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You know how in chapter three Chiron kind of pretends to be someone he's not? I feel like that's sort of what Kevin does in chapter 2 of the movie. He was wanting to impress all the "cool kids" and the only time he was fully himself imo was in the beach scene because we actually got to see him be vulnerable and honest but before that he was kind of putting on an act I feel. And afterwards he also put on an act with those bullies. He was the most vulnerable and unguarded with Chiron

yes yes yes! this is pretty much what jharrel said here, Kevin was hiding just as much as Chiron but a lot of people dismissed it because they just thought that’s the kind of person he would have grown up to be, you know? your typical tough guy but that scene on the beach shows how much of a facade he put on just to fit in. When he beats up Chiron… if anyone thinks he wanted to do that, they’re wrong. Barry mentions in the audio commentary how Kevin was basically a product of the world pushing you to do what you think you need to do to in order to survive. And when adult Kevin says he never did what he wanted to do, only what other people expected from him, that speaks 1000 words because he hid so much of himself as a teenager. He was attracted to boys before he kissed Chiron so god knows how much that would have wrecked him because it didn’t match his tough guy exterior so he just continued to hide for years and years until he became the Kevin in the third chapter. It’s heartbreaking, those two boys went through so much and I know a lot of people don’t get Kevin’s character but honestly his character is pretty damn painful and I’m crying while writing this, amazing.

Routine Part One (Lin x Fem!Reader)

I AM SO SORRY. I would’ve had this out earlier, but I went on a band trip to Disney World. I thought I would have this done before I left but I wasn’t satisfied with it.

YAY!! MY FIRST CAST FIC!!! Also, just saying this now, I am a sucker for young Lin. Like it’s a big problem.

This is going to be a multiple part thing, so be ready for that. I really hope you guys enjoy this, love you!!

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150) It is too early for you to be this loud.

Summary: Reader and Lin have the same routine every day. Go to school, bicker all throughout 1st period, ignore each other for the rest of the day until seventh period where they bicker again, repeat. This keeps happening until one day they have to work together to save the arts program at their school. Their routine is very different after that.

Warnings: high school bullies, teen!lin being a jerk, reader being a jerk, just everyone being a jerk

Words: 1553

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You walk into your first period class on a Monday morning during your senior year with a coffee in hand, which is the only thing keeping you from keeling over from exhaustion. You say hello to your English teacher, and sit in the back row like you do everyday. 

You grab your books out of your backpack and lay your head down on the desk, like you did every morning.

And just like every morning. Lin came in singing Les Mis at the top of his lungs which makes the girls in your class swoon. Once upon a time, hearing him sing would have made you do the same thing, but now all it makes you want to do is barf.

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Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce? That's awful! Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids? What do you expect to happen exactly? And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories. J2 ate good men and especially would not put kids in that situation and wanting a marriage to fail is horrible.

OH MY GOD!!! my first het!!! i’m so happy!!! i don’t know what to do i didn’t think it would happen!! i honestly feel so honored that you wasted your time to try and put me back on the “right” track or make me feel ashamed or something lmao

no but first of all i wanna thank you for not insulting me, really, i appreciate that

and second of all you have no idea how much you made me laugh so thank you! honnestly you just put a big smile on my face because you have no idea what you’re talking about it’s incredible! you have no clue whatsoever holy shit 

i could try to explain to you how i became a tinhat but it’d probably be like talking to a brick wall so i’ll link speak the truth (come on, give it a shot, maybe it’ll open your eyes a little) 

so anyway, i guess i’ll answer your questions now

“Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce?”

