i just ummm


Frank genuinely smiling because of Karen.


messin w colors and brushes w my boy raz

(water hands from the eyes draws is based on a kickass design for possessed raz by my pal wondla) 


a beautiful jongdae singing best luck. [x]


Okay so maybe the reason I can’t actually get a real life girlfriend is because all I do is obsess over middle aged actresses/fictional characters ???


requested: root and shaw + their endless list of skills (▰˘◡˘▰)


— i tried to imagine a life without you in it,

       a life without you

            but i just couldn’t imagine what it would be like.

okay but how long do you think kev practiced that “you like the water? well i can introduce you to some fiya” line before actually saying it to chiron


Good Day covering Aju Nice

Cupcake Debate
  • Gryffindor: Hey, babe, want a cupcake?
  • Ravenclaw: Uh, sure. Thanks.
  • *Gryffindor's little Slytherin sister walks up to Ravenclaw*
  • Slytherin: You don't want the cupcake.
  • Ravenclaw: Uh, well, um, I kinda do.
  • Slytherin: No, you don't want the cupcake.
  • Ravenclaw: Ummmmmm,...
  • Slytherin: Okaaaaaaay, but you were warned.
  • *lets out evil snicker while walking away to go back to playing*
  • Ravenclaw: ... Wait what?