i just used the word selfie

god though… chyler so openly talking about kissing girls irl like it just makes me so happy? she’s so fine with saying it, and saying it didn’t just happen once. and it isn’t a joke or something to just get a laugh, it’s actually something that happened in her life and she’s totally chill actually talking about it and doesn’t make it weird or make it some “sensationalist” kinda thing even if it only happened a few times and it didn’t change her life

and her saying the word lesbian, too. constantly calling alex a lesbian, not just gay. that makes me so happy to hear because she’s so ready to just say it. and most people don’t? they shy away from it like it’s a dirty word because society has programmed us all to feel that way. but it’s a beautiful word and a beautiful thing to be and her saying it so much and as often as she does makes me happy

anyway, chyler leigh makes me happy no matter what she does because she never does anything wrong or bad and is so supportive and amazing and beautiful… god i love her

Got7 when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them


At first, when you climbed on his lap, he would all giggly, making fun of you a little. He just loved to make you blush. But in the end he wouldn’t let you get off so easily, since he actually thought you were to cute for this world.

“Wait, stay, stay! I didn’t want to make fun of you.”

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He would be wondering what the hell you were trying to do, but as soon as he realized you were sitting on his lap, snuggling up to him, he would smile widely. He would hug you back, just being very happy to have you in his life. As soon as he got bored tho, he would try to start a make out session.

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That little sunshine

He would absolutly love it, holding you tighter and burying his face in the crook of your neck, telling you how cute you were. Moments like that would be his favorite about your relationship.

“Yah (Y/N), how can you be so adorable?”

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When you suddenly tried to climb on his lap, he would be like ‘Wtf is she doing’. But he would melt quite fast when you snuggled up to him, telling him you wanted to cuddle. He wouldn’t be able to hide his smile, thinking how lucky he was. However, when dance training starts, be prepared to get pushed of.

that savage

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I don’t know why, but he doesn’t seem like the type of boyfriend who would love to have you on his lap. He would start laughing when you sat down on his lap, thinking it was somehow cute. But he would get enough very soon, asking you to cuddle in another position.

“I mean, this is quite cute, but my legs are gone dead… Let’s move to the couch?”

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Mark would also love it. He might seem like a 'Bad Boy’ with his tattoos and stuff, but he would just love you being all cute and adorable. He would most probably be used to it, helping you to get on his lap and pulling you closer. The two of you would understand each other without words.

“Come here, jagi~~”

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Bam Bam:


Proud af. First thing he would do is a selfie with you on his lap, wanting everybody to see that you were his and only his. He wouldn’t even mind someone coming in. If he was in a cuddly mood that day, he would also snuggle up to you. If he wasn’t, he might get bored after some time.

“You know, I love cuddling and stuff, but we could go shopping!”

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Hey guys~~

I hope you like this reaction, please send me in your reaction requests :)

Should I make BTS or Monsta X Version?

This Friday (31st March) is Trans Day of Visibility

[This post refers to TDoV 2017; other years will have TDoV on a different day of the week]

It’s that time of year again! That awesome day where trans people share their selfies and stories. It’s one of the two largest trans advocacy days, the other being Trans Day of Remembrance (20th November). That day is dedicated to mourning and solemnity, while this day is a day to celebrate being alive! Like last year, I’m not sure of the absolute official hashtag, so I’m guessing there’ll be a variety in use, such as: #tdov #transdayofvisibility #trans day of visibility #trans visibility #trans pride #transresistance #trans resistance

This day has been recognised since 2009 and is increasing in popularity and support each year, but there’s still a long way to go in spreading the word. Visibility is something that the trans community often has to struggle for, so this is our time to step out of the shadows, take pride in who we are, and show the world that we exist and we’re here to stay.

If you are trans

This is your day. No matter your gender - whether you’re male, female, or any nonbinary gender - anyone who isn’t cis (ie. whose gender is different from the gender they were assigned at birth) can participate. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and be visible. If you’re comfortable, post a selfie. Share your story. This is your time to be proud of who you are! It can get hard and lonely sometimes, but there’s a whole community here who have your back.

If you are not trans

Please also get involved - don’t leave this day just up to us. Today is a day for you to support and listen to the trans community. Show us some love by reblogging some selfies and reading some stories, whether you browse through the tags listed above or stick to your mutuals. Now is a perfect opportunity to learn about our wonderful community and to look at some beautiful people. It’s a win-win, really.

