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Your hands feel like home

Request: Some college au lance and keith, where maybe keith gets like really badly sick (Up to you my friend how) and lance has to force him to stop going to classes/go to the hospital but keith gets so freaking stressed because he must have perfect grades (Klance if you want!!) Thank!!! C:

Summary: When Keith comes down sick, he assumes its nothing and carries on. But as classes and deadlines start to take their toll, it becomes more and more obvious to both Keith and his boyfriend Lance, that this ‘cold’ is anything but normal. How he made it to lectures with full blown pneumonia, he’ll never know, but something he does know is that no matter what, Lance will always be by his side. 

‘Babe, did you get the coffee?’

Keith raised his head, pausing in his feeble attempt to remove his shoes without experiencing a rapid, unplanned introduction to the floor.

‘Huh?’ he called, a small wince seeping through his teeth at the irritable scrape in his throat. He had been feeling ill for days, sluggish and tired, with a growing wet cough that burned his airways and pounded his head like a hammer on an anvil. He knew he had a fever - that morning while Lance had still been sleeping he had snuck into his bathroom and borrowed his thermometer, only find that his temperature had risen to 38.5 degrees. But college was just too busy to take a day off from, and so he had popped a few fever reducers and paracetamol and gotten on with his day.

‘Coffee,’ Lance repeated, sticking his head out of the kitchen door to raise his eyebrows at Keith. ‘you said you were gonna stop by the store on your way here and pick some up. I’m nearly out,’

Keith groaned, leaning his head against the wall, second shoe all but forgotten. ‘Damnit.. I forgot, sorry. Want me to go back out and get some?’ he asked, but every fibre of his body was praying that Lance would say no. Apparently, whatever Gods were looking down on him chose to be kind, and Lance shook his head, at ease.

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To Kill a Jaguar - Bellamy Blake

Request: *Not a request*
Requested by: *Not a request*
Pairings: Bellamy Blake x Reader
A/N: In which the smallest and most fragile, looking, girl (reader) is going hunting. Everyone thinks that she’ll slow down the group, but is proved wrong. 

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99 Problems (8/)

  Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x Reader.

Warnings: Swearing, flirting, angst, fluff, and smut ;)

99 problems masterlist

Marvel masterlist

                                                       Chapter 8

   You hear the door open behind you , your hands fly to your cheeks to wipe away any lingering tears. 

“ Y/n?“  Steve asks, his voice coming from right behind you . 

You turn to him , plastering a fake smile on, ” Good morning Steve.“ you try to sound happy, but you can tell Steve sees right through it .

” You know, I can still read you like the back of my hand. “ he says as he crosses his arms. You sigh, then begin telling him what happened last night with Bucky .   When you finish the story , he pinches the bridge of his nose as he groans.

" Ill talk to him .” he says, moving towards the door. You grab his hand to stop him .

“No, Steve this is something I should do on my own . I just - not right now.” you answer quietly .

“ Why not right now? Y/n, he doesn’t want that girl, and if he does something with her its going to be out of spite & bother both of you. "  Yelling from outside breaks you from your conversation with Steve, you both look to the window, seeing Bucky and Johnny yelling at each other.                                                                                                                                 ” Oh shit. “ you say as you rush to the door with Steve hot on your heel. When you make it down to them , Bucky is reeling his fist back . You launch forward, grabbing onto it.

” Bucky no !“ you say as he turns to see who stopped him .

 ” Of course you’d be the one to stop me.“ he snaps.” What the hell is that suppose to mean?!“ you shout . Now you and Bucky are face to face, anger radiating off of both of you .

” Guys-“

” Shut up Steve.“ you both say at the same time.

” Bucky what the hell is wrong with you!“ you angrily ask .

” Theres nothing wrong with me ! Keep your boy toy on a leash , he was hitting on my girl “ His Girl? You hear the girl from the beach giggle, walking up and lacing her arm through Buckys. She leans up pressing her lips to his ,you nearly lose it . 

You let out a cold laugh , ” Oh really ? Your new girl? “ you ask , you direct you gaze to her , ” You have 20 seconds to get the hell out of here .“ you growl at her.

” I don’t think so.“ She replies bravely. You send her an impressed look , then take a step towards her. Steves arm wraps around your waist stopping you ,

” I would listen to her ma'am. I don’t think I can hold her back.“ Steve says to the girl.  She scoffs, moving behind Bucky to use him as a shield.  Bucky is wearing a sick grin that’s begging to be wiped off his face.

 ” Steve, let me go.“ you demand, and to your surprise he listens.

You lock eyes with the girl , ” You want him, you got him Honey. Goodluck. You did me a favor, Saved me from telling an asshat like him that I love him.“  The last words falling from your lips before you can stop them . Your eyes go wide, mirroring everyone elses. You didn’t even realize how far you had fallen until this moment when the words involuntarily flew from your lips in a moment of hurt & anger. You turn , leaving everyone absolutely silent.  You don’t try to fight the tears that are falling now as you climb the stairs to your room.   Before you can shut your door a hand slides through .

" 10 /10 on that performance . You left everyone speechless. ” Johnny says, trying to make you laugh . When he sees he failed, he pulls you to him . You push away though , wiping the tears from your eyes.  You hear a knock on your door, and he goes to see who it is . Him and Steve return ,

“  What Steve.” you snap when you see him staring at you .

“  Talk to him.” Is all he says ,all you can do is laugh.

“ You’re kidding , right Steve?” Johnny asks

“ I  don’t think so sweetheart. That ship, has sailed and sunk. ” you say while you flop down on your bed.

 ” Y/n?“ Oh hell no.You immediately sit up at the sound of Buckys voice,

” Get the hell out.“ you say . You lock eyes with him, and he steps towards you . ” What don’t you understand Barnes. Get. Out.“ you growl.  He keeps moving towards you , making your anger boil over.  ” Your girl wouldn’t appreciate you being in my room ,would she? “ you question with fake sincerity.

” Y/n I’m sorry I shoul-“   you push past him , exiting your room.

 Johnny catches up to you before you reach the stairs , he grabs your hand, pulling you with as he sprints down the stairs.  When you reach the bottom of the stairs he grabs a random pair of keys off the hooks then continues outside.  When he hit the alarm button on the keys,Tonys red convertible starts blinking.  You hear johnny pretty much moan at the sight and he hops in the drivers seat. You leap over the passenger door,landing in the seat beside him. Both super soldiers barrel out of the front door after you guys, but its too late . The car flies past them in a blur , you can hear them yelling after you but it soon fades.       

  When you return to the house a few hours later,  you feel much better . You spent the day arm in arm with Johnny, walking around & eating at every icecream shop you could find. You both try to sneak into the house quietly,  you’re praying the team is out back or on the beach  . It was too early for them to be asleep .

You silently close the front door,  you and johnny both yelp when FRIDAYS voice appears.  ” Sergeant Barnes, Miss Y/n has returned.“ He would ask to be told when I’m back . Fucking creep.

  Bucky walks through the kitchen doorway , standing in front of you. Awkward silence ensues, until you break it by laughing. ” Well, that was fun . But I’m gonna hit the showers. Night boys. “ you say as you go to the stairs.

 ” y/n its only like 6 !“ Johnny calls after you . You flick him off over your shoulder as you start on the stairs.  You don’t get too far before a hand wraps around your wrist. You turn on the step , as you an arm snakes around your knees and you fall over someones shoulder.

” What the fuck. Put me down!“ you yell, you look up seeing Johnny in the same spot you left him .Oh fuck . You realize Bucky is the one carrying you , you start squirming in his hold.

” Unless you wanna fall head first down the stairs I suggest you stop. “ he warns as he climbs the stairs.  When he finally stops , he tosses you onto your bed.

“  I should of let you explain last night, I jumped to about 500 different conclusions instead. I thought you were embarrassed that Johnny caught us, or that maybe you wanted him instead.  Or that you came to your senses and realized that you deserve more than me .  I love you Y/n , I’ve known for a while, but when you kissed me I couldn’t hide it anymore. The thought of you not -”

“ Stop.” you say  . You are barely holding in the tears now, you move from your bed to your door.

 ” Y/n please-“ his voice cracks .

” Your goal was to hurt me by being with that girl, right? To hurt me like you were last night? Congratulations,you got what you wanted.I thought you were different ,I didn’t think you’d ever hurt me on purpose, whether we are friends or lovers.  You’re not who I thought you were . “ 

 " I’m the same person Y/n,  I made a mistake, and I am sorry for it.  But can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t of done the same if you were in my shoes last night ? If I pushed you away , what would you of done?” he was getting aggravated now, anger taking over his tone.  

“ I would of let you explain!”

“ Oh really? Like you did today when you took off with Johnny!?” he shouts.Oh crap. 

You sigh , realizing he is partially right. When you don’t answer, he sighs as he pinches the bridge of his nose. You walk back to the bed and sit on the edge. He sits next to you , your elbows brushing eachothers.

