i just threw up my lungs

Broken Dreams


A/N: This was requested by my lovely @lovethatmendeskid and I just loved the idea. I’m super nervous, legit shaking. I really hope you like it!

Word count: 3,502

I was sitting at the dining table in the kitchen, staring over at the full plate of - by now – very cold food. Food that – once again – weren’t going to be eaten.

I’d been sitting here for hours, but I stopped counting exactly how many that had passed by now. The more seconds that flew by, the more it stung in my heart.

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You knew I was bad for you but you breathed me in anyways, my toxic rush filled your lungs, stealing 7 seconds of that short life of yours with every breathe. I rushed in and out of you, while I burned away with every inhale until there was no more of me you wanted. I didn’t fill you up the way I used to, so you took the only part of me that you hadn’t already broken, and threw it away, only to ignite another girl like me. I was just your cigarette.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1245 // @trinity_._._ on Instagram 

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After Claire reveals the truth to Jamie about who she really is, he replays the day they met in his mind to see it from a new perspective.

Hail Mary

Premise: What if Jamie and Claire had 1) been more openly affectionate, and 2) not *had* to get married?

Part I  Part II  Part III Part IV Part V 

Part VI 

He couldn’t get enough air. 

No, he wasn’t just suffocating. He was being suffocated, being pressed downward, screaming, but with no one to hear, no mercy from those cruel hands pinning him down. He struggled against them, struggled against the evil and the darkness of —

And then he was free and Jamie roared upward, lunging for his attacker’s throat. 

He came awake in mid-air, the cold air hitting his bare legs, reality still swirling and shifting in the darkness as he flung the intruder flat on the bed, pinning THEM, choking them with— 

“Ja—MIE—” came a strangled female voice, throat muscles working desperately beneath his hands. “—s’—ME!”


He leapt backward off her and off the bed so violently that he staggered and would have toppled onto his backside if he hadn’t caught onto the tall dresser. He steadied himself and his mind, though both were reeling: 


His chamber 

Dead of night 

Claire Beauchamp 

on his bed

She had sat up, and in the dim, flickering light, Jamie could see that she was clad only in her shift, a flimsy shawl underneath her on the bed. 

His heart thundered—melted— to see her; to see how lovely she was; to feel how deeply she roused him; to be hit with the aching of how much he wished to touch her—take her in his arms and tell her how much—how deeply, painfully—he’d missed her these last three weeks—

But the ice around his heart solidified again almost instantly, the ice that had kept him sane for those three weeks; the ice that would continue to keep him alive as long as he was forced to see her around Castle Leoch, until he could get himself away to Lallybroch, away from her. 

And yet despite everything, that very ice shuddered to see the fear in her golden eyes, her hands clutched at her throatDespite everything she’d done and said, his heart contracted with panic. His voice came out urgent and strangled. “Have I hurt ye, Mistress?” 

She dropped her hands at once and shook her head quickly. “No, just startled. I’m not hurt, Jamie,” she said more firmly, seeing him unconvinced, searching her skin for marks. “I promise. I’m alright.” 

“Aye, well…I’m glad of it. I’m—I beg your pardon for—” he made a vague gesture toward the bed. “Ye took me unawares from my dream, and—I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” she repeated, giving him a weak smile. “No harm done.” 

He nodded, but the ice was firmly back in pace. “Tis time for ye to take your leave, Mistress Beauchamp.”


He shouldn’t have been surprised, not in the slightest.

“Mistress, ‘tis the middle of the night.  D’ye have any idea what they’d say if ye were found in my—” He took a step toward her. “Your reputation would be ruined.”

Her expression was hard, yet still somehow flippant in that damnable way of hers as she shrugged, “Don’t have a very good reputation to uphold, anyhow.” 

“Dinna be joking about,” he snapped, holding out his hand. “Come. NOW.”  

 “I’m not leaving. And before you threaten to carry me out yourself—” she said loudly, JUST as he’d been opening his mouth to do just that, “—know that if you so much as try, I’LL scream at the top of my lungs and see who comes running. I don’t give a rat’s arse about my reputation, and I’M willing to let the chips fall as they may. Do you want me to do that?” 

Damn her. DAMN her. 


“Well then,” she said, raising her eyebrows, “look’s like I’m staying.” 

Defeated and all the more angry for it, he threw his hands up in the air. “What in God’s were ye doing creeping about touching me in the night, anyway?”

She glared at him. “To talk to you, of course.”

Talk?” He rubbed his hands backward through his hair to keep from throttling her in earnest. “Have ye no scruples, woman? Christ, there are proper times and places for—”

“Oh, there ARE, are there? DO be a dear and tell me when and where those might be, won’t you?” She made a sound of deep derision and crossed her arms sharply, apparently as angry and barely-restrained as he. “Jamie, you’ve spent THREE BLOODY WEEKS ignoring me—what else was I supposed to DO??”

*Avoiding* you, mo nighean donn; not ignoring you.

But avoid her, he had, and quite effectively, at that. Colum’s explicit instructions had been that she was not to leave the castle walls, nor had she, else she certainly would have come to find him at the stables, where he had spent every possible moment, save sleeping and mealtimes, though he’d contrived to eat at odd hours. She had tried half a dozen times to approach him, in the corridors, in the great hall, in the courtyards, but he’d said no more than a cool, “Mistress,” of acknowledgment as he took his leave.

Avoided, aye; never ignored. He had been as aware of her as of the daylight, her presence and absence fundamentally guiding his thoughts and activities. She was his light, whether he willed it or no. 

“What else was I supposed to DO, Jamie?” she was repeating, now standing just a few feet from him, moving with him as he stepped to and fro away from her, to MAKE him look at her.

He did look at her, hard. “Leave me be. That’s what.” Just go away. Go away from this Castle and rid me of the torment of having you near.

Jamie!” Frustration and desperation were battling for dominance in her wearied voice. “We HAVE to talk!”

“We dinna have to do any such thing. And, by all the saints,” he exclaimed, gesturing wildly at her body, desperate for anything to throw her off the scent, “even if we did, did ye have to come practically naked?? You’re in naught but your—” (thin-as-an-April-breeze) “—SHIFT and I’m—” 

He could feel the draft from the window sneaking up his legs, caressing every inch of bare flesh under his shirt, and his face burned

“—I’m not presentable.”

She didn’t budge an inch. “Put some damed clothes on, then.”  

When he didn’t immediately make a move, she rolled her eyes, turned, and walked to the bed, snatching up her shawl and jerking it around her shoulders and pulling it around her. 

Breasts now covered, she raised a defiant eyebrow.  He glared at her, but finally decided that even if he should risk her threats and carry her bodily into the hall and bolt the door behind, best to do so with breeks on. He threw open the trunk at the foot of the bed and rummaged until he found a pair, turning from her as he laced them.

“Can we talk now?” she said, as he turned back to face her.

In contrast to her evident amusement, his own voice was low and nasty. “Go ahead.”

She blinked and dropped her eyes to her crossed arms. 

A dhia, how he despised himself in that moment—he wasn’t the kind of man that spoke this way to women, not least of all to a woman that he—but Jamie simply couldn’t shake the anger and hurt that coursed through him at the sight of her. She didn’t want him for a husband—fine; but could she not just stay away? Go away. Just go away. 

When she spoke, she met his eye straight-on, quiet, but determined. “Thank you. For helping me talk my way out from under Colum and Dougal,” her eyes were shining with sincerity. “I truly couldn’t have done it without you.”

“You’re welcome. Anything else, Mistress?” He gestured toward the door.

She threw up her hands. “Jamie, for heaven’s sake will please just hold your goddamn horses and give me a chance, here? I’ve got things I need to ask you!”

He bowed his head. Stop being a child, Fraser.

“What is it ye wish to know, mistress?”

She heaved a breath and let it out, preparing herself, shivering. He strode to the fire and stoked it, to give them both a moment for it. The light danced on her face as he turned back to her, her face strained and urgent with her questions.  “Why did you help me with your uncles? After all I—You didn’t have to tell them anything. You had every reason to just leave me to my own fate. Why?”

He shrugged, uncomfortable, still fingering the poker. “Didna wish to see ye come to harm.”

“Harm?” That genuinely startled her. “You think they would have….ordered me tortured, you mean?”

“Perhaps not Colum….” He chose his words carefully. “But ye have—not the faintest idea of the—the depth of the hatred Dougal bears the English, even more than most Scots. If he truly believed ye to be passing on dangerous information…” 

He shrugged again. He had no doubt that she would have come to some form of harm, whether at the hands of the MacKenzies or the English, had he not interceded. No matter how deeply she had hurt him, he didn’t wish to see any ill befall her. Not ever.

“And do they truly believe you?”

“Aye, they do.”

She nodded slowly, then suddenly dropped her eyes and began fingering the hem of her shawl. “The ‘allegiances’ you spoke of…Was that…” Christ, she was squirming like a worm on a hook, “were you talking about Laoghaire?”

He snorted. “Certainly NOT.” The look on her face made him realize too late that infatuation with Miss MacKenzie would have been a perfect ruse to hide behind; but then again, Miss Beauchamp always had a knack with catching him off guard. Without waiting for her to press, he grudgingly added, “It was my allegiance to Colum of which I spoke. That’s why he took it to heart as he did”

“To Colum?” 

He couldn’t shake the glow that had lit the ice around his heart when her face had lightened instantly at his disavowal of Laoghaire MacKenzie. 

He cleared his throat, squeezing the poker. “Colum wishes that I should succeed him as clan chieftain, someday.”

“Oh! Oh, that’s—Jamie, that’s wonderful!” She looked genuinely delighted and impressed. “Such a great honor.”

“Perhaps, though it’s a honor I dream not of.” 


“I’ve no intention of leading the clan, at least not until after Dougal’s tried his hand at it. He’d skin me alive for taking ‘his’ position, and I’ve no desire to start a clan war. The easiest way is for me to remove myself. Colum doesna ken that, yet, though.” 

“But how does—? What does that have to do with…?” 

“My taking a Sassenach wife—” the word cut his throat like glass, “—would have negated my eligibility for clan leadership outright.”

She dropped her eyes. “I see.”

Aye, I would have done it in a heartbeat, mo ghraidh.

He cleared his throat again. “And so, while Colum and Dougal dinna yet trust that you’ve no other motive for being amongst us, same as before, they do believe my tale about why ye fled.”

Why she fled.

“I had a LIFE, and I’m far past due to return to it!”

“I don’t need your ‘protection,’ Mr. McTavish.”

And still, most cutting of all, the coldness in those golden eyes as she had said: “You were mistaken.”

“I don’t expect your forgiveness,” she was saying, still facing him boldly, though he could see her twisting the fabric of her shawl again, faster and harder. “I don’t even expect you to speak to me again after this. And I’ll go, tomorrow, if that’s what you want.” 

Christ, she meant it. she would leave. 

Aye, Sassenach, just go. 

“I’ll tell your uncles to hand me over to the English and be done with it. It doesn’t bloody matter anymore.” 

Dinna leave me. 

He thickened the ice around his heart. 

“But—” A deep breath, and then her voice was softer. I can’t go another day without saying...I’m so sorry, Jamie.”

The depth of feeling in her voice was powerful enough to catch the breath in his throat… but the ice was powerful too. He only managed a quiet, hard, “What for?”

“For acting the way I did, the night I left. I was…” She paused, shaking her head, “—vicious….and you didn’t deserve that. Not at all. You are—were… are my friend, and I had no cause to treat you in such a fashion.” She took another deep, ragged breath. “The thing is—”

“Let’s just leave it be, aye?”Jamie didn’t think he could bear this. He moved from the fireplace to the window on the far side of the bed, quickly, that she might not see his face. “I accept your apology. There’s no point discussing it further, Mistress.”

“No point?” she whispered from behind him.

His anger flared and he had to grit his teeth. “Ye told me in no uncertain terms, that night, what your feelings were, Claire. Whether or not ye should have been nicer about it is truly neither here nor—”

“But Jamie—” He could hear her moving closer to him, her voice now with an edge of eager desperation. “—I had good reason to leave, I swear it, but—the most important thing you have to hear is—” Her voice was tremulous with emotion. “— you weren’t mistaken—and I came back for you.” Her hand came to rest softly on his arm.

