i just wanna change her outfit

ok now that my meltdown is somewhat over i’m gonna analyze shots in the last jedi teaser, as well as stills and info they released

probably rey coming out of a vision

if you look in the background she still has the lightsaber. i’m trying to figure out what else is going on in the background though, what is the patterned thing on the right? the sole of her boot? if so what position in she in lmao

i really like this shot, the map is similar to holograms in the prequels and it’s good to see the resistance in a location that isn’t inexplicably overrun with vines

i really hope this is the result of a tantrum and not an undeserved redemption arc. there’s broken glass around it so idk… also it’s smoking

ok lmao did i not CALL the tree of time force tree having ancient secrets that rey would unlock. has there ever even been a physical book in star wars before

the jedi symbol presumably in one of the books although it could easily be from somewhere else and they’re just tricking us into thinking it’s from one of the books

whoever is perusing it is wearing gloves for some reason. i really wanna know what lore is going on here

this is PRESUMABLY rey with anakin’s lightsaber and luke watching… but some people have commented that the rock next to her looks like yoda is sitting on it

which would make no sense lmao like if it is him i feel like he should be translucent and glowing… that does call into question the person watching though

because that’s definitely not the outfit we’ve seen luke in. like obviously he can change clothes but we haven’t really seen anyone with that length of coat yet

;___________; i’m guessing this is from the VERY beginning of the movie. all i’m saying is they better have something really cool they’re hiding

ok at first i was gonna ignore this generic falcon flying/fighting shot completely but i realized… the fact that it’s in action at all tells us something. because it came to ahch-to with rey and chewie and now it looks like it’s… not there… i mean i guess that could be ahch-to on a nice day but idk. wherever it is it seems to confirm they’ll be leaving ahch-to which is great imo

i love this shot. aggressive and athletic. and is it just me or is she also not on ahch-to here? it seems like flat landscape… again assuming it’s anakin’s lightsaber. speaking of which his lightsaber has only featured in two movies in each trilogy so i’m assuming it’ll be removed from the picture in this one

another shot i like. definitely another flashback to the destruction of luke’s academy or whatever it was supposed to be

let’s lighten this one up first

in the tree, rey’s staff propped up against the wall. this also brings me to the AUDIO of the teaser

kyle: i only know one truth

luke: it’s time for

from a different scene, luke OR maybe someone else: the jedi

from another different scene, luke: to end

as dramatic and mysterious they’re trying to make this i’m not that interested because you know disney won’t end them so

ONTO the stuff we learned OUTSIDE the crappy trailer

first of all i just wanna remind you of this interview from a year ago

And besides, Ridley already knows who Rey’s parents are – and she doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. “I think the amazing thing about [Episode VII] is that Finn and Rey don’t come from anywhere, and they find a place,” Ridley, who’s currently filming Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII, said. “So to me, it’s funny that people think it’s so important because I don’t really think it is.”

then during the panel yesterday they asked her “are you and luke related by blood” and she shook her head and the interviewer’s straight up like “ok no to that one”

THEN during this interview she says

and rey, i thi– obviously he doesn’t even know who she is when she turns up, like, with this frickin’ lightsaber that he’s not seen in however long

and during THIS interview she first of all said she thought it was already answered in tfa (which she has also said multiple times before), AND there was this from rian

interviewer: are we going to find out who her parents are?

rian: uhhh [high pitch] mmmmmm it’s

interviewer: you don’t have to tell me

rian: it’s, it’s something that is absolutely going to be addressed in the movie

interviewer: it will be addressed but there won’t be clarification?

rian [talking at the same time as the interviewer]: um there won’t be

rian: it depends on… i’m, i can’t say, i was about to say something, you almost got me!

