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u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood


Summary: “He looks at you, he looks at you like you’re fucking indestructible. Maybe you are. Maybe you could take a bullet right now, and you wouldn’t feel a thing.

You can feel your own youth, tonight. You never feel young when he isn’t around. You never felt young before he came around. He touches you like you’re young. Like you’re halfway his, halfway in debt to the cracked pavement. You are.”

Or, the canon-compliant, second-person story of Mickey, from Season 1 to Season 7.



If you’re ace and/or aro, and have a personality disorder (szpd, npd, bpd, avpd, etc.) you are valid!

If you’re ace and/or aro and are autistic/ASD, you are valid!!

If you’re ace and/or aro and have low empathy, you are valid!!

If you’re ace and/or aro and have depression and/or anxiety, you are valid!!

If you’re ace and/or aro and just plain don’t connect with people well, platonically or not, YOU ARE VALID!

even if you don’t feel platonic love or familial love to “”‘fill the hole’””, you are valid and you are cared for and you are completely and utterly welcome in my community to exist and thrive and survive just the way you are!

heyy i made a drawing/writing meme..? so the basic idea is you draw/write a character as the four elements on each side of the wheel. the center is the default, and then on the sides you draw/write the candy, ice, fire and slime version of the character

i meant to fill it first before posting this here but idk when i’ll finish, so here it is! if anyone wanna use it! i just wanna post this before the week ends tbh. feel free to use it and tag me bc i totally wanna see it!!


i feel that this is necessary?? because guys, slam dunk

also i’d rather do other things than write my dissertation

I remember when there were barely enough stories for one page under the “Jughead Jones/Betty Cooper” tag on AO3 and now there’s 50+ pages filled with amazing content written by some talented people! In short, I love how the Bughead fam has grown in just a few months and I just wanna say thanks to all the authors for all these fics ❤️

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I just finished soc and ck and now I'm so sad ughhhhhh do you have any book/series recommendations for anything as good as soc or any way similar idk I NEED SOMETHING TO FILL THE HOLE IN MY HEART THAT THOSE BOOKS LEFT IN ME

dude.. same??? i’m so sorry to break it to you but i’ve yet to find anything quite like SoC. i can direct you to my main blog @rulingthecastleonthehill and my tags page there which has like other books i’ve enjoyed if you wanna do that. if your looking for the grittiness/dark aspect but not much else i can rec The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakovic (def check out trigger warning being you do tho cause damn) if you want the impossible Heist aspect, i might recommend the Heist Society Series by Ally Carter?? they’re MUCH lighter, not dark at all and intended for a bit of a younger audience but they’ve got the band of teenage thieves thing going on, they’re fun if nothing else. but yeah honestly there’s nothing quite like six of crows….

if anyone of my followers have recc’s few free to send them in for anon/anyone else

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Hey uh *laughs nervously* you got any breeding kink recs? Like not necessarily a/b/o or even breeding rly (tho that's fine), but like dirty talking shit like "I wanna fill you up,"or comeplay/creampies? Just being obsessed with the other getting all messy

okay so we have a dirty talk tag, but for fics dealing specifically w breeding/breeding kink:

Ty’s Semi-annual drillathon by TyrantTirade (chapter 4)

Sometimes I just write meaningless porn for shits and giggles, I’m a little bit tired of it just sitting around in docs. So this is just a porn trashcan.

Biological Imperative by stuckytrash (Watsittoyou) (abo, mpreg)

In which Bucky wants to have Steve’s baby, and Steve is a very concerned dad-to-be.

you were a kindness when I was a stranger by suzukiblu (abo, past noncon)

The asset’s heat is syncing with his mission’s rut.

Or maybe that’s supposed to be the other way around.

Puppy Playtime by Elvarya85 (puppy play)

Steve leaves Bucky at home all day stuff with a vibrator. When he finally gets home, he has some very specific orders in order to let Bucky come.

and also maybe

the beloved body by yasgorl (feminization)

“You liked it?” Bucky asks lowly, the shape of Steve’s thoughts emerging like an image forming in a darkroom.