“Jesus, Claire, can ye no’ hear yourself?” He threw off her touch and twisted to face her, hating the rage and scorn coursing through him, but feeling utterly powerless to halt its path. “So, your grand plans of returning to your old life came to naught, and ye came crawling back to Leoch because ye imagined I would be better than nothing, aye?” 

“Jamie,” she whispered, horrified, “it isn’t like that.”

“Oh, no?”

“No, you bastard!” she hissed, on the brink of tears, following behind him as he stormed back to the hearth. “it BLOODY isn’t!”

“Tell me, then, Claire,” he demanded, keeping his voice low. He’d come to stand behind the big armchair—to put some goddamn space between them— and he gripped the back of it hard with both hands to ground himself, “where did ye go?”

Silence. Fear in her whisky eyes. He could see the lie forming, see her closing against him in that glass face. 

“Ye left with haste and wi’ a purpose,” he pressed. “Why?”

Her eyes were down. Her head was shaking hard, fast. “I—I can’t tell you why.”

“You could.” 

“I CAN’T!” 

He nodded, shaking all over. “Then why on EARTH should I trust your word?”

She looked up with glassy eyes.

WHY?” he repeated, more angrily, more pained with every choking syllable “When ye sleep in my arms, hold me wi’ your head on my chest of a morning and then shun me twice to my face before the next sunrise? When your face and your body told me one thing, and then your words another?” His hands were fists, quaking with fury and pain. “When ye STILL willna tell me where it is ye came from or where it is ye went? Why should I believe a word you say, Claire?” 



“You shouldn’t.” 

Her sudden quiet startled him and he searched her face. No longer angry and defensive, no longer controlled. He watched it fall, moment by moment, into a blank of despair.  She continued her descent, apparently helpless to stop it, and sank down onto the trunk at the foot of his bed. “You shouldn’t—you have no reason to believe me.” She released a gasping sob and buried her face in her hands. 

A long silence, punctuated only by the heart wrenching sounds of her sudden brokenness. 

Heart-wrenching. His heart was wrenching apart to see her in pain. 

He tried to be indifferent, to see in this another charade; but after a long moment, he couldn’t help but speak, to reach out to her. “Claire?”

She gave no answer, only wept harder and shook her head back and forth.

Another minute. 

“Why d’ye say I shouldna believe ye, Claire?”


Gently. “Why?” 

Why, mo nighean donn

“Because—” Heaving breaths. Crying. “If I told you the—truth, Jamie—the real, actual truth,” she sobbed still harder into her hands, her voice a strangled wheeze, “You’d never believe me…you’d think me completely—completely mad…”

Would he? Could he ever believe this marvel of an individual to be out of her mind? A lunatic? No. That simply couldn’t be. Whatever it was that she’d concealed, whatever it was she didn’t want to tell him, needed to tell him—it was truth. 

Slowly, he moved from behind the chair, slowly settled beside her on the trunk. 

She exhaled, moved and overcome. “Jamie….”

He couldn’t touch her, wasn’t sure what he would do if he touched her; but he was glad that she knew he was  near. She was right, after all: whatever else passed between them, she was his friend. “I’m here. Tell me….lass.”


It was the first time he had called her anything close to an endearment since she’d returned to Leoch—no, since the night she left—and the saying of it—Christ, it sent a bolt of blazing lightning into the ice around his heart. 

My lass

The crack was deep, deep enough so as not to be repaired, smoldering, spreading.  

My own lass. 

“The woman of Balnain.”

“The—what?”  She had blurted it with no preamble, and he yanked himself back from the melting of his heart to try to understand. “The—Welshman’s song? What of it?”

“I am the woman of Balnain.”

He gobbled for a moment, looking sidelong at her. “Well, the—the words actually translate more to ‘I am the wife of the laird of Bal—”

She shook her head, eyes squeezed tight. “No. No, that’s not what I mean.” 

“I…dinna understand.” 

“I. AM. her.” she whispered, looking up at the ceiling and blinking hard.  “I, Claire Beauchamp, AM the woman of Balnain.”

The room seemed to crystallize and go silent. Even the fire was muted out, a faint humming in the distance. 

“The truth…Jamie….The truth is that I am not of this time.” She was still shaking with sobs but was nonetheless speaking with an intensity that he’d never heard from her, not ever before.  “I woke up one morning in the year nineteen hundred and forty-five…and I landed in seventeen forty-three.” She could barely get the words out. “I woke up in Inverness and went searching for a flower I’d seen on the hill of standing stones…” 

She recited the eerie song, her voice—God, her voice—

“I stood upon the hill, and wind did rise….
I placed my hands upon the tallest stone
and travelled to a far, distant land,

….but Jamie….it wasn’t a ‘distant land.’ It was a distant time. The eighteenth century.”

He was gaping at her. She gave another desperate sob, her eyes boring into him, despairing. “That’s the truth, Jamie; The truth of where I came from. I—traveled—back—traveled here—in time.” 

Nineteen hundred…and forty….


in time….? 

There were tales, of course—folk being stolen away by the fairies and being taken to times not their own—

—but as an educated man, he’d always—surely those were only—

But with a jolt akin to being kicked by a great beast, all of it flooded into his mind at once, bowling him over: 

The strange shift she had worn

Her lack of friends and relations

Her inability to account for her background, her intentions among us

The way she had asked for the town, that night we’d found her—a town that must have been visible, two hundred years hence

The way even the most common words and customs seemed foreign to her

The daft words she herself had used

The way this remarkable woman had fallen into his life….

The way this woman like no other he’d ever encountered in his lifetime…

“I was born in nineteenth hundred and eighteen,” she was saying intently, breaking apart, “I was born two hundred years from now.” She make a desperate sound at his silence—anger—fear—tragedy. “Jamie, do you hear me?”

But Jamie heard her words as though from under water; silently reciting the rest of the Welshman’s song

But one day, I saw the moon come out
and the wind rose once more,
so I touched the stones
and travelled back to my own land
and took up again with—

“You’ve been trying to get back to him,” he moaned, the horror and the grief of it washing over him in a landslide, “’the man ye left behind.’

She gasped, then gaped at him, utterly dumbstruck. She couldn’t speak for a long time. Nor could he; could only hear the wailing of his heart. 

When she did finally find her voice, it was strangled and tear-choked. “You—believe me??”

“Aye,” he said at once, his own voice far from strong, but confident in that, at least. “I do believe ye, Sassenach.”

Beyond the memories, all the evidence of her otherness running through his mind like a vision, he could see it in her eyes; he could see it in the slant of her shoulders, broken, but no longer on guard, no longer holding back; he could see it across her glass face, finally free of secrets and lies. Finally free. Aye, he believed her…

…and the truth broke his heart all over again, into more pieces—millions more—than they’d been before. She was married. She wasn’t free to give her heart—Nor had she been; not from the first moment he’d laid eyes upon her. Claire Beauchamp was another man’s wife. 

“Forgive me, lass,” he murmured, rising and going to the fire, trying to keep his voice from breaking, to keep from showing her his despair. He understood, now; understood why she had acted the way she had, but the pain was too great. He had only enough strength left to appear strong. “Stay here for the night—I’ll find another bed.” 

“Forgive?” came her voice behind him, truly bewildered. “Whatever for?”

He had tears in his eyes and he blinked them away fiercely, gritting his teeth. “I canna even bear to think of the—the fool I made of myself in your eyes back wi’ the rent party. Proposing marriage, professing love, when ye already had—”

“No!” she said, jumping to her feet and wiping her own tears away, hard. “Jamie, no, please—that’s what I’m trying to tell you—you weren’t a fool.” 

She came close to stand beside him, and after a long pause, she took his hand. “Jamie…..you… weren’t mistaken.”

He wasn’t—? He hadn’t been—?

He couldn’t shake off her touch. Couldn’t look at her. Couldn’t even move at all from the inrush of feeling and hope and—

“I felt—just the same as you, Jamie—” she said, carefully but firmly through her tears and emotion. “—from the—God, the first time you held me here at Leoch,—From then onwards, I felt what it was between us.”

A Dhia, just slay me now, lass. Kill me here and let my heart be gone, rather than this torture. He felt like a boy, so eager for her love, and so frightened to hope for it.

“That’s why I left that night—” She was squeezing his hand so hard it hurt, and was staring up at him, her eyes unblinking and spilling with tears. Jamie was staring into the fire, trying to keep control of himself, but she wouldn’t look away. “—because I cared for you too and I felt—” She gave a wracking sob, “—so ashamed because it was like he—my husband—like Frank never—even existed to me—” 

She cares for me. 

She cared for me all along. 

“—And so when you—when you said those things—poured out your heart to me, and I—wanted to pour mine out to you—and I had to get away—and I ran—”

He was squeezing her hand to keep from flying apart. 

She ran because she felt she must 

She cares for me. 

“—and I was praying the whole time I rode it would have been a dream—that I would touch the stones and wake up, but it wasn’t a dream—you were real—and what I felt for you was real—”


“—but I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d come back—”

She ran because of duty .

Her hand in his shook. His hand in hers shook. 

Claire cares for me, too.

“—then I got to the stones and I—couldn’t get through—” She was sobbing, harder than she had yet sobbed in his presence, panic and weariness overtaking her such that she swayed next to him. “—I couldn’t get back—was pounding on that stone for hours—hours—but I—I couldn’t get—couldn’t—”

“Oh, lass—” And before he could stop himself, he was clutching her tight against him, comforting her, holding her, trying to shield her from the sobs that wracked her body.  “I’m so sorry…Claire, I’m so sorry…”

God, and he was, too. The pain and turmoil she’d undergone, that had been tearing her apart with no one to help keep her sane; no one to keep her from being alone. He held her, forcing himself to think only of her. “It’s alright….shhhh, it’s alright… Christ, I’m so sorry.” 

She pressed her cheek hard into his chest. “Jamie, I was so ashamed.” 

“Ashamed? Lass, you’ve nothing to be—”

She pushed back from him and staggered away toward the fire,  just far enough to look him in the eye,. “Because I was relieved—Jamie— I was RELIEVED that I couldn’t go back to him—” She raised her hands aimlessly to the level of her eyes, watching them quake. “—RELIEVED—and I think part of me will be ashamed of that all my life—But I don’t care.”

Jamie didn’t say a word, just let his eyes cling to the sight of her face, open and breaking along with his. ‘Breaking,’—no, he was being utterly torn apart by the gathering of joy and hope, the banishing of the anger and pain. His heart was a gushing torrent, now—the skeleton of the ice wall still standing, but with the current clearly visible beneath, roaring to be free. 

“The fact is that I was relieved. Relieved that I could come back to you.” 

She cares for me 

She left from duty. 

She came back. 


“Jamie….?” she begged, repeating the word like a prayer of supplication. “Jamie…..?”

“Aye?” he croaked.

“Jamie, I’m so sorry—I hate what I did to you— the look on your face when I denied you and—shamed and—wounded you—it killed me—”

“Dinna spare a thought for it,” he started to say, but she quieted him, begging to be allowed to speak uninterrupted.

“—And I can’t bear how this will seem—Like it does seem,” she amended. “You said it yourself: my plans fell through and I’ve come crawling back to you. But that isn’t true.” She took a deep breath and her eyes spoke true to him as she said, strong and clearly even through the gasping and the tears: “I love you, Jamie.”

The ice wall shattered. 

She loves me. 

She loves me. 


“I love you—” she was saying, over and over crying, laughing as the joy of it rushed through her,”—and I care for you—and I respect you, and—” She reached a hand toward his face. “— and I want to marry you.” 

Before he could reach back to her, she was kneeling before him, taking his hand, bowing her forehead over it. “I haven’t anything—I’m no one, in your world— but all I have, and all I will ever have, they’re yours—if you’ll still have me.”

Later, he never would quite recall the exact moment when he moved; the thoughts that went through his head at seeing Claire before him, asking him to share her life. All he could recall was the feeling of her in his arms, the burning in his heart as he crushed her to him; the way he could barely speak the most important words of his life: 

“Yes, mo chridhe—All my life, yes.”

And then he was kissing her. He was kissing her and kissing her and kissing her and feeling her pressed against him. Feeling her kissing him back, the joy and relief in her tears. Sinking back into the armchair, letting her straddle him, holding her and kissing her and drinking her into him.

The rasp of her voice as she clutched his face and groaned into his mouth. “I want to stay with you. I need to be beside you tonight.”

