i just tweeted him randomly and he replied

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why do u think jojis birthday was 2 days ago? just wondering

because awhile back I got an anon telling me that a few years ago joji tweeted out something like “yesterday was my birthday” on september 17th, so I tried to find a screenshot of the tweet but couldn’t but found replies to it (there’s a bunch more than just these but I chose a few) 

and these are just fans but then I also saw old tweets from a few close friends of his wishing him a happy birthday on the 16th, so I concluded from that his birthday is the 16th

angel in disguise pt.3 // l.h.

Pairing: Luke Hemmings + Reader 

Word Count: 5k+

Summary: Luke tries to make Y/N feel better by giving her another surprise and they get even closer to each other if that’s even possible. By the end of the day, they don’t know how to describe the relationship between them.

A/N: Here’s part three! Alright I know that part two wasn’t the best, but give this a try. I promise it’s way better then the second. :) 

Made a playlist of songs that Angel In Disguise was inspired by here 


The sun was treating out from the cracks of Y/N’s curtains as the crows were chirping their lungs out. Luke yawned as he slowly opened his eyes to see that he wasn’t as his place as usual. Y/N’s arms were draped against his torso like a koala and Luke’s hands were holding hers. He took in the peaceful state that the girl in front of him was, disconnected from the world. Not wanting to wake her up yet, he slowly got out of Y/N’s grip, not wanting to wake her. 

He stretched his arms and picked up his phone from the floor where it had probably dropped last night, walking outside the apartment barefooted. Luke leaned against the door frame calling his brother Jack and telling him that he wouldn’t be able to make it to his house for lunch. 

Luke made his way to the kitchen and putting back the cooking utensils were they belonged, wanting to help Y/N out. 

“What even happened here last night?” He asked himself.

After a few minutes, he had made the kitchen look like nothing had happened the night before. Luke went to the living area and began to fix that place up as well.

“The things I do for this girl,” he muttered to himself with a small smile playing at his lips. He didn’t know why he wanted to come back to he over and over again. Maybe it was her innocent eyes or maybe her poor state.

In the other side of the flat, Y/N groggily turned on her back to be awoken with a burning sensation under her neck.

“Fuck!” She whined as the memories from the night before flooded her mind.

As she had predicted, Luke wasn’t beside her as she rested her back on the headboard of the bed.

“Of course,” Her heart dropping.What she did she expect? For him to stick around for her? She was really gullible.

Silently thanking the heavens that she didn’t have any classes today, she quietly tip toed out of her messy room noticing a pair of worn out black vans on the floor.

“What the hell?” She questioned herself as she saw her savior awkwardly crouched in her living room picking up the pieces of glass that were scattered all over the ground.

“Luke?” She curiously called as she walked towards him. His neat hair was now ruffled from last night. Startled, he almost dropped the shards of glass from his hands.

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Saw Loo's reply to your tweet and am now jealous of your new fairy godmother. I just have Wesley Snipes and he won't stop high kicking people.


Also dude, Wesley Snipes would be a pretty rad fairy godmother, but only if he’s wearing his costume from Blade.  Like I would take him with me bowling like that, and to the nail salon, and just have him randomly high kick objects in my way.