i just wanna know more about her adoptive and biological parents

Stars in the Night: Chapter 5

Noctis liiiiikes her. He wants to huggggg her. He wants to kiiiiiss her. 

Okay, I am officially obsessed with these two help me?!!???!?!?!?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. They’re becoming less and less awkward with each other. gee, just kiss already. 


I hope y’all enjoy. 

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The next few days were hard… as it were to be expected.

Di was gone. It felt as if Stella no longer had a purpose to pursue.

Her best friend, her roommate, her business partner. She was gone.

Now, she traveled around with several young men who were just barely more than strangers to her. They were more than kind to her, however. Accepting and welcoming. The allowed her into their group, including her in everything. Their jokes. Their deep conversations. Everything. She truly was becoming one of them.

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Hancock reacts to finding out Sole adopted two baby girls when he’s about to confess his love for Sole

SO THESE GOT OUT OF HAND. They’re all pretty much small oneshots. Cause I presume nobody wants to reblog a MASSIVE block of text which is essentially just a collection of small oneshots I decided to do it like this for those which got particularly long. 

This ask was sent to me as a personal message, the person asking chose to remain anonymous. Thank you for the ask! 

Sole is a very reserved and reticent woman who, instead of losing her child to the Institute, lost her younger sibling who was her only family. She never had children and never showed audible interest in having children. Anyway, *insert companion* loves her very much, but hasn’t told her yet. After a long separation from the Sole, they’ve decided they can no longer keep their feeling to themselves and go to tell her. When they visit Sole though, they find out that she’s adopted children. Two adorable one year old girls that she intends to raise as her own. She clearly love these girls very much too. How do the companions react? Are they deterred at all? (You can add gifs if you want.)

Sole opened the door, to find a very familiar face standing in the doorway. Their eyes widened, not sure how to handle the situation at all. They’d thought about finding them again… but it wasn’t that easy. Not considering the state the Commonwealth was in, not considering the little ones and not considering all that was left unsaid.
“ It’s been a while. What brings you here? ” Hancock breathed in, a smile set on his face, time to finally get it all out  “I…”
A baby started crying inside the house, Sole’s eyes widened. “ Damnit, I have to go back, feel free to come in though.” Hancock walked into the house, a little bit dazed. He saw Sole standing there, baby in arms, trying to soothe the child. It seemed to work when another one started crying in unison, awoken and spurred on by the cries. Sole seemed to be rather experienced at it as the child in her arms already seemed calmer, clinging onto Sole’s shirt.  

Sole scraped her throat. “ So… I guess I’ll be the first one to get you caught up on what happened. These two… they’re my children. Not biologically of course but they’re my children in every other way. I adopted them about a month ago.” She kissed the top of the child in their arms’ head while looking lovingly in at the child in the arms of their old companion. “ So… guess I’m a parent now. Surprise! Now I presume you have some news of your own?”

Hancock smiled, looking at Sole who seemed both beaming and grounded somehow. Like they found a home with those babies. He leaned against the doorpost, arms folded but head tilted. He never picture them as a parent, but it seemed natural to them somehow. Sole looked exhausted but… happy.

“ You came to find me just to keep staring at me?”
“ Admiring the view. You look happy.”
“ I am. In a way. The world’s still messed up and I now have two kids to safeguard from whatever’s coming for us next but… there’s this whole parenthood thing. I wasn’t sure I wanted it at first. It’s hard work, sleepless nights, but it feels right.”
“ Congrats.. I’ve been chasing that feeling for my entire life and the closest thing I got to it was through jet and shootin’ up the commonwealth with you.”
Sole laughed, rocking her baby. “It’s hardly shooting it up at random, you’re too moral for that.”
“ Auch, morals? Don’t let the rest of Goodneighbour hear ya. They’ll depose me.” She laughed and walked over to Hancock.
 “You’re a big softy beaf jerky. Although I never saw you as a family man. More the handsome rogue.” Her baby reached out to his face, seemingly fascinated. He reached with a finger for her tiny hand.
“ She takes after you already, not running away screaming from the rotting man in the period clothing. That, or she’s got one hell of a fashion sense already.”
“ Babies like interesting faces, not beautiful ones.”
“ Watch it, second insult.”
“ They do though. Do you want to hold her?”  He looked at the child.
“ She’ll wake up the other one, start to cry her lungs out when the zombie man is holding her. Nighmares for days. You don’t wanna do that.” She handed the child over to him regardless, intending to show him how to hold her but that appeared unnecessary. “I’m a mayor, Sole.”
He held her perfectly, supporting her little head. She reached for his face, eyes wide open.
“ She still likes ya. “ The other baby started to make noises, Sole walked back over to the crib and picked up her second daughter. She, in turn, also stared at Hancock. “Damn Hancock, you sure have an effect on my girls. Last time they look at something this fascinated it was a jangles the moon monkey.”
“ Well that shit’s about as terrifying as it gets. “ Sole nodded. “ Fair point.”