Obsessed| Part Three

Negan x Reader x Daryl

Back to the start: Here

Part 2

Next Part: Here

Words: 1.497

Summary:  The reader is the 20 years old daughter of Rick, in a relationship with Daryl for some months now. When Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, Daryl attacked him because Negan was interested in you.

A/N:  Coming Chapters contain smut, drugs and suggested rape


“Soooo,” Negan said with an amused face, “Who is the next one?” He walked his round, passing the rest of my family and I was shaking the whole time. Someone will die, again, and I wouldn’t be able to avert it.

“How about you, doll-face?,” he whispered out of nowhere behind me and I started to scream.

Sweaty I woke up and realized how Carl was trying to calm me down but I was shaking and tears were falling down my face. 

It was just a dream, nothing more. Negan wasn’t here, no one will die, for now.

“It’s ok Y/N, I am here, you dreamed,” Carl tried to comfort me and I nodded slowly.

“Just a dream,” I repeated his words and swallowed hard.

“You dreamed about Negan?,” he asked quietly and I saw to my little brother with widened eyes, “You are speaking when you sleep.”

“Oh damn,” I mumbled and felt how I blushed.

“It’s ok, I was relieved you didn’t dream of this other bastard. Every night you were mumbling his name in pain,” he mentioned and I closed my eyes ashamed of what he heard. 

Daryl never had said anything, perhaps he thought I didn’t want to talk about it. For me it was a strange feeling having the first night for a long fucking time not dreaming of the man, who blessed my life with these horrible nightmares, but maybe I was getting over it?

“You know, Negan won’t hurt you, I won’t allow it,” Carl said seriously and shocked I looked to my brother.

“Carl, please promise me you won’t do anything stupid. He is dangerous,” I was begging him and stood up of my bed. The sun was about to rising and I didn’t wanna go back to bed again.

“I won’t, but if he looks at you the same way as the last time I won’t be quiet!”

Every single person in Alexandria was scared. Most of them, wo hadn’t seen Negan so far, thought with panic seeing the man who just killed two of their people and kidnapped one other. My dad didn’t want me around and first I wanted to stay inside, hiding from the man, who had my boyfriend in his power, but I realized that hiding was childish and so I stood next to my brother when the Saviors came, with their big cars and their pack of people.

“I wanna cut off his head,” Rosita hissed behind me and I was so close telling her how much I would like to see that but than my attention fell to Negan, who just got off his car. 

His appearance was amazing but quickly I remembered, he was a murderer and completely crazy.

He had Daryl, he killed Glenn and Abraham. I should think everything of him, except the fact he looked kind of handsome.

He welcomed my dad and I hadn’t even realized my brother wasn’t at my side anymore. Oh Lord, please don’t let him do anything stupid! Worried I looked through the crowd, hoping to see him anywhere, but it was like he just disappeared.

“So your stuff is my stuff from now on and everyone stay here, while we take what is ours”, Negan said loudly to all of us and with disgust I watched how at least two dozen men started to walk to our houses and rifle through our stuff, taking what ever they want to take. 

I saw how they took our mattresses, our guns and I was so happy Judith wasn’t here. She and Enid went together with some other woman outside. Just to thought what Negan could do when he might see my baby sister made me sick.

“How much do they take?”, I asked and saw how my dad looked with shock in his eyes to me but I didn’t want to stay silent and let Negan took all our things.

“Oh fuck, there is our doll-face,” Negan laughed amused when he recognized me and walked to me, “How are you sweetheart? Still mad I kidnapped your boyfriend?”
“How is he?,” I asked with pain, when he mentioned Daryl and I saw how he licked over his lips.

“Oh I dunno, Daryl, how are you?”, Negan shouted and when I followed his sigh, I thought my heart stopped beating. Daryl was here. He was here and he was alive, but when I noticed how he looked like, it was heart breaking. He wore clothes like a prisoner and they were dirty, while his sigh showed how broken he was. My strong hero was broken.

“Daryl…”, I breathed and wanted to walk to him, but in this moment Negan embraced my body from behind and pushed me back.

“Hey!”, my father screamed afraid and I saw how Daryl was about doing something stupid but I shook my head and turned around to Negan, who was smirking.