like LITERALLY idk what else proof you need that she’s not related to anyone. the question was already answered in tfa. “[your family] are never coming back”. like rian is specifically saying it’s ADDRESSED, not that we’ll find out who her parents are, because we’ll never find out who her parents are. this is honestly becoming so annoying

moving on


<3333 rose! ok so she’s a resistance mechanic… interesting… but there were rumors she did screen tests with mark hamill and when he came on stage the two of them seemed really close so i think those rumors are true! which is great because i’m so glad they’re leaving that damn island lmao. (if you don’t know my prediction is rey runs off on her own at the end of the first act so luke joins up with the resistance). another thing is how close mark and john seem so it would honestly make sense to me if he’s with rey for act one and then with finn, rose, and the resistance for act 2 and 3. i can dream…

anyway the same source that said she did tests with mark also said her role was “juicy” and it’s “subversive” for her to be not white so that’s interesting… obviously she wasn’t in the teaser and finn pretty much wasn’t either so idk their part could be really cool, hopefully i mean.

my prediction is that she’s a first order spy meant to bring finn back, but then she turns good while on the missions with him. because i’m not quite sure how her character could be so big and important if there isn’t something more to her

john filming with gwendoline adds more credence to the rumors finn will infiltrate the first order (with rose?)

daisy filming on a green screen set PROBABLY just means they did action stuff indoors for safety and secrecy but i also hope it means they go to cool cgi locations lol

i’m not even gonna do the poster cuz it sucks.

ANYWAY overall none of this contradicts my predictions but obviously finn was very absent from this all vs in my predictions he has a big role. so hopefully they’re just hiding it for now idk, i just need them to respect his position as the MALE LEAD who is equally main characters with rey. and for him to be a jedi k bye


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,292

Summary: Dean takes care of the reader’s daughter for a night and he quickly learns that it’s more exhausting than hunting. 

“Morning, sweetheart.” You hear Dean’s sexy voice say when he answers your call.

“Hey babe. I’m on my way home. How’d everything go?”

“Good. Everyone is still alive so I think it went ok.” He chuckles.

“Ok. See ya soon.”

You just finished a 24 hour shift at the hospital and you feel like you’re about to fucking fall over.

Dean finally decided he was ready to watch Grace overnight by himself. Even though you’ve been together for about seven months now, Dean was always nervous about watching her for long periods of time. Like he would break her or corrupt her. You’re not sure which.

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The Vegas Wedding AU

Featuring: Faranda getting their shit together real quick, Brotzly getting their shit together slightly less quick, and the rowdy 3 matchmaking and smashing plates.

Copied and pasted from discord, so sorry for any mistakes.

  • dirk suddenly gets a hunch that they should go to vegas
  • and everyone’s a bit weary about it because it’s vegas and anything could happen
  • but idk they get a surprise visit from amanda and the rowdies
  • and amanda is like ‘yes vegas good’ and farah is pining so she agrees and todd wants make good with his sister so he agrees and suddenly they are on a road trip
  • they take two cars because todd is still hung up about that whole wrecking his apartment thing?
  • at fist dirk is all 'we gotta travel together’ but then he realises that if he can convince farah to stay in the van, he and todd can be alone is his carthat is a very appealing thought 
  • it went quite well when they were hunting down machine parts, after all
  • soo, todd is driving 'dirk’s car’ most of the time they are on the road
  • and dirk sort of fluctuates between the car and the van, he switches at rest stops
  • mostly they drive during the day, but when they drive at night dirk takes the time to hearteyes
  • todd doesn’t notice bc he’s todd and i’d like to think that at least someone in american keeps their eyes on the road (seriously, they never seem to in any tv shows ever. it concerns me.)
  • anyway i’m not american so i have no idea how long it takes to get from seattle to vegasbut they get there 
  • and they find this one fancy hotel and farah offers to pay but she’s only paying for 3 rooms bc they do need some of that 4 mill. for other stuff
  • so you’ve got 3 rooms and 8 people
  • the rowdies decide to take over one room, it is unknown if they sleep in it or not, and the other four decide to split boys and girls
  • but (surprise, surprise), double beds
  • farah and amanda jump at the idea and it is at that point that we can see that they’re gonna get their shit together
  • dirk also is like 'yeah cool lets do this’ but inside he is dying bc he gets to sleep in the same room as todd on the same bed as todd right next to todd holy shiiiiit
  • todd is sort of… frozen
  • (bc todd is not good at this sort of thing, and we all already knew that these two would take a while to sort their shit out)
  • but todd pulls himself together, sharing a bed with you best friend? not weird 