YES that’s EXACTLY what i want! don’t worry about the kids, it’ll be better for them if their parents stop pretending they’re in love and stop using them like shields against gay rumors, and i can guarantee you that jared never wanted to marry gen in the first place

“ Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids?”

ok so you may wanna sit down for this one… it’s really sad but the society we live in is homophobic and so, gay people don’t say they are gay because they’re scared it will make them be treated differently than straight people that’s why they lie and will go as far as pretending to be in a fake relationship to prove they are straight. it is what jared and jensen did to be sure to have as many opportunites as other young actors and still do because if they say they’re gay spn will be immediately over and now they’re too deep in their lies to come out, and they’re in their 30s now so it’s normal they have kids even if they’re in the closet and have to lie to them too, let them live god damn it

“What do you expect to happen exactly?”

well i hope that jared will divorce soon to make it easier for his mental health since being in the closet really affects him and then some time after spn ends and after jensen divorces danneel i hope that jared and jensen come out to live like any other couple. that’s what i think could happen

“And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories.”

well yeah but knowing what i know:

“J2 ate good men”

holy shit for real? did you call the police? no cos lying to people i can understand but eating good men? that’s just going way too far

“ would not put kids in that situation”

and yet that’s what they do buddy, i really don’t like that either but it’s them you have to blame, not me

“ wanting a marriage to fail is horrible”

im sorry what was that? i can’t hear you over the sound of jensen telling everyone that jared and gen’s wedding is fake as fuck

have a good day and thanks for the laugh!

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S & M boys' thoughts and reactions to their SO having tattoos?

((Let me know if you guys want me to show you different types of tattoo’s the guys would like with images))

Shuu: Sure,he doesn’t mind as long as it isn’t too big. 

Reiji: No….. Just no….

Laito: He doesn’t care as long as the tattoo isn’t stupid like a tattoo of Barney on your back. Bonus points if it’s a girly tattoo in places where only he can see if you know what I mean.

Kanato: Depends on the tattoo, if its a girly tattoo like a heart or an infinity sign or a cheesy quote he would like it but if its a skull or something dark he would despise it. He doesn’t want his doll to look like a biker.

Ayato: He would think they are so cool. He loves tattoo’s and once he is of age he want a bunch.

Subaru: He doesn’t really care.

Ruki: Doesn’t like them that much  but wouldn’t mind if it was small.

Kou: Kou finds tattoo really cool, but not the kind that stands out.

Yuma:  Any tattoo is awesome for him.

Azusa: He would probably find them really adorable.

Confusion (RWBY AU Snippet)

“Okay…” Ruby stared at the small cat in front of her that looked an awful lot like a miniature lioness. “You know, when you guys sent me a message saying you got enchanted by an evil witch, I was kind of thinking Blake would be the one who got turned into a cat.”

Looming over both of them was a huge, black dragon with amber eyes. 

“But… I guess… this is okay too. I mean… we just get the witch, and you’ll change back, right?”

The dragon - Blake - gave a low rumble of what Ruby thought was approval.

“So…” Ruby sighed. “I guess you can help, but I’m not sure what Yang can do. I mean she’s a cat. A little cat.” Ruby’s eyes twinkled. “A super cute and cuddly cat that I just want to pat and - ouch!” Ruby hissed. “Did you just bite me?”

Apparently, Yang did not enjoy being called cute.

“Come on, Yang. You’re a little cat, what are you going to… oh.”

Yang had transformed into a giant cat the size of horse that was made of fire.

“We can work with that.” Ruby scratched the back of her head, idly waving her arm around until the flames on her sleeve went out. “Now, we just have to grab Weiss.”

X     X     X

In the capital of the Kingdom of Atlas, Her Royal Highness Weiss Schnee sneezed. How odd. A chill ran down her spine. That little sneak Ruby - her favourite mercenary for handling odd jobs like slaying dragons and killing werewolves - was most likely up to something again, something Weiss would surely be dragged into.

The last time Weiss had gone with Ruby, Blake, and Yang, she’d found herself on the run from a acidic blob roughly the same size as her castle. That had not been a good day. 

And then, right on cue, there was the shimmer of magic, and Ruby’s voice filled the air around her.

“Oh, Weiss…”

Damn it.

