i just wanna bang him

feed that boy a vegetable

inspired by my runthrough of persona 5, in which akira ate like absolute shit all day every day


Ann: Have you ever seen Akira eat a vegetable?

Ryuji: watched him do the big banb burger challenge a few nights ago

Ryuji: thosve got lettuce n tomatos on em

Ryuji: close enough rite???

Ann: Be serious, Ryuji! Man can’t live on Big Bang Burger alone!

Ryuji: u sure? cause i think akiras tryin

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Isak gets high w/ jonas and mentions his ex-crush on jonas casually and jonas is SHOOKTH

hello! i don’t know how this happened, but this ended up very differently to how you prompted it…. i’m sorry? hope you enjoy anyway! (sidenote: sorry that i can’t seem to let go of evilde and pan!mahdi)


“I don’t know, guys,” Magnus says, blowing out smoke. “Maybe I am bisexual. I mean I read somewhere that it usually turns out that sometimes a whole group of friends turns out to be gay, like they find each other by the power of gaydar or something.”

Isak hasn’t taken his head out of his hands for the entire time that Magnus has been talking. He’s even discovered that he can smoke with one hand over his eyes.

“I’m not gay, Mags,” Jonas points out. “Or bi, or pan, or anything.”

“Are you sure, though? I mean, since we’ve been a squad, we’ve had isak come out, and then Mahdi, and now Vilde and Eva. What if we’re all just gay?”

“Listen, Mags,” Mahdi says, sounding ridiculously patient, despite everything Mags is saying. “Just because you’re heartbroken, doesn’t mean you can’t still be straight.”

“But maybe I want to be gay!” he says, sounding a little like a petulant child.

“It’s not a fucking choice, Mags,” Isak sighs at him. “Honestly, what are you trying to achieve?”

“Well, I just-” Magnus stops and looks off into the distance for a moment, deep in thought. “Because I think Penetrator Chris is hot, right? And i thought, you know, maybe that’s just objective, but maybe it’s not! Maybe I actually wanna bang him?”

“No-one wants to bang Penetrator Chris,” says Jonas, bitterly. “Not unless their standards are through the floor.”

“Dude, your ex-girlfriend was banging Penetrator Chris,” says Mahdi. “Don’t be a dickhead.”

Jonas scowls.

A minute passes in silence, and then Mahdi pulls out his phone. “Here,” he says, “I’m gonna google “how to tell if you’re bisexual.” and we can work it out.”

Isak tunes the rest of the conversation out, because honestly? He’s too high to listen to this shit. He vaguely registers Mahdi asking Magnus questions like “do you fantasize about boys and girls?” and “do you watch gay porn?” but he gets lost in his own thoughts until he picks up on another of Mahdi’s questions.

“Have you ever had a crush on one of your guy friends?”

“What?” Magnus exclaims. “That’s a thing?”

“Of course that’s a thing, Magnus,” Isak can’t keep his mouth shut anymore. “Do you think gay people just don’t have crushes on anyone?”

“Well, no,” says Magnus, “but on friends?”

Isak raises an unamused eyebrow at Magnus. “Who else would you have a crush on? Was Vilde not your friend?”

“Well, I mean, I guess, but that’s different, isn’t it?”


“Oh,” Magnus says, and then falls silent for a minute, before his face lights up, and Isak sighs, before he even speaks. “So did you have a crush on one of us?”


“Oh my god, you did! Who was it?”


“Yeah, but,” Mags continues, undeterred. “Before that. Did you have a crush on any of us?”

“I barely knew you before that.”

“You knew Jonas, though.” Ah, shit.

Isak attempts a casual shrug, hoping that Mags is too high to draw any conclusions from this. He isn’t.

“Holy shit! You had a crush on Jonas!”

“Did you?” Jonas asks, looking at Isak strangely, the beginnings of a smile forming on his face.


Mahdi snorts. “Awesome.”

Jonas looks impressed, nodding his head slowly and raising his eyebrows in slight surprise.

“When?” he grins at Isak, who rolls his eyes.

“Like, two years ago, dude.”