Above all, I hope everyone has a fantastic TDoV! Have fun and keep it positive.

some dumb au ideas
  • “i’m a horror game developer and you’re well known for playing my game and your face looks really stupid when you scream” au
  • “i’m the band teacher and you’re the choir teacher and we take our rivalry more seriously than our students do” au
  • “i found your number in a library card on a scrap of paper with some really confusing random words i’m intrigued and i’m calling you so you can explain” au
  • “you’re my theatre department rival for this lead but we got cast as love interests instead” au
  • “we’re both hired as disney world royalty and our characters never intermingle but that won’t stop me” au
  • “i picked up your bag at the airport but i can’t find your number so i’m about to embark on the largest scavenger hunt of all time by using your strange belongings to track you down” au
  • “you’re a celebrity who just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie with the caption “date me” as a joke but you thought i was serious?” au
  • “we’re cosplaying at comic con dressed as a pair and we didn’t come together but people think we did and i have yet to meet you?”
  • “you’re an extra for my superhero movie and you clearly have no idea how to do this” au

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Thoughts on the new gaming vid? They seemed so happy and cute and lighting has improved everything A++ ^_^


  • 2 seconds in and i’m already shook i can’t believe this is real we are literally looking into their new house they are literally actually filming in a new HOUSE and it’s all just too much to process
  • phil sitting cross legged on the same old futon and fixing the tetris lights and balancing them and the pacman light on cardboard boxes is all too cute his enthusiasm is too much for me and dan definitely thinks it’s so cute too and this whole intro is just so soft
  • i love that phil owns up to the fact that this was his idea while dan is tryna go for his traditional ugh this is too stupid and vapid and too mainstream and not creative enough shtick. phil giving no fucks about a got damn quality threshold is my kink
  • when phil is attempting to take his neutral expression selfie and slightly pouts and he and dan giggle (i’m being generous w that term bc dan’s was more like a squawk tbh) at the exact same moment i just smiled so hard. they’re so cute. and they’re both apparently kind of uncomfortable w the notion of like trying to look sultry in photos which is why that pouty expression made them laugh immediately, and also is a good precursor to the whole discussion that comes later about phil’s ladybird selfie
  • dan’s look into the camera at 2:13 gave me lifeeeeee i like that he’s trying to shade phil for taking forever to get his fuckin selfie but instead he has this ever so subtle up tilt to his lips bc he can’t completely hide his smile ughaierjoaierj
  • omg underrated discussion in this video: at 2:26 once phil has finally succeeded in taking the selfie he turns to dan and says “i look alright there” but w the intonation of a question, like he’s literally asking dan for affirmation that he looks good and  not only that but he full on turns to look at dan and gauge his reaction and that felt so special and genuine to me??? like??? not a sort of thing i would expect to see tbh? and in general this video was obvi silly and just a bit of fun but also i thought the level of feedback they were giving each other on their photos and the way they were reacting was all so,,, warm and comfortable and surprisingly open. in this instance i’m also just frustrated bc dan was about to say something in response to phil asking dan if he looks alright, but he cuts himself off. he says ‘that’s an excep—’ and it def sounds like he was gonna say exceptional or exceptionally and i need to know what his thought was. i also like that the thought he interrupts himself with is about phil still having slight crazy eyes. we’ve talked about phil’s own explanation for his wide-eyed deer-in-headlights expressions in selfies a bit on this blog. according to him, he resorts to doing that bc having his photo taken makes him uncomfortable, so it was cute to me that dan noted that phil still did a little bit of the wide eyes without giving any context for why he was pointing it out bc it’s just an understood thing that they obvi have talked about a lot
  • 3:14 dan’s horrified and squeaky “what have they done to your face?” is so good. it’s just. so good. he sounds so outraged that they’ve fucked w phil’s face i lov it
  • 3:20 is the besttttttttt. this is the exchange where dan teases phil for being old and i love everything about it i love how dan made that comment without even thinking which sort of suggests that teasing phil for being old is just a regular/habitual thing and i love the way phil reacted bc it wasn’t rly irritated or even mock irritation in the end. instead he just played along w dan’s joke and accepted it and the whole exchange was so warmmmmmmm and comfortableeeeeee and flirtyyyyyyyyy and it reminds me of a few other comments that dan has made here and there that allude to their age gap and they’re always v cute and gentle teasing and it’s just so good
  • 3:42 they’re talking about the ‘old’ selfie and 1. dan is captivated and i can literally see him contemplating his future w phil lmao and 2. phil talking about joey graceffa and calling him good-looking w a blatant pause before he said that, making me wonder if he was going to use a word that was a bit more emphatic than “good-looking” either way i’m into it and then there’s a blatant jump cut and i’m wondering if they had a lil side conversation about joey being cute lol 3. phil is still looking at dan basically every time he makes a comment and it’s rly surprising but lovely 4. dan needed to come in w that compliment about old phil rocking current phil’s fringe and how cool he looks :) 
  • here’s dan howell caught right in the act of contemplating growing old w phil:
  • bless them for calling out how dumb the concept of a “female” filter is. also dan’s once again violent reaction to phil in the female filter is so cute and funny i love how incensed he is with the whole concept of anything being different about phil’s face
  • 5:36 dan looking at phil in the male filter and saying “you look so average” in such a disappointed tone is rly one of the best fucking things i’ve ever seen in my life. i’ve often thought about dan’s attraction to phil being based in some of the things that are most striking about his appearance. for example he always talks about how black phil’s hair is and how pale his skin is and back in the day he obvi left that infamous comment on phil’s dailybooth about how blue his eyes are and i feel like dan is probs drawn to these features that are just,,, extreme,,, and i love that even a slight change to phil’s jawline/face shape made dan think phil looked decidedly more average precisely bc what he loves about phil’s face are all the things that aren’t average at all!!!! i’m emotional!!
  • phil was so hype to see all of dan’s ones!!!! i’m crying!!!!! the way he was doing his hee-hee laughs and bouncing up and down quite literally and like hitting his hands on the table and saying things like i wanna be friends w him instead of you and ‘i wanna see old danny! old danny slice!!!’ like calm down mate!!!!! ur cute!!! we know u think dan is cute!!! y do u love every single version of him so much!!!! when he sees the old one he immediately says he likes it and compliments it!!!!! when he sees the old one on the daniel x dream pic he calls him cute!!!!!! and then makes this face at dan while dan looks at it!!!!!! 
  • help!!!!
  • dan talking about embracing makeup was amazing and phil being totally down with it and immediately suggesting a smoky eye look and consulting some tutorials was also amazing and i hope thats something they’ve discussed before tbh
  • dan @ manly dan: ‘i mean i would.’ nice. dancest is real and it’s right before our eyes ppl
  • 8:28 dan saying he hates his current profile picture was so surprising and lovely when he gave his reason—it doesn’t reflect his natural curls. i’m honestly so pleased to hear that he views the natural hair as such an important change for him that he wants his display pic (something we know he spends way too much time thinking about and therefore treats as an incredibly important thing) to reflect this shift
  • 9:05 ahhhh the controversial dan reactions to phil’s ladybird selfie. here’s the thing. i think when dan says it’s a “really cringe selfie” he’s talking about the discomfort they both feel about doing posed/sultry shots. he corrects himself after phil protests that it’s not cringe to saying it’s only slightly cringe instead of really cringe, and that he should’ve included an ironic (i hate dan’s use of the word ironic so much bc he often uses it when what he really means is “sarcastic” or, in this case, self-deprecating/humorous) caption. when phil then says that he did use a funny caption, dan basically entirely revokes his criticism and says that phil actually “nailed it” w the photo/caption combination. basically i think both of them get embarrassed about the idea of unabashedly posing in an attractive way for photos and since they’re so close dan feels that embarrassment for phil as well. i don’t think he was saying he actually dislikes the selfie or that phil looks bad or unattractive or anything negative about phil himself. the only comment i did find questionable was when he almost said that the smile filter was an improvement!!! it seemed weird when compared to how much he disliked all the alterations to phil’s face on the first picture lol but then he also made fun of it so i didn’t take it to mean that dan literally thought the filter is an improvement to phil’s real face, just that it was pretty remarkable how cleanly the filters worked on that particular selfie
  • overall: really liked this!!!!!!! such a good intro to the new office!!! such a warm and chill lil vid where they were mostly casual and just being so soft and flirty w each other and basically calling each other cute in creative ways whats not to love about that it was great

