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Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 2643

Warnings: Some swearing, fluff

A/N: Wow I definitely didn’t intend for it to be that long. Also, one day I’m gonna get everything together and start making headers for these posts, but that day is not today. Today I’m going to sleep because I’m currently dying from cramps. Hope you guys enjoy, though! Also, there’s a pic of the bike I mention at the bottom of the fic if any of you are curious. 

You knocked frantically on Jim’s door. Bones was gonna kill you. A few seconds passed without answer and you pressed your ear to the door, listening for movement. Hearing nothing, you pounded on the door again.

“Jesus Jim answer the goddamn door,” you called.

If Jim could’ve yanked open the automatic door, you’re sure he would’ve. He was scowling deeply, hair sticking up in all directions - the first time you’d seen it anything less than perfect. His shirtless torso was still perfect, though, and those gray sweats hanging dangerously low on his hips were downright tantalizing.

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how the types respond to "I'm busy"


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just this once im posting general mbti content (i don’t think im qualified to talk abt other types of peeps) 😅

I might be quiet, but I eat lunch with friends, crack jokes and talk about music and makeup. every minute I spend in their presence tears at my being, but I persist, I grit my teeth and take your immaturity and stupidity, your small minded remarks. why do I do it? I do it so no one will harass me for being alone, even if that’s when I feel most comfortable. I do in hopes of it benefiting me–someone will give me cash or know someone who will help me in my career.every day my mind wavers between people being obstacles standing between me and my goal and people being tools and stepping stones I can use to achieve my goal.

gerard’s story is so fucking inspiring for me because in high school he would always feel invisible and unnoticed and thats EXACTLY how i felt when i was in high school and he’s also dealt with depression that was so bad that he wouldn’t shower for days or even WEEKS and i’m at that point with my depression as well and he always thought he was going to die alone and didn’t think marriage was something that worked like everyone says it does and thats EXACTLY how i feel about love and relationship and he dealt with that shit for so long but !!! look at him now!!! he’s doing what he loves and he has a FAMILY and he seems fucking happy and its so fucking inspiring because if he could get through the lowest of the low in his life then i probably can too and UGH he just means so much to me

I can think of seven characters who could’ve been in the Kryptonian pod that landed in the S1 finale of Supergirl instead of Mon-El and made S2 more interesting:

1) M’gann M’orzz, because her storyline could’ve paralleled Kara’s in a super interesting way (pun unintended) if they hadn’t decided to sideline her halfway through the season. Last daughters of their planet. Still unlearning cultural prejudices. Fighting for alien rights of those who can’t “pass” for human. Addressing the intersectionality of Kara passing as a white woman and M’gann passing as a black woman with more than a one-liner from J’onn. Mon-El could be the bartender, if you still want him in the story, because him running that bar as a sanctuary for aliens would’ve been so much better than his half-assed hero’s journey has been so far.

2) Krypto. I don’t care how contrived it would’ve been, because puppy.

3) Lar Gand, a prince of Daxam who is closer to the character in the comics, but as a love interest for Winn instead of Kara. Also, instead of being a white slave owner, they could’ve not made slavery a thing on Daxam and cast a MoC because we have more than enough white men on the CW.

4) Val-Zod, Lara and Jor-El’s foster son, because who doesn’t want a black Superman? (I know the answer is racists, but to paraphrase Veronica Sawyer, fuck those people with a chainsaw.)

5) Karsta War-Ul, a Kryptonian refugee who appeared in Superman: The Third Kryptonian as Superwoman, as played by Dichen Lachman.

6) Chris Kent, the biological son of Ursa and General Zod who’s adopted by Lois and Clark in the comics, because it would’ve been an interesting way to bring up Clark not adopting Kara or even sending her to live on his parents’ farm after she arrived on earth.