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well would you look at how productive i am lately, thanks good school will restart soon and i’ll have to study again, right? RIGHT?? *histerical laugh

SO yeah, am i the only one who kinda wanted to see how Eleanor would have looked armatized with Laphicet? (of course, that had no way of happening in game, since i don’t want them randomly blowing up after a while and stuff, you know)
i decided to try and guess how armatized Eleanor could have looked

I actually had to reason a little bit and i’m writing why i drew the design the way i did down here if you’re interested, even tough it’s just a sketch (it’s spoilerish so if you haven’t played Berseria yet, you might wanna think twice about reading)

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Star Crossed Myth Fluff: The Wishes Gods Babysit Leon’s Daughter

Teorus, Aigonorus, Karno, Tauxolouve, and Huedhaut are gathered around a bassinet in the mansion, interacting with an 8 month old baby girl. Master Fluff Post here: http://minorimaeda.tumblr.com/ficsandfluff

TEO: [playing peek-a-boo with Lia in the crib] Boo!

LIA: [squeals with delight]

TEO: SHE’S SO CUTE! [picks her up and snuggles her] Bottle time!

HUE: [frowns] You just fed her. She doesn’t need more milk now.

TAUXOLOUVE: [holds up a frilly baby outfit] I want to dress her up.

KARNO: Sure. [materializes a baby dress with little crabs] Let’s go with this one.

TAUXOLOUVE: It was my idea first, Karno dear. We’re dressing her up as a little archer.

KARNO: But she’d make a cute little crab….

AIGO: [snaps his fingers and gently yoinks Lia from Teo] There. She’s a fluffy goat now. [snuggles her and starts to drift to sleep] So… fluffy…

KARNO: Crab! [snaps his fingers and changes Lia’s outfit]

TEO: I wanna play too! [snaps his fingers] Cow!

TAUXOLOUVE: Archer! [snaps his fingers]

LIA: [giggles as she tries to play with her different outfits]

HUE: [rubs his forehead] Guys… [gently pulls Lia from Aigo, popping her onto his shoulder, her outfit now a mishmash of a fluffy goat with crab claws, holding a toy bow and arrow with a cowbell]


HUE: [mouth drops] Excuse me…

LEON: What is this monstrosity?! [cuddles Lia and frowns at her outfit]

WISHES GODS: [point at each other] He did it.

HUE: [tilts his head] That reminds me, Leon. What is Lia’s zodiac sign anyway?

LEON: [grumbles as he cuddles Lia] Libra.

HUE: Well then. [snaps his fingers and gives Lia a ponytail] [grins] Zyg would approve. That’s what you get for blaming me.

anonymous asked:

I saw this in k-drama and I wonder what the RFA would react to MC accidentally slipping into bed with them bc they're drunk. bonus if they wake up and they're kissing each other half asleep.

I wanna bet I know the exact drama you’re talking about. It was the first one I watched (with Lilac heheh), so like I’ve GOT THIS kinda maybe I”M GONNA TRY

problem is that in the k-drama, both of them were drunk, in this it’s only MC and I don’t think any of them would wanna take advantage of a drunk MC. This would probably end up differently if the RFA was drunk as well

So to make this easier, I’m gonna say that the RFA went on a trip with MC (and let’s assume MC isn’t dating anyone), and MC got drunk somewhere and came back late and wandered into whatever door happened to be open…