 "When I came here, I really only had Steve.  You didn’t even know me, and you came to my rescue when Ross showed up . You came hurling into my life like a hurricane; a beautiful, crazy as fuck, caring hurricane. You blew away everything I thought I knew , and accepted me as I am; a broken monster . I didn’t think I stood a chance, why would someone as wonderful & sweet as you , love a disaster like me?“ he says . 

 You turn, your hands going to cradle his cheek. Tears are slowly falling down your cheeks at his words, at how low he sees himself.

” You are not a monster, do you hear me Bucky? You are far from it .“ you tell him , but you see the insecurity in his eyes.  " I didn’t want to push you away , ” you sigh , trying to gain the courage to continue, “ You spent your life having decisions made for you , never having the chance to choose what you wanted to do . I didn’t want to bombard you with my feelings, and make you think you had to feel the same.  You’re still piecing together your memories Buck, I didn’t want to add more weight on your shoulders. “ 

” So , you made the choice for me , huh?“ he scoffs.

 ” No! I was just- okay I know it seems like that . But I wasn’t - ugh this is just so- I wanted to talk about it with you last night. See if that was you really wanted, if I was what you really wanted .“ you say shyly.  The room is filled with silence, until Buckys deep laughter shatters it. You whip your head towards him in  confusion at his outburst.  

He shakes his head, then leans over and places his lips gently on yours in a quick kiss, ” I love you.“ he says , his lips brushing against yours.

” I love you Bucky.“ you confess. The second the words leave your lips his fingers card through your hair, pulling you closer to him . You don’t resist, giving in as his lips move with yours . You run your tongue over his bottom lip, and he immediately parts his lips to let you in. As the kiss gets dirtier, you push his shoulders back, knocking him flat on the bed . You straddle his lap, quickly taking off your shirt. 

You lean back down to connecting your lips once again . His hands are all over you , massaging your breasts, then sliding down your sides to grope your ass . He flips you both , then removes the rest of your clothes, then his. The feeling of his metal fingers swiping through your drenched folds sends a new set of chills through your body.  His fingers tease your clit as his lips trail down your neck .  

” Bucky , I cant wait. Just please.“ you beg through the moans that slip out. He leans down , starting a passionate kiss as he glides his cock through your folds . Your hips lift as you feel his tip prodding at your entrance . He slides into you , both of you moaning at the feeling . He gives you a moment to adjust before he begins slowly thrusting .  He stays slow for a while, before he grips your hips and starts pounding into you.

” God, you don’t know how good you feel doll. “ his voice was raspy and strained.Your back arches as he picks up his pace, you can tell you aren’t going to last long from the way you can already feel yourself clamping around him.

 "Bucky I’m-"   His grip tightens on your hips, his pace quickening as he slams even harder into you . ” Oh my god.“ you whimper . You spiral into your orgasm, loud whines leaving your lips as you tightly shut your eyes.  Bucky doesn’t stop though , just continues relentlessly fucking you as he chases his finish.

” I think I can get one more out of you Darling.“ he says between grunts. His fingers find your clit, the feeling of cold metal hitting your sensitive folds sends a shock through you . He keeps his animalistic pace as he harshly circles your clit. You can feel his rhythm falter, signaling you that hes close.

” Bucky , harder !“  He listens, almost violently fucking you into your second orgasm and him into his . He cums moaning your name, and you swear it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard.   He rolls off to your side, both of you panting  .

  ” Mr.Barnes,  Mr Stark requests your presence in the back yard when you are ready .“  FRIDAYS voice startles both of you . You can feel the ache in your body forming already as you stand to dress.  Before you can take a step, Buckys arm is around your waist tugging you back down.  

” Don’t go anywhere. Ill be back. “ He says as he gently kisses you . You giggle and lay back down.    

 When you wake up , you grab your phone and see its been a couple hours since Bucky went to talk to Tony. You look to the other side of your bed and find it empty. Where is he?  You roll out of bed to find him . You find him in the kitchen, staring out the back windows at the ocean.  His posture was tense, setting off alarms in your mind. What could Tony of possibly said to him  .

” You never came back .“ you say quietly. He doesn’t turn around when he responds ,

” I know. “ You step behind him, beginning to wrap your arms around his waist from behind. As your hands go to meet at his stomach his hands stop you, grabbing onto yours and removing them .  

"  Whatever this is, its over."  he says coldly.

"  What are you -  It barely even started Bu-”

“ Its over. I dont want this. ”

I’m sorry , what?

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Oversized Sweater || Peter Parker

“i really love Spider-Man. I feel like I shouldn’t, but i do.”

“Jen, I have a Spider-Man shower curtain. If you’re looking for someone to shame you for loving Peter Parker, it’s certainly not gonna come from me.”

-me to my best friend about our mutual love for Spidey.

Here’s my first time posting a Peter Parker reader insert on tumblr. I’m supposed to be working on requests for DeviantArt but ssssh, I’ll get to it later. I just wanna indulge in Peter Parker for a little while longer 💕


Today had been awful for you, and you needed your daily dose of Peter cuddles in order to make it to the weekend.

“Ugh, fuck Tuesdays, honestly.”

Because 99% of the teachers in Midtown High were out to get you, you had to deal with pop quizzes for half of your classes and you had been called on numerous times to answer questions you didn’t even know the answers to.

It felt like you had been made into a complete laughingstock throughout the day, and you were honestly exhausted.

There was no way you were going home after this shitty day.

Earlier, you had texted your parents, letting them know that you planned to stay the night at Peter’s place, and you were super grateful that they let you go without a single complaint.

You knew that they would let you spend the night at his house because he was basically your best friend in the whole world. Ignoring the fact that you had feelings for him, you were okay with being his best friend and did your best to support him when he DID have crushes. (Damn you Liz Allan for winning Peter’s affections just from existing!)

Letting out a sigh of relief when you arrived at Peter’s apartment complex, you walk up the creaky steps and greeted the neighbors that passed by with a smile on your face.

Arriving at Peter’s apartment, you knock on the door and wait a few beats, hoping that Aunt May wouldn’t mind you spending the night. After waiting a few minutes, you hear the lock unlatch before revealing a cheerful woman as she greeted you with a wide smile. “[Name], it’s good to see you! Unfortunately, Peter will be working a bit late and won’t be home until much later.”

“That’s fine! I’m used to his crazy schedule, anyways.” You step into the apartment and detect the scent of cinnamon and apples in the air, “Ohh, are you making something Aunt May?”

“I am. I wanted to treat Peter with his favorite apple pie since he’s been so good. Has he told you about the internship he got with Mr. Stark?”

You nod, “He has. But again, it comes as no surprise to me since he’s so smart. Do you mind if I help you?” You ask with a beaming smile on your face.

"Are you kidding me? I was counting on your help!”

You spend the next couple of hours baking with Aunt May. During that time, both of you shared embarrassing stories pertaining to Peter as you each got bits of sugar and flour in your hair from how much you were giggling.

It was nearing 10 in the evening when you and May finished baking the pie and had a quick dinner of meatballs and spaghetti. She saves a plate for Peter and places it in the fridge when you excused yourself.

"I think I’m gonna wait for Peter in his room.”

"That’s fine dear, but remember-”

Yes, I’ll keep the door open. Jeez, I keep telling you there’s nothing to worry about since Peter only sees me as like, his sister. Goodnight May!”

The older woman laughs and responds with her own “Goodnight.” When she sees that you have disappeared into Peter’s room, she shakes her head, practically in disbelief at how oblivious you were when it came to her beloved nephew’s feelings for you.


You sigh and throw your schoolbag against the corner of Peter’s room. Scratching the back of your head, you quickly rummage through the drawers and found the sweater and pair of sweatpants you always wore when you spent the night. Holding his clothes close to your chest, you snuggle them for a few seconds before putting them on.

Of course the clothes were a little long on you, but you were too busy acknowledging the fact that you were surrounded with Peter’s comforting scent.

You really didn’t care how much his clothes dwarfed your form.

You breathe in deeply, smelling the faint scent of his cologne. With a dreamy smile on your face, you fall into Peter’s twin sized bed and curled up against his pillow, nuzzling its softness before shutting your eyes.


It was close to midnight when Peter finished his nightly patrol around the city. When he came home, he was greeted with the mouth watering scent of apple pie and spaghetti. Going into the kitchen, he sees the note that Aunt May left him:

Dinner is in the fridge, your favorite pie is on the counter ♡ ps- [name] is spending the night so please be quiet when you come home!

His appetite was long forgotten when he realized that –you– were here. With his heart hammering in anticipation, Peter tiptoes to his room and sees you curled up in his bed.

His heart melts at the sight of you, and he feels a strange type of possessiveness wash over him. You looked good in his clothes, and he would do anything to keep you by his side.

No other man would ever know the pleasure of you wearing their clothes.

