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Heathens - Smut - [thelittlestkitsune]

  A scruffy hoes production. ©

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Rating: NSFW 18+

Pairing: Void/Reader

Words: 5,017


This is dark. It seems light at first but the ending is dark, you know me. Please don’t read if you have any problems with death/suicide. Thank you so much!

AN: Happy Halloween fuckers! The hoes and I couldn’t let the most important of holidays go by without giving you a treat! or is it a trick? Who knows! Enjoy xoxo

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Caught Up In Obscenity (Rajila) - Circe

AN: Halleloo I’m back bitches

I saw Raja and Manila together with my own two eyes and so thought in celebration I should dig up this thing that I wrote ages ago. I have not entirely abandoned AQ, but I frequent it less, so this is not a return, merely a revisiting. Never say never, however.

There were two prompts ages ago: same-season friends-with-benefits and the more specific “people notice that Raja has started wearing mostly Manila merchandise”. This is the love child of both, with a side order of Raven because I’m also kinda Ravja trash apparently. It is definitely not my best work. Sorry.

Title from Ms Luzon herself because I’m unoriginal.

-       Circe x

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Jay Park - Taken by surprise

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When the elevator door opened with a chime, you rummaged in your bag for your car keys as you stepped out of the elevator. You finally found them in between all of the other things in your bag. You knew you carried around too many useless things with you, and you repeatedly told yourself to empty your bag, but you always forgot.

Fishing out your car keys, you walked straight towards your car at a fast pace. You couldn’t stand underground garages. They were scary, especially when the lights were flicking as if they would bite the dust soon.
 You quickened your pace and when you finally saw your car at the end of the garage, you dropped your tensed shoulders in relief.

You were only several meters away from your car, when you heard a loud cough echoing through the silence which sent shivers down your spine. For a moment, you just stood there rooted to the ground, before mustering up your courage and slowly turning you head around to the direction of the voice.

 Your eyes went wide and you dropped your car keys in surprise upon seeing a familiar figure cooly standing there with his back leaned against the white Bentley you knew too well.

“Jay!” You called out loud excitedly. A huge smile appearing on your face.

“Hey pretty,” he greeted you with a wink and opened his arms for you.

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Nya sat against the couch, the night sounds drifting in through the open windows. It was peaceful and dark in the living room, she chewed absently on her inner lip and kept her eyes on her hands. Footsteps alerted her and Jay made his way into the room, he pecked her on the cheek and sat next to her.

“Nice night hmm?” he asked, everybody seemed to be in a sleepy haze that night. Nya nodded in agreement, but continued to fidget. Jay gave her a look of questioning. “What’s the matter?” he asked, brows knitted in concern “you seem off.” She brought her gaze up to meet his.

“Well, I’ve just been thinking about things, the future, you know.” she sat up, she looked her partner in the eyes, “i think we need to go.”

Jay started back, “What? Go where?” he sounded flabbergasted.

“I don’t know how to explain it, i don’t wanna leave our home, that’s not what i mean, but-” she drew a hand to her stomach and sighed. “Look i don’t like the idea of hiding either but it might be best.”

“Hiding?” He was awake now, “what are you talking about Nya, did something happen?”

“No, well, im thinking about Stormy.” That was the pet name they had adopted for the baby, neither parent had no idea what they would be or what they would name the baby yet, so the nickname popped up, a personal joke. She looked down at her still fidgeting hands. “What would a baby do in all of this?”

“All what?” He leaned close to Nya, concern continually growing on his face. “What happened?”

“Nothing- yet, and i want to keep it that way.” she turned back to him “do you honestly think that any of our enemies would hesitate to use a baby as a chip to keep us from attacking? The only one who ever cared about kids was Garmadon, and that was only because Lloyd was his!” She took a deep breath “i think it’s time to disappear, at least until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

Jay sat back against the back of the couch, running his fingers through his hair, “what about the people? We can’t just leave them, what about the rest of the team?”

“I’ve been talking to Zane, and he and P.I.X.A.L. are already looking into it.” her eyes narrowed “And I’m not saying abandon the people!” she snapped “I’m just saying that maybe its best to lay low, not let anybody know, like a secret.”