  • Yoosung had just left the room for a moment, leaving it propped open for his quick return
  • And so drunk you thought that was your room, and you just wandered right on in and plopped onto the bed
  • Yoosung came back to find you curled up on his bed
  • “Umm, MC, did you.. need something?”
  • “Mmmmm…. no. Coooome.. here”
  • He was pretty flustered to say the least, “MC, are you okay?”
  • “Yeeaahhhh, come heeerree”
  • You are a very touchy drunk. When Yoosung got close enough, you were pulling him closer and snuggling up against him
  • You couldn’t see it in the dark, but this boy was blushing beet red “Are you sure you’re okay??”
  • “Yeahhh…. a little hot. It’shhot in here”
  • “Whyy, it’sh hot”
  • He wrapped you up in his arms and pulled you close to him so it’d be hard to take your shirt off
  • “Woww, you’re really cute at night Yoosung” you said as poked his face “Can I kiss you?”
  • He couldn’t exactly stop you from kissing him ‘cause your drunk mind was darn determined to kiss him
  • But you were asleep before the kiss was even over
  • He tucked your head against his shoulder and fell asleep with his arms wrapped around you protectively


  • She hadn’t meant for her door to be open, it propped itself open on something in the doorway
  • But it was the door you found open when you wandered up, so you let yourself right in and into the bed, where Jaehee was laying almost asleep by now.
  • She jumped and had to bite back a scream when you slumped into bed with her
  • “Wh–wait, MC? What’re you doing here..?”
  • “Shhh…. sleep” you said, putting a finger up to her mouth before hooking your arm around her and pulling her closer to cuddle “your hairs… it’s so soft”
  • “MC, where’s your room key? Did you lose it?”
  • “I don’t know, I’m just tiiiiirred. Did you know your hair feels like– like clouds?”
  • “We should find your room key..”
  • “But I’m tiiirred. I don’th wanna look for it”
  • She sighed and let your hands ruffle her hair “Do you have pajamas to change into?”
  • “Nope”
  • She managed to find you something more cozy than the outfit you were in and gave it to you to change. Drunk you didn’t think of privacy and just started changing right in front of her
  • Then dragged her back into bed because you needed a cuddle buddy
  • “I like you Jaehee”
  • “I like you too MC”
  • “No, no I like like you, like like like you”
  • She couldn’t stop the kiss cause she didn’t expect it, but she didn’t exactly pull away from the kiss either
  • Before she could say anything about it you were asleep, so she just nuzzled up against you and fell asleep too, blushing pink from the kiss still


  • Zen wasn’t asleep yet when you had wandered in, he was lying on the bed thinking
  • Then you came in and bundled yourself in the blankets
  • He kind of jumped. “MC?”
  • “Oh, hi Zen. Why’re you in my room…?”
  • “This is my room…” he trailed off as he noticed the smell of alcohol on you “oh gosh you’re drunk”
  • “Pshhh, I only had a coupfle drinks…” you said, flopping your hand around before snuggling up to him. “It’s coolldd…. and you’re waarrmmm…”
  • “Is that where you were when we lost you? Out drinking?”
  • “Shhhhh….” you papped his face. He gently grabbed your hand and pulled it away from his face
  • Staring into your eyes, he watched as you pulled in for a kiss, and for a moment, he enjoyed the kiss
  • But when you slowly pulled away, he could see your eyes were kind of glassy and dazed with drunkenness
  • “You need sleep, MC,” he said, trying to blink away his desire
  • “But… youu”
  • “Sleep. You’re drunk and tired. Sleep for now”
  • He pulled the blankets up over the both of you and waited for you to fall asleep before he got up and took a cold shower
  • He fell asleep sitting in a chair next to the bed, the blankets draped from the bed over his legs, his arm stretched over to yours, holding your hand