Hancock started making some noises at the baby when Sole scraped their throat. “Hancock… “ he looked up.
“ I was wondering what brought you here? I presume you didn’t come here for a baby visit? ”
“ I didn’t, ya never seize to surprise gorgeous.”
“ So why did you come here? Demon spawn terrorising Goodneighbour? ”
“ Because I want to spend a lifetime with you. This lifetime. “ The little girl started to make a noise. “Didn’t forget about ya, there’s enough room in my life for all three of ya. But it’s your mom/dad that I want to date though if that’s cool with you.“ Sole looked at him with a hint of sadness, for the first time.
“ Not the hoped for reply, forget I said that. It’s fine if you don’t feel the same. We can just continue where we left off.”
“ No… no it’s not that I don’t feel the same. Fucking hell I did. I do. But I’m not sure if murder central is the right place to raise these two.”
“ No questions about my parenting skills?”
“ No. About the jet, yes.”
“ I’ll quit it, I’ve got a new high. Seeing you like this. Damnit, it does something with me. “
“ Cheesy.” He shrugged.
“ I’m a lotta things but not an idiot. I know a good thing when I see it and I want in, if you’ll have me. “
“ Doesn’t make goodneigbour any safer.”
“ I’ll guard these kids with my life, they’ll treated like royalty. Guard at every corner. Me to wake up in the middle of the night when they decide it’s time to test whether they have rock star potential by having a good cry.”
“ That does sound tempting.”
“ Bonus; I’ll be happy to guard your body personally. Day and night.” He winked at Sole. “What do you say?”
Sole laughed. “ I suppose we can give it a go.” He high fived the baby very lightly by pressing his hand against the kid’s palm and started speaking to her. “ Hey kiddo, I’m your daddy now!”

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VERY BROAD MY CHILD BUT I SHALL DO MY BEST! I guess this can be seen as part 2 to this ?


Complaining now seems selfish. He had an amazing wife, and amazing husband, two beautiful kids, who loved all three of their parents to no end. He had best friends who supported him no matter what, he had adopted parents who loved him more than he’d ever been, he had unofficial sisters. 

Complaining seemed selfish. Yet he wanted to, almost needed to.

His life seemed perfect, sure, but he felt less than perfect. He, himself, was bi, Eliza and John pan, so gender was never a problem for them, and it made their relationship work out better than could have been thought.

Yet, sometimes, after hours, Phillip and Angelica asleep in their little beds, Eliza asleep, John drifting, quietly humming in Alex’s ear, his mind wandered. 

His name is Alexander Hamilton. He’s married legally to Elizabeth Schuyler-Hamilton, unofficially married to John Laurens. He has two beautiful children, Angelica Margarita Hamilton-Laurens, and Phillip George Hamilton-Laurens. Both five and a half years old, Angelica a little taller than her freckle faced brother.

But when he looked at the two, this pit formed in his stomach. Every inch of them resembled John and Eliza. Now, that sounds stupid, that sounds selfish. But as a child, when he’d moved in with the Washingtons and his life began seeming better, he would dream. He’d have a family - his spouse always faceless, but he’d imagine his home, his job, his pets, his kids. 

His kids with his eyes, his kids with his hair, his kids with his nose, with his skin complex, his brains, his knowledge, his passion. Of course, it was all wistful thinking. After all, he was born without the part needed to father children.

He never voiced this thought, to him he was selfish for thinking this. Angelica and Phillip loved him as much as they loved Eliza and John, not really knowing about Alex’s background, only seeing him as their Papa.

Something must have began to show, Eliza and John began stepping carefully around him. Talking softer and lighter to him, always coming to run their fingers through his hair when they were seated or laying down for bed. Not that he was complaining about that, it felt nice, but he knew it was all coming from one place.

He’d done a good job holding it in. Until he didn’t. Course that’s usually how life goes. Angelica and Phillip had gone for a weekend with Grandpa George and Grandestma Martha (Phillips’ words), when Alex broke.

The three were watching a movie - well a movie was playing, but not being watched. Having been a while - a long while - since peaceful time together, this time was very special. Though minutes in, Alex couldn’t help himself, with John going, Alex broke.

The mood was shut off instantly, as John and Eliza held him as he openly sobbed, trying his hardest to stop himself but making it worse. He was pressed up against John’s back, hands gripping his hair as he struggled to breath.

John was running his hands up and down Alex’s arms, Eliza facing Alex, sat between his legs, counting, counting, trying to get him to breath, he wasn’t breathing, he couldn’t breath he couldn’t think everythingwasbeginningtoblurwhywasbreathingsohardwhydideverythinghurtwhywhywhywhywhywhywhy -

“Alexander! Come on baby, you need to breath. I know it’s hard but please, c’mon baby boy count with me, remember? What we’re teaching Angelica and Phillip; un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix.” He was trying to breath, his breath was slowing down, very slowly, but slowing down non the less.

Eliza could tell, “Good. Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix.” He was beginning to whisper with her, reciting in French the lessons being taught to their kids.

His breathing wasn’t normal, not completely, but the tightening in his chest has lessened, he was gripping his hair so tightly, he could hear the movie, he could feel John’s heart beat, his hands, Eliza’s hands, her hands were always so soft.

“Okay, shh there we go.” John whispered softly, slowly taking Alex’s hands from his hair, softly running his fingers through, scratching at his scalp.

“Do, do you wanna talk about it?” Eliza’s voice was a soft whisper.

Did we want to? He shrugged, arms feeling sluggish.

She nodded. “It…did you let this bottle up baby?” That, that he knew the answer to. He nodded.