“I’m not bothered, Isak,” Jonas says quickly, still grinning. “It’s just unexpected, is all.”

Isak rolls his eyes and looks down at the floor, remembering the mess he made of Eva and Jonas’ relationship and hoping that Jonas won’t push the subject any further. “So Mags, are you bi or not?”

Jonas clears his throat loudly. “Don’t change the subject, Isak. I’m gonna need you to boost my ego more, how long did you have a crush on me?”

Isak clears his throat, embarrassed, and then lifts his phone up. “Oh, would you look at that, my boyfriend who i am in a happy and loving relationship with needs me to go home right now, I’ll see you guys later.”

He can hear the other boys laughter follow him as he leaves.

Making predictions/wishes about Seventeen’s hair for the next comeback:
S.Coups - brown hair / Bangs up
Jeonghan - blonde hair 😍🙏🏻
Joshua - black hair 🙏🏻/ Bangs up
Jun - gray hair (why not?) / maybe even with bangs up / or something like in Mansae or Pretty U era
Hoshi - black hair (I really like his hair in Boom boom era)
Wonwoo - blonde hair (???) (I don’t know why, I just wanna see him blonde)/ or black hair
Woozi - BLACK hair 🙏🏻
DK - Bangs up / black/brown hair
Mingyu - black hair / Bangs up (I don’t really know, every hairstyle looks on him good 👀)
The8 - ALSO BLACK hair 🙏🏻
Seungkwan - still blonde hair (I like this color on him too)
Vernon - Bangs up / and maybe still black, but brown hair will be okay too👌🏻
Dino - BANGS UP / blonde/brown/black/ whatever if BANGS UP

Just friends? Chapter 1

Word count: 2096 ( @ghostlyraptor )

I remember I wanted someone to play COD with and I get a message from someone. They also needed someone to play with and that was when I met..
‘Yo man you wanna play COD’
The message had read and we’ve been friends since. His name was Evan or Vanossgaming. And at the moment I hadn’t known it but he was a pretty popular youtuber. I myself wanted to pursue a career in Youtube and that was just what I focking did.
It’s years later now and I am getting real close to 2 million subscribers. I never thought I’d get this far but I am so. So glad I have. Sometimes.. I feel like I got this far because of Evan though..
Not by myself. He just hit 20 million subscribers. We still messaged time to time and I felt like he was one of my best friends I had. I wish we talked more..
Slowly we talked less and less. I mean I’m not a very social guy but I feel like I need some interaction to live.
I’ve been
I don’t even have anyone to tell that too. Even when I ask the question. ‘hey I have to say something’. Then my friends just blow me off and say crap like, ‘what the hell you gonna be a downer or something?’
I stay quite. 'Nah never mind.’

I was just chilling right now. Playing some overwatch because why not? You can never have too much of that game. Then my phone buzzed.
“Who the Fock?” I mumble as I grab my phone. ‘Look out your window.’
It was from Evan. He hasn’t messaged me in like weeks.
Why should I look outside?
I take in a deep breath and pull back my blinded looking outside. My mouth drops, “EVAN WHAT THE FOCK?” I scream and I open my door. “What are you doing at my house out of nowhere?” Evan walks in dropping a ton of bags on the ground and shrugs.
“What? I can’t come and visit my friend? Brian are you throwing me out on the street?” I chuckle as he shoves me lightly and I wrap an arm around his shoulder and give him a good shake.
“YO LET GO I GIVE UP. BRIAN NOO HUGS.” I hugged him anyways. Not for him.
More for me.
I really needed it.
I feel him pull out if it and he looked me in the eye, “you okay man?” He asked
I chuckle lightly as I brush my hand through my hair. “Yeah totally fine. What the Fock man why you asking?” I say as I force a smile.
I was trying so hard. To you know be happy.
I felt my face twitch as the smile slowly faded and now I was frowning as I looked down.
“I don’t think you’re okay. Let’s sit and talk about it man.” Evan says as he lays his hand on my shoulder leading me to my own couch. “I don’t need to talk about anything I’m perfectly fine!” I say getting slightly angry.
He hasn’t talked to me for weeks and then he just SHOWS up to my house. “Evan why are you even here?”
I said getting annoyed, “I don’t like that we haven’t been talking man. I had the money to spare and I flew over here!”
He did that.
For me?
I feel my heart like sped up. My stomach got upset and I felt nervous.
Sweaty. “Really?” I asked and I felt myself smile.