  • Jumin had been on a late walk and propped his door open
  • He came back to find you had stumbled into his bed, but didn’t realize it was you at first
  • He was ready to call security when he head
  • “Jumin? Whyyy are you in my roooom?”
  • “MC?” he put down his cell phone and slowly walked over to the bed. “What are you doing here? This is my room”
  • “Nooooo…. I used this to get in” you held up a paper from a bar of some sort
  • Jumin shook his head “of course you’re drunk”
  • “Nahhh, I’m nott…. I’m jusht tired”
  • “You should sleep then. You’ll feel better in the morning.”
  • “But it’sh colld in this bed, there’s no blankets here…” you say as you are under all the blankets “Come heeerree”
  • He sighs as he walks over to the bed, and you grab his arm and yank him down. You are surprisingly strong
  • “This is better” you say as you snuggle against him. He doesn’t know what to do at this point, he planned on sleeping on the couch provided in the room but now…
  • You had your arm hooked around him, and the other rubbing your tired drunken eyes and you were so cute
  • You ran your finger along his lips, and he pushed your hand aside, but then you went for a kiss
  • Flustered, he rolled over. He didn’t want to do anything with you being drunk. Drunk you didn’t care that he rolled over though and just snuggled up against him and fell asleep
  • After the kiss he was wide awake though, and spent a lot of the night fully aware of every little toss and turn of yours before he fell asleep, too


  • Seven doesn’t have a sleep schedule
  • He was wide awake when you wandered into his brightly lit room, but he was in the bathroom
  • Drunk you plopped down on the bed as soon as you wandered in though
  • When he walked out of the bathroom to see you bundled up in the blankets, he was kind of puzzled “MC, what’re you doing here?”
  • “Sleeep”
  • “You can do that in your own room”
  • “Noooo….” you waved a floppy hand at him “it’s too bright, turn off the sun”
  • “Ohhh MC, you’re drunk, aren’t you?” he chuckled as he turned out the lights for you and sat down next to you on the bed
  • “Shhhh,” you said, holding up a finger to your mouth “it’s a secret”
  • “It’s not very well kept. You should sleep it off, you’ll be better in the morning.”
  • You sat up and poked him in the chest, “you,” you said accusingly, “you should sleep. I’m noooooot–  not– no…..” you poked him more, a little harder each poke, “tired. Not tired. No.”
  • He ruffles your hair and you slouch against him, yawning. “I’m noooot tired…”
  • “Sure you aren’t, lets lie you down” he helps you lie back down on the bed, lying down next to you “I’m never gonna let you live this one down, MC”
  • You stare at him for a moment before lifting a hand up and ruffling his hair, “Fluffy hair…”
  • Out of the blue you kiss him
  • He flushes red, but you wouldn’t notice. It’s dark and you’re drunk
  • “I… I like. You I like”
  • He starts to stammer a response, but you’re already asleep
  • He wraps his arms around you and lets your head nuzzle up against his shoulder
  • He’ll bring this up later with you

Sorry for taking so long to get to this I know this has been in the box for forever we’re working on getting all of the asks out, so please be patient with us if you haven’t seen your request!! We’re working on it I promise!!

~Sunflower (:

I Wanna Be

Originally posted by kehlani

Request: Jealous Kehlani

Title: I Wanna Be

Pairing: Reader/Kehlani

Rating: T (Just to be safe)

It wasn’t that you hated shopping. It was more of the fact that Kehlani made you come shopping when you would rather be at home, probably sleeping. You’d been at the mall for almost two hours, going from store to store, Kehlani’s bags getting bigger and bigger. This was all really weird, since Kehlani wasn’t the biggest shopper to begin with. Still, you followed her dutifully, trying to keep yourself occupied as your best friend changed into outfits.

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@redeyestakewxrning (continued from here)

“Drink a lot of caffeine and hope for the best.”
She responds quickly, running a hand through her hair nervously.

“Look, we can deal with your- my hangover- later. What the hell happened? I don’t wanna be in this body.”
Julie states, suddenly remembering the situation she was in the night before. She clenches the phone in her hand, clicking her tongue.

“You’re… You’re alone, right?”
She winces. He should be by now. It was late enough that he is most likely gone, but with her luck, who knows?

“Never mind that, just… Get into some actual clothes. I have a backpack in the hotel somewhere. I’m gonna meet you there.”
She hangs up and goes to change into the most simple outfit he has, doing her best to avoid looking as she changes. She’d give him some degree of privacy.


Summary:  Mon-El has heard about dating, but got it wrong. Not entirely wrong, though.

