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‘Ultimate Novelist Write Shuichi’s favorite Books’

Soooo I’ve been binge reading this blog and I really really like the imagines~ if it’s okay I would like to request what if Shuichi found out his s/o is the ultimate crime writer and his favourite novelist if you catch my drift? And s/o writes a novel all about his cases as a gift? I thought this would be really cute >~< thank you for reading ^^

Alright, Let’s Write, Right? 
-Mod Korekiyo

  • OMG it’s you!
  • He knew the moment he saw you but he was so nervous to just put it out there.
  • Once you started dating he was more confident to admit to you that he was a huge fan of your work
  • He would read your series cover to cover, sometimes twice in one day
  • Your writing was just beautiful.
  • He didn’t want to ask you if you were planning another book in the series but oh it was so tempting to ask.
  • Any time you picked up a pen or sat at your computer he was just staring at you in awe.
  • He’d wait for you to tell him about your plans, not wanting to seem pushy about your books.
  • When he heard you were writing another he was beside himself.
  • He tried to occupy himself while you write but it’s sooo difficult. He just wants to read over your shoulder and possibly help you
  • at the same time, you didn’t need him to write the others so you’re fine without him now.
  • There’s a character remarkably similar to him in your book that has a steamy one night stand with the protagonist
  • You wanted him to read that scene so badly but the book wasn’t out yet.
  • You end up letting your mind wander and write a collection of smut with Shuichi for an epic prank. 
  • You were going to give him the sexy book and make him think that’s the one getting published before surprising him with the real book.
  • When you gave him the book you were passionately kissed and he quickly sat down in his chair, sinking into it.
  • He noted aloud how much shorter this book seemed compared to your others.
  • It didn’t take long for him to see all the smut and sexual situations
  • He’s never read so fast with a boner in his life.
  • You apologize to him and give him the real book.
  • In a stunning upset, he sets it to the side and says he’d rather talk about your joke book first.
  • You wake up in bed the next morning in his arms
  • He’s reading.

-Mod Korekiyo

Reaction #3: Their S/O randomly nuzzles their face into their neck because they are cold

SeokJin (Genie):

Because he’s mostly an innocent smol pink princess, he will definitely not think twice to cuddle them because they are cold or just in general.

“Aw Jagi you’re cold, come cuddle with me”

(make pretend you are the lucky bear in this gif)

Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min):

Yoongi, oh Yoongi, he would pretend not to lose his cool and would just notice you laying there, chill nose/face hitting his neck and would slightly jump and make a nonchalant comment about how cold they were, but he deep down actually thought it was really cute when his S/O did that and enjoyed it a lot. A little later he then responds again and this is how the conversation goes:

“Okay fine I guess we can cuddle”

“Really?? wow this is the first time you actually suggested-”

“Ahh Don’t ruin it y/n” he would say trying to hide back his smile, but nonetheless, still gives his S/O that small smirk.

( Aw Yoongi just can’t help himself ;) )

Hoseok (J-Dope):

Hobi would LOVE when his S/O would randomly nuzzle their nose or face into his neck when they are cold or shy and would look down adoringly and wrap his arms around them.

“AHH!! you’re so cute when you do that Jagi!”

(The heart is for u)

Namjoon (Monie):

Like Hobi, he would think that it was cute whenever they do that and would kiss their forehead EVERY.SINGLE.TIME because namjoonie just can’t keep his hands or lips off of them. 

“You’re so cute y/n. Now let me warm you up.”

(Look at this cheeky boy)

Jimin (Christian Chim Chim):

This smol mochi would be so shy. As soon as his S/O would nuzzle their cold nose or face into his neck he would get all giddy and he automatically will give you that smile that lights up the whole wide world and his cheeks will turn a shade of pink.

“Ah y/n you’re making me blush”

(Jimin is shy shy shy)

Taehyung (Jack):

This boy would be so extra about it and as soon as his S/O nuzzled their cold nose or face into the crook of his neck, 2.5 seconds later he would automatically cuddle them and wrap his S/O in a tight embrace because we already know that he’s a cuddle master.

“Yayyy cuddlesssss” he says as he automatically nuzzles his face into your hair or forehead.

(How cute!!)

Jungkook (Justin Seagull):

It had became a typical thing for you two. Every time his S/O is cold, they would automatically do a small cute gesture like nuzzling their nose or face into the crook of his neck, hold hands, or anything and he would always keep you warm. Even though this smol baby would be shy around you, he would always find a way to warm you up, whether it be covering you with his jacket or blanket.

“Oh y/n you’re cold! uh- here you go” he would say with a shy smile.


A/N: Ahhh sorry this was terrible but I tried, but side note, I do NOT own these gifs, credit to those who do!

Dating Taehyung

other members; min yoongi | hoseok | park jimin | namjoon | jungkook | seokjin 

Originally posted by taeguk

- pet names; angel, princess, love
- “princess, you know I love you, right?”
- him singing to you’re whenever your upset
- or when you’re tired
- or when you’re happy
- basically he’ll just sing to you all the time
HiS dEeP vOiCe
- them god damn collar bones
- him letting you wear his sweaters
- “you look cute in my sweater, babes,”
- him would literally adore you, he would worship you
- to him you are the most beautiful person in the world
- he would love you, and only you, he wouldn’t ever look at anyone else
- I think he'd wanna move quiet fast in a relationship
- he’d be quiet needy and clingy when he wants to be
- “god, tae, you’re so annoying,”
- “you love me really,”
- “no I don’t, where did you get that idea from?”
“bish, I’m your Gucci boy,"  
-  dorky snapchats
- skinship, skinship, skinship
- shy kisses one minute, and dominate aggressive ones the next
- either jimin or jungkook third wheeling on your dates
- no actually, you would third wheel on your dates to either jimin or jungkook
- "I guess I see I’m the third wheel now,”
- “yes, yes you are,”
- sly smirks and cocky gestures
- him getting jealous easily
- “hey, jerk, she’s/he’s got a boyfriend,”
- he’d give dirty looks to any guy who looked in your direction
- looking after his cousin a lot with him
- not having many arguments
- him sending you random selfies all the time
- tae being the cutest boyfriend ever
- cute dates to local restaurants and cafes
- him doing stupid stuff in front of you to try and distract you from whatever you was doing
- you getting second hand embarrassment from him tripping over or doing someone silly in public  
- laughing at him
- and whenever you tease him he’d go “hey, that’s not nice,” and playfully pout at you
- in the summer you’d have loads and loads of water balloon fights with him and the other members  
- dates with tae would be so much fun
- like, imagine them
- you’d probably go to amusement parks and go on random walks through the city
- “I’ve had fun with you tonight,”
- “would you like to have some more fun” *wink wonk*
- that little box smile
- fits if giggles are just a thing in your relationship
- he’d always steal your phone and change all the contact names within them
- and also, he’d change your lock screen and probably post on all your social medias leaving all your followers so confused
- him combing his hands an fingers through your hair whilst you sleep
- you seeing about all of his personalities; from his giddy to his sexy side
- I cAnT gEt Enough Of Those hAnDs
- AnD nEiThEr CaN yOu
- tv marathons with him
-  him singing you to sleep if you’ve had a nightmare
- whenever your out he’d put his arm round your shoulder to stop attracting any other men
- “baby, I love you. now love me back, hug me,”
- him always buying you food
-  loads of cute ass pictures together
- jhope and jimin literally fangirling over your relationship
- looking for shells on the beach, every time you go
- “babe, this ones pretty,”
- he’d just smile back at you. “not as pretty as you,”
- you’d just blush and  chuckle at his cheesy comment before going back to looking at all the shells 
- adventure buddies
- when you’re sick he’ll literally never leave your side
- he’d get you hot chocolate and just chocolate in general
- “babe, are you comfortable,” 
- whenever you argued, he’d stay quiet letting you yell at him
- he’d probably end up kissing you just so you’d shut up
- I think tae is the kind of guy to apologise, even if he did nothing wrong. just to keep the peace between you both
- “okay, baby, I’m sorry. do you forgive me?”
- him constantly staring at you
- and when you are angry at him he’d probably find it really hot
- cos he’s just that kind of guy
- the fans loving you so, so much. almost as much as he loves you
- overall tae would the cutest little bean in a relationship, he’d just be the most perfect boyfriend to ever exist- cocky, but still very, very perfect. everyone would adore your relationship.
sup, hey, how ya doin!
hey-o, so I hope you liked this. I thought tae would be such a cute boyfriend, just because he’s a total cutie pie.
anyway, thanks for reading; for any other of my posts, here’s my masterlist
requests for reacts, ships and moodboards are open.

 - love ya all!
- kala
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Short Announcement and HC

How about the RFA reacting to a bitter MC since the RFA once remarked that they’re not trustworthy and MC took it to heart? And then the RFA attempts to win them over? I need the angst and fluff.