The agony of forcing himself to slow, to still. “No, lass, ye must go now,” he whispered, though his traitorous body kissed her deeper and pulled her closer. “Else I’ll have ye here…now…..”

“Have me,” she moaned, bringing his hand up to her breast—Jesus Christ, the nipple was hard, shockingly firm even through her shift, and she groaned so exquisitely as he ran his thumb round and around it, as she moved her hips against him with shocking urgency. “—Have me—Jamie, please—”

He felt those words strike directly down into his cock and he thought he would die of wanting her, but he managed a soft laugh and pulled away. She gave a growl of urgent protest, of need, and he felt the same rip through his own body at remaining separated from her another moment…but he forced himself to take her face in his hands. “Ye must go. Because as much as I want to be inside ye right now—you’re so much more to me than that, mo chridhe.”

He kissed her, slowly and gently. Kissed the tears on her cheeks. Felt her kiss his as her fingers ran across his face, his hair, claiming him as she settled, quieted to a slow burning, her forehead against his. “What does it mean?” she whispered, her hair falling ‘round them. “Mo…cree?”

Mo chridhe. My heart.” He leaned his forehead against hers; the tip of his nose against hers. “It means, my heart.”

She took his face, then, her words strong and sure. “You’re more to me than that to me, too; than anything else, anyone else… mo chridhe, Jamie.

[to be continued]

Louis Tomlinson arrested after 'throwing fan to the floor' during airport brawl
A 1D fan last night told how star Louis Tomlinson “socked” her in the face and hurled her to the ground after brawling with a photographer in an astonishing airport bust-up. The singer, 25, was arr…

A 1D fan last night told how star Louis Tomlinson “socked” her in the face and hurled her to the ground after brawling with a photographer in an astonishing airport bust-up. The singer, 25, was arrested after the fracas in LA with the victim insisting: “He socked me. He’s going to go to jail.”

The Sun On Sunday can exclusively reveal pictures of the 1D star being led away by cops after being arrested following the fracas at Los Angeles Airport. The boyband hunk could be jailed for six months after being accused of wrestling the snapper to the floor, before bundling the girl over and striking her in the face. Afterwards the young woman, sporting a cut over her left eye, said: “Yeah I’m going to press charges.

“The guy socked me. He’s going to go to jail. The guy just grabbed me and threw me to the floor and he socked me and that’s it. ”The drama unfolded on Friday night as Louis and on-off girlfriend Eleanor Calder, 24, flew in from Charlotte, North Carolina.

As they were waiting at at the baggage carousel in matching blue tracksuits, Louis is said to have asked photographer Karl Larssen to put his camera away before lunging at him. Mr Larssen told cops: “He was actually smaller than me, but he got my leg and then I was off balance.“ He lunged for the camera then he lifted up my leg and then he hit me and I hit my own head.”

“I think he came down with me. I was disorientated and I heard everyone screaming.” Raging Louis then reportedly rushed over to a corner of the baggage hall where Eleanor was fighting with the girl fan who had pulled out her mobile phone as the incident erupted. Two other girls were then said to have got involved.

The young woman added: “She pulled my phone, we started fighting.” Louis is accused of tackling her around the waist, knocking her down, then striking her in the left eye. She claimed she was a fan and was just trying to film him on her phone. The drama unfolded on Friday night as Louis and Eleanor flew in from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Video footage of the brawl emerged last night, showing Louis walk toward Mr Larssen shouting: “Oi, oi, oi oi!” As stunned travellers look on, the star grapples with the snapper and tries to grab his camera before they both end up in a heap on the floor. A northern voice, thought to be Louis, then says: “Excuse me, what is happening? What is happening here? Can we have some help?”

He then runs over to Eleanor, who is in the middle of another fight with the three screaming women. The star then appears to launch himself at the young fan, wearing a grey tracksuit, who is squaring up to his girlfriend. The 55-second footage shows Louis pulling her from behind onto the floor. Louis loses his top in the scuffle, as a number of witnesses step forward to help. He appears to leave the top behind on the floor.

He is then shown to leap up and point at Eleanor, who has her tracksuit hood up and her rucksack on her back, before appearing to say: “My girlfriend.” The pair are then marched out of the area by a passer-by, while a startled airport worker tries to hold back the three women. Another voice is heard to yell: “Call the police.”

The photographer performed a citizen’s arrest on Louis, who was then taken to an LA Pacific Division jail and held on suspicion of battery. The female witness and the photographer both filed Private Persons Arrest ) statements and the photographer was transported to a local hospital suffering from concussion.

He was then arrested himself after being told  Louis wanted to press charges against him, before eventually being released. The girl was treated for her injuries at the scene. A Los Angeles Airport Police report said: “Witnesses stated that Tomlinson pulled the photographer to the floor by his legs causing the victim to fall backwards and strike his back and head on the floor.

“A female witness began to video Tomlinson’s companion as she tried to leave.“An altercation took place between the companion and the witness. Tomlinson intervened and attempted to take the witness’s phone, grabbing the female by the waist causing her to fall.“During the altercation the witness was struck in the eye. ”Our exclusive shots show Louis hiding his face with his hood as he is led away. His official arrest record states he was eventually released from custody at 1.32am on Saturday morning.

The document also shows Louis, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was ordered to produce £16,000 bail but he was released without having to pay it.It says the star, said to be worth £40million, is due to appear in court on March 29. Six months in jail is the maximum penalty allowed under Californian law for this type of crime for first-time offenders. A conviction for the crime could also result in a £1,600 fine.

Louis’ lawyer Martin Singer last night said the photographer had provoked his client.He said in a statement: “The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis. It’s not the first time the paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity. “While the altercation was going on, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend and he came to her defence.”

Louis and Eleanor rekindled their romance following the death of his mother, Johannah Poulston, aged just 43, in December last year. They had previously dated for around up three years before splitting in 2015. He had previously been going out with actress Danielle Campbell, after having a baby with American Briana Jungwirth in January 2016.

Louis and Eleanor made their relationship official again last week when they re-followed each other on Instagram. The pair then went on to enjoy a holiday in Jamaica together, a trip first revealed by Louis’ younger sister Phoebe. A fan then took to Instagram to confirm that she had bumped into Tomlinson with his “girlfriend” during the break.

prompt #7, #8 (Jordan Parrish)

7.“I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” 8.“please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

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“we’ve been circling the same area for about an hour now. The nemeton doesn’t want to be found.” Jordan said crossing his arms over his chest.

“well i’m not the one carrying a bunch of dead bodies out here so excuse me if I can’t find it.” I said sitting down on the forest floor.

Jordan joined me shortly looking at his hands. I instantly felt bad, he didn’t know that he was doing this either, and I wasn’t exactly helping with my accusatory tone.

“do you think I want to be doing this?” He said playing with his fingers.

“I know, I’m sorry I said that Jordan, and I’m sorry for dragging you out here this was a waste of time.” I said standing up and wiping off my butt.

Jordan followed suit.

“not a total waste I mean I got to spend time with you.” Jordan said grabbing my hand and lacing my fingers with his own.

“you know you’re pretty boy charm isn’t going to work on me.” I said letting go of his hand.

“pretty boy charm, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He said laughing.

This gave me an idea. Jordan has been teaching me self defense ever since I got attacked by Tracy Stewart.

I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” I said smirking.

“a game, what kind of game?” Jordan asked stepping closer to me.

“fight me. fight me and if I win you can’t leave until you find the nemeton.” I said putting my fists up.

“what if I win? what do I get?” He asked stepping even closer.

“what do you want?” I asked feeling my face heat up from how close he was.

“a kiss.” He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

I was a little distracted with my thoughts so I was caught off guard when Jordan pushed me, making me fall on my butt.

“hey you cheated!” I said pushing my self back up.

“no I’m just motivated to win.” He smirked putting his hands back up.

I lunged at him trying to catch his arm but he blocked me. He went in for a jab but I ducked.

“you’re not winning that easily.” I said ducking again as he threw another jab.

“I didn’t expect it to be easy.” He said grabbing my arm.

I twisted out of his grip trying to trip him. He got hold of my arm and twisted me around so he was behind me and had me trapped against his body.

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I could feel him breathing down my neck making me extremely nervous. He won and I was about to kiss him. I turned around but Jordan wasn’t standing in front of me, it was the hell hound. He pushed me to the side causing me to twist my ankle.

“Parrish!” I said watching him walk away.

He started walking straight through the tree line. I struggled to get up, but I eventually did and followed him. He stopped sitting down on the tree trunk of the nemeton. Bodies were scattered all over it. I let go of the tree I was using to support myself and fell down looking at all the bodies.

“y/n!” Jordan called running over to me now that he was back to himself.

“Jordan, don’t turn around.” I said putting my hand on his cheek.

Of course he didn’t listen to me and turned around anyways seeing all the bodies.

“I’m doing all this.” He started turning back to me. “and I hurt you.” He said looking down at my ankle that was a little purple now.

I grabbed the tree standing up.

“Jordan you’re a hell hound you protect the secrets of the supernatural it’s what you do, you’re not killing anyone, that isn’t you, and don’t worry about me i’m okay. Jordan we fight the bad guys okay, you’re not one of them. Let’s get out of here.” I said grabbing his arm to pull him away from the nemeton.

Jordan picks me up walking me back to his patrol car.

“Jordan, please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

“a sprained ankle that I caused.” He said his grip around me getting tighter.

“actually, if we’re speaking technically, the hell hound did this not you.”

“It doesn't matter we’re back at the car.” He said sitting me down on the trunk so he could open my car door.

He was very down, and I felt my heart ache for him.

“Jordan come here.”

He walked over standing in between my legs. I put my arms around his shoulders.

“you don’t think you’re the bad guy right?” I questioned rubbing his shoulders.

“I don’t even know who I am anymore y/n” He admitted putting his arms around me and pulling me to his chest.

He buried his face in my neck. I felt something wet and hot and realized he was crying. I lifted his head so he was looking at me.

“Jordan I know exactly who you are. You’re a deputy to the Sherriff’s department, you care about people and their feelings, you’re willing to risk your life to save others. You’re extremely good at fighting, in fact I think I owe you something.” I said pulling his face down to mine.

His breathing got heavier as my lips were practically on his. I captured his lips with mine kissing him slowly and passionately. He immediately kissed back pulling me closer to him. I could feel my cheeks burning with desire as I kissed him. He slowly pulled away resting his forehead on mine.

“should we play another game?” He smirked kissing my nose.

“if the outcome is this, than hell yeah.” I said putting my lips back on his.

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Seriously though Jordan Parrish does not get enough recognition either! Look how handsome he is! I’m glad somebody requested him! Question for you all, would you like me to make a new prompt list to chose from?


This is long and I don’t even know why! :P It has a lot of Bughead’s friends, a lot of Reggie (cause I love the guy), Archie’s birthday party for Jughead, many smutty mentions and it turns a tad steamy at the end! Thank you so much to the both of you for your lovely words, darlings!! I hope all of you enjoy! <3

“Alright, I know that with Jason’s current RIP situation my question could be considered blasphemous, but I’m so dying to ask, no pun intended. How fiery was the Blossom ginger in bed after all, P?” Veronica smirked foxily, her attention solemnly focused on perfecting the burgundy nail polish on her toes.

“I’m still in the room you know.” Cheryl’s voice came cold and annoyed from behind her, the redhead beauty dropping dramatically the Vogue magazine she was reading on her bare legs that seemed to go for miles on the beige sofa she was occupying. The brunette just shot her a look over her shoulder.

“Well, nobody invited you in this room to begin with.” Sarcasm and New York attitude mixed in a perfect combination, Veronica knew how to push the bottoms of her frenemy like a pro.

Cheryl just scoffed, her attention going back to an article about belts and pricey pashminas, Veronica mouthed a ‘thank you’ in mockery and Betty let a soundless chuckle. The night was indeed going to be fun.

It was a night filled with giggles and girly banter inside the Lodges’ luxurious apartment at the Pembrooke. After seeing Polly’s utter happiness at the baby shower, the older girl just longing to have her sister and friends close after spending years in the solitude of that god-forsaken place her mother had forced her into, the gatherings of the three girls, along with party-crasher Cheryl, were frequent and very much enjoyed by all to say the truth. Alice Cooper was starting to get a tad more lenient too, seeing as Betty was standing her ground and dreading the possibility of losing both her daughters, so tonight Betty Cooper had an allowance slip to spend the night at Veronica’s for a much needed and ridiculously girly slumber party.