“Baby, you know we love you no matter what right?” He nodded, sluggishly leaning against John, eyes feeling grainy. 

“I-I know, and I can usually get over this feeling, I can calm myself down, you two help a lot. But I…” Tears were filling his eyes again, “I don’t know…just, thoughts? About, our family. I had…wanted a family. I love-I love our family, I do, but it’s just…biologically - “

“Shhh, I know.” Eliza ran her hands over his face, “I can’t fully understand the feeling, but Alexander, I love you, John loves you, the kids love you so much. You don’t need to be their biological dad to be their dad, they love you so much. You love George right? ‘Cause he’s your dad. Blood doesn’t define a family, Alex, the way you treat them, the way you are, does. And by God, the way you are with the kids, the tenderness in your eyes and the way your body is, you’re more of a man, more of a father than half the people in the world.”

John didn’t have to say anything, understanding a bit more than Eliza the feeling, kissing his cheeks softly. “Do you want us to just lay here baby boy? Watch a movie and cuddle?”

Alex nodded softly, arms crossing as he began curling into John. Eliza moved so she was leaning against the two of them best she could, and a few more shifts and the three were comfortable.

“Any requests?” Alex shrugged, and Eliza and John shared a look.

Something definitely avoiding family issues would be best now. “Well, I know I’ve been dying to watch the Scary Movies again - does that sound good?”

Alex nodded, head leaning against John’s neck.

This feeling, the longing he had deep inside, Eliza and John knew it wasn’t something that would leave forever. But no matter how Alex felt, how he had panic and anxiety attacks, no matter the words he said when frustrated or angry when he couldn’t figure out how to coherently think, no matter the actions he acted in rash, they’d be there for him. They loved him with all their heart, they’d never stop loving him. No matter what.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

If you ever need someone to talk to, whether it be needing a safe space because of sexuality feelings, because people make you feel bad due to your gender and how you identify, or if you need to rant, message me, I will be there for you. I can make group chats where you can talk to others, people in similar situations, so you have someone who fully understands.

But you always have someone, even if only online, you can rant and talk to. I’m here.


Can you pretty please (with a cherry on top) write a one shot (or you could turn it into a mini series) where y/n has an adopted child way before she met Harry (kind of like Angelina Jolie.) And then later on, y/n and Harry has their biological children but they still want to adopt

You find out that you can’t have children and you think harry will leave you. You decide on adoption and meet a 5 year old boy who refuses to be adopted without his 3 year old sister as he is her big brother and needs to protect her.

Can you please write a one shot where Harry met a single mom y/n and she has this independence point of view where she adopts kids (kinda like Angelina Jolie) and she met Harry and they’re now together and they adopt kids together after having one of their own.

Since this was a bunch of requests that dealt with the same topic but had very unrelated storylines, I decided to take bits and pieces from all of them and create something out of it.

This is a topic very close to me because I myself am adopted. I was adopted as an infant so I don’t have any memories of it; I’m sorry if I got any of the details wrong as I don’t really know all the ins-and-outs of how the process works. But hopefully you like it!


Ever since you were a little girl, you had been interested in the concept of adoption. At a younger age, it was more because the idea sounded interesting to you. As you got older, it became more about wanting to provide a child with a decent home when they otherwise may not have had one. You had also always dreamed of adopting with your future spouse but, as time went on, and you got no closer to marriage or a long-term relationship, you realized that you may have to start looking into single parent adoption.

You finally made yourself a goal: If you weren’t married by the time you were 30, you would start looking into adoption on your own.

When you were 29, you met Harry.

It was somewhat ironic timing because you had been starting to look into the process already, as you knew it would take a while. Then, of course, Harry came along and changed your entire perspective.

You opted not to mention your adoption desires to him right away, as to not scare him away or make him think that you were only wanting him as a partner to make the process easier for you. But, after several months of dating around the time that you started to become more and more serious, the topic of the future and family came up.

Harry was game on having his own biological children and, of course, you were as well. But the idea of adopting never left your mind. It was something you had wanted since you were a teenager and you couldn’t shake the desire to expand your family in that way.

You finally brought it up to him one night a few months after you had gotten engaged. You were past your 30th year by now and you hadn’t forgotten about your goal.

“Hey, Harry?”


“You want to have a family with me, right?”

Harry smirked, but kept his eyes closed as he rolled over and nestled his head down into your shoulder.

“O’course. Why? You wanna start now?”

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Cat and Mouse

Originally posted by laygion

Melat sat at her vanity, the thoughts of Yixing, Chuntao and her swirling around in her brain. She brushed on some setting powder and made sure to highlight her high cheekbones. She was upset, rightfully so but she also still had feelings for Yixing. Deep feelings that she wanted to akin to love, but she had always tried to peg herself as the type who didn’t fall too hard. Look where she was now, wallowing in anger and letting her vengeful side take advantage as she went out with Li Wei for the night. Sighing, she sat back and let the daylight lamps of the vanity go over her face.