Ransom and Holster Get Married.

Based on this post.

  • It’s spring semester of their junior year and Holster is the one who asks Ransom to marry him.
    • He’s only got a partial scholarship from the hockey team and with so many younger siblings, his parents can’t afford to help him with the rest of his tuition. He has to get a loan or he just can’t afford it.
    • But the school has different loan rules for students who live on Frat Row for a certain amount of time and since they’re going into their third year living in the Haus, Holster’s eligibility changes.
  • It should be really easy to get married, but Ransom’s Canadian status throws a little wrench into it. Instead of just going to the nearest courthouse and getting married, they actually have to go through more steps.
    • Green cards get confused, because Ransom already has one for school. But he doesn’t have a work visa, which complicates the marriage visa.
    • They have to actually go through a series of interviews with a government agent, who wants to make sure they’re not getting married just to get Ransom citizenship.
      • It’s ironic, really.
  • It’s almost too easy for them to convince the government official that they’re really in love. They pass all the interviews with flying colors.
    • Maybe there’s a reason why their “fake relationship” seems so real?
  • They don’t tell anyone. Primarily because they don’t want their plan to get out, but also because they do it all over spring break when everyone else is gone.
  • Their wedding is super small, just Ransom’s brother and Holster’s sister as their “witnesses” at the courthouse.
    • Their siblings are in on the deal, and know that the plan is to get divorced after they graduate.
    • Their siblings also know how they really feel about each other and exchange looks during the ceremony as they pledge their love for each other.

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Hey guys! So I’ve gotten a decent amount of submissions for the collage and can’t thank everyone enough for sending in photos and messages. I’ve had a decent amount of questions about it and wanted to explain more.

Basically, I made Taylor collages for both her birthday and one for the release of 1989. She really seemed to like them and since she’s done so much for us recently, I thought it would be nice to thank her.

I want to make a collage of 300+ fans with tons of thank you notes in the caption just to help thank her for all she’s done for us lately.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Send in a photo. It can be a selfie, picture with Taylor, photo from a concert, etc. Doesn’t matter too much because I just want her to be able to see pics of some of her fans and understand how grateful we are. PLEASE SEND THEM TO MY INSTAGRAM: nicksoftime!