The apartment’s spacious living room was transformed so only the beige sofa was in its original place but with comfy mattresses laid in front of it and covered with a sea of colorful puffy pillows and warm knitted blankets and duvets, creating a cozy huge bed for all the girls to rest on. The Lodge women had gone all out with the food too; colorful cupcakes and any flavor milkshakes, chocolate donuts, all kinds of sweets and candies, salty treats, pop-corns, nachos, you name it. There was even a large plate of chocolate brownies exclusively for Polly, since they were her favorite and she was always craving them now that she was expecting. Betty felt eternally grateful for what Veronica and her mom were doing for her sister. Of course they had helped themselves to everything while watching a couple of classic rom-coms, the light entertainment making them forget the crazy world they were living in and actually have a laugh, and now that Hermione had retired to her own room for the night, the girls found the opportunity to move on to the most cliché part of the night; beauty and boys talk.

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I tried to run from you every chance I got. I got lost in my daydreams only to wake up in my darkest nightmares. I tried to lose you in pitch-black alleyways, in clubs where the blue and red lights blinded me and the rhythm of the music replaced my heartbeat. I lost you at the bottom of several bottles and glasses, mistaking the bitter taste of alcohol for freedom. I lost you in the depths of the ocean, only to feel the waves rising up to meet me, ice-cold water filling my lungs. I lost you in the arms of someone else, but only as long as it took for me to remember how your hands in mine were more than just a tingling sensation, more than a random person I threw myself at for distraction. Then I lost myself, again and again and again. But it was never about how hard I tried to lose you - it was about how many possibilities I left you to find me again whenever you wanted to.
—  great escape / n.j.

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Bucky Barnes the panty thief???

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“You have got to be kidding me.” You huffed, mumbling under your breath as you dug through your dresser drawers yet again.

You were getting ready for your highly anticipated date but you couldn’t find your date underwear. Your room was in absolute disarray as you tore through your dresser and closet for the fifth time that afternoon.

Jumping up you suddenly remembered that you had washed them a few days ago. You ran to the laundry room, opening up all the machines as you searched through them. It was beyond you how Stark was willing to pay for everyone to live at the compound but not willing to pay for you guys to have your own washing machines and dryers.

“Looking for these?” The familiar deep voice of Bucky Barnes echoed as your had your head shoved in the last dryer.

Looking up you saw him leaning against the door of the room, your black lace panties dangling from his finger.

“Panty stealer!” You lunged at him as he spun away keeping your panties just out of reach. 

“Give ‘em back Bucky! I need them!” You whined stomping your feet.

He laughed as you tried to jump up and grab them.

“Wait, why do you have them?” You scrunched your face. “EWWWW! What the fuck Bucky!”

“No! No! It’s not like that!” He threw his hands up in defense. “They got stuck to my clothes in the dryer! That’s it!”

“THAT WAS THREE DAYS AGO!” Your eyes went wide as you stared at him.

“You know, whatever, this isn’t funny anymore. Take your fucking panties.” He tossed them at you walking away.

“What the hell were you doing with my underwear for three days Bucky?!” You yelled chasing after him.

“I’m sorry what?” You both spun around to see Sam standing behind you.

“Nothing!” Bucky replied, face turning bright red.

“Bucky stole my date panties!” You taunted.

“No I didn’t! You have to stop saying that!” Bucky threw his head back in exasperation.

Sam looked back and forth between the two of you shaking his head. “Look what you guys do behind closed doors is your business.”

“What?! No!” You both yelled in unison as Sam started to walk away laughing.



// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV is overwhelmed and angry //

part seven of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

obviously since this is from antonio’s point of view and he is in spain, this would be in spanish but don’t nobody got time for all that google translate. be blessed regardless - drea🌙

Short little vibrations buzzing from the corner of my ear brought me into consciousness for the morning. I opened my eye slowly only to see curls. Aaliyah’s hair tried to suffocate me as I held her sleepy body against mine. Trying my best not to wake her, I untangled on arm from around her waist to move her hair from off of me. I told her the bonnet she got last night wasn’t going to contain her hair.

Moving as gently as possible I rolled to turn my alarm off that was so minuscule that it never wakes my girl up. Looking back at my girlfriend, I couldn’t help but smile at the innocent portray on her sleeping face. Seeing her headscarf tangled in between the sheets. I put it back on her with a silent chuckle before getting out of bed.

We had a long night last night. I asked her to accompany me to another business event and she did an excellent job at wooing the crowd. It was much different than San Fransisco. She had so much confidence in herself and our relationship that there wasn’t a thing anyone else could say that could phase her. Aaliyah is beautiful and bright and everyone recognized it.

Once we got home, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other for hours. Although I most certainly blew her back out, after rounds upon rounds of sex she still wasn’t tired. We found ourselves up until three in the morning baking cookies and making ice-cream sandwiches as we danced around the kitchen. I smiled at the thoughts of our night as I hopped in the shower and put on a suit for today’s work.

“Good morning, Mr. Bartholomew,” my assistant spoke as soon as I walked out of my bedroom. Like every morning, Trevor waited for me to get up in order to brief me over today.

“Good morning, Trevor. Before you say anything else, order Aaliyah five dozen white roses and have her maid set them up in my bedroom and run her a bath with candles. If they dare wake her up or the water isn’t hot by the time she is up, fire them.” I spoke before turning my phone on to started reading all the messages I missed while I was sleep. The Miami, Spanish timezone was really a bitch. By the time I woke up, the business day in Spain was almost over.

“Okay sir, I’ll tell Villette now. Your breakfast is ready but immediately following, you need to talk to the Texaco Company. Last night, they refused to accept your deal,” Trevor told me the bad news as we walked down the stairs.

“Why?” I looked up from the strange message I received from Khalil saying that he eloped some girl in vegas last night.

“They think 35% is too much,” Trevor pulled out the paper work. I took it from his hand and read it over with a laugh.

“Tell Texaco that every deal is off and I will make it my personal mission to buy out the company. We’ve already taken over most small oil companies over the east coast. They’re next,” I sat down in the dinning room and started on the avocado toast Manuela had for me.

“Are you sure you want to do that. We can ask the board for advice. They’re been helpful in the past,” Trevor stammered out.

“No, they’re useless. I only keep them around for good relations. I won’t let them actually have a say over this,” I disregarded the board’s help. I’ve grown up in this business, I didn’t need old men with new money to attempt to direct me. Being successful was in my blood unlike in theirs.

“Okay. Also, there’s a rumor that last night there was an oil leak in Camden, Maine. We have shares in that branch so it’s going to cost us a lot of our investment to clean up. We’re still waiting on an announcement to be made.”

“How do you know if its unofficial? Actually never mind, it doesn’t matter. Pull the shares out of Maine before a statement comes out. We’ve been making too much money everywhere else to be affected by them. They only bring in 3% of our US income anyway. Cut the ties,” I instructed.

“Will do. You have a lunch meeting with Hayden and Co. at 12 today,” Trevor reminded me.

“Come with me. I need to show you how to seal deals. Put on a designer suit,” I got up from my food and Trevor followed after me into my office.

“Hello, sir. Do you want to see the dogs right now?” Nev the man who took care of the Ramses and Aziza questioned.

“Yes, let me see them,” I smiled. A moment later the two dogs were running through the hallway it only took a moment for them to find me and excitedly jump all over me with kisses. Kimberly quickly made her presence known with a lint roller as she removed all the shed fur from my clothes.

“It’s alright. You can get it later,” I nodded the girl away and played withe dogs a bit until they tired themselves out.

“Sir, you missed your monthly meeting with your financial advisors yesterday,” Trevor sound more scared then usual.

“I took Aaliyah shopping instead. They say the same thing every month: it’s okay to splurge here and there but I must be mindful. I’ve been doing good lately. Is that what they said?” I questioned.

“Yes, they did say that you were doing good this month. Although, you should consider getting ahead and paying off the yacht because the balance remaining has a high interest rate.”

“Let me write the a check now,” I pulled out my drawer with bank statements.

“Sir, it’s alright. There were other concerns regarding your account though,” Trevor stammered.

“Spit it out, Trevor,” I smiled. He was always so timid to deliver any bad news.

“They’re worried about Aaliyah,” He spoke quietly making me twitch at the sound of her name.

"What about her?” I was scared of the sharpness in my own tone.

“Well um…”

"Do they think I spend too much on her?” I questioned, knowing that would be impossible. I had no issue spending money on my bombón and she never asked for much.

"No sir, when comparing the spending to the other mistresses-”

“She’s my girlfriend,” I made sure to correct him. Aaliyah was better in all ways.

“Yes, well… in comparison you spend a fraction on her then you did any of the others,” I let out a sigh of relief at the news.

"Then what’s the issue?” I went back to my computer again.

“The issue is that she’s not spending your money. She’s been withdrawing it for the past month and had been putting it into another account under her name. The first time it was $5,147 and each week another couple of thousand go into her other account. I know she is your girlfriend, but this is the same behavior we’ve seen in the others.“

"You trying to tell me that you think my bombón is trying to fuck me over?” I closed the computer just gently enough to not shatter the screen.

“Sir, we’re just trying to make you aware, in case it does become an issue in the future. Do you think there’s a possibility that she’s using you for your money?”

"She isn’t,” I knew my girl and it wasn’t about the money. “Also what the fuck does $5,000 mean to me? I make that in a day without leaving my bed. I don’t care about the money.”  

“And this is exactly what your father and financial advisors warn of. $5,000 turns into 10. 10 turns to 100 and so on. You cannot be ignorant and not ask where the money is going to because you like her.”

“You know that is not the case. You’ve seen her. Our relationship is genuine and she is not taking advantage of me,” I defended the only thing I truly cared about.

“You said the same thing about Sele-”

“Don’t say her fucking name,” I got out of my seat and had to stop myself from hurting the man. The thought of the horrid woman’s name was enough to make me want to be sick.

“This is were it starts, Mr. Bartholomew. Do not let it end in the same way that it did last time,” Trevor backed down

“Speaking of ends, you’re fired a long with my accountants. Get the fuck out of my office,” I spat out of hatred. I do not tolerate lies being spewed against my judgement in relationship.

“Sir-“ I lunged and grabbed Trevor by the collar of his shirt and threw him out my office before he could get another word out. “Throwing people around just like your father,” Trevor called making me turn around and lose control. I threw punch after punch as Trevor’s face began spewing blood.

“Antonio!” I heard Manuela and then suddenly I was being pulled away from Trevor who was bleeding from the nose and mouth.

“Clean this blood up,” I seared as I shook my hand out of the fist it had been in. Manuela looked up at me in so much disappointment I had to leave. Not even bothering to wash my hands, I went back into y office and unlocked the bottom drawer. I could barely make proper lines before I started snorting the cocaine into my system, trying to ease off my anger. It wasn’t true. Aaliyah loved me and was not here for my money. But thats exactly what I thought at the start of Selena and I’s relationship.

I did four more lines to shake the devil out of my head.

High off the coke. I used the powers it gave me to create the game plan of how I was going to take out Texaco. The plan was coming into play when my phone started ringing. I scoffed to see my father calling. He only ever called to yell and I wasn’t having it today. I let it ring as I continued to type out a message to my employees. The phone stopped ringing for a moment before it lit up again and again. By the fourth call I cussed before answering the god forsaken phone.

“What do you want, father,” I couldn’t hide the anger in my tone.

“Your father needs you to be at the Comestador Hospital immediately. He has just been admitted and he is in near fatal conditions,” A woman’s voice rang out instead of my father’s.

“What’s happening?” I panicked as I put the drugs away as quickly as I could.

“Sir, we are not under jurisdiction to reveal the condition over the phone. You are the only contact he has,” The woman was of no help.

“I’m in Miami. I need you to tell me what the fuck is going on with him,” I did not bother to hide my frustration.

“Sir, please do not curse. It is policy that-”

“I don’t give a fuck about what your policy is. Is he going to live long enough for me to fly to Spain from the states,” I begged for her to give me an answer.

“Sir, were doing the best that we can to stabilize him now,” She had no tone in her voice like she had no compassion for the situation at hand.

