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I really really want a Dark T shirt but I can't afford it right now and I'll never have the chance to get it again so I'm really close to crying right now and it's not even just that I want a cool shirt it's that I wanna help out Mark & I wanna help out the charity but I just don't ??? Have the money I'm so upset

Aw sweetheart, I’m sorry you weren’t able to buy a Dark shirt..But please don’t feel bad about not being able to donate or help raise any money. They know not everyone can and they are totally cool with that! Simply being there and spreading the word is enough for them :)

Plus! There will be many more charity streams that you can help with! So please don’t feel bad okay? <3

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I just really wanna say how absolutely cool (and honestly brave given the bullshit that comes your way in this kind of environment) it is to see a voice actor being so actively engaged with fans!!! Especially as someone who'd love to get into voiceover work myself, you're pretty much exactly what I aspire to be. I dunno where I was going with this, I guess you just make me super happy and stuff and kinda give me hope, etc. etc., inspiring shit dude.

Happiness is awesome! Thanks for sharing yours with me! :D

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i just wanna know what went down seeing as zayn is pretty much cool with the other 3 now or at the very least they're not slagging each other off but harry seems to be a completely different story

i think it’s more so projections from each side’s fandom. i genuinely don’t think there’s nearly as much bad blood as people think

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Lionel Shrike is clearly not dead. This is a whole series of movies about deception, misdirection, and reveals, that it’s almost impossible for the director not to throw something in having to do with Dylan’s father. It’s been such a main focus throughout the movies, and I see them trying to use that fact to flip it and surprise the movie watchers. On top of it, at the end of the second movie, the picture of Shrike is fucking House. You don’t just throw that face around. Why would they have a famous actor’s face for a dead, unusable character? They won’t, and it’s such an obvious, underlying rug they’re going to try and pull out from under the audience’s feet that I’m surprised more people haven’t pointed it out.

hey guys! its been like a billion years since ive done one of these but there 0 haikyuu on my dash and i kinda need it to run this thing so like/reblog if you post these things and ill check u out:

•aesthetic things
•other animes are good too

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Yep, exactly what I came across years ago when I was researching.

The earth gem thing I’m still unsure about, but this is some interesting possible evidence… however the only gems that are produced on earth are quartz and in limited numbers. though It’s not like anything about them is normal anyway.

I’ll keep them safe, if my theory is correct their gems will at least be stronger when they reform. I’m not sure about the healing thing though, I’ve personally never heard of gems that have an ability like that.

and I bet a gem that would have that ability would uh… charge a LOT for it. humans have no idea how expensive stuff is on homeworld. its a damn joke.

I’m going a tangent here but I feel a little calmer. I’m gonna just sleep in here.

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Hey im super new to the fandom but I rly love your blog and I was wondering if you could rec some others?

ahhh, thank you so much ;u; and welcome to the club new friend! i’m assuming, since you came to me, that you’re looking for more fbawtft and/or gradence-friendly blogs to follow then? I don’t know a whole lot but here’s a few i’ve spotted around:

@ladynorthstar / @greisheb / @crazytom666 / @dakotaliar / @thedesertviking / @mto-art / @winterofherdiscontent / @aukives / @88muneo / @cyy-dark / @livesinsinandmisery / @mamaluciscaelum

@newtsobscuro@elisebazinga / @elvishflower / @rxven-clxw / @graveboner / @petricoloer / @credencesbarebone / @johnwatsonfalls / @greyjoyvs / @percivxlgrxves

@percegraves / @yayuijun / @seasons-gredence / @drawsaurus / @imochan / @percivalgravesaurorsquad / @pcrcivalgrvs / @gravebcnes / @lonely-little-credence / @gradenceisreal / @gradence / @fantastic-gays / @2longinshadows / @spygore

there are plentyyyyy more, but those are just the first few that came to my mind. i hope it helps!

New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg

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When I was veeery little I met this kid in a park I often went to and we played with our nintendo ds, he was adorable and I remember it being the first time i played with multiple ds. He was the brightest person I met and ALWAYS smiled and when he lost at the game he giggled and was like "thats fine i had so much fun!" while other kids my age would've cried instead, I still think about him now and I wonder where he went and if he's living a happy life and if he's still the same

thats such a specific childhood memory but something about it also seems super familiar omg..idk this feeling of meeting someone as a child u cant forget even after so much time has passed and kinda wanting to meet them again just to see what theyre up to but also not /really/ wanting to meet them bc that would kinda destroy the memory