2) Send in a message. Doesn’t have to be too long! Just a quick thank you message and please be sure to include your handles on instagram, twitter, etc.

3) Please help get the word out! Although 300 pictures is a big goal, I know we can do it. 



Hey everyone, so I have seen a lot of talk about people feeling left out or unloved or favorites being played or people saying they’ll never be noticed or meet Taylor. Just overall a whole load of negativity and it has been bothering me a lot - not only because I know you how you feel, but also because I know we’re wrong and there isn’t enough support and positivity going around on this website. 

So I have decided to type out a giant text post regarding the way I feel about all of this, and I think some of you may find it really helpful or comforting, and some of you may brush it off.. and that’s fine as well. I just have a lot of thoughts right now, so I’m putting them into words.

1 - I’m going to start with a blanket statement that I’m sure a lot of you that are feeling upset or left out are tired of hearing but i promise this statement is true: Taylor Swift loves each and every one of us who love and support her. She does. End of story.

2 - I feel like giving up all the time, she’ll never notice me or want to meet me because I don’t post that many selfies and I don’t talk about my everyday life as often as some do, I am too insecure to post funny videos or to do a live stream on instagram. But when my anxiety settles and I take a look around - that is not what Taylor is looking for. Does it attract her attention sometimes? Yep, of course it does. But so do posts about her music, posts about how much we love her, stories of what she’s done for us, dad jokes related to her or just general freak outs when she releases a new single, a new video or even just an AT&T commercial that’s 30 seconds long.

3 - It is so easy to feel small and feel like she will never notice you because there are just too many of us - and while the fact that there are a ton of us is true, it doesn’t mean she won’t ever find you and it does not mean that it’s never going to be your time, there are people I know - mutuals, that had never been noticed by Taylor and had been here for years and randomly one day Taylor started liking all their stuff, all the time. I realize that I don’t know Taylor personally but if I know anything about the women that I have spent over the last decade dedicated to - it’s that she truly loves us and goes out of her way to find us and make sure we all feel special and loved, and she tries on a daily basis to find new blogs that have been out there rooting for her - so please just be patient - it is NOT because she hates the stuff you post or thinks your weird or doesn’t like you or just ignores you, it’s not! We’re all funny, we’re all witty, we’re all beautiful, we’re all fangirls and we all love Taylor - we all post a million things every day that she would like if she saw it. So just be patient, she’ll see it one day.

4. Meeting Taylor may seem impossible now, and I am going in and out of feeling that way myself. So your feelings are completely valid and absolutely one hundred and ten percent understandable and normal to feel. BUT, please try and keep an open mind and stay positive about it. I obviously can’t sit here and say every single last one of her hardcore and casual fans will meet Taylor, because there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people that like Taylor Swift. But I CAN say that those of us out here going the extra mile, those of us who have been here for long haul, those of us out here with blogs dedicated to her and living the swift lifestyle will get our day. And I swear to you - I know it in my gut - Taylor is out there trying to figure out how she’s going to make it happen. Also, Taylor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon - there is time, be patient. 

5. Seeing people meet Taylor can be hard, because jealousy is a real and perfectly normal emotion especially when it comes to something you’ve dreamed of for so long and seeing so many other people get this can make you feel so small. And then you start to feel selfish and it’s an endless battle because you don’t want to be jealous. So start with this thought process: Those fans have wanted to meet Taylor just as much as you do, and they too at one point said to themselves “she’ll never notice me, she’ll never want to meet me” but look at them now! So try to be happy for them, because they have lived out one of their dreams by getting to meet her, and that is such a beautiful thing to happen to anyone, it really is! Even though it makes me a little jealous and sad - honestly, I LOVE seeing my mutuals and even people i’ve never spoken to meet Taylor, because of first of all you have photographic evidence of people meeting the one person they’ve always wanted to meet - the person that saved their lives or made them chase their dreams or feel brave enough to fal in love, and everyone deserves the chance to hug and thank Taylor for all those beautiful things. I think about how happy I would be if that were me, and then I realize THAT’S how happy those fans are, and that is such an amazing thing to see people so happy. Just try to embrace it, try to be happy for them even if its hard sometimes. But also, realize that it is okay to have moments of sadness and doubt, but don’t let it consume you because your time will come. 

6 - Think about it this way - the more people that get to go to sessions and meet Taylor and get noticed or whatever it may be, the more room there is for you to get your chance! So be excited that people are meeting her! It means you’re one step closer to having your moment with Taylor. Seeing that she’s out there actively trying to meet as many people as possible, even if it isnt you right that moment, means that she is doing her best and WANTS to meet us. ALL OF US. 

7 - Remember to be thankful - remember that Taylor does not have to do any of this. Sometimes I think this fandom as a whole, myself included at times, gets spoiled with the fact that Taylor does all of these things for us - packages, over the top tours, ticket programs so we don’t lose tickets to scalpers, meet and greets before and after her concert, welcome us into her home, joining live streams, reblogging and commenting and liking tumblr posts, following us on social media… no other celebrity does that, because they do not have to. Taylor literally owes us nothing and yet she gives us everything. So try to stay humble and remember that… try to remember that this fandom as a whole is so blessed to begin with that Taylor is so good to us… that even if you don’t get noticed anytime soon or don’t get invited to meet her.. we still have been given so much by Taylor and she does the best that she can. 

