/N), what’s wrong? I’ve never seen you so upset..” He tried holding your arm.

“Don’t touch me,” You snatch your arm away.

“O-Okay..” He gently walked a little back with his hands up, “Care to explain why?”

“It’s embarrassing.” You cross your arms.

“I just want to make sure you’re fine, (Y/N).” You stood quiet, he sighed and sat on a desk. “Turn the lights on, I want to see your face.”

“But people will know we’re in here-”

“Just do it, (Y/N).” He ordered strictly, “If you’re this upset, obviously something bad happened and I’ll treat it serious.” You flicked the light switch, and he patted the desk next to him. “Now tell me exactly what’s wrong.”

“I decided to confess to (Crush’s/Name) earlier today.” You hopped on the desk.

“I take it he didn’t accept?” He said lowly, playing with his fingers.

“It was mortifying,” You felt the tears begin to form, “I just liked him so much, and for him to tell me he doesn’t like me hurt so much.” You cry into your arm, “What’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t he like me?”

“He’s a pabo.” Jimin stated, “He’s too stupid to see the greatness in front of him: you. You’re absolutely stunning, a wonderful person, and someone I can personally stay with forever. I don’t mind having a little person by my side—especially if it’s you. So why wouldn’t he like it? He’s an idiot for not opening his stupid eyes up,” He kicked the air, “He’s never gonna find a girl as special as you, (Y/N); girls like that don’t exist.”


“Aish..” He said under his breath, hanging his head low. “I broke the rule, and I just gave myself up.”

“So this does mean..”

“Yes, (Y/N)—it does. The one thing I wasn’t supposed to do, I did: like you.”

“I don’t know what to say,” You grip the desk’s edge tightly.

“You don’t have to say anything,” He jumped from the desk, “Let’s just pretend this didn’t happen, alright? I have to get to class,” He reluctantly walked over to you, kissing your cheek lovingly—not like his usual hungry kisses. “You’re very beautiful..just remember that.” He held your hands tightly, then walked off without another word.

//Two Weeks Later//

You and Jimin have taken a break with the ‘friends with benefits’ deal since his confession. Things haven’t just gotten back to normal yet—actually, very far from it. Instead of the call to open your window to have quiet sex, it’s calls in the middle of the night to come cuddle with you. He’s been acting strange since the events that took place weeks ago, and his affection has increased by the little things. Quite honestly, you missed the feeling of his palm muffling your moans and screams from your parents. The way he moved his hips in time with yours, and the way his tongue felt on your wet folds. Asking for sex would be too awkward considering the things that have been taking place recently.

“Jimin~” A girl giggles, rubbing his chest with her open hand as he leans against the lockers with her. “We’re at school..”

“There’s supply closets,” He smugly suggested, tugging on the bow from her shirt.

You storm away, but why are you upset? You have no feelings for him other than lust—right? Why should a girl getting lucky with him matter to you? You’re not even having sex anymore, maybe that’s why. Maybe he has another girl to fill his sexual desires, but comes to you when he needs a warm body to snuggle up to. Does he not find you sexually attractive anymore? It’s odd to look in the mirror and not see any hickeys on your body; quite empty. You spend the rest of the day replaying that girl and Jimin flirting it up. While you try to imagine that he’s happier with her, your mind snaps back to the times you shared: naked, sweaty, flirting—but also his confession and the cuddles. Exiting school for the weekend, everyone happily skips outside. You overhear plans of hanging out, or going to the store right then and there.

“Wait!” Someone said behind you, running towards you. “You weren’t going to leave me, were you?” Jimin smiles, “I’m walking you home, we’re watching movies all night, and we’re gonna cuddle-”

“I think I need a break, Jimin.”

“What? Haven’t we been taking a break already?”

“I mean a break from each other—any contact at all.”

“(Y/N),” He laughs, “This is a joke, right?” He watches your facial expression, seeing as you’re not amused he speaks. “What made you make such a drastic decision?”

“I don’t know.” You shrug, “Ask that girl you were with in the hall.”

“Ah..” He breathed, “We didn’t do anything, I can assure you that. After we got inside the janitorial closet, she started to go down on me-”

“I don’t need details.” You began to walk faster, hoping he’ll catch on.

“No,” He touched your shoulder, “As soon as she touched..” He cleared his throat, “Little Jimin..” He scratched his head, “I moaned..”


“Your name.” He was blushing, you never spoke about anything outside of the bedroom—or broom closet. It was odd for him to refer to himself, “She got upset, but once she tried to continue I just couldn’t stop saying your name.”

“Then what happened?”

“She left me there..” He turned his head to the side facing opposite towards you, revealing a red mark on his soft cheek. “She slapped me when I said you were better at it anyway.”

“Ah, Park Jimin~..” You gently touch it, “You really have a big mouth when you want to.” He leaned down to give you a better look.

“It still stings,” He cringed when you placed your own hand on it.

“I’ll take care of it,” You examined it, “She scratched you.”

“So does this mean I get to go to your house?” He said with hopeful eyes.