It’s weird but I felt like a schoolgirl? What the Fock? “Yeah don’t get hot and bothered now man” Evan said as he laughed.
Aw Fock his laugh.. “Shut up Evan.” I say as I shove him off the couch.
“Wow! Wow! Ow my ass.” Evan says as he stands up as he sits back down. A little closer than me as he was before. I felt my heart rate racing. My breath hitched in my throat.
What the Fock is wrong with me?
“So what’s wrong man? You seem upset?” Evan said as he rested his hand on my head ruffling my hair. “I just been kinda depressed lately. Haven’t talked to anyone in like weeks and.. It’s lonely..” I said quietly.
Evan just hugged me. When I needed it. And he didn’t let go.
He didn’t let go.
He didn’t let go and it was nice. “You feeling better Emoriser?” I giggled as I pull out of the hug rubbing my face. “Yeah yeah.”
I look him in the eyes and for some reason
Wait.. shit did I think out loud? Please no..”Brian are you drunk? Or tired? Or something?” I sigh as I shake my head.
“No..?” I said and he chuckled.
Pulling me to my feet. “Wanna go get some beers?” I nod.
That would actually be focking great. Drink away all this crap. Next thing I know is we get in the car I had.. but.. could not drive. Why do I have it if I can’t use it?
So Evan drove us up there. Once we got there I opened my door and headed inside the pub.
The atmosphere was very wobbly. People were falling over each other. Some were sipping on drinks that had close to no alcohol I would know
I’m Irish.
Some had many empty glasses piling up beside them. Some guy trotted on over to me and Evan. “Hey hot stuff.” The guy said and he had to be talking to Evan.
Evan is so much better looking than I could ever be.. “I’m talkin to you man..” the guy said as he hit me in the chest lightly. He was obviously very drunk. “Wanna get out of here with me?” This guy was hitting on me.
Oh my focking god. I felt myself..
Heating up though.
Like back with Evan at my place.. “hey man leave him alone he’s with me.” Evan said as he shoved the guy lightly. Didn’t seem like he was trying to start a fight but he made the guy noticeably mad.

“Fuck off man he is his own man. Also he can do way better than you.” I. Got.. really mad. For some reason “hey Fock off hot stuff.” I said as I shove the guy more intently than Evan did. “I like a tough guy but fuck this.” The guy said and next thing I knew was a fist came at my face.
“BRIAN!” Next thing I knew was I heard a snap.
Broke my nose. I look up and see spots in my vision. Which I was able to blink away after a bit. “Mother focker.” I say as I rub blood on my shirt which hurt a Fock ton. Then I see Evan beating the absolute shit out of a guy..
for me..
but Evan looks stronger than he actually is.. the guy was beating the absolute shit out of him.. damn I was gonna get kicked out of this pub before I even get a drink..
“Get outta my pub!” Some guy comes at us screaming shoving Evan, this dude, and I out of the pub..
The guy had a knife on us. “Hey wow! Wow! Wow!” I say as I stand in front of Evan protectively.
Am I willing..
To give my life for him.
Why do I get these feelings when I get to talk to or see Evan?
Why does he make me smile? Am I sick..
This feels familiar. Like that one time I took a girl to a dance back in my school years..
But I can’t.
Like him can I?
“I just wanna bang you is that so much to ask for?” The guy said his words were slushed and almost washed out by all the alcohol he has consumed.
“Yeah it is because I’d rather bang myself.” I say as I keep my arms up trying to keep this guy WITH THE KNIFE calm.
“Please just. Don’t hurt Evan. You can hurt me all you want. You’re mad at me so Fock Evan?” I say and I apologize to Evan of course. The guy wobbled side to side.. any bit of water in his body was probably overtaken by the alcohol. He hiccuped as he walked slowly toward me. “You. Have. No. idea. How mad I am!” The guy said I could barely tell what he was saying but I get drunk a lot so I can decipher drunk speak.