Hey everybody! Uh, sorry for the disappearance hehe… well, Admin Mazz and I had things to deal with in school, and I hope you can all understand that it can take a while to get back on track when it comes to grades! (The only reason why we were gone) We really didn’t plan on disappearing for so long… We really do mean it when we say sorry! And, I’m apologizing on Admin Mazz’s behalf, due to the fact that she felt too overwhelmed to continue writing for the blog, especially because she feels she can’t keep up with school and the blog simultaniously. She’s not gone forever, though! Don’t worry! She’ll be there to type the NSFW stuff, since I’m only here for the fluff ^w^ But! I hope you guys won’t mind me taking over the blog a little bit! It’s good to be back everybody! I’m planning on posting a HC or scenario once a day! Enjoy, Anon, and sorry it took so long! :D ~Admin Lily


  • Jaehee really didn’t mean any harm this angel is so precious and would never try to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose
  • But, she didn’t know MC at the time, so she said something that might have been unnecessary
  • MC just was trying to get to know Jaehee who wouldn’t want to get to know her?
  • “Hm, I don’t think I should tell you anymore about myself too much. You aren’t exactly trustworthy.”
  • Poor, sensitive MC untrustworthy?!
  • Well it’s not like she can trust you either, Jaehee! Don’t hate me for this angel it was requested
  • “Sorry for trying to be friendly.” She’d say coldly
  • First impressions are important people
  • Jaehee is so disappointed to see MC getting along with literally everyone else except her later
  • All because MC took her caution to heart
  • Jaehee tries to make amends
  • “Hey, MC! Been awhile since we talked, just us”
  • “There are reasons why” forgive her, MC she means well I promise
  • Jaehee would apologize for what she said, explaining how she “didn’t mean to hurt MC or offend her in any way”
  • She’s also explains that when they first met, she wanted to protect herself just in case
  • But, now she would like a second chance at being her friend because she sees how kind and genuine she truly is
  • Atta girl Jaehee how can she not love you
  • Well, Jaehee’s MC is easily moved by her persistence and kind words
  • And, after she’s been apologized to, MC forgives her pretty easily
  • Not best friends right away, but
  • Friends all the same


  • Yoosung is very trusting, so of course Mama Baehee Jaehee warned him of the dangers of a hacker, like MC, while MC tried to explain herself and he immediately became terrified
  • What evil plot could this girl be forming?!?!?!?
  • “Wat do yoy want!1??!” He’d ask, complete with spelling errors and all
  • MC continued to try and explain her situation, but Yoosung didn’t believe a word
  • Jaehee’s thinkin “this is what I get for trying”
  • Whenever someone would talk to MC, Yoosung would say “careful” or “watch out”
  • Of course, not being trusted and having things go against Yoosung’s MC would make her feel stressed, irritated, and frankly just hurt
  • She didn’t mean to get here, but here she was
  • Finally, things calmed down, but Yoosung, now paranoid, continuously called MC “untrustworthy” and told her “not to do anything bad becuz I got my eye on u”
  • my not-so macho man <3
  • MC shows her true self to everyone else, staying away from Yoosung to try and avoid conflict
  • He did think she was evil after all, and that hurt her a lot
  • Yoosung began to feel guilty when Jaehee started to tell Yoosung to tone things down
  • “She seems safe now. She seems nice and sweet, so go easy on her, okay?”
  • Maybe he overeacted
  • “maybe”, Yoosung?
  • He’d apologize for being so paranoid and ask if he could try again
  • MC, being understanding and sweet, she accepted his apology and agreed like how can she not forgive him he’s precious
  • But, she’d bring it up to tease him a lot
  • “Watch out, Yoosung! We both know I’m not trustworthy.”
  • “You’re still mad at me for that;;;;”


  • Well, of course, Zen’s a lonely little sinnamon roll
  • So, if he had known MC was a girl, maybe he wouldn’t have been as mean
  • When MC was trying to explain her situation, Zen wouldn’t have anything to do with her
  • “He must be a stalker or a hacker! He can’t be trusted! What do you really want?!? How did you get here???”
  • MC’s obviously an angel innocent and didn’t do anything wrong, so she immediately becomes frustrated, trying to defend herself
  • When Seven texts, “itsagirl” the tables turn
  • Nice goin there pal
  • “Oh… a girl?”
  • “Yes,” MC would send bitterly, “I am, and I’m no stalker or hacker!”
  • Of course, everything’s just a big misunderstanding, but Zen’s MC holds grudges
  • Once she joins the RFA, she literally ignores Zen’s messages all together and it lasts for a while
  • Everyone gets to know MC better except Zen
  • Especially Trust-Fund kid
  • Trust-Fund kid gets to talk to the cute girl, but he doesn’t
  • Like, no he won’t let that happen
  • He finally has had enough of it: “MC, you can’t ignore me forever! I’m apart of the RFA, just like you! Please, give me a chance;; I’m really sorry! I’ll make it up to you, princess! I promise!;;;”
  • MC tries so hard to stay mad but he sends a selfie of himself pouting
  • Of course, he’s too handsome to turn down
  • “Fine!” MC would say, “but, just because you’re handsome, doesn’t mean you can insult me willy-nilly! Don’t call me princess either”
  • “Yes, ma’am ;)”


  • Okay, for being raised in a rich family, Jumin has bad manners
  • I’m not talking about table manners
  • I mean he has no filter
  • Like not even joking
  • Of course, he’s literally the most suspicious out of all of them since MC really wasn’t supposed to be there
  • Zen and Yoosung being adorable: “IT’S A GIRL??”
  • “Stop it, you too. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s not here for malicious intend. She can’t be trusted.”
  • Um excuse me?
  • “But, I just saw this app in the App Store,” MC would try to defend herself, “and some guy led me to this apartment”
  • Jumin’s MC is literally afraid of almost nothing so she’s ready to fight if she has to
  • “You don’t even know me, I’m trying to tell you what happened!” MC would continue to say, “maybe I’ll just go”
  • The others Zen and Yoosung immediately went against her leaving because they needed to get things figured out like how she got there and what to do about it
  • She was in Rika’s apartment after all
  • Things eventually get sorted out, but when Jumin offered for her to join, she literally just replied, “not if you’re asking, trust-fund kid.”
  • MC ain’t scared of nothing you don’t openly insult someone like Jumin unless you aren’t afraid to die
  • Jumin’s shocked. No one has ever talked to him like that
  • “Well,” MC would continue, “I was told I was ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘malicious’. Maybe, I would make you feel unsafe if I joined
  • Goin straight for the ego
  • “Well, we don’t need you here. I know I’d be perfectly safe where I am because of my guards.”
  • “Aww, you need guard to protect you, Prince Charming? That’s cute”
  • Jumin’s talking to V like “I don’t think this is worth it”
  • V’s like “no, Jumin, she’s joining”
  • “…Look, I’m willing to apologize for my harsh words, but only for V because I trust his judgement.”
  • “Well,” MC would tease, “seems mostly genuine. Because I like your face, and I like everyone else here, I’ll forgive you and join.”
  • Um, okay? She’s strange Don’t lie Jumin you think she’s pretty cool
  • And, of course, he’ll have to admit later that she’s pretty amazing


  • Seven isn’t supposed to trust anyone like
  • He’s agent 707, Defender of Justice, after all, he has to always be on guard
  • He immediately becomes interested in MC, due to the fact that he had no idea how she was there in the first place
  • she must’ve been a really good hacker
  • “Hang on, I’ll track the IP…Huh? Rika’s house??”
  • Of course, MC was already suspicious for being in the chat, but to be in Rika’s apartment…
  • “Careful, guys, this person could be really bad!”
  • “Exsqueeze me?” MC would type, scoffing, “I’m not bad! It’s not like I wanted to be here tomato head! I’m just lost after this guy led me here”
  • Of course, Seven finds his way to your info and immediately he’s blushing MC is gorgeous how could he not
  • “youractuallycutelololol”
  • Finally, things get sorted out and Seven apologizes for jumping on her so fast, “guess you weren’t so bad, huh? Well, I’m 707, but you can call me Seven~! Guess we’re gonna be buddies now, right? ;D” he’d ask hopefully
  • Not gettin’ off the hook that easy bud
  • MC just responds, taking out her anger in her own unique way “hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I don’t like your emoji… more maybe?”
  • He thinks it’s cute “Lololol”
  • “Who types ‘lololol’? That’s literally “laughing out loudoutloudoutloud… that’s like me saying rolling over fastoverfastoverfast…”
  • “;;;; I like my lololol! Everyone likes my lololol” she insulted the Lolol?! He thought this was true love?!
  • “But I don’t like you so I don’t like your lololol”
  • But he loves her already he has to win her over
  • Seriously, though, MC doesn’t really care, she gets it, but she’s just stubborn so she teases him for a while before finally giving in
  • ten puns later
  • “You’re cute, so I’ll give you a second chance”
  • Seven’s just like O////O huh?? Okay…

mariah-wants-to-live  asked:

