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Rising Sign Vibes ✨

Took a different approach to this. This is based mainly off archetypes! It’s how each archetype might come off when you’re just meeting them and deciding who is gonna do what during a group project. Enjoy!

Aries Rising: woa, i get such a vibe of power and strength from you guys… seems like you can do anything you set your mind to. you’re such a go getter and so driven… would you like to lead the study group?

Taurus Rising: okay we just met, but i feel like i am at home around you?? such a warm vibe is going on here. just wanna hangout and watch movies and eat some junk food… want to have the study group at your house?

Gemini Rising: you’re so talkative! yes, i’d love to hear your thoughts on everything. such an interesting vibe to you folks… you should be the writer or note taker for our study group, i feel like you’ll get all the details right and make it intriguing!

Cancer Rising: it’s strange how i feel like you have these walls up, but i get this vibe of such nurturing deepness from you. i really want to get to know you. just curious about what’s underneath… also can you help Taurus rising organize that study group at their house? i feel like you’ll be great at making us all feel comfortable!

Leo Rising: honestly getting such a confident vibe from you. seems like you know what you’re doing and are really great at getting us all talking. the attention is on you… wanna give the presentation for the study group?

Virgo Rising: i get a real analytical, detail-oriented vibe from you. seems like you are paying attention and observing everything that’s going on really well… would you like to help Gemini Rising with the writing? i feel like we’re going to get an A with your added practical approach to things.

Libra Rising: you’re so full of charming vibes and so nice! i hope we become friends after this group. oh no! we are a little behind schedule… do you think you could negotiate with the teacher about things? you’re friendliness might just help get our deadline extended.

Scorpio Rising: you’re so intriguing… i get a vibe of mystery. you seem like you have a deeper, more intense approach to things… wanna answer the critical thinking questions for the study group? i feel like you’d have an incredibly unique take on things.

Sagittarius Rising: i get a vibe of adventure and knowledge from you. you seem so interested in all that the world has to offer. always jumping headfirst into new things… wanna do the research for our study group? i bet you’ll be able to find out so much from so many different sources.

Capricorn Rising: wow! i thought Aries Rising was the boss, but you’re approach to everything is a little more logical and careful. i get a vibe that you’re a hard worker and really know what you’re doing… help Aries Rising lead with your cool, calm attitude and steady planning?

Aquarius Rising: you’re cool, detached vibe is intriguing and also a little intimidating. you come off smart as a whip and seem very out of the box… you should help Scorpio Rising answer the questions for our group. i feel like your eccentric views will pair nicely with their deepness!

Pisces Rising: i get a real head in the clouds vibe from you guys. you seem really artistic and profound… would you like to create the artwork or slideshow? i bet you’ll make it so beautiful. oh! and stop being late to our study group!

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if you've got the time,, how what would be the guys's go to pick up line?? just something silly i thought of

Way back at Valentines we came up with some cheesy pick-up lines for each guy. We used the tame ones but it’s really easy to come up with questionable pick-up lines about ‘full moons’, 'magic wands’ and other fantasy fare. xD Danny had the most questionable ones before we came up with something that didn’t feel sleazy.

But in all seriousness…hmmm. I don’t know about pick-up lines but this is probably how they attempt to pick someone up. I thought about pretending they’re all actually really smooth enough to pull off pick up lines but let’s face it…

They’re all a bunch of dorks. So I think the real question is…what does it look like when these idiots try to pick someone up?

Corvin: Does it always hurt when angels fall from heaven. Because you…wait. ~__~ I think I messed that up! D= You’re really cute! Did you know you’re cute? OuO  (Alternately, he’d just fall onto someone’s face on accident and call it a day.)

Danny: Probably wouldn’t have a 'go to’ pickup lines. Because the smoothest ones are made up on the spot to fit the situation.

Elliot: H…Hi. Um…so…come here…uh…often? I mean…uh…so…your…boobs are great! I mean…uh *panics* I didn’t mean that! I mean, I did mean that because they are! But I didn’t mean to say it out loud! *gets slapped*

Ewan: *Offers them a ride home from school*(LoL)