There was a moment when I thought that the k/aramel fandom would be really chaotic and toxic, but actually, those people who try to ruin all the fun don’t matter at all. There are so many lovely people in this fandom and I really enjoy everyone being so upbeat and excited. I love posting gifs and getting all this positive feedback, and even without that it’s just fun to witness people being all highkey about the ship. You guys are awesome, that’s all.

TAKEOVER!!! Close to 300

I’ve been getting tons of requests for a takeover. So since I’m getting close to 300 followers already I thought I would do 2 takeover weeks! 😄 so the first week I will be hanging out with Conrad and Carter from my series “Who I Am Inside” so you guys can ask as questions or just chat with us! Then the next week will start Sam, Dean, Cas take over! Same thing applies! Takeover with Carter, Conrad and me will start tonight at 6 p.m and end next Monday. 

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The Commonwealth even longgggg before the events of Fallout 4 take place, was known for it’s fishing ports. Because of this, I’m so bummed to see barely any evidence that people eat fish or use it as an incredibly common food source.

You can argue the fish we have seen are nasty and gross but so are Brahmin and Elk with their two heads and little legs sticking out. Yet those guys are edible.

I bet in a more realistic and well thought out sense (lookin at you bethesda) something like fried fish and potato fries would be so painfully common that Diamond City would smell of not just delicious noodles, but also lots and lots and lots of fried fish.

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do you have any advice for someone who is in love with their straight best friend hahah

Hoo boy I wish lol I don’t think I handled my first crush on a straight girl very well 😅 I was convinced that I was in love with this girl and any time she needed something I would immediately offer her help. She got into some drama with this guy and it was a mess and I realized 1) she would never love me back and 2) she kind of likes trouble and is always causing drama. Pretty sure this wasn’t very helpful but idk thought I’d just share my experience with you lol

Supergirl Liveblog

-I knew Daddy Mon-El wasn’t all bad, THANK GOD.
-fuck you Momma Mon-El. B y e honey.
-Thank the gods Mon-El is safe with his love Kara.
-I was seriously worried for a minute there?? I thought that guy with the mind control was just controlling Kara. Nice plan though. Love it.
-Awwwww my children.
-Karamel is so pure and has had so much development I love this so much. Mon-El has changed, okay? Just because you don’t like the ship, doesn’t mean you can’t accept that fact.
-Oh shit, Mom and Dad Mon-El are breaking up. Shit. Well. She’s an evil witch.
-God damn it.

Overall, stress levels were all over the place. Glad Mon-El is safe (seeing the character development there is so great) and glad him and Kara are happy. Sad that Mon-El’s dad’s dead? But I mean, it’s whatever. Lmao. He didn’t deserve that, though. How is she going to explain that to the guards? Does she even need to? Did she marry into royalty?

Text Message From A Stranger Part Four

@anarchyrenegade @localkillla @jade770 I’m sorry guys.


Chibs sat watching you with a concerned face all evening as you chatted with his brothers. You looked over at him and gave a wide smile. He knew you thought of him as only a friend, why would you think anything else? He had come to care for you greatly. You made him happy in this dark life of his. He walked over to you and smiled.

“Hey,” You grinned. “Nice people you have here, bit weird but I like ‘em.”

“I do too.” He laughed and sat down beside Tig, the curly haired man clasping his shoulder.

“Hey Brother,” Tig smiled. “I like this one they’re cool.”

“I like you too Tiggy,” You laughed, taking a drink of your beer that lay in front of you. You seemed comfortable already around the club, even after today’s events. “Chibs, can you take me home? I’m ready to go home.”

He smiled and stood up again, “Of course Love.” He guided you out, obviously lost in his own mind. He handed you a helmet, motioning for you to hop on after he had. He guided your arms around his waist. “Hold on tight, okay?”

As the light of day faded and you pulled up to your house, your heart started racing again. You looked at Chibs and smiled, “Thank you for coming for me. I know we haven’t known each other long or even met in person at that point or-”

He put a finger to your lips, “Of course I came. I put you in that danger. I won’t do it again… That’s why you and I can’t see each other again,” He said softly, eyes drifting away from your face. He looked back when you sniffles and wiped your eyes.