Okay, so what if being Wilford's s/o, Wilford forgets that Halloween is coming up and it arrives(somehow) without him really noticing. Your costume this year was to dress up as him, which he did not know, but when he sees you dressed up like him he absolutely melts from how cute you are(don't mind my logic and reasoning here I just thought it was soft and cute)(I'm such a sucker for couples dressing up as each other)

aw, that would be so cute! wilford would absolutely be floored seeing you dressed up as him. heck, he probably thinks you pull it off better than he does! 💖

anonymous asked:

If it's not too much to ask could you do some crutchie x male reader where y/n's nickname is bruise cause he's really clumsy and also has a tendency to get into some trouble and I don't really have a plot past this point if you want one I could send in another ask but just some cute confession fluff ahh thank you

anonymous asked: Any chance you could do some crutchie with a male/masculine s/o just some cute headcanons and the like

i hope yall don’t mind me combining these together i just thought they were similar and really cute okay 

  • crutchie and you are literal otp
  • everyone ships you hardcore
  • you’re that cute couple that everyone gushes over
  • if you wake up in the morning wearing crutchie’s clothes in the morning, the other newsies smirk and tease yall
  • but it’s all in good fun because you two are living your best lives
  • okay so in terms of bruise
  • being clumsy as shit w a boyf like crutchie has its perks alright
  • he literally worries sm about you
  • he thinks your recklessness is gonna get you in hella trouble one day 
  • honestly he is probably right
  • he kisses all your bruises
  • and when you get cuts he’ll clean you up
  • especially when you fight anyone who says anything bad about him or your relationship
  • and the other newsies definitely back you up
  • also you guys would def have this one private moment that you’ll cherish forever
  • yall were cuddling in crutchie’s bunk 
  • you end up sharing a bed a lot
  • or sleeping on the fire escape because it’s more private
  • and your head is resting on his chest and he might have a hand in your hair
  • he sighs and is like 
  • “i am so in love with you” 
  • that was the first time either of you said it and you were shocked but really not surprised
  • there’s so much love between you and crutchie and it is cute as heck

okay sorry if this isn’t really what either of you wanted i kinda did a little bit of my own thing… whoops

7 Minutes in Heaven (Minghao x Reader)

Anonymus asked: Hey pal! I was wondering if I could request a scenario??? Playing seven minutes in heaven with The8 (you aren’t dating and you may or may not have feelings for eachother? Doesnt matter if they do or not!) please!!!! Thank you!!! Your writing is so cute!!

A/N: man this was pretty fun to write. Just a warning that it is kind of smut but not really??? like it’s not actually sex but theres some foreplay stuff in there. anyway enjoy!

Words: 1676

As soon as the door opened, you weren’t sure you wanted to go in, but before you could protest, Jun grabbed your elbow and pulled you into the house party.

It was your typical house party; Yellowish lights and thumping music took over the floor, teens passing you with red Solo cups filled with various concentrations and mixes of alcohol. It wasn’t like you had never been to one before, but you weren’t one for parties. For one, you seemed to always wind up being the sober friend who had to herd cats at the end of the night. You also were the one who got hit on by guys who were way too drunk to even remember your name.

So no, you didn’t go to parties very often. Even today’s party wasn’t one you had particularly wanted to go to, but Jun, your friend from school, had convinced you that hey, there were tons of cute guys at school that you don’t know, so what better way to get to know then than at a party? There were no inhibitions at a party. Everyone was there for the same thing: to have a good time.

So here you were, slowly sipping on some beer you didn’t quite like, holding the ubiquitous red cup more to make it seem like you were already drinking so that no one tried to offer you some sketchy mix. You recognized more guys than girls at this party, which wasn’t a surprise. The group of twelve other guys Jun hung out with seemed to invite girls from other schools rather than from your own.

Just then, Jun tapped you and motioned down the stairs to the basement, where a small crowd of people seemed to be funnelling into. You weren’t doing anything at the moment other than trying to ignore a couple making out across the room, so you followed Jun down the stairs and to the carpeted basement.

A crowd of about twenty-four people gathered in a circle. You took a seat in the circle and caught Minghao’s eye. He gave you a small welcoming smile, one that you returned.

You had known Minghao for some time, Jun being a mutual friend. Sometimes, when Jun got too wasted at a party, you and Minghao teamed up to endure his drunken giggles and slurred jokes while walking him back home. You made polite conversation and had some soft laughs, but nothing moved past that. Sometimes he would stand next to you at a party, making the occasional comment, but never really trying to initiate anything with you. Sometimes you wished for a bit more, because you couldn’t lie, Minghao was really attractive. But you weren’t one to initiate things, and since he wasn’t doing anything either, your friendship was stuck in an awkward limbo.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Jun’s voice. “Welcome…” he raised his eyebrows dramatically, “to Seven Minutes in Heaven!”

Cheers erupted all around the room, but you weren’t contributing. Why had Jun decided to make you play Seven Minutes in Heaven? He knew you didn’t like it. You were somewhat relieved to note that Minghao wasn’t cheering either.

“But! This is no ordinary game of Seven Minutes. Your partners have already been decided!” Jun’s devilish smirk worried you as butterflies woke up in your chest. “Your partners…. are whoever is seated across from you!”

Your mouth dropped into an O as you looked around the circle. Dino and Tzuyu, who were one of the decided pairs, stared at each other in shock and shyness as their friends whooped and cheered. Seungcheol was being patted on the back by Jeonghan and Joshua as he stared with a smirk across the circle to Irene, whose face had turned tomato red. Momo and Hoshi couldn’t look each other in the eyes, but you could tell they were both happy.

“Jun!” You were surprised to hear Minghao’s voice. “That’s not- that’s not fair! What if your partner doesn’t want to-”
“House rules,” Jun declared, cutting Minghao off. “And, since you protested, you and Y/N can go first!”

Oh. Right. Minghao was your partner. Your heart sank slightly as you realized that Minghao probably wanted to do this with someone else, not you. But before you could process it completely, people were grabbing you and Minghao and pushing you towards the small closet in the corner of the room, hollering and cheering, some catcalling.

You stumbled into the closet just before the door was locked. It was a fairly small space, but you had no idea where Minghao was. It was pitch black and the dust in the air made it thick and cool. The concrete floor was cold and smooth underneath your socked feet and your heart thumped in your chest.

Suddenly a hand touched your forearm and you yelped. “Y/N?”

It was Minghao. You exhaled. “Hi, Minghao.”

“Hi.” There was a moment of silence before he said, “Sorry. I really didn’t think Jun would actually do this.”

“It’s okay,” you sighed.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want,” Minghao continued. You could hear he was kind of nervous, which was adorable. “He just wanted to do this because he knows I like you and-”


“Oh.” Just from that one syllable, you could tell he was thoroughly embarrassed. “I… I thought he told you at some point.”

“No, he uh, he didn’t.” You were really glad it was pitch black in the closet, because your face felt like it had been plunged into the hottest fires of hell. Why hadn’t Jun told you? This was probably why he had been grinning like an idiot when you had sat down across from Minghao.

“Well, like I said… we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want,” Minghao said quietly. “We could just make up something when we come out, if you want.”

You thought about it. Minghao had basically just confessed to you, and you definitely thought he was cute. Finally, you said, “No, no… we can try something if you want.”

“Really?” You could hear the surprise in his voice. “Are you sure?”

You nodded then remembered he probably couldn’t see you. “Yeah… I mean, I like you too.”

“O-okay.” There was some shuffling, then he asked, “Where are you?”

You giggled and reached out to touch his biceps with both hands. “Here.” You ran your hands down his arms to his hands and guided them up to your shoulders and let them rest there.

The next time his spoke, his voice came from a couple inches in front of your face. “Ready?”


Seconds later you felt his smooth lips pressing against yours, not quite chaste, but not a tongue kiss either. His lips moved against yours silently, not aggressive at all, just exploring. You felt his hands run to the small of your back and he pulled you forward a bit so that your hips matched. You decided to run with it and your hands found their way to the base of his neck, the pads of your fingertips running along his collarbones peeking out from his grey cardigan.

Before you knew it, the kiss was over and his forehead was pressed against yours. “Was that okay?”

You grinned and put your hand to the back of his head, pulling him back into the kiss, deepening it as you went. You could tell that he wasn’t expecting it, but you felt him smile into the kiss before his hand went back up into your hair, twisting a few strands in his fingers as his lips danced with yours. He took a brave step towards you, never breaking the kiss, pressing your back against the cinder block wall. This meant that every inch of his body was pressed against yours, hot and strong, but soft at the same time. One of his hands had found its way down to your waist and his thumb rubbed circles on your body as his lips started to get more needy, greedier. The contrast between the soft hand actions and the stronger, more prominent lip movements made your head start to spin.

Suddenly the warmth of his lips left yours all too soon as his hot lips peppered their way down your face to your jawline. He stopped kissing you long enough to ask, “Okay?”