Shrugging off his hoodie, he throws it to the side and gets on the bed with you, being careful with his movements so that you wouldn’t awaken. With an almost reverent touch, he runs the back of his hand against your cheek.

“You’re so beautiful. You’ll never know how much I want you to be mine…” his heart continued its rapid gallop, and he felt all of his hesitation disappear at the sight of your sleeping face. Taking advantage of the fact that you were unconscious, Peter leans in and presses a kiss against your lips.

"I love you.”

In your sleepy haze, you heard him and wrap your arms around his neck, opening your eyes just a tiny bit as a smirk adorned your features, “So you love me? I thought you had a thing for Liz.”

Peter stutters, feeling flustered at hearing your sleepy voice and looking at your features at such a close proximity. You prevent him from pulling away by kissing him again, effectively silencing his nervous rants when he kissed you back.

After a few minutes, you pull away and look into his sweet brown eyes, hearing him admit, “I only had a mild crush on Liz. You are the one I’ve always wanted.”

You giggle and kiss the bottom of his jaw. “Tell me, what made you finally admit your undying love for me? I… I honestly thought I didn’t have a chance with you.”

Peter chuckles before pulling you toward him in a warm hug, making you settle against his chest when he lays back. He kisses the top of your head, “It’s me who thought I wouldn’t have a chance with you because you’re too good for me. But to answer your question…”

Peter trails off and places his hand on the sweater your were currently wearing. Your breath hitches when he gently reaches in and touches your skin from beneath the fabric, “Seeing you wearing my clothes has always been a weakness of mine, and I couldn’t stand just having you as a friend anymore.”

You giggle and nuzzle Peter’s chest before leaning up to press a kiss against the base of his throat. “Then I should wear your sweaters more often.”


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Take a Chance (Part 2)

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Your name: submit What is this?

pairings: Reader x Steve Rogers
characters: Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff
word count: 1,860
warnings: vomit, cussing, pregnancy talks
a/n: i swear i know what i’m doing. also, i love shrimp, really loooove shrimp. but i have a feeling if i were pregnant, i’d start hating it (along with coconut water) so i did the opposite for reader (also, shrimp quesadillas are not that great.)
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could possibly change your life and views on life for the better or worse.

Prev||All Parts||Next

The moment you open your eyes, bile begins to worm its way up to your mouth. You quickly scramble off the bed and head into your connected bathroom, slumping down to the floor and against the wall, and throwing an arm around the toilet. You gag and heave as the liquid gushes out of your mouth, coughing when it becomes too much.

“Again?” you hear your older sister ask you as she crouches down and rubs your back. “You’ve been sick for days! I’m telling you, you need to see a doctor.”

“I’m fine,” you whine just as you’re about to let out another gag.

She sighs, “Vicky is worried about you.” You groan. Of course, she’d use the niece card. Why wouldn’t she? It’s the easiest way to manipulate you. “If you won’t go for yourself, go for her.”

“Fine, but go with me? I don’t wanna go alone. You know how I feel about doctors.”

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Perfect Timing


Warning: Nothing but love and feels. 

Summary: Y/N has a scholarship to study abroad in France, and very little time to admit her feelings to the boy who has her love. 

I stared hopelessly at the letter, a flurry of emotions pricked at my body. Happy, nervous, anxious, sad, excited.. all of it. I was feeling all of it. But most of all, I felt uneasy. A year. I was going to be gone for a year. Sure, technology would create the thin bridge in hopes to keep me connected to my friends and family, but I couldn’t shake the thought, that seeing them all through a screen would just make it so much worse. I was avoiding the obvious. I can’t leave him. 

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rp sentence starters. change pronouns/text as needed!

1. ‘ oof, my hair. ’
2. ‘ mom, put your seatbelt on. ’
3. ‘ i don’t want to wear one, i don’t like it. ’
4. ‘ it will ruin my shirt and, we don’t have iron in the car. ’
5. ‘ what kind of thing is that? ’
6. ‘ hold on! don’t go yet! we have to kiss the quran. ’
7. ‘ mom, i don’t wanna kiss it. ’
8. ‘ take it, you have to. ’
9. ‘ you take it. ’
10. ‘ fine just give it to me. ’
11. ‘ one kiss, two kiss, three kiss. thank you! ’
12. ‘ ugh, i’m so hot! ’
13. ‘ can you turn the AC on a little bit? ’
14. ‘ yeah, turn it higher– higher! higher, lower. lower, higher. a little higher? lower! ’
15. ‘ no that’s too high. ’
16. ‘ actually, turn it off– turn it off. we open window. ’
17. ‘ you are seriously driving me crazy. ’
18. ‘ i said don’t go over bump like that! i’m putting my lipstick on! ’
19. ‘ be careful! ’
20. ‘ ugh, so hot. ’
21. ‘ look at this, i went to lord & taylor– brand new michael kors! ’
22. ‘ top designer, brand new! ’
23. ‘ they had twenty-five percent coupon, then they gave me ten dollar off, michael kors bag two-hundred! ’
24. ‘ everything is in it– are you hungry? ’
25. ‘ do you want food? ’
26. ‘ you want water? you don’t want water? ’
27. ‘ you want tea? ’
28. ‘ you want water? i have water. ’
29. ‘ you want my coffee? ’
30. ‘ you want banana? i have banana. ’
31. ‘ it’s in my michael kors bag. ’
32. ‘ organic chai, since you are so healthy. ’
33. ‘ i have red one! it’s cherry! ’
34. ‘ you want pistachio? ’
35. ‘ i’m not gonna get it in your car, calm down. ’
36. ‘ i brought you koresh! ’
37. ‘ banana, clementine, it’s good! vitamin, potassium. ’
38. ‘ eat! ’
39. ‘ eat the pistachio! it’s persian pistachio from iran! ’
40. ‘ oh, you’re not proud from iran?! ’
41. ‘ you want pistachio from california, organic. ’
42. ‘ be careful when you drive please. ’
43. ‘ no hormone– which is good because you have too many hormone already. ’
44. ‘ ya-ali. ’
45. ‘ eh! eh! slow down, stop! stop! it’s ___! ’
46. ‘ ___! ___! hello! ’
47. ‘ hi! how are you? how is your husband? ’
48. ‘ how is your son? how’s ___? ’
49. ‘ well she’s driving me somewhere, driving me crazy, i dunno– we’re never gonna get there. ’
50. ‘ how is school? are you having graduation party? ’
51. ‘ when is the party? ’
52. ‘ yeah we’re gonna come! everybody gonna come! ’
53. ‘ mom, i don’t want to go to the party. ’
54. ‘ yes you are going to come, you are going to come. ’
55. ‘ okay! i’ll be there. ’
56. ‘ of course she is going to come, she’ll be so happy to come! ’
57. ‘ okay, you look beautiful! ’
58. ‘ tell everybody hi! ’
59. ‘ tell everybody bye! kiss everybody! ’
60. ‘ did you see what she was wearing? ’
61. ‘ turn music on– can you put the music on for me please? ’
62. ‘ i dunno– something nice, something persian. ’
63. ‘ maybe– googoosh? can you put googoosh on the radio? why not? you can’t put googoosh? ’
64. ‘ what about andy? what about shahram shabpareh? shahram solati? sasy mankan? ’
65. ‘ what’s hip-hop? ’
66. ‘ you make me want to hip-hop out of the car. ’
67. ‘ what about a little googoosh– ’ *starts singing* 
68. ‘ SLOW! Slow. ’
69. ‘ STOP! ’
70. ‘ put your signal on. ’

drabble 24 with Grayson

A/N: This is gonna be a little short only because I really do not know how to make it longer, also yes I understand that Coachella is long over but it was the first thing that came to mind and why not i like Coachella. im sorry i hope you still like it.

“Well that was immensely attractive.”

