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Moments. Chapter 1: Confession

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

Prompt:  Hey! i just wanna say that i love your fics, and the way you write is just beauuutifulll! honestly! I kind of have an idea for a fic wich is something involving the girl squad?? because i just miss my girls, so maybe you could write about when sana tells them she likes yousef? i don’t know if that’s kind of ooc of her… i just want my girls happy tbh

Chapter 1: Confession

“There’s just something I have to tell you” Noora said

“You don’t have to tell me. I know already” Sana said bitterly wishing Noora would just leave


“The thing with Yousef”

“Yeah…did he tell you or…? What do you think of that?” Noora asked awkwardly

“I think nothing of it” Sana answered not even looking at her

“Do you like him?”

“No!”  Sana practically yelled

“Are you sure?” Noora insisted

“Noora, just because you think a guy is cute doesn’t mean everyone else thinks so too”

“Okay…” Noora said, then she added “He’s going to be pretty sad when he finds out”

“When he finds out what?” Sana asked

“That you don’t like him” Noora said shrugging

“What? Why would he be sad?”

“Well, because…I mean…” Noora started “Sana, are we talking about the same thing here?”

“I’m talking about you dating Yousef, I don’t know what you’re talking about” Sana spat

“What? Me? Dating Yousef? No, no, no, no. I’m not dating Yousef”

“Don’t lie to me” Sana said

“No, Sana. I’m not dating Yousef. Where did that come from?”

“I saw you kissing him at the karaoke place. And on Sunday I heard Adam and Mikael saying that you two were together”

“What?” Noora asked frowning “Oh, Sana you got it all wrong”

“Noora I think I know a kiss when I see it” Sana said squinting her eyes

“Okay yes. We did kiss. But it was a mistake”

“How do you even kiss someone by mistake?”

“I was a mess about William and he was just there. I kissed him and for a moment he kissed me back”

“Yeah, that I saw”

“But did you see that he stopped the kiss?” Noora asked

Sana didn’t answer, she just looked at her frowning.

“Well, he stopped the kiss. Told me that he was sorry and left” Noora explained “We didn’t talk again for the next two weeks. Then Sunday came and he texted me on facebook, he wanted to meet”

Sana swallowed preparing herself for the worst.

“When I got there, he told me that he was sorry about the kiss, that he had only kissed me back because he was confused about a girl he liked. He said that he didn’t have feelings for me and that the kiss had been a mistake. And well, I agreed with him”

Sana kept silence, still processing everything. Noora took it as a sign to keep going.

“He then asked me if I had told you about the kiss. I said I hadn’t and he asked me not to tell you, he wanted to do it himself. I was confused at first as to why he would want to do that, I mean I’m your friend, he’s your brother’s friend. Then I realized, it’s you who he likes”

“No I’m not”

“Yes, you are. He told me”

“He what?” Sana could feel her heart beating fast on her chest

“I asked her and he told me he liked you”

Sana’s mind went back to everything that had happened since that day at the karaoke place and everything was starting to make sense. There was something that was still bothering her.

“If you’re not with Yousef then what good news did you have to tell me on Friday?” Sana asked

“Oh, I managed to rent a place for Eva’s birthday” Noora said smiling

“You’re kidding me right? That’s your big news? I thought you were dating Yousef and actually you had rented a place for Eva’s birthday?” Sana said shaking her head

“Hey, it’s a really nice place” Noora said offended

“I can’t believe this” Sana laughed “We’re really bad a communication”

“Indeed we are”

Noora laughed too and joined her at the window.

“So, you really don’t like Yousef?” Noora said raising an eyebrow at her.

“Well, he may be kind of cute I guess”

“Kind of cute?” Noora chuckled

Okay, maybe I like him a little bit”

A little bit?”

“Fine. I like him a lot!” Sana said

“You like who?”

Noora and Sana turned to the stairs and found Vilde, Chris and Eva looking at them.

