i just wanna make you guys happy

I just made a Header for @amazingphil !

Btw I did not do my homework my art teacher will definitely kill me tomorrow aaah ;w; ALSO ! I wanted to thank you guys for 500+ followers ! You make me so happy guys ! All your cute and kind messages make me wanna cry omg. Before being on Tumblr no ones gives a shit about my art so having so much love from you guys it’s too much I’m gonna explode one day but seriously thank you again ! ♥ THE PHANDOM4EVERINMYKOKORO-DESU.

I wanted to tell you guys about the this dream i had about YOI.

What if everything was turned around? Hear me out

What if Yuuri was just wanting to quit because he lost his passion for ice skating, and he saw a very sad Victor skating to “Stay Close to Me.” and wanted to make him happy. 

So Yuuris ass FLIES to Russia and he’s just like “Sup? I wanna make you happy again, ditch Yakov as your coach, LET’S DO THIS” 

I just wanna say...

How extremely grateful I am to have such a wonderful family here. Honestly I made the closest friends here and I never want to give them up. They mean the whol world to me and you guys really do make me happy. I have been really depressed for a while and felt very alone but the family I made here makes me excited to do things I want to do so thank you amazing family. You all mean so much to me

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hello lovelies!! happy new years eve/new year. since its the new year, i want to celebrate my blog (which is only five months old like wow), or more importantly, my friends and mutuals that make my blog and my experience on tumblr amazing. everything will be under the cut to save your dashes.

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hey pals! there’s not much i can say because i’m really bad at doing these introduction type stuff but i’ve come to appreciate a lot of people, places and things in my life this past year. this is just one way i can show my gratitude toward you guys because even if some of us don’t talk, it’s your presence and overall being just makes me so happy. if you wanna be friends, pls mssg me because i love friends but i’m also shy.

special shoutout to @doverpt. anna made this little graphic above and is just the sweetest flower blossom angel gem that anyone could ever ask for! thank you so much. forever #blessed.


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so i meant to do this when i hit 3k but i’m lazy and waited until now. oops
anyway, thank you to everyone who follows me aka puts up with my trash blog and rants. i can’t believe over the past six? seven?? months i’ve made so many awesome friends through this site. and somehow have over 3k people who wanna follow me. i appreciate tf outta all of you. if we’re mutuals (or not) you can always always alwaysssss tag me, msg me, etc. I LOVE YOU ALL. i’m not gonna bold or italicize anyone because you all rock.
happy holidays y’all!  ♥ ♥ ♥

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Commission form open! For this round I will not be accepting first come first serve, but instead based on my interest in the character/concept. The form will remain open until tomorrow afternoon, so theres no rush! Please read the form carefully and provide all of your information and references.



i never considered making it available before, but if you were happy with your commission, or just wanna throw in some extra support, considering tipping me at entoxia at gmail dot com.. not necessary at all!! just be sure to send it as goods and services–THANKS!

Promise ( Laurens X Reader ) – Happy Trails to Ant and Carleigh!

Yo! So, before we get into this, I wanna apologize to people who request. I’m such an asshole. I take too long and never ever follow the queue, so some of you guys wait two weeks and others wait three months. I’m truly madly deeply sorry. I just like giving you fic as quick as possible, so I don’t stay too long without posting, and that makes me go for whichever prompt my imagination tells me to and I’m not always inspired for the ones on the top of the queue. Truly, I’m so so so sorry.

Secondly, yeah, I was working on a Laf request until like two days ago (I still am and I can tell you it’s gonna be really sorta short, sorry for that), but then I realized something. Anthony Ramos. Nov, 20. *purses lips so won’t start sobbing compulsively* Don’t get me wrong. I am the hugest Anthony stan you’ll ever see and I am so very happy for him. I mean, the guy’s a star. He’s such an inspiration for me and many other kids out there and I’m sure that whatever he does next (he’s hinted he’ll be working on his music AND has been casted on a Netflix series) will blow us all away (too soon). Also, yo, Jordan Fisher!!! I love him!! I seem to adore everyone who puts on the Laurens/Philip costumes including Jose Ramos (especially him he’s my fav along with Ant and I’m not sorry), Thayne Jasperson (cracker boy, I know, I know, but have you ever seen him on Greg’s snap) and Andrew Chappele (I LOVE HIM) and I’m not even sorry.