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You, Ethan, and Grayson were on your way to Coachella Ethan made Grayson sit in the back because well you don’t really know the reason, at least he wasn’t alone in the back Cameron was back there too. “Babeee you’re too far” Ethan rolled his eyes and looked back at your whiny boyfriend “Dude, you’re right behind her.” Everyone laughed as Grayson whined for your hand you smiled and let him hold one of your hands while the other was on the steering wheel “Gray when we get there you gotta know that I’m not going to be with you 24/7 you guys have photo shoots and other things to do, you can’t whine for me also you’re 17 years old” He chuckled and let go of your hand so you could get a drink “Okay, enough talking I wanna bump.” Ethan said turning on one of his favorite songs the four of you danced in the car screaming out the lyrics. Ethan got on snapchat recording all of you captioning ‘my ride to coachella is better than yours’ You couldn’t wait to get there not because you’re there to support Ethan and Grayson but the music and the experience. You couldn’t wait to get there neither could Ethan, Grayson, and Cameron. “Y/N, I kinda have to pee” You snapped your head looking at Ethan “Do not bring up peeing, I’ve had to go for the past half hour” You looked back at the road after seeing Ethan’s confused face “Why didn’t you stop?” Grayson chimed in “Where Grayson? There hasn’t been a gas station for miles, where am I supposed to go on the side of the road?” You saw Ethan’s head jerk forward after nodding “You are an idiot Ethan” Cameron said laughing after she hit his head “What’s wrong Y/N you were fine a couple minutes ago?” You sighed and pulled the car over to the side of the road “Cam, can you drive?” She nodded and the two of you switched seats whole the boys peed. Cameron turned towards you locking the doors “So what’s going on?” You sighed and looked back at Cameron “I think I might be pregnant.” Her eyes got wide and she smiled “Have you told Grayson yet?” You shook your head “I dont wanna tell him unless I’m absolutely sure. So when they go to their photoshoot I wanna get a pregnancy test just to make sure” Her smile started to fade “Do you want to have a baby?” You shook your head “Not right now we’re both so young, Grayson has his whole life ahead of him and I dont-” “But what about you?” You shrugged “I love Grayson a lot but a baby is a big responsibility and I’m not ready for that.” She nodded and held your hand gently rubbing your knuckles “Well, when the time is right or at least when you’re ready I expect some nieces and nephews.” She smiled at you turning around “Ugh do we have to let them in? We can just got to Coachella and have the time of our lives. We have their wallets” You laughed and looked at Grayson giving you the puppy dog eyes “Unfortunately we have to, I don’t know what I’d do without Gray” You smiled and watched him get in the car “Are you okay? You look like you’re about to cry” You blinked your eyes a couple times “Oh no I just yawned I think im gonna nap a little bit on our way there” Grayson was a little skeptical but accepted it “To Coachella!!” Ethan screamed you laid your head on Grayson’s lap. You slept the rest of the way there and were jolted awake by the sound of police sirens in your ear you hit the closest thing to you, which just so happened to be Grayson’s ‘jellybeans’ Cameron laughed “Well no babies any time soon.” Your eyes darted to Cameron glaring a bit, she then walked away and into the hotel to check in “What was that about?” You looked over at Ethan and shook your head “Nothing what are you talking about?” You walked pass them and in beside Cameron nudging her skightly. She smiled and laid her head on your shoulder “I’m sorry Y/N it slipped” You shook your head “Its okay, I just can’t wait for the boys to leave.” After you got the keys you met up with the boys “Okay so we’re gonna take the luggage to the room, you two go to your photoshoot.” They nodded and you all said your goodbyes. You and Cameron went to the closest store grabbing two pregnancy tests and went back to the hotel taking them. A few minutes went by and they both came up negative. You sighed in relief and laid down on your bed “Thank god.” You wrapped them in a bag and threw them in the trash down the hall “Hey Y/N, Ethan and Grayson have free time wanna go meet up with them?” You nodded and got in the car with Cameron riding to their photoshoot as you arrived you saw Grayson being the cute little bean he is. Grayson saw you and smiled wide, running over to you when he tripped over his own two feet “We’ll that was immensely attractive.” He chucked and got up kissing your forehead “We have the rest of the night, let’s go listen to some music.” You nodded and followed him over to the stage listening to the music until you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore. I hope you guys like it.

Hey this is my submission for the polycoolkids angst prompt thing! (I’m sorry I’m on mobile so idk if I’m doing this right)
Its totally late, but for the polyam cool kids angst prompt I did the aftermath of the episode Drop Beat Dad. Sorry for the daddy issues SC :(
Sour Cream fell onto his bed with a thud. He face-planted onto his dark blue sheets and let out a muffled sigh that shook through his exhausted body. Can you really blame him? His day had been a little crazy. Maybe even more than that.

He felt a comforting hand begin to gently rub circles on his lower back, and sighed again, this time with relief.

“Jenny,” he began, “have I ever told you how much I love you?”

She laughed. “Hm. Probably gonna need to hear it again. Especially after you forced me to drink your nasty guacamole soda.”

Sour Cream quickly shot up, nearly bumping into Buck who sat on his left side, tracing drawings with his finger into the crumpled sheets.
“Ugh! Don’t remind me,” he groaned. He still couldn’t believe the events that had transpired in the last 24 hours. It’s almost like his life was some dramatic sitcom, probably titled Everybody Hates SC, where his life just continued being some wild shitshow filled with catastrophes.
Okay, well, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but he sure did feel bad about it all.

Buck patted his head. “Hey now. Calm down baby, it’ll be alright,” he said softly, holding onto Sour Cream’s hand and rubbing his palm with his thumb. “Just tell us what happened, okay?”

He felt his pale cheeks redden a little, heat bouncing off of them in small little bursts of flame. It always made him happy, if not just a tad embarrassed, when Buck called him baby. It was their special word, one Buck only reserved for Jenny and SC on special occasions. He supposed being lied to and heartbroken by his father qualified as one of these moments. At least every cloud has a silver lining, he supposed.

Jenny, not one to be left out, grabbed onto his other hand, holding it tight within her own fierce grip. Yet, there was a softness to her grasp, as if he could feel her love and adoration for him flowing through his arm and into his heart. God, he sure was getting sappy. This was some next-level romance movie type shit he was thinking here. But, now wasn’t the time to think about how hopelessly in love he was with his best friends, for now, it was about his semi-annual DJ rave thing incident. He was still working on a title.

Trying to keep his usual calm demeanor, and not-so subtly failing, SC cleared his throat and told them everything. He told them about little roadie Steven, and Mr. Universe’s bathroom, and Yellowtail, and how he had looked his dad in the eyes and yelled at him, cursing him out as he ruined his show. He even felt a few tears prick in his eyes when he told them his dad didn’t care, doesn’t care, and never has cared.

“I thought I could finally make him proud, you know? A part of me thought, like maybe, just maybe, my dad would finally stay if I could do this one thing,” he admitted. “He’s never been around, but it’s not like I really minded. When he did it was just always so exciting, like hey, this is where I come from. This guy makes it work in the music world and he isn’t trapped in this dead end beach town surrounded by fishing boats and doughnut shops. Made me feel like I could be somethin’. I don’t know, it’s dumb guys, I’m sorry-”

“Hey now, let me stop you right there sweetheart,” Jenny said. “He’s your dad, baby. Of course you wanted this, we know you did. It’s not dumb, it’s natural. Hell, sometimes I wanna yell and scream at my daddy for being, well, him, but I still want him to be proud of me, we all do.”

Then pointing to Buck she said, “Even Mr. Mayor’s Son over there will agree with me, won’t you Bucky-baby?”

Buck suppressed a groan. “It’s just natural, man. Don’t feel bad about how you feel, just let it run it’s course. And hey, we’ll always be proud of you.”

With those few little words, SC finally let himself break down. The day’s exhaustion wore on him as his endorphins came down from the rush of his show and the bass booming behind the blasting speakers. He felt all of the remaining energy leave his body, and the rush of his anger subsided to a gentle, whispering hum. He let in his sadness, letting it fill every corner and crevice as he finally let out what he had been holding in for years.

Holding onto Buck and Jenny for dear life he cried. He sobbed, and cried, and bawled; tears rolling down his face and slickly plopping onto his shirt. He held onto them, and they held onto him.

“There, there baby, let it all out. Just let it out,” Buck soothed, wiping fat tears from SC’s face. He kissed his boyfriend’s cheek, tasting the salty tears on his lips.

Jenny ran her fingers through his hair. “It’ll all be alright, darling. It’ll all be okay.”

And hey, maybe it would be. Maybe it didn’t matter how his dad felt about him, maybe it didn’t matter that he had left him and his mom alone for all of these years. Maybe it didn’t matter that he had hated Yellowtail for years for taking away his mom, for taking away the spot he so desperately wished his real dad would fill, for taking away the life he knew. Maybe it didn’t matter that life was hard and guacamole soda is disgusting. It just didn’t matter. All that mattered to him right then and there was that moment. That moment where he sat next to the two people he loves more than anything and finally let himself be free of everything that was holding him back. They were all that mattered to him, they were his life, they were what kept him afloat during nights when he went to bed feeling like he wanted to scream, they kept him going when he felt his dreams being crushed, they were there for him through it all. And he loved them. He loved them, and loved them, and loved them. Not even his dad could take that away from him.

“I really love you guys. I love you both more than anything.”

“We love you too.”


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Can you do the RFA reacting to MC accidentally farting in front of them for the first time pleaseeeeeeeeee? Also I love your writings and wonder if you're going to be doing fics on all RFA members or just Jumin?

