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andreil going on roadtrips is literally??? just the?? warmest thing ever????? they werent able to do it before, for spring break, because of all the bad stuff that happened…but just imagine like sometime in the summer. for 2 weeks or so they get to be together, alone, free of worry leaving it all behind ((including kevin much to his distaste bc he didnt want to have the court so far from him but hes able to stick with his dad so its ok. also andrew pulled out the knives))

  • having just the road beyond them!!! they travel for hours with no real destination in mind, only the feeling of being able to be with each other like this 
  • with their fingers loosely laced together in the middle of the console and the windows down with the wind blowing through their hair. sometimes neil will stick his head out to really breathe in and feel his blood rushing because freedom is right here in front of him in the palms of his hands and it feels so good
  • andrew glances at him before turning back to the road again and his heart is clenching and burning with this entirely new feeling because neil still feels like a fucking pipe dream even though he is right there with him. and he always will be.
  • after a while they’d stop at a rest area, or maybe just the shoulder of an empty road. andrew would step out and go to neil’s side and lean against the hood of the car while lighting 2 cigs
  • they both breathe in the smoke while they lean back to stare at the starry sky which is extremely clear without light pollution, except its only neil doing so, because andrew is staring at him from the corner of his eye instead
  • the awe on neil’s face makes the realization hit him that he’d burn down the world if that meant nothing would ever be able to take this away from him again ((am i speaking about neil’s happiness, or neil with andrew? ;)))
  • this muddles his thoughts and almost melts his fucking brain, so much that he has to ask “yes or no?” and pulling neil in by the collar of his shirt when he whispers out a “yes. always yes.” and biting his bottom lip for the last of it in retaliation which makes neil smile against his mouth
  • they spend nights in shitty motels with junk food and candy surrounding them on their bed, courtesy of andrew
  • theyre wrapped in blankets like a cocoon and sharing kisses and nuzzles to necks and soft touches like hands running through hair, warm hands on the back of necks and sometimes barely-there fingertips grazing up and down arms when andrew is comfortable with it
  • neil will send a pic of them on the balcony with the sunrise behind them to the foxes’ groupchat and everyone dies from it. andrew is glaring at neil and flicks the ash of his cig towards him and neil just smiles
  • neil would want to go on runs in the morning, to stick to routine, to sometimes push away nightmares he had the night before, but in the end he will always come back to andrew because he knows he no longer has to be actually on the run. and andrew will be waiting for him
  • and he is, with takeout breakast and a 2nd cig in between his fingers for him, and the steadying presence with the feeling of home
  • they dont exactly have plans for their days, just whatever comes to mind and whats easy, either lazing about watching boring movies with andrew’s legs thrown across neil’s lap or andrew slowly taking neil apart bit by bit with hot hands and harsh kisses. it all works for them
  • ((once neil asked if he’d wanna go running with him sometime and maybe check out whats around and what to do and andrew just stares blankly at him like ‘are you kidding me’ and neil has the audacity to laugh))
  • and even after many years that pass they’ll still take these roadtrips, a lot of them on a whim just to get away from everything and to wrap up into each other and feel how they still fit together like 2 pieces of a puzzle even after all this time
  • until the end of forever
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“Your ass looks great.” “Will you fuck off for a second?”

“You’ve really fucked me over this time.”

“Please let me in.”

genre: fuckboi!jungkook, roommate!jungkook, possibly smut in the future? angstish for now tbh

How you ended up with the world’s biggest fuckboy as your roommate, you don’t know; actually you did but still why you stayed you don’t know. This was seriously one of the world’s wonders; there were no common interests or reasons we had to get along but somehow we both ended up in this place together. You had been placed in the same apartment thanks to your friend Jimin who was moving to his own place and he said he’d look for a roommate for you, you didn’t expect that guy to move the worst person he could possibly choose into your home.