8 - I can’t speak for Taylor but I feel like it hurts her when she sees negative posts about her not liking us or not noticing us or never going to want to meet us because we aren’t good enough. She loves all of us and you know better. You know she doesn’t want to make any of us feel left out or hurt or isolated or not good enough… she’d include every single of us if she could at one time. We just have to wait for our time. Patience is key.

I don’t know if anything I said helped, or made sense or if anyone even read this far (hi, thank you if you did) but I just really wanted to get that out there… incase anyone needed to see it. 


One Day // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: can you do a chittaphon scenario where him and the reader are baby sitting the reader’s little sister or nephew n then start talking about the future n like having children bc children r cute, to sum it up fluff fluff fluff!!

words: 1647

category:fluff fluff fluff

author note: i love kids. like it took awhile, but the little buggers grew on me tbh. here’s ten being adorable :’) note: i will just be using Y/n/n for your nephews name. also ten’s new selfies why must he do this to me

- destinee

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Throwback to 2013. The year of the flamingo.

Earlier that year I’d spotted an ostrich at the zoo and thought, “Hey that looks like me. If I was, you know, doing a handstand on my crutches.” A few minutes later, I walked by the flamingos and thought, “Even better.”

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Different (Tom Holland x Reader)

Summary: You run in to Tom (literally) at San Diego Comic-Con as he’s heading to a panel, soon finding out that celebrities aren’t as different as they seem.
Requested: Nope
Word count: 2020
A/N: So I wrote this and absolutely hated it, but one of my friends read it and seeing her reaction in person made me realize it wasn’t so bad. She continued to encourage me to post it, and what better day than on Tom’s birthday? Hope y'all enjoy!

Please do not copy, repost, or take credit for any of my writing without contacting and receiving my consent beforehand. Thank you.

As you made your way through the crowd at San Diego Comic Con, looking for a familiar face, or a booth that held interesting merch, you ran into someone. It’s wasn’t a little bump into them or anything either, you full on ran into each other, your face directly into his chest, and your few papers on the ground.

“I’m so sor-” you began to say, when you realized who it was, and you stared at him, awestruck.

“No, really, I’m the one who should be sorry, I was the one who wasn’t paying attention.”

You bent down to pick up the papers you had dropped, and stood back up to face him, suddenly shy. You didn’t miss the brief moment he took to check you out, and you could feel the temperature in the already hot and humid room somehow rising even more, as a blush rose to your face.

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Mal: Jay, did you use my phone?
Jay: No. [ looks through a wallet ]
Mal: Are you 100% positive?
Jay: [ turns to face Mal ] I told you, I didn’t.
Jay: Why can’t you trust me for once?!
Mal: Okay, then explain to me-
Mal: [ shoves her phone in Jay’s face ]
Mal: Why did your contact name on my phone became ‘Stealing your heart, babe’?
Jay: Okay. The real question here is…
Jay: Why wasn’t my contact name ‘stealing your heart, babe’ in the first place?
Jay: Get it? [ tries to make it as a joke ]
Mal: [ not convinced ]
Mal: [ walks to him, bringing out a spell book ]
Jay: Mal… [ steps back ] W-we’re friends, right? [ gulps ]

5 Tips on Making Friends

I think that people don’t realize how much they hurt other people by not including them. One of my best friends just told me that he feels like there is something terribly wrong with him that no one will share and thats why all his friends and him grow apart. He is one of the best people I know and to have him feeling this way breaks my heart. I don’t understand why many young people can’t see that little things they do have such great impact on people. So I thought I’d share some ways to NOT do this to people.

1. Don’t post pictures of large gatherings of friends online. In fact, don’t even post selfies with one friend if you can help it. Those other people you know will feel hurt and left out, even if they say they’re fine. How would you feel if you were always picked second?

2. Try to get to know everyone. Yes, everyone. There is at least one person out there who feels like an outsider who wants in more than anything. Talk to them. You know who they are, they aren’t hard to spot. They will be the one who is sitting alone, or not speaking up in conversations. Include them. It will mean the world to them, I promise.

3. Use people’s names. Everyone likes hearing their name in a sentence where it wasn’t necessary. It’s just a little reassurance that you even know it, and it makes people feel happy to hear their name because they’ll feel more like friends and more part of the conversation. Don’t do it too much, but do it.

4. Take selfies with everyone. I don’t know about you but it always feels good to have someone I’m acquainted with but not complete friends with ask to take a selfie with me. It’s like they’re saying that they want to document your face with their face. It’s nice.

