i just used the word selfie

i want you to picture your life ten years from now. tell me what you see,” her therapist says.
“i see a home. one filled with beautiful pictures of the two of us; from our random selfies to our wedding photos. i see a room. one with a closet that’s 80% mine and 20% his just because he keeps buying me gifts. i see a patio. one with two rocking chairs so that when we get older, we can watch our grandkids playing outside. i see love. a love that has withstood all the arguments and all the fights we’ve had, and it’s only grown stronger. i see two people in love; the type of love that is so rare that outsiders question whether it is true, a love so pure it makes others envious. i see him. he is my future,” she says.
“so then why do you look so sad?” the therapist asks.
“because i am not his.
Catfish Klance AU

You guys, I just had a great Catfish idea for a Klance fic!

  • Keith and Lance are both being Catfished by the same guy, idk Rolo or Lotor or someone 
  • The thing is, the Catfisher is using each of the boys’ pictures, texts, info to trick the other one. So, Lance thinks he’s talking to Keith, and vice versa and they both kind of really are talking to each other because the Catfisher is just using their own words and selfies and stuff to fuel the conversations. He’s just like this intermediary between the two.
  • Maybe Background Story: Catfisher always had a crush on Lance in high school, but Lance never really paid attention to him because he was kind of a loner. He wants to get back at him and starts talking to him online as another profile. Lance doesn’t really seem interested so he searches out another profile to Catfish Lance, aka Keith, some hot guy that he finds on a dating website (Shiro, Keith’s brother signed him up for it)
  • Chaos and Hilarity and Love ensue
    • They’ve been talking for like  couple months and Lance is slowly falling head over heels for this beautiful, violet eyed emo he met online. Keith is hesitant about the whole situation because some things just don’t seem right, but he really likes Lance and can’t understand why!
    • They have a lot of sweet conversations and Keith opens up sometimes about himself which he can’t really ever do. 
    • Catfisher fucks with certain details they text like where they live and stuff so they can’t meet up.
  • If we really want to do this right: Bring in our Nev and Max, aka Hunk and Pidge, who are actually Lance’s friends and run a youtube channel that debunks Catfishers and other internet hijinks. When they find out about Lance’s online crush they obviously do some research. 
  • Initiate, the hunt down! Pidge is a mastermind at hacking, it’s really not that hard for them to figure it out. They get in touch with Shiro somehow and plan a meet up and take down of the Catfisher
  • Lance and Keith finally meet up with Catfisher and all their friends and when they find out it’s actually kind of been them talking the whole time, they decide to try it out. 
  • Happily Ever After, the End. 

I am an endless well of AU ideas that i’ll never be able to write so if someone ever wants to write one, please let me know and go for it! :)

Selfie (Charlie x Matteusz)

Charlie likes to learn more about human culture. Matteusz likes to indulge his adorable alien boyfriend

Fandom- Class (DW)

Pair- Charlie x Matteusz 

Words- 450

This is just a short drabble as I get used to writing these characters… I hope you all enjoy :)

It was a Sunday afternoon, the apocalyptic part of the week where the smallest thing was too much effort, and time ceased to exist. Matteusz was buried deep in his A Level textbooks, occasionally looking up to steal a glance of Charlie’s sunlight-kissed face before delving back into the world of Maths. He needed some form of motivation, after all.  

“Matteusz, what is a ‘self-ee’?” Charlie’s voice tested the unfamiliar word with caution, looking up from his phone with a frown.  

He was sat on one end of the settee, with Matteusz on the other, back against the armrest and legs bent over Charlie’s lap. Matteusz swung his legs back onto the floor, ignoring Charlie’s mild protest as he did so, and grabbed his phone from his pocket.  

“Come here.” Matteusz patted the seat next to him gently, and Charlie shifted his body over.

“What are you-”

“Look at this.” With one swipe of his finger and a double-touch on the screen, Matteusz had his camera facing them both. He wrapped his arm around Charlie’s shoulder, pressing his lips gently against his cheek.  

The phone clicked, and Matteusz pulled away, checking the picture. He didn’t even register his own appearance, eyes drawn to the bashful smile and wide eyes Charlie was so openly presenting. His hair was so soft and gaze so honest, Matteusz could only describe him as endearing.  

“This is a selfie, because we took a picture of ourselves. You can do it on your own too.”  Matteusz explained, watching as Charlie’s expression drifted from confusion into contentment. Charlie settled into Matteusz’ side, sighing happily.

“Human culture seems far less overwhelming when I’m with you.” Charlie’s hand found Matteusz’, curling their fingers together lazily.  