You nodded vigorously, hoping he could feel the movement because you didn’t trust your voice enough to be able to form the word yes.

He must have felt it, because his lips attacked the underside of your jawbone, biting slightly and letting the skin linger in between his teeth for as long as possible. You sucked in a breath and stretched out your neck, wanting him to explore more. And he did.

Minghao moved down the side of your neck, sucking slowly and carefully on every patch of skin his lips attached to, always kissing the spot lightly before moving on to the next one. The lack of light made the experience even more sensual than you had pictured. Minghao had just reached your collarbone when suddenly your vision was blinded by light.

Cheers and shouts of “oh my god!” were going around the room as Jun stood triumphantly in the doorway of the tiny closet. “My god,” he said as Minghao held on to your shoulders “You lovebirds! I hope you used protection!”

Catcalls and cackles filled the air as Minghao took your hand and stepped out of the closet. “Shut up, Jun,” he said, giving the blond a punch on the shoulder. But as he sat back down with you, still hanging on to your hand, you could see he was grinning.

“Here.” Minghao passed you his sweater. You wrapped it around yourself, knowing you would have spots to cover up when you got home.

You both sat in silence while Seungcheol and Irene were pushed into the closet. Finally Minghao said, “I’d love to continue that at some point.”

You turned pink, but squeezed his hand. “I would too.”

Prince!S.Coups AU

This was requested by someone~! So whoever requested it, here you go. I’m sorry it’s not as cute or fluffy as my other AUs ;; 

Dt:  @seung-seoul and @frootscoups because they’re great and I secretly love them but shhhh 


  • Never avoids his princely duties and makes sure that he completes his work with precision and quality
  • Will wear basically anything that makes him look good tbh (and he looks good in anything he wears)
  • Very active and sporty and really likes to spend his time outside so he begged his parents (the king and queen, obviously) to put in a basketball court near the royal gardens
  • Whenever he’s outside in the royal gardens, he always talks to gardener!Jeonghan and tries to convince him to play basketball with him but almost always gets rejected
  • Very greasy. He’s known to the workers in the castle as the “flirty, greasy prince” because whenever he passes by one of the servants he always winks or smirks at them because he just enjoys the way they all get flustered
  • Seungcheol’s father doesn’t like that he basically flirts with all the workers but then he’s also a bit pleased because it means that his son is a charming prince
  • The King starts to arrange for royals from other kingdoms to come over and meet Seungcheol in the hopes that he will find someone he likes and will marry them
  • Tbh Seungcheol doesn’t really like the idea of other royals coming over and meeting him but he doesn’t want to upset his father so he just acts like his normal, charming self and all the royals love him but he doesn’t really show any interest in any of them
  • But then his father keeps pressuring him and he gets really upset so he just goes to the courts and shoots some hoops
  • You’re one of the gardeners and you work alongside Jeonghan, usually tending to the flowers and rose bushes and you spot Prince!Seungcheol playing basketball on the court and you notice he seems a little more upset than usual so you decide to say something about it
  • You just look to your side and say to Jeonghan, “Hey, is the prince alright? He seems kind of upset…” and Jeonghan looks over at him and is like “He does seem upset. Maybe I should go—“ but then butler!Joshua comes over and is like Dino is dancing in the ballroom again, we need to get him out of there before Jihoon scolds him and Jeonghan just sighs and nods, taking off his gloves and follows Joshua into the castle before suggesting that you go and check on the prince
  • You’re kind of hesitant to go over to the prince because you’ve never talked to him before but you know he has a reputation of being a flirt. Plus, would he get upset if you bothered him? You’ve seen him talk to gardener!Jeonghan once and he seemed pretty nice, even a bit dorky, but he’s a prince!! Is it really okay for you to go and talk to him?
  • It takes you five minutes to make up your mind and so you put down your plow and just slowly make your way over to the courts
  • You end up standing there awkwardly for a little while because Prince!Seungcheol is too focused to notice you so you just clear your throat and he turns to look at you, surprised, and tucks the basketball under his arm
  • You’re just like “U-uhm…P-Prince Seungcheol? Is everything alright? Y-you seem a bit upset…” and Seungcheol is just looking at you kind of confused because it is his first time seeing you and you’re covered in dirt and your hair is messy but you still look stunning and he’s kind of amazed and speechless before he remembers he’s a prince and he has to keep up appearance so he’s just like “Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m fine, thanks. Why? Were you worried about me? I’m honored that such a beautiful thing like yourself would care for me” and you’re just like “I-I..o-oh, uhm..I…I just thought that you seemed a bit upset…I-I..okay, I-I’m just go-going to go now…” and then you speed off red-faced and Seungcheol just laughs
  • Truthfully, he had been a bit upset, but then after you, the cute little gardener, checked up on him he feels a bit better
  • Thinks about you a lot after that fateful day. He knows that you’re a gardener because you were covered in dirt and wore the same gloves gardener!Jeonghan wears whenever he works in the garden (unless you’re just a really really really dirty servant like Dino)
  • Goes into the gardens and just sits next to gardener!Jeonghan, who is planting some seeds in the soil. Seungcheol is pretty silent for a while because he doesn’t know how to ask Jeonghan the question that he has so Jeonghan just goes “Are you alright?” and Seungcheol is just like “yeah, of course I’m alright. Why?” and Jeonghan just goes “you seemed pretty upset the other day. I was going to go and check up on you but I had to make sure Dino didn’t get in trouble again”
  • Seungcheol goes “yeah, it’s alright. A really cute gardener checked up on me….Do you know who it is?”
  • Jeonghan briefly pauses before continuing on with his work and is like “yeah, I know them.”
  • He gives Seungcheol your name and points over to the rose bushes where you’re watering the roses and he hears Seungcheol take a deep breath before he gets up and walks over to you and Jeonghan just watches him leave, wondering what the heck he’s about to do
  • When you notice Seungcheol standing next to you, you bow to him respectfully before continuing to water the plants and Seungcheol just goes “out of all the flowers in this garden, you are the most captivating” AND YOU ALMOST CHOKE ON YOUR OWN SPIT BECAUSE W O W YOU WEREN’T EXPECTING THAT !!!
  • Laughs at your expression because you’re honestly so cute omg stop it he can’t handle the cuteness
  • Comes to visit you everyday in the gardens and acts like his greasy, flirty self and gardener!Jeonghan always watches from the distance with a small smile, like a mother watching her son fall in love with the cute neighbor
  • Seungcheol’s father is still pestering Seungcheol about finding someone to marry like “Why don’t you pick one of the royals that are dying to marry you?”
  • Seungcheol is simply like “I don’t like them” and his dad is like “Why not? They’re all rich, attractive, and have a high social status!!”
  • Yeah, sure they’re all rich. And they look really attractive with their painted faces, expensive clothes and jewelry, and have a high social status, but that’s not really what Seungcheol likes. And he tells his father that.
  • “Well, what do you like?” his father asks.
  • “I like someone who is naturally attractive. Someone who could be wearing heavy work clothes, covered in dirt, have messy hair and still look beautiful because their smile shines brighter than the sun. Someone who is more elegant and precious than the most perfect rose. Someone who acts like themselves no matter if you’re a royal or a commoner.”
  • (psst~ if you didn’t know, he is talking about you~)
  • His father is just like “there can’t possibly be a person like that in the world” but he’s wrong. He is so so so wrong because Seungcheol has met that person before, and that person is currently working out in the garden ((IT IS NOT JEONGHAN, YOU JEONGCHEOL SHIPPERS))
  • Leaves his father and races out into the gardens so that he can hang out with you
  • The King strolls around the gardens one day because he needs a little breather but then he hears laughing and sees you and Seungcheol hanging out by the rose bushes
  • He sees the bright smile on Seungcheol’s face and suddenly understands that his son’s ideal person is actually real and they work for him in the royal gardens.
  • The King goes to ask Jeonghan about you (because he trusts Jeonghan like seriously that dude is an angel and angels never lie) and when Jeonghan tells him how great you are, the king makes a decision
  • All of the royal suitors are called off
  • When Seungcheol tells you the news, you let out an unintentional sigh of relief and Seungcheol is like “what, are you glad that someone else isn’t going to steal me away from you?” and you’re like “w-what??? N-no!! I-I’m just glad that some unfortunate royal won’t have to be forced to marry you!!”
  • Seungcheol just laughs because you’re so flustered and embarrassed and it’s just so cute
  • Jeonghan is not surprised at all that the King called off the royal suitors because he knows what you’re like and you are very very likable. Also, he’s glad that all his hard work paid off
  • What do I mean by “his hard work paid off”? Well, let’s just say that Dino wasn’t actually dancing in the ballroom and Joshua was his partner-in-crime (he basically set you and Seungcheol up but shhh)
  • Prince!Seungcheol is just a flirty, greasy guy who works hard and plays hard. Although he’s pretty confident, he gets a bit dorky when it comes to you. He doesn’t want to meet any royal suitors because he already knows exactly who he wants to marry one day, and he’s working hard to make sure that when he proposes, that person will say yes (the person is you shhh). To him, you’re better than all the royals that want to marry him. You’re more beautiful than all the exotic flowers in the garden, and you’re more precious than the entire kingdom. All he wants to do is hang out with you in the gardens and admire how beautiful you look in the sunlight

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hOLY SHIT its been a while since I've even thought about tamaki-senpai (pls kill me). OHSHC is old as shit jfc. Anyways, can I get the OHSHC members reactions to their s/o just in general being really cute and cuddly, and just hanging all over them?

