i just wanna buy more dresses i think

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I'm sort of thinking of being jennifer from jennifer's body but idk...what are so good iconic movie looks i could do?

if you still wanna be jennifer you could be her in her prom outfit, carrie is an easy one to do you just need to find a white slip dress and buy some fake blood i think vampires are another easy option you could go as amy from fright night if you just want a general costume from something that isn’t a horror you could go as liv tyler’s character from empire records, elle driver in her nurse outfit, veronica from heathers after the bomb explodes and there’s so much more that i can’t think of rn


Title: Whatsapp

Author: Naty (Pichitinha)

Category: Percabeth, Post war, Post HoO, Fluffy, Pointless, 1580 words, all text messages.

Warning: It’s ridiculous???

Rating: PG.

Chapters: One-shot.

Complete: Yes.

Summary: Annabeth is out with some friends to try to find a good dress for a party, and Percy is left alone for the day in their little appartment. These are the whatsapps exchanged during that day.

Note: Ok, so this is just a ridiculous piece of nothing that popped into my head just yesterday and I HAD to write. So basically I’ve been meaning to write a Percabeth message conversation only for a week, and then yesterday I was reading Hannah’s fics with the prompt meme, and I thought, why don’t I write a fanfic using all the prompts? And so I did. It’s ridiculous, pontless, some parts may even be senseless, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Oh, PS, let’s pretend that cellphones are ok or that someone developed one that demigods can use or something like that. OH! PS number two: it doesn’t look like they’re texts because nothing is abreviated, but I’m brazilian, so I decided to go for the whole word instead of using things I’m not used to. Forgive me. Bold is PercyItalic is Annabeth.

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sorry i know i’m late and you’re all already back to school i suck i’m sorry!!! but it’s better late than never. am i right am i right? haha alright let’s get into it


  • jeans - ok jeans are like a life essential but having a nice pair goes a lot way because you can wear them literally all the time.. no one gives a fuck if you wear the same jeans everyday because everyone does it!!! i suggest a BDG pair and you all know i love them and they’re having a sale where they’re $39 right now!!!!!!! it’s a smokin’ deal i have a post about how much i love them and about the sale here. and if you’re like more into like name brand jeans for SUPER good quality and stability whatever i suggest paige jeans or rag & bone jeans!!!
  • basics - everything in the color, white, black, or grey. muscle tees, loose/fitted crop tops, henleys, halter tops, tank tops, oversized tees, whatever your little heart desires basic wise.. get it. it saves outfit lives because you can wear them 5.6 million different ways i am telling you
  • oversized tees/tops - k not only do you want them in basic colors you want them in like fun things too ok. i love the melrose swing tee from free people and urban has tons of oversized basic tops which i mention in my back to school vibes shopping cart post. i also love going to the mens section at buffalo exchange and picking out cool graphic tees that i can wear with cutoff shorts which brings me into the next bullet point
  • some cool graphic tees - i’m a fan of vintage band tees and harley davidson tees!! or just really funnny/stupid ones 
  • cut off denim shorts - they’re comfortable and easy to wear go with anything and i love the look it gives off when i wear an oversized tshirt and you can see like the frayed-ness of my shorts!!
  • rompers - they’re so easy.. you just put one on and your have your whole outfit. easy as that!! 
  • sensible pair of shoes - if you’re in college you’re gonna be hellllaaaa walking around!!! this all depends on you and your style be me personally a pair of high top white converse and a good pair of black ankle boots would do the trick because that is alllll i ever wear 
  • leggings/sweats - all about your preference!!! i like leggings better! perfect for the colder days of school because you can just slip on a pair with an oversized muscle tee and a flannel and some ankle boots and you look a little more ready rather than wearing sweats and a tshirt?? that’ what i think. and you’re still as comfortable as you would be wearing sweats
  • flannels - i like bringing flannels to class because classrooms are cold but it could be blazing hot outsized so you can always tie them around your waist when you get out! 
  • oversized cardigans - just to throw on and be cozy when going to class 
  • a few dresses - i never really dress up for school but sometimes it’s fun! i would just buy 2-3 dresses you really like to wear to school whenever you wanna dress up! 
  • jacket - if you go to college or a school where it has harsh cold weather like snow i would invest in a nice coat/jacket!!! i’m all about leather jackets. but peacoats are super cute too!!
  • bralettes - more like a life essential. i haven’t worn a padded bra in probably like idk like 8 months???? all about bralettes and urban and free people have perfect ones that are soooo comfy.
  • “going out clothes” - if you’re in college and wanna party/in a sorority or whatever i would get some dresses and skirts to go out in depending on how dressy the other girls dress when they go out!! and also get a good pair of heels that you can walk and last in!!!
  • a good purse - not sayin’ designer but a good sensible one you can throw all of your shit in!!! i’m not a backpack person which is why i’m saying purse haha.

this is gonna be a list of like personal style things that i think i need for school and more fashion forward than essential 