“I’m sorry, okay? He needed a place to stay after getting kicked out of Youngjae’s place.”, Jimin sympathetically told you whilst you tried to enjoy a meal. “If they kicked out, what makes you think I want him?” “Come on, he’s like a younger brother to me, he’s your age. Give him a chance?” “He’s literally the worst, since the day I met him I’ve wanted to murder him.” “Jeez, you need to stop hanging out with Yoongi.” “Besides the point, Jimin.” “I’m sorry, just give him a chance, if you can’t stand him, just leave, come to me, I don’t care, but give it a go. I kinda do wanna live on my own now?” “Am I the problem?”, you asked unamused by his hectic argument. “No, no, it’s not you, it’s just easier to get to work and school from my new place. You’re always welcome over if you need to stay or something, don’t worry.” “Fine, this is all for you Park Jimin.”

The things you do for this guy; you had a soft spot for Jimin, he was like an older brother to you. The one you never had, he really needed a roommate and soon you became friends, that was after realising you guys had mutual friends. Well, now you were living with Jungkook for Jimin’s sake.

It wasn’t too bad at first, neither of you spoke to each other and when he did attempt to make conversation you would simply tell him: “Did we agree on talking at this time or am i hearing things?”, causing him to sigh and give up on trying to gain your friendship. Other times you were forced to speak to him, like when he was in front of the fridge, the stove, the microwave or the door. “Move out the way dickead.”, you told him after he was blocking the entrance to the bathroom. “That’s not how you pronounce Jungkook!”, he pouted as he dried his hair with a towel. “Was I trying to pronounce your name? I don’t think so and you’re still in the way!” “My apologies, my lady.” He would always attempt to joke around with you and be friendly, but you assumed he was doing so to be civil not to be friends with you after he dropped you and Isla back in high school, even if you weren’t friends with Isla anymore, it still sucked.

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lil jolyne goes trick or treating as minnie mouse bc her hair buns make perfect ears

Surprise Party - Jughead Jones

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Maybe a Jughead imagine where you’re dating and it’s your birthday and Jughead plans a cute and lazy day for the two of you since you don’t like big parties?

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I love this so fucken much, I hope you guys do too! (this takes place before the twilight closes btw)

All week you had seen your boyfriend, Jughead Jones, whispering with all of your friends at school. Every time you questioned him on it, he would change the subject to something else entirely. You had an inkling feeling that Jughead was playing some huge, over the top surprise party for your birthday. The thought made you a little sick; it wasn’t that you disliked the idea of having your friends over, it was the idea of having all of your friends over. You weren’t into huge parties or social gatherings, it just triggered a little of your anxiety. You also just plain hated the idea of a surprise party; you just hated not knowing.

One Friday, your fear and curiosity got the better of you so you pestered your boyfriend with questions. 

“So what were you talking to Kevin about?” He remained quiet as you walked to your house.

 “Jughead,” you said, squeezing his hand to get his attention. He turned to face you with a smile, “tomorrow is the start of your birthday weekend, got any plans?” You rolled your eyes, “no, I’m just staying home tomorrow.”

 “Good,” he said, and you groaned. 

“What are you planning, Jones.” he let out a chuckle and you smiled up at him. 

“Who says I’m planning anything,” he teased. You walked in front of him, grabbing both of his hands.

 “You’ve been talking to all of my friends throughout the week. Every time I ask, you just dance around the question.” 

He raised his eyebrows, “maybe I just wanna hang out with your friends.”

 You let out a rough laugh, “you dislike social interaction as much as me.” He smiled down at you, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

 “Don’t worry, Y/N,” he said, pulling you along as he walked you to your house. 

“With you that’s impossible,” he gave you a soft smile and gently squeezed your hand. 

“Well try not to,” he said, walking you to your door. You stopped before you went inside, looking up at him. 

“It better not be a party,” you said, but Jughead just stared at you.

 “I’m not saying anything,” he said as he reached up to stroke your face, “and neither are your friends.” He smiled smugly and you groaned again, hitting him in the shoulder.

 “I hate you Jones,” you whispered, but he leaned down to peck your cheek. 

“You love me,” you smiled at him and let go of his hand to open your door.

 “I do,” you whispered, “but that’s beside the point.” 

He chuckled, “I’ll text you later babe, enjoy your day of leisure tomorrow.” You rolled your eyes and walked inside your house, wondering what your boyfriend was up to.

