i just thought what if he has a tumblr and sees this

I have never seen someone so beautiful. And “normally” its weird to think of a guy as beautiful. But that is the only word I can think of to describe it. Another beautiful thing is the way I thought I could never have him, how he could never be mine, but maybe he is now. I’ve never gotten butterflies from simply seeing someone’s smile. My day has never been made so much better by simply being in someone’s presence. Simply looking at them, knowing they’re there, knowing that they might just be yours. Though it may be complicated, though you may have your differences, what goes on between the two of you is amazing. When, even in the short time you’ve known them, you so deeply understand that they are meant to be in your life in one way or another. When you never thought you would find the person you were looking for, the “one” like in the movies. When you find this person, you never let go. Through the fights, the hard times, the bullshit, you fight. You will know this person is the “one” when you make the greatest team like nothing can tear you down, nothing can break you apart, be it hell or high waters. This is YOUR person. Take them. Keep them. Love them and hold them so much closer than you’ve ever held anyone. You hold the key to happiness.
—  xishroomxi

just a few thoughts on dick grayson

why do people constantly downplay him lmao. dick grayson is such a badass and i hardly see anyone give him credit for it. do you know how many times i’ve seen things like “oh this person trained with deathstroke and/or batman, they’re unstoppable/close to it!” like bitch first of all dick grayson can take slade wilson on any day of the damn week. and more than that? slade respects him which is actually impressive since the guy is impossible to please? second of all, dick literally knows bruce better than anyone???? you honestly don’t think that both physically, and emotionally, dick couldn’t end batman? the whole point is that he DOESN’T and it’s never HINTED at because above everything that dick has seen and experienced, it’s not in his person to do that and how does no one find that absolutely amazing? i mean what is it? is his backstory not tragic enough? does his optimistic personality rule out his knowledge and skill? dick is not some pretty ornament in the bat family he is a badass and i will take this to my GRAVE.
As they sat outside in the cool air of the night, fingers intertwined, her gaze was stuck on the sky while he was studying her.
“How did you fall in love with me, when did you even think about me? You’re always so fixated on the sky and what it holds I would imagine you didn’t have time for much else,” he decided to finally ask her what he had been wondering for so long.
Seemingly not phased by his question, she lifted her hand from his and pointed up towards a group of stars in the sky.
“See that constellation right there? That’s Leo,” she tried to direct him to the right place but he persisted.
“That has nothing to do with what I asked,” he started again.
“Just trust me,” she said softly, “look.”
He hesitantly looked towards where she was pointing. All he saw was a heap of white lights dancing in the night sky.
“Leo, its latin for lion. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of the time we took your little brother to the zoo. He was so excited to see the lion exhibit, but you, you were terrified. I’m surprised you didn’t start crying,” she told him with a small laugh.
“And that one, that’s the big dipper, you’ve probably heard of it. It makes me think of the first time I met your parents. God, I was scared. But then your mom came out with her homemade soup, and that big ass spoon, the dipper, and started talking to me like I was family. I think that was the night I realized I loved you.”
He stared at her in astonishment as she went on, comparing each piece of the universe to a memory they shared, or to a feature of his. Finally, her words slowed down and she took his hand back into hers.
“The North Star. When I was young, my dad used to tell me that as long as you can see the North Star, you’ll always find your way home. That one reminds me that I love you, no matter what, you’re home. I don’t love you because you remind me of the sky. I love the sky because it reminds me of you.”
—  To the moon & back // An excerpt from a book I’ll never write #6

i want to preface this by saying that i SADLY thought a lot of those “kids sayin gud stuff abt reylo” stories were far fetched sounding (as i didnt actually think kids would say stuff abt reylo and things like that)… SO as a weird  (not really i just need money HA H AH) side job, i teach this 9 year old girl how to play cello….. and do today, while i was packing up and getting ready to go home, i take out my phone to take a look at tumblr… then at the top of my dash is that one gifset of kylo and rey dueling and looking INTENSELY into each other’s eyes.. so then my student wanted to see what i was doing on my phone..so i show her.. and she looks for a moment, then looks back at me and DEADASS SAYS 

“does he [kylo] love her?” and im like

FOR A FULL FUCKING SECOND BEFORE I REGAIN MY BEARINGS, then im like, “uh well, i dunno.. what do you think? do you think so?” and she goes, “yeah maybe, why don’t they fight like normal people? and why does he just stare at her like that”