“No fucking one of you is going near to him or it won’t end that well”, he said happily and let me go.

“And what are you doing with him?”, I asked with anger and saw how my dad looked at me like he wanted to kill me for my cheeky behavior  and maybe he is going to do this when Negan is gone.

“Everything I fucking want”, Negan whispered and I had to remind me to keep breathing when he looked me in the eyes, like he was a predator and I was his feed.

“You are disgusting,” I said quietly and he started to laugh.

“You can be glad that you are so damn fucking hot, doll-face, otherwise this wouldn’t end that well,” he answered, “Isn’t she hot, Daryl? I would love it to have you around more often” I saw to my boyfriend whose face showed so much anger and helpless I looked to my dad, but he seemed like he had no fucking idea how he could stop him, when it was too late and Daryl was about running to Negan, but before he could even reach him and I started to scream, it was someone else who attacked Negan and it wasn’t Daryl.

“Don’t you dare to touch my sister again!”

“Carl,” I said shocked and looked to my little brother, who just hold a gun to Negan’s head.

“Your sister?,” he laughed way to happy for this situation, “You are Rick the pricks daughter?” He smiled even more, when he saw my dad’s afraid sight.

“So Y/N, you should tell your little brother to fucking take this gun away from my head,” Negan said and sounded still amused but I heard his rage in his voice.

“Carl, please,” I was begging my brother and saw how everyone was watching us and how almost every fucking gun was directed to my brothers’t head. It was like in my nightmare, someone will die.

“He can’t just came here, act like a jerk and start flirting with you so he can punish Daryl, when he is about to do something stupid,” Carl shouted and Negan’s smile disappeared.

“I guess we need to kill some more of you guys. It is like you don’t want to understand.”
“No, please.. he is just a kid and it is my fault,” I said scared and Carl let the gun fall, when he realized he had no chance, without everyone be killed.

“Negan, he is just a boy and wanted to protect his sister,” my dad started to calm Negan but he didn’t seem like he wanted to hear all this excuses.

“I have a better idea than killing one of you, I just take your kid with me,” he said with a happy smile and I thought he was kidding all of us. He just couldn’t took Carl with him. I saw to Daryl, who was hold by other men of Negan and I thought about my young brother being in the same situation. I just can’t lose him too.

“No,” Dad breathed and saw to Carl, “Please take me and not my son… I…”
“Not your son, what should I do want from your rebellious son? I want your daughter.”’

“What?,” I asked acute and my dad looked even more shocked while Daryl was brought back to one of the cars, when he started to scream and wanted to help me but in this moment everything happend too fast. Carl was pushed away from me and Negan grabbed my arm.

“When you start to comply with me, I don’t need to harm anyone else,” he whispered in my ear and my eyes filled with tears when he pulled me with him.

“Can I say goodbye?”, I asked but the answer was clear. I was like his possession and from now on everything will change.


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What is Rumbelle Summer Vacation?

It started with this post! Rumbelle Summer Vacation is a fan event planning to run through the month of August. Rumbelle got their Happily Ever After at the end of season 6, and as we know, Belle has always wanted to see the world. And so, through the month of August, the idea is for thirty-one (or more!) Rumbelle fans to each pick a day and a location, and then post about somewhere Rumbelle went on their travels!

What kind of works are accepted?

Anything! Literally anything! As long as it’s complete and has not been posted before, is set post-season 6, and is about Rumbelle travelling. Fanfiction is great, so are edits, comics, drawings, videos, whatever you can think of!

Do I have to post on the day I pick?

One of the (very few) downsides to one-day fic events and exchanges, is that some awesome works get lost in the deluge. The idea of RSV is to spread it out, so everyone gets a day when their work is the centre of attention. Ideally, since it’s nearly two months away, everyone should post on their chosen day. 

However, we can accommodate closer to the time if there are problems! Remember, queuing is a thing if you’re busy the day of posting, and this blog is capable of posting submissions if you really can’t be around to post on a free day! In the end if you can’t post, no worries :D

Do I have to choose a new location?

Again, the idea is to put the spotlight on whoever posts that day, so it makes sense for each fic to be a new variation. You have the whole world at your disposal - if you’re really stuck, have Rumbelle visit your home town! 