Fabulous, she was pleased with the results. When she got home, she had co-washed her hair, rubbing coconut oil through the strands and finger detangling them. She took a round brush and a ion blow dryer, and sat down for the long task of giving herself a Brazilian blowout. In hindsight, she shouldn’t have because her shoulder was now killing her but oh well. With her hair straight, shiny and well oiled, she took to two strand twisting her locks rubbing a little olive oil on her fingers as she went. It was hard to find a good stylist in Shanghai, and the best one she found was in Hong Kong. Still, she needed an end trim and cut ¼ inch off the ends of the twists, praying for the best. They looked good to her.

Now she sat in a long sleeve, mid thigh, gray dress with a ruffled neck, a black ¾ sweater was over that. She had a long silver necklace, with a snowflake at the end, and medium silver hoop earrings. A buzz sounded letting her know there was someone at the gate. Sliding on a pair of knee high black boots, she grabbed a clutch and shook her looser curls one more time before leaving. As she pushed the button to open the gate on the small villa, her father put her in she  smiled as Li Wei stood next to his car, mouth open.

“Well, I said coffee and dessert, but looks like I’m eating early.” He laughed, going around the side of the car to open the door for her.

She laughed, slapping at his arm. “Stop, I’m going out so I look nice, this is tame.”

She slid inside the car and watched him, walk around the other side getting in. “If this is tame, I’d pay good money to see what a real date gets me.”

“This isn’t a date, this is two friends going out and having a good time.” She crossed her legs at the ankle, aware that he was smelling her.

“Damn and you smell like a million bucks. I’m tempted already, you sure you don’t wanna just watch movies at my place?” He chuckled, backing out of the driveway.

“Ok, funny guy.” She watched the street lights out the window, half wondering if Yixing actually went to the bar tonight. “So, it’s a bistro that serves European comfort food?” She didn’t want to think about Yixing right now.

Li Wei shook his head yes, stopping at a red light. “Do you ever go out? I have a group of friends and we go out every other weekend. I mean there are girls in the group, you’d be welcome.”

She went out with Anna sometimes, they did girls day trips and sometimes Anna spent the night for cram sessions, and just to watch movies. “I do. I have friends too, you know I’m not a recluse. I just don’t have many.”

He shrugged, taking off at the green light. “Remember that I asked. It would be fun, seeing you not so pent up, or with that constant stare on concentration.”

She chuckled at him, sharing pleasantries about their day, until they arrived at the bistro. Li Wei parked and opened her door, tossing his arm around her as they walked up to the door. After they were seated she asked for a cappuccino first, before deciding what to eat, while he got a beer.

“Are you going to eat? I think I will, it smells good in here.” He sniffed the air watching other peoples food arrive. 

“I’m not all that hungry today for some reason, but I’ll get something small or a dessert. So, talk to me and tell me about you.” She propped her head on her chin watching him. 

“What is there to know? I mean, I’m adopted. I’m Chinese but my mother is Korean and black and my father is Korean. My mother is an artist, and my father is a businessman.” He shrugged his shoulders sitting back in his seat. 

“My father is a businessman as well. My mother died when I was two, I didn’t have a step mother until I was fifteen. I’m an only child. I have many cousins however.” She answered him. 

“I don’t have any siblings and I have four cousins. I think it would have been nice to have siblings.” Li Wei mused. 

She smiled at him, he was different now than he was in school. “I think that too, but I think the grief of losing my mother was too much for my father. Which is why it took him so long to marry again. You’re adopted though, that’s interesting.” 

Li Wei shrugged. “I mean I guess-”

Melat cut him off. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” 

“No it’s fine. I want to tell you, you’re the considerate type.” He reached across the table and squeezed her hand. “Hold on though.” 

The waitress came back and he ordered Cauliflower gratin while, Melat opted for gatou basque, and a refill on her cappuccino. 

“So, yea, it was a private adoption. My mother already had two sons, and I was the third. No clue where my father was, and you know China. She was going to be fined. So, who knows what happened, but she carried me to term and handed me off to my parents. I mean, I had a great childhood, I was loved and I couldn’t complain. I had a period though where I wanted to look for my biological mother, and I found her.” He paused, looking from Melat with a small smile to the rest of the patrons in the restaurant. “Let’s just say I’m glad, I didn’t grow up there. She complained that the money she received from my parents wasn’t enough for me. Asked me for more, and then said because she could have aborted me. It was scary, to think about the fact that I could not be here.”

The tone of the conversation had taken on one of sorrow and that was something Melat couldn’t let him feel. The Li Wei who was at school was not the Li Wei who was sitting across from her now. His manner was composed and mournful, someone who had been through a lot and lived to tell the tale. Wiser. She reached across the table grabbing his hand. 

“Well, I’m glad your parents found you. They chose you, and that counts for something.” She gave him a small smile. 

“Look at this face, they were smitten with me.” He laughed, squeezing her hand back.

“And you ruined it.” She laughed at him just as the food was brought to them. 

They laughed continuing to talk about their lives and home. Melat revealed she lived in Ethiopia until she was 12, when she moved to England and then at 15 she moved to the United States. Her father married there, and she followed her father here to college, because he wanted her apart of the Shanghai division of his company. They talked about school, which Li Wei had just started to learn Mandarin, and had been attending since he graduated high school. His parents went back and forth from China to Korea and it just seemed like a good idea. 

“I sometimes feel like I should transfer internationally, but I like this school. I’ve made awesome friends and it’s just home. Besides, I think we have some good drama like the American schools have as well.” He laughed, spooning more food into his mouth. 