“That doesn’t just mean not appearing in front of the people, that means no PTA meetings, no going to soccer games, at least not without a disguise, or something along those lines,”

“You act like i don’t know that.” Nya retorted, voice shaking “this wasn’t going to be easy, we knew that and we know that, but what else should we do? If they can capture Lloyd or my parents as fully trained warriors, what would a toddler who can barely walk do? What would an infant do, they don’t care they just want a legup, we know that.” she looked at him desperatly, “i would rather have to miss a few big events then risk losing my kid, i want to be there im not going to let this family get separated!” Nya lept to her feet, but then her anger broke into worry “im going to be there, and i would rather they be-”

“Woah woah woah,” Jay held up his hands and interlocked their fingers “i understand.”

“I know, i know,” Nya flopped back onto the couch, rubbing her temples “im just worried, but then again who isnt.”

“Hey hey hey, Nya its going to be fine, it will work out in the end,” He looked at the water ninja with a nervous grin “even if its difficult, we’ve saved the world like seventeen times, i think we can figure this out.”

“Nya is right” the third voice made both of them jump. Standing in the doorway was Lloyd, Kai, Cole and Zane standing behind him. “What other choice do we have?”

There was a solemn ripple of agreement through the rest of the group. Nobody liked it, but it was what had to be done. They would have to play a vanishing game.


A.N. - Howdy! This is the prolog to the rest of the series. Im aware that writing isnt my strong suit and the characters may be a bit O.O.C. and im working on that. Any advise is welcome.

And i know stormy is a dumb nickname, thats the point.

How Did You Know? - Requested (Luke)

Hey, this is two anon request together, fingers crossed you guys like it (Can you do a Luke imagine where he and the boys are pretending to work at target and they are handing out their album and Luke sees y/n and finds her really pretty and starts to really like her and he get close and the start to date and it’s all fluff. 👍�� I love your writing. It’s amazing. Your account is my favourite I check it everytime I’m on tumblr haha. Please make this imagine longer than what I put haha. Thank you! 😄)

AND ( can you do a thunder storm one with Luke and y/n) gets scared and they like cuddle and watch movies and its like all cute and fluff pleaseeeee and thank you❤️❤️❤️😭 qlsnel.�w��� )


‘I know, I’m sorry, can you please just text it through’ you huff at the lecture you’re getting, ‘(Y/N) its gonna take me a while’ she moans, ‘Yeah don’t worry, I’ll just wait’ you tell her, ‘Thanks’ and you hang up quickly before she can moan further. You’d agreed to do the shopping even though it was your flat mates turn however you’d completely forgot the list, leaving it on the breakfast bar. You climb out of your car and decide to take a look in Target while you wait, maybe you will find something for your cousins birthday.

You smile to a guy wearing a red target shirt at the door as you enter and he nods rushing past making you laugh as he nearly walks into one of the shelves, you cough to cover your laugh and shake your head heading over to the electronics. You settle on some black Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones and head over to look for a new CD for your car.

‘Hey, you should buy this’ a guy with dark hair wizzes past dropping something onto of the box your carrying, you spin to call him, but notice it’s the new 5 Seconds of Summer album, although completely rude and random, you don’t complain, and continue over to the CD allies anyways. You hum as you look through the different ones, biting your lip slightly.

‘Hey’ your head snaps up at the sound of the male voice and you see a guy at the end of the allies, you smile a little, ‘Hi’ you call back but he turns his face to talk to someone else so you take no notice and continue looking through the options, ‘So, er…do you like this band?’ he asks, you turn looking to the CD in his hand, you laugh picking up your own that the other guy had left with you.

‘I do…holy shit’ you mutter, now looking up the guy wearing a red target shirt, but he is not a target employee, its Luke Hemmings, his lips spread into a bigger smile as he knows you’ve clicked on. ‘What the hell?’ you question frowning and he laughs, placing the CD back on the shelf across from you. ‘What do you mean? I’m just a target worker promoting this amazing album by this rocking band’ he shrugs teasingly.

‘Oh really?’ you question, biting your lip you shrug, ‘Cause from what I heard they are you know’ you look around as if telling him a secret before leaning in and whispering ‘Shitty’ be laughs, ‘But I’m guessing you know that right? I mean having to hear their stuff all the time’ he smirks as you lean back and Luke seems to be taking it lightly as he laughs shaking his head.

