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say smth nice abt your fav mutuals make the happy happen

omg I feel like all my mutuals are my fave tho, this post is gonna go on forever~~ okay, lets go off the top of my head (but it got long so I had to add read more lmao):

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Feelings (Fred Weasley x reader)

Word Count: 1,000

ok satan, thanks for requesting one that i can relate to.)

“Hey Y/N!” Fred shouted across the great hall. He was jogging over to take a seat by you, which caused you to blush and look towards Ron awkwardly. “Okay okay so, I have all these tests to study for and I was wondering, since you’re so smart and stuff, if you would like help me?”

“Of course, Fred.” You nodded, looking back at the tall ginger. He smiled at you widely and you smiled back. You turned and reached towards a piece of bacon that had appeared on the table and took a small bite out of it. “So when do you want to study?”

“I was thinking we could do it in the common room tonight when no ones there. I could set up the fire and some blankets and stuff.” He explained, watching your unchanging expression as you grabbed another piece of bacon.

“That sounds okay to me, I guess.” You said, looking down at your watch. “I’m so sorry, I’ve got a private lesson with Snape today for my advanced potions classes.”

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(94wnd's main) 🎊🎊🎊 (would have done this sooner but the wifi at my denist took like 5 minutes to connect omg)


a vvv solid girlgroup blog. everyone should follow. has the cutest gfx (and i think her requests are open rn too - do check though). her theme is super cute and all the content is that kind of soft happy stuff that you relax just seeing (+ its ggs so there is no downside)


aqsa! another soft and precious bean. lots of quality svt and bts posts with the funniest tags. i have yet to see a post i didn’t like on her blog and she’s one of my fave josh stans ever. honestly go to her blog for the quality bts & svt content, stay for her


Kelley is one of the best jihoon gif blogs to exist. Her gifsets are always so precious and make me want to cry (in a good way) the stuff she reblogs is also quality and who doesn’t need another boba loving jihoon stan on their dash? 13/10 would rec

For every 🎊 I get I’ll recommend a blog