“Well do fucking better. I’ll try to get there as soon as possible,” I hung up the phone. Frantically, I ran up the stairs to my bedroom after calling for my pilot to arrange the plane to leave in an hour. Once in the bedroom, Aaliyah was not still tangled in the bed as I pulled a duffle bag from under it and began throwing clothes into it.

“Antonio, is that you?” Aaliyah called out as I heard water splash out unto the marble floor, indicating she was getting out the tub. I said nothing as I grabbed my phone and computer chargers and threw them into a louis backpack.

“Thank you for running a bath for me and for the flowers. I was thinking about what you said the other day. I think we should go on vacation to celebrate graduation. MY friends and your friends could all be invited. I did tell Micah I would introduce her to Za. How does going to Jamaica sound to you? Its tropical with culture and it doesn’t get as hot as other places,” She started talking, ignorant to the stress I had on my shoulders.

I jumped when I felt petite arms wrapping around me as I pulled as few ties down. I felt a kissed on the spine on my back making the betrayal I felt radiate through my body. I didn’t say anything as I grabbed underwear and socks to put in my bag. “Whatever you want,” I replied so that she would shut the fuck up.

“Really?” She hummed like I would ever tell her otherwise. He arms left me and I heard the her opening the drawers behind me.

“You’re spending my money any fucking way. At least get what the fuck you want,” I mumbled under my breath as I went into my closet.

“What was that?” She questioned as he voice became clearer. “What are you doing?” I turned around to see her pulling on one of my t shirts as she stood in the entrance of the closet. On any other day, I would’ve taken it right off again and ravished her body. But today, just the sight of her angered me, knowing that she has been trying to play me like a fool.

“My father’s in the hospital. I’m heading to Spain in an hour,” I notified her although she had no right to ask me any fucking questions.

“Is he going to be okay?” the concern in her voice sounded so genuine but I knew better. I’ve been through this too many times to not already know.

“Yes. He should be,” I made up when I really had no clue.

“Do you have blood on your hands? Antonio what’s going on?” Aaliyah turned me around and looked up was me with her big brown eyes before examining the blood shed that was partially her fault.

“It doesn’t matter. Let me pack,” I yanked my hands away from her grip. I could see in her eyes the hurt she felt by me pulling away from her but she didn’t say anything.

“Do you need help?” She sat on the ground and began folding the clothes I already had in the bag.

“No, just stop. Don’t fucking touch anything,” I kicked the bag away from her reach. I felt her eyes on me but I didn’t acknowledge it.

“I understand that your father is sick and that you are stressed but you’re not about to cuss at me,” She stood up in my peripheral vision with her arms crossed in stubbornness.

“You think I’m cussing at you because of my father who I hate is dying? I’m not taking anything out on you that you don’t deserve,” I scoffed.

“For what, Antonio? Please let me know,” She grabbed at me again, her nails digging into the skin of my forearm.

“Just shut up and buy the fucking tickets to Jamaica. Actually, buy Jamaica on my card while you’re fucking at it,” I looked down at her hands that were decorated in the acrylic nails I payed for.

“What the fuck are you trying to insinuate, Antonio?” Her voice became just as hard as mine as she pulled away from me. I couldn’t help but smile at the audacity she had to be angry at me.

“I’m not insinuating anything. I’m letting you know that you’re free to do whatever you want with my money. There’s no need to lie about your intentions,” I spat before pulling out my wallet. I threw all the hundred dollar bills I had at her and watched them as they fell to the ground. “There. put that into your other account.”

“Do you really want to do this Antonio. Really?” She looked me up and down. Her face was of blank hostility like she wasn’t fazed by me. She needed to be fazed by me, I thrived off the attention.

“No, I don’t. I don’t have the fucking time for it,” I threw the duffle bag over my shoulder and went to collect my necessities from the bathroom.

“Well, you’re not about to start shit and accuse me of whatever deluded idea you have inside your head then say you don’t have the time,” she followed me, not giving up on this.

“I’m not delusional for recognizing a fucking gold digger when I see her,” I looked at her reflection through the mirror. I almost missed the tears forming in her eyes. Almost.

“Antonio I’m going to act like you lost your goddamn mind and that I didn’t just hear what you said to me. Try again because this is your last chance,” She let a single tear roll down her face. She looked weak. She was weak. She didn’t say a word as I poured out enough coke for four lines and snorted them back to back before turning to face her again.

“Shut the fuck up with all that. I’ll give you $100,000 just for you to stop running your mouth. I’ll even transfer the money into your secret account so you don’t have to do it yourself. I need to head to Spain if you don’t mind,” I started towards the door but was abruptly yanked back by the duffle bag on my shoulder. Her strong hands tore the bag away from me and let it fall to the ground with a plunk.

“Fine. I don’t need a bag. I have clothes there,” I left the ground on the floor and continued on my way.

“I don’t care if your dad is in the hospital. If you leave that motherfucking door without us talking and were done. I swear to God Antonio,” She spoke without a crack in her voice.

“Please, Aaliyah,” I stated speaking over her weak pleas for peace in our relationship. We were past that innocence. “We’ve heard it before. Even if you leave which you won’t, you’ll come right the fuck back because you need me,” I cooed with a cocky smile plastered on my face.

“I don’t need you nigga,” She spat making me laugh.

“I’ll see you when I get back,” I turned out the door and started down the stairs.

“Antonio, you leave right now and I will leave you. I will pack up my shit and I will be gone,” She called after me from the top of the stairs.

“Is that supposed to mean anything to me? You think I actually care about what you do? Maybe you’re just as stupid as I am, Aaliyah. All that college education your parents are paying for isn’t doing you much good now is it?” I yelled back.

“Why are you doing this?” the anger was apparent as she was visibly shaking as tears rolled down her face. The sight made me feel so very accomplished.

“Don’t pretend to care about me know,” I yelled back up at her.

“You know I fucking love you but you know what Antonio? You’re too fucking much, Too damaged, too hurt. You want to push me away over some motherfucking bullshit and act like its okay? See nigga I’m the one who doesn’t have time for it,” She screamed down at me, the duffle bag I didn’t even realize was still in her hand was suddenly propelled at me.

“Then leave just like you said,” I said the words after the bag bounced off my chest and hit the ground for the second time. My angered burned so deep inside me, I didn’t even comprehend the damage I just caused.

A smile found itself on Aaliyah’s face. I finally got the reaction that I wanted, the reaction I deserved. I wanted Aaliyah as angry with me as I was with the world. “You have nothing without me. The money, the cars, these bitches: they don’t mean shit. You’re not about to lash out on me, the only person who genuinely cares about you. You’re going to want me back and I promise you I wont be around,” She cackled before I slammed the front door behind me.


By the time I landed in Spain I had gone crazy. The anxiety I felt from being home again almost made my heart cave in. There were reasons that I left and things I didn’t want to face. At the top of my list was my father.

When I arrived at the hospital, I’m not sure what news I wanted to hear. All these years I’ve wished for my father’s death and the day has potentially came. I found my father in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Room 763. I walked into the room and was immediately ushered out by a nurse.

“You need to wash your hands and put these on before you go inside,” The nurse handed over a scrub dress along with bright blue gloves.

“What’s wrong with him?” I questioned, fearful of the answer. “Is he going to die?”

“We all die someday, sir. You can wait out here until the Doctor Ramos completes your father’s check up,” The woman directed me to the seat beside the door before she went back in. I felt numb as I really imagined my life without my father and why he has hidden his condition from me.  We were never on the best terms but I had the right to know.

“Antonio Bartholomew… IV?” I blinked up from the tears I was holding back to see a doctor looking down at me.

“Doctor Ramos,” The woman shook my hand after her introduction.

“What’s wrong with my father?” I croaked out. She took the seat beside me and took my hand into hers for the sake of comfort.

“He just suffered from cardiac arrest. The heart attack wouldn’t have been so bad but he also has stage four terminal lung cancer. The heart attacked caused his vitals to fail. Right now he is in a medical induce coma until we can get his heart pumping on its own,” The woman looked at me with caring eyes.

“He has cancer?” I asked.

“We’re you not aware? He was diagnosed eight years ago and it has progressed within his body. If he makes it from this heart attack, he only has a few months pronounced on his life,” The woman gave my hand a squeeze.

“Is there anything we can do? I have the money I can afford it all,” I tried to collect me thought and a game plan to fight this.

“The only thing that can help now is time. As of now, his vitals are going back to normal and if it it all goes well, we can take him out of the coma tomorrow. We did x rays and the heart attack did not affect his brain. He should be fully functioning when he wakes up. I don’t want to give you false hope, even if he does make it, he will not fully recover. He’s been smoking his whole life and his lungs are giving out on him. This is one huddle but there will be many more to come if we keep him alive,” The doctor explained.

“Is there anyway that wont be the case,” I spoke without thinking. People didn’t know of how bad our relationship is. I would be better without him.

“Excuse me?” The doctor questioned me.

“It’s just hard,” I spoke, not able to gather all my emotions.

“Would you like to see him?” The doctor stood up.

“No,” I spat without thinking. “I’m sorry yes. This the only time I’ll get a chance to look at him in peace before he dies. He’s not a good man but he is my father,” I nodded and stood to enter the room.

“Go see your father,” Ramos opened the door for me. I was stood frozen before I heard the door come to a close. With a gulp I walked to the edge of the bed and looked down at the man who has singlehandedly inflicted the worst pains upon my life. He was the reason everything was shit. He is my father yet, I hated him. A part of me wishes that he was dead. That he had died instead of my mother.

He looked frail. He had spent his whole life being evil to others for the sake of it and it has finally taken its toll of him. He looked pale, and underweight beneath all the wrinkles that covered his body. He looked like something I would never wish to be.

I jumped when a loud beep sounded from on of his machines. With a sigh I took a seat beside the bed and took his cold hand in mine. The act was more intimate than any of the moments we’ve shared while he’s been conscious. I squeezed his hand as the tears poured down.

“Antonio?” The angelic voice that drained the blood of my face sounded. I looked up from the from the floor and almost crumbled to pieces.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I felt my body heat up instantly a the sight of Selena. She was my living breathing version of hell.

“I was checking in on you and your dad,” She walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I could not stop myself from pushing her arm from me and into the wall behind her.

“You still like it rough, baby?” A wicked smile took over her face as she thrived off of my anger.

“Cut the shit and get the fuck out of here,” I stood over her as an act of intimidation. I looked down at her and has not changed at wall since I saw her years ago on the day that ended it all. Her face was round and healthy. Her eyes- the same eyes I thought I knew so well when I was young. And she looked good, as good as any siren on this earth.

“I have as much reason to be here as you do, Antonio,” Her words were like venom.

“I really do not have the time for this,” I sighed. I’ve been through a lot of bullshit on this day but, seeing my ex for the first time in five years really topped the cake.

“I’m not asking for your time. I’m here to see your father,” She scoffed. As much as my heart hardened because of her, the words did hurt. After all the times I’ve called for her, trying to gain the closure I needed to move on, she never came. But here on my father’s deathbed she appears out of thin air.

“He’s sleep,” I spoke the obvious.

“Loosen up a little, corazón. Aren’t you happy so see me?” She smiled up at me.

“I’m looking the devil in her eyes and you’re asking me if I’m happy?” I scoffed.

“I’m the devil now? I have to hand it to you IV. Even though I never loved you, I did always love the way you hate me. I take pride in it,” Selena hummed.

“Take pride in leaving. If I see you again and you still don’t send me what I need, I swear to God I will kill you,” I promised her. It wasn’t my style to threaten death but this all has gone too far.

“You’re just as angry as your father. Maybe now I can feel the same way about you that I do him. You were so young and naive when we got together. Now… now you’re a man,” I watched as her hand moved from my chest down to the buckle of my pants.

“I told you to shut up,” I couldn’t stop myself from throwing her against the wall again like a rag doll and wrapping my hand around her throat. She looked at me like I wouldn’t dare hurt her. I proved her wrong as I ringed her neck until fear became apparent in her eyes and her nails began scraping at my hand for me to free her.

“P-please, Antonio. Please, the baby,” She choked out as tears left her eyes. And at the words I let go of her and looked at her in horror. With her left hand she soothed her neck that I made red and her right went to soothe the small bump protruding from her stomach.

“No,” the words came out as a whisper. The woman I once loved couldn’t possibly be carrying my father’s-

“The baby is his,” Selena broke me from my thoughts, confirming my worst fears.