LMAOOOOOOO THIS MADE ME LAUGH SOOOO HARD. It’s such an adorable request   \(^.^)/ Thank you!! and yes I have something in store for all the members of the RFA and Saeran too I was thinking of doing either Yoosung or Saeyoung next she shall see my lovelies \(T_T)/ Seriously though I had SO much fun writing this I hope you all enjoy it


  • Poor baby, he’s so embarrassed
  • He has NO IDEA how to act in this situation
  • It’s not a huge deal to him because it’s super natural and everyone does it
  • When he sees that you are super embarrassed because you’ve never farted in front of him before he feels GUILTY AF
  • MC I’M SO SORRY” “…yousung why are you sorry I was the one who ripped ass”
  • He hugs you super tight and peppers your face with kisses until you’re a giggling mess. He tells you that he loves you more than anything in the world and that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed of something that everyone does
  • Secretly happy because he has the green light to fart in front of you too now


  • Here you are a blushing mess, silently cursing yourself for being all gross and farty
  • She literally just looks at you and goes back to her work
  • When you talk to her about it, she’s like????
  • “uh I fart too you know, and literally every single person on this planet?”
  • “So you don’t think I’m gross?”
  • She giggles and kisses your cheek, “you are too cute MC, the furthest thing from gross.”
  • Now you guys fart in front of each other all the time


  • I feel like he would be unfazed too
  • Like its totally normal
  • He notices tho that MC is sitting face down on the couch IMMEDIATELY rushes over
  • “Princess???????” “Are you okay?????”
  • You’re a teary blushing mess. “Are you gonna break up with me because I am so gross and farted in front of you”
  • He literally is laughing so hard right now
  • “What on earth are you saying MC, why would I break up with you because you farted, silly goose”
  • You pout and say, “I bet your hot costars don’t every fart”
  • He looks at you, “Babe, rehearsals are literally fart central” his face completely deadpanned. “That’s why it didn’t even occur to me that you did it. PLUS IT’S NATURAL”
  • He pulls you into his lap and kisses you cheek and trails kisses down your neck, “Don’t be nervous, I am happy you feel comfortable around me”
  • He flashes you a devilish grin, “Plus you’re so cute when you’re flustered and embarrassed”


  • Of course he’s not juvenile enough to mind something so common, but when he sees you red and embarrasses he shuts down?
  • So what does he do, whips out his handy dandy smartphone and quickly googles it and skims articles which say to make you feel comfortable
  • He turns to you arms wide, deeply inhaling,”Why MC that was a lovely smelling one, great job.” THIS MOTHERFUCKER
  • If you were a little embarrassed before, you are completely and utterly mortified right not, “WHAT THE FUCK JUMIN” 
  • You run into the bedroom and bury yourself in pillows “Not only did I fart in front of my boyfriend, BUT HE INHALED SAID FART AND CRITIQUED IT”
  • He’s hella confused now and texts his homeboi Driver Kim, explaining the situation. Driver Kim texts him back “I am sorry Jumin, this is my fault, I have failed you for not teaching you properly”
  • Cue Driver Kim, holding his head in his hands, silently sending prayers to MC and to God that MC doesn’t murder Cat Daddy.
  • He walks into the room, and sits on the edge of the bed, stiff but rubbing MC’s back. He feels really guilty and rambles and apology about how he doesn’t know how to emotion and that he loves her so much and every part of her-
  • MC feels guilty because he looks so sad and adorable. She hugs him and kisses his cheeks saying that she may have overreacted. 
  • “Jaehee, I am sorry I cannot come to work today- there is an urgent matter I must attend to at home”
  • They cuddle for hours YES CUDDLE YOU KINKY PERVS
  • He showers her in kisses, feeling at ease when she giggles
  • “MC I love you, seriously more than anything in the world.”
  • “I love you too Juju…………………but no more smelling my farts okay”
  • buuuuuuut whyyyy, ugh ok I guess


  • will
  • make
  • SO
  • much 
  • fun 
  • of 
  • you
  • Welcome to Hell
  • When he sees you’re getting all embarrassed
  • “Babe” 
  • “Hmm?”
  • “You think your fart was bad”
  • “WHAT”
  • “You’ve already dealt with my Silent but deadlies here and there, but get ready for my Loud and Prouds”
  • Seven what are yo-”
  • He then lets out the most VILE fart known to man kind. Like the smell is so putrid that you can feel your eyes water.
  • He’s literally dying of laughter right now and you’re dying of lack of clean air
  • LIKE??? 
  • He comes over and pouts, “Do you still love me MC” “IDK PROBABLY NOT”
  • “Well I will always love you, so you can fart in front of me all the time, be as gross as you want because no one can outgross the defender of justice 707″
  • Then you guys have a hot make out session

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your first time (;

A/N: hi anon you must be new here because that is not a weird request, brad smut is always requested, and i honestly don’t mind writing brad stuff because its the easiest for me to write bc brad is bae. so i probably took this waaaay too far but oh well (; p.s I’m super sorry this is really late. hope you like it xx

it was brads birthday, and you guys have been together over eight months. You guys never had well done “it” if you know what I mean. He was always really good about it, he knew you were still a virgin so he’s always said that he’ll wait until you’re completely ready. You knew you were ready tonight, and it would be the perfect night to do it. You were going out to dinner with him and the boys tonight and you decided to wear something that flattered all the right parts of your body. You wore a dress that was tight in the bust and loose towards the bottom. You wore your favorite pair of Underwear matches with a new push up bras you’d bought.

“Wow” brad breathed astonished. “Do I look okay?” “You look gorgeous baby” he said hugging you kissing you for a short period of time. You got through dinner easily due to the fact that you were basically best friends with all of them. If you said you weren’t nervous you’d be lying. You knew if you wanted to have sex tonight you’d have to make the first move. When the both of you got home you were cuddled in bed and you knew you had to make the move.

you leaned in to kiss him slowly making your way on his lip attempting to be sexy and you bit his lip. “Ow, babe what are you doing” he whined. “I- I don’t know. I shouldn’t of, just I ruined it” you sighed ready to get off him. “No, no baby. You didn’t ruin anything, next Time just don’t bite so hard” he said soothing you. “Like this” you said trying it again pulling away. “Mmhh, yes baby just like that” he said letting out a noise you’ve never been exposed to but you liked it. You tried to reach for his shirt and he pulled away again. “Seriously baby what’s going on?” He said worried. “Ugh I just, I’m ready. And I just feel like you don’t wanna have sex with me. I mean you don’t have to, I just thought since its your birthday” you trailed off. “Baby are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like you owe this to me or anything.” He said caressing your face. I just wanna have sex with you for gods sake, you thought; or well you thought you only said it to yourself. “Well if you insist baby girl” he said flipping the two of you over, kissing you deeply.

“You want me to lead baby?” You nodded your head quickly making him smile. “I’m gonna make you feel so good tonight” he said trailing kisses down your neck making you whimper. He reached for your dress zipper and you stopped him “you first” you smirked. He rose an eyebrow at you before stripping himself of his shirt causing your hands to run down his stomach before his lips were on your neck again. The dress was slowly unzipped and peeled off of your body, leaving you in just your bra and underwear. “holy shit, youre beautiful” this made you blush, no one has ever saw you so bare, so exposed other than himself. he slowly slipped the straps of your bra off quickly landing on the floor. he cupped your breasts in his hands running his hands over the exposed skin causing you to let out a slight moan causing him to grin. he pressed his lips to the top of your chest down to each breast making you hum in pleasure. “brad that feels so good holy shit” you said your head tilted back. “shh baby just let it feel good”. soon he was trailing his lips down your stomach and around your thighs. “can i?” he said fiddling with the waist band of your underwear. you nodded in approval causing him to pull your underwear off in an instant. “holy shit” he gasped. “what, is there something wrong?” you said worried youd messed up or something causing him to chuckle. “youre just, um really fucking wet and thats so hot” he said looking directly in your eyes making you feel even more turned on. you had a thing about dirty talk, but you were to nervous to even begin to tell brad that. he started tracing his tongue over your clit and sucking and everything else you could imagine sending you to a point of ecstasy, pulling his head deeper into your core.  he started using his fingers getting you really close to your high. “fuck brad im so close” you moaned out with your hands practically embedded in his hair. once you finally came he licked up your clit cleaning you up before coming up to kiss your lips letting you taste yourself.

“that was so hot, you being so turned on that you pushed my face so deep in your pussy” he said kissing your neck. you had know idea brad could even say those words, especially to you. “brad” you squealed. “what” he said smirking at you, as your face grew a bright shade of red. “you cant say stuff like that bradley!” you said flustered. “what? pussy?” he said in a teasing tone. you covered your face with your hands. “i bet you like it when i say that, hmm? i just ate your delicious pussy and you came all over my face and now im gonna make you moan my name whilst i make love to your beautiful body” he said trying to be descriptive as possible. you let out a tiny moan trying to hold back. “see you like it when i talk dirty baby, and thats nothing to be ashamed of” he said sucking on your neck. he stood up and stripped himself of the rest of his clothes going back to making out with you.