“Drama?” She edged forward on her seat. “Now, you know you have my attention.” Suddenly, a very cheeky idea came to Melat and while she mused it over in her head, she didn’t think twice about it, she simply said it. “You know who I get an odd feeling about. The Art History teacher, I don’t know her last name, Chuntao is her first name though.”

He nodded his head. “Yea, a lot of male students think she’s hot but it’s because she’s young for a professor you know?”

“I suppose so.” She was hoping she wouldn’t have to pry at him more. 

“Same with Professor Kim and Professor Zhang, a few others. Anyway, she’s kind of weird. That feeling that most art teachers have, and counselors who want to know how you ‘feel’ all the time.” He used air quotes.

Melat laughed at that. “I can see that yes.”

“Anyway.” Li Wei continued. “I think people used to think her and Professor Zhang used to date. One time me and a few friends were coming from a bar, and we saw them leave. Her, Zhang, Kim and a few others, so that’s weird seeing your professors out and drinking. It was to me anyway. Professor Zhang was holding her hand and he took her to her car, they hugged and she drove off.” 

Melat didn’t notice how hard her fingers were gripping the ends of the table. He held her hand? How long ago was this? She had nothing to worry about? She tried to keep the smile on her face, the woman could have been drunk for all she knew. But then why was she driving? 

“Oh really? So, were they dating? I know I’ve seen her around him sometimes. With Professor Kim.” She threw Junmyeon in there for good measure. 

“I don’t think so, but I don’t know, I mean these are rumors so you never really know. I do know something must have happened because during the summer I took classes, and she left. Like abruptly, and didn’t finish the semester. I know people were talking about maybe he dumped her, because she wasn’t around him for the longest time.” He finished his food, patting his stomach. “Dear lord that was good, and I don’t even care for western food like that.” 

Around the summer. Melat thought. That’s when she met Yixing. Where they dating before? Had he dumped Chuntao for her? Li Wei had said they were rumors, he didn’t know and nothing was confirmed. 

“I do know the older counselor, the really old one, she had a crush on Professor Kim. She always came to his class and brought food, drinks, everything. That was weird cause she’s like fifteen years older than him.” 

She chuckled, drinking the last of her now chilly cappuccino. “Stay at the school, the drama is good enough.” 

“That’s just between teachers, students gets really crazy. Do you want another cappuccino?” He asked, noticing her cup was empty. 

“No, I’m good thank you Li Wei this was great.” She felt a little bad, getting that information out of him, like that.

“It’s never a problem. We got to know each other, and I’ve been wanting to take you out.” He asked for the check. “Besides, even if you don’t wanna date me.” Moving the plates out of the way for the waitress, he stared into her eyes as he spoke. “I just want to be close to you, you are a cat. You’ve got that predatory appeal, I know you could hurt me, but I’m just too tempted to care.” 

She waved a dismissive hand at him. “Stop saying that stuff, you make me sound like a succubus or something.” 

“Are you?” He placed his credit card down for the woman, fingers intertwining under his chin. 

Melat batted her eyes at him, giving him a sultry smile. “A lady never reveals her secrets.” 

“I’m getting a priest.” Li Wei said, smiling at her. “There’s no hope for my soul.” 

They both laughed, getting up to leave the restaurant. Back in his car once more, he sighed starting the vehicle. “So, did I do a satisfactory job of distracting you well enough from stressful school days?” 

“You did. Thank you, this was wonderful. Next time, I will have to come out with you and your friends. I’ll bring Anna since she is my bestie.” She buckled herself in, and tucked her clutch next to her. 

“We’re going out this weekend, so please join us. It’s fun.” He started the drive back to her home. 

They talked every once in awhile, but mostly it was Li Wei asking her what her home looked like, and if she lived alone. Was her boyfriend going to be waiting for her, and would he care if he came inside. Li Wei pulled up the the gate, getting out to open her door.

“I don’t care what anyone thinks, my opinion in the one that matters. For now, I’ve had a lovely time, thank you mortal and I’m going to bed.” She walked to the side of the gate, pulling out a key to open the door. 

“Mortal.” He scoffed at her. “I’m glad you had a good time though.” Leaning his head down, Li Wei moved his lips to kiss hers, but Melat turned her head to the side, chuckling softly. 

“No, no.” She watched him draw away, winking at her. 

“I’m a gentleman, let that not be said.” Instead, he opted for a hug, which she accepted, noticing his hand on her lower back. “Goodnight, Melat.” 

“Goodnight, Li and thank you again.” He smiled at her getting back in his car, she motioned him to go on and when he backed out and pulled away, she turned, back to the gate looking at her breath in the cold. 

Opening the side door, Melat stepped inside the gate and was about to close it when she felt a hand push the gate open. She startled, looking up to see Yixing come through the gate, his face clouded in anger. 

“So, I’m not supposed to go out with friends, cause she asked me and she’ll be there, but you can go on and cavort with that boy?! Dressed like this?” He slammed the gate behind him, drawing closer to her. 

Melat lifted her head up, side stepping him, which was a feat in these boots and locked the gate behind him. “I don’t have to answer to you, like you’re my father, or my husband for that matter.” She turned to face him once more, walking past him towards her home. 

“Melat.” Yixing growled her name, catching up to her, yanking on her arm. 

