i just wanna hug him so tight and never let go

BTS lines that I could listen to all over again and not get bored of them PART. 3 (ITMFL2 series)

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Namjoon’s verse that makes me wanna hug him tight and never let him go ever again while telling him everything is fine: I’m a whalien.

That fast part in House of cards where Jimin litereally has the voice of an angel: jigeum naegen nun ape neoreul ppaen modeun ge jidokhi kkamkkamhan eodumiji

Taehyung’s heart breaking Geobna geobna geobna - Afraid, afraid, afraid in Butterfly

Yoongi’s You’re just like a Butterfly (butterfly~butterfly~) sounds really pure and different from what tone he usually uses in his lines 

Hoseok’s nae gachireul Everyday in Whalien52 sounds so smooth, especially when it’s accompanied by the Never end - Neverland a little later on. 

Jin’s Please don’t fall Please don’t collapse in Dead leaves is just……. *cries* 

Jungkook being such a cutie asdfghjkl in the beginning of Whalien52 with his I’m a whale~ intro