“Anything that is a spawn of you let alone, you and my father should be aborted. Do the world a favor,” I looked at the bump of the unborn child in disgust.

“I’m doing myself the favor. You’re not the only Bartholomew that will be left when he’s dead,” She nodded over at my father like he was timer that world provide the finances to fund the rest of her life.

“That child is a bastard,” I announced.

“Grow up. Just because you and I didn’t work out doesn’t mean that this child should have as shitty of a life as you did. Remember when I made you happy. I know you remember those days,” Her voice weakened as to get under my skin.

“We didn’t work out? We weren’t destined to work out. Your reason for ever existing in my life was so that we never worked out. You’re nothing but a prostitute. You let my father pimp you out to fuck me and fuck me over. And now your attempting to take the only decent thing my father can provide for me by having his child. You’re sick, Selena. You’re more fucked up than my father,” I snarled her way.

Selena never loved me, she loved money. And my father loved to cause my pain and heartbreak. It was he who introduced me to Selena with the intentions of having me fall in love and train her to steal my money from right under me. We were together for four year until it all came in an end for the sake of a ‘lesson that must be learned’. I was all he had and even then he couldn’t stop from himself from destroying mr. I prayed to whatever God was out there that I did not end up like him. To cause so much pain to your child is inhumane.

“Your father only wanted you to learn before you got a hold of real money. You should be thanking me, I’m sure you wont let it happen again, Antonio. At this point, you can’t keep a single good thing in you life. Ive heard the rumor about all those women. If anything, at least I acted like I loved you. All the women after me have to do is bend over and you’ll finance their whole lives.”

“You don’t know anything,” I looked at her with cold eyes.

“Money fades, sweetie. And if another girl comes along and takes all that from you, you’ll be left with nothing,” Selena began to laugh.

“And what will you have when its all said and done,” I questioned her.

“Everything fades so the least I can do is have the money while everything else is dying. You’re  about to be an uncle, be happy,” She lifted her shirt a little to show off the bump.

“I’m calling security,” I gave her another chance to leave.

“Don’t be like that, baby,” She pouted, not moving from the wall I previously had her pinned against.

“Selena. I’m not playing with you.”

“Play with me. I’m sure Antonio V won’t mind. That’s a good name isn’t it?” At her words I swung with the first I already had bruised up from beating Trevor.

“Fuck,” I cursed as bits of the wall fell away beside Selena’s head once I pulled my hand away in pain.

“Sir, do you need to be escorted out?” A nurse entered the room with concern, assessing the scene incorrectly.

“No, fuck. I need her to leave. Do not allow her to see my father, ever,” I looked the Selena angrily.

“Ma’am,” the nurse called.

“I’m leaving. See you, Antonio,” Selena’s hand brushed against mine as she exited the room.

I began to cry.

I cried all night. And I cried for reasons that weren’t even apparent to me.

“Antonio, We’re about to bring him out of the coma,” Ramos came into the room as the morning sun shined into the windows. I didn’t know how many hours turned over.

“Maybe you should go get some coffee,” One of the nurses suggested as she checked his iv drip. I agreed with a nod and left the room. I pulled out my phone and looked through all of the notifications. Not a single one was from Aaliyah. I shut my phone off as I made myself a cup of coffee myself for the first time in I didn’t know.

By the time I pulled myself together enough, when I entered the hospital room again my father was awake. He looked at me with tired eyes and the frown I’ve grown accustom to my whole life.

“It took you long enough to come,” He barked at me. Even in his weakest he still had the strength to be mean.

“Hello, father. How do you feel?” I took the same seat I had been in all night.

“Like shit. But its good to now you’ve actually shown up. You must really care about your inheritance to some all the way back home for me,” His voice was rough and groggy.

“I came to make sure you’re okay. It’s not about the money,” I spoke my truth.

“Yeah, that’s what they all say,” My father huffed out before coughing harshly.

“How are you father?” I took his hand without fear. His hand tensed up in mine but he did not remove it.

“I’m ready to die,” My father admitted.

“Don’t joke about that,” I pulled my hand away.

“I’m not joking. I’m ready to die but I have to make a few changes to the will but essentially all the money, land, everything is yours. You’re about to be a wealthy man,” My father rasped out like the money was the only thing that matter.

“Don’t act like it doesn’t come with the price of your life,” I scoffed at the fact that he was down playing this.

“You’ve wished death upon me for so long. Now that its coming, you want to act sentimental. Save me the dramatics. The money belongs in the family name and our name alone. You may be a disappointment but you are my son and I am trusting you with everything our fathers and their fathers have worked for.”

“I’m ready for it,” I spoke humbly.

“Not with the way you’re falling for these women,” My father scoffed. “I heard you’re letting a nigger take your money. Are we going to share her too.”

“Do not call her that. Do not speak on her at all,” My blood boiled instantly. Aaliyah is nothing like the situation with Selena and will never be. The fact that my father dissolved my girlfriend to a racial slur made this even worst than it already.

“Why do you love her? You falling in love with these women who only want you for your money is bad enough. But a black? You’re going to let black into our bloodline,” My old spanish father spoke the prejudice I tore myself away from.

“That’s none of your concern and that wont be any of your concern when you’re dead,” my words were harsh.

“See there it is. That anger that you have inside of you. You try to hold it back but you’re a Bartholomew. You can’t fight it, my son.”

“I’m not like you,” I looked at my father in disgust.

“My own son hates me just as much as I hated my own father,” He laughed.

“You were never a father to me,” I shook my head.

“You don’t hate me because of what I’ve done to you. You hate me because you’re thirty years and a few drinks away from being me,” he smiled.

“That’s not true.”

“Are you sure my son?” He eyed my hands that were just starting to scab over.

“What do you want at your funeral,” I changed the topic.

“Who’s going to show up? Only distant motherfuckers in the family trying to get some money. I don’t want a ceremony. Cremate me. Turn me into a tree. I don’t give a shit,” My dad croaked out between dry coughs.

“Your mistresses will show up and fight over who you loved the most,” I joked.

“I didn’t love any of them. It will be a sight to see,” My dad smiled cockily.

“Mom will be glad to hear that when you meet her again,” I smiled back.

“You believe in heaven? I know your mother brought you up Catholic but I was never about it. I’ve done a lot of wrong in my life time, too much to believe that I can spend eternity in peace,” My father voice weakened as though he feared the afterlife.

“I believe that It doesn’t matter what we do. That there is a God who knows our hearts,” I tried to comfort my father.

“Antonio, my son.”

“Yes, father?”

“I’m in pain,”

“I know.”

“Let me hit the blunt and you better not have brought any cheap shit,” My father requested.

“Here,” With a small smile I pulled out the blunt I stashed on the plane and lit it for my father. He was already dying, an additional blunt wasn’t going to hurt.

“Let me go to sleep before the pain comes back. I need to handle my business when I wake up. Call my lawyer, accountant, and witness. I need to speak with them,” My father already began to over work himself.

“Don’t you want to rest a little bit first,” I questioned him.

“Do as you are  told. The sooner we get this shit done, the sooner I can meet your fuck up of a grandfather in hell. Go home. You look like shit. Do not come back here until I call for you,” my father instructed. My father passed me the blunt and closed his eyes. I watched as his heart monitor went from erratic pumps to a slow rhythm of beating. Once he was asleep, I ashed the rest of the blunt and put my coat over my arm and walked out the door without looking back.

On my way out, I was able to catch Doctor Ramos who was making the arrangements to have him released from the hospital at the end of the week. His condition was worst than he made it seem but he would survive for a little while longer. More than likely, he still had a few months to live the remainder of his life. How much freedom his health would grant him was up to his recover. Thanking Ramos for her words of support, I called for my driver to come around to the front.

“Antonio how is your father?”

“There are reports that Selena Gomez visited, do you have anything to say about it?”

“Are you happy to be back in Spain?”

“Is your father dying?”

I forgot about who and where I was when I exited the hospital. I forgot that my family was perceived to be the Spanish version of the Kardashians. Photographers who haven’t gotten a glimpse of me since I went to Miami paraded around me as I tried to get to the car.

“Give my family the privacy we deserve during this time, please,” I requested as I climbed into the escalade. Trying save face, I didn’t show the anger I felt over the fact that this would be all over the trashy spanish tabloids by the next morning. I imagined the headline would go something along the lines of ‘Bartholomew family crisis: Billionaire suffering from cardiac brings his womanizer heir back to the country.’ I scoffed at the fact people were actually interested in us for the sole reason that we were wealthy.

“Sir, where are we going?” My driver asked as I watched the paparazzi disperse into their various vehicles to sure follow us.

“Home,” I spoke, making my stomach twist in knots at the unpleasant memories plagued upon me. The driver nodded before pulling off. Within ten minutes were were at the gold crested gate of the family home. I was greeted at the gate by security who immediately granted us entry as we pulled up the two mile long drive way. On top the hill the spanish palace stood. The house had been in out family name for four generations running and it was the best thing to be passed down in the bloodline.

The house was big and full of anything but happiness. The only thing I remembered clearly was being knocked around by my father on the nights that he did bother to come home. That was my childhood.My mother never did much to stop it. She was getting slapped around just as much as I was. It became so bad to the point that I needed stitches and that was enough for him to agree to send me away for school.
When the day came that my father notified me of her death in a car accident I was envious. She had the blessing of getting away and not having to endure the pain that my father inflicted upon all. When I graduated from school and came back home things became better. My father gave me higher and higher positions in the company trying to get me to learn the business. I had to be prepared when my time came and it seems as though I wouldn’t be much longer until it was all mine.

I took to the steps and the grand front doors were opened for me. The household staff greeted me left and right as I made my way to the wing of the mansion I occupied growing up. I couldn’t be bothered to speak properly as I dragged my exhausted body into my perfectly cleaned bedroom.

It wasn’t until I was in the shower that all that was occurring hit me. I was one person away from having no family, from having nobody. The one good thing that I did have, I felt the need to destroy when I left her heartlessly. My stress did not seize to drain my energy until I forced myself to get out the shower and dry off just well enough that I wasn’t wetting my sheets as I climbed into my bed.

I feel asleep to the afternoon chirping of the birds.

When I woke up again I was more than confused about my surroundings as I jolted awake. No sunlight reached through the curtains as I got up. I looked at my almost dead phone to see that I slept through the whole afternoon when I only meant to take a slight nap.

I couldn’t stop myself as I dialed the only person I knew who to call. The only one who could center me again. Just as I was about to press the call button on Aaliyah’s contact, another call came through my phone.

“Antonio! I heard your back on this side of the world,” My best friend Ryan spoke giddily like we were still teenage boys.

“You heard correct. It’s heard not to know when each of us are here with the way the paparazzi’s follow us around,” I replied. Ryan stayed in the tabloids even  more than I did.

“Our band was pretty dope back in the day,” Ryan brought up the old days again.

“That was over ten years ago,” I laughed.

“Well, I’m thinking we should party tonight like we used to,” Ryan suggested.

“I don’t know…” I was in much of a mood to have a reckless party.

“What don’t you know? Your back home for however long you’re going to be here and you’ve had a long day. Let’s have a good time. You know these spanish bitches still want you as much as they used to.”

“I don’t think I’m interested in all that now,” Thinking of what Aaliyah would say.

“Oh shit don’t you got a girl?” Ryan caught on to my apprehensiveness.

“More or less,” I didn’t know whether or not Aaliyah and I were truly done. With the way she spoke to me last I’m almost sure I’ve lost her. I was okay with it. With all that was going on, I didn’t need to be worried about my relationship in the first place.

“Well shit doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ll have the bitches at your old mans house in an hour. Fuck any of them that you want to. I even saw Valentina the other day, I’ll make sure she pulls up. You down?”

“I’m down,” I agreed and got up to get dressed for the night to come that would resemble many in the past.

Part 8

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Okay so this is very experimental when compared with what I usually do for this page, from Deadpool’s point of view.

Deadpool x Female reader
Words: 629

 Have you ever worn as guy as a puppet?