Melat, narrowed her eyes at him, looking down at her arm slowly then back up to him. “Let me go. I am not going to tell you again. Do not think you can yank on me, like some of the bitches you used to play with.” 

He was still breathing heavily, but the venom in her voice, made him drop her arm. “Answer me.” 

“And say what? Yes, I went out with Li Wei, we had coffee to take my mind off things and now I’m home.” She opened the door to her home, waiting for him to follow her inside. 

“Look at how you’re dressed. Was this a date? Did he kiss you? I saw him try to kiss you, when you got here.” He locked the door, trying to calm himself down.

Yixing didn’t go out that night, he ignored the calls from Minseok and Junmyeon and graded papers half the night. He had wanted to text Melat, but he knew she was upset. So when he got here, fully prepared to speak to her and ease her anger, he hadn’t expected to see her pull up with the boy from class. Watch him touch her with such familiarity and then attempt to kiss her. Kiss her. His girlfriend. 

“So, how long have you been here waiting for me? Watching me?” She removed her boots, and walked down the hall to her room.

Yixing followed her. “Do you think this is a joke? That I’m playing with you? You’re my girlfriend. We are dating. You don’t get to go out, and try to make me jealous with boys from school. Come on, I thought I was with someone more mature than that.”

So he saw through that? She raised an eyebrow, taking off the black sweater over her dress. “I didn’t think we were dating this afternoon when little miss Van Gogh was draped over your desk. If you’re jealous of people from school, that’s your problem, maybe they can do something you can’t.” 

She was quick with the comebacks, that much he would give her. Yixing, smiles although it was an annoyed one, and shook his head. “Don’t do that. She wasn’t draped over my desk.” 

Before she could walk into her bathroom, he pulled at her arm turning her around and letting her go. “What are you doing Melat? 

“I’m trying to take a shower and get ready for bed.” She looked him up and down and then walked into the bathroom. 

She wasn’t about to out him with the rumor she heard. It was just a rumor and she would save it until she knew more, instead of throwing accusations in his face. She would save it, for when he decided to step out of his boundaries. 

Yixing stood in the bathroom doorway, arms crossed over his chest. “Stop. Talk to me. You wanted to talk earlier, I am talking to you now.” 

“After you had all afternoon right?” She scoffed, pulling the dress over her head. “Don’t give me that shit Yixing.” 

“What do you want from me? I do whatever I can for you, what do you want?” He held his hands out palms up. 

Melat stood in front of her bathroom mirror in her bra and underwear. She knew he was looking, that he was watching her and she started to section her hair to twist after the shower, tying a turbie twist on her hair to prevent it from getting wet. She took a makeup remover cloth and started to wipe her face. 

“I want you to be open and honest with me. I want you to not hide things from me. I want to know I’m your girlfriend and no one else. No one knows about us, I’m sick of it, because of that people like her get to act like they do around you and I’m not having it.” She watched his eyes in the mirror as his eyes were on her body. “Look at my face, not my breasts, Zhang Yixing.” 

He blinked a few times, letting his eyes gradually make their way towards her face. “You are mine. I have no one else. I risk everything for you, you know this. You want people to know I have a girlfriend fine, I’ll make sure they know. No problem.” 

She moved past him, turning on the water for the shower. “And when will we come out?” 

Yixing sighed. “You ask for too much, this is my job, Melat. This is how I make money. What will people think? This isn’t Africa, this isn’t the US. Things are different. They will talk, they will think things and I can be fired on that alone.” 

Melat removed the rest of her clothes, getting into the shower. “There is no law that says that, and that’s not necessarily true. You told me that when I first asked you, and I looked it up since then. I’ll finish when I get out.” 

Yixing threw his hands into the air, and went to sit on the ottoman in front of her bed. She was going to drive him crazy. He was trying. He really was, he wanted nothing more than to go out with her without the fear of being seen. To have Junmyeon stop talking about women he could be set up with, because Junmyeon would know he had a girlfriend. A serious one at that, he could see himself with Melat for a long time. Hell, he had no objection to marrying her. Not like this though, not with all the secrets. He just wanted to wait, until she graduated, that would make it not so bad. He listened to her as she showered and felt himself harden in his jeans. He had been thinking about her all day, her fiery nature and the way her lips pursed when she was angry. Half of him wanted to go back into his private office and bend her over the desk. He didn’t though, and instead he teased himself when he got home to a few pictures of her. He didn’t touch himself, but he thought about how he’d come over here tonight. Then he saw that kid from class, attempting to kiss her. The way his face looked when he hugged her, his hand might as well be on her ass. His ass. She belonged to him. Sighing, he rubbed his head, trying not to get angry and heard the shower curtain slide open. Lifting his head, he watched as she dried off, not looking at him, then started to lotion her skin in the bathroom. 

“I don’t want to wait, 7-8 months, for you to claim me, Yixing.” She walked from the bathroom to the room, and pulled on a oversized, but fitting V neck shirt. 

“I can claim you right now. Rub my seed into your skin.” She loved when he talked like that, usually she did and now she raised an eyebrow at him. 

“So, you think it’s that easy? Pretty words and I’m gonna spread my legs for you?” He had hoped it would be. 

