i just told him off and stormed off

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DWC: "Loving you was a mistake."

Alistair was in the hall with Teagan when he seen Elissa run by. It looked like she was crying or up set. The two men went in the hall, when Alistair look were Elissa came from he seen Arl Eamon coming down the hall. Alistair stormed off right up to Eamon and yelled, “ what the hell did you do?!!” Eamon just looked at him. For the last year he’s been telling him to leave Elissa. That he needed a heir. Teagan also said, “You hade to start trouble.” Finally Eamon spoke, “ I told her the truth that she should leave the king. That the king needs a child and what kind of queen are you if you can’t even do that.” Alistair looked at him with disgust, and ran off to be with Elissa. As he did he heard Teagan say, “ How could you. With out Elissa Ferelden would be swarming in dark spawn.”
Alistair gets to their room. He enters quietly, Elissa is laying on the bed crying. “Are you okay my love?” Alistair asked. “Get out.” She said softly. “Don’t listen to him. He an ass, we only been three years. Well find a way.” Alistair said as he moved a little closer. “Get out!!”She said louder this time. “Elissa I love you I will never leave you. Believe me you are my reason for getting in the morning.” “GET OUT!! She screamed and threw a glass box off the stand beside the bed. It missed Alistair and hit the wall be hind him. They looked at each other. She has never done that before. Elissa got up and started throwing stuff around yelling how she was worthless and holding him down. How she should not have been so selfish and became Queen. He yelled that was a lie and how much he loved her and if she wasn’t queen he wouldn’t be king. Finale she said “I done, I’m going back to Highever were I belong.” Alistair grabbed her arm and before he could say anything Elissa yelled, “Loving you was a mistake!!” Alistair let go of her arm. When those five words left Elissa mouth Alistair heart broke. They looked at each other. Elissa dropped to her knees she couldn’t believe she just said that. She didn’t mean it. Elissa never acted so crazy before . Alistair was hurt but he still loved her. The queen got pail in the face and looked very shaky Alistair grabbed her and helped her to the bed were she got sick. He went in the hall and told one of the servants to get the healer. While they were waiting she was apologizing saying, “I don’t know why I said all that stuff I didn’t mean it is love you and you were never a mistake.” When the healer arrived Alistair had to wait outside. After a while of pacing back and forth the healer came out and said, “ Your majesty, the queen is fine as long as she rest. Now mood swings and what you described can all be sighs of her condition.” “Well what is her condition?” Alistair asked. “Why the queen is with child.” The healer said with a smirk. Alistair went in the room an knelt down by the bed. Held her hand. “Well I guess we can tell Eamon were to go.” Alistair smiled kissed her. Then crawled into bed and held her till she fell asleep.


Cold Bedsheets Part 2

(You asked I got it)

I stood up abandoning my cold bed sheets and put some warm clothing on. After getting ready for the day I walked into camp, ready to confront Pan about last night. “Hey Y/N.” Felix said when he saw me. Me and Felix had become best friends in our time together in Neverland. “Hey Feefee.” “Ew I told you not to call me that.” I laughed at him. “Have you seen Pan around?” I asked curiosity taking hold of me. “I s-” “Y/N!” My voice was called harshly. Me and Felix spun around to see Pan. “Hey Pan, what can I do for you?” I asked. “Your chores I don’t need you slacking off just because you’re a girl, you’re on chopping wood.” He said while shoving an axe in my arms. He stormed off. “While someone’s had a bad morning.” Felix said. I huffed and went to go chop wood.

After a long day, my arms where sore and my hands were bleeding. I practically fell on Felix from exhaustion when I saw him, and everyone else gathered around the fire. “Wow Y/N are you okay? Jack I think you need to wrap up her hands.” Felix said as he helped me walk over to Jack. Jack took me to his med station on began to clean and wrap up my hands. “Have you eaten or drunk anything today?” He asked me. I shook my head and he sighed. “I’ll be right back.”

As I waited I heard him talking to Pan. “No she hasn’t eaten or drank anything at all today, don’t work her so hard jeez did you even give her a break at all.” No he didn’t actually. “Whatever just make sure she’s fine…please.” I heard footsteps and Jack, Felix and Pan entered. Jack handed me some water and food and I thanked him. After I had finished eating Felix sat next to me. “Feeling any better princess?” I groaned and lied down. Almost instantly I had fallen asleep.

The next morning I was still sore but Jack gave me some enchanted water and I was all fine. My hands where still cut up but I was alright. I went outside to find everyone gone and already doing their jobs. “Hey.” I heard someone say. I spun around to see Pan. I gave him a pointed look and he sighed. He grabbed my hand and lead me to his thinking tree. After we where both sitting on a branch he told me, “Y/N I’m in love with you and that scares me. I don’t want to do this, but I think I must.” “Do what? What are you talking about we can figure this out you’re not the only one with feelings here.” He looked down and I felt something grab my waist. “Peter what are you doing?” I asked shakily. He looked at me, tears filling his eyes. “Shadow, take her away.”