i just use the pic i have on my pc


Redraw of this Dimaria sketch I drew several months ago :3

I don’t have a personal style anymore or I just don’t know what is mine Help Me :,D But I’m so pround of the result and the improvement :,)

I wanted to colored it (i just did a sort of shadows ver) but my pc makes strange colors when I post the drawing and I don’t like it ;___; So if you wanna recolor it feel free to us the lineart pic! ^^ 

Dean: “And? How bad is it?”

Emma: “This is a disgrace. Let’s move back to Europe.”

Dean: “You’re not helping… I need to dress this way if I want the bank to give me a credit for our shop. It’s… it’s respectable.”

Emma: “No, it’s humiliating, pappa. Humans should be throwing their devotion at our feet! Not make us jump through hoops to get permits and legal documents and credits. Ugh.”

An AU of my pagan gods verse AU in which Dean and company have to manage in modern times. Dean would have no problem to live on sunshine and air alone because his strength never wavers, but he can’t let Sam or Emma’s power diminish any more. So he tries to open a coffee shop because that seems to be a good place to connect people. Just… neither him, Sam or Emma are all that good at getting it running and they need help. Preferably money so they’re not kicked out of their ‘Supernatural creatures allowed’ housing. Maybe an accountant could help. 

Emma claims they should just take what was their due and get worshipped again, but in America you actually have to get a permit if you wanted to be recognized as deity and that cost a lot of money. Maybe she should get on social media and post pics of her father in various states of undress. That might get them some followers…

What am I even doing? Stop me. No don’t. I love it.

I simply wanted to used the first screenshot I found on my PC of Dean being pretty as a doodle reference and this is what came out of it! ♥

linabigface  asked:

What is the name of your cat and do you have only 1?

Her name is Calypso ! <3

She is the only cat we have currently. We decided to take a cat because I was healing from a little health problem and my parents thought it will help me getting better. She was an abandonned cat, we found her at the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals : we were cuddling others cats and she jumped on my mother’s back. It was just as if she chosed us ahah!

She’s cuddly and pretty sticky actually ! I have a little cushion next to my pc and she sleeps here when I draw or when I work. And sometimes I shout at her because she walks on my graphics tablet while looking at me like she was doing nothing wrong. She knows she don’t have the right to walk on it !!!

Anyway, I love her ahah <3
Thank you for asking ! Sorry for the delay, I wanted to post some pics but she’s practically impossible to take !!!

Getting a new compooper woo

So I just bought parts for my new pc and I’ll be building it this weekend with my friend coaching me through in a call. To put it in perspective in why this is a big deal, I’ve been using the same laptop since I was 15 (am 23) and when I first bought it, it wasn’t v good.

On a completely different note, I have no money bleeehhh

I’ll post pics of my set up when its all settled

anonymous asked:

Oh are requests still open? If so could I request a drawing of cute/flirty Chara, Asriel, anf Frisk (but Frisk has a little braid in their hair)? If you do I'd love it if you could tag lvcoloredmagic and crystalinerose in it! =) (Just-let-me-win)

I don’t sure that you want female Frisk or not but I had already drawn them as a girl. 

sorry if I misunderstood your request!!

tag @just-let-me-win @lvcoloredmagic @crystaline-rose

(*edit* tag)

In my opinion this pic Frisk looks like a princess with two cute boys ever beside her :)

long time no use Sai in PC!!

(since I was too lazy to open PC and often draw in smart phone instead LOL)

I am no longer take a request unless I find it was interested and inspire me!

Thank you everyone for request !

it might take some time drawing the request! but I will try to do my best!   \(;w;)/

still have 2-3 more requested arts to come!


So I got the invitation for The Sims 4 Demo! Truly simple create a sim functions, hair is still bugging me, and its really weird not to have the swim suit option anymore!

I like it and plays beautifully on my PC, I just wish I knew how to take pics with it! I used my phone so the pictures look like crap! Had fun making my first guy too!