(It can definitely be called a classic at this point. //Whenever I hear senpai I giggle bc I think of that one Senpai rap thing and it’s lowkey my jam but also omfg why)

Tamaki Suoh-

Lets be honest okay, Tamaki LIVES for affection and attention and he will always reciprocate by like patting your head or rubbing your arm whaT A SWEETHEART. (chill. okay sorry.) If he isn’t used to it yet he is probably going to turn fire hydrant red like in that once scene.

Kyoya Ootori-

Kyoya is going to act like he doesn’t care about it but honestly its probably really comforting and he appreciates it. Wraps and arm around you to reciprocate.

Kaoru Hitachiin-

Will say something like ‘Did the sun come out or was it just you brightening my day?’ Really chill about it, drapes his arm around your waist and casually flirts a bit. Does not mind aT ALL.

Hikaru Hitachiin-

If you thought his brother was bad, not only will he flirt but he will tease you about hanging all over him. He likes it though, and he’s probably pretty happy that you came over to him.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka-

The cuddliest of all, extra cinnamon-y bun. Will curl up next to you and act like being clingy to you while your clingy back is the most normal thing. Everyone else probably gets cavities looking at you two.

Takashi Morinozuka-

Pats your head and plays with your hair probably. Secretly loves the attentions and thinks you’re adorable. If he’s tired he will tell you so and you will get so flustered. 

Haruhi Fujioka-

Haruhi thinks that you are adorable and she will call you cute and hold your hand. Very cool about it, will continue going about her day not really minding that you’re attached to her hip.

idk if this is silly but i have this ridic headcanon that cullen tries to never use someone’s nickname even if he’s like really close to them (except the inquisitor i think) but sometimes it happens and he has to reel himself back in like “wow cuLLEN THAT WAS WAY TOO FAMILIAR”

like maybe during not-too-serious discussions with the other advisors he says sth like “no, that won’t be necessary josie…phiNE JOSEPHINE YOUR NAME IS J O S E P H I N E”

and leliana probably goes up to him and ruffles his hair like “aw it’s okay cully wully”


Hi VIP world. I am Chantal from the Netherlands. This year I graduated from college and my parents generously gave me a 1-week vacation in Seoul. I admit Big Bang, and my bias Seungri, is instrumental in my choice of destination. Sorry for this long fan account, but I promise you this is juicy.

It’s my luck that my Polish friend is currently an English major in Seoul NU. We share a common love for BB and we spent a great deal of my trip hanging out with super duper hardcore VIPS. My friend, who’s somewhat wild, made friends with official VIPs after she attended the Dream Concert back in 2009. I believe they are the type of fans Jaejoong rants about because they are sort of stalkerish. I planned my Seoul trip very well, and communicated with a small group of Korean BB fans prior to my trip. 

So we spent 4 days as undercover/stalker/spy fans because we hung around YGE and spied the members’ cars to wherever they went to. Yes. I became a sasaeng along with 4 Korean teens and 2 unnies (they were 25 yrs old and have been fans since 06). They were official VIPs and have patterned their schedule with pretty much all their free time spent on fanning over the boys, staking out in YGE, etc. They even told me I should have went on March and April so that I could have maximized my stalker plans.

To organize this, I divided my account in the following: stalking YGE; bars in Hongdae ang Kangnam: Korean VIP insider info on BB. YES, I WAS ELBOW TO ELBOW WITH THREE MEMBERS, BREATHING THE SAME AIR, DANCING TO THE SAME MUSIC, DRINKING THE SAME ALCOHOL in the same bars.

Stalking YGE

YGE is not so big. Contrary to the pics, I was pretty surprised to see that it wasn’t as big as I expected. However the security is really strict because there are 2 men on the look out almost all the time. We staked out about 5-7 meters away from the entrance. At least 10 other fans were doing the same thing we did in all those days, and we were a big group. You see cars come and go all the time, but rarely will you get a glimpse of YGE stars. However we were really lucky because in the four days that we hung around, we saw at least 1 BB member. 

On the first day we saw the girl from SG in a black van. She’s not so pretty, but really sexy. At around 9 Youngbae came with his manager! He’s really short! I think I was as tall as his chin, and I am only 63 inches tall. But he was so fashionable that morning, like he had a gig or something. He wasn’t very friendly to the fans but he smiled. He looked tired. I was content just looking at him, but damn the Korean fans are so aggressive I tell you. They all surrounded him and shouted like crazy it wasn’t even funny. My friend and I stayed behind cuz we didn’t know how to react. After about ten mins or so, a couple of them got signatures and they shouted like crazy for YB that the security reprimanded the crowd.

The next morning we staked out the same time, and we arrived the same time as Youngbae and Jiyong. They were in a white car, sedan style and Jiyong was driving. The fans went crazy and my friend and I also joined them. However both of them were not in the mood and they didn’t even look at us. If I was a new person I would have been offended because the looks on their faces were kind of…. disgusted? But just like the Korean fans, I understood. I expected some of them to talk badly or something, but damn their devotion and loyalty was no joke. It’s like they knew of the moods of the boys. Anyway, we waited for another three hours and lo and behold, Ji and TOP and YB went out to ride a black van. It was all so fast all we could do was call their name. YB waved at us, and I’d like to believe he wanted to be nicer from his attitude earlier. GD was still smug and frowning. Sadly the Koreans said that GD was naturally snob. If he was friendlier, they would have been more surprised. I asked if they found it unappealing or ugly, but they said that was Jiyong’s charm. They said GD was the cold guy who everyone likes, but those who don’t will think why they like him for being rude. I didn’t get it at that time, but my interpretation was GD was the kind of college heartthrob who didn’t give a john tesh if people like him etc. And the Koreans are crazy about him for this attitude. Anyway, the k-fans mobbed the van like crazy to get their attention! Since my friend and I were the odd ones out, we chickened out again. Luckily, TOP waved his hand, and magically they stopped surrounding the van. It’s like they were waiting for even the slightest attention. CRAZY!

On the third day, we were fresh from our night out in Hongdae (where we saw Ji, TOP and Panda), so we stalked out later. We chose to go to YG at 4-7 pm so we can go straight to Kangnam. Again, we saw GD and he was riding a small black car, if I’m not mistaken it was a Chrysler because of the winged logo. It was different from the white car he was driving yesterday. Anyway, like usual he snobbed the fans but some of them surrounded his car anyway. He was stuck so he waved for security, pulled the window, and he signed some shirts and other stuffs but he didn’t even smile. But mind you, the girls still cried (one teenager was really crying so much). I was starting to get pissed at Jiyong because he was so unfriendly, and the Korean unnies told us GD changed over the years. They said that back then, GD was very sweet and endearing, but they observed that after his solo album, GD became distant and cold. From there I understood. I don’t regard myself as an expert, but I just graduated with a degree in Psychology and I can see through what the fans told us. Of course I’m not saying it’s true, but from their stories, it seemed GD became really aloof and quiet to the fans after all his controversies in 2009. He mentioned in one interview that after all the issues from his solo album, he learned to keep his head down right? Poor Jiyong. That day we also saw Psy and Kang Hyejung in their respective vans. However, I don’t really know them so I can’t say anything. Some fans were rudely calling Psy’s name though, he waved at us, and you can tell he has a kind nature because of his very kind face.

On the fourth day, we stalked out again in the morning and I didn’t sleep properly. I wish I did because that was the day when I finally got face-to-face with SEUNGRI! In the two past nights we stalked the boys in night clubs, I only saw Seungri from a distance of about 10 meters or so. BUT THIS TIME I GOT SO CLOSE! It was around 10 or so, I wasn’t sure, when a black car arrived (all boys have black cars according to the Korean fans. YB’s Mercedes, GD’s Chrysler, Dae’s Audi were black, and even TOP’s Hyundai was also black). GD also had another white luxury car which was either Bentley or Chrysler, didn’t get to confirm. Ri was in a black sedan type Jaguar. I thought it would be Teddy or maybe YG himself because it was so flashy. BUT IT WAS PANDA! He’s driving a black Jaguar! WE MOBBED HIM AND I DIDN’T EVEN THINK TWICE! He got out of the car and it was like a Valet or something. HE STAYED! Unlike GD, Seungri was soooooooooooo warm and so close and so happy and so charming and so… maybe it’s my bias talking. SORRY! In the past three days I stopped myself from attacking them, but this time I didn’t! I RAN TOWARDS HIM LIKE THE OTHERS! Maybe because of my camera, or my caucasian features, but Panda said “No pictures please, no no no no. Okay?” HE WAS SOOOO CUTE! I said “Sure, sure, but please sign this, I’m from the Netherlands!” “Ooh Netherlands. Waaaaaah. So beautiful.” I DIDN’T KNOW IF HE WAS SAYING THAT TO ME OR MY COUNTRY O MY john teshING GLORY! He signed my hanky and my notebook. He’s soooooo nice! He signed as much as he could. And at that moment I just stared at him and smiled and I thought to myself maybe I am a really good person for being able to have met them like this. Oh also we saw Psy again and this time he was driving.