5. Don’t just use small talk. Now that you’ve made the effort to make contact with everyone, you don’t want the conversation to just flicker out. The easiest way to create actual conversation is to ask for stories rather than just questions that only need one word answers. Try to aim for the unexpected and don’t just repeat questions the other person has asked. Keep it interesting. Ask about things that you already know you both like and then ask about things you might have in common. Questions like “How’d you get into that?” and “Why?” can help extend short answers and questions like “What did you do today?” and “Whats the best and worst thing that happened today?” may help avoid the common “How are you?” and “Hows your day been?" 

I also enjoy asking "What was the good, bad, and ugly of your day?” because it makes the person think and creates a good five minute conversation and can often lead to others.

Now that you have learned to include others, do it. You may just find that you should have included them a long time ago. It’s hard to join tight webs of friends (for example theatre departments, sports teams, or classrooms of people who already know each other) so don’t let anyone be an outsider. Everyone needs a friend. You can also use these tips and use them to become closer to people so that you won’t be the lonely one. Good luck.

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Dating Connor Murphy would include... (hi and congratulations on your awesome work 💛)

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  • Listen…… he’s a great bf some of the time
    • He easily withdraws not only from his family but you, because he’s had so much practice at bottling up his feelings and not talking about it
    • You want him to feel comfortable talking to you but you don’t push it - he’d probably withdraw more and feel angry if you forced him to express himself
  • You start small, casually asking him about his day every afternoon, or his week if you see each other on the weekend
    • And you listen
    • You’re the first person who has actually listened to him and what he says and that makes him so, so happy
  • Once you break the barrier of talking he will not stop - he’ll tell you every single detail of every single interaction he had that day
    • You just love watching him smile at the good things that happened, maybe he saw a cute dog or someone (probably Jared) told a funny joke
  • He loves making you laugh only so he can preserve the memory of you at your happiest in his mind
    • When he’s feeling at his worst he sometimes remembers you, smiling and bright eyed, and it helps to ground him
  • When you hang out it’s solely based around cuddles/him being close to you
    • His favourite feeling in the world is feeling your heartbeat as he holds you tight
    • A close second is feeling you slowly fall asleep on his chest, watching your eyes flutter closed
      • (maybe he sheds one tear maybe just because he loves you a whole lot)
  • He knows how bad it can feel when you think the whole world has turned against you so he might neglect talking about himself when he notices you being a bit quieter than usual
    • He wrote you a note the first time he noticed it and every time you feel sad you’d pull it out and read it and re-read it
      • The ink was faded a little and the paper was crumpled but you had the exact wording of it memorised
  • He’d bring flowers to school to give to you just for fun, usually picked by him from the garden at his house or plants he walks past
  • You take a lot of pictures together and of each other
    • He loves taking candids of you whilst you’re on dates or in class
    • You love taking photos of him smiling, usually selfies together which you use in rotation for your phone/desktop backgrounds

anonymous asked:


AAAH THIS IS SO DIFFICULT!!!! I just love them all! I think I’m going to make a “list” of scenes and make a tiny analysis of why I like them.

I WILL TRY NOT TO MAKE A BIG ANALYSIS because I have so much to say about their relationship and I can talk about little details for hours but I’ll concentrate in “big scenes”. If you want me to talk about details or metas I have, let me know!… so yeah… lets get started!

(this doesn’t have any special order)

-Lance trying to protect Pidge and directing Iverson’s anger at him. I just really like this scene not only because it shows that Lance really cares about the team, but because later on we learn that Pidge is pretty stubborn and doesn’t like when other people tell her what to do but, even if she looks visibly annoyed, she doesn’t push Lance away.  

-Pidge showing her support to Lance. The team was in a difficult possition, they had to decide wether to go through the wormhole or not. Lance was pretty unsure of what to do, but when Pidge put her hand on his shoulder, he suddenly felt brave enough to made a decision.

-Pidge deciding to stay once she saw Lance unconcious. She was pretty decided in leaving the team and going on her own journey to find her family. Allura and Keith tried to convince her to stay and failed, but seeing Lance hurt was enough to change her mind. 


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Tiny - Zach Werenski

Originally posted by werenskiz

Notes: So of course, here’s me messing up the queue and moving people around because I just had to post this one. It’s super fluffy and cute and I literally just adore it so much. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am!!

Warnings: None!

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Jakob Chychrun

Teaser: “I can’t believe I never noticed how small you are compared to me, like (Y/N), don’t get me wrong, I knew you were like… basically a midget, but have you grown since kindergarten?” 

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bi josh proof masterpost

okay so i’ve been getting heaps and heaps of questions recently asking for evidence and proof of why i think josh is bi. keep in mind that this list is fairly short for now but i’ll keep on adding to it whenever something comes to mind/something new happens. i also keep a bi josh tag for everything bi josh lmao. masterpost is under the cut

p.s i’m not forcing anybody to believe that josh is bi nor am i trying to push josh to “come out”. 

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A Thousand - Junhui scenario (1k milestone!!)