I saw her sitting on a ledge gazing at the sun.
Nothing about her felt bright and her worn out smile mirrored her vacant chest.
She wanted to sleep, but the nightmares never let her rest.
I sat back and watched her that day.
She wanted to be loved and it was inscribed on her eyes, but she refuses to listen to what she says she deserves inside.
She has a habit for falling in love with the people who see her as second best and says that it’s all she is.
Me, I’m a ghost to her.
I hide in her shadows and screech when she cries,
Come when she needs me and wait by the phone.
When he calls she tells me she just wants to be alone.
So I run.
Immersing my head in a forest of thoughts,
I’ve grown tired of putting you before my health.
You don’t need me.
Go find yourself.
—  “Second Best” - Tyrell Crane
Chapter 860
  • just when i thought Croco didn’t haunt me enough on tumblr xD
  • well thank you Jinbe, now i finally understand what the numbers were about xD
  • Reiju is so fucking precious 
  • It’s starting! ♪  It’s starting! ♪ It’s time for Mama’s Tea Party! ♪
  • Stussy is so fucking beautiful
  • and i guess BM really has relations everywhere and with everyone
  • Prospero is back! :D now i just need Cracker and i’m good
  • What the heck happened to Jigra? Oh wait i see a skull on a jacket…
  • huh, whoever did that can see the future, neet 
  • Comander Dogtooth? What the heck kinda name is that? xD
  • Well well well, this Dogtoothy (Katakuri who we had been waiting for so long) just won some major points from me~ ♡(ŐωŐ人)
  • Who has fallen in love with another one piece character and has two big thumbs? This girl (`ω´) *shakes thumbs at myself* 
  • Ok but holy shit he has a really high bounty and awesome powers (☉∀☉)
  • Smoothie torturing poor animals xD How would that even taste like tho
  • I have a feeling Sanji will be very handsome as a groom
  • NO BREAK AGAIN?!?!?! (゜Д゜;) 
  • Oda thank you really but please take care of yourself (◕︿◕✿)

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I apologize if this has been asked, I haven't been much on Tumblr! But that Bellarke "if I don't see you again" scene...I dunno, I don't think the tenor of it was that Bellamy was going to express his love. It just didn't have the vibe, the sound, of him confessing his feelings?

Some people read it as an imminent love confession. Some people don’t.

Either way, he was going to give Clarke a final goodbye, which she couldn’t bear.

What was he planning to say as his final words to Clarke Griffin, inspired by how SHE thought HE was special?

It would have been about his feelings about her. Has to.

What feelings? Maybe that is not as clear. How important she is? How special SHE is? Almost certain. 

Where would that have gone if they hadn’t been interrupted by the apocalypse?

This is what we don’t know. 

“you can’t just say that!” he yells. “you can’t say that you will always love someone who has hurt you time and time again. it doesn’t make sense,” he says with his hands running through his hair.
“of course i can,” she replies. “the world isn’t black and white. there’s a whole array of colors. we have been taught to see things as either good or bad. to judge things as either evil or virtuous. but it’s not. yes, there were bad moments, but how can i remember the bad and forget the good? how can i forget the love we shared? i won’t do that. society has made us believe that love is ephemeral, short-lived, transient. but it’s not! don’t you get that it’s not? you don’t stop loving someone. ever. no matter what they do or say, love doesn’t just disappear. the love you feel towards someone starts the first day and continues until the day you die. that doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. love is forever. so yes, i can say that i love him because i have and i always will. he’s not the first thing on my mind in the morning, and he’s not the last thing on my mind before i go to bed at night anymore, but he lives in my heart. he holds a space just like every person i have ever loved. please try to understand that,” she pleads.
Four days. That was all it took for me to fall in love with you.
I lived my whole life behind a lens, only seeing and never belonging. I never felt like I came home. I didn’t know what it was until you slipped your arms around me. Whoever said home had to have four walls lied. It has two arms and a strong heartbeat.
And I saw everything before I met you. I saw sunrises and sunsets and valleys and oceans and I watched the way God moved the earth but he never made anything that came close to you.
If you’d just turned me away, if you hadn’t said my name so softly, this all would have been different. But you did. You looked at me with those eyes and said my name with that mouth and my feet carried me towards you before I knew I was moving. A second. Everything changed in a second.
And in the end, I knew why I couldn’t have you. I knew why it wouldn’t work but it didn’t stop my heart from breaking.
And in the end, I won’t remember the mountains or fields or bridges or rivers. I’ll remember the road the lead me to you.
In the end, it all fades.
In the end, it all comes down to you.
—  Robert. (via @brizzlewritesthings)
what i've learnt in the past few months

so people of tumblr

i havent written on here for such a long time and i just wanted to throw something out into this internet void.

the person who i thought was my one and only, my future and everything, has been cheating on me for a few weeks.