Anyways. Because of Ant’s leaving, I wanted to do something Laurens-related. Yep, I know I already do lots of Laurens-related stuff, but I couldn’t help it. This idea also gave me a huge help, because I’d just done something on History and was feeling very very Hamiltime-ish. I’m not gonna put the full request here because it’s a huge spoiler, Nonnie says: “Can you do one when reader and Laurens have a thing going on, but he leaves for war.”

Well, anon, here you go! Hope y’all enjoy it yeah you’re gonna die inside!

Word Count: 2.775 (can you believe I actually wrote this amount of words in like two school days when I had to save battery and had a gazillion things to do ‘cause I can’t I felt so inspired it was like being struck by a fucking lightning)

Warnings: war related-stuff, straight Laurens, I think a lil swearing but I’m not entirely sure.

Setting: Hamiltime, during the war

Real quick sidenote: I didn’t have the time to find out how long exactly things took to be done like travelling and mail and shit at Hamiltime, so there’s that. That’s also why the letters are incomplete, not having dates or adresses. Sorry.

Originally posted by youforfeitallrights

You ran your hand through his curls. His black, shiny and silk-soft curls. Much like everything else when it came to him, they were simply perfect. Everything, from his black curls to the way his hazel eyes beamed when he talked about what he loved, it was all simply perfect. And, now, all this perfection was being put in danger.

“Y/N?” John called quietly, lifting a single eyelid. His head was placed on your lap as you sat underneath a enormous tree, the silver gleam coming from the moon and a candle being your only sort of light. You looked down at him and realized he had a curious expression on. “Are you okay, my dearest?”

You breathed in, only then realizing your cheeks were marked from a few tears. With a single hand, you wiped them away, trying to keep a smiled on even when it broke slightly. “Of course I am, John.”

He raised an eyebrow, stern yet fond. You knew he wasn’t buying it, he knew you better than that. “What is bothering you, love?”

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Smooth - Johnny [5]

A/N: Hellooooo Admin Kay is back from the dead c: jk I just wanna thank you guys for your patience, I know this took me f*cking forever to finish pls love me I’ve been having terrible writer’s block for this chapter for some reason… hope it’s not too sucky ._. but yeahhh 

I was honestly considering making this chapter semi smut but I was like ‘nahhhh the Johnny skanks can wait for pt 6 right?’ I’m so sorry

Anywayssss here is the long awaited Smoot pt. 5!! Happy reading!

-Admin Kay

Chapter 5 - Mine 

Genre: Fluff, Subtle Smut 

Rating PG-13 

(slight language, suggestive content) 

Word Count: 3,361 

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this is sappy but i just wanna say thanks for following me and making my 2016 better. i know everyone follows me for dan and phil but i genuinely never thought anyone would like to hear me talk about them much less make gifs or draw or write about them. the first half of 2016 was absolutely horrible for me but when i started using this blog more and talking to you guys it really did get better. i know this blog is sort of like a huge coping mechanism for me but it really really makes me happy and i enjoy running it so much. and i know it’s not my personality or anything people follow for but it’s just so nice to express it on here and only get minimally judged (ie darry or my thigh kink) for it. i’m love u all is what i am trying to say. i hope you all have the best year of your lives so far. i predict #that

THERE IT IS!! its my first time doing one of these lmao…. i probably didnt put em in right……… i also think i didnt upload a few of these?? whatever!!! this year was a p alright year! i got a lot more comfortable w digital art and stuff!! i hope i get more time to draw next year… i wanna practice with colors and anatomy!

anyways happy new year my friends!!!


Im back! 

Aah i didnt get to wish you a happy year guys ;; That time ive been away from home and celebrating with the family. I didnt get to post much despite planning something for a small new year tradition i have, which ill do these days! :’D But first, my wishes.

 Its 2017!!! WOW! I keep looking back at the previous year..and how much it stung me and overall was very poopy, but- It was also a year i decided to make this blog, the year i met alll of you and got to experience such amazing feelings and friendships. And i am so thankful to all of you ;; Each word, each presence and each gift no matter be it drawing or yourself you all made this year for me, despite it being the worst year ive had so far- I stand back looking at 2016 smiling, because the bad of it matters nothing compare to the good i had with all of you. So friends, I wish you a greatly happy (late) new year :’D one thatll make up for all the hardships and open a new gate to amazing experiences and more steps closer to happiness. Thank you for everything, for being the awesome people you are and the most accepting, warm fandom ive expericend. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart and the shadows. ;; 

SINCE i didnt get to do that new year/christmas edition thingy (i need to still make art of it no way i wont) Im gonna open weekly requests! :^D I usually do request all the time whenever i can or like the idea, but imma pick a day where i take about 5 requests, you gotta be off anon for this tho! And tell me one of your most favorite headcanons or scenerios you have for your favorite yugioh characters, and ill draw these for you at that moment! Ill be doing this every friday, so ill be able to make the rest next week! Thats all i have to say for now, i woke up awhile ago and gotta leave to school soon, but before all of that…………its time i shitpost.