I met Seungri 2x, G-Dragon 4 john teshing times, TOP 3x, and YB 2x. I’m so sad I didn’t get to see Daesung. But like Korean fans said, Dae was “hiding.” Yup, my friend said that their exact words translated were “hiding” and “making peace.” I interpreted that Dae was making amends and was embarrassed to look at the fans. Poor Daesung. I admit it made me a little sad that the boys (esp. GD) were having a little too much fun in bars, while Dae was “making peace.” But they have a life. More on that later.

Oh wait, my mind is a scramble right now, so allow me to give their physical impressions on me now before I blab more later.

TOP: Tall, fashionable, FAIR SKINNED AND SMOOTH! and sooooooooooooooo GOOD LOOKING EVEN FROM 5 meters away!

YB: Short and really muscular. However, he’s not scary muscular. He was pretty small-framed and really little.

GD: Extremely good-lookin, and he’s not even my bias. His skin is also smooth and quite silky (or oily?) I don’t know, it shined from smoothness, if that’s possible. AND HE IS RIDICULOUSLY EXTREMELY FASHIONABLE from head to toe. Of the five, he’s the one who screams “celebrity.” OH DID I MENTION HE SMELLS SOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD. It’s a mixture of perfume, smoke and alcohol. Sorry, GD drinks. BIG TIME.

Seungri: SO john teshING HANDSOME! I can’t even. The cameras don’t do him any justice at all! He’s not too small like YB, but not too tall. I think I was on his neck? HIS SMILE AND EYES ARE KILLER I CAN DIE FROM HAPPINESS NOW!

Night Out in Seoul

Okay, here’s were it gets dirty. The following posts contain lots of following around, stalking etc. The K-fans got an insider info that Seungri was going to NB, a YG-family bar. One of the K-fans had a connection (she was 32 years old and still likes BB) so it was easier to enter. It was so expensive to survive the night. SO PRICY IT TOOK MY DAILY SAVINGS FOR THAT TRIP! And it was the weekend! Okay, so the Koreans knew that NB was packed on a Friday night so they told us that the best way to make sure we got close to the boys was to stalk them from YGE or the apartment or in some places. We divided into groups. We stalked the YGE building which we just left about 5 hours prior. Man in that 5 hours all I did was visit Lotte. So we were not lucky because we waited outside YGE until 7 but they weren’t there. They weren’t in the dorm either. But some K-fans tipped that Ri left the university at 7:30 with friends. So that group in Chungang was the one who stalked Ri’s cars. We got to Hongdae at 8 and entered at 9. The Chungang group wasn’t there yet, so maybe Ri wasn’t there too! 

In NB, it was so difficult to enter. They had ID system, security check etc. Wow. NB cost 15000 won for entrance alone! And drinks inside were expensive. But it was a good bar with good music and party people. Didn’t expect Koreans to be this party ready! There were hundreds of people inside, and it got so difficult to look for celebs. Koreans said the celebs would usually wear clothes that hid their faces, but they said that JYP and some rappers and idols also frequented the place. I was on the look out for any 2PM or Beast members, but I couldn’t find any because it was so packed with people! Anyway, there was a tunnel at the back where VIP (as in important people) enter, and the Koreans were tipped that a huge number of celebs were entering. It was heavily guarded but you could definitely see who was entering.

The next minutes would be the most shocking moments of my life. First I saw was a very familiar tall man who was wearing shades and scarf on the neck. MOTHERjohn teshING LORD IT WAS CHANSUNG OF 2PM! Oh my lord. Instead of partying I kept my eye on Chansung but he entered a VIP room somewhere on the second floor. I don’t know. I lost him! john tesh! Anyway, if Chansung was seen I was positive I could see Seungri too! Damn what was taking him so long. So the hours went and I didn’t see anyone, but the Koreans said that some famous rappers also entered the place. What surprised me was how no one went crazy like a wild fan upon seeing some stars. It’s like a normal place where those celebs were comfortable. I guess bars are really like that there in Seoul. Anyway I had the dance of my life when the fans went crazy because someone came again. It was a very pretty girl in some shiny jeggings and awesome hat, the kind of Lady Gaga hat that covers half your face. I didn’t recognize her, but the boys were going crazy. She was accompanied by three other fashionable girls, and I thought maybe it was 2NE1? Or maybe miss A because there were four of them. Damn even I knew that was too good to be true. We walked closer and the Korean fans were murmuring like crazy, and I only understood that when my friend went crazy. My friend would only shout for a female idol if it was SNSD. AND BAM! She said it was Yuri! john tesh MY LIFE. I was already going crazy from knowing that 2 Korean idols were in the same bar. I asked if it was Yuri with other SNSD members, but no, they said it was just Yuri with some friends. I lost her again, john tesh. She went to the second floor. I was always on the look out on the second floor because celebs were there.

Okay so the Chungang group called us and said they lost Seungri’s car and that they couldn’t enter because the club was packed. Poor them. If I was with them I wouldn’t have entered. Okay I don’t know how to write it anymore. My mind is scrambling. Anyway, lots of other celebs came according to the K-fans, and I didn’t even know most of them. I didn’t see them, but the Koreans said it was Heechul and some other idols. I didn’t know who, but I just knew it was Heechul. DIDN’T SEE THEM OKAY, just writing what the fans said.

The night went on, and I think it was already past midnight when GOD HAVE MERCY BIG BANG CAME. It was just GDTOPSEUNGRI. They entered the front door like ordinary people, not at the back like Yuri and Chansung. The Koreans said BB members are everyday sight in NB and Hongdae, so there was really no point in entering the backdoor. GDTOP loved to party! And you can see GD moving to the music. The Koreans stopped us from mobbing them (which was ironic since they were very pushy in our YGE stakeouts). They said NB was a YG-club, and mobbing BB may get us thrown out. Anyway, I was surprised to hear foreign music, mostly heavy-based hip hop, which GD rapped into. He was so into it. Unlike the moody and reserved Gdragon from the YGE bldg during mornings, club Jiyong was energetic and fun. TOP, like always, was calm and swagger. Like the other celebs they went to the second floor, and that’s when we decided to shell out some more money just so we can enter the second floor. 

The second floor was mostly social people with drinks and near the bar. YOU COULD TELL THERE WERE RICH PEOPLE IN THERE! And GOD HAVE MERCY THERE WAS A BAR! I guess we got it easier because we were foreigners, because they were usually strict in letting ordinary-looking Koreans. Okay, like the ground floor NB2’s second floor was also packed, but with younger, less energetic crowd. THEN I SAW THEM! They weren’t in a room yet, SR was ordering drinks in the bar. I wanted to run to him but the bar was packed! I couldn’t. GD and TOP entered the VIP room, and yes, TOP WAS SMOKING. 

Okay, I don’t know how to put it in words so I’ll just summarize.

- Seungri dancing with girls (MINDjohn teshED)

- Gdragon drinking and drinking and drinking and smoking and drinking

- Seungri and Chansung talking in the bar like close friends. YES, close friends

- TOP dancing animatedly with boys, he never went close to girls, but there were extremely pretty girls entering and leaving their VIP room


- GD coming out of the VIP room with his hands on a girl’s shoulder, and SMOKING.

- GD dancing and singing to 2012

- GD passing by me to go to the wash area, and I SMELLED HIM! HE REEKED OF NICOTINE, but damn there was that mix of perfume. 

- GD and Yuri greet each other

- Big group cheers with those idols, Yuri and TOP seemed familiar with each other IDK

- Heechul’s group leaving at around 2, I saw that Beast guy and some idol girl (the fans said it was a miss A member, they were speaking in Korean I didn’t understand) and his group did this manly arm and hand and back thing with TOP and Ri and Chansung inside the bar. TOP and Heechul seemed friendly. Heechul and Yuri laughed. I don’t know.

- All night Chansung and Seungri were together with some guys. The others weren’t cute.

- GD became hyper at around 3 and danced with all girls, even Yuri. Seungri was laughing maniacally

- I don’t know where TOP disappeared to, but the last time I saw him he was holding a beer.