Genre: angst and mentions of blood + plus death so be careful!!
Word Count: 1091
A/N: I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted any scenarios but I’m here with this!! I thought of a selfie tutorial blog at first but this seemed like a new and exciting type of story to write. I thought of things that was related to a thousand and I got the old Japanese legend (what is happening to my English) soooo here it is!! I personally love this a lot because thanks to this, I can write like how I used to. Idk, it just felt easier to write after I made this and I’m happy about that. I swear to god the next one I’m posting will really be the Hoshi fic!! (The first part is so cute and aww it’s just a rollercoaster of emotions istg) and thank you guys for your love and support!! We’ve reavhed 1k and I still can’t believe it asfghjkl Me and Lani are very happy and proud about this because we’ve put or blood, sweat, and tears into this blog and we’re glad that people have been liking our stuff of lot :D!! Idk I’m just so so sooo soft and giggly rn, forgive me! -Clar

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“Do you believe in miracles?”

You caught him off guard with such a trivial question that night. He laughed a cheery laugh and said there was no such thing as miracles. You, on the other hand thought otherwise. However Jun was a man who stuck to his belief despite all the convincing you tried to do.

Now, he was willing to renounce that belief.

The soft crinkling sound of papers folded into beautiful paper cranes by thin and sluggish hands was the only noise made inside the room. Not a word has been uttered ever since the day you left. It was only him in his silence, folding those papers ceaselessly as if he was possessed. His eyes were sunken, matching the hollow features of his face while he folded and folded and folded. That was the only thing he could bring himself to do.

Nothing else mattered after you left.

When he wasn’t folding paper cranes, he’d have his back against a wall near him while he stared at nothing. He could remember how many times he called your name, begging you to wake up from whatever horrible curse you were under. “(Y/n),” he whispers to himself as if you’d hear him and comfort him. You weren’t there anymore to do any of that.

“Come back.”

“I need you.”

“I don’t want to be alone.”

Bitter tears followed words that would never reach you as he’d sob quietly in the corner of the room. “Miracles don’t exist,” those words he said to you not long ago turned into self hatred and pity as he continued his desperate attempt to fold a thousand paper cranes just for one wish was the only hope he had of ever getting you back now. He was praying for a miracle. Not every illness had a cure after all. Would a wish change the bitter fate you were to face? The boy could only dream. He could only hope.

What else could he do?

Jun was close to his goal, pushing himself to reach it even faster. Sleep wasn’t important as he exhausted himself to his limits day and night. He could’t sleep well anyways, the nightmares would haunt him and chase him even after he woke up. All he would dream of was your corpse, with lifeless eyes that stared at him with fiery rage and hatred like they were alive. Sometimes the corpse would move, wrapping its hands around his neck in an attempt to suffocate him. He’d wake up in a cold sweat, trembling and hysterical. His dreams were always so vivid that he felt like they were real.

Was he willing to bet everything he had on this false miracle?

“Nine hundred ninety seven,” he counted, folding a paper crane and setting it aside. He didn’t think he could feel anymore until that very moment. “Nine hundred and ninety eight,” his lips quivered as excitement and anxiousness rushed throughout his body. His hands were shaking tremendously, folding the paper cranes in a haste. Jun watched the paper form into cranes with wide, unblinking eyes that could only perceive information from the single piece of paper. “Nine hundred and ninety nine,” he whispers, not wasting another moment to grab the last paper. As the crane neared its completion, the boy was ready to jump off the floor and onto his feet.

There it was. “A thousand,” he exclaims with a hoarse voice.

He waited with anticipation, not really knowing whether his wish would be granted or not. The boy didn’t know that what he wished for could no longer be granted.

“(Y/n)!” Minghao and several other members rushed to either side of your bed. Someone ran to call the nurses, doctors, or anyone that could help. They were desperate to hold onto you so much that they almost pulled you away from your fated demise.


Tears were shed, smiles were broken, hearts were shattered; and you were gone. You were there, right in front of all of them just minutes ago. In that one fleeting moment when your eyes closed and your breathing stopped, you were gone. What they saw now was a hollow shell of who you used to be, lifeless and sunken. No one could stay in the room for more than seconds after you passed away, it was too much for any of them.

Some members sat in silence, shocked and unable to process that they lost you right in front of them. Others tried to call Jun. He was the only one who wasn’t there to witness it, and he was lucky. “Pick up,” Minghao mumbles with worry. It was the tenth time he’s called Jun and he still hasn’t picked up.

His phone rang incessantly. He ignored call after call for he didn’t feel like speaking. His body simply felt empty and the increasing pain in his throat made him practically mute for the time being. Jun took a few paper cranes and played with them, watching them with pressed lips and swollen eyes.

It wasn’t numbness anymore.

It was sadness in its purest and rawest form.

“I don’t want to live without her.”

Every breath felt more painful than the last. Like his lungs were twisted and crushed, it was hard to get a hold of himself. The iron taste of blood lingered in his mouth as he coughed up red petals onto the bedroom floor. His body began trembling, but this time was different. This sudden overwhelming wave of fatigue hit him hard and he doubled over in a coughing fit. Pools of crimson red formed around the boy that was still coughing his lungs out, drenching the thousand paper cranes he had piled up. He could barely make a fist in the state he was in, using his palm to support himself off the floor. His eyelids grew heavy as if lead was closing them shut. Maybe he was just overthinking, maybe he was wrong, but he felt like he was dying.