“okay baby, this is gonna hurt you a little bit but I’m gonna go slow and if you feel like its too much for you we can stop, alright?” he said lining up with you. “I’m ready brad” you said confidently, pulling him in for a kiss. he eased himself into you, at first it was uncomfortable then you started to be okay. “alright brad, move, please” you said in desperation. he started thrusting into you causing you to wrap your legs around him and encourage him to go faster. “baby, uh your pussy is so tight around my cock. it feels amazing” he said hotly in your ear. “shit brad you’re killing me” you said barely able to talk. his tip grazed a spot that made you feel amazing. “shit brad do that again” you said more in a whine. he thrusted even deeper hitting that spot multiple times causing you to have that familiar feeling in your stomach. “brad i-im gonna,” you said close to orgasming for the second time. “sh just let it go I’m close too” he said rubbing circles in your clit making you both come at the same time.

you flipped over to lay on your side of the bed on your back taking in a deep breath. “holy shit” you breathed. “how was that for your first time?” he said cheekily kissing your cheek. “that was amazing brad” you said leaning so you were on his chest. “next time i want you to teach me how to ride you” you said in a quiet voice. “that good, eh?” he joked. “or i mean we can never do this again if you dont wanna” you sassed. “oh i dont think so princess” he chuckled digging his face into your shoulder. “i love you so much” he murmured. “i love you too bradley” you said kissing him on the shoulder. after that you both fell asleep cuddled up next to each other, too lazy to put any clothes on.

When I Want Your Opinion, I’ll Give it to You (Avengers x reader)

ok so idk if I’m supposed to message you or not? idk man anyway I just had this thought looking through my feed and saw all of your menstruation posts and would like to ask if you could make an imagine with Pietro/ Bucky either one where it’s your time of the month and like ur this badass chick who’s beaten even Nat and like their just like ‘omg you’ve done all this stuff’ and ur just like 'no uterus no opinion’ and then fluff and yeah sorry this is so long but… thanks if you can and yeah –C

With one hand around the throat of a Hydra agent and the other holding the knife that you had pierced through his partner’s chest, there wasn’t much room for nature to make its grand entrance into your day.  The telltale cramp started between your hips then pushed into your back and down your legs, testing your ability to stay upright with your fresh kills still in hand. You dropped the one from your choke hold, but faced the other for just a moment, looking into his lifeless eyes with a sigh of disgust.

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“Please don’t hurt her”-Nate Maloley

You pulled into the daycare to pick you your daughter. You walked to her classroom and signed the checkout sheet. You saw her little eyes fill with light and joy when she saw you. She ran to you and couldn’t stop giggling with joy. “You ready to go home and see daddy”,you asked her. She nodded her head and she ran to the car. You buckled her in and drove home. You parked the car in the garage and got your princess from the back seat. You walked inside to see Nate wasn’t home. There was a note on the counter saying “Hey, went to the studio. See you around 6, love you baby”. You smiled at the note and walked into the living room. You turned on cartoons for your daughter and went to do your daily duties. You started dinner which was cheeseburgers and fries. “Momma I’m hungary”,you daughter said coming into the kitchen rubbing her belly. You giggled, “its almost ready. Go wash your hands okay”,you said. “Okay”,she said running to the bathroom.

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You heard the garage door open indicating Nate was finally home. “Daddy, you’re home!”,you daughter yelled with joy. She ran to him and leaped in his arms. He caught her and spun her around. “Oh, how I missed my girls”,Nate said kissing your daughter all over her face. She couldn’t stop giggling and neither could you. He put her down and put her in her highchair. You pick her plate in front of her and she began to eat. “Hi lil mama”,Nate said putting his arms around you. “haha, hey baby”,you giggled. “I missed you so much”,Nate said kissing you. “eww”,your daughter said covering her eyes. You both laughed and ate dinner. 

“Hey Nate, will you bring me your dirty clothes? I need to start a load of clothes”,you said from the laundry room. “Yea, here. Did you want me to give her a bath?”,he asked handing you the clothes. “Ugh your a saint”,you said in relief. “Alright stinky butt, come here”,Nate yelled. You laughed and began to put the clothes in the washer. You fished through the pockets making sure no lighters, blunts, or any pieces of papers because you didn’t want them getting ruined. You pulled out a piece of paper with some writing on it. It said: $1200, 2grams, 145 Quincy Street. He’s selling again. You started the laundry and went and sat in your bedroom. “Mommy, come kiss you goodnight”,you daughter yelled. ‘Coming baby”,you said wiping a tear. 

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“Did daddy read to you?”,you asked her. Nate noticed you had tear marks on your cheeks. . She nodded her head and you kissed her. “I love you”,you said. “I love more mommy”,she said turned on her music machine and turned off the light. You closed her door and walked to your bedroom. “Hey, whats wrong”,Nate said standing behind you. He kissed your neck and you took in the moment. “baby, tell me whats wrong and i’ll make it better”,he said in your ear. You turned around and put the piece of paper in his hand. “Can’t fucking believe you Nate. Not again, we’re doing so good”,you said walking into your bathroom. “Look, I’m not working for them anymore. They just needed one run and I needed the cash”,He said grabbing your hand making you turn around. “We have money, plenty of money”,you yelled. “Well not for what I needed”,he said. “What was so fucking important that you needed to do this again”,you said. “a wedding ring”,he said quietly looking down. “Baby, I told you that doesn’t symbolize our love, I’m always yours”,you said. “But i wanna make it known. I’m tired of people hitting on you. I want you to be mine”,he said. “Well did you even go to Quincy Street”,you asked. “Yea, I got the money. I’m going to get your ring tomorrow”,he said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back at him, I mean look at those dimples. “C’mon baby lets go to bed”,he said taking your hand. You both got into bed and cuddled. “Goodnight baby”. “Goodnight lil mama”.

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A loud crash awoke you from your sleep. You shot up and heard more glass breaking. “Nate, baby wake up”,you said shaking Nate. “Wha-What is it baby”,he said not fully awake. “I heard something break downstairs”,you said softly. “Okay, let so go see”,he said. “Nate, please be careful”,you said worried. “Its probably just an tree hitting the window”,he said opening the door. You got up and walked to the end of the hallway. “Hey, c’mon man my familys here. Lets just take this somewhere else”,Nate said to someone in the dark. “Nate, is everything okay”,you said. You then felt someone grab you and put something against your neck. “Look, come on man just let her go okay”,Nate said panicking. “Did you sell on Quincy or not”,the other guy said. “I didn’t go, look heres your money and 2 grams”,Nate said giving him the stuff. “So you just take my money and weed and don’t even sell it”,the guy yelled. “Look man, I was desperate for money okay”,Nate said. The guy pulled out a gun and held it up to Nate’s head. “No, no please. He gave it back now please just let us go”,you pleaded. The guy holding the knife against your neck made his grip tighter. “Shut the fuck up bitch”,he said. You started crying and crying. “Nate, you know I don’t like people fucking lying to me”,the guy said. “Well, well, well looks like we’ve got a family here”,the guy said looking at picture frame. It was a picture of all of us on Christmas Day. “Find the kid”,he ordered on of his men. “Nooo please don’t hurt my baby”,you screamed. “What do you want, I gave you everything back”,Nate yelled. “Too late, you broke my trust Nathan”,he said. 

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You heard crying coming from your daughter’s room. “Mommy, mommy!”,she cried. “Daddy, I want my daddy”,she cried out. He brought her into the living room and she saw us crying too. “I’m scared”,she cried. “Its okay baby, daddy is gonna fix it”,you said. “Please don’t hurt her”,he said. “Yes Nate, fix it”,the guy said. “What do you want”,Nate said through his teeth. “Your wife is a fine catch”,he said. You were going to throw up. “I’ll let you all go, if she becomes mine. Or one of you can be shot”,he said. “Look I gave you everything back, now please let my family go. I’ll work for you again. I’ll do anything”,Nate pleaded. “No Nathan, that won’t work. “Bring the two girls over here please”,he instructed the two men holding you and your daughter. They tied you both to chair and tied your hands and feet. 

“Nate, please help us”,you cried. “mommy, hold me”,your daughter cried. “I can’t baby, I wish I could”,you said looking at her beautiful face. She kept crying and crying. “Now Nate, since you killed your trust with me, you must kill something”,he said pushing Nate in front of both of us. He handed a gun to Nate. “No, no I can’t. Kill me,kill me instead”,he said trying to hand the gun back to him. “Nope, you kill one of them. The love of your life or your little princess”,he said.

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Nate started crying and looked at both of us. Your daughter didn’t understand what was happening. You started crying and you looked at Nate. “Nate,just kill me”,you said. “She hasn’t lived yet, she needs to grow up and seek life”,you said. “I can’t do this, I love you. You’re my soulmate”,Nate said kissing you. “I know, but you’ll meet someone new and raise our princess”,you said smiling. “No, no I need you”,he said. “Nate, don’t choose me baby”,you said. “Will you please just choose one of the bitches”,he said. “Shut the fuck up”,Nate said. “Fine, we’ll choose for you”,he said. He pulled out the gun and shot your daughter. “Noooo, my baby”,you screamed. “Now, we’re even Nate”,he said leaving the scene with all his men. Nate untied you and you couldn’t believe your princess was gone. You fell to the floor crying uncontrollably. Nate held you and rocked you. “This is all my fault baby, I’m so sorry baby”,he said kissing you and crying. 