We left the scene at 4 am and they were still there, but we were so tired and so tipsy already. I think I spent about $100 the whole night, it was crazy. I COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT I SAW THREE BB MEMBERS PARTYING IT UP LIKE THERE WAS TOMORROW IN THAT NOISY BASEMENT BAR! GOD DID I SAVE THE WORLD IN MY YESTERLIFE?!?!?!

Next stop was M2 techno club in Kangnam. We had insider stalker information that some members would drop by the district on Saturday night. There was debate among Koreans on which club in Kangnam, since there was another NB club there, then there’s the famous Qvo club. It was around 7pm when some unnies confirmed that it would be M2. Okay so I’m getting tired so I’ll just summarize the 2nd night life

- Only GDTOP came with a huge group of fashionable boys, with some oldies (K-fans said it was Teddy and Kush, but I didn’t see, so I’m just writing what they told me). Around 3 – 5 other friends were tall and good looking with celebrity aura, didn’t know them

- That night, there were lots of underground rappers in M2. Koreans said the Cho guy was there, as well as the 2 supreme team guys, and I THINK I saw Simone? Was it Simone or Simon? I think I saw him. He’s good looking in person. No interaction with YG fam though.

- GDTOP was in a public space group table, not a VIP room. It must be a VIP table because they were being served, they didn’t order in the bar

- Lots of smoking and drinking


- HOLY MOLY GDRAGON WAS GETTING HOT AND SEXY WITH THIS KOREAN GIRL WITH A FOREIGN MIX. NAUGHTY! No kissing, just dancing and lots of whispering and flirting.

- TOP loved beer. He drank beer most of the time

- One of their fashionable friend was making out with a girl.

- Their table requested some English songs, and the DJ dedicated it to them and they all went WOOOOOH and toasted and drank like they were in a contest. I’m telling you TOP was wasted!

- GDTOP dancing in the middle with girls and boys, they were really in with the party crowd.

We left early this time because M2 was so jampacked and reeked of alcohol and cigarette that I somehow got sick towards the end. The music was not base-heavy, but percussion heavy so I was so deaf by 2am. So yeah. When we left, GD was still with girls, TOP in the dancefloor, and their group still enjoying the night scene.

It was like a dream. I didn’t expect to actually be able to see all the boys, and more so Gdragon, in the flesh. Anyway. I’m tired and there are still lots of things to be said.

Insider Information from Korean VIPS 
(more on GD because those Korean fans, like most Koreans, are G-dragon biased)

* G-dragon is very close to his family. He bought a car for his sister, and bought an apartment-for-rent business for his parents (who are both really old) . GD also renovated their house in Seoul and bought properties in Apkujeong and Itaewon.

* GD is religious. He always went to church with his family, but lately he went alone or with friends.

* GD is a ladies’ man. In night scenes, GD is often scene with a large group of girls, and he is very friendly towards them.

* GD smokes and drinks very openly, no discretion.

* GD has a prince personality. HE IS COLD and RESERVED, but NOT rude or proud. Korean fans said they grew to love the seemingly arrogant persona of GD, but they said when he is in the right mood, he is a touchy idol (don’t get what “touchy” means).

* GD has a large group of friends who are all extremely good looking and rich

* GD has 3 cars, 2 often seen, 1 only in display

* GD is very close with Bom and CL of 2NE1, he was once sighted shopping with Park Bom, and having ice cream with CL.

* GD is also very close with Yang Hyunsuk. They share an older brother-younger brother relationship. G-dragon once gifted YGE a very expensive watch.

* GD is known to be close to Yoobin of WG and Nicole of Kara. BoA and GD are also friends. GD was often sighted with Tiffany, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and some other men in NB Apkujeong. 

* GD and Yuri are casual friends.

* GD was once sighted with Beast’s Junhyung and Hyunseung in Myeongdong district.

* GD didn’t finish college, but was once enrolled in Kyunghee majoring in classical music. He dropped out even before school started. This was after he dropped out with Dae in their first university.

* GD has no formal music education, but he and Teddy enrolled in online American universities

* TOP is a mama’s boy. He bought 2 villas for himself and his family. His dad is a military officer who earns a lot. Choi family is very rich. TOP’s sister owns a series of clothing businesses.

* TOP has had 2 cars but never renewed his license.

* TOP and GD almost have the same set of friends, but he has his own Dongguk friends, who are mostly guys.

* Unlike GD, TOP is not too close with girls, but when he gets serious, he is. There were sightings of TOP with just one girl in multiple night scenes. He’s had 5 girls so far according to stalker information

* TOP loves shopping around in public places

* TOP is close with Heechul and Siwon of SuJu, Nich of 2PM, Jaejoong, Hyungjoon, Yunho and Hyunseung.

* TOP is very very close to Park Bom, Gummy, Park Hanbyul, the girl from SG, and the partner of Junpyo. He also shares a relative closeness to the dancers of YGE.

* Taeyang is religious. He is always in church.

* Taeyang always dances. He has a underground dance team in Kangnam, and is a part of a regular dance crowd in all Noisy Basement clubs.

* Taeyang is friends with all Brown-eyed girl members, Lee Hyori, Siwon of Super Junior, Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon. 

* Sighted with Yuri and Seungri in Chungang district

* Seungri is rich. He owns a house and businesses in Gwangju. Aside from the school, he also owns a restaurant in the province. He is a businessman.

* Seungri is really really really close with Goo Hara and IU. He has been sighted with these two girls multiple times. He is especially often shopping with Hara.

* Seungri is always in a group date with university friends, including Yuri. He and Yuri are really close inside and outside classroom. However, during the last semester there have been no sightings of Seungri and Yuri together, unlike before.

* IU, Seungri, and Thunder are trios who always eat and dine out together.

* Seungri has had 2 idol girl friends.

* Daesung is very religious and quiet. He has the least public sightings from all members. He is very close to his church friends.

* Daesung has had 2 cars, both audis. He hasn’t finished university but went more often than GD

* Dae has a house and 1 apartment villa in Apkujeong.

* Dae is almost NEVER seen in bars and clubs. He doesn’t usually go on a night out.

* Dae is a volunteer in Church, and has been mostly sighted in outreach and charity programs in schools, communities, and other churches.

* Dae is also very close with producers and directors for SBS and MBC.

* In Big Bang, GDTOP is seemingly the closest because they are often seen together in night scenes and events, and also in shopping.

* GD and Seungri are usually seen eating out

* GD and Bae are only seen in YGE and bars.

* YB and Dae are close because of church, and they also shop and eat together.

* Teddy and Kush are often seen with Tae and TOP.

* During concerts, Taeyang and Seungri would always greet some fans in the backstage.

* In live broadcasts, Seungri would usually give out freebies for VIPS.

* Korean fans said that in Korea, YGE is hardcore. I said that some international fans think of YGE as trying hard and poser, but they said that in the underground scene, NB and YG is notorious. They even said that “NB defines Seoul’s night life. YG Entertainment, its artists and its music is hardcore.” Apparently, almost all “underground idol rappers” have once started their gigs in NB1, NB2, and NB Gangnam.

* VIP, as a fandom, isn’t united. They said that they act mostly on their own, or in small groups, unlike SM fans who supports in bulk.

* Big Bang has lost current popularity, but they are a household name in South Korea. Seoul’s rich and elite, THEIR WORDS NOT MINE, only know Big Bang when you ask them about Korean singers. 

* In 2008, even the poor and the middle class liked Big Bang. But BB’s difference from other popular idols is that you can also make rich socialites buy their albums without shame. Korean VIPS pride themselves that Big Bang transcends the income inequality of fans and supporters.

* Korean VIPS said that their fandom is relatively smaller and less active than other fandoms, so most of BB sales are divided from fandom and casual fans. South Korea supports Big Bang. And most especially, G-Dragon.

* Korean VIPS said that Big Bang are unlike other idols. They are not showy with fans, they don’t do fan meets, YGE has long forgotten about organizing the official fandom, but multitudes of VIPS still stick to Big Bang in the quiet.

Okay, I wrote out pretty much all I took note of and remember. These are all first hand experiences and insider information from Korean VIPs/stalker fans. This took me all night to make so I hope you guys appreciate it. Now I know I may come of as too know-it-all, but I just got lucky in meeting hardcore Korean Big Bang fans. Thank you. BIG BANG IS LOVE!

source : chantalmeijerVI@twitter
via: juang_bb@soompi

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Hi can u pretty pretty please write an scenario where Kidoh likes u but he's shy to tell u so the members tease him? Ps. IM IN LOVE WITH THIS BLOG, THANK U FOR UR WORK!♥️♥️♥️

Ugh…is this ok? This isn’t like 100% what you wanted, but yeah. 

Thank YOU for being so sweet, the blog loves you, too ❤❤❤

-admin p

“Hyung, really, what’s the worst that’ll happen? She’ll say no?” Sanggyun asked with a raised eyebrow. Kidoh narrowed his eyes and threw his hands up into the air.