“Yes, Jimin.” You nod, “You can even sleep over if you want—my parents are out of town.”

“Yes!” He cheered, “I can’t wait for movies and cuddles.”

“If you approach a girl again, just make sure you say her name instead of mine.” You kiss his cheek like a mother would kiss her child’s wound, “I love your cheeks.” You giggle, pinching the other.

“I don’t like them..” He frowned, “I’m chubby, and that just proves it.”

“I think it makes you look like a baby, and that’s adorable—Jiminnie.”

“(Y/N)-ah, I don’t wanna look like a baby.” He pouted, “I wanna look like a man.”

“But a baby is so much cuter,” You held his hand and began walking again.

He smiled down at your fingers intertwined, as if you were a couple. “I guess being a baby isn’t that bad..”

//During Movies//

You began getting a little restless, and put your hand in Jimin’s lap. “Jimin.” You whisper, kissing his neck.

“(Y/N), what are you doing?”

“What do you think, silly? What haven’t we done in weeks?” You breathed, straddling him without straying your lips too far away.

“On the couch? What if things get messy-”

“Ah, no.” You cover his mouth, “You listen to me, and you listen very carefully Jimin.” You rub his chest, “I saw you with that girl, you took her to have sex—a place we’ve had sex countless times, and that girl was not me. Do you understand how that made me feel?” You ground your hips down to his lap, “It made me feel like my Jimin replaced me, especially since you’re using me as a body pillow. I’m a girl you used to bang into I saw stars, and you go ahead and throw me aside like some toy you’re done with?” You shook your head while smiling, “No.”

“A-Ah..” Jimin’s noises escaped his lips as he stared at you with his mouth open.

“I refuse to be a worn out toy, and I’ll make you pay for the hiatus.” You lick his lips, “You obey my orders, okay?” He nodded, speechless and still gaping. You hop off him, walking to the kitchen and taking your time. Opening the freezer, you take a cube out of the ice tray. You hear him reposition himself on the couch, then light breathing. “Jimin, you better not be doing what I think you’re doing.” You say, walking back to him.

“I’m just getting ready for you,” He took his hand out of his pants.

“Did I say to do that?” You kneeled in front of him, “Take your pants off.” You popped the ice cube in your mouth, making your tongue go cold. You watch his hands fumble in excitement, pushing his bottoms to his ankles. “Do I have to do everything for you?” You sigh heavily, taking them completely off. “Your boxers too, Jimin.” He obliged, hurrying and practically begging you to touch him. You bite your lip, enjoying the scene: Jimin sitting in front of you, legs spread, bottom half exposed, and waiting for you to make a move. “Now, Jimin,” You push the ice to your cheek, “I’ll make sure you pay for confessing, almost having sex with that girl, and keeping me waiting.”

He sucked air in sharply, feeling your cold mouth enclose his member. “I forgot how good you are, (Y/N).” He gripped your hair. You pulled back, and sat before him on your knees. “What?”

“Did I say it was okay to grab my hair?” He shook his head quietly, even afraid to speak now by the tone of your voice. You continued, but decided to prolong this more. Pressing the remainder of ice along his underside, you stroke him lightly. You lick upwards towards the tip, dragging the melting ice. Once it’s all gone, you kiss all around him while leaving traces of saliva from licking. “Will you go back to that girl?” You swiveled your tongue on his tip lazily.

“No.” He moaned.

“Good.” You slowly slide him into your mouth, making him suffer for all he’s put you through. His groans increase louder by the second as you push more of him down your throat, then bob your head. He holds the couch, close to digging his nails into it. You get faster, slightly gagging as you go deeper. You hold his thigh, disconnecting to pump him without the aid of your mouth. Focusing on his tip, you slowly spit into it. You twist, then lick the slit oozing precum.

“Can I please grab you?” He whines, being pumped harder.

“Nope!” You smile, putting the tip in again. You lick over the tip repeatedly, not missing one beat in the pattern you had created.

“Aish, please keep doing that.” He groaned, feeling you lick all over as you pumped him. “I’m gonna-”

“I know.” You cut him off, continuing your deed. You tried to go faster, which resulted in him whimpering as his hot seed filled your mouth. He sat up, watching it trickle from the corners of your mouth as you swallow.

“I missed your mouth..” He cleaned your mouth with his sleeve. “I miss you, but I love cuddling with you. Do you know what I’m inferring we do?”

“Cuddle and sex?” You shrug, standing up and handing him his clothes.

“No.” He shook his head, putting his boxers on. “I’m saying: Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

“Are you ready for a commitment?” You asked, sitting next to him.

“If it’s with you, then yes. So what do you say?”

“Okay.” You nod, then he pounces on you.

“I’ll be a great boyfriend, (Y/N)—I promise!” He proclaims, peppering your face with kisses. “Can we cuddle now, though?”

“Sure. I’ll get the snacks,” You made your way over back to the kitchen. When you came back, Jimin was under a blanket watching a movie and waiting for you.