Standing up, he took her around the waist, smelling her neck. “You smell beautiful.” He pulled her into his pelvis, letting her feel him. 

“Yixing, I’m serious. I don’t like feeling hidden.” she softened under his touch, trying to remain rigid she was not going to give in. 

His hand went under the shirt, gripping her ass cheek, fingers touching her slit. “No man should see my pretty little diamond. I don’t want others to lust after what I have.” 

She shoved a hand at his chest. “I’m not kidding, let me-”

His mouth pressed over hers, taking advantage of her open mouth, he pushed his tongue inside of hers and began to kiss her. Tongue moving over hers, and against the roof her mouth, she tasted like coffee and something sweet. He gripped her ass harder, moving towards the bed. She could say that she didn’t want him, all she wanted, but her body was reacting differently. 

He laid down on top of her grinding his pelvis into her. She released his mouth, leaning her head back taking a deep breath as he dry humped her. 

“I can feel your wetness on my pants, tell me you want me.” Yixing, leaned up taking off his shirt, shuffling his pants down his legs. 

“Fuck you, I’m still mad at you.” She turned her face away, but her nails were on his back. 

“Then let me make it up to you. I told you, you’re mine. I said I’ll tell people, I have a girlfriend, you know that’s you.” His lips kissed along her jawline, as he pressed himself against her core once more.

Melat undulated her body under his, her legs lifting up, one of them on his back. One of his arms around her back, the other on her face. She felt his member slip free from the hole in his boxers, and his heavy, hot length thudded against her slit. She nearly swallowed her tongue. 

A soft moan escaped her mouth, and Yixing said nothing else, moving a hand he pressed himself into her core. Her wetness inviting him, enabling him to slip inside her. She gasped, nails in his skin, Yixing bit down on her neck, marking her. 

“Don’t stop.” She groaned, snapping her hips up to meet his as he thrusted back into her. 

Moaning in her ear, Yixing sucked on her earlobe. “Never.” 

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Chapter Five


Not Exactly Romeo and Juliet (Charlotte x M!Corrin)

Modern AU

“My ears have yet not drunk a hundred words/Of thy tongue’s uttering, yet I know the sound.

Art thou not Romeo, and a Montague?”

“More emotion, Kana! I wanna believe you’re head over heels with Romeo! Let’s hear the voice of a star-crossed lover!”

Kana sighed, setting her copy of Romeo and Juliet facedown on the coffee table in front of her. She was frustrated. She’d been practicing all day whenever she could, and yet, she still couldn’t make a convincing Juliet. How did anyone know what Juliet was supposed to act like? Shakespeare hadn’t written down any defining traits for her other than she was a girl.

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In With the New

After being told Kurt can’t get pregnant, Kurt and Blaine decide to adopt, and bring home a beautiful boy from Thailand. A few years later, however, a miracle occurs. And not everyone is so happy about it.

Filling a prompt.

More mpreg!Kurt

“Who’s the most precious boy in the world, hm? Who’s the most precious boy in the world? That’s right, you! You are. Yes, you are." 

His one year old son shrieks in delight as Blaine blows raspberry kisses on his bare belly. Blaine laughs at the sound, his heart warming up at the sight Oliver’s still mostly toothless smile. 

A pair of arms sneak around his waist and his smile widens. 

"When did you get home?" 

"Just now,” Kurt answers. “Didn’t want to interrupt your moment." 

"You could never interrupt our moment,” Blaine says back. 

“I may have stopped to take a few pictures,” Kurt admits with a poke on Oliver’s nose. The boy giggles. “God, I love that sound.”

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His World, Restored

Summary: It’s thirteen years later and they still feel the affects of that day. Sequel to His World, Collapsed 

Words: 3017

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Domestic

Warnings: Mentions of Death, 9/11

Special Shoutout To: emejig16 & analester. Also to everyone who read and loved His World, Collapsed.

A/N: Hey, yeah so I’m alive. I took a break from Tumblr to recover from some things, but I’m better now! This fic isn’t suppose to offensive to anyone. It was written to honor the almost 3000 people who were killed.

Dan lays in the living room, watching tv with their newest addition on his chest. The little girl that was in his arms was just over two months old. It had been a little over thirteen years since Dan thought that he lost the love of his life and now so much has changed. On October 19, 2011, Dan and Phil officially pledge their love and devotion to each other in front of their friends and family. When they got married, their sons were eight and six. Four years later, they added two little girls to the mix and couldn’t be happier.

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“Nobody Is Perfect” (Men on Rizzoli & Isles)

Even though it doesn’t really matter anymore, I’ve had this post floating through my head for too long, and so I’m just gonna throw it out here.

The funny thing is: Despite TNT and the writers of Rizzoli & Isles insisting on the main characters being straight, they sure put in a lot of effort to make it clear that men aren’t able to provide Jane and Maura with what they truly need. And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to turn into an “I hate men” speech. I like men – just not the ones that appear on Rizzoli & Isles. ;-)
Read on if you wanna know why.

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Layers of Concern

Part 17 of A+ Secrets

Summary: You and Dean exchange angsty backstories

Word Count: 2022

Warnings: None

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

Flakes of snow drifted down leisurely from the grey sky as you navigated the familiar mountain roads. When you suggested you and Dean head out to one of your favorite getaways for some privacy, you’d been surprised when he tossed you the keys to his Impala. Apparently he didn’t go anywhere without his car, and he trusted you enough to let you drive in the snow.