 “Yes! She can say no! She could tell me she doesn’t like me, then I make things awkward!” His head shook from side to side and Xero laughed behind Kidoh on the couch.

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Confessions Series – Jungkook
  • Jungkook would liTERALLY BE THE CUTEST BB EVER
    • ^ WHere is the lie?
  • shyness conSTANTLY
  • But also a bit of that “look at me- nO WAIT DON’T LOOK AT ME” thing
  • I’m so wrecked by these thoughts like
  • AnYwAy let’s get on with it.
  • When he asked you out, he was really rEALLy nervous;
  • All day he would have been on at Tae and Jimin like “What if they say nO I AM SO SCARED I’M NOT GOING TO DO IT-”
  • Jimin and Tae just shaking their heads and assuring him that you’re pretty much head over heels for him – you won’t say no (duh)
  • But Jungkook is having none of it
  • “SHHHH”
  • So yeah
  • He ends up going to meet you at a coffee shop or something highkey cliched like that
  • “Hey, Y/N.” And he’s all awkward and you’re so??
  • “Hello!”
  • “Let’s… get some coffee yes yes.”
  • “O….kay???”
  • So you get the coffee (Jungkook gets a caramel macchiato ahaha-) and sit down
  • Jungkook is all weird and even more fidgety than normal so you just
  • “Okay. What’s wrong – why did you even ask to meet up?”
  • And all of the – probably nonexistent let’s be real here – courage that he’s built up just disappears “n o  r e a s o n.”
  • Jungkook is just the literal embodiment of that “/sweats nervously” meme rn
  • “Yeah right.” And you just kind of glare at him.
  • But nah, that fear has built up so hE CAN’T DO IT NOW.
  • “I’m just going to wait until you tell me what it is.”
  • And the stubbornness kicks in.
  • “Okay.”
  • Silence.
  • And the silence continues for a while.
  • Jungkook is just being a nervous child and you’re just being a stubborn child.
  • Well
  • That’s until you give up and just
  • “…huh?”
  • “Wait what?”
  • “No no no forget I said that-” And now you’re the definition of the “/sweats nervously” meme.
  • “But, Y/N-”
  • “N O P E”
  • “That was… what I actually did want to do.”
  • “NO nO- Oh… Really??”
  • And a blush just appears on his cheeks and he nods, “Yeah…”
  • (Taehyung thought it was very cute when Jungkook told him later that day)

The three first set!

I had fun with every one of them, and I tried to make them look all different (even though I didn’t allowed myself to try too far to not miss the real character 8′D)
I’m sorry for the little short arms sometimes (didn’t want them to take too much space and… short arms happened ¬///¬)

So in order : llamakoernchen , Dea (D-e-a-m-a-r-o), Aile (llylandrill), Chitsuu, Ondria, Cdm-Cassy-Fc, Alice (Sabi138), Lyslissa, Agatha16.
My two little favourite are Chitsuu and Lyslissa (one because she has ethnicity and, Lyslissa is so cute with all her fluff *^*), but it’s really cool to see how everyone assort their stuff differently giving their character unique traits ^v^ (even though your guardian surprise me Lyl’, except for one or two things, I thought it was almost like mine (the dwarfnest is the cause I swear! XD))
-Same number to do next 8′D-

(Sincerely, you’re crazy, just had time for one and then- okay time for closure XD)

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what if im a questioning girl who wants a cute gf 2 kiss nd hug nd cuddle is that an okay thing cuz like girls r really cute and boys r (no offense to boys)kinda gross, in my opinion, but at the same time i'm only 15 and i've never had romantic experiences w/ anyone but girls so how would I know? like w/o experience how r any of my thoughts valid?but liek i think this but im scared 2 label myself as anything besides"questioning" atm? and im just kinda?do u have any advice fr me. ilysm btw <3

just take your time, pretty much everyone in the wlw community has been right where you are at some point in their lives!!! dont focus on labeling yourself too much, take as long as you need to figure yourself and your love for women out. you dont have to have any “experience” with loving women to be gay!! you’re completely valid💓💓

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Prompt #20 with Sam Wilson please darling. ☺

“I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed.”

“Haaaaaaah! Danny, you’re feeling pretty firm! I guess you really have been working out~” You squealed as you surprised your best friend by jumping onto his back and curling your arms gently over his shoulders to steady yourself.

Luckily he had quickly grabbed hold of your thighs and caught his balance otherwise the two of you would have tumbled forward onto the ground.

“D, what’s with the change in cologne? I thought you- OH MY GOD. YOU AREN’T DANNY.” You had leaned forward to get a look at your friend’s face because he was quiet and usually he started complaining as soon as you grabbed hold of him. Now you understood why he was so out of character, because it wasn’t him.

It was some other amazingly hot guy who looked like Danny from the back and oh my god you very quickly unhooked your legs and practically jumped off his back and stumbled onto the ground. “Oh my god, oh my god.” You clutched your chest and wheezed. You were having trouble breathing and you were screaming internally because your tombstone would actually read ‘DIED FROM EMBARRASSMENT’. It would become a legit thing!

There was a ringing in your ears and spots in your vision. You were too busy trying to deal with it to realise someone was gently rubbing your back and making exaggerated breathing motions for you to mimic. You worked through your panic attack and blinked away tears from both frustration and shame.

“You alright? Let’s go sit down.”

You were still in a bit of a daze as someone guided you by the shoulders to sit on a nearby park bench. “I-I’m sorry.” You hiccuped.

“Don’t worry about it.”

There was a chuckle and you forced yourself to meekly take in the appearance of the stranger who you accidentally assaulted. He was definitely handsome and had a very kind smile and oh gosh, that just makes things so much worse… You were probably red as a tomato with puffy eyes from crying too.

“Is Danny your boyfriend?”

“No!” You shook your head and waved your hands frantically in dismissal. “No, no. Oh gosh, he’s my best friend. You guys are around the same height and physical build, so I mistook you for him. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to jump on your back. You should have just dropped me or something.” You wailed miserably.

“Aw, but what kind of guy would I be if I let a cutie like you hurt yourself?” He gently elbowed you. O-oh. He thought you were cute! Oh no! “But seriously, are you alright? I can wait here with you until you’re okay. It’s not problem.”

“Gee, you’re so nice.” You sniffled. “I’ll be okay, you can leave me here. I’m really sorry I mistook you for my friend.”

“I can’t leave you here on your own; it wouldn’t be right of me. I’m Sam Wilson by the way.” He offered a hand for you to shake and you accepted with your name. His hand was so nice and warm. “So, what are you up to today?”

The next time you saw Danny you would give him a solid punch in the arm for reasons he didn’t know or understand, but you had a massive grin on your face and announced you had a date, so it couldn’t have been too bad, right?


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can you do a "you’re dressed as the easter bunny at our town’s easter egg hunt and I take my younger sibling, but she’s afraid of people in costumes and you accidentally make her cry and you take off the bunny head to apologize and hey you’re kinda cute" jikook please??? thank you!!


“yeah. eggs,” jungkook sighs. “yay eggs. you ate eggs for breakfast too, wouldn’t you know it?” 

his little sister sticks her tongue out at him. “you’re such a stinky poop face day ruiner.” 

little sisters are so lame jesus christ. “whatever.” 

his little sister screeches. “what is that?” she jumps behind him and clings to his legs. “oppa, make it go away!” 

“what? the easter bunny?” some person dressed as the easter bunny is approaching them. it stops right in front of them and that’s when his sister bursts into tears. 

“oppa! s-scary!” she blubbers and jungkook is at a loss. 

“wait…don’t cry…oh my gosh.” this is just so embarrassing and jungkook’s about to tell the easter bunny to go away when it pops its head off to reveal a boy about jungkook’s age. 

jungkook never thought he could ever be attracted to anyone in a bunny suit but here god is, proving him wrong. 

“sorry, sorry,” the boy says, crouching down to be eye level with his sister. “i’m jimin. i just wanted to ask if you want to join the egg hunt because sign ups are over there. i didn’t mean to scare you!” 

his sister sniffles. ‘o-okay.” jimin smiles too and offers her a giant easter bunny paw. she takes it and they walk hand in hand to the registration booth while jungkook follows. 

jimin comes over to join him once he’s settled his sister in line. “i’m really, really sorry,” he says and jungkook shakes his head with a smile, telling him it’s fine. “although i said that to your sister, i honestly came over because i thought you were pretty cute.” jimin’s cheeks are red and he’s staring at his giant bunny feet. “although i’ve probably kind of ruined it. well, i’ve gotta go back to work so – “

“wait,” jungkook says, throat dry, and jimin blinks at him. “well…if you wanna make it up to my sister…do you wanna…hang out later? after the egg hunt? if you’re really sorry that is.” it’s a lame excuse and an even lamer semi-confession that he thinks jimin is pretty cute too but jimin smiles anyways. 

“yeah, sure thing.”