If you have a really excellent idea, but the location is already chosen, then at least try and narrow it down. But please try and make this a last resort!

Are Anyelle and/or smut allowed?

Smut is most definitely allowed, so long as its appropriately tagged! Unfortunately this is supposed to be a Happy Ending post-s6 Rumbelle event, so Anyelle stories don’t really fit the bill. However, if you want to have another Bobby show up in your story, by all means go for it!

How about if I’m an angst-lord and want to make readers cry?

I mean, I can’t stop you, but this is about celebrating our hard-won happy ending! So if you make the babies cry, you gotta try and fix it by the end. 

How do I sign up?

The sign-up sheet is HERE - please fill in your name and location next to your chosen date!!!!

Please don’t edit beyond that, or move anyone else’s entry! - anyone who does tamper with it beyond that risks ruining the event for anyone, and so Ru will hunt you down and murder you.

It’s my day: how do I post?

Either submit your work to this blog, or post it to your blog and send us the link so we can reblog it! Or both! Just make sure and tag #rumbellesummervacation in the first four tags so we can find it!

I wanna help!

Awesome! Hopefully this event will basically run itself, I could do with a few people who’re willing to keep an eye on the spreadsheet, provide encouragement to entrants who need help, or make sure this blog is up-to-date, please send me an ask! - @rufeepeach

you know whenever those damn m/erthur stans wanna stick to their ship above all else because of the way it impacted their lives as lgbt+ people im like aight thats a valid argument

but then like you get into the fic tags and its filled with nothing but mp/reg, r/ape, non-consensual shit etc and you’re like…. aiiiighttt

if i see one more omega whatever thing im gonna gouge my eyes out


Brain wouldn’t stop itself. Small drabble about Prompto arriving back in Lucis after the events of Episode Prompto and Chapter 13. Very, very mild spoilers for Episode Prompto. Enjoy!

Prompto x reader.

1071 words.

Your heart stopped when you saw them arrive.

You thanked the Gods for the lighting on the dock at Cape Caem, the only shining light in the current eternal darkness that engulfed your surroundings. You had been staying in Lestallum following the boys’ departure, aiding refugees and helping the city grow, and had received a phone call from Iris that your friends were on their way back from Gralea following Noctis being absorbed by the crystal. You had rushed over to see them as soon as you could, praying you would get back in time to see them arrive.

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Shifter / Part II

Summary: Reader, as a child, was one of HYDRA’s experiments, which resulted in her being able to shapeshift into other people. Living and working with the Avengers after being rescued by them, the Reader becomes ill as the ‘Civil War’ starts, and Steve trusts Tony to take care of her. So how does she react when Tony recruits a new member the same age as her?

Author’s note: Here it is! Part 2 to ‘Shifter’! Hope you guys enjoy, as this is where they finally meet! Also sorry if it turns out looking weird, had to edit and post on mobile so I’m dealing with HTML!!

|| Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Coming soon!

Peter Parker x Reader

The beeping of the machine monitoring your heartbeat is the only sound filling the room. Tony stands a few feet away from where you lie, pressing buttons and scrolling through data about your health. And the rest of the team stands on the other side of the glass, Steve’s arms crossed and Natasha’s head leaning on the door frame. They all think you’re asleep, your eyes are barely open, and Steve quietly comes and sits next to you.

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White Fang (Part 3) (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by little--batman

Summary: The Winter Soldier legend never went by itself, It always was by the hand of another one… the legend of a big white wolf.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1200

This is my masterlist!

White Fang Part 1 - White Fang Part 2

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White Fang (Part 3)

Wanda decided that it was time to finish her training for the day so she said goodbye to Steve and Bucky knowing that they planned to stay there for a few minutes more, knowing both of them maybe hours would be more precise. She took a quick shower, changed her clothes and went straight to the kitchen to grab a snack. 

“So you write anything there and the information just show up like magic?”

Your voice caught Wanda’s attention, you’ve been in the facility for a week but she hasn’t had the chance to have a proper conversation with you yet. She was curious, her character was like that, but she was doing her best to not invade your privacy, to let your thoughts out of her mind. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t hear that conversation if she made her presence known.