You steeled your emotions. “I understand Filip. Thank you for being my friend.” You turned around and walked into your house leaving Filip Telford in your drive way.

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I don't know if you could help with this, but I'm asexual and questioning my romantic orientation. I know I like guys, and I would kiss/hug/cuddle them in a heartbeat, but I've recently starting feeling something different towards one of my female friends. I wouldn't ever kiss her, the thought repulsed me, but I kinda want to hug/cuddle with her and do cute things like but her flowers and just make her happy. Would that make me biromantic? Or am I just really close with said friend?

sounds like a good ‘ol squish (friend-crush) to me. if you don’t want to kiss her/do romantic things with (side note: you set the boundaries between romantic & platonic love; the lines blur all the time & it’s really up to the individual to decide/interpret) then you don’t have romantic feelings for her. simple as that.


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lbr if Negan was a woman or a man of color or even an ugly/overweight white guy the entire fandom would be calling for his head but nah he's a conventionally attractive white guy so he's hot and how dare those women not want to fuck him. (also gag me I just found out Maggie/Negan is a thing. and I thought Maggie/Daryl was bad omg brb I'm gonna puke)

You are exactly right! Everyone is so thirsty for JDM they don’t see how shitty his character is. And omg are there really people shipping Maggie and him!? I haven’t seen that one! How fucking gross how the hell do they ship her with someone who murdered her husband! The father of her baby! I think the worst ship with him is with Carl! Those people need Jesus in their life!

Okay so I kinda have this theory and is probably very wrong buuut anyway, in that scene from the sneak peek we could see that maggie was very uncomfortable ( everyone was but let’s keep the thought) in a “I didn’t completely get over you but I’m really happy now” way .. and do you guys remember that the writers said that we would see more about Maggie’s backstory aaand that what we saw on the Valentine’s Day ep was just a glimpse .. soo what I’m thinking is that this Maggie’s ex was kinda of really important to her in a first corresponded love kinda of way ( which is basically what maggie is to Alex) and because that relationship didn’t work out was one of the reasons maggie reject Alex at first … I don’t know ….

other tips for new cat owners / people who may get cats soon:

no, getting a grown cat won’t be boring / less cute! they’ll become just as attached to you as a kitten. get a cat that speaks to you (literally or figuratively, maybe you want a cat that’s chatty). older cats will be so appreciative to have a home. 
people get rid of their cats for all kinds of unfair reasons. just the ones i’ve seen on the craigslist listings in the last 5 minutes: “i am just more of a dog person (7mo old kitten)”, “we hoped she would get over her kittenish behavior, she has not (2yr old cat)”, “i need to get rid of my cat before my baby is born (3yr old cat)”.
you can totally pick up a beautiful, loving, grown up kitty who will be needing some comfort after getting dumped. just look at this girl.

(taken off craigslist) she would be more than happy to live her cat life with you. is she not cute? she is. she is cute. so, ultimately, adopt whatever cat you like, but don’t rule out older cats!

nextly: no no, do NOT declaw your cat. DON’T DO IT. I’M TELLIN YA.
it’s a deeply painful procedure, actually removing the entire first knuckle, not JUST the nail. it causes long-term and potentially permanent pain in the cat, and can lead to nasty infections, behavioral problems, and helplessness if they ever find themselves outside and in need of protection or climbing abilities.
“but i don’t want my cat to scratch me / my kid / my furniture!” okay, i feel you, but there are other, cheaper, less inhumane options. my favorite of which are claw caps.

you gently press on your cat’s foot (to unsheath their claws), and place the soft cap onto their claw using the glue that’s included in any soft paw kit you get. it might take some getting used to on the cat’s part, but it should under no circumstances be painful, and when the kitty’s claws grow, the cap just kinda falls off, and you’ll put another one on.
you can also file or clip their nails down! if you’re too nervous or clumsy to do it, your vet will usually do it for a small fee, or a groomer can take care of it. Personally, I just let my cats’ claws hang out and accept the pokes when they knead on me, since i don’t have any little babies or expensive upholstery in my home. 