he went to australia in oct with my full love trust and support and he went there to travel and see the world for a few months. he went with my understanding that we would be apart maybe for a while but that we would end up together.

then a few weeks ago i found a photo on intagram with him and this girl with hashtags stating stuff like date night and boyfriend etc. i confronted him and he told me what had happened and my world fell apart.

its something that never crossed my mind that could ever happen to us and i never though he could hurt me so.

we spoke various times and decided to be friends (for now he says) and not speak for a bit.

i thought that it would be a few more months and that i would go out there and we would be together and work through it.

now i dont think that.

i deserve to be someones one and only. not just an option or something to pick up once someone elses novelty has worn off. he made this decision, however it turns out for him, i cannot be with him ever. it kills me to say that but i will not allow myself to be second best even though he went away with me being the best for him.

i haven’t spoken properly to him and i don’t think its hit him what he’s done and what he’s lost.

i was happy. so so happy with him but now he’s spoiled any chance of that being our future.

i’ve met someone who is really sweet and i’m going to play pool with him on wednesday. no idea what will come out of it but we shall see.

i’ve learnt; that i will not be put down for my emotions. i deserve better. i need to be true to what i feel. take each day as it comes. the ones we love have the power to hurt us the most. you must always do the things that make you happy. i have the most incredible people around me and i am so rich in my life.

also that you always always have more strength in you than you think.

i’m not looking for advice or anything like that necessarily but i wanted to send this out into this void of internetness and you can message me if you want. i enjoy empowering quotes about truth not about relationships. because i now need to look forward.

thank you if you read all of this.

i’m going to be okay.

Believe it or not, I joined Tumblr with this blog being a true crime blog. What today is plants, lyrics and pretty self deprecating text posts I find to be humorous once was filled with information about true crime, posting original content and just reblogging, of course, over time much has changed. However I am still interested in it and still follow some true crime blogs.

It is because of this, I see a lot of supposed ‘true crime’ blogs. I use that term lightly as the majority I see now simply glorify killers, rapists, thieves.. The most common occurrence is seeing ridiculous posts about the Columbine shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Admittedly, they were the first case of a school shooting I’d heard of so I became fascinated with trying to find what made them tick and want to commit such an unforgivable act. But like with many criminals on these blogs, I see them with ‘cutesy’ edits and ‘oh my god, he’s sooo hot’. Pull your heads out of your arses.

What these people have done is not to be sympathised with. It isn’t to say they did not have horrific childhoods, mental illnesses or other destructive things to drive them to commit these acts. Although, it is important to remember that some of these people are non-apologetic, even those that are still committed a treacherous crime that they deserve to be punished for. The TCC is about informing, sharing facts and/or theories. It is for people who are genuinely interested in true crime and/or the psychological side of it. But don’t you fucking dare say you are part of the community if the purpose of your writings is to glorify the actions of these criminals; you are not part of the TCC you are a piece of shit. Do not misinform, do not glorify and do not fucking sympathise.

Men are from Mars

Has anyone thought that Monel is just doing his job? Pissing us off? I think its safe to say I’m a pretty neutral Super girl fan at the moment. I ship Kara’s happiness or with James sort of. I think mon el is exactly who his character is suppose to be. The hated male character. James and Winn are sort of perfect as male characters are concerned in my mind at least.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of this season he turned out to be some evil super villain. I sort of wonder if he’s tricking Kara?  I can see the lesbian fan base are doing what they always do over exaggerating and being aggressive to other fan bases. I’ve learned a lot about abuse and bullying in the last few years. And you know what its almost always in the eye of the beholder. At least on tumblr. Also I’d like to add I think the cast situation is due to it being filmed in Vancouver. I live in Vancouver. And as much as I’d like to meet these fine humans I’d give all up for Cat Grant to come back. Isn’t that why she left?

I’ve been off tumblr for several days, so idk if this theory has risen yet.

Tomorrow, we are almost definitely going to see Gideon make his real and binding deal to do something horrible to Stanford Pines.


Since Gideon still doesn’t know that the REAL Stanford Pines is this guys:

I’m curious if Bill will take this to heart.  What if we get a lot of flashbacks and storyline and information about Bill but then he decides to take Gideon’s deal and twist it to hurt who Gideon really means to hurt?  And how that would play out?  So many openings in this show for things to just twist around to the last place you thought they’d go.