Marc: =|

William: *blubbers incoherently, then runs away to hide*

When Fangirling About K-Pop Around Friends Pt 11
  • (BTS Festa)
  • Me: omg I can't take this anymore
  • Friend: what?
  • Me: J-Hope is planning something
  • Friend: oh, right, Koreans
  • Friend: omg SHUSH we are in public
  • Friend: *covers mouth* I GET IT this hope guy is planning something you don't like
  • Me: but I do like it
  • Friend: but you just said you don't like it
  • Me: how could I not like something the great Jung Hoseok would release?
  • Friend: Jung who? I thought you were talking about some hope guy-
  • Friend: oh my god PLEASE CALM DOWN
  • Me: okay okay
  • Me: I will
  • Friend: good
  • Me: yeah
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Friend: OKAY, that is the last time I hang out with you in public
  • (Masterlist: http://k-popscenxrios.tumblr.com/post/123669134408/funny-scenarios-masterlist?is_related_post=1 )
  • -Admin Jinnie

So uhhhh how would you guys feel about me posting the recording I made of myself singing the song I wrote for Michael in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets?

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How would you feel about making a fan club chat for Lucie? Q w Q

(( uuuuUUUUH LMAO no….oh god no lmao i am really honored you guys really love and enjoy lucie but i dont feel right calling anyone fans or making a “fan” club for her……a oc chat would be fine but a Lucie fan club chat LMAO fucking noooooo uvu the thought made me smile tho ))

You guys know how sometimes colleges hand out free condoms well this one time I was like okay free condoms and getting one from the booth and this guy just goes “you aren’t gonna need a condom??” And iWAS ABOUT TO SLAP A BITCH BcaUse I thought he was saying like I would never get laid??? why would someone ever wanna fuck me kinda thing??? ButNOO he was actually thinking I didn’t have the right parts lmao

Made it past 3 digit Followers?!

(Mod: I just went to bed at 98 followers and woke up to 102 followers?! OAO OH MY GOSH— THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think this blog would have this much support. That aside, Mod wants to know what you guys want for a 100 follower special. Here are a few things I thought that you guys would like me to do. Please let me know which one would you like! 1. A short comic. 2. A drabble. 3. A traditional drawing. (Samples of this can be seen on my main blog @gwyndal ) (Warning for the first 3 options, I do NOT do NSFW or anything that I may deem triggering!) 4. Reblog this post and tell me why do you follow me and if anything I need to improve! I do appreciate feedback as this is one of the first ask/RP blogs I am running here on tumblr. Nevertheless, it has been a great time since I started making this blog. Thank you ever so much!)

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I thought about doing more stuff for my blog. What do you guys think of these ideas?

I thought about doing a book recommendation list on my blog, and a fic one! I haven’t had a chance to read a lot of fics lately. Might make it a monthly thing? Right now I just have one tag list… Do people like separate tag lists? Do you want to see more gif drabbles? Angst? Fluff? Feel free to send me your fics though! Comment or message me stuff you would like to see more or more of on my tumblr. I love hearing your guy’s ideas!

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i just thought of a fun plance au: sky high! it'd be super cute with lance being the son of the best hero couple (and his powers showing up way later than everyone else) and pidge being his childhood best friend who can control plants and is way more powerful than anyone gave her credit for! plus you'd get keith as the fire guy (who has an immediate rivalry with lance), and hunk would be adorable as the character that turns into a guinea pig^^ where do you think the others would fit? ~sleepyhunk

Ooh!!! I love this !!! I actually rewatched sky high a few months ago so I can still remember all the characters decently enough.

Coran is DEFINITELY the teacher in charge of the sidekicks who used to be the mc’s parents sidekick.

Haggar would be the villain who was a nerdy girl from decades ago who aged herself down to stay young.

I actually don’t know where I’d place shiro and allura because I would see them as heroes in this au since their characters very skilled and trained in vld. Heroes are pretty much all bad guys in the movie but I guess they could be heroes who aren’t bad ???

Hey guys! So this is my mini shameless plug but I have two other blogs that I am very proud to be a part of and want to grow: 

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    • If you want to join, here’s the post inviting people in, so give it a quick read through/signal boost if you can. 

So, if you’d like to follow either (or both) that would be super rad, and thanks for reading. :) 

Guys, I love all this labor and delivery chatter. It was a thing I never thought about until I was pregnant, and then it was all consuming, and I was so so so grateful for my girlfriends who would text me reminders that cabbage would help sore boobs and their various catheter issues or whatever. Sisterhood, you know? 

So if you are the first of your friends to be pregnant, or just are a squeamish to ask real people but not to ask internet people, feel free to send me asks about the icky parts of childbirth! I am here for you!

Uterus Up!

Bulletproof Monk

Witnessed in my friend’s campaign.