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kidnapped pt. 10 ~ m.c.

pt. 1 \ pt. 2 \ pt. 3 \ pt. 4 \ pt. 5 \ pt. 6 \ pt. 7 \ pt. 8 \ pt. 9

You were pretty sure the screaming that happened over the phone made you deaf in one ear because you had to ask Calum multiple times to tell his band mates about your new relationship to him. You had been patient, but the fact that Michael was still actively ignoring you was driving you up the wall.

Please, Cal. Please, please, pleeeeaseee.”

He groaned loudly, catching the attention of a few onlookers. “I can’t, this isn’t something you just spring on people.” You gave him a look.

“Says the guy that creepily approached me in a kitchen about a necklace.” 

Since you had learned that Calum was your biological brother, you had started making more of an effort to hang out with him. After all, you had years to make up. You also hung out more with Mali, but with her ongoing projects, you had considerably less time.

“Look, I’ll definitely tell them. But not now. I’ll try to convince Michael we’re not dating though, so you can get your boyfriend back.” He teased, playfully shoving you. 

“Thanks. There’s something else I wanna ask you though,” you drawled, feeling weird about it even though you shouldn’t. It was a standard question considering you had just met Calum three weeks ago and he was your newly found brother.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“What about our parents?” you blurted out. As exciting as it was to know Calum and Mali, there was a burning desire to know who else you had been forcefully taken from. “Did they look for me?”

He stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, making you almost lose him in the crowd. “They’ve always looked for you. Our parents love you, even if they didn’t know where you were or what happened to you.” He said it so fiercely you stopped too. “Mali actually called them, and they’re on their way here. I mean, they had to get some things together first, but you’ll meet them. That’s… what you want, right? To meet them? Be in our family?”

Getting a little heated, you placed your hand on his arm. “Of course I want to be part of the family, I was just curious, really. We didn’t talk about your–our parents so…”

“Oh.” You started walking together again. “Mali was supposed to tell you, but she probably forgot.” You nodded. “So, can I ask something now?”

“Of course.”

“What about… your parents?”

You bristled at the sound of the people that had taken you away from your true home, your true family. Again, you felt the rush of anger that accompanied you any time you thought about them recently. 

“You don’t have to tell me,” Calum backtracked when he noticed your long pause. 

“I just get angry when I think about them taking me away from my family, from Mali, from you. I could’ve–” you threw your hands up in the air helplessly. “I could’ve grown up with a family that loved me–”

“They didn’t love you?”

“Well, I mean, I guess they did the best they could…” Calum looked at you expectantly as you thought about what your parents did do for you. They helped you with your homework, tried to make every birthday party memorable, encouraged your passions no matter how fleeting. 

“I mean, I’m not the biggest fans of them or anything, in fact truth be told I kinda hate them, but that’s my opinion.” he shrugged. 

“Yeah…” you didn’t know what else to say. You hated them too, but at the same time there was still an attachment to them. They had raised you for a long time, something you couldn’t erase whether or not you wanted.

“Do they know you’re here? Mike kept saying it was literally fate that you two met because it was a last-minute decision for you.”

“No, they don’t know I’m here. I left them, and I haven’t really thought about it since. At least not enough to call them.” Calum nodded, but didn’t say anything further. “Tell me more about how you grew up.” Changing the subject to something a little more lighthearted, you wanted to steer the conversation towards something that would distract you from your “adoptive” parents.

The rest of the day was spent with Calum, until you stopped by the place they were staying in and you caught a glimpse of Michael.

He was sulking on the couch, shoving two slices of pizza in his mouth at the same time, green eyes intent on whatever was playing on the screen.

“Hi Michael. You still not talking to me?” No answer. “Alright, that’s cool.” 

“Soon, I promise.” Calum stated to your unasked question. 

“Thank you,” you pulled him in for one last hug, ignoring the sudden look Michael shot at you. “When are your parents arriving? We could meet them at the airport.” 

Michael furiously chomped down on his pizza, and you could only imagine what was going through his mind. 

“A few days. I’ll call you, and you, me and Mali can go pick them up. They’ll probably want to spend the whole day with you,” he chuckled. 

“Sounds fun.” It did sound fun, but also terrifying. What if you weren’t who they thought you were? What if they were disappointed that you hadn’t done anything with your life? What if you didn’t like them?

“Calm down. Like I said earlier, they’ll love you no matter what.”

“Thanks, Cal. Really. Listen, I have to wake up early tomorrow, so I’ll talk to you later?”

You went home feeling nervous about meeting your parents, because it was difficult to even think of them as yours and not Calum’s or Mali’s. Your thoughts were still muddled as you went to work the next day, muddled enough to not realize a certain white-haired boy enter.

“One Americano, please.” Your head shot up at the voice, seeing Michael moving back and forth between his feet.

“Michael. I thought you were…” 

“I know. Can we talk?”

thanks to all who love this story and have asked me for a part 10! :) sorry if this was a little boring compared to the rest and that it was a little late too, i realize that it’s not still saturday for some of you

you’ll also probably (hopefully) be glad to know that this is NOT the last part despite what i said in a previous ask and i’ll probably do a few more parts

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