“I am glad I am useful for something.” Matteusz laughed shortly, running his thumb over Charlie’s index finger.

Charlie craned his neck up, eyebrows knitted together and lips pulled down. When he spoke, his voice was thick around the words he wanted to say and heavy with the ones he could not.

“You do far more for me than just that.”  

Their eyes met, neither one daring to voice the meaning behind Charlie’s words. Instead they leant into each other, hands clutching each other desperately. But the angle was awkward, and their emotions were too raw. Charlie placed his forehead into the crook of Matteusz’ neck, who couldn’t help the blissful, heady smile at the obvious display of affection. They were both more reliant on one another than they cared to admit, but through their pain, and loss, and betrayal… that was what they both needed. That was enough.

Guys, look!

I got to see Darren Criss in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Wednesday, such a wonderful experience. We all needed some positivity, and there are no words to describe how important it was to escape to a place where we can feel accepted and celebrated, even if for just a couple hours. 

Darren is absolutely the sweetest, he took time to meet us all, and we even chatted in Italian for a bit once he found out that’s where I’m from! 

If you are in the L.A. area, grab yourself a ticket, 10/10 recommend! 

choi seungcheol is my little angel who came from heaven to bless us all. I wish I could find words that would describe my love to him. he’s the most important person in my life, his smile and voice help me when I’m sad and everything goes wrong, he’s just next to me whenever I need him. please love him and appreciate his gold heart, s.coups is a great leader and the sweetest person in the world:(

I can’t delete your text thread. You haven’t texted me in five months and I know you never will again, but I can’t delete it. In that thread is two years worth of us. It contains our very first texts and the last words we spoke. There’s two years of pictures, arguments, “I miss you”, happiness, future plans, helping each other through everything and the build up to our downfall. I’ll scroll through the pictures at times, from the beginning stages of selfies to photos together to inspirational quotes you sent me on rough days to pictures of families we would have been just like. I scroll through and absorb every ounce of what we were. I’ve read the last text you sent me everyday for the past five months and I still can’t get over the last words you said. “I don’t even know what to do” words that are imprinted in me. Words I can’t get over because I don’t know what to do, without you. Five months and I’m still wrapped up in seven words. I get the urge to text you sometimes, to say fuck it all and text you the seven words I’ve been dying to say “I am so in love with you” but I know you won’t respond. Five months later and I can’t get over you. Five months later and your name has gone from the top of my texts and slowly worked its way to the bottom. I wonder if you’ve deleted me. I wonder if you still have pictures of us saved. I wonder if you’re sending someone else pictures so they can pick their favourite one. I wonder if the two years of us were gone in a single swipe and “delete.” I wonder if you still love me back. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to delete the person who added so much to my life. But for now, the texts thread stays, the same way you have in me.

god0fbears  asked:

Whenever Braun posts a selfie i think all of us are like "I am SHOOKETH"


i like to think bitty and tater really hit it off and end up texting a lot. first mostly about jack, then about recipes, then when jack and bitty come out to him, it’s to plan double dates. but like other things too like they send each other goofy selfies with their significant others looking annoyed but mildly amused in the background. i just really want these two rays of sunshine to become best buds
-tater uses emojis even more than bitty. his favorites are: 😝😍💖😦💅🏻🏒⁉️😘😇😬😰😴
-bitty knows russian from his time with katya but he doesn’t know how to spell the words so they end up talking in english over text and when they’re in person or on the phone it’s all russian (which they use to chirp jack and have secret jokes)
-jack’s lost face when bitty mumbles something in russian then both tater and bitty die laughing. he wants to be mad so bad but they’re both so adorable laughing like that he doesn’t care it’s at his expense (he does get revenge on bitty later tho ;) )
-“bitty, why your pie look like out of book and mine look like large hockey puck?”
“oh, hon i bet it’s not that b- how did u even manage ??????? tater ???”

anonymous asked:

WHAT I LIKE: your hair. Your eyes. Your make up skills. Your art. Your personality. How nice and kind you are. How beautiful you are. Your taste in music. How fun it is to give you compliments. How much you look like rose quartz. That you look literally like a goddess that just descended to earth to bless us all with her good looks. That your hair is always so pretty and colourful WHAT I DISLIKE: You dont post enough selfies:c

you’re tOO SWEET w ha aaaa a a a aa t ahhhhh bless ahh thank you so much oh my word you’re an angel bless oh gosh this is far too kind omg i’m ??? !!!! 🖤🖤🖤 htough i think it’s a good thing i don’t post selfies very often bc i’m pretty sure i annoy everyone when i do ahaha esp when i self reblog oh god ahh bless your heart 🖤
💌Go on anon and write what you like or dislike about me💌