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The police came and you told them everything that happened. You laid in bed all day and all night for three days straight. Nate didn’t talk to you because he felt so guilty. Today was the day of the funeral. You got up and made yourself look presentable. You walked into the living room and flashbacks from that night just kept popping up in your head. Nate was standing there in the kitchen looking at the spot. “Ready”,you said. He smiled at you and nodded his head. 

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One year later

You and Nate were doing better since that night. You had to move out of that house. And you and Nate had become closer than ever. You still think of her every single day. You and Nate are talking about having another baby, but you didn’t want to replace her. And you didn’t want the baby to later think its  here just because their sibling died. We did want more kids after her. You’ve also you’ve been going on tours with Nate. The fans are the sweetest things ever. Nate loves them so much. Ever since the whole thing that happened, hes gotten closer with his fans. Making more and more events and tours.  He pretty much treats them like his own kids.

50 Last Dates

Title: 50 Last Dates

Last day of the cas-one-week-writers-challenge

Prompt: I would assume those would be one of the times you would want me to lie?

Warnings: Teen and up

Characters: Dean, Charlie, Castiel, Ephraim

Tags: coffee shop AU, fluff, pining Dean, clueless Cas

Word count: 1300

Thank you for all your work this week @deanwinchester-af and @sis-tafics , and thank you for letting me take part in this :)

Dean let the wet rag swirl over the counter, inching closer to the far left corner with each swipe. His eyes were trained on the two tall men sitting 15 feet away from his position, at one of the small tables. He could see both their profiles and from the look of it, the brown haired, younger man didn’t seem to be all too happy.

The dark haired, scruffy guy leaned forward and tried to take the other man’s hands, but he pulled them away in a rather over dramatic gesture. Dean rolled his eyes and sighed, it was one of those guys.

“Is it the fifth dude he’s dumping or the sixth? In what, five months? Your crush is a heartbreaker.”

Dean jumped a little and threw his towel at the small redhead behind him.

“For the love of…Stop sneaking up on me, Charlie!” He resumed his cleaning and ignored her pouting face completely, trying hard to focus on the personal drama unfolding in front of him. A sharp pain shot through his shin.

“Did you just kick me? Ouch! What was that for, woman?”

Charlie turned his head with a surprisingly strong, one handed grip to his cheeks.

“Listen, loverboy, I know blue eyes there is kind of dreamy, but he only ever shows up here to get rid of his latest boyfriend.”

It was hard to talk with squished together lips, but Dean didn’t dare to remove her fingers.

“He does not! He gets a coffee to go now and then, in between, you know, relationships.”

Charlie dropped her hand and Dean massaged his aching face.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt, okay? You are like the big brother I never wanted and that man smells like trouble.”

Dean wanted to object, he smelled like cinnamon and watermelon, not that he’d sniffed the guy, that would be creepy, ahaha, but he kept that info to himself.

“Listen, Charlie, it’s not like I wanna date him, I’ve had opportunities to ask him out, let that old Winchester charme work its magic.” He winked but Charlie seemed utterly unimpressed.

“I just don’t wanna be the rebound guy or a feel good hook up. Dude comes in for more than a month without a new conquest,” he pointed his thumbs at his chest and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, “it’s gonna be on like donkey kong.”

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Hi there i love the stories that you do for the rfa +saeren i was hoping you could do one where you wanna go skating with them but your mom says no but they go anyway thannnnks. Love what you do.

skating? did you mean like ice skating? i’m gnna do ice skating….i hope u dont mind…..ice skating is cute…………..gotta blast

~headcanon requests b closed rn~


  • this! is! so! un! fair!
  • Yoosung has been waiting to take MC ice skating since he met them in APRIL
  • he was crushed when MC told him they wouldnt be able to go together
  • but when MC started talking about how their mom was going on a business trip that weekend
  • Yoosung had a real good idea
  • he shows up at MC’s house unannounced saturday night
  • dressed in his cutest winter outfit and looking especially proud of himself
  • they were in pajamas
  • “MC, grab a coat, cause i’m taking you ice skating!”
  •  “but, Yoosung, my mom will be so mad…”
  • “but your mom isnt here right now”
  • Yoosung winks at MC
  • MC jumps up and tackles Yoosung in a hug
  • “let me just get ready!”
  • after that, the whole night Yoosung is especially hyper since he’s breaking rules and being a lil badass
  • even after ice skating he’s like 
  • “MC, lets go to that 24 hour diner!”
  • “but Yoosung, it’s almost midnight”
  • “hey, no mom, no curfew! right?”
  • MC beams at him
  • “right!”
  • MC doesnt even get back home till like 3 AM
  • Yoosung considers staying the night but maybe thats a little too badass for him OK


  • not only does MC’s mom not want them to go ice skating with Zen
  • she kind of doesnt want them to do anything with Zen
  • cause “he’s just a bum actor who will never amount to anything”
  • ugh parents amiright
  • welp!! MC is just like fuck that he’s MY actor that i LOVE
  • MC was bumming out in their room after their mom said they cant go ice skating
  • Zen came to the door but their mom sent him away
  • “MC, why was that punk kid asking to take you out? i thought i told you to stop seeing him!” 
  • their mom was talking to them through a closed bedroom door
  • “dont ask me, mom. guess he just really likes me. i’m going to sleep now so i’ll see you in the morning”
  • “okay, i’m going to bed too. goodnight, sleep tight”
  • as they answer, they start sending a text to Zen
  • “i cant believe you came to my door…”
  • as they send the text, they hear a faint knocking on their bedroom window
  • they run to the window and open it
  • “Zen??!”
  • “hey baby. i know your mom sent me away, but i promised i’d take you ice skating…so please come with me?”
  • he offers MC his hand
  • and so, MC turns off their lights, locks their bedroom door, and sneaks out of the house with Zen
  • it feels so freeing for MC to be with the man they love
  • they didnt care if they had to sneak out every night
  • they didnt even care if they got caught
  • because for MC, beside Zen is just where they belong


  • Jaehee is not someone to disrespect the wishes of someones parents, OK
  • if MC isnt allowed to go ice skating, she should respect that
  • its not like Jaehee has been looking forward to a cute ice skating date since she realized she had feelings for MC or anything…
  • …its not like she was going to hold MC’s hand for the first time at the rink or anything…….
  • god, why does their mom have to be so strict
  • should Jaehee still try to take them out???
  • is she going to regret doing what she’s about to do
  • Jaehee picks up her phone and texts MC
  • “hey, i know you arent allowed to go ice skating but idk, i really want to”
  • “i wanna go too, Jaehee :(”
  • Jaehee takes a deep breath
  • “well what if we told your mom we were going to do one thing but went ice skating instead?”
  • “oh, yea! that could work. i do that all the time. how about this friday night?”
  • oh well…….shit, that was way easier that Jaehee thought it would be
  • “sounds great!”
  • for a few seconds all Jaehee feels is EXCITED
  • but then the guilt hits her
  • Jaehee takes extra special care to avoid MC’s mom when she picks them up on friday
  • she’s a little shy at first since she cant stop thinking about the fact that she is living a lie
  • but on the ice, MC almost falls and grabs onto Jaehee for support
  • after straightening up, they hold her hand
  • all Jaehee’s anxiety melts away in the palm of MC’s hands


  • Jumin was not used to being told no
  • usually girls line up to go out with him and even their parents are excited
  • but MC’s mother claimed they have no time for silly dates with silly boys
  • honestly Jumin is PISSED
  • he is not a silly boy? he is a serious boy
  • and ice skating is more than silly
  • its romantic, and it’s the perfect time for Jumin to show MC his fun side
  • even Jumin has a fun side OK
  • this really just will not do
  • can he pay MC’s mom off? is that like a thing he can do?
  • he brings it up to MC and they say NO
  • okay thats fine, plan B
  • plan B….plan…B…what should plan B even be….?
  • the only thing Jumin can even think of is to just…steal MC….
  • alright, yea. thats like totally feasible. 
  • so Jumin texts MC to make sure they’re ready to leave
  • when he gets to the house their mom answers the door
  • “i’ve come to take MC on a date”
  • “they wont be going on any dates anytime soon. i’m sorry, Jumin.”
  • she tries to close the door but he sticks out his foot to stop it
  • “MC! i’m here!”
  • they run down the stairs and out of the small space in the door
  • “what the hell-”
  • “dont worry, miss. i’ll have them home by 10 PM”
  • Jumin and MC then proceed to sprint to his car
  • they hop inside and MC cant stop laughing
  • “holy shit i cant belive we just pulled that off….she’s gonna kill me”
  • Jumin tells MC not to worry, he’s prepared to take full blame for this
  • but MC doesnt really care that they pissed their mom off
  • they just want to go ice skating with Jumin Han ITS NOT A CRIME
  • and, just like he promised, Jumin had MC home by 9:50 PM
  • he was hoping that bringing them back early would soften the blow…