“You like who, Sana?” Vilde asked again

“No one” Sana said

“Uh, we’ve heard you Sana. You said “I like him a lot” Eva said

“Who’s him?” Chris asked

Sana looked at her friends, she started with Eva, then Chris and finally Vilde. Yeah, there was no way she was going to confess liking Yousef in front of Vilde.

She might have spent too much time staring at her ‘cause her friend noticed.

“Sana, don’t you trust me?” Vilde asked

“Should I?” Sana sighed, it was time to speak the truth “I know what you’ve been saying about me and my brother Vilde. And I read what you said on the facebook group”

“Oh Sana, no, no, no. I didn’t mean any of that.”

“Sure you didn’t Vilde”

“No, I mean I was doing it to gain Sara’s trust” Vilde confessed

“What are you talking about?”

“I have a suspicion, I thought Sara was planning on…well, throw you off of the bus so I wanted to gain her trust so she would tell me. That’s why I said that stuff about you. But then you left the bus and…”

“I left the bus ‘cause I knew she wasn’t going to allow me to be there” Sana interrupted her “I heard some pepsimax girls talking about it”

“Oh…so my suspicion was right…”

“That’s really mean” Eva said

That girl is going to hear me” Chris said preparing to fight Sara

“Wait, Chris, stop” Sana said “It’s not worth it, I don’t want to fight her anymore. I’m just tired”

“But Sana…” Vilde said

“It’s okay. You can still be in the bus, girls, I don’t mind”

“What? No. We’re a team. Either we’re all in the bus or no one is” Vilde stated

“Exactly” Eva supported her idea while Chris nodded.

“And Sana I really am sorry about what I said, I was just trying to help” Vilde said

“I know, it’s okay. Like I told Noora, we’re really bad a communication”

Vilde nodded and smiled

“Okay, now that everything’s clear. You have to tell us who you like” Eva said

“Ugh, it’s nothing” Sana said rolling her eyes

“Come on Sana, we’ve been waiting 2 years for you to like someone. Who is it?” Vilde asked excited

Sana sighed, they were not going to give up

Okay…it’s…Yousef” she said almost inaudible

“Who?” Chris asked

“Yousef” Sana said louder this time

“Yousef? As in Adam’s friend Yousef?” Eva asked


“He’s so hot!” Chris said

“Omg, I’m so happy for you Sana. Does he like you back?” Vilde asked

“He does, he totally does. He’s so gone for her” Noora confirmed with a smile

“Aww we’re going to have a new couple in the group, yaay!” Vilde squealed

“Okay, okay, you’re getting ahead of yourselves” Sana said standing up “And I need to go study”

She waved goodbye and started her way to the stairs

“You can go, but you can’t escape us!” Eva yelled after her “You’ll end up telling us all the details”


Thanks for reading!

Hope you’ve liked it!

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hey so do you think sometime you could teach us a smol thing on how to make original characters? cause all your nuclear throne sketches n doodls and your perfect ocs make my life shine and i wanna know how in the heck to make up characters from air (((-:

Oh boy well.. I dunno if I could like actually teach how to do that but I guess I have tips? I mean tbh I mostly just make it up as I go.. But a lot of that is because y’all get me to think about these kinds of things with your questions and whatnot.

So, when it comes to my own original characters I usually start out with a design or a concept I like and then I give them another character to interact with and work off of and that helps a lot with developing their traits and personalities, I guess.
a lot of it is… well also kinda projection to be honest. Taking from my own experiences helps a lot.. I have characters who I directly base off of or take certain quirks from family members and friends. (thats optional though, i mean theres no right or wrong way to do this kinda thing) My characters (as of now anyway) are also constantly changing, cuz I havent quite settled completely on what I want them to be. I’m kinda just making it up as I go, keeping what sticks and throwing out what doesn’t.