41-14  asked:

I'm all for asking your favourite artists for a picture or a autograph when you accidentely meet them on the street, or after a concert, because you can totaly tell if they are in the mood to give you some of their time or not. But following them around. and making them feel unconfortable to the point they can't eat or sleep is just behind my comprehension. Thats not loving, thats obssessing. Loving is respecting ones individuality. (also if you feel like posting the selfie,

41-14 said: then post it. We came to your blog not only for the content, but because it’s ver personnal, and you makes us feel very close to you. So seeing your face just increases this, it’s really cool seeing the face behind the words)

yeah if you happen to run into them while out in public and it seems okay to kindly and quickly ask them for an autograph/picture then I think that’s fine. but if they seem tired/busy or you have to follow them to get their attention then no. let them have their privacy and peace. and especially if you follow them to their hotel and bother them to the point where they can’t sleep…how is that being a fan? fans are supposed to want comfort and well-being for their favorites and doing obsessive stuff like this takes that away from them. and on top of that it makes the “fans” look awful. 

I think most people understand this, there’s just a select portion of the fandom that’s ignorant. 

and, about the selfie, thank you!! I’m glad you see this as a personal and close-knit blog, that makes my heart warm ;-; I probably will post one~



 It will be on Dec 19th, 12 noon EST. 

I’m hosting this because I just hit 10.5k followers and I really have always wanted to do this.  Use #bisexual phandom meetup


Please only partixipate if you are bisexual/pansexual/polysexual

Please reblog this post regardless of sexuality because I really want to get the word out to the bisexual/pansexual/polysexual phandom

If you are not bisexual/pansexual/polysexual please don’t post a selfie to the meetup, you are obviously welcome to reblog the selfies of those involved. 

As usual post a selfie, edit, or whatever to the tag and follow each other, talk, chat, banter, whatever you like. 

Thanks to @snuffledpopcorn for making the edits, (sorry they are only in bisexual colors but when making the post I realized that pansexual and polysexual should be included as well)

So at the movies tonight, there was a gay couple standing in line getting there tickets hold hands minding there own business. A group of high school aged kids were standing behind them, and I was behind them, anyway I over heard one of them say “fucking faggots” and the couple turned around and stopped holding hands, then the blond boy said to his friends “that’s what I thought” and they all laughed. Upon hearing this I stepped in and said “you shouldn’t use that word man” and he stopped, looked me over and said “why? Are you a faggot too?” I cracked him in the mouth without a second though. He fell to the floor holding his bloody mouth while I got blindsided by one of his friends. It was a 3 on 1. Left immediately after being hit in the face, upon walking out the doors, holding my face I heard someone saying “excuse me sir!!” As I turned around they asked me if I was alright, it was the gay couple, they told me I didn’t have to do that but they really felt touched having a complete stranger stick up for them. I told them I didn’t do anything, and apologize on the behalf of the high schoolers and told them to have a good night. Then left before the cops could have shown up.

Mirame :)  Hi my name is Montse, I am a mexican and I am 16 years old.

By the way, for those of you not supporting “mirame” hashtag just because some of us latinos look white, please UNFOLLOW OR BLOCK ME. Just because I’m “white” or “lightskins” doesn’t mean I am not latina. Doesn’t mean I am not DISCRIMINATED. I have been called Dora, Beaner or even suggested that I am “pretty for a latina” or “intelligent for a latina”. I have also suffered a lot of my culture appropiation. I encourage you latinos to post selfies, even if you are a brazilian or don’t speak spanish and understand the word “mirame”, because being a latino is not just our color or language. YOU ARE A LATINO, you are worth it and you are not invisible. Let us represent our race individually. STOP SAYING THAT “MIRAME” IS A BASHING HASHTAG BECAUSE IT’S NOT. We are not disminishing black people’s selfies, in fact, I praise “blackout” movements. I also suffer from white opression even tho I live in Mexico, I have been bullied over the Internet for my mere culture and nationality. All of my friends have and it’s terrible. I am pissed off because I have been told on Twitter by ignorants telling me that I am too white to be a latino or that I don’t have big lips and curves. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL GUYS!!!!!!!!!!+
And now I am told that “mirame” is a discrimating hashtag because it’s just self-centered.

As if latinos didn’t suffer violence from americans, or Cinco de Mayo cultural mocking, or every spring break annoying ignorants who come and bash out hotels and laugh at us. Please to ALL latinos and “inferior minorities”, raise your voice and upload your pics!