“Is not magic, but yes,” Peter said as Wanda entered the kitchen “you just type a few words that sum up what you want to know and the browser will show you the results. Hey, Wanda.”

“Hey, guys. What are you doing?”

“I’m teaching this girl here how to use a computer”

Wanda smiled at you and you returned it as she opened the fridge’s door and poured herself a glass of orange juice. You inhibited a little but decided that it wasn’t a big deal, she was someone you never talked with but she was Bucky’s friend, so that gave you a sense of tranquility.

“Can you look up something for me?” you asked looking at Peter again.


“I want to know about Peggy Carter”

You calmly called James’ name when you heard that the shower was being turned off, to let him know that you were there.

You had your own room in the facility, a few levels under this one but it seemed so big, so luxurious and impersonal that you didn’t feel comfortable there. You were aware that you were being ridiculous because Bucky’s room was exactly like yours, the only difference was that this was his room and maybe that was the thing that makes you at ease. The way the bed sheets and the pillows smell like him, the small pile of books on the furniture, the backpack placed on the chair near the window.

Bucky smiled to himself when he heard you calling his name from the other side of the door.

“Is everything ok, doll?” he asked, putting his clothes on in a rush.

“Yeah, I was just thinking…”

“And did it hurt?” he interrupted opening the door and laughing at the sight of you lying in his bed with your head nestled in his pillows that were placed in the middle of the surface so you could lie there and put your legs on the headboard.

“Very funny” you sarcastically laughed pretending to be angry at that, not minding at all that he was seeing right through your unconvincing facade.

He made his way to you and rest the side of his body in a way that he could kiss you.

Kissing James’ lips, that was something you really missed. The way his hand always ended against your cheek and how his thumb caressed it even now that he was upside down. Or that you were upside down, it didn’t matter. You laughed in the middle of the kiss and pushed him softly.

“I’m mad at you!”

“You are a terrible liar!” he complaint making you burst into giggles “What are you supposed to be mad about?”

“I am mad,” you remarked “cause I was trying to tell you what I was thinking about but you don’t listen”

He let out an annoyed sighed that sounded even faker than your lie.

“Well, what were you thinking?”

“I was thinking… that maybe… I don’t wanna know who I am anymore”

“And why wouldn’t you want to know? I remember it was important to you” He sat on a side of the bed and you reluctantly did the same but with your body facing him “You wanted to know”

“I just…” you lowered your eyes and started staring at your hands “Forget about it. I think I’m going for a walk, wanna come with me?”

He expressed his disapproval but decided to go with you either way.

You knew that the truth was something you couldn’t escape from even if you tried to but the perspective of having a past that everyone knew way better than you was terrifying. Everyone seemed to claim it as their own, and you couldn’t even remember what your name is. That was unfair.

“What if I’m not enough?” That scary thought left your mouth when you were a few blocks from the facility before you could stop it. Bucky had let you think, not bothered about the fact that you both were walking quietly beside the other. You glanced at him “What if I am not enough to meet everyone’s expectations? What if I can’t fill Margaret Carter’s shoes? What if I can’t even fill my old self’s shoes?”

His hand got off from your grip but before you could protest his arm was around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his body. Bucky took a moment to chose the words he wanted to say.

“I am not Bucky Barnes,” he stated as you both kept walking through the streets “Well… I am Bucky Barnes, but I am not him, you know. I am not the Winter Soldier either, nor your James either. I am sorry about that.”

Yes, you thought you understood. He waited till you nodded to keep talking.

“I am those people but just fragments. I had my time to figure out who I was. I am a different person and I don’t know if want to pick a new name for who I am now. I’m just trying to be better.” you snuggled a little to his side “A better version of me. I don’t think that is a good idea to try to fill a hole. The person you used to be is gone, you’re different now. You’re not who you were and you’re not Peggy either. You shouldn’t try to be one of them, is pointless”

He placed his lips softly to your forehead causing a content smile to appear on your lips.

“You’re just amazing, you know?”

He nodded, shamelessly grinning before you stood on your tiptoes to kiss him.

“Not as amazing as you”

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