Trust me it’s hilarious, and you don’t have to go up through the ass, the stomach is a fine entry point. Sitting down cross legged I pulled my new puppet into my lap and shouted for my new favourite person, “Y/N! Y/N!”
She ducked down as one of the more beefy men ran at her, caught him by the waist and used his momentum to throw him up and over her back so that he landed with a slap on his back on the road. He didn’t have time to worry about his clearly broken back though before she shot him in the head. She whipped her head towards me, “What is it Wade?”
I spoke to her in a high pitched voice through my man-puppet, “Why so grumpy Y/N?”
She scowled, “Are you serious? You don’t think I’m a bit busy for your shit right now?” She gestured around her to the on-going battle on the highway.
“Don’t be mean.” Man-puppet chastised her, “I’m not Wade, can you see Wade speaking?”
Y/N pinched her brow and let out a long suffering sigh, “Of course I can’t Wade, you’re wearing your mask.”

I’m not sure, but I don’t think my flirting technique is working. I thought women like Y/N, one of the X-Men would love violence based humour. Logan got his claws blood soaked every mission and he was swimming in offers.

“Y/N!” One of the bad guys screamed at her, she gave him a bored glance.
I turned my man puppet to him, “Rude! We’re having a conversation.”
“Wade shut up.” She snapped at me as the guy lunged at her but I was quicker. Throwing my beloved puppet at him to knock him over I kicked him hard in the side of his head until it concaved in.

He fell to the floor with an undignified splat in front of her and she scowled at me.
“I just saved your ass!” I argued, “Why won’t you give me a chance?”
“Because you account for most of the stress in my life!” She snapped and in one slick motion pulled a small throwing knife from her pocket and threw it straight into the neck of a passing enemy.

Gasping in shock, I tutted and skipped after her as she made her way through the fight, “How boring would your life be without me?” I asked. A guy swung at her and she stabbed him in the eye before he could get too close but didn’t see the guy behind her. I lunged forward, caught her by the hand and spun her down into a dip and shot her attacker between the eyes, “See?” I added.
The slightest pull of her lips was all she gave me as a reward, her hands found my chest and she sighed, “Oh Wade, you’re my hero.”
I narrowed my eyes and felt my mask move with it, what was she up too?

Y/N leaned up and for a moment I thought she might kiss my mask but instead I found myself on my ass with her grinning down at me. She blew me a kiss and walked back off into battle calling over her shoulder, “Keep trying Wade.”
What a woman!
“Oh I will!” I promised before turning to the body of the man I’d shot between the eyes, “Oh yeah, you’re right, she wants me. One day, we’ll fuck, I know it.”

Jumping up I headed off into the fray after her, there was no way I was letting an ass like that get away.

I can't be friends (Liam Dunbar/Theo Raeken)

“Y/n you’re not serious about this you know Liam will freak if he finds out besides we already determined that Theo can’t be trusted.” Scott yelled trying to stop me.

“Okay Scott first of all Liam doesn’t control me, and second Stiles decided that. Stiles thinks that everyone has some sort of deviant plan against us.” I said turning around and putting my hands on my hips.

“So you don’t think Theo is a bad guy?” Scott asked looking at my face.

“Do you honestly? All I’m saying is what if he really is just a lone wolf looking for a pack. You of all people Scott should acknowledge that. Besides Scott i"m just going to talk to him where’s the harm in that?”

I didn’t wait for him to reply as I walked into the gym where I knew Theo Raeken often spent his days after school. I walked in the gym to see Theo doing a pull up. He turned his head as if he was sensing my presence. Wow I didn’t realize how attractive Theo was until I saw his back muscles clenching as he pulled himself up and lowered himself down.

“You just gonna stare or come say hi?” He asked smirking as he got his water bottle taking a swig of it.

“Uh hey Theo.” I said awkwardly, trying to keep my eyes off his incredible body.

“Well what can I do for you beautiful?” He asked putting on his jacket and getting his belongings walking into the locker room.

“I uh just came to talk. How is Beacon Hills treating you?” I asked rubbing the back of my neck nervously and following him into the locker room.

“You mean besides the fact that all your friends think i’m a bad guy?”

“Well aren’t you? Wait uh that isn’t what I meant Theo I just uh well they say stuff.” I rambled trying to avert his gaze.

Theo started to walk closer to me with a smirk on his face. As he took a step forward I took one back. Finally my back hit one of the lockers.

“I make you nervous don’t I? Let me guess you think i’m a bad guy too but you weren’t really sure so you had to come see for yourself. Well i’m here now you have my full attention y/n tell me what you think now!” Theo said his voice gradually getting louder as he went on.

I gulped really loudly seeing how little space there was between us.

“Maybe i’m not the bad guy y/n maybe i’m exactly the type of guy you need.” Theo said putting his arms up trapping you between him and the locker.

I could feel my heartbeat increasing.

“Theo you’re not a bad guy so please don’t do this.” I said looking into his brown eyes.

“Do what, exactly what you want me to do?”

Theo brought one arm down putting his hand on my cheek. I was nervous not really knowing what was about to happen. Suddenly Theo was ripped off of me and there stood an angry Liam.

“Ooh this should be fun.” Theo taunted at Liam.

“Y/n leave.” Liam growled showing his golden eyes and sharp fangs.

I couldn’t leave though it seems as if my feet were cemented to the floor. Theo showed his eyes and fangs now as well. Liam lunged towards Theo but Theo was stronger. He picked Liam up and threw him into a locker making an obvious dent. Liam roared getting back up.

“Ah come one Liam I know you can do better than that.” Theo said.

Theo had never planned on doing anything with me, he was just taunting Liam. Theo wanted this reaction because Stiles was right, he was the bad guy. He wanted Liam to lose control, to bring out his killer instincts. I wasn’t about to let this happen.

“Liam!” I screamed from against the locker.

Liam stopped fighting Theo and looked over at me. Theo looked back at me smirking before leaving quickly. Liam watched him leave before turning back into himself. He sat down on the locker room bench putting his head in his hands.

“Liam are you okay?” I asked cautiously sitting down next to him.

“Y/n I don’t know what happened. I just saw him and I lost control.” Liam said bringing his hands down but not looking up from the floor.

“Theo wanted that reaction from you. He was using me to taunt you Liam. He knows how close of friends we are and he was using that to his advantage.”

“I can’t be friends, not anymore.” Liam said still looking at the ground.

“Ww-what?” I stuttered confused.

“I can’t be friends because I want to be so much more than that.” Liam said looking at me.


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Mikaelson, a name you hated to hear, more specifically you hated the name Kol Mikaelson. With every fiber in your body, that name erupted anger and the desire to make sure he felt nothing but pain. Others warned you that carrying that sort of emotion wasn’t healthy, nor would it do you any favors in the long run. But you weren’t one to listen to other people’s advice.

New Orleans was a city that you longed to visit, now that you had particularly an eternity to live there was no better time then now.

Renting a small housing complex, you had only been here a few days and already there was chatter in the wind about your arrival. No-one knew who you were, but a new girl strolling into town seemed to make a lot of noise throughout the city. And the one thing you hated, more than Kol, was to have unnecessary attention drawn to you.

But that’s exactly what happened when the one person in the entire universe you prayed not to see, showed up at your doorstep, looking annoyingly cocky.

“I got tired of waiting for you to show up on my doorstep, love, so here I am on yours”. He proclaimed as he waltzed in and made himself at home.

Letting the door slam shut, you clenched your jaw and lunged towards Kol, sending him flying over the couch.

He immediately stood up, glaring at you. “Now that wasn’t very nice, darling”.

“Well go cry about it to someone who gives a shit, Kol. Now get out of my house!”. You angrily stated.

Vamping towards you, he pushed your back sharply against the bookshelf. “And why would I do that? We’re just getting started, love. I must say that I find vampire you a lot more fun”.

Punching him in the face, you threw him to the floor which he quickly recovered from. Unexpectedly he kicked your leg from underneath and sent you tumbling to the ground.

Groaning, you squeezed your eyes shut.

Kol picked up the baseball bat that had been sitting in the corner near the bookshelf. “Oh dear, I’ve hit a nerve. Relax, darling, I just want us to be even“.

Standing up, and wiping off the blood that came from the small cut on your lip. You shot an icily dagger stare at Kol. “You turned me into a vampire out of spite! We’ll never be even"

The insufferable smirk on his face, irritated you in every way. “Being a vampire suits you, Y/N. In fact, I did you a favor. And instead of humiliating me like you did the last time and punching me in the face this time, you should be honored that I even turned you”.

You had a short fuse when it came to Kol, and every encounter with him over the past century, he always managed to lit up that fuse. “And you should still be rotting in that coffin Klaus put you in, but we can’t all get what we want, can we?”.

That pushed Kol’s buttons, his face turned from amused to deadly. “I’ve always liked pretty things with sharp tongues, and you Y/N never fail to impress me with how sharp yours can be”. He waved the bat around, wanting to look intimidating.

“I would say you should see what else I can do with it. But I highly doubt you could handle it”. Taunting him. Running towards Kol, you grabbed the bat from his hands and threw it across the room. As you were about to grab him again, he was slightly quicker and flipped you onto the bed.

Pinning you down, he sat on top. His eyes trying to read your own.

“Wouldn’t you say that this is much better than arguing? I’m quite enjoying the view from up here, and I already have several ideas on how you can use that sharp tongue of yours”. He gave a rather smug look your way.

Perhaps your anger towards Kol could be dealt in a different way, but knowing that he could fold so easily, well, you could use it to your advantage.

Your hand trailed up his thigh and using vamp sped, you turned the tables so now you had the control. Leaning all the way down to his ear, you seductively whispered. “This pretty sharp tongue will never be yours, Kol Mikaelson. So I’m going to count to three and by that time your ass should be out that door”.

He got up within seconds and stopped just shy from the door, “Just so you know darling, this isn’t finished, not by a long shot”.

Once he was indeed gone, you looked around the mess surrounding the living room and quietly muttered to yourself. “It never is”.


Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (6/15)

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AU Summary: Y/N meets the rest of the Avengers and spars with the Black Widow.

Notes: yea pietro and wanda are avengers here. sue me. i like pietro’s character. and yes i still use SHIELD because i want something to ground the avengers in so they just wouldn’t be a bunch of free superheroes. ok cool.

Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


After being oriented on SHIELD protocols and the Avengers Initiative, Y/N was led to her own lodgings inside SHIELD HQ. Here she changed into the dark blue bodysuit, utility belt and boots worn by SHIELD agents. Of course she can make adjustments to her own uniform just as long as she had the SHIELD logo on it. Y/N was now registered in their system as a part of the Avengers, earth’s mightiest heroes.

“Pietro! Give that back!”

“Catch me!”

Y/N turned to the door to her room and heard commotion outside. It sounded like two arguing Eastern Europeans were outside. And they sounded playful. Almost like children.

She opened her door to the hallway and paused when she saw red waves of light right before her eyes.

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Sword Play - Lord of the Rings

Hey! I love your blog, I was wondering if you could please write an imagine about the reader being eowyn’s hand maid and a sparring partner (sword fight I mean), and she catches eomer’s eye?

AN: Since the Anon specified pronouns I wrote this as female reader

Words: 790

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Bidding on the Avengers (Part Thor)

F!reader x Thor

Read Bidding on the Avengers:

Part 1

A/n: First I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments on part 1! I also wanted to thank @sharknadoslut for helping me out! You give me the confidence to keep writing!

So I am  starting this auction off with Thor. This is pretty fluffy, and turned out much longer than expected. The reader will vary for each character. (I just think it’s more fun that way).

Feel free to comment or talk to me! And let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!


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“Next person for auction, is the mighty god of thunder!”

Applause erupted from the crowd as Thor walked up on stage. It was obvious he was enjoying himself; smiling, waving, and winking at everyone in the audience. When the bidding started, the poor auctioneer could barely keep up. The more offers Thor got, the more showboating he did. 

He ripped  his shirt open buttons flying everywhere, and flexed for the audience. Who responded with loud cheers and whistling.


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If you're up for it, could we please see hanahaki quiobi confession scene? Either one of them confessing to the other? I need to know if Obi-Wan is going to be ok!!

Aiming the nozzle, Qui-Gon tried not to wince at how bloody the inside of Obi-Wan’s mouth looked as he squirted the bacta mist into his mouth and down his throat to start the healing of the torn flesh. “Its a good thing the healer assigned this to you, your mouth looks terrible.” Qui-Gon whispered roughly.

Obi-Wan hummed, keeping his mouth shut to allow the bacta to work for a bit as he tucked his robe around himself, peering tiredly at Qui-Gon.

