i just wanna be cool

Come on Cas, it’s just prom, not the end of the world

This is my second amazing commission from linneart, it’s the last one for now but definitely looking forward to working with her again if I ever need another commission ;)

It’s the same idea as my first one, this time it’s them from ‘Free to Be You and Me’, which is season five where they were actually dealing with the end of the world. Get it? Anyways, the only thing world ending in that high school is probably not getting a date for prom. I am so happy that I got my two perfect and amazing commissions from such a talented artist and cool person. Thanks!


Bakumatsu Rock characters and their rockin’ seiyuu ^-^


xiumin takes a tumble during history… (゚ー゚;)


these are some (not even all!) of the tattoos people have had of my work just this year. Look at these sweet humans

If anyone is interested in having an existing work of mine tattooed please message me here or preferably via email, It’s generally fine I just like to see a picture and things! 

And if you are interested in commissioning a tattoo design from me, or other artwork please email me and we can cha-ha-haaat (address is on the ‘find me’ link on my homepage - I’m much more likely to see it there rather than in my tumblr inbox)