Tamakyo Idea

Tamaki discovers tumblr, makes an account, and is constantly talking to Kyoya about weird posts he’s found. Kyoya soon finds out that Tamaki is using tumblr (bc Tamaki keeps showing him pictures and he saw the tumblr icon on Tamaki’s phone) and makes an account to see what Tamaki’s been up to. Kyoya eventually reveals to Tamaki that he’s seen his posts on tumblr. Then they’re just casually following each other and pester each other about reblogging and posting stupid little things. Kyoya is usually the one who complains to Tamaki about reblogging dumb stuff. Tamaki would definitely post selfies of both of them. Kyoya gets annoyed by that.
Tamaki’s username would be something like I love Kyoya in French.
Kyoya’s username would be something that Tamaki wouldn’t be able to figure out at first. (Haven’t thought of something for that yet)

Henrik probably has a tumblr account with some silly name like ‘blondelvisissquad’ or 'skamistheshit’. He also probably send anons to people, asking what they thought about some scenes or just simply saying 'halla’. And he probably watches us freak out about everything, laughing so much that his stomach hurts. And then he shows every meme he comes across to the rest of the cast.


He lays beside me
Fanning his legs
across the lawn
(Like when I was a kid)
He turns and questions
without a word
what is it I see
Indulging always my magic mind
That’s pulling images out of air
Today we shape shift clouds though
There’s a horse, you see
Riding with his tail behind
And there, is a cat peeking
From behind an enormous tree
See the ears, I turn, I point
His eyes look sad
About to cry
Then I look closer
At his face sideways
It looks strained and now I see
He’s aging;
his face doesn’t keep its shape
But he’s urging now
To be let in to my nebula mind
Where planets no one has ever seen
Rotate around an unknown sun
With creatures grand and small sometimes
It doesn’t seem to matter to him
He just wants in to see what I see
But now what I see is him
Aging failing one day gone
And I study the love in his eyes
The shape of his nose
The smile in hand
(The one that’s just for me)
I study hard but quietly
I need to remember his face
So when his body fades from this world
I can conjure back that love from time
And find him still in my magic mind


anonymous asked:

I know you probably don't read Homestuck, but the ending of it is all over tumblr and I just keep thinking "What if Stiles (or nerd!Derek) was in a fandom and it ended and was badly in need of comforting ("You just don't understand Scott/Cora!")

I can’t say I have read this, precious nonnie. I hope it didn’t end badly for you???

Oh my god. This is giving me thoughts. 

Because, in my head, Stiles has online friends, okay? He is you and me. Stiles has a tumblr and fandom friends (he does, you can’t take that away from me. We already know he battles mythical creatures online with people. We know he’s one of us). So, I think if his fandom were to end he’d have people there for him, mourning with him.

Derek, however? Okay, when I think of Derek it’s precious and a little heart braking. Because see, I don’t see Derek as the type to get into fandom life. I mean, online. I see Derek as the type to find some really obscure book which has no following or any kind of fandom online or otherwise and gets hooked and literally has no one to talk to about it. I see Derek shipping Greek Gods and side pairings in a book that never really took off. That one couple in a TV show that only got two episodes of screen time.  

So, really, truly, nonnie. You have given me feelings because now all I can think of is Stiles discovering Derek’s OTP. 

They have just started to become friends- maybe Stiles is living with Derek now he’s at college- and while Stiles’ initial reaction is to go “you ship two Roman god dudes reincarnated as wolves? I don’t know if that’s the most nerdy or ironic thing I have ever heard” he refrains because, as it turns out, Derek is actually a really sensitive biscuit and Stiles - as it also turns out- doesn’t actually like upsetting him. Who knew. 

Anyway, imagine Stiles, who knows many fandom people. Writers, artists, play list makers. And he decides for Derek’s Birthday he is going to make a hamper of his OTP. He commissions a few artists, asking them to draw particular scenes from the books. He asks a few buddies to write some fanfic for him, ranging from AUs to canon because he’s not sure what Derek likes. He does the play list himself, reading the books cover to cover to get a feel for them. He even manages to design Derek a mug. (It totally sucks, but hey, it’s still a mug and has the ship name on it and Stiles is pretty damn proud of it.) 

Now, imagine Derek’s face when he sees this. Imagine Derek whose ears turn pink and looks at his feet, not sure what to do because, one, oh god Stiles knows about his OTP and it’s embarrassing, but two, Stiles…made this for him? he just stares at it for a good ten minutes, not saying anything, trying to remember the last time someone put this much thought into a present for him. He never expected to have a good Birthday again. Not in melodramatic way, but just in a…resigned way. There’s a lot of things he stopped hoping for. Love. A family. A pack. But then here is Stiles, sitting across from him, playing with the hem of his shirt nervously as Derek looks through this freaking hamper of presents and Derek’s heart feels like it’s going to burst from his chest.