Hi everyone! It’s a little late at night but better late than never, right?

I had this cool idea about Selfie Sunday!

Since so many simblrs do selfie sundays I figured we could use our own tag to find other simblrs and like their selfies just to spread the kindness around!

What to Do:

  • If you post selfies for Selfie Sunday, tag it #Simblr Selfie Sunday
  • Go check out the tag to like some other simblr’s pretty selfies to help spread the kindness!
  • That’s all!

If you guys could reblog this to spread the word that’d be really great too ^_^

Today’s #TruthwitchTuesday is a bit different from our previous shenanigans. Rather than share something with you, @Truthwitch and I decided we’d like to YOU to share something with US.

Basically, in the spirit of the #Witchlanders street team forming – it should be all ready to go in the coming month, so we’ll be reaching out to members soon – we wanted to find out why YOU want to join.

Tweet, Instagram, Tumbl(r?), Pin, Facebook – WHATEVER. Just tell us why you want to be a part of the #Witchlanders. And of course, be sure to use the hashtag #TruthwitchTuesday. :)

So for example, you could tweet:

I want to join the #Witchlanders because MERIK IS A SEXY BEAST. #TruthwitchTuesday

That would be a perfectly acceptable response. ;) Or you could blog,

I wanna join the #Witchlanders because I love spreading the word about books I adore! #TruthwitchTuesday

And of course, if you use a GRAPHIC – be it a selfie, something photoshopped, a photoshopped selfie, whatever – then you might just earn some bonus gold stars. (See more on this below!) ;)

But why bother with this nonsense, Sooz? What do I get out of it? –> I’m sure you’re wondering this, and rightfully so.

The reason to partake in our little game is because we’ll pick one lucky winner from all the entries to be THE FIRST MEMBER OF THE #WITCHLANDERS!!!

And, not only will you officially be on the team – before anyone else!!! – but you’ll also get to pick a page from Truthwitch and I’ll share a sneak peek next Tuesday!

And and, the chosen Witchlander will get a signed Truthwitch poster – the very first of its kind! We haven’t even shared what these babies look like yet! :D

Now, here are a few notes about all this:

  • If you did not sign up for the #Witchlanders before we closed the application form, THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY! Anyone and everyone is still welcome to participate in this contest – and possibly gain entry as The First Witchlander. ;)
  • You’re welcome to share up to three entries. THAT’S RIGHT. Up to three entries = totally allowed. Just be sure to use the #TruthwitchTuesday hashtag so we can keep track!
  • @Truthwitch and I will hand-select 15 entries next Tuesday, and our decisions will be based on 1) enthusiasm!, 2) enthusiasm!, 3) enthusiasm! Basically, we’re awarding gold stars based on – you guessed it – ENTHUSIASM. And from those 15 entries, we will RANDOMLY choose a single winner! That’s honestly it! We just want to make sure that our very first Witchlander is someone who really, really, REALLY wants to be in the group. ;)
  • Feel free to reshare/RT/reblog your entries as often as you want! Spreading the word is always good…and ENTHUSIASM = more gold stars!!! <3

So there you go! If you have questions, shoot me or @Truthwitch a tweet! Or ask in the comments below. :D

I hate having my picture taken in general. And if I’m not allowing it… and it’s just gotten worse over time. I don’t understand pictures at airports. And I hate the word selfie. Any man that uses it needs to reevaluate a lot of their life. I can’t imagine, I can’t get in the mind of a wrestling fan who wants to break news that spoils a surprise for somebody. Would you want a surprise spoiled? Say you saw Sting at the airport and tipped everybody off that Sting was going to make an appearance that night, and then you ruin the surprise for people who went out of the way not to get the surprise ruined. Would you want your surprised ruined? I’d be, “Don’t tell me, don’t tell me who you saw at the airport.” I like to live a spoiler-free life.

Dean Ambrose(

Ambrose on why he hates having his picture taken)

For Halloween, R and I dressed as Scully and Mulder (she dyed her hair red and I wore 6" platform boots, hahaha). There weren’t many kids in the neighborhood and we’d stocked up on a ton of candy, so we decided to walk around town distributing candy - reverse trick-or-treating, which is acceptable for adults to do since we can just buy candy when we want it.

Anyway, I was super uncomfortable with it, but R was brilliant - she ran up to people in the street and cheerfully announced that there’d been an alien attack and the only way to survive was to eat an emergency serving of glucose, so take these candies. A large group of Japanese tourists took pictures with us on a selfie stick. I had a folder with the word “X-File” written on it and a crudely-drawn alien under the caption “Have you seen this man?”

It was great.