As for the NT stuff well… IDK writing human personalities into not-necessarily human characters is fun to me I guess (Or at least characters that don’t have a lot to them in the first place.) But that’s the thing, too. When you’re writing a character, you’re trying to write a PERSON. So when I look at the characters like Bendy or the Throne characters, who at the moment are mostly blank slates, I kinda just ask myself “what would they be like as a person.. how would they react to certain situations, characters, environments, etc.. etc…”  
Though, that honestly pretty much just works for making characters in general, too.
I feel like I’m rambling at this point but I hope this makes SOME kind of sense at least? I’m not fantastic at advice.

TL;DR just take what you think is interesting and just straight-up make it. and then go from there. Find what fits.. what doesn’t.. and just Roll with it. A lot of it is just trial and error and you’ll probably find it changing constantly along the way to fit your ever-changing tastes. The only thing you need is to just START SOMEWHERE.

No, it’s not gonna be perfect right away, but with time and love it’ll shape itself into what you want it to be, eventually. There’s really no right or wrong way of doing it, I think. You just gotta do it.

P.S. Thank you for your kind words :D 

Hope this helped sorry If it didnt I guess? I often tend to get sidetracked when writing these long answers here.


Tbh I can count on one hand the amount of traditional drawings I’ve finished but,,, I ended up doodling a bunch of @lovino-drawz AU instead of doing homework GO ME

I have questions about this AU like ;;; how/why does Russ have amnesia?? Are Noods and Russ’ ages different? What happened to them all in the in between phases ??

I just wanna know more about Russ and Noodle rip 88,) .. I feel like Noodle ended up looking constant half asleep and Russ ended up looking constant confusion,,

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Maybe some hance headcanons if you're up for it? ~soft-pidge

i’m always up for hance. i’m gonna do “if hance were to happen in the actual show, this is how i’d imagine it happening” cause that’s just what i wanna do lol

  • ok, so these two would be ridiculous levels of slow burn. like, “hint at it a lil bit the entirety of the last season, and don’t confirm it till the last episode (and inevitable post-show comic)” k0rrasami levels of slow burn
  • they’ve been shown as best friends from the beginning of the show, but tbh, i’d love to see them not knowing things about each other, and honestly being surprised by each other
  • we all know that hunk and lance are in for some character development in the coming seasons (i’m v excited about it), and i’d really love for them each to be surprised by the other and really have some deeply emotional scenes with them both, where we really get to see their inner workings, especially Hunk
  • OK SO ANYWAY, like i said, I imagine them largely getting real  relationship build up in a final season, so assumedly the Bad Guy is still yet to be defeated, and everyone is concentrating on that, but they’ve all been fighting for probably years now, and i’m sure other relationship drama has occurred/is occurring. 
  • and then there’s lance and hunk. they’ve been through a lot together, by this point, and they’re closer than they’ve ever been. they’ve both changed, as people, but they’re still themselves and they still both care deeply for each other, and are closer than than they ever thought possible. like, they thought they were good friends before all this started, but now it’s like they’re two sides of the same coin (coughcough two halves of the same soul coughcough)
  • they’re that slow burn couple that both love each other so deeply, who both realize pretty naturally that their feelings aren’t so platonic and don’t really freak out about it at all cause it just feels so right and natural
  • so, they defeat the Big Bad (probably Zarkon and the Galra Empire, but ya never know who else may come into play) and they’re probably back on Arus havin’ a party cause hell yeah Voltron won. and both Hunk and Lance are in nice attire and enjoying the party, but then Lance goes off alone and Hunk notices and follows him
  • They chat for a while, about how it’s really all over, how they’ll actually be going home, now. Hunk turns away from Lance to look out at the setting Arusian sun and comments how “everything is so different, now”
  • Lance watches Hunk for a moment, lost in how the softened light looks on his skin and hair, before he grabs Hunk’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze and grinning in his face.
  • Lance tells him to come to Varadera Beach. Hunk says he has to go to see his family, and Lance is like “they’ll come too, obviously. we don’t have to worry about travel, I’m sure Allura won’t mind if you use your Lion for some free air fare”
  • And Hunk is like “what about the others” and Lance says “I guess they can come, later, but maybe just the two of us, at least for a little while”
  • and Hunk says ok, kinda soft and a little breathy cause this feels like more, so much more, but is it?
  • and then they’re just looking into each other’s eyes as the sun goes down, and Lance’s hand that had been resting on Hunk’s shoulder is slowly placed against his cheek. When Hunk doesn’t move away, just keeps looking at Lance, eyes brimming with hope, Lance slowly brushes his thumb against Hunk’s cheek.
  • Hunk raises his hand and places it over Lance’s, pressing his face further into it, and then Lance’s hand is slipping into Hunk’s hair and their faces are suddenly closer and then they’re kissing. and it’s so soft, so quiet, so natural and right, that it doesn’t matter at all that they kind of missed each other’s lips, or that this is their first kiss, because it feels like they’ve done this before and that they’ll keep doing it, again and again and again.
  • And that’s Hunk and Lance’s end:)