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i don't know if this counts as a prompt request (if so feel free to ignore!) but do you have any headcanons for jake and amy on valentine's day? an idea of mine is that they're both working late and so they can't go out for dinner or anything and thus jake feels bad and buys amy all the tacky valentine's gifts he can find within a mile radius of the precinct

this got away from me tbh

It starts out with one little innocent comment, as these things usually do. Amy honestly hadn’t meant anything by it - hadn’t even graced the words with a second thought as they left her mouth - because in her mind, it was all categorized as ‘insignificant.’ Stupid, really, would be the better word, but that’s neither here nor there at this point.

This point being 3 AM on Valentine’s day. This point also being her desk, the surface of which is currently buried beneath what appears to be a veritable hoarder’s nest - assuming that hoarder has a fixation on Hallmark’s most successful business venture.

There are five singing teddy bears and at least a dozen boxes of chocolates, six dozen plastic roses (and one dozen real roses in a vase balancing in the inch-wide gap between her desk and Jake’s), all manner of pink and red confetti and plastic hearts and three paper silhouettes of the patron saint himself. Even her chair fell victim: the fuzzy pink blanket is soft as it slips between her fingers.

“Jake,” she says, and his name comes out a bit choked. He’s standing a foot behind her, practically radiating with pride at his work (and it is his work, she knows this beyond a doubt - where the hell else would he have been for the last ninety minutes?). “What - what the hell.”

She hears him shuffle behind her, and then another teddy bear with white fur slides into her vision on her right. She leans away from it, eyeing the red heart sewn between the bear’s paws, before lifting her gaze to stare at his wide, delighted grin. “Did it all while you were interviewing Peters.”

“I - God.” Amy snatches the teddy bear out of his hands. “What happened to not doing anything for Valentine’s Day?” She snaps.

He looks only slightly put-out at her reaction. “I decided not to do nothing,” he says with a shrug. He’s maddeningly, furiously unrepentant. “Oh, c’mon, Amy! I couldn’t not do something after that Teddy comment.”

It’s suddenly very difficult to resist stamping her foot and growling in frustration. “For the last time,” she says, fists clenched around the teddy bear, “it doesn’t matter. The steakhouse wasn’t even that good, and he spent more time arguing with the waiters than actually talking to me. Literally nothing at all would be better than that night.”

“I know!” He gestures to her desk. “That’s why this should completely and totally blow your expectations out of the water! I wiped every bodega within a five-mile radius out, babe. I’m basically the king of Valentine’s Day.”

“Buying a bunch of cheap crap at midnight on Valentine’s Day does not make you the king.” She informs him loftily, which she thinks would normally make him feel bad, except she can’t stop running her fingers through the teddy bear’s fur and he’s definitely noticed the movement. “Ugh. Thank you, or whatever.”

“Sheesh, what is it with you and this holiday?”

“It’s stupid! It’s not even a real holiday! It’s all a conspiracy created by Hallmark to -”

“Hey, Ames? You - you’re allowed to be happy, y’know.”

Jake’s studiously avoiding her gaze now, too busy focusing on rearranging the confetti on her desk. She deflates all at once, suddenly feeling like a complete and total jackass. A complete and total jackass going for nearly twenty-four hours on only three hours of sleep, but a jackass nonetheless. “Jake,” she exhales, and his expression is guarded when he peers up at her through his lashes. “I am happy. I really am. This isn’t - it’s not about us. I just hate this holiday.”

“Not as much as Halloween.”

He’s smiling again, which is a good sign, so she releases a long sigh and nods, before dropping heavily down into her desk chair. “You’re right. Nothing will ever top Halloween. I’m sorry I - it’s just that, I’ve…I’ve never had a good Valentine’s Day.” He furrows his brow as he sits in her guest chair, leaned toward her with his elbows on his knees. “I’ve either been alone, or with the wrong guy, and - I don’t know. I just don’t like it.”

“That’s okay. I’ll like it enough for the both of us.” He reaches for her hand and she gives it to him willingly, smiling in spite of herself at the familiar contact. “We both have tomorrow off, and we don’t have to do anything - we can just hang out and watch TV in our PJ’s. Maybe we can go visit Gina in the hospital or something. It doesn’t matter - I just wanna hang out with you.”

His smile is genuine, but there’s a certain calculating edge to his gaze, so she narrows her eyes suspiciously. “What do you have planned right now?”

“I don’t have anything planned. Have you met me? I don’t plan.”