Friend of mine asked the GM if his friend could join our campaign. Graduated with a bachelors in fine arts and my friend thought he would bring interesting role-play to our games. So all of us start thinking to ourselves “this guys gonna be at Bard” but we were all surprised to find he actually was a Monk.

And not just a monk. The Bob Ross of monks. The nicest yet simultaneously the most terrifying character we’d ever witnessed. This is the story of how he beat the first serious boss of our campaign.

We were pinned behind cover vs a Gunslinger.

Gunslinger: “Come out. Come out. Wherever you are SO I CAN SHOOT YOU!”

Party talks about what to do and Monk is silent.

Then, as we are talking, he yells, “Ok. I’ll come out, but you better make that shot count!”

Monk OOC: “So there’s about 40 ft between me and him right?”

GM: “Yeah, and your speed would let you get there.”

Monk OOC: “Ok, but I deliberately want to walk slow enough so he gets a chance to shoot me.”

GM: “Uh, ok. Sure.”

Monk going towards him slowly: “Show me what you’ve got.”

Gunslinger: “You’re some kind of stupid, boy!” *Shoots*

GM: “That’s a hit. You take.”

Monk OOC: “I use Snatch Arrows.”

GM: “Wait…does that work on bullets?”

-One Rulebook Check later-

GM: “Ok so the rifle goes off and *Monk* reaches up faster than any of you can see and catches the bullet with two fingers. *Gunslinger* turns white as a sheet.”

Monk then proceeds to walk up and take a seat next to the guy, putting an arm around his shoulders while holding the bullet in his other hand.

Monk: “Hey, friend. Looks like you almost lost this. Good thing I grabbed it for you, huh? Why don’t you put the gun down before you lose any more?”

Monk OOC: “In case it’s not clear that’s an intimidate.”

GM: “Ok, roll for me.”

Nat 20

GM: “Of course it is. *Gunslinger* immediately puts his gun down in front of him and actually starts crying.”

Monk patting Gunslinger’s back: “Aw, there, there buddy. You almost got me. Why don’t you come with us now? Hands behind your back please. I’d hate to have to chase you.”

Our Wizard OOC to my friend: “So why did you never tell us your friend was Ace Ventura?”

This is going to be long and emotional so bear with me

I want to thank Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Bob, Wade, and the crew for making the Your Welcome Tour possible. I feel honored to have gone and been a part of the crowd. Everyone was so great and it was just amazing to see.

I’ve been watching @markiplier since the beginning, and it means so much to have seen him and the others throughout this whole journey. Just seeing how far everyone has come has given me just this joy, if that makes sense.

Here’s where the emotional part comes in, and as fruitless as it may be to ask, I really hope one of them reads this. Ya’ll….Ya’ll kept me alive. That may sound overdramatic, but I’m serious. When I moved down to Houston in 2013, I had absolutely everything taken from me, literally. My moving truck was literally stolen in a hotel parking lot in Dallas. All my possessions, all my childhood, gone within the night, to never be seen again. I was devastated. I was already suffering from severe anxiety and clinical depression, and that had just made it worse tenfold. I came to Houston with no friends, no possessions, just the clothes on my back and what little I had brought in a small suitcase. It was really hard–I moved here just before school let out, and I was homeschooled, so I never met anybody until the fall. I was all alone. And I thought about suicide. Mark, your videos were what I literally was living for for a few months there. Every day I’d tell myself that I had to see it through, I had your videos to look forward to. I have so much thanks that it would be impossible to voice them all.

Bob and Wade, I remember seeing you both on Mark’s channel, which is how I was introduced to you guys. Your videos kept me, and still keep me, going, too, and I’m so thankful. Both of you are so wonderful.

Tyler and Ethan, I remember when both of you were first introduced. And I remember thinking just how goddamn awesome you both were.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you all. I’m so honored to have seen the show, I’m so honored to have seen you all in person, to see the people who kept me alive and still are a reason I am alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep being awesome, guys. And thank you again.

@lordminion @markiplier

Trico: The Last Guardian - Handmade art doll

Wow, I never thought I’d get to post this guy up. 400+ hours, and approx 2000 individually cut, painted and glue feathers later, my biggest project to date is complete. Trico means so much to me as a character, I hope you all enjoy him.

I am taking offers for him via silent auction. Pm me if you would like to make an offer. 

There are over 100 posts detailing his creation from start to finish on my Patreon for just $1- www.patreon.com/Nazegoreng

Please share with anyone who loves Trico or The Last Guardian.