(Also on AO3 and FFNet)

Mon-El woke up earlier than usual, and after spending several minutes looking at the ceiling, he decided to head to the training room earlier so that he could warm up a little bit alone before his training session with Kara.

Kara. She was his first thought every morning, and she was always on his mind all day, every day. He had never fallen in love before, and he never thought he would fall for a Kryptonian someday.

It was hard for him to keep training with her, getting so close to her every day, especially after having kissed her. He deeply regretted kissing her, by the way. Not because he didn’t like it; it had been the most special kiss of his entire life. He regretted it because, if he hadn’t kissed her, he wouldn’t know the sweet taste of her lips. If he hadn’t kissed her, he wouldn’t feel tempted to kiss her again every single time they got too close during training. If he hadn’t kissed her, he wouldn’t dream about that kiss every other night.

He wished she felt the same, but judging by her lie when she thought he didn’t remember anything, chosing not to acknowledge the kiss when she had the chance, she definitely wanted to forget what happened.

He couldn’t help feeling hurt by this, but he couldn’t force her to like him, could he? All he could do was keep his feelings shut off and go on with his life, even if it meant being close to Kara almost every single day and having to ignore his growing feelings for her. He was even trying to keep his distance a little bit when they were not training, but being away from Kara seemed to hurt even more…

Mon-El pushed this thoughts aside and headed to the training room. He was halfway when he heard his name coming from that very room he was going to and stopped on his tracks. He was still several steps away, but he could hear it clearly. He didn’t have Kara’s hearing, but his was still hundreds times better than any human’s.

“So he kissed you?”

It was Alex’s voice.

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okay i just noticed something about the time skip designs in volume 4 and its making me suffer a bit okay yeah.

 tbh, weiss is my favorite character in former team rwby. i love her design, her attitude, etc, etc. and i saw her new design. she’s absolutely fucking gorgeous like? 

anyways. i other than her super pretty outfit, i noticed some other change with her design that sorta . made me weep a bit. look at her ponytail? 

it’s either i’m seeing this wrong or it’s a perfect ponytail, which sorta contradicts this one certain thing in her personality paragraph on the wiki page for rwby 

“she is a bit of a rebel. It even manages to manifest iteself in her physical appearance as she wears her ponytail to the side of her head, disrupting the symmetry of the rest of her outfit”

forgive my screaming and mini rant. its just. im highly concerned for my snow wife rn and i wanna know what happened in her life after team rwby broke up. please dont tell me that her father did some shit.  what the hell happened to the song ‘its my turn’. ww hat  , , , , ,


i will protect this sea !!!

meguca!wadanohara !!! postin more doodles because i know it will take me a while to get around to makin these nice so!!!

i decided to keep her meguca outfit pretty close to her normal one since through all the endings it stays along that pattern, i only changed it a little to be more meguca-y but. i might edit it even more later. i am honing my skills at meguca outfit designing. i wanna be the very best. (feel free to lemme know your thoughts tho <3)

her soul gem is crescent shaped and on her hat ^u^

I think Ive finally landed on a perfect outfit for my gemsona Prehnite.

For a while I wanted to change it to be something that related more to what the gemstone means and its properties along with something I’d actually wear.

Prehnite Meaning

“Prehnite is a stone of prophesy believed to enhance precognition, visualisation and inner knowledge. It is also said to induce deep meditation, to facilitate dream recall and to alleviate nightmares, deep fears and phobias.

I took inspiration from ancient Greek oracles, like the Oracle of Delphi, but I didnt wanna just straight up put her in robes. I think I found a happy medium

June 13th: Concert & Loft 89 Experience

SOOOO a lot of people have been asking about my experience at  the 1989 show in Philly yesterday and also the Loft 89 meet and greet after. So imma tell y’all about it. Because it was honestly the best night of my entire life. 

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‘No way!’ I turned in the other direction, offended that Heather would even suggest something like that. Heather chased after me still trying to persuade me, causing stares from everybody in the hallway.