The guy came at me with the knife and my first instinct was the dodge and move out of the way. The guy kept going at Evan though. “Shit.” I mumble as I try to get in the way so no harm comes to Evan
I’d like to not die. Or be in pieces.
Next thing I knew was there was a burning slicing pain in my hand. The knife went straight through all muscle in my hand and wow.
It looks pretty cool actually but
THERES A KNIFE IN MY HAND. “HOLY FOCK THAT HURTS LIKE A BITCH!” I say as I grab the knife pulling it out of my hand.
Which it hurt almost worse coming out then going in. I have the knife on this guy now.
Was all I could hear. I look down seeing blood dripping from the wound in my hand. Well I’m not focking supriser a knife ripping through it!
The guy pulls another knife out of god knows where. I don’t know maybe his undies?
“What the Fock? Just leave us alone. You can’t be this mad just because you ain’t laying anyone?”
I offended the man and he was indeed mad about not laying anyone. “Ew dude that spreads diseases. Anyone you bang and they have banged you are banging them and then anyone else you bang. Well you focking get it. That’s. Disgusting.”
This guy didn’t seem to care though. I throw the knife I had in a nearby trash can.
I didn’t want to fight this guy. Then this becomes like some shitty flick and he whistles making more guys come out and one grabbed Evan. “I would let go if I were you.” I said as I looked back. I glared daggers at this guy and he just laughed holding a knife on Evan.
“Let. Go.” I say walking closer to this guy. I bite my lip hard enough that I draw blood. The guy slowly starts getting kinda scared. I grab this guys knife by the blade not caring about the pain that came with that as the guy tries to pull away.
“Let. GO.” I was getting furious by now and I rip the knife from the guys hand.
“Duck.” I say to Evan which he does and I punch this guy square in the face. Which made his grip on Evan loosen enough for me to get him behind me again. Then guys surround me.
Maybe I shouldn’t have punched that guy. “Hey calm down just leave us alone.” I say getting annoyed but then I feel kinda woozy.
Shit. The blood loss has probabaky gotten worse with time. I sway side to side.
“You okay Brian.?” I shake my head as I try to stay focused. “Y-yeah just.. tired.” I say. Most of these guys had knives on us and I had the one I got from one guy who was now getting up from the ground.

“We cajt take all these guys Brian just RUN!” I can’t whimp out.
Especially in front of you. “No. I can do this Evan let me do this for you.”
The guy who started this seemed to back off.
“You really.. like this guy don’t ya?” He said as he hiccuped. “Eh what’s the point in beating you up I ain’t getting nothing out of this..” the guy puts up his knife and tries to call off his guys but one had been coming at me and before I knew what was what.
I felt another stinging pain except in my side.
“Shit.” The guy said taking off.
Most of the guys took off.
Not wanting to get busted most likely. I sway and can hardly stay on my feet. I felt sick to my stomach from all the stress I just incountered. “BRIAN!” Evan screamed and I collapsed.
Everything went
And the only thing I could think about was how I didn’t get that beer.
The last thing I heard was, “did you mean it when you said you wanted to kiss me?”
Did I?
“Yeah” was all I said before
I blacked out.

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Does it ever hit you that harry is cute? Not looks-wise (although he is) but like.. his personality? He is so endearing and you can tell all his friends are just so fond of him, like, they want to take care of him. Just the names his friends give him: lil spud, Lil bub, lil skittle. He's like a big dog that still thinks he's puppy, and I think that's beautiful. Contrary to what his PR team wants and how he's portrayed in media, I don't wanna bang him, I just want to hug him! Ya feel me?!


I’m still crying about that anon that was like “I can’t tell if you wanna bang seb or just make fun of him or even like him at all” ldhlefjed good

You're Alright You. Part Four

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesnt see Chloe and the gang on the bikes…

Part one-Here

Part Two-Here

Part Three-Here


Part Four.