“I call BS, Peralta. Tell me.”

“Ugh, fine, I have dinner reservations. But I can call and cancel, it’s so not a big deal -”

“Jake,” she interrupts, and then she leans forward and gently squeezes his fingers until he meets her in the middle for a slow, chaste kiss. “Dinner sounds…nice.” She murmurs when he breaks away.

His grin is blinding has he jumps up, pulling her up to her feet, only broadening when she laughs. “It’s gonna be great, I promise. I promise I won’t even talk to the waiter.”

Jake starts toward the elevator, but Amy pulls him back sharply with the hand still clasped in his. “Uh, if you think I’m letting you leave my desk like this -” she gestures to the mess “- you clearly don’t know me at all.”

“But it’s Valentine’s Day!”

“And it’s my desk!

“You’re lucky I love you, Santiago.”

Amy grins. “Believe me, I know.”


Why was Toph put as a police officer? She hates rules and it doesn’t seem like a job she would enjoy wtf?
How about if you just made her a pro wrestler! She loved doing that, maybe she would get super famous and have fan girls, that would be awesome. While I’m at it, why she in a swamp? Makes no sense, she ain’t shrek wtf she deserves a happy family after what she’s been through!!!

Instead of Toph enforcing law and order in Republic City, why not the Kyoshi warriors? They were basically body guards for Zuko and didn’t really have a purpose so why not? That would be cool seeing Suki all badass and expanding the group of the kyoshi.

Why was Katara reduced to just a healer and a mom? I don’t know about you guys but I think she would have made a great president for Republic City, I think that she would be able to help create peace and bring the nations together just as much as Aang would. And maybe she would get a fucking statue!!! Cmon!?
Oh and she could work with zuko and shit, didn’t have to be romantic I just wanna c them hang out instead of pretending like they mean nothing to each other!

Why did you have to make the Kataang marriage so broken and sad? Why couldn’t they just have normal family issues? Why couldnt they be a strong loving family?!?

Need to know more about Zuko dude, oh he had a daughter, mhmm mhhm ok WITH WHO?!? is she an only child or?? Also I wanna c more Iroh Jr cuz damn.

Wtf happened to Sokka? Did he have babies?! With who? Why you do this to me!?!!?

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I love your mer!Lance au! Lance is just so cute! How would Allura and Coran take him in? I mean, the poor fish lost his family just like they did. Would Coran adopt him to be his son? Would Allura take him in as her little half-fish brother?

/)///(\ Ohgosh thank you so much!!! i can totes agree with u lance is such a cutie kek

I can totally see Allura and Coran taking him in and comforting him!!

-Allura comforting him and seeing him as his fishy-brother! 

-bonding and reminiscing about their familys and home planets!!! 

-Allura and Lance Crying together over missing their loved ones! 

-Coran telling him stories of Altea and listening to Lance’s stories of his homelife! 

-Coran cooking family dishes for Lance to try out (except he doesnt like any of them >< He still eats from them tho, he doesnt wanna hurt corans feelings ^^ he hides the rest of it by giving it to the mice) And lance attempting to make his moms old recipes, (and they taste good, but not as good as his mothers >< only when hunk comes in to help do they start tasting as good)

-Allura taking to calling Lance her brother, and everyone looking at her like “What??” 

-Coran calling him his son, and again everyone else is like “Excuse me?? what am i missing here??”


“Allura, I just wanna talk with Lance”

“You mean you want to bang my little brother.”


“Im sorry, Black Paladin, But Lance is busy right now”

“Coran, I can see him sitting in the pool playing, I just wanna hang out with him”

“Sorry, pools closed”

“Coran, Please”

Shiro Is shook he just wants to date the half-fish boy and now he has to deal with Allura and Coran’s protectiveness 

“Do you forgive me?” (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “an imagine about Grayson forgetting/not showing up to a date because he was with his friends or something?”


“Grayson, are you free this weekend? I wanna go out.” You text Grayson one afternoon.

“Yes baby, I’m free. What do you wanna do?” He asked.

“Whatever. I just wanna hang out with you. We’ve both been so busy lately, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages.” You said.

“I know, it does feel like that. Tell you what, I’ll pick you up Saturday night, around 7, we’ll go to dinner, and then we’ll hit up that frozen yogurt shop by your house. Sound good?” He asked.