‘How did you know? My disguise is so good’ he jokes waving down at his red target shirt and you nod appreciating the excuse to check him out. ‘You should defiantly work on that, maybe a wig…possible a little blue eyeshade’ you tell him, he hums, ‘Blue? Really and that’s gonna match my shirt?’ he asks making you smile as you nod, ‘Totally’ your phone buzzes in your pocket and you sigh, remembering you have the shopping to do, you pull it from your pocket.

‘Boyfriend?’ he asks as you open the message from your roommate and you scoff shaking your head, ‘Nope shopping list from my roommate’ you tell him, ‘Which is my queue to head out’ you nod slowly, pushing your phone back into your pocket.

‘STOP TAKING MY CD’S’                                                                                                




You frown hearing yells, Luke easily looks over the allies and rolls his eyes laughing lightly, ‘And that’s mine’ he tells you nodding his head to them, you laugh, ‘I can’t see’ you tell him and he awe’s causing you to glare. ‘You should probably give me your number’ Luke tells you confidently, you frown with a small laugh. ‘Whys that?’ you question.

‘Well…you know, encase you need a hand setting up your headphones its all part of out aim here at Target to go further to help our customers’ he nods to the box making you smile a little more, ‘You make a good case’ your agree. Two minutes later after typing your number into his phone you head off to the checkout while he rushes round the alias to who you assume are the rest of the band as the arguing continues.


Another crack of thunder rumbles the nights air as you climb into Luke’s car, you sigh, breathing out before Luke climbs into the driver’s seat. ‘So, where to now? I was thinking…maybe we could go for a drive?’ he asks just as lightning flashes through the dead streets. ‘Erm, actually Luke’ you look to him feeling your hands trembling. ‘Would it be okay if we went to mine?’ you asks, ‘It’s just…the erm, I don’t like the thunder’ you tell him quietly feeling like an idiot.

His eyes widen slightly his mouth forming an o, ‘Shit, yeah, yeah no problem, sorry I didn’t realise’ he explains starting up the car, ‘If you had said I could have brought the car to the door of the restaurant, are you okay?’ he asks looking worried.

‘Oh yeah, I’m good, I just wanna go home and hide under a blanket’ you laugh trying to make light of the situation as Luke was clearly feeling a little guilty for making you stay out in it. ‘Of course, we can watch I movie, I’ll protect you’ he winks over to you, you can’t help the smile that stretches your lips at the fact that he isn’t bored of you, or wanting to run away. ‘Really?’ you question, he looks over eyebrows knitted together as he nods, ‘Of course yeah, I mean if you don’t mind’ he shrugs looking back to the road and you laugh relieved.

‘Yeah, that would be amazing actually’


You jog from your room, bouncing into the living room where Luke is sitting on the sofa, his phone in his hands; he looks up when you move into the room, placing his phone on the arm of the sofa. ‘Lightening shut out’ he tells you pointing to the closed curtains, ‘I picked an awesome film, turn up the volume and thunder has gone’ he adds, picking up the case to ‘White Chicks’ and waving it to show you, you smile.

‘Well then, I guess that’s everything’ you shrug making your way to the blanket folded on the other sofa, ‘Now you just gotta get your ass over here’ he tells you patting the space next to him and you laugh, ‘Well Lucas aren’t you the sweetest’ you tease making him laugh, ‘I try’ he winks as you cuddling into his side, his arm holding you close as you pull the blanket over the pair of you.

‘You comfy?’ you ask as he picks up the controller, ‘Couldn’t be better’ he tells you, ‘You feeling okay?’ he checks and you hum, nuzzling your face into him a little more, ‘Couldn’t be better’ you giggle. ‘You know this isn’t exactly how I planned our first date’ he speaks into your hair making you smile at his closeness. ‘No?’ you ask, ‘I’m not sure I could have done better though, I’ve really loved getting to know you over the last week’ he tells you, you look up to him and nod, letting his blue eyes pull you further and further in. ‘Are you gonna kiss me then?’ you giggle making him smile ‘How did you know?’ he winks before moving his lips gently against yours.

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