  • parents are pesky things…
  • Seven sighs when MC tells him over the phone that the ice skating date was rejected by their all-powerful mother
  • but he’s prepared to find a way to work around this
  • i mean he’s a hacker. he solves problems, finds back doors, and cheats the system all the time
  • “Seven, what are we gonna do?!”
  • MC’s voice pulls him out of his thoughts
  • “give me two hours, and i’ll have a way for us to go ice skating”
  • “okay…i’m trusting you”
  • “i wont let you down!”
  • Seven hangs up and starts to brainstorm
  • after an hour, he still has nothing
  • dammit, brain! work! ice skating is our top priority!
  • finally Seven has a plan
  • its not his most ingenious solution ever, but HE WILL GO ICE SKATING WITH MC IF IT KILLS HIM
  • Seven decides he can take MC out during the day when their mom is at work, they just have to get back before six
  • so the two enjoy themselves at the rink
  • Seven fell like six times
  • it was mostly him squeezing MC’s hand while they pulled him
  • they were having a little too much fun, cause when Seven checked the time
  • “oh fuck, it’s 5:43″
  • they sprint to Seven’s car and he drives as fast as possible to their house
  • when they pull up, MC’s mom was literally in the process of unlocking the door
  • Seven drives to the other side of the house so MC can climb in through their bedroom window
  • Seven’s helping them inside when they hear a knock on the door
  • “MC? how was your day today?”
  • “one sec, mom!”
  • MC whispers to Seven as they climb inside
  • “thanks for a great day. i love you”
  • then with a quick kiss, MC closes their blinds and its as if they never even left


  • ice skating is one of the few christmas activities Saeran enjoys
  • he likes the cold, and he thinks ice skating is really chill like you just skate in a circle with someone cute and hold hands
  • he hates how much he likes it TBH
  • when MC actually agreed to go with him he was so happy 
  • but of course, their MOTHER just had to say no….
  • moms: Saerans mortal enemy
  • “hey MC, i’m coming over”
  • “Searan, i dont think my mom will let you”
  • “you have a window, right?”
  • “yea….?”
  • “perfect”
  • about 15 minutes after that text conversation Saeran was tapping on MC’s window 
  • they open it
  • “MC, are you ready?”
  • they blush and look down
  • “i…i dont know…”
  • “whats wrong? dont you want to go ice skating?”
  • “of course! its just…this is my first time sneaking out”
  • oh my god no way
  • that is so cute
  • Saeran reaches through the open window and takes MC’s hands
  • “i know things like this can be scary…”
  • he squeezes their hands
  • “but dont think about the scary parts. just think about me, okay? i promise i’ll protect you”
  • MC’s cheeks get ever redder, and Saeran helps them out of the window
  • they’re a little jumpy through out the date, which just makes Saeran act even more gentle
  • he never lets go of their hand and keeps them close on the ice, making sure they never fall
  • he shows of his skating skills by pulling MC along
  • they ended up being glad they snuck out
  • it was so worth it to spend the evening holding Saerans hand


I Chose You (requested)

Stiles x reader


A/N- I actually made this a while ago but I was really busy with school so I forgot to post? Enjoy my lovelies! AND REMEMBER REQUESTS ARE OPEN

“Hey Stiles what’s wrong?”

You noticed that Stiles had become more aware of you when you were around the pack. Or his friends. Or school. Or people in general. When you would walk together to class, his hand would always be situated around your waist. At first it was only that, until he started glaring. Whenever Isaac or any guy would look your way, he would stop everything he was doing and just glare at them. Because of this, the other guys in the pack wanted to play with Stiles.

“Huh, oh nothing babe don’t worry.”

You knew he was lying, because he was staring intently at Derek, Isaac, and Scott, who were sitting around Derek’s table. They were speaking in hushed tones, but every few moments they would look up at you at smile or wink. Stiles of course noticed this right away, and couldn’t help it much longer.
He grabbed your wrist gently and pulled you out of the room with him.

“Stiles, what are you-“

He walked you into an extra room in the Loft and closed the door after him.

“Ugh, I can’t take it anymore!” He threw his hands up in frustration and paced the room. You gently sat on the bed in the middle of the room. Patting the space next to you he stopped and looked up.

“Sweetie come here” you cooed. He slowly walked over and sat down next to you. Bringing his hands up he wrapped them around your shoulders, bringing you closer while you pulled him down on the bed. When you were both in a comfortable position in each others arms, you spoke up.

“Stiles are you gonna tell me what’s bothering you?” He took a deep breath.

“They keep looking at you, Y/N.” He mumbled.

“Its ok if they look at me Stiles.”

“No, that’s not why I’m mad. Its just- I don’t like how they look at you. They look at you like they want you and-“

“Are you jealous! Oh my god you’re jealous!” you laughed.

“What! NO! I….ok fine maybe I am a little jealous, but so what. I don’t want to lose you to them.” He avoided looked at your eyes after saying this.

“Babe, you’re never going to lose me. Out of all of the guys in Beacon Hills, I chose you. Do you wanna know why? Because I love you, you’re funny, smart, hot, and nerdy. Just because they look at me or talk or flirt doesn’t mean I’m going to turn around and dump you. I love you, and I’ll never stop.” You brought a hand to his cheek, and he looked up at you. Smiling, he closed his eyes and gave you a slow passionate kiss. When you broke apart, you remembered something. You jumped off the bed, leaving him confused.

“Oh yeah! Stiles, so today the pack invited me to come with you guys to go investigate that new murder.” You knew it was a long shot, Stiles never wanted you to get involved with the pack. They were dangerous, he said.

“Y/N, you knows that’s dangerous.”

“But you’ll be there too, pleaseeee!” giving him the puppy eyes you learned from Derek he finally gave in.

“Uhhh, fine! But if you die I will never forgive you.”

“Don’t worry! I’ll come back and haunt you. Wooooo!” You chased him around the room booing while he threw his arms around you and lifted you off the ground. Laughing until you both calmed down he set you down gently. He brought his forehead down and rested it against your own.

“I love you so much” he whispered.

* * *

“Ok, Scott you’re with me and Liam. Stiles and Y/N you’re with Lydia and Isaac.”

“Oh god, why.” Stiles whispered. Derek crossed his arms over his chest,

“Something wrong Stiles?” he smirked.

“Oh nothing King Derek,” this prompted a few laughs from you and Liam, but a glare from Derek shut you both up.

“Ok then lets go, everyone be careful and stick to the plan.”

After everyone went to their assigned groups, you decided to catch up and walk with Stiles, only for Isaac to hold you back.

“Hey Y/N I just wanted to tell you that you really hot today,” your eyes widened when he winked at you. He made sure that Stiles heard this because when you looked up you saw that Stiles had stopped and turned to face him. Oh no.
“Isaac you do realize that she’s my girlfriend right,” he was clenching his fists and staring him down. You looked at Lydia You looked at Lydia and she shook her head, this wasn’t the right time. You were all in the potential murderers home! He could come out at any time. Which happened to be now.

“WHAT THE HELL, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!” a large man stepped into the doorway holding a pistol in his right hand. Lydia and Isaac both ran, but you were too frozen to move. Stiles tried to grab your hand but the man got to it first.

He yanked you toward him and you fell onto the floor. Trying to get up you were pushed back onto the floor while the man towered over you. Screaming you tried to kick your feet out but to no avail. He raised his gun and aimed it at you. At this point you couldn’t hear anything, not even your screams. Time seemed to slow down as you waited for the shot and closed your eyes. But it never came.

Opening your eyes slowly you saw Stiles standing over the man, he had a hunk of metal in his hand and was breathing heavily. Stiles stopped him from hurting you.

Stiles looked at you and rushed to your side. He crushed you into a hug.

“Oh my god. I love you so much, I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry.” He continued saying this until you noticed the tears flowing down your cheeks. Stiles held and started rocking you slowly until you both calmed down. You looked towards the man and noticed he wasn’t moving.

“Hey what happened they said..!” the others came rushing in but stopped at the sight of you too. When they saw the man lying stone cold they new what had happened.

* * *

On the way back to the Loft you fell asleep in Stiles arms. When the car neared the house, you heard Derek talking.

“That was a close call, I’m glad she’s okay.” The others murmured in agreement. Stiles held you closer than before. You were glad to have someone like him.

“Stop the world I wanna get off with you” - Michael Clifford smut


You had just spent the last hour and a half being bored out of your mind at your aunties wedding, and now you had to spend at least another two being just as bored at the reception.

You were seated at one of the circular tables, watching as you watched the rest of the guests come in. One person in particular catching your eye.

A guy, probably around your age, with charcoal black hair, which seemed fitting as he wore a black button up shirt and black skinny jeans, instead of the tradition white shirt and dress pants people normally wore to these things.

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