  • thigh high socks - my everything.. literally. they just take an outfit to the next level and keep your legs warm
  • sunglasses: if you’re going to college like wouldn’t you want to wear sunglasses while walking hella far to class? idk i would just get some cheap ones
  • workout clothes: for college kids who get to use the on campus gym!! but tbh i’m one of those people who wear cute workout clothes with nike frees just to wear it.. i just don’t go to the gym.. it just like looks like i did because i rolled out of bed.. and it’s super comfortable to shhhhh
  • hats - HATS ARE MY SHIT. i have to wear a hat like all the time. if you’re in high school this probably doesn’t apply to you?? at least when i went to school we weren’t allowed to wear hats. but wide brim hats… yes 
  • “other fashion forward items” - faux fur vest.. i’m so fucking about it would wear one everyday if i didn’t live in hell, jumpsuits, kimonos, belle bottoms, fun slip dresses (ie: free people “slip dresses” aka not really slip dresses but they’re super fun and cute), anything sheer,lace, leather or fringe 

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olicity next door neighbors AU!!!! omg

Next-door neighbor AU/hear a bell when you meet your soulmate AU idk what’s happening, Meaghan, im sure it’s ur fault


Oliver meets his next-door neighbor for the first time when he’s hideously hungover. For once, it’s not his fault: Laurel and Tommy split up again the night before, which meant Tommy blundered his way over to Oliver’s place and hammered on the door until Oliver let him in, and then—all right, it probably is Oliver’s fault he’s hungover, he was the one who kept taking shots. In his defense, he was trying to keep up with Tommy, who gets viciously competitive and weepy when he’s drunk.

Anyway, there’s a knock on the door and he opens it as fast as he can because the sound is ricocheting around his skull and if Tommy wakes up before noon after drinking as much as he did last night, he’ll puke. Oliver would like to avoid that.

“So, hey,” says the girl at the door. Oliver stares down at her—his head is killing him, but he knows from hangovers; they aren’t usually accompanied by the sound of bells. “In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have come over here alone, but someone tried to break down my door last night—“ she stops short and stares back at him, which Oliver appreciates. The sound of bells is still resonating through him and he’s—really overwhelmed.

“I’m Oliver,” he says. “That—was probably Tommy at your door last night. I’m sorry.”

The girl nods, slowly. “I see.” She blinks and shakes herself—Oliver doesn’t know a lot about soul mates, but he’s sort of surprised that his is so adorable. “I’m Felicity.” 

“F. Smoak,” he says. He’s been staring at her mailbox for weeks—it’s right next to his. “Listen—“ he can hear Tommy stirring in the next room, and Oliver panics, steps over his threshold and into Felicity’s personal space, closing the apartment door behind him.

“Oh!” Felicity steps back and her hands kind of come up and hover for a second, like she might lose her balance. She doesn’t touch him; Oliver really wishes she would. He didn’t realize he had a thing for girls with glasses until approximately this second.

“Sorry,” he says. “Just—thought I heard something.”

“Right,” Felicity says. She looks pretty skeptical. “Anyway, I’m sure your friend is a nice person and all, but he scared the crap out of me last night. And I figured it wasn’t you, because you’ve lived here what, seven months—“

“Six months, three weeks,” Oliver says.

“Right, a while now, and we’ve never even spoken, so why would you try and break into my apartment? I figured it was a case of the wrong address.”

“Yeah,” Oliver says. He just lets that—hang there, awkwardly, until Felicity quirks her head to the side and purses her lips at him, a silent prompt to keep talking. “Um, yeah, I’m really sorry about him, he’s having a fight with his soulmate and it’s a huge fucking mess—can I buy you a cup of coffee?” He’s wearing a pair of athletic shorts and an old zip-front hooded sweatshirt. Felicity Smoak is wearing bright red chinos and a faded MIT t-shirt and, more importantly, looks like she’s showered in the past twelve hours. Oliver doesn’t have a chance.

“Oh, sure,” she says, like it’s easy. “You wanna get dressed first? You kind of look like a hot mess. Um. Not that you’re a mess. Or that I’m objectifying you—you just—never mind. Yes. I would like to get coffee with you.”

While she blushes and stammers, Oliver just thinks, oh, okay, that’s how it’s going to be.


And then obviously they go out for coffee and Oliver spends the first six months of her acquaintance wondering if she heard the bells too, because not everyone hears them, and she keeps talking about someone named Sara, and Felicity doesn’t say anything about soulmates at all, ever. (Turns out she was up early working on a problem set for a programming seminar she’s teaching and thought the sound was a teakettle or something, and has spent the last six months wondering why her hot neighbor has made her his new best friend, and also why he asks her so many questions about computers that really do not make sense. They figure it out when Felicity’s over at Oliver’s listening to Tommy have another emotional breakdown about how knowing your soulmate actually makes it harder for everyone involved, he swears to Christ, and Oliver just kind of says “amen,” and gets a six-pack out of the fridge, and then Felicity’s like, “Wait, you have a soulmate? And you guys aren’t together? There’s got to be a story there!” And that distracts Tommy from his misery long enough to spill the beans. The next six months are VERY INTERESTING.)