Pairing: Castiel x Reader (very vanilla)

Summary: You get a bad stomach ache and Castiel helps make it better. Fluffy.

Words: 1200~

A/N: I got this idea because I am a glutton for spicy food even though it is not a glutton for me. Also this is the first fic I’ve ever posted on here! I’m kinda shy to post this because I know people in real life on here, but screw it. Fanfiction makes me happy and I appreciate all the people who write it, so I thought I’d share mine. Feedback is very much so appreciated.

I’m gonna tag a few people if that’s okay? @castielohcastiel @my–supernatural-romance @thran-duils I’m sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged I just wanted to share this with you guys, this is very experimental for me haha


The smell of onions and spice woke you from your daydream. You got up and started walking over to the bunker’s kitchen. “Is that dinner I smell?” You peeked your head in.

“Sure is!” Dean looked back at you and winked.

You walked closer and looked into the frying pan, “Ooooh, fajitas! Spicy!” You wiggled your eyebrows at Dean.

“You got that right sweetheart,” he turned his attention back to the sizzling vegetables, “I added my own secret ingredient. You can bet your ass it’s gonna be spicy.”

“Is that a threat, Winchester?” You raised your eyebrow.

“Like I said, you bet your ass it is.”

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Pumpkin Carving

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Sam, Dean

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Flufffff, Making Out :P 

Word count: 1205

Summary: Reader convince Sam and Dean to carve pumpkins but Sam is interested in something else ;)

This fiction is for @notnaturalanahi‘s ANA’S CRACK 600 CELEBRATION

Prompt: “You know that feeling when you love someone so much, you just wanna choke them to death?”  

A/N: Happy Halloween peeps! I hope y’all like it! And guys please do give feedback. It really encourages a writer. Thanks. :)

Beta: @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious 

My Masterlist

You were very excited about Halloween because it was your favorite holiday. Even though being a hunter you had to face monsters every day you still loved it because of all the candy and pumpkin carving. Both of those things were kind of dumb and childish in front of your boyfriend Sam, but it was the first Halloween that you were going to celebrate since you’d started dating.

You had already bought three pumpkins - one for you and one for each of the boys - but you hadn’t talked about it with either of the Winchesters. You decided to talk to the easy one first.

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Hey guys! It’s time for my annual follow forever! It was a crazy year and I guess I just wanna thank you all for making my dash pretty and awesome (and for making me watch new shows - …see the banner :D).
I hope you’ll have a very happy holidays and absolutely perfect 2017 full of success, luck and love. ❤❤❤
if i’ve forgotten someone you have full permission to come and kick my ass:
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love you!!


EXO Texts & Snaps || Happy Birthday Lay! | Warning(s): Slight smut/sex suggestion

Sorry that I only posted my aesthetics recently, I just wanna start making the new ones soon and get the requests you guys are sending in done ^^

~ Admin Kai

I just wanna say thanks for make me happy

Hi guy’s hope all you are doing great in this holidays and I wish the best Happy New Year ❤ and this New Year 2017 come with a lot of blessing for all you and family and everything around your life, so I really hope not late to wishing you this and if I’m omg I’m sorry *bow*🎅🎄🎆🎉🎊🎈 ⛄🎅🎁🎀🎄

So I just wanna said thank you so much for all the story’s you have make and each time I read it is make my day a lot really is make me so happy even just they are pure FanFict but believe me each story make me feel the I can be in my own world maybe this sound crazy even this might sound so cheesy, silly or dumb 😳 but I just wanna said the I’m really appreciated your work a lot. Each story has his own meaning and gosh really sometimes they have me in top of the cliff (but in good way) hehe but I love it a lot even Ik in some parts I’m having mini heart attacks too 😱and also make me laugh a lot xD when they said silly things and when have they special moment aww my heart is just melting ❤❤ the really sometimes I wish to find someone like that in real life 😅 I know I’m so silly for thinking this 😂. But I just wanna said this to all you how I’m happy to read all your stories, all you guy’s have a amazing talent and I know almost of you are young and really I’m amazed with you work so thank you so much again ❤❤❤

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