‘It’s just one night and plus you always complain you don’t get out AND that you miss having a boyfriend and what’s better than this? You’re basically killing two birds with one stone.” I groaned pondering over whether this was a good idea.

‘Fine one night and that’s it, nothing else. I don’t wanna talk to you again just for you to tell me there’s more then you let on. Agreed?’ I held my hand out for Heather, who had an almost face-splitting grin on her face and jumping and squealing excitedly. Why am I best friends with her again?

‘Deal! And don’t worry everything’s already taken care of, you just need to go home and change into the outfit already set out on your bed!’ My jaw dropped.

‘Oh close your mouth and let’s get moving. What–’ We barely even took a step forward when Taylor’s asshole friends, Dillon and the Jacks, walked past us and hit my books out of my hands, sending my biology pages flying all over the floor and witnesses scattering in different directions, not wanting to interfere with the school bullies.

For some apparent reason everybody feared Taylor and his friends all because of some rumors about something’s that Taylor “did” on summer break a few years back. And because I never believed the rumors, Taylor and his friends have been terrorizing me ever since, making vulgar sexual offers, picking on me and, basically, making my high school years living hell.

“Just a few more months”, I told myself that every time they did something that made me fuel with anger. Heather and I bent down to pick up my homework while everybody walked around, refusing blank to help us at all. Assholes…

“Are you guys okay?” I looked up to see Taylor, the guy who’s been terrorizing me, helping me pick up my pages. I frowned at him looking at Heather who basically ignored him and looked back at him, questioning whether I was dreaming or not.

‘Do my eyes deceive me? Is the Taylor Caniff actually helping the girl, who he’s basically bullied since she took her first steps into high school, pick up her biology homework that his asshole friends knocked out of her hands?’ I scowled at him, Taylor’s face showing guilt.

‘Look, I did some thinking and I realized I’ve done nothing but treat you and your friends like shit since I met you and I’m really sorry and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Here’ Taylor got up and walked away, the Jacks and Dillon staring in shock. They weren’t the only ones. I gathered my homework and turned to Heather.

‘Did that just happen? Like really? Did Taylor Caniff just apologize for making my life a living hell?’ Heather shrugged her shoulders.

‘Don’t judge him. Like he said, he did a lot of thinking.’ I frowned at her.

‘What aren’t you telling me?’ Heather looked at me in shock.

‘What makes you think I’m lying to you about something? Stop stalling and let’s go’ I sighed and prepared myself mentally for tonight, although nothing will never ever prepare me for what Heather has planned.


I sat in total disbelief as Taylor ‘Asshole’ Caniff sat in the driver seat driving to wherever the hell we were going. I was pissed off that it was Taylor who apparently begged Heather to go on a date with me and it pissed me off even more that not only Heather, but my mom agreed to help him get me to go on a date with me. The asshole who did nothing but humiliate me for the past 4 years and my mom was in favour of him? It disgusted me.

I tugged on my dress trying to pull down what existed of the dress to make it at least reach my knees. I then looked at my shoes, or stripper heels as I like to call them, and huffed. I basically lived in Converse and here I was in 6-inch black suede heels wondering how in the hell I was gonna walk around in these all night.

I remember sitting on the couch sulking while Heather and my mom chirped excitedly about tonight, next thing I was blindfolded when the doorbell rang and wobbled to the car while, I guess it was Taylor, escorted me to the car. I was only allowed to take the blindfold off when Taylor sat in the car and swore my head off when I saw who was talking me on this date. The more I complained, the louder the radio went so I eventually gave up.

“So Jasmine, you’re probably wondering why I’m the guy you’re going out with tonight.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“No actually, I’m just wondering when you’ll unlock these doors so I can escape before you humiliate me again. What you gonna do this time? Throw beetles down my dress? Take pictures of how I look and have the whole school call me a slut? Tell me.” Taylor groaned, burying his head in his hands.

“I’m not taking you on this date to torture you okay? I’m taking you out because I like you.” I scoffed.

“That’s bullshit.”

