i just wanna be tall wtf

I’m so in love with Park Chanyeol

I love how he smiles

I love his playfulness can brighten your day

I love how happy he looks when he played the guitar

His stare makes me weak

I love how he continuously annoys kyungsoo

Fuxkk just look how adorable he looks

Then he becomes daddy af

If he will strangle me with those arms I ain’t gonna complain bc damn

He’s so tall i wanna cri (minseok looks so smol and soft)


your fave is problematic: dan howell

- 2 squishy 4 life
- claims to be articulate but rambles a lot
- uploads videos “regularly”
- falls of his chair twice per month
- loves phil lester more than you
- also loves kanye more than you should
- legs that don’t end
- sleeps with a haru pillow wtf
- contemplates the universe facedown on the floor
- obsessed with his hair
- uses words like “spoilerino” and “hecky dizzle”
- “so my name is [dan]”
- twice as tall as a regular person
- unfairly beautiful
- why is his dimple sad
- he needs to be stopped
- who will stop this boy
- *raises fists*
- *pinches cheek v softly*
- fight me howell

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I’ve been waiting for this

  • so let me start by sayin josh would be the sweetest boyfriend to ever boyfriend
  • when the two of you begin dating, he’d be so shy
  • then you’ll realize how much of a complete DORK he really is
  • forehead kisses
  • booping each others noses
  • him always having an arm around you
  • always
  • “you’re so tall wtf how is this fair?!”
  • “maybe you’re just short?”
  • him shocking you when he’s happy
  • which is all the time
  • him speaking spanish out of habit mainly when he gets too excited or angry
  • you learning some words bc of that
  • messing up/playing with his hair
  • helping him with school
  • “diploid sounds like an insult”
  • “this is why you’re failing bio”
  • you randomly jumping on his back
  • him calling you mi amor
  • you blushing aLL THE TIME
  • he’ll pinch your cheeks
  • “i wanna touch your butt”
  • “you always wanna touch my butt”
  • “bc you got a nice brazilian booty”
  • you asking him for help in spanish class
  • purely so you can hear him speak it
  • bc dAMN BOY
  • him being really protective of you when theo comes around
  • or really anyone for that matter
  • falling asleep on him
  • “’te amo mucho”
  • “i don’t know what that means but you make it sound nice”
  • “it means ‘i love you so much’, princess”
  • “awww josh i love you too”
  • so many romantic gestures

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omg im going to a new highschool *even though im not a freshman MAJOR FUCKING SIGH* and i went today to get my schedule and meet my teachers and i got lost and i cried because the school is three stories tall and its just fucking HUGE and i have french and the teacher was asking me things in french and getting mad that i couldn't answer??? Like you havent taught me yet wtf i obvi dont know?? idk i start school on thursday and i wanna cry :-)

i’m sure it won’t end up being that bad (except for french…french sucks) but i know at least at my school we always got new kids every year and it was better when they didn’t come freshman year because then we got to know them better and everyone wanted to be friends with the new kids!!

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5. Siblings?

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7. Scary or Romantic movies?

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