i just wanna know more about gil


Basic stuff:

Name: Gil/Pru or just Prussia lmao

Pronouns: he him pls

Sexuality: Ace/gray aro heck ya

Zodiac: taurus

Three facts:

1. I am dead…me be GHOST

2. Spanish is my first language but I tend to forget some words since I talk English a lot more in me daily life

3. I know how to hack a calculator


What do u mean. What kind of experience. Either way I don’t wanna say any kdjdjdj


Tunglr, twitt, deviantart and discord mayb

Worst experience:

I don’t wanna talk about that man

Best experience:

Gettin m tablet

Typical muse gender:

I have lots of muses w different genders but I tend to use male muses the most :0

Favorite face:

I’m assuming it’s emoji or something but it’s this one

( ´_ゝ`)

Least favorite:


Multi or single:

Multi bc!! I love developing different charas at once!!

Angst fluff or smut:

Smut B-) IM KIDDIN fluff….I’m lof fluff…

Plot or memes:

I like both! :0

Long or short replies:

I guess I prefer long? Bc it’s nice to read all the feelings and actions of the chara n stuff

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I will fite u DUFE

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