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normally I can't understand why people would think ym is dying cause, do you even know what we've been talking about this whole time?.. But ym have been so active in the past couple days alone that even the fans who don't know about their subtlety would pick up on this I just don't get?

exactly ;;;

I neEd mORE REcEnt yoOnminnnn all i see is yoonseo k and do you know how much i wanna cri

ohhhH tbh if you’re thinking of ship moments as relative then you’re never going to be happy ?? lmao just be satisfied that ym are doing So Much lately instead of expecting them to ~outdo~ any other y/j ship,,,, honestly their dynamic isn’t like that and yoongi isn’t just going to Stop interacting with hoseok so

i mean gender is a big thing in society and i dont think that will change at all any time soon. a lotta people really wanna know a babies “gender” (sex), even if they’re really extra about it, just let em have fun lol. if their child ends up being trans and their parents are supportive, im sure a gender reveal wont have hurt them. i think it’s not a big issue that we should get mad about tbh

I kinda liked ‘trash panda’ scene but I hate how much fandom seems to love this nickname.
we know from the first movie how hurtful it is for Rocket to hear insults about how he looks
and in this scene Peter and Rocket were already close friends?? and he made fun of him in front of other friends and literally told them that trash panda is worse word than raccoon and it was just humiliating??
and Im not even mad at Peter because he had right to be mad at Rocket but I dont feel okay seeing that fandom loves calling Rocket a trash panda now


thank you so much for requesting!! this is so adorable im crying i dont really feel like I did it justice tbh it’s just a super cute request with my favourites from both the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy ahh i love them both so much

sorry to turn this into Headcanon Hour but I’m thinking about these two and I’m just emotional about them honestly!! I feel like Luke has a lot of stories in his life that people wanna hear because his life has been pretty wild as we all know, but mostly people just wanna hear about death and destruction stuff and the death star and war etc, but Finn is one of the few people who will just sit with him while he knits and listen to the stories that make luke happy to think about like all the fun things he and the other pilots did, stories about him and his husband, pranks the squadron pulled and all that fun stuff 

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You know most people in the Pjo/HoO fandom like to know more about will. But I'm over here like thats cool and all but what about Nyssa or Billie or Chiara or Michael Kahale or other people. Like I would like to know more about them then will. Or plot points over looked like the whole Octavian thing or Luke mom and how she doing and it would be nice to know some things. And well at the moment something may seem cute or funny but at the end of the day its just sad and insulting (sorry for ramble)

I would love to have a whole book written for all of them, like a book where we know what actually happened to other campers after the war, to luke’d mother, a chapter the talks about sally or any other parent of the seven when they were gone, chapters that tell us how do demigods “recover” or visit their friend’s tombstones, chapters about shories of each cabin, I also wanna know more tbh

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GOOD JOB IM PROUD OF YOU!!!! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) Tbh I would’ve looked up the book sooner just because I’m lazy like i can know the answers but just not wanna think about how to write them if that makes sense??? ~Admin 404

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omg i think grethan carpendail (cringey name tbh) is a publicity stunt too!! fans have always tweeted about how they 'miss' them being together and all of sudden they reunite like i didnt even know they still spoke to aaron lmao. idk it just doesnt seem completely genuine...