“Sounds perfect.” You said. You continued texting him until you fell asleep.

* * *

It was finally Saturday night and you were getting ready for your date. You put on a nice blouse, a pair of leggings and slipped on your favorite pair of boots. After you dressed, you touched up your makeup, sprayed on some perfume, and headed into the living room to wait for Grayson. You turned on the TV while you waited, and eventually ended up falling asleep.

You woke up a few hours later, no light in the house other than the television screen. You picked up your phone to check the time, noticing that it was almost 11pm. You also noticed you had no missed calls or text messages from Grayson.

“What the fuck? After two years together, and he stood me up?” You said aloud. You were too tired to deal with the situation, so you didn’t text him and just went up to bed.

You woke up the next morning, still upset about what happened the night before. You checked your phone and still had nothing from Grayson. 

“Alright, fine. He doesn’t want to talk about it, then I wont either.” You said to yourself. You spent the day in bed, watching movies and enjoying some alone time. A little while later, you heard your doorbell ring. You went to answer the door, finding Grayson standing on your porch with a pizza in his hand.

“Hey.” He said awkwardly. “Can I come in?” He asked. 

“Depends on what kind of pizza you got there.” You said. He flipped open the box, pepperonis spelling out “I’m sorry” on it.

“I was gonna take you out for pizza last night.” He said.

“And you think this is supposed to make up for you standing me up last night?” You asked.

“I was hoping maybe a little.” He said. You took the pizza from him and he followed you into the kitchen. “(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I know you were looking forward to going out last night. Trust me, I was too. But Ethan and I got caught up with videos, and then we went over to a friends house to help them film, and then I lost track of time and Ethan and I ended up hanging out there for the rest of the night. I’m so, so sorry.” He explained.

“Why didn’t you just tell me that in the first place? Instead of just giving me the silent treatment.” You asked.

“Because I’m an idiot.” He admitted.

“I would’ve been okay if you would’ve told me that you and Ethan were filming. Because that’s work. But, you stood me up for your friends, that you see all the time. We hadn’t seen each other in almost two weeks.” You explained, taking a bite of pizza.

“I know. And I feel bad. We’ve been dating for two years, and I’ve never stood you up until now. And you know that I will do anything to make it up to you. Whatever you want.” He explained. You stood there in the kitchen, just eating your pizza. “Is it doing the trick?” He asked.

“I think it’s starting to. Apologize once more.” You said as you finished your current slice.

“(Y/N), I am so incredibly sorry for standing you up last night. Do you forgive me?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I forgive you.” You said, kissing him softly.

“Mmmm, pizza sauce.” He said, wiping his mouth, causing you to giggle. You and him hung out at your place, finishing up the pizza and watching movies. It wasn’t the date you had in mind, but you were glad to finally spend time with Grayson.

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hiiii just wanted to share the mikael love for a sec haha i have deaf family and the second he started signing i decided to love him forever it was soooo cute even though he signed his real name anyway i love him and i'm glad you appreciate him because he's already underrated

ahhhh this is so cute!!! him signing his real name made me love him even more tbh like…….it’s hilarious i’m not over it. SOON WE WILL GET MORE MIKAEL CONTENT AND WE WILL THRIVE!

my fave thing about The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo is when the others were trying to get Ram to talk/see them Tanya and April’s like ‘hey u ok??? wanna hang out???’ and Charlie’s just like ‘I got socks??? wanna see my socks?? I can bring my socks over???’

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A Post-Pacifist Sans RP Blog, Soft But Sassy, Full-Fledged Optimistic Nihilist

Mun has too much RP experience to care anymore.

Alright so I keep bringing this up but I really wanna make a Thomas Sanders Discord Server myself. I’d be for like writers, artists, or just general fans that wanna hang out and talk to other fans. I want it to be as hate free as possible since there’s been such a huge influx

But the thing is, is I need feed back or I’ll never know. So reblogs to get the word around about it and various other ways to let me know who and how many ppl are interested in being apart of it. If enough ppl, say like 10-12 minimum, wanna join I’ll  go ahead, make it and set everything up and post a link. If not then I am gonna say I tried, at the very least.