“And why’s that?”

“Taylor Caniff, you’ve been nothing but a giant dick to me, you’ve done nothing but make my life fucking hell and bully me! So ask yourself that question again: “Why does Jasmine think I’m bullshitting her?” and think of all the awful shit you did to me! Now let me out of this car!” I pulled viciously on the car handle, Taylor doing nothing but pulling the car over. I inhaled sharply and crossed my arms.

“Jasmine look. I’m really sorry for all the shit I did to you okay? I know I was a major dick but it’s because…I didn’t know how else to get your attention.” Taylor confessed, my head whipped in his direction.

“Why did you wanna get my attention?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then let me out.” Taylor glanced at me and shook his head.

“You’re impossible you know.” Taylor chuckled. I sat up straight, trying to give off a more dominant look.

“Tell me. Or I will rip your car door off and stomp home and you will never have this date. Ever.” Taylor exhaled, resting his arm on his forehead.

“Because I like you okay? There, you asked.” I sat in shock, trying to process what he just said. Taylor ‘Asshole’ Caniff has a crush on me. All those times he humiliated me was just to get my attention. I really couldn’t believe it.

 “Do you really like me?” I asked him, Taylor looked down running his fingers along the leather around the hand brake.

“Yeah I really do.” I frowned

“Then why did you make my life a living hell? I mean I get you thought it was funny but…some of the things you did really hurt.” I blinked back the tears, remembering the days I used to come home crying because of another Taylor Caniff prank.

“I mean…I guess back then I probably thought some of those things were funny but I didn’t know how else to get your attention. You were the only person who wasn’t afraid of things that I ‘did’ and you also call me out on all my shit, my own friends don’t even do that”. Taylor admitted.

“You could’ve just talked to me.” Taylor shrugged.

“You intimidated me.” I felt bad for Taylor. Despite all the horrible things he did to me, he was just doing what he thought would get me to notice him in the way he wanted me to see him.

“I’m sorry.” Taylor gave a half-hearted smile.

“I’m sorry too. For all the shit I put you through. How about we start over fresh?” I nodded and held my hand out for him to shake. Taylor looked confused.

“I’m Jasmine Little, nice to meet you.” Taylor laughed, shaking my hand.

“I’m Taylor Caniff, ditto.” I laughed at him.

“So…you still wanna go on this date with me?” Taylor asked nervously.

“Yeah. I mean you like me, now I can finally see what a Taylor Caniff date looks like.” I joked, Taylor smirking.

“You think about me.” I grimaced at him.

“Don’t start.” Taylor laughed as he pulled away from the curb.


Taylor walked me up to my front porch, scratching the back of his neck nervously making his beanie lift off his head. All of a sudden I found that adorable.

Taylor apparently knows me well enough that he managed to convince Heather, who disapproved, to get me my normal (and favourite) Rolling Stones skater top, shorts and Converse in case we do something that involved movement. I couldn’t stop thanking him for getting me my Converse, I even kissed his cheek making him blush.

First we went bowling and Taylor groaned as I kicked his ass by getting 4 strikes while he struggled to get his ball away from the gutter, then we had McDonalds and went to Wonderland, the local game park, and we played games and had fun whole night.

Taylor kept flirting with me; telling me how much he missed seeing me in that sexy little black dress and heels and constantly finding ways to touch me. I brushed off his advances and acted like they weren’t affecting me at all.

“You know something? I actually had a really good time tonight. Thank you.” Taylor smirked.

“So you would totally do this again sometime?” I acted like I was thinking about it, a look of worry appearing on his face.

“Maybe.” His face dropped and I burst out laughing.

“I’m just kidding I would totally do this again.” I kissed him on his cheek and unlocked the door.

“Are you serious? Not even a kiss?” Taylor pouted prettily.

“Save it for the next date Caniff. Maybe you can take me somewhere where I’ll need the black dress.” I winked at him before closing the door, instantly being greeted by an overexcited Heather begging for details. I couldn’t contain my smile as I spilled all the details of our date tonight.