And Derek does the only thing he can think to do, which is pull Stiles into a hug. They don’t say anything, but Stiles does pat Derek on the back (because it’s either that or snuggle and he’s not sure if snuggling is a step Derek is ready to take with him). 

Eventually, they let go. Stiles smiles and Derek gets up with a small, private smile and takes his mug with him to make himself some tea. Stiles, just for something to do, gets up to go to the bathroom. When he returns Derek is reading one of the fanfics. He’s smiling and blushing (it must be either the sexy or ridiculously fluffy fanfic) and Stiles suddenly feels like…yeah, he wants to do this every year. 

Every day. 

And that’s - that’s not so much of a revelation as admitting something to himself he’s known for a while now. 

Especially when Derek looks up at him as he comes back into the room, making room for him on the sofa and smiling. 

Loose Handlebars

So I was telling @pale-silver-comb​ about part of my trip to Europe and how I totally wiped out on my bike during our bike ride from Bruges to Damme in Belgium. Then she said “Now I am just imagining a fic Where Stiles falls off his bike and Derek catches him.” 3000 words later and my break from writing parent!sterek for the soldier au is finished :D

Stiles wasn’t all that excited about Belgium being a part of his study abroad. But when he’s got places like Dublin, London, Paris and Rome on his travel plans he can’t really be blamed for his lack of enthusiasm.

Still, they’ve been there for a week now and he has to admit he’s enjoying it more than he thought he would. He feels safe despite being in a big metropolitan area for the majority of their stay. Today is the last day in the country before they move on to France and they’re spending the day driving to see Bruges.

It’s a beautiful day, he’s walking from the bus to the city center wearing his favorite red pants, his worn out chucks and a grey long sleeve T-shirt that’s the most comfortable shirt he packed. It stretches across his shoulders just right; he’s seen Stephanie glancing more than once on the days he’s worn it.

He follows his group, listening to his teacher explain the history of the nunnery they’re walking through. His thoughts take him to one of the last conversations he had with his dad before he left in the trip.

See, his dad has this crazy idea that Stiles is going meet his Prince Charming over here in Europe since he hasn’t during his first three years at college. “You’ve been living like a monk, hiding yourself away at school. I just wish you could be yourself,” he’d said then. And he wasn’t too far from the truth either really.

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anonymous asked:

I wondered what you thought about Damen killing Auguste. I keep seeing that Laurent had no right to be angry, because it was war. Maybe it's just me, but war doesn't excuse all, particularly when it's made clear Damen's father started the war.

I think that tumblr has a tendency to not want to acknowledge moral grayness.
They’re both right.

Laurent has a right to be angry. His brother was killed. It doesn’t matter that he was killed in a war; people have a right to be angry when they lose a loved one, no matter how they lose them. If someone is angry because they lost a relative who was fighting in Iraq or something, no one says ‘well, you aren’t allowed to feel that way. it’s a war.’ That would be a shitty as fuck thing to say. Laurent lost someone. He lost the person who mattered more to him than anyone else in the world. He’s allowed to be angry at the person who did it.

And Damen has a right to not feel guilty beyond ‘this hurt you and I wish it happened, and maybe it would have been better if things had gone differently.’ He’s allowed to not be lying awake every night agonizing over killing Auguste. It was a war, and Damen and Auguste were on different sides of it. That’s what happens in wars. And Damen is a soldier. He’s killed tons of people; the only thing that sets Auguste apart is his status and Laurent.

War doesn’t excuse all, you’re absolutely right about that. But I think it excuses Damen just a little, because in the context of this particular war, he’s a soldier, not a prince. He didn’t seem to have any real say in how any of it went down. If he hadn’t dueled Auguste one or both of them would probably have died anyway, because it sounds like the fighting wasn’t going to stop as long as the two of them were both on the field.

Damen has those daydreams of ‘what if I’d talked to Auguste, created a truce,’ and that’s a nice thought, but I don’t think even Damen really believes it would have been possible. Theomedes wanted a war. Even Damen, who clearly loved his father immensely, admits that he wanted a war, and wasn’t going to give up on getting it. While Theomedes was alive, true peace with Vere wasn’t an option.

Also, who’s to say Auguste would have accepted the offer of a truce? Everything we know about Auguste comes through the lens of him having been dead for six years. For all we know, he would have laughed Damen out of the tent if Damen had tried. Going by how many parallels people draw between Auguste and Damen, it’s entirely likely that Auguste wasn’t any more interested in stopping the war peacefully than Damen was at the time.

I think the whole point was that Auguste’s death was a mess. It was inevitable, it was horrific, it was tragic, it was virtually unavoidable. And Laurent and Damen are both entitled to their emotions about it.