Yeah it’s all way too weird and sudden… Honestly I don’t wanna sound like a crazy conspiracist lol but you know. It’s suspicious. 

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I just wish everyone would see Britt for how she really is.. I don't want any backlash if anyone sees this ask, but she's not this "perfect" whatever you wanna call her actress or person and she bloody doesn't deserve Dylan tbh; all of these rumours about them getting hitched are very nerve racking but can we do anything about it? No because we'll only be fans of his, nothing else in his eyes and she treats her fans like shit by the way.. people just need to wake up and see how she really is

I don’t even know how to answer tbh but any backlash will be deleted from my asks because I’m not having World War Fangirl™ in my inbox.

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There is this girl in my grade that fell in love with me and everyone is trying to make me like her somehow, the thing is I don't feel attracted to her but I'd really like to have her as a friend. We have friends in common and I've told them to not encourage her to go after me because she'd be in a position to face rejection and I feel like that'd make her feel terrible. How can I gain a friend without breaking her heart?

That’s a hard situation to be in bc you can’t tell her you just wanna be friends since that’ll just hurt her feelings and make her not wanna be your friend or see you at all, so tbh all u can do is just pretend you don’t know about her feelings and talk to her as a friend. If she ever brings up her feelings towards you, that’s when you should be honest with her and tell her that you like her more as a friend and that you don’t want to lead her on.

@jeongahn replied to “i wanna know what skin type jeonghan is;;;”

i feel like he might be oily / combo (maybe just in the summer?) since he had some post acne blemishes along the underside of his cheeks when you see images of him with no makeup 

chances are the glow is just his makeup though

JFDSLKJSDKDFJSKL tbh i love seeing idols with blemishes like it really reminds you how much their profession requires them to cover up and seem perfect even though they are just as human as you and me. but yeah i also thought it might be like a strobing effect or something from his makeup T_T whatever the case he looks so good :’^)

@jeonghney replied to “i wanna know what skin type jeonghan is;;;”


@ pledis we need an official statement 

:^))))))))) gr8 minds think alike my bub

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Haha I did think Dae might be the easiest. His heart is on his sleeve 24/7, that boy. I have another one (actually quite a few tbh), I hope you don't mind😂 What inspired their back stories? I mean you haven't dwelved into them yet but there's a brief idea about their origins and I'm just curious gosh I'm sorry

Exactly. It’s easy when I can go into all his emotions without holding back :)

Of course I don’t mind XD In case you didn’t know, we writers love discussing our own stories, lol.

Ah… Tbh, I haven’t fully decided what each and every one of them has been through yet, because just like you said, I’ve been very vague, and at first I never planned to go into it at all. But a lot of people seem to wanna know more, so I’ll most likely write in their backstories somehow. Not sure when or how.

So it’s difficult to say what inspired me, since I basically only have Daehyun’s down in my head yet… For him, I wanted there to be a reason he’s so clingy. Some people probably won’t think it makes sense after what he’s been through, because the most typical reaction is the opposite, but I guess I wanted to show that abuse and neglect don’t always effect us the same.

Yeah… this is all really tragic, guys. That’s why I didn’t plan to dive into their backstories when I started this series, because it’s really meant to be fluffy and all about how happy they are now. But like I said, y’all keep asking for it XD

I would loooove to hear any of my readers’ thoughts on their backstories, despite my weak hints this far. Pleeeeaase tell me~

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Am I the only one who doesn't know how to feel about kd writers coming back? So quick? Like if they wanted to "respect" ji dating krys then they should respect his break up as well it just happened. I mean i always felt that whole respect their private life reason was bs coz an fanfic is just that, it's fiction. All I see is ppl who left at the hardest time & now come back as if nothing had happenes. Idk i'm not sure I wanna give them another chance tbh.

I’m not sure which authors you mean but if you thought of jjokkomi I think she came back before the news got out?

But I knows that you mean tbh. Yesterday I unfollowed about five people who haven’t been here for over a year and suddenly they were posting and reblogging.

