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  • them: whats your favorite movie trilogy?
  • me: Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017) DIR. ZACHARY EDWARD SNYDER

oc interaction trade with @dwsk-hazelmoon

the 10 yrs time skip where they meet up in coincidence? things are different now, not more play time like old times, something serious to deal? after quietly enjoying the accompany of each other uu 

this is just a part and i want to at least get one done ;;, with the mood in Kyoto aa, I will finish up the rest with BG scene ver when i get home and maybe additional ideas of how this festival goes ;;

thank you for your patience aaaaa ;;



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hey,  this is your friendly reminder that i think you’re all swell and that i hope you’re trying your best.   i know you may want to give up some times,  but you can’t.  prove to yourself,  then prove to the world that you’re capable of anything.   you can do it,  i believe in you.   if y’all ever want motivation, just come to me and say ‘hey, casper lay it on me’ and i’ll shout positive things to you.   i like being here for people,  i promise.   i’m actually sick and tired of watching confidence levels degrade because of stupid things like ship wars,  or even tumblr in general.   so:   i hope you don’t stop roleplaying your favorite ship because of someone else.  you deserve it.   don’t you dare delete because of someone else.   if you’re going to do it,  do it for yourself.   oh,  and if you’re passionate about something,  don’t stop believing.   thank you.

darksidegryphon  asked:

Sorry for the machinegunning of questions, but can Anomaly take the form of smaller people (shorter and/or lighter)? If not that would justify it not taking on the angler's form.

They can take on the form of the shorter townsfolk, the reason they don’t do it for the Angler largely comes down to mechanics and NPC usefulness.

The Angler doesn’t act as a vendor, just gives out quests, whereas any of the other townsfolk who act as vendors at least give the player an option to sell excess stuff while exploring, so even vendors with relatively useless inventories or ineffective attacks would have that as a crucial traveling function.

The decision of who to bring along largely comes down to the efficacy of their self-defense, the items they sell, or personal preference. Naturally, certain vendors would be more ‘popular’ than others. Having constant access to explosives or ammo or mana potions would be pretty nice to people who utilize those resources, but at the same time the the Dryad’s Blessing aura could be more valuable than anything she could sell. Or maybe someone just really likes the Witch Doctor, idk.

It’s quite a bit to keep in mind… there’s also the possibility of other passive benefits to each one that may be more than what the NPC would have by default (to make using the service a much more tempting offer). The Angler would still be considered ‘useless’ by comparison, which continues to serve the purpose of upholding the game’s decision to not murder children.

The only other townsperson that Anomaly would possibly not mimic would be the Guide, depending on how useful it would be to have crafting schematics on-call, versus plot-armor issues; his otherworldly vast knowledge may not be something Anomaly can mimic flawlessly, but is the crux of the Guide’s entire function.

Tax Collector would be another curious one, since while there could be some benefit to being able to collect the money at any time without having to go home (especially since the amount caps, which loses the collection opportunity after that), actually having gold on you while adventuring is just asking to lose it if you happen to die. Plus, there’s the slightly more meta question of how they’re actually collecting that money if they’re shadowing the player anywhere other than town (of course, that could just be handwaved by “magic needs no explanation”).

hold on i need to talk about emo™ topp dogg feels.
there is a event called movecon thats hosting topp dogg along with b.i.g, winner, and ikon. but on the promotional poster only yano, sd, hojoon, xero, and bjoo are shown… and then atom will be getting his own solo stage? wouldn’t it make sense that atom should be shown under topp dogg as well? IM CONFUSED i hope im wrong and atom WILL be preforming with td bc lmao thats his group.
then with JBJ confirmed to become a reality in september, i think its safe to say, atom wont be in td for a while. hansol is getting better, pgoon is doing his own projects, and nakta is doing well in dj work.
in all honesty… i hope topp dogg gets a comeback soon and that the 9 is still together and i will have no more worries and wont feel emo over td anymore 😭 i cant even tell what hunus has in store for td or atom…

Drug cartel nonsense notwithstanding, I think that was a beautiful tribute to Ralph Waite and to Jackson Gibbs, and the father-son aspects of the story were handled with such care and affection.

I loved how the flashbacks gave us some insight into both men, and their relationship with Mama Gibbs and what they lost. And I love how they put a lot of thought into the tribute, including bringing back Billy Dee Williams for what amounts to a cameo. The love they felt for the character and the actor shone through, and I give the show major kudos for that.

(Figures season 11 would end on a funeral.)

Welp. I survived Season 11. Not sure I’m ready for 12.

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EEEEEEEE I'VE STEADILY BEEN WORKING ON REREADING WARRIORS TOO!!! I finished 2-2 around the beginning of summer and havent gotten around to starting Dawn yet cuz I wanna read Be More Chill and Ready Player One but I haven't gotten my hands on either of them yet so I'm just stuck .-.

OH DUDE NICE…I finished Into the Wild in one day and I’m already on Fire and Ice and wow I forgot how much I hate Tigerclaw what a douchebag :’)

I can’t help but wonder what Ravenpaw’s warrior name would have been if he’d been given one…somebody should ask the Hunters that sometime and see what they say! (I’d bet it’s Ravenclaw just to be ironic lol)

GUH HONESTLY Arc 2 is a big fave…I love the new prophecy gang they’re all good except for Crowfeather he needs to shape up Oh man!! Yes you need to read BMC and RPO they’re both good and really fun reads so! I wish you luck in getting access to them! ^^

The Artemis Fowl books are really fun but do you think it ever occurred to Eoin Colfer that if he’d just made his protagonist a girl he wouldn’t have to keep explaining why a boy would have the name Artemis