No, cats ain’t “low maintenance”. This is a living, social creature, not a chiapet. Especially if you’re raising them from kittenhood, they need a lot of attention and resources. cuddles, playtime, training, health care, feeding, cleaning up their facilities. you get a pet to interact with, not to buy and leave it be! a cat that you don’t socialize is going to be very moody and sad. get a pet if you plan to invest the time and energy they need- if not, maybe we can come back to that cactus idea? 

Cats need meat. I repeat, cats cannot survive without meat. Dogs need meat too- but cats are incapable of creating taurine in their own, and where do you find taurine? meat! hallelujah!! 
Feeding cats a vegan or vegetarian diet is a slow form of starvation and animal abuse. If you’re not comfortable feeding an animal meat, please do not adopt a carnivore. There are plenty of vegetarian mammals that you would be much better suited owning, but do not abuse your cats just because of your own feelings about protein. 
Without enough taurine in a cat’s diet, severe health problems will follow, like blindness, weak and decaying teeth, weak heart, and digestive issues. This is terrible. This objectively sucks. So pretty please give your cat a proper diet!

It’s way way safer to have an indoor cat. I don’t need you to tell me that you want your cat to be with you for many years, ‘cause I already know you do. Outdoor cats are exposed to wild animals, animal abusers, poisonous substances, cars, harsh weather, kidnapping, and diseases. Cats like rolling around in grass and grabbing birds from trees, and that’s great, but having an outdoor cat makes for a steep decrease in their estimated lifespan. The average lifespan of an indoor cat is 16.8 years, whereas outdoor cats average out to a hard-hitting 5.6. Ouch. 
So it’s definitely safer to keep a cat indoors! If you’re adopting a young kitten, it won’t be hard, since they won’t be expecting outdoor time already. If you’re still really into that whole grass idea, you should totally grow some indoor grass for your cat to chill in. 


that’s everything i can think of for the moment, but please don’t be afraid to do your own research on animal care. there are tons of resources out there, and if you have a good vet, they’ll answer any questions you have! 

thank you for readin’ about cat care. as a reward, i’m adding a picture of toby as a baby. enjoy.


Well, I held up my end of the bargain! During day two of the Revelmode charity livestream, I pledged my donation and promised I would get a tattoo in honor of one of the members if they reached their $100,000 goal. They did! With the help of Revelmode, YouTube, the Gates Foundation, and ALL OF YOU GUYS we raised over 1.3 MILLION dollars for charity to help in the fight against AIDS.

I put a lot of thought into this, and I would’ve gotten a Revelmode tattoo in general to celebrate such a monumental feat, but seeing as how this is permanent, I decided to get a tattoo in honor of the person who has shaped my life the most. So, this tattoo is in honor of @therealjacksepticeye​.

I decided to get Jack’s signature as my tattoo, in honor of not just Jack himself, but the community that he helped create. The “J” is a representation of Jack and everything he’s done for me, and Sam is a representation of this amazing community that I am so thankful to have been a part of for over two years. I put the tattoo on my thumb as a symbol of positivity. Overall, this tattoo will live on as a symbol of hard work, commitment, dedication, community, and self-worth.

I also wanted to mention that, I know my getting a tattoo has gotten a bit of traction in the last few weeks here on Tumblr. I know I made this statement in the spirit of Cringemas and it was a fun time and everything, but please remember that a tattoo is a near permanent decision. This is not something I decided to do on a whim. This was something I had thought about for well over a year and the stream sort of pushed me over the edge. (I’ve also have four other tattoos, so I’m well versed) So bear in mind, I don’t want anyone making any rash decisions on getting their own tattoo. If you want to get a JSE tattoo, more power to you! But please make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and that you are very confident in doing so.

Huge thanks to Revelmode for supporting such an important cause, and to Jack for, well, everything.