As soon as we stepped out of the store I felt even more nervous than I had inside. Jesus.

He actually wanted to spend time with me outside of the place they had met.

If I was being honest with myself I was having a little trouble trying to understand why he wanted to actually hang out again in the first place,with the crazy blob he saw sat on the floor moaning about mainstream music.

He doesn’t know your crazy. Yet.

And as soon as he does he’ll be gone and you will be back to being all alone, listening to the sex noises coming from your mum and her toy boy, who is probably only after a visa in the first place.


I have to stop thinking like this.

She hadn’t realized that they had walked around the corner and came to a stop on the street, besides a bike. What?

Oh please don’t say he expects me to get on that. No fucking way.

He smiled and grabbed the helmet that had was hanging on the handles “Here, you wear this” he smiled placing it in her hands which where just kind of hanging there.

“I’m not getting on that” I blurted out.

How fucking embarrassing is it going to be if he can’t move it with me on it. Oh my god.

“It’s safe” he insisted and kicked the front tire with his foot. Safe my arse.

“It’ll topple over” And everyone will see and laugh and you’ll finally realize.

“Will it fuck” he laughed “Get on the Bike Rae

She hesitated for a second, so he got on first “Come on, I won’t let anything happen to yah, just put the bloody helmet on”

"And what about you” She didn’t see another one.

“I’ll be fine, I’m a pro” he winked. Oh boy.

“Ok” she finally got on behind him, terrified that her weight was suddenly going to snap the bike in half. Please, please, please don’t.

She was also terrified, not because of the bike that she was sat on, but because she actually believed it when he said he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

She bloody trusted him and he was pretty much a damn stranger.



The ride to his house went by faster than she would of liked.

After her fear at first, that she was going to break the bike or cause an accident, she actually had a good time.

It was fun.

Imagine that Rae Earl, actually having fun. Someone mark the bloody calendar.

Jesus, even his house is kind of sexy. Not Finn sexy, but still.

Just breath and keep calm. Count to ten in your bloody head.

At least the damn sweating has calmed down, a little bit.

He helped me pull off the helmet and smiled as I attempted to smooth my hair out, I bet It looked like one of Mrs Drewhurst’s bushes.


“Want a beer?” he asked taking his jacket off and draping it on the banister at the bottom of the stairs.

“Yeah alright” you don’t bloody drink.

“I’ll get some and bring em up” he pointed up the stairs “Third door on the right is mine”

Oh my god, his bloody room.


“Okay” she nodded and made her way up the stairs as he went into the kitchen.


His room was full of vinyls and CD’s, posters almost covered every surface of his walls.


She couldn’t help but smile as she noticed they had more then a few the same. Which calmed her nerves.

She also realized that she hadn’t counted all the way to ten. The first time thats bloody happened.

Finn appeared quickly and threw his bag on a chair opposite his bed before throwing a can of beer in her direction. Which she caught. Fuck yes.

“Wanna listen to this?” he asked pulling out the Weezer album he had bought.

“Fuck yes” they both laughed and cracked open their cans.


They where laughing so hard that the both of them had tears streaming down their faces.

“No way, I’m not having it” he told her, waving his hands around “I’m calling fucking bullshit!”

It was something she noticed quickly after they had gotten comfortable.

He talked with his hands.

As soon as she noticed it she couldn’t stop looking at them.

Oh god the things he could do with those hands.

The things she would let him do. Gush. Gush. Gush

“Well your gunn..” she was cut off by the phone on his bedside table ringing.

Finn took a deep breath before rolling onto his side and leaning over to get it.
Oh did I forget to mention? We where lying on his bed. Together. I told you GUSH!

“Yeah” he mumbled “Alright Chop” Chop?

“I dunno” he turned to look at me and rolled his eyes.

“Fucking calm down mate, maybe you do taste like a corpse?” what the fuck “Not fucking likely”

“Alright, jesus christ man calm it down, laters”

He slammed the phone down before turning back to face me.

“Soz ‘bout that”

“Alright” I replied with a small smile and wiped some of the half dried tears from my face.