After the second week, he was coughing flowers up every hour and could no longer live alone, it was either moving in with someone or move into the healer wings.

And Obi-Wan had not wanted to live in the wings so he had, painfully, accepted Qui-Gon’s offer to live with Anakin and him.

Which brought him to the current situation, sitting on Qui-Gon’s squishy couch with the older man helping him get the bacta mist down his throat while Anakin brewed tea for them, the blonds worried blue eyes peering at them from the kitchen.

Large blunt fingers gently stroked his hair behind his ear and took Obi-Wan’s focus away from trying to sooth Anakin, glancing instead at Qui-Gon who was watching him with those big sad puppy dog eyes of his, lips turned downwards.

It was nice to know the other cared even if it wasn’t the love Obi-Wan wanted or needed.

So he leaned into the touch, closing his eyes to enjoy it.

“Are you sure you won’t tell me who? I could speak to them Obi-Wan, they’d be crazy not to love you.” Qui-Gon murmured as Anakin gently placed the two cups of sapir tea down on the table and then made himself scarce without his master even noticing.

From his room, Anakin peeked at them, biting his lips. He kept wondering if he should say something, I mean it was clear to everyone that spent time with them that Qui-Gon loved Obi-Wan and visa versa even if the two were oblivious to it.

“I won’t put the guilt on someone Qui-Gon. I already know they don’t love me even though they know me.” Obi-Wan mumbled out, giving a soft noise as Qui-Gon cupped the back of his head and pressed Obi-Wan’s forehead to his shoulder.

“But you’re going to die Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon whispered, a tinge of desperation entering his voice as he listened to the shallowness of Obi-Wan’s breath.

Force it was becoming more and more apparent that Obi-Wan didn’t have long and Qui-Gon feared every cough would be the last one, choking to death on flowers with a perfumed breath.

His Obi-Wan, his knight, his light was going to die and Qui-Gon pressed his lips to the others temple, wrapping his arms tight around the others slender but compact body as he did. “I know its not what you need Obi-Wan… but I don’t think I can live with myself if I don’t tell you.” He whispered against the others temple, close to the others ear.

The redhead gave a questioning noise out at that, squirming a bit against him in tired confusion.

Swallowing down his nerves and tightening his arms around Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon whispered the words thickly. “I love you Obi-Wan, from the bottom of this old heart of mine. And I know I’m not the one you need, I’m much too old for you and much too broken up but I do love you. And I’m so sorry I’m not the one you need.” He pressed a tender kiss to the others forehead.

Shock laced the Force along with painful disbelief and…and hope?

Qui-Gon blinked.

“What?” Obi-Wan pushed back a bit to look at Qui-Gon, green eyes wide as he stared at the other man.

“I… I love you. I have for several years and I know that’s not good. Force knows I felt like a lecher when I realized I wanted my own padawa-” Desperate lips cut of Qui-Gon’s babbled words, hands cupping his face as Obi-Wan brought him into a perfumed, iron like kiss and Force if it wasn’t the best kiss Qui-Gon had in years.

Obi-Wan had to pull back much too quickly for either liking but his breath was already short with the flowers and to take too deep a kiss was to take a risk of triggering a new coughing fit that would harm him.

“…Do you mean that?” Obi-Wan whispered, staring at him, eyes wide.

Swallowing, confused and pained, Qui-Gon reached up and stroked the others cheek gently. “Yes. Force knows I shouldn’t admit it but I started loving you before you were even legal. I loved you like a teacher loves their students at first and then…then you grew, you were clever and wonderful, you stopped being that clumsy coltish boy and instead became a man worth admiration and I just…” He smiled shakily. “I was helpless not to love you.” Qui-Gon whispered.

Staring up at the other, Obi-Wan seemed to struggle to breath before he threw himself at Qui-Gon, sobbing into his shoulder. “Then why do I grow flowers in my lungs if you love me as I love you!?”

You could blow Qui-Gon over with a breeze at that moment as he wrapped his arms around the other. “You…”

“I started loving you right before Naboo.” Obi-Wan wheezed out. “I shouldn’t have but I did and…oh…” He started to cough, harshly, petals coming up along with large flowers and Qui-Gon made a low panicked noise as Obi-Wan struggled to breath.

He was choking and Qui-Gon panicked as he hefted the others into his arms, Anakin already by the door to open it.

Qui-Gon spared a moment to be grateful through their bond as he ran through the halls, headless of any other Jedi who had to jump out of his way in Qui-Gon’s rush to the Halls. ‘Hold on my Obi-Wan, just hold on, you’re not dying today.’

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GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! YOU'LL DO GREAT!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Surgery was successful, though the pain is horrible. Pain meds aren’t working well and when they got me up to walk I blacked out and threw up. The tumor was actually a bit bigger than my kidney, so bigger than I thought. Hopefully I can leave the hospital by the end of the weekend. I just have to fend off the possibility of pneumonia right now. My lungs have a bit of mucus or fluid or something in them so I’m practicing my sporamiter thing. Hopefully it goes away by tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you guys for all the prayers and kind thoughts! I believe they helped a lot!!

Little Boneless - Ivar’s Daughter!Reader


“What do you think you are doing?!” You snapped at a boy about your age who had picked up your sword.

Raising a jeering eyebrow at you, he laughed. “Well hello, Little Boneless.” He looked between you and the sword, feigning innocence. “Is this yours?”

“Yes.” You hissed standing from where you sat. You never wished you had been anyone else’s daughter. It was an honor to have Ivar Ragnarsson as a father. He had taught you to fight just as strongly as your brothers. He was the best father anyone could have ever wanted, but it came with a price.

“Surely not.” The boy sneered. “What use would you have for a sword, Y/N?” He swung it around clumsily, trying to appear skillful. You snorted at his utter lack of training and quickly snatched it from his grasp by the blade.

With cinched eyebrows, he looked down at the cut on your hand from where you had grabbed it. Standing taller, he tried to snatch it back, but you side stepped his bulky frame easily. “And what use would you have for a sword?” You mocked. He angrily went to throw a punch, but you slapped the flat edge of your sword on the back of his knee, making him stumble forward. “It seems that the daughter of the great heathen army leader, Ivar, is a much better warrior than you.”

With a roar, he threw himself at you, just as you had hoped he would. You harshly landed the butt of your sword in his stomach as he moved forward, successfully knocking the breath from his lungs. He fell over, coughing and sputtering pathetically. Standing over him, you pressed the tip of your recently sharpened blade into his collar bone, causing the smallest trickled of blood. “Stop it.” He said shakily, but through gritted teeth.

Moving it up to just below his chin, you smiled as he tried to inch away from it. “I would not question my abilities again, you stupid boy.” You spat down on him. “I am Y/N, the only daughter of Ivar Ragnarsson, the son of the great Ragnar Lothbrok, and the leader of the great heathen army. I will strike you down.”

Satisfied with the humbled look on the boys face, you saw the wide-eyed expression of the other boys and girls who had been training. You smirked and sheathed your sword at you hip.

You jumped at the sound of slow clapping from behind you. Turning around, you ignored the stupid boy stumbling to his feet and scrambling away. You smiled when you saw your father on his crutches, leaning against the wall of a nearby home. “I have raised you well, daughter.” He smirked the exact smirk you had so gracefully inherited. You walked over to him and he playfully messed you hair. “You will be the finest shieldmaiden to have ever graced Norway.”

The look of pride in his eyes made your heart swell. You straitened your spine proudly, resting you hand on the handle of the sword he had given you. “I am my father’s daughter.”

You’re Distracting Part 2

Title: Your Distracting

Rating: teen (subject to change)

Warnings: some angst this chapter

Word Count: 780

Part 1

I felt like I was about to pass out as I ran down the street trying to make it to the café as fast as possible. Normally I was known for my punctuality but today I differed from that. Alexander and I had gotten more physical in the past week. I was spending the night for ‘activities’ almost every night. After everything last night I had totally forgotten I had promised to meet Thomas and Madison for coffee at 9. I woke up naked in alexanders bed at 9:10 and freaked out. Hamilton gave me questioning look as I shot out of the bed and threw on clothes without paying attention as to whose they were. When I explained I was late he just laughed and kissed me goodbye in my haste.

That is why I was currently running faster than I had ever run before. It was 9:30 by the time I slowed down to the front of the coffee shop. My thighs ached from last night and my lungs where trying to escape me. I carefully pulled my fingers through my disheveled hair and took a deep breathe trying to seem like I didn’t just totally do a run of shame before I stepped into the shop.

I looked around until I saw a familiar head of poofed hair. I walked over still trying to regain my normal breathing. “I am so sorry I am late.” I huffed out as I came to stand behind the third chair at the table. Both Madison’s and Jefferson’s heads snapped up to look at me. Taking me in their eyes steadily widening at my appearance. I knew I looked disheveled but I hoped that it didn’t look that bad.

“Y-Y/N your really late and uhhhh …” Madison stuttered out. He seemed not to know what to say.

“I just got a late start is all. I am sooooo sorry.” I smiled trying to play it off. Madison gave me a questioning and concerned look. I looked over to Thomas and he still seemed shocked.

“What’s that on your neck?” Jefferson asked still wide eyed. Pointing at the right side of your neck.

I knew exactly where he was talking about and immediately and flew your hand up to smack it over the bruise. You mind flickered to Alexander. That bastard. “Oh is nothing!” I chuckled rubbing my hand other the spot and keeping it covered.

Suddenly Thomas slammed his hands on the table. His expression going from shocked to angry. ”That’s one of Hamilton’s jackets.” He growled. “Where did you-“suddenly he stopped his face going red with absolute rage as the dots connected in his head. “I-I can’t believe you. I thought you had standards. You idiot he is going to use you and dump you.” He said in a growling whisper glaring at you with his piercing eyes. You immediately clasped your hands in front of you and looked down cheeks reddening with shame and eyes welling with tears. “Why did you say yes? You know he is just going to leave you. You don’t mean anything to him. You can’t just –“

“Shut up!” you snapped. I notice them both look at me shocked again and completely tense. You felt your own anger rise up. I snapped my eyes up to his and glared back. “It is none of your business. You can’t believe me? I can’t believe you. You’re absolutely ridiculous. I don’t want to hear it anymore Jefferson. I never hear the end of it with you. You hate them I get it but I am so tired of you dictating how I act. You know what? I am done. You don’t like how I am leading my life? Well you won’t have a place in it anymore!” I snapped again. I watched his face go from angry to upset. He looked absolutely heartbroken.

“Y-Y/N that’s a bit much, isn’t it?” Madison said shakily.

I didn’t answer and turned around walking out of the café and down the street. By the time I made it back to my dorm the tears from my eyes were flowing freely and I felt awful. I knew none of the things I said to Thomas were true. I had said it in response to being attacked. To watch the heart breaking expression on his face almost made you cry right there. You knew you hurt him. Thomas rarely let anyone in and you were one of the few. He probably hated you now and you really wouldn’t blame him. Maybe if he hated you it would be easier to move on and stop obsessing over the silly little crush.

Jaime Lannister Drabble

Request: Meeting Jaime when he watches you fight off a series of men who were getting handy. He tries to come to your service but you have got it handled.

You were riding your horse out of King’s Landing; you were alone and going back to your home. Unfortunately, you stumbled across a group of bumbling idiots who were piss drunk. Soon enough they stopped you and pulled you off your horse.

“What’s a pretty lass like you doing alone in the scary woods?” He grinned as he spoke. His hands were wandering around your body and you scoffed.

You kicked to get off of him and turned around wielding your dagged, “Touch me again and I will cut your innards out and stuff them down your throat.” Your growled.

The men just laughed and lunged towards you. You were quick enough to jump into action and stab one in the thigh and another in the neck. The last one threw his hands up and backed away, “I’m sorry, M’lady.”

You glared at him and he quickly scurried off. A tall blonde man on horseback rode up and smiled, “I was going to come to your rescue, but I’d say you handled it pretty well.”

He offered you a hand as the commotion had scared off your horse, “And what if you’re just like them?”

“I’m Jaime Lannister. I would never harm you my lady.” You hesitated thinking about his offer.

“I am trying to leave King’s Landing, Ser.” You replied and got on the back of his horse with him.

“Well, I will take you back and give you the finest horse I can provide for you.” Jaime turned to smile at you and rode off back into King’s Landing.