Did this mean the wish worked?

Were you no longer in this world?

The ceasesless ringing of the phone was muffled but he could still hear it. His head was pounding as tried to reach out to his phone, grabbing it to answer it. “Jun?” Minghao’s worried voice practically yelled over the phone, “something happened.”

There was no reply.

“Jun?” he called out to him once more. Still no answer. No matter how many times Minghao called out to him, there was no response.

Of course, corpses could never talk.

Preference 18: Why the fans ship you & him together (requested!)


“Hey, um, Connor, do you have, well, I-I mean, any…” You quietly said, your breath shaking nervously, “Anyone you’re seeing right n-now, well, like, a-you know…” 

“Oh, you mean if I have a relationship right now?” he smirked at you, making you instantly melt onto your seat. 


He chuckled quietly, while leaning his whole upper body to the table and letting his arms rest in front of him, intertwining his hands together. “No, my dear Y/N. I do not. “But I am seeing someone, yes.” 

Your heart sank a little, knowing that your crush for six months was seeing someone. Some may think that’s a little childish thing to do, but it was the truth. 


“But you don’t know who that girl is, don’t you?” he lowly asks. You didn’t allowed your mouth to speak, so you just shook your head. Connor sighed, and then smiled lovingly at you, “It’s you, Y/N. It has always been you.” 

Then boom. Look at where the both of you are right now. 
The fans ships the both of you so much because of how the both of you were’t afraid on what others might’ve thought about your relationship together. You weren’t afraid to post sweet pictures on the media, weren’t afraid to do public displays, none of that because your love for each other is what matters anyway. The fans loved you from the start, because from the inside and outside, you showed your true self. 


 "There’s some fans outside, you promise that you’ll stick to me?“ 

He carefully said while looking into your eyes, making sure. You snickered, "Brad, please, I’ve been to concerts before and I’ve been trampled and crushed many times. I can handle it.”

He shook his head and laughed at the same time while grabbing your hand, and walked through the crowd of fans, taking pictures of them and Brad now and then. 

You liked to talk with his fans and you wanted to know their fanbase more. You admitted that you didn’t know who he was at first, hell, you weren’t even sure if you can date a guy who’s in a band, but at the end you wanted to chat to some of their fans, and sometimes befriend some of them. And you think that’s why fans really ship the both of you together. 

They don’t have any drama with you and Brad being together as well, which is great. Someone even wanted you to join her and Brad in a picture together which took you by surprise. In the end, what you’ve learned is that the fandom is literally chill with you and Brad together, but I won’t use that word when he posts a picture of the both of you taking a selfie, oh no no.


“Y/N, how’s about we go to Hawaii tomorrow with the boys? You wanna come?”

“Nah, sorry Tris. I’ve got things to do.”


“No, not really. Okay come on now, let’s go tell ‘em.” You said while standing up away from his grip, immediately walking towards his phone which was laying just on the dining table. 

Everywhere you both went, the fans always sees it. Not because they’re all following you or anything, but because you take pictures and post in on the media. Everywhere Tris went, you came along. Mountain climbing, surfing, a five hour car ride, everything. And that’s what made fans ship you together so bad. You and Tristan were very adventurous, and that made him fall in love with you in the first place; you didn’t  care about what people said, what you did or how much money you spent in trips, not a single one. And I guess it’s the same for his fans, too. 

About every month you or Tris would post a picture on twitter and instagram whereabouts you are in that day. That includes the following I just mentioned earlier. You didn’t care about getting your clothes dirty, or your hair getting all messy. You didn’t even wore a lot of makeup. Because of all your traveling, some fans might say “#couplegoals” on the both of you because it always looked like you were one of those who posts ‘My Barcelona Trip 2017!!!!111!’ on youtube, and that’s not a bad thing. Fans ships you and Tris so much because on how similar your interests are when it comes to different places, and many times, you and him influences some to live their life like it’s their last. 


You and James are not necessarily together, but the both of you are just best friends. You met at a grocery store, actually, and he let you pay to the clerk first because he saw you had much more items than him. He was buying a bag of chips and a coke bottle for goodness sake. Then, he thought you were very pretty and interesting and then he asked what was your name (I know, it was very cliche). Then he said his name and then blah blah blah “We should hang out sometimes.” blah blah blah “I can give you my number, you know, if you’re ever down…” blah blah blah, and all of those things. It was now your third month together of being friends, and his fans immediately shipped you and James together. 

Whenever you and him go out, in someway a fan would see in a distance, takes a picture, and posts it on the media and guessing that if they are together. They already found out who you were and what’s your personality, and they started to like you. They thought you and James would make a perfect couple, even though you haven’t cleared up the rumor yet. But why would you, though? Let them guess and anticipate.

this is so ugly and i am v v sorry. it turns out that we have dance classes and i don’t have so much time. but yeah, anyways, i hope you…like it? 

Not proofread.