“Was me mate Chop” what kind of name is Chop? “He’s pretty much in love with this girl who hangs out with us but they have both ‘friendzoned’ each other” he rolled his eyes.

“What a shame” she smirked, which caused him to laugh again.

“Sometimes I just wanna bang their heads together” he shook his head “So fucking annoying”

“So he rings you up for girl advice doe’s he?”

He snorted and even that was fucking sexy “Doe’s he hell, he wants everyone to meet at the pub for some drinks”

“Oh” so this was the end. The end of a pretty much perfect day.

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes, with Pulp playing in the background.

He was biting his lip and she was fiddling with the hem of her shirt.

“Wanna go?” he asked making her jump a little as he leant up and knelt beside her “To the pub?”

“Oh I dunno” I replied.

Why would he want me to hang out with his other mates? Who are probably just a fit as him. There gunna wonder what the fuck your doing bringing me along.

“Come on, it will be a laugh, we can annoy the shit outta Chop about Izz” his smile was just so beautiful that she couldn’t do anything but nod her head and mumble “Alright”

Yes“ he quickly moved of the bed leaving her laying alone "Come on, we’re have ta walk, it’s not too far”

She couldn’t lie, utter fear was beginning to fill her up, the bad voices where beginning to seep in. Stop. Don’t let them win.

Just go with him to the pub and have a laugh, he’s alright, more than alright, and he seems to like yah.

Give them a chance. You never know what will happen. They could be just as nice as him, and she more than liked him.


They walked side by side, not really talking. Both where nervous for their own reasons.
Him because he was worried his mates wouldn’t get on with her, and he really fucking wanted them too. And her because she was worried somebody was going to ask why the fuck fit Finn was bringing a girl like her with him to the pub.

They could hear the music as they got closer to the pub.

“Alright?” Finn asked as she started to slow down. Am I Fuck

“Yeah” I nodded trying to not look like I was shitting a brick about going into a pub and being surrounded by a load of people who would be judging her.

They may not say anything, but they would be thinking things.

She could always tell by the look on their faces or the way they glanced at her and then would refuse to let their eyes go anywhere near her again.

He bumped shoulders with her to make her smile “Todays been fun”

She looked at him with her own smile that almost met his “Yeah?”

“Yeah” he mocked her as they finally got to the green doors “Look if you wanna leave just…” he paused trying to think before he grabbed her hand and drew a smiley face on her hand “Ok”

She was stunned for a few seconds as the feeling of fire shot through her veins from the spot he had touched. Jesus fucking christ.

Ok“ he said again and squeezed her hand.

Ok” she sarcastically replied and the two pulled apart as someone opened the door in front of them and stumbled out clutching a half empty glass of wine.

“Come on” Finn walked in first though the door and Rae followed closely behind.

Her senses where all assaulted at once.

The music was loud, and not bad for mainstream, as green day played in the background, the place was full of people in their own little groups.

She was surprised that none of them seemed to take notice of the two of them, all too busy in their own conversations. 

Finn quickly came to a stop at a table, there was only one person sat there. She assumed it was Chop.

“Fucking Finally!” He shouted spotting Finn standing in front of him “Thought no one was bloody coming” He looked friendly enough, he was no Finn to look at, but then not many lads ‘round these parts are.

“Calm down” Finn laughed and turned to Rae.

“Chop this is Rae, Rae this is Chop”

“Alright?” Chop smiled at her with a twinkle in his eyes “What you two having?”

“Snakebite and black for me, Rae?” Finn turned to her.

“Same” she gave a small smile. What the fuck is that?

“Awesome” and with that Chop bounded off to the bar, leaving Finn and her to take seats, next to each other.


A/N- I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has liked/reblogged this story! It makes my day!

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Hey! Sorry if this question's already been answered, but how did you and Jared meet?

I went to a cosplay contest at a convention and he was the emcee. This was before I made costumes, so I wasn’t participating, just watching. But I saw him onstage and thought, “I wanna bang that nerd”

We didn’t start dating until a long while later after we were officially introduced by some mutual friends, but that’s how he got on my radar.