7) Karen Starr, but as a clone of Kara her parents sent to earth in case she didn’t make it. S2 was supposed to explore what being Kara means now that she’s Supergirl, and bringing in a clone would’ve been a good way to talk about identity and legacy. Also, they could’ve thrown shade at Power Girl’s boob window. I’m just saying.

i never appreciated being slightly stoned before but its so nice just feeling slightly woozy and giggling a bit instead of getting to a point where you’re trapped within your own mind for half an hour and thinking everything that happens for the whole time ur licked has some sort of super deep meaning to it like u see a plane and ur like ….fuck…..the plane represents how disconnected i am from my true self… god sent me that plane so i would Understand… 

mbti as ways they say “i love you”



  • “stay over”
  • “you might like this”
  • “i was just in the neighborhood”


  • “i want you to be happy”
  • “you look like you could use a hug”
  • “i’ll wait”


  • "you didn’t have to ask”
  • “i’ll meet you halfway”
  • “i’ll be here when you’re ready”


  • “i saw this and thought of you”
  • “i’m worried about you”
  • “i like your laugh”


  • “don’t worry about me”
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • “that’s okay, i bought two”


  • “you should take a break - you work too hard”
  • “take my jacket, it’s cold outside”
  • “you’re important too”


  • “i made this for you”
  • “we can share”
  • “i don’t mind”


  • “it reminded me of you”
  • “i made your favourite”
  • “i want you to have this”


  • “listen to this song - it reminded me of you”
  • “i’m happy you’re here”
  • “i saved you a piece”


  • “well what do you want to do?”
  • “i picked these for you”
  • “stay there, i’ll come get you”


  • “you dont have to say anything”
  • “i’ll help you study”
  • “i noticed”


  • “do you need any help with that?”
  • “call me if you need anything”
  • “it’s no bother”


  • “i’ll do it for you”
  • “i really want your opinion on something”
  • “wow”


  • “you can have the last slice”
  • “what do you want to watch?”
  • “do you want to come too?”


  • “is there anything i can do to help?”
  • “it’s okay, i couldn’t sleep anyways”
  • “take mine”


  • “i appreciate what you do for me”
  • “you just made my day”
  • “we’ll figure it out”

It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day

keith, confronting the galra: whom'st’d’ve'dist’d'n’t'st’d’ve’ll’s’d’ve’re'n’t'y'all’ll'ven’t’t'whom'st’d'y'all’ve'nt’ll’ve'y'all'oughtn'tt'shan’t’ve'there'dn’t'vet'be'st'dn'mightn’t'ven’t'st’ve'ten'y'all'st’d'n’t’ve’ll'on’t'vehe’d'whom'st’d’ve'dist’d'n’t'st’d’ve’ll’s’d’ve’re'n’t'y'all’ll'ven’t’t'whom'st’d'y'all’ve'nt’ll’ve'y'all'oughtn'tt'shan’t’ve'there'dn’t'vet'be'st'dn'mightn’t'ven’t'st’ve'ten'y'all'st’d'n’t’ve’ll'on’t'vehe’d'whom'st’d’ve'dist’d'n’t'st’d’ve’ll’s’d’ve’re'n’t'y'all’ll'ven’t’t'whom'st’d'y'all’ve'nt’ll’ve'y'all'oughtn'tt'shan’t’ve'there'dn’t'vet'be'st'dn'mightn’t'ven’t'st’ve'ten'y'all'st’d'n’t’ve’ll'on’t'vehe’d'whom'st’d’ve'dist’d'n’t'st’d’ve’ll’s’d’ve’re'n’t'y'all’ll'ven’t’t'whom'st’d'y'all’ve'nt’ll’ve'y'all'oughtn'tt'shan’t’ve'there'dn’t'vet'be'st'dn'mightn’t'ven’t'st’ve'ten'y'all'st’d'n’t’ve’ll'on’t'vehe’d'whom'st’d’ve'dist’d'n’t'st’d’ve’ll’s’d’ve’re'n’t'y'all’ll'ven’t’t'whom'st’d'y'all’ve'nt’ll’ve'y'all'oughtn'tt'shan’t’ve'there'dn’t'vet'be'st'dn'mightn’t'ven’t

lance, nodding despite knowing jackshit about what keith said: yeah, you tell ‘em babe!

family gatherings
  • me: have you heard of mbti
  • me: try this test out
  • me: it's super fun
  • me: no that's wrong. that can't be your type
  • me: take it again
  • me: check out these wholesome and relatable mbti memes
  • me: omg this is so you
  • them:
  • them:
  • them:
  • me: and there's also this thing called enneagram,

and you don’t want that. - Poussy Washington, Orange Is The New Black