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Ahhhhh Obsidian, these exquisitely asks are making me so damn happy and proud!!!! Any words about it puts the biggest smile on my face tbh!!! Like, I love hearing that people are enjoying it because that's what I wanted, was for a shit ton of people to love on the fic too and I'm SO DAMN PROUD because I KNEW you'd rock at writing an abo fic and I just wanna point you out to Everyone™ and tell them how badass you are ALL THE TIME and I LOVE that a 13yo got noticed reading this 😂😂😂😂😂😂 👑🔪

I’m laughing, I know you mean Enticingly. And that the 13 yo actually read a horrible horrible sinful two shot at her family reunion, not the intro to a story that has not even BEGUN to get dark. But regardless. An impressive number of people are into Enticingly, considering how ‘young’ it is. I probably should have titled it ‘The Harry Omega Gang Bang’ to avoid confusion. Oh, well. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

listen i know spring awakening has been closed for like a month now but lemme tell you i’m still 100% truly madly deeply in love with daniel n. durant and alex boniello’s characterization of moritz ok it fucking destroyed me it changed who i am as a person my whole outlook on acting, on theater, on how powerful sign language can be, it’s all them. i love them so much. there may never be another moritz duo that can compare, or any duo anywhere ever. i’d die for them. i’d kill for them. just thinking about it makes me tear up a little. oh my god. i can’t even express how much i admire, love, and venerate those two jesus christ. help

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i know you don't dislike her but i wanna know about: Bulma .......i can't think of anyone you'd dislike tho

goddamn it…. ur right LMAO

  • why I like them: tbh I just like how she’s completely flawed, but even if you do dislike her, you have to admit that she’s the most useful character overall. the muscles and power transformations are neat and all, but bulma is the start of the series. it’s because of her that dragon ball hunting is a thing and why Z was able to expand to aliens/etc.
  • why I don’t: i’m just going to be blunt and say that i don’t like how the current set up allows her to get away with everything lmao. but it’s more to give her screen time w/o giving her any more development. i think i would’ve liked super better if it was more about her partnership with goku than her husband!! 
  • favorite episode (scene if movie): not an episode but her namek + travelling with gohan and krillin was some of her highlights lmao
  • favorite season/movie: surprisingly i think i liked her best during the saiyaman arc?? she just seemed really content
  • favorite line: “now trunks, ‘hey’ is for horses!” “so is grass too, mom” idk why it’s the dumbest 5 seconds ever but it gets me very single time lmao
  • favorite outfit: honestly!! the garlic jr. arc was such a good look!! also the first z outfit she wore when raditz came!! i also like any time she wears capsule corp. merch. it’s cute when she reps her family 
  • otp: w/ vegeta. i think they’re so similar and cut from the same cloth, that they both kind of deserve each other tbh
  • brotp: w/ LAUNCH is the best!! but is it weird that ever since we’ve been shown that chichi and 18 hang out a lot, i kind of want her and videl to bond more? i think they would have good conversations since they both come from money + plus i would like her to be the one to tell videl it’s okay to go looking for work for herself bc it would make the most sense?
  • headcanon: her and trunks are actually more close!! and they like to go shopping and go to salons together. i think they would appreciate being pampered the best!!
  • unpopular opinion: the idea that vegeta would teach her how to fly and her mastering it doesn’t make sense lmao
  • a wish: honestly i want an episode where she actually pisses off beerus and he’s just like fuck you and dips. then throughout the episode, we see her trying to recreate the time machine to take it back lmao they only make up so she doesn’t break another intergalatic law
  • an oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: her not having a strong input in what happens in her kids’ lives? i think i would like to see her and vegeta have a conversation on how to raise both trunks and bulla the same way we got to see goku and chichi try to figure out what was best for gohan!! it could be mundane like whether trunks works for capsule corp. after her or trains like vegeta the rest of his life tbh
  • 5 words to best describe them: haughty, clever, godlike, compassionate and hilarious lmao
  • my nickname for them: