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Harry Styles imagine - 

Your daughter turns up at his door –

You didn’t really know Harry. He had lived two doors down from you for the last 8 months. He had introduced himself to you when you had moved in and you frequently saw each other while entering and exiting the apartment building but you didn’t really know much about him. However with your frequent interactions, your daughter had become quite fond of him, especially because he was so nice to her and gave her a funny face or a big smile on the way past. She had even on occasion asked to visit him when she was bored, but had never really acted on it. She was only three after all; she didn’t really understand he was a stranger.

After a long stressful day of work, it had been a lot more stressful then usual, (difficult clients were the worst) and you had just picked up your daughter from day care. It was very late and you were very tired, and looking after a three year old on top of all that was hard, but you did it because she was the best thing that ever happened to you. Her father wasn’t in the picture, so you shared your little apartment with her and all her soft toys, and that was the way you liked it.

You got her situated in the living room with a bowl of pasta and went into the bedroom to get changed into something more comfortable, but instead decided to rest your head on the pillow for a moment. Only a moment later you’d fallen asleep.

After a while your daughter got restless. She hadn’t seen her mummy around for a while. She got up and checked the kitchen, and again the living room but couldn’t find you. When she was eating she was so used to you being in the room with her, that she couldn’t even think of where else you could be.

She began to get scared and upset, and didn’t have anyone to help her. That’s when she thought of Harry.

She stood up on her tippy toes, reaching for the door handle, and walked down the hall to his front door, softly knocking.

At first Harry thought he was hearing things. He had the TV on, but he was mostly looking at his phone, and the knock had been so soft he could have missed it. However when he heard it again he got up to investigate.

Opening the door he sees your daughter, at first he smiles but then is a little confused because firstly you are not there and secondly your front door in wide open.

“Hey sunshine,” says Harry. “What can I do for you?”

Your daughter looks up at him with wide eyes. “I can’t find my mummy.”

Harry looks at the little girl confused. “Why hunny? Where’d she go?”

You daughter starts to get a little more upset, tears starting to form at the bottom of her eyes, “I dunno. She gone somewhere I dunno.”

Harry looked at your daughter sympathetically. He didn’t know much about you but he could tell you were a good mum. He was sure you wouldn’t have just left her alone in the apartment.

“Well how about we go and have a look alright munchkin?” he asked. She just nodded in response.

He lifted her onto his hip and walked back into your apartment, knocking on the open door first, but receiving no reply.

Harry looked around the living room. He couldn’t see anything weird or strangely out of place.

“Where is mum usually hun? He asked your daughter in a soft voice.

You daughter snuffled. “I dunno. She’s always just with me.”

Harry chuckled under his breath. “Where’s her bedroom. Did you check there?”

You daughter shook her head. “No. Id fordot,” she mumbled into Harry’s shoulder, pointing in the direction of the hall.

It was then that Harry saw your sleeping form and chuckled under his breath again. You daughter squirmed and jumped out of his arms.

“Mummy I found you!” she yelled waking you up from your sleep.

You woke up with a shock, first from your daughter’s loud voice, and then because of the man standing at the end of your bed. It only took you a moment to realize who it was though.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” you asked running your hand through you hair.

He laughed. “Your daughter couldn’t find you so she came and asked for some help. That’s all. I’m glad you’re ok.”

You laughed and squeezed your daughter into a hug. “You silly billy! I was right here!” you giggled.

She laughed. “Sorry mummy!” Now that she had found you she was content and happy, going back to her dinner and movie in the living room.

You looked back at Harry. “I’m so sorry about that. She’s so silly sometimes.”

He laughed. “It’s alright. I’m glad she trusts me enough that she can ask for help.”

You smiled. “Me too. But I hope it wasn’t too much trouble. I mean she interrupted your night and…” before you could finish he interrupted you.

“I honestly didn’t mind. She’s very cute. Just like her mum.”

You smiled and blushed, a little taken for words. “Thanks.”

“Anytime. But maybe next time she turns up at my door, you can come to.”

You smiled. “It’s a date.”

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Tom Holland X Reader

A/N: It’s your time of the month and Tom is planning on coming to see you, even though you told him that he doesn’t have to.

Warning: Fluff, cursing

You woke up this morning with the sun shinning through your curtains. It was a perfect day! You knew that Tom was finishing up his new film and promised that he was going to come over to see you and take you out to dinner. It was around 11:35 when you unlocked your phone. 

As you rolled out of bed, your stomach began to cramp causing you to bend over in pain. 

“Oh shit,” you swore, noticing spots of blood on your bed sheets. 

You rushed to the bathroom to grab some necessities and took some Advil, then returned to your bedroom to take off your bed sheets so you could wash them. 

Luckily, you had clean bed sheet in you linen closet that you could put on your bed while your original sheets were being washed. 

“Just what I needed,” you mumbled to yourself as you were putting the new sheets onto you bed.

After throwing the dirty sheets into the washer and making your bed, you texted Tom who was most likely still working, “Hey, you don’t have to come over tonight, my stomach hurts.”

As you sent Tom the text, you threw your phone onto your bed and started to draw yourself a warm bath. 

Taking warm baths always helped ease your cramping and usually helped you relax. You haven’t been able to see Tom for more than an hour in about two months due to his film and your school work. It stresses you out not being with him because you care for him so much, and you know that if Tom and you were to ever split up, you would be devastated.

The thought of you and him breaking up has been weighing on your mind since you barely get to see each other and the fact that your relationship is only known by a small group of people. As much as you want to tell the world about you and Tom’s relationship, you know that it would be too hard for the both of you. 

When your thoughts became overwhelming, you took a deep breath and submerged yourself under the water. Feeling weightless, you cramps slowly subsided and you began to wash your hair and face.

After your bath, you wrapped yourself up in a towel and walked into your bedroom to check your phone. Tom responded, “I want to come over! What’s wrong, love?”

You replied, “…” This was a your way of telling him that you started your period instead of actually telling him because you knew it made him uncomfortable. 

Tightening the towel around yourself, you opened your Spotify account and pressed shuffle on one of your playlists. You walked back into your bathroom to grab a pair of pajama pants and a long sleeve tshirt out of the closet. Peaches by In The Valley Below was playing off your phone as you put on your clothes and wrapped your head up in the towel to help dry your hair. 

After brushing out your tangled hair, you climbed back into bed and turned on your Apple TV to watch some movies on Netflix. Ella Enchanted was finally on there so you pressed play and bundled yourself up with blankets and pillows. 

You felt your eyes grow heavier as your body began to adjust to your comfortable new sheets. Growing sleepier by the minute, your phone began to vibrate causing you to jump. You searched for your phone through the maze of blankets and pillows until you finally found it. The vibrating had stopped.

Missed facetime call from Tommy Bo

You sighed. Fixing your messy hair, you swiped the notification away and called him back.

“Hey darling, I’m sorry you don’t feel well. I just finished things up here and I will be on my way soon. Want me to pick you up anything?” Tom looked so good right now and all you could think about is how you probably looked like a truck had hit you. 

“You’re so sweet, but you don’t have to. I am just sitting in bed watching Netflix. You really don’t have to come over, you know? I just want to stay in bed and you should go out and celebrate with your friends tonight.”

Tom shook his head, “(Y/N), I want to be with you tonight. I can celebrate tomorrow. I’m going to the pharmacy to put up a few things anyway, are you sure you don’t want anything?”

“I’m fine. Thank you though,” you said, even though you desperately wanted a chocolate bar and some ice cream. “Are you sure you don’t want to go out tonight? You have worked so hard and you deserve a night out. I won’t be upset if you do.”

“I worked so hard so that I could see you more, silly. Why wouldn’t I want to come see you?” Tom questioned. You could see that he was getting to the back of a car and that made you happy because you knew he was finally on his way to see you.

“I want you to come, but not when I’m like this,” you confessed. You heard another boys voice in the background, “Who’s with you?”

“Harrison. He’s coming over too. Hope that’s ok,” Tom shifted the phone to show Harrison’s face. Harrison is one of the very select few who knew about me and Tom.

“Congrats on not being pregnant,” Harrison joked. 

Tom started laughing along with Harrison, you wanted to laugh but your stomach was starting to cramp again so you weren’t in the mood.

“Very funny, Harrison,” you smiled at the boys laughing. “When will you be here?”

“45 minutes probably,” Tom said, running his fingers through his hair.

“Ok! Well, I will be in my room most likely so you can just let yourselves in and just come upstairs.”

“Ok, love. See you in a bit,” Tom smiled before ending the call.

You rested your head against your headboard and continued to watch the movie.

After a while, you heard the front door shut and foot steps marching up the stairs.

“Hey,” you heard Tom whisper, slowly opening the bedroom room. He’s so cute when he’s like this. “I brought you some gelato, some Reeces, some tea, and a cheese burger for ya.”

Tom set the bag of treats on your bedside table, “You know me so well.” You sat up as he leaned in to give you a soft passionate kiss on your lips. 

When your lips detached, you bit your lip. You missed him so much and gave him a hug.

Harrison, who sat on the end on the bed let out a slight cough, causing you and Tom to look at him.

“How are you, (Y/N)! Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“I know! It’s been a quick minutes hasn’t it?” 

Tom walked to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to you, “Got enough blankets?”

“No, I could use a few more,” you smiled, looking at Tom’s sweet face.

“You’re so odd. I’ve missed you.” Tom rolled over closer to me and rested his head on a pillow with one arm behind his neck and the other reaching for my hand.

“Missed you too,” you said, grabbing his hand. Harrison looked back at us and decided to join in on the party.

“What about me?” Harrison pouted, taking off his shoes before body slamming onto Tom.

“I missed you too, Harrison.”

“So, what are we watching?” Tom said, pushing Harrison off of him.

“You can choose. I don’t care,” I said, handing Tom the remote.

“Sons of Anarchy?” Tom grinned.

“If you want,” I shrugged, looking at him.

“I’m not in the mood for that.” Tom was such a bad liar. You knew that was his favorite show and was only saying that so that you wouldn’t have to watch it.

Tom continued searching, “Hmmm… how about we look at Starz? Netflix doesn’t have a good enough selection.”

He scrolled through the options and stopped on Surfs Up, “This used to be my favorite movie! We have to watch it!”

“Sounds good to me,” I agreed.

“Yeah, that’s good,” Harrison said.

As the movie began to start, you reached for you bottle of water and your cheese burger. You were so hungry.

After quickly eating your burger, you reached down to get the heating bad that was next to your bed. You set it on your stomach and turned it on.

“You ok?” Tom questioned.

“Yeah, fine.”

You readjusted yourself and rested your head onto Tom’s chest. His body heat and the heating pad were perfect. Tom rubbed your back, making you tired. You closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep.

You knew Harrison was already asleep from his heavy breathing.

Tom stopped rubbing your back for a moment, you lifted yourself off of his chest and then rested your head onto the pillow next to his and closed your eyes again. Tom proceeded to turn on Sons of Anarchy and then rested his hand on the sheets the covered your thigh. 

You felt his hand drift from the top of the sheets to under the covers and onto your thighs skin. This gave you goosebumps.

“Are you cold,” Tom asked.

You kept your eyes closed and nodded your head.

“How? I’m sweating,” Tom said.

You just shrugged. Tom then moved closer to you and wrapped you in his arms and kissed your forehead.

After a while, Tom assumed you were asleep and sighed before he whisper, “Beautiful.”

You tried to hide your smile and just dug your face into his chest.

“I love you so much,” Tom whispered again.

You lifted your face out from his chest to see Tom’s cheeks red. 

“I thought you were asleep,” he confessed.

You just smiled and ignored him, “I love you so much more, Tom.”

You leaned up to kiss Tom. One hand was resting on your back, while the other was on your cheek.

“You have no idea how much I missed you,” Tom said, before pressing his lips against yours and holding you close to him. “I want to tell people about us,” Tom said.


“I’ve been thinking about it and I think this will allow us to see each other more. We won’t have to sneak around and plan out when we are going to see each other,” Tom confessed.

“I completely agree, but don’t you think that telling people about us would make things complicated as well?”

“Yeah, but what’s a relationship without complications?”

“I guess,”

“We don’t have to if you don’t-”

You interrupted him,“I want to! I really want to!” 

Tom smiled before kissing you again. You rested your head back on his chest and wrapped your arms around his body, giving him a slight squeeze.

Before you knew it, you were falling asleep and so was Tom. Harrison on the other hand was waking up and looked back at the both of you together. He smiled and then took a picture of you.

“Precious,” Harrison said, before rolling back over to go back to sleep.

Just one chance 

(Zach Dempsey mini-series part I)

Part II Part III

A/N: One about Zach YAAAY! I hope you like it and if you’re wondering there will be more parts of this one.

Warnings: English is not my first language.


Words: 2.052


I had noticed. I noticed how he hoped to find that piece of paper in his compliment bag hanging on the wall next to the rest. Hoping to find that someone had written something that made him feel a little better, he didn’t lose hope that someday that bag would have something inside, he didn’t care how long it took.

I had stopped looking in my bag a long time ago; it wasn’t like I couldn’t use some nice words even though they came from an anonymous source that I would probably never know who it was. I had stopped looking inside because I never got any notes, so I decided to stop wasting my time and to stop feeling bad every time I looked inside.

Nevertheless I was surprised that someone like Zach Dempsey didn’t get a hundred of notes, after all he was the star player in the basketball team, he was friends with the popular people of the school, he was always in all the parties and I knew girls liked him, still he didn’t get any compliments in his bag.

I couldn’t help to feel bad for him, so I gather my things very slowly to be the last one in the class and I wrote a note for him, which I left in his compliment bag so the next day he would have something.

I didn’t write a love letter or something like that, it was something pretty simple, something that would make him feel better for the rest of the day; we all deserve to receive compliments from time to time.

A few days passed since the first note I wrote him and I had to admit that I loved how he reacted so I decided to write him a couple more for the next weeks, but I didn’t make it a daily thing.

One day while I was running to class, considering that I was late to first period. I was looking in my bag for my book and being the clumsy person that I am I ran into someone, luckily for me I didn’t fall backwards, that would had been even more embarrassing.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking” I said as fast as I could while I bend down to get the book that I made that person drop.

I saw it was the biology book, the same one that I was looking for in my bag and when I looked to the owner I saw it was Zach and I thanked that it was him and not one of his stupid friends, because even though he hanged out with them Zach was so much nicer than all of them together.

“Don’t worry, are you ok?” he asked grabbing his book and smiling for some reason.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just really bad at walking without running into people” I joked putting my bag on my shoulder “I was looking for my bio book but it seems that I forgot it at home” I sighed “but it doesn’t matter, see you in class” I added walking to the classroom, I didn’t want to get even more late.

“Wait!” he exclaimed making me turn in his direction with a surprised expression on my face “we can walk together and if you want you can sit with me and I’ll share my book with you” I couldn’t help the frown on my forehead. Zach was definitely kind, but not to this level, he was socializing voluntary with me, someone who wasn’t even close to his little world or the people in that world, it was odd.

“Okay… thank you” I answered trying to sound convinced. He reached me and we started walking to class together “how it is that you’re late to bio? You’re always the first one there” I added realizing he was late to his favourite class.

When I didn’t get any answer I looked in his direction and I saw him smiling again, this time even wider. We got to class so I wasn’t going to get any response to my question.

The class went by as usually, this was one of the few classes I liked, I liked to consider myself a person of letters, but I was good at everything in general, even though I hated all the subjects related to science or maths, that’s why it was something unusual that I liked this one in particular and that was the reason why I was always dazed in the teacher’s explanations, but not this time. I couldn0t stop looking to Zach and see how he took notes of everything and how he knew all the answers to the teacher’s questions, even though he just answered them in his notebook and not out loud. I guess that being good at something not related to sports wasn’t “cool”.

Unluckily for me Zach caught me staring and I tried to hide my smile, but it was impossible, I just looked in the teacher’s direction and started to take notes.

“You’re better at this than I thought” I whispered while I was writing the things that I saw in the blackboard.

“That means you knew I was already good at this” he answered looking at me all the time.

That answer was as odd as the rest of things that were happening with him this morning.

“Well, we have this class in common, why wouldn’t I know you’re good at it?” I asked looking at him again.

“Just an observation” there it was again, that smile, the third time I got that smile.

The bell was close to rang when Mr. Porter came into the classroom and I knew he was there for me, I just had to wait to hear my name and see how everyone looked at me.

When he did it I looked at Zach, who was looking at me with something like surprise and concern. I just grabbed my things and followed Mr. Porter to his office.

“I know why you have called me here” I said before he could even start “and I just have to say that everything is ok, I’m fine” I added with my usual tone.

“Your parents don’t think the same, they seem really concern”

“well, they are parents, when you have kids you’re life turns into an endless hole of worries, but I’m fine, I don’t know what they’ve told you, but I know exactly how I feel, can I go now?” the bell rang, great I was going to be late for second period too.

“How do you feel? I’d like to know it so that way I can help you”

“Why do you want to talk about it? To make me feel bad? I’ve said I know how I feel, it doesn’t mean I want to talk about it”

“If you don’t talk about it you won’t be able to solve it”

“This is a waste of time” I said standing and taking my bag. I was in a good mood this morning, but not anymore, thanks to this stupid “try to talk about your feelings”.

“(Y/N) wait” Mr. Porter stood like he was going to follow me, but he didn’t, I walked out of his office without looking behind and I let a big sigh leave my chest.

I started walking to communication class when I heard a certain voice calling me; I turned in his direction with surprise in face again.

“Is everything ok?” Zach asked coming to me.

“Yes, what are you doing here?” I needed to know the answer to that question, because we weren’t friends, we just had a few classes together and now all of the sudden he’s worried about me.

“I just wanted to make sure everything was fine” when I heard how sincere he sounded I felt something I had never felt before, it was like something inside me was completed and I just smiled widely.

“That’s really nice of you” I mumble “Thank you”

We remained silence, I didn’t know what else to say and he looked like he wanted to continue talking, like there was something he wanted to tell me and just when I was about to turn in the opposite direction he talked.

“Would you like to go to Monet’s some time?” he sounded almost nervous. Like if he was exposed to a terrible danger.

I looked at him, confusion all over my face, I was trying to make sense to the fact that he wanted to go out with me, I didn’t want to think he was playing with me, like it was some kind of bet with his friends, that would be really painful.

“Zach… I don’t want you to misunderstand this, but… why?” his expression didn’t change.

“I don’t know, you seem interesting and I’d like to get to know you better” now I was totally amazed.

“Is this some kind of bet you want to win? Because if it is-“

“No!” he said stopping me “no, no bets” I think he realized then why I have my doubts “I promise you it’s nothing like that”

“Then why are you interested suddenly? We’ve been in the same classes since freshman year and we have never had a real conversation, we’re from different worlds and I know you’re nothing like your friends, because if you were I wouldn’t even be talking to you, but when you’re with them… I don’t know, you’re not like this, I guess…”

“I get it, I have a reputation, but give me a chance to prove you that I’m not like that, and you won’t regret it”

“I’ll accept if you tell me the real reason behind this interest”

He stopped for a second, maybe thinking if he wanted to talk about it or not.

“I know you are the one who has left notes in my compliment bag” I opened my mouth to say something, but words didn’t come to me, I was speechless, I didn’t know if I should deny it or tell the truth “You’re not the only one who notice things, you know? I’ve notice how much you enjoy when we are in literature, how you are in your own world when you are bored, how much you like animals” I was blushing by the second “you like bio even though science is not your favourite area and how you laugh even when the jokes aren’t funny at all”

I couldn’t believe how much he noticed me, I always thought no one looked in my direction and that was why I felt so comfortable doing my things.

“How… how do you know the notes were mine?” I whispered, trying to recover myself form the things he had said to me.

“Because I know you’re the only one who knows how much I like bio” he answered giggling “and in your first note you wrote how cute I look when I’m paying attention in bio and that you think I looked happier there than playing basketball”

“That could be anyone…”

“That’s what I thought at first, but you have confirmed my doubts today” he said laughing at my recently shyness “Thank you for the notes by the way”

“Compliments are necessary” I said trying to change the subject.

“Then what do you say, do you want to go to Monet’s some day?” I wasn’t entirely sure about this, I really wanted to believe him, but I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe this was just a game and I think he knew how insecure I felt “I get you have doubts, I just ask for one chance”

“Ok, I’ll go out with you” I said almost cutting him, if I thought about it more I’ll change my mind and I wouldn’t give him a change to prove he had good intentions.

His expression change suddenly, he smiled brightly and I tried to hide mine but it was impossible, I looked in other direction so he couldn’t see it, but I think my attempt was useless.

“I promise you won’t regret it” he said thrilled “do you want to go to the library? We are already really late to class anyways”

“Sure, and you can help me with something I don’t understand in bio” I said walking by his side to the library.

“Of course”

The X-Files MSR Analysis Series: Season 1 Episode 3


Previous episode analysis - 1x02 Deep Throat.

This episode is basically How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - Mulder and Scully edition.  Mulder is forced to confront the fact his FBI colleagues mistrust and mockery of him makes it difficult to work with others, whereas Scully is beginning to feel tainted by association and has to examine where her loyalties lie.  Oh and some dude can squeeze his way through tiny holes to murder people.  That happens too.

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Boys or Girls?

Word count: 3,541

Warning: smut

Request: Kai pretends to be gay to get close to you

You tapped the end of your pen on your notebook, frustration colliding through your body as you couldn’t memorize the last paragraph you were given at college. All the mumbling and all the laughter  wasn’t helping either and you have had enough. You threw your pen on the ground and walked furiously out of the room, only to be found in the room with every single person possible and all eyes were on you, but there was one person that caught your eye and made you swallow hard and your heart skip a beat. You completely forgot why you left your room, the words completely vanishing from your brain as you were taken aback by the new an attractive guy sitting on the couch. 

‘Yes?’ Elena blurted out, making you snap out of your thoughts and look somewhere else but him, your fingers running nervously through your hair.

'Yeah, could you guys keep it, um, down, I’m trying to finish my assignment and I can’t think with all the yelling that’s going on here.’ You felt his eyes on you, his blue orbs piercing through your body, your muscles tensing from his deep gaze on you.

'Are you not even going to say hi to our new friend?’ Bonnie stated the question, a smile flashing across her face.

'Hi, I’m K-’

'Kai Parker or if you want to go by your full name, Malachai Parker. Yeah, I know you. Well, sort of, I know your name and where you’re from but- I’m- talking too much.’ You tapped your fingers on the wooden stair railing, feeling a smooth varnish under your fingertips. 'Um, I’m gonna go up to my room now, so, yeah. Oh and try to keep it down, please.’

'It was really nice meeting you!’ Kai shouted but only the sound of doors closing has echoed through the hallway. Everyone else went back to their conversations, while Kai kept looking at the stairs you were standing on just a minute ago. His plump lips curled up into a shy smile as a sigh escaped his lips. To him, you were the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and right at that moment, his plan has got him where he wanted but then at the same time, he was thinking of changing his mind because things may not turn out as he had planned.

Rainbow lights shone through the club that was filled with young people grinding on each other, their bodies moving in sync. Occassional smoke flying around the club, colorful lights making it look so mesmerizing. Your eyes traveled through the club, watching how people dance but your eyes landed on some special who’s eyes were already locked on you. You shifted in your seat at the bar and tucked your hair behind your ear and looked down, but you could still feel his eyes on you, making shivers run down your spine. Even a poorly lit up club couldn’t hide how beautiful his eyes were and how beautiful his smile was. You couldn’t help but smile too and close your eyes for just a second, his gorgeous facial features flashing before your eyes.

'It’s not gonna happen.’ Your body jerked at the sudden loud voice in your ear, making you turn your head to one side. Elena.

'What?’ You yelled, trying to be louder than the music blasting through the club. Strong bass thumping all the way in your chest, making you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

'You’re not his type.’ She answered making you turn towards him again, his smile somehow lighting up the whole club and even though you couldn’t hear his laugh, you could have easily place a bet that it sounded wonderfully. You didn’t really appreciate her for plunging you down to ground so quickly with her assumptions, but maybe she was right. Maybe she really did know him better than you had thought.

'Who is that anyway?’ The sound of your voice was filled with curiousity and the need to learn as much as possible about him, completely ignoring what what Elena has said about him just a minute ago. You didn’t care. You only wanted to learn who the beautiful, mysterious stranger was.

'Malachai Parker. The most infamous heretic in Mystic Falls.’

Even his name sounded too good, fitting his looks perfectly. The way he bit his lips every time he looked at you, feeling as if his blue eyes pierced harshly through your skin, your body burning at the thought of him standing close to you and staring at you with his perfect blue orbs or how his eyes traveled down your body every now and then, but your heart sank to your feet when a guy joined him and kissed him on his cheek.

'Why did you say that I’m not his type?’ You asked Elena and looked down at your feet, trying to ignore her gaze.

'Well, you do have something on your body that he likes a lot smaller and then, there’s also a body part that you don’t have, which he likes very much.’ She trailed off and threw a smirk at you, sipping her drink. You looked at her befuddled, not sure what she meant by that. You shook your head and widened your eyes, a chuckle leaving her lips when she realized you had no clue of what she was saying. She pointed down with her finger, your eyes following it all the way down to your crotch. Your mouth fell open, your hand quickly flying towards your lips to cover it.

'No way.’ She laughed at your reaction and nodded.


'But… he’s so hot and cute and oh god, don’t make me start on his smile. I just want to sit in front of him and watch him smiling all day long.’

'Aren’t all gay guys cute?’

'Yeah, I guess you’re right.’ You said disappointed, but your mind still find ir hard to believe in that story.

'There’s plenty of other guys here who would die to have a little piece of that cute ass of yours.’ She winked at you and pinched your arm, the way she chewed on her gum suddenly annoying the hell out of you.

'I think I’ll just, head home.’

'Oh c'mon, seriously?’

'Yes. I don’t feel like being here anymore.’

'Party breaker!’ She shouted, her hands on each side od her lips, her voice echoing through the club.

'That’s me!’

'Are you kidding me?!’ You slammed your fist on the floor in frustration, wincing at a thump pain in your hand.

'Take it easy on that floor, the Salvatore brothers will make you pay for it.’ Your eyes widened at a sudden male voice in your room, your eyes following it, traveling from his feet to his face.

'Malachai Parker. In my room. Cool.’ Your turned your head to your assignment, acting like you’re not interested.

'Just Kai.’

'Ok, just Kai.’ you repeated, mimicking his voice. 'So what brings you to my room just Kai?’ He chuckled at your words, his hands shoved into his pockets as he started moving around the room, touching everything he laid his hands on and it was starting to annoy you.

'I just wanted to see what have you been struggling with while we were javing fun downstairs.’

“College.’ You tapped your pen on your thigh, your eyes studying the lines in your book. 'It must’ve felt like heaven down there for you, right?’

His eyes were locked on your back, silence filling up the room for a few minutes.

'Um, why?’

'Damon, Stefan, good looking guys.’ You looked up at him, a smile peeking through on your lips.

'Oh the gay thing.’

'Which is awesome by the way, but you know, they’re not really into… that kinda stuff.’

'Yes, I know. I don’t actually have any intentions to try anything with them so, you don’t need to worry about that, sweetie.’

'As you wish.’ You lifted your arms up, gesturing in way of I give up and looked back down.

'So-’ he sat down next to you, your knees touching as you felt the warmth from his body radiating onto your body, your teeth dragging in your bottom lip and slightly biting on it. You knew you had to control yourself because you would end up hurt at the end, but being that close to him has made you feel some kinda way. A way you weren’t able to describe. 'Is there anything I can help you with?’

'Actually yes.’


'Would you be a sweetie and bring me some of that delicious chocolate cake we have in the fridge?’ You trailed off and bit your lip, trying to not give in and start laughing.



'How can I say no to that cute face. Ok, I’ll be right back.’ He closed the door behind him and from the moment you were alone in your room, you realized this was about to be the hardest thing you had to do. Learn how to stop having an even bigger crush on him, but being near him wasn’t actually helping.

The longer you hung out with Kai, the bigger your crush on him was. You were noticing all the little things about him. How he ran his fingers through his hair, the way he tapped his thigh with his hand when he though something was funny and then started laughing or how blue his eyes looked whenever he looked at you. It was making you mad and sad at the same time, even made you frustrated and stopped you from paying full attention in college. It was messing with your mind and you knew you had to stop it before it was too late.

Another day passed by and you were in your room, with your stuff laying around the floor as you didn’t really care if your room was too messy or not. That was the least important thing, but concentrating on your assignment and hearing Kai’s voice suddenly echoing through the hallway wasn’t a good combination. Before he even had a chance to know on your bedroom door, your lips curled up into a smile and your heart skipped a beat.

'Come in!’ You shouted and quickly looked down at your notebook, trying your best not to look too excited, focusing on your assignment and when you heard him walking towards you, that smile somehow disappeared and was replaced with worry.

'What are you working on?’ He sat down on the floor next to you, his elbows resting on his thighs.


'Are you almost done?’

'Not really.’

'Do you want to watch a movie?’

'Not now.’

'Hey, I just brought a dead girl with me. Want to see it?’

'That’s interesting.’ You trailed off, your eyes locked on your notebook, your fingers tapping on the floor.

'Are you even listening to me?’ Frustration has suddenly appeared in his voice as he poked your shoulder with his finger, trying to get you to look at him. 'Hey!’

'What?!’ You snapped at him, his eyes widening at your sudden odd behaviour.

'What is up with you?’

'Nothing, ok? Nothing!’ You pulled yourself up off the floor and ran your fingers roughly through your hair, stopping at your neck.

'Well it obviously is something because you don’t even want to listen to me and don’t really care that I’m here.’

'You should probably just leave.’

'No, I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s bothering you?’ He said it while getting up, his hand resting on your arm.


'Tell me!’ He raised his voice a little bit, your body jerking up for a second.

'You really want to know? I’m in love with you, but hey guess what, you don’t care because I’m not your type. So this conversation was absolutely for nothing and I’m going to stop embarrassing myself and go back to doing stuff for college and you can show yourself out.’ You threw yourself down on the floor again and wrapped your arms around your legs, burrying your head between your handd as you were trying to hide how embarrassed and flushed you were.

'You are my type.’ He trailed off and sat behind you, your back resting on his chest.

'What do you mean?’

'I’m not really gay. Did you really think that? I only said it so I can get close to you.' 

'What the hell, Kai?! Are you freaking kid-’ you wanted to turn around and face him, but he placed his hands on your shoulders, stopping you from doing so. He moved away the hair that was blocking your beautiful neck, revealing your smooth and sensitive skin.

'I could barely control myself.’ He placed a gentle kiss, the warmth of his lips sending shivers down your spine. 'I wanted to grab you and kiss you so many times, but I knew it wasn’t a good idea.’ His hand left your shoulder and started sliding down your chest, your stomach and stopping right where your shorts began. 'And that one day, when you wore that short, short dress, that has really tested my patience and my limits.’ He unbuttoned your shorts and started circling his fingers right under your belly button. 'Your legs looked so good. I was so close to pinning you up against the wall-’ he slipped his hand into your panties and pressed hard on your clit. 'And fucking you senselessly right there. I wanted to try how wet you would feel under my touch or-’ he leaned in and pressed his lips on your ear. 'How tight you’d feel wrapped around my cock.’

A moan escaped your mouth and your walls clenched at his words, your heart beating as if it would jumped out of your chest any second. He was turning you on just with his words, while his hand remained still in your panties. You rocked your hips forward into his hand, a grunt escaping his lips. He started moving his fingers in perfect figure eights, but right when you closed your eyes, his fingers disappeared.

'Kai’ it was more of a needy and frustrated whisper, your walls clenching at the memory of his fingers pressed against your sensitive bud. 'Please' 

'Please what?’ He whispered, a hint of amusement in his voice.

'Please touch me, Kai.’ A chuckle escaped his lips as he hooked his thumbs into your jeans and slowly pushed them down along with your panties, your bottom half completely naked. He spread your legs and placed his legs over yours so you couldn’t move, him getting a perfect access to the part of your body he has always wanted. 

'Your wish is my command.’ Those five words shouldn’t have such an effect on a human being, but considering who said them, it was even a bigger turn on for you. He slid his finger through your folds, right down to your opening, collecting your arousal with his finger and brought it up to his lips, licking it with his tongue. He let out a moan at the taste of you and chuckled before bringing his fingers down to your clit and started making perfect figure eights, making your head drop down on his shoulder. He watched how your lips parted everytime his actions got quicker and how you bit your lip everytime only the tip of his middle finger slipped into you and then disappeared, leaving you hungry for more. 

He pushed two fingers into you and circled them around, pressing them against your walls, feeling how they started clenching more and more, your orgasm slowly but sweetly approaching. He grabbed your chin with his hand and turned your head, just so he could get access to your lips, his lips crashing against yours and his tongue slipping into your mouth as your orgasm tore through your body, your walls clenching around his fingers and a moan slipping into Kai’s mouth. 

'It’s all about you tonight.’ He whispered and pulled his fingers out, your heart still beating faster than usual. He got up and took a few steps away from you and slowly started unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them and his briefs down, his cock springing up free and hard, a pulsating vein visible on the side. You swallowed hard at the sight of him, a quiet groan escaping your mouth. He took his shirt off with ease and walked towards you with a smirk on his face, his hand wrapped around his thick shaft, his thumb circling his tip.

'Can I?’ you asked so innocently and so quietly, almost as if you were afraid he would get mad if you did something that you thought was wrong. He shook his head and pointed at the bed, his upper teeth catching his bottom lip, biting on it slightly. 'Just a little bit.’ you practically begged and got on your knees, pushing his hand away and replaced it with your own as you placed a gentle kiss on his tip and licked him swiftly, just to get a taste of him. Right when you wanted to continue, he grabbed your chin gently to stop you and leaned down, your noses almost touching.

'I said, it’s all about you tonight.’ he picked you up with ease and threw you on the bed, your fingers tugging at your shirt before taking it off, revealing your braless boobs. 'Perfect.’ he muttered under his breath and crawled on top of you, wrapping your legs around his waist as he swiftly pulled you towards him, getting you on top. 'I want you like this.’ A thought deep inside your mind said fuck yes, loving the thought of being in control and having such power over Kai. He looked down and caught his cock with his hand and brought your hips closer as you slowly pushed down onto him, his head burrying in the crook of your neck at the perfect feeling of your tight walls being wrapped around his thick lenght. You threw your head back, your hands gripping tightly onto his shoulders as you slowly lifted your hips up and then went back down at a faster pace,feeling his every inch burrying deep inside you, stretching you out just in the way you have imagined.

'How- how could you- even think- that-’ you stopped moving your hips and burried him deep inside you, your eyes piercing through his blue ones. 'How could you even think that not doing this from the moment you saw me was a bad idea? You’re such an idiot.’ You trailed off, a laugh escaping his lips.

'I am an idiot, the biggest idiot on the planet, but I didn’t want you to get into something and then change your mind about me if you found out the whole truth about me before I even get a chance to tell you myself.' 

'Nothing could change my mind about you. The only thing I’m pissed about is how we’ve been missing out on this.’ you whispered and slowly moved your hips, his lips parting when he felt your walls clenching around him.

'We have plenty of time to catch up on this.’ he pushed you forward, your back hitting the mattress and your legs wrapping around his waist. You felt him pulling out and then going back in, hitting your spot harshly, almost a scream escaping your mouth. He picked up his pace with his every thrust, your breath hitching everytime he hit your spot, the sound of skin on skin and moans echoing through your bedroom. You got into the perfect rhythm with his hips, your nails digging into his back as you felt another orgasm slowly approaching as Kai’s thrusts became deeper and rougher. His hand slipped between your bodies, his fingers circling your clit as your orgasm tore through you, making your body shake with pleasure and only a clench of your walls was necessary to trigger Kai’s release, his head burrying in the crook of your neck as he rode out both, your and his orgasm. He gently pulled out and dropped down beside you, a droplet of sweat rolling down his forehead. 

'Holy fuck.’ He leaned down and cupped your face with his hands, his lips pressing on yours, giving you a sweet passionate kiss. You haven’t even recovered properly or caught your breath and the only thing that was circling in your mind is how badly you wanted to repeat this as soon as possible. The sound of Kai’s moans and how he fell apart because of how good you felt wrapped around him, made you want to see him like that again, but this time, you wanted to see him falling apart under your touch. You turned to your side and wrapped your leg around his leg as you slowly trailed your hand down his torso and placing it right on top of his lenght. His eyes widened, his hand immediately placing on top yours. 'What are you doing?’

'You’re crazy if you think we’re done for today.’ You winked at him as you got on your knees between his legs and showed him what he missed out on when he said that tonight was all about you.

Your owner 2.0


Group: BTS

Member:J-hope/Jung Hoseok a.k.a the creature that shines brighter than the Sun

AU: Hybrid/owner

An: Hobi is special to me. i’m sorry it took an eternity to write this.


“So let me sum things up- you are not my dog Hope, you are some sort of a spirit that has possessed the body of my dog.” The boy on my bed rolled his eyes, made a face palm, shook his head, the rusty red hair wiggled cutely on his head and his doggy ears that I’ve been playing with all those years, moved in the most disappointing manner ever.

”Not a sprit, I’m a hybrid. I was born human with the ability to turn into a dog.” A stupid question was forming my head, but before I was able to ask it, he managed to answer it. ”No, neither of my parents is a dog.” I was shocked that he answered before I asked so my mouth was opening and closing trying to make sense of the situation. “How…” He just flashed me his pearly-white million dollar smile that made me melt a little and stated “I’ve been living with you long enough to read you like an open book. So let’s try to sum it up one more time, shall we?” With sweet annoyance in my voice I started to talk again.

“Ok. So you are a hybrid and you’ve been living with me for the last four years. But even that doesn’t make sense because in human years you have to be around 30 years old, which you are not!”

”Correct. I am my age, which in human years is 24, because I am a hybrid. If a real dog is 4 four years old and in human years he is 30 in hybrid years is six years less.” Well, officially I was confused. The whole situation was unbelievable as it was, but now the whole year calculations got me flustered.

“Wait, it’s nine in the morning, my dog is not my dog, you are not a dog at all, you are a mythical creature, you are not a mythical creature. Understand me, I’m lost. Heck, I’ve been talking to you, hugging you, sleeping with you for four years. You have been watching me for four years. Changing my clothes, writing my homework…oh God! I can’t believe it.” I ruffled my own hair angry.

A dark laughter stopped my racing thoughts. Looking up, I saw the boy on my bed jumped on his feet , his whole body flexed and muscles ripped, his ears stuck to his head and his tail was shaking lazily on the small of his back. His whole presence gave off a dangerous vibe that only a minute ago was happy and somewhat confused.

Hobis’ face changed, a deadly smirk made its way on his face. His tongue gently made a swirl around his lips, giving them a nice puff.

You know this feeling when someone is watching you intensely and you look away by default? Me. The tension was too much, which made me look away from his face. I closed my eyes and prayed to the stars that he won’t say what I thought he will.

A deadly low, raspy whisper made its way to my ear, making my whole body shiver at his voice. “You have done other things too Y/N. I remember every time” his large hand locked itself around mine “this small hand lead to your sinful lips and the sound that escaped them.” There it was, he said it. “Stop. Let’s not talk about it.” Blush spread on my cheeks. ”I can’t Y/n, I really can’t. You know what it did to me? It drove me crazy.” He talked as if he was in real pain. Collecting everything that has left from my courage I  looked up to him.

 “You are scared. Good. I’m no good, Y/n. Everything I want right now is to mark your whole body with my signatures. And I will do it. Now. I will give you the chance to stop me. Say stop and I will never ever bring up the things I want to do to you.” “I will never stop you.” “Thank god.” 

Ice cold lips attached themselves on my hot neck. The contact made my whole body shiver, my legs started to give up, making him hold on me even stronger than before. My skin was soon covered in beautiful purple roses created by a creature with dog ears and a freaking tail. At a certain point his whole attention was on a sweet spot exactly on the crook of my neck. The pleasure was overwhelming. All the times I have tried to satisfy myself weren’t anything compered to this and he hasn’t even touched me. “S-stop. P-p-please…stop.” My voice was barely a whisper, a beg for help. 

Suddenly the attack on my neck abrobutely stopped. Soft fingers pulled my face up to see a gaze full of lust and want. A look full of promises that weren’t kept. Eyes so dark that you can get lost in them. His lips were glistening beautifully in the morning light. They curled into a wicked smile. 

“You don’t want me to. Y/N, I know you better than anyone. I know what’s on your mind. Your desires, your wants, I know them. I designed you. Do you really think that turning into an animal is the only power I have? I walk inside your dreams, I control you. Haven’t you noticed? Ever since you took me your dreams are different. With every year they got wetter, with every year you started waking in the middle of the night way more than before. The moon held each and every one your moans Y/N and then she gave them to me as a present. And I kept them in my heart waiting for you to turn legal and find out who I am. Every night when you held me close to you, because you had nightmares, I shifted so I can hold you in my arms and your dreams always turned from bad to good. I am a dream controlling hybrid. I mess with your brain,” our breaths almost mingled in one. He is too close. Soon, I am going to cross a boundary I shouldn’t. A boundary where there is no turning back.

” I create your desires. And your desire now Y/N, is me. So let me, please, let me kiss you.” Blank. That’s how I felt. There was nothing on my mind. Not my parents, who can come in any minute, not how wrong that was, not how crazy it was, it was only me and a god, depiction of beauty and probably a lot of trouble. 

“You don’t need permission.” I barely said before I was spinned and pushed on the mattress of my bed, plush lips covered mine in a kiss full of strange emotions and wrong decision with unavoidable consequences. There was no fight for dominance, I gave up mine before he asked for it. Hobis’ kisses weren’t gentle, but they were also not rough. He was kissing slowly and passionately one second and the next he was biting on my lips making me moan from the pain. Animalistic growl left his throat, which vibrated through my whole body. “Make this sound again and I swear to the gods…” In an unsuccessful attempt to catch my breath I detached my mouth from his. This clearly didn’t make him happy and before I could take a breath he was making beautiful roses on my skin again. “Am I a garden or somet…Ahhh.” He sucked hard on the sweet spot from before. “You are not a garden, you are my canvas.”

“Y/N honey, are you awake? Are you talking to someone? Who is in there?”

Well, shit.

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Unfaithful : Part Six

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


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Warnings : language

Previous chapters :


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Lucille closed the door of her bedroom behind her , and put on her nightgown, then she sat in front of the dressing table. she sighed as she looked at her reflection on the mirror, then she held her comb and brushed her hair.
The door swung open, banging the wall. The loud sound startled her, she turned quickly and placed her hand on her chest , panting.

“What the hell!! Negan, what’s wrong with you!!!??? You scared the shit outta me!!”

“What the fuck are you trying to do!” Negan shouted as he slammed the door shut.

“What do you mea..”

“Y/n!!!!! You’re fucking trying to set her up with Jack???!” Negan growled as he placed his hands on his hips.

“Ah!! That’s what you’re talking about, yeah, I am!!! Besides , why are you so mad Negan, what’s in it to you?!”“ Lucille turned again to the mirror , brushing her golden locks again.

“What’s. ..! What the fuck Lucille, you can’t hook up people like that! Your niece isn’t some fucking thing you can give to people! She’s human! She’s. .. Does she even fucking know? !”

“I am not objectifying my niece , Negan! This is called a blind date! Well I still didn’t tell her, but I first wanted to make sure Jack is interested! I didn’t want her to wait and hope for something that wouldn’t happen, but after tonight, I’m optimistic!! Jack seemed to like her so much, I saw it on his face, it’s just a matter of time till he sweeps her off her feet! ”
Lucille smiled, her smile and words made Negan more pissed.

“Sweep her off her feet? ” He scoffed , shaking his head before he added.
“You don’t fucking know what you’re doing? Jack isn’t a fucking husband material! ”

“And you are?” Lucille stood up and threw the comb on the table, Negan was taken off guard by her words.
“Jack is a good guy, he’s nice, he’s cute , he’s young and kinda rich! He makes the perfect husband material, Negan!! MY niece struggled in her previous only relationship with her jerk ex boyfriend! My sister told me everything! That’s why I called her to come to Virginia, sure, I missed her, but at the same time I wanted her to leave Texas ! Leave what happened to her behind her back and move forward! So I thought maybe if she met Jack, they’ll like each other and start a new life here!”

Negan looked at his wife in disbelief.
“What?? You fucking planned for this!?”

“It’s the best I could do to my niece! And my sister, her mom, knows about it too! What the fuck is your problem Negan!!! My intentions are good! Plus it’s Jack we’re talking about, he’s your cousin! I can’t believe you said he’s not a husband material! ”

“Jack, he’s my cousin and I love him like a brother! But he’s a fucking womanizer!”

“Ha! Look who’s talking! At least he is not married! ” Lucille sneered, shot dagger looks his way, Negan blinked and his facial expressions softened, he was genuinely hurt , what hurt him more was the truth, Lucille was right, he’s a cheating bastard and he cheated on her with her niece!
Lucille knew that her words hit him like a brick, she walked towards and softly held his face between her palms.

“Negan, listen! Everything is going to be ok! You’ll help me set them up! Talk to Jack, figure out what his intentions are. And I’ll talk to y/n about it, maybe this would work after all!! I just want her to be happy, she suffered a lot the past years, her ex used to abuse her! We’ll make sure that won’t happen again, Jack might be a womanizer but he’s nice , maybe if he found the right girl and fell in love, he’ll be a family man!”

Negan ’s heart clenched, he could hear his heart pounding in his chest, he couldn’t stand the idea that you’d be Jack or any other guy’s girl. The fact that you were once abused by some guy made him mad, if he had the chance, he’d kill him!!! The thought of someone else other than him touching you made his blood boil, the fact that he wants you real bad, that he crossed the limits and fucked you behind Lucille ’s back was repulsive to him but he was helpless, he thought it was just about sex! But he knew he wants more than that!!! Lucille was the only obstacle standing in his path to get to you , now Jack is going to be added to the equation! He hated himself, he hated his selfishness but he couldn’t let another man get to you even if it was his best friend and cousin, Jack! If he will never be able to be with you , neither would any other guy!

Negan couldn’t sleep that night, he relentlessly rolled on the bed. He wanted to go to your room, to drag you out of there and run away with you, go to an unknown place where nobody knows the two of you, or to some abandoned island and live the rest of your lives there in peace , making love day and night.
But alas, he knew if he was up to it, you wouldn’t do it, not to Lucille!

The other day, after having your breakfast which was as usual, missed by Negan who apparently overslept, Lucille led you out to the front porch , she sat on her rocking chair, wearing her white robe , while you postioned your self on the handrail of the front steps in front of her.
“Y/n I wanna talk to you about something important! ”

“Sure Lucille! ” you acted normal but deep inside you prayed it has nothing to do with Negan .

“It’s about Jack! I’ll be straight to the point, I think Jack likes you!”

You raised your brows and looked at her confused.
“We.. just met, I mean, we only met once! How come he likes me!?” it’s true that the guy is a golden opportunity that no girl could pass, but your mind was occupied with another.

“You know! He has good first impressions about you!!! He texted me this morning, he wants to know if he can date you! I mean I told him you’re single, but it’s totally up to you sweetie! ”

You blinked and licked your lips, you weren’t sure what to say, you looked down as you played with your fingers.
“I… I don’t know. .. I had a bad relationship before … I ..!”
“I know y/n ! Your mom told me about what happened with that asshole Tom Robinson! I mean what did you expect? his mom is a whore! Anyways, you can’t be stuck in the past sweetie, you gotta live your life and move forward! ”

“I… I know Lucille, but… I. .. I don’t know him, Jack… !” You murmured.

“He’s a very nice guy, I know him for years! He’s good! I wouldn’t encourage you if I knew he’s an asshole! And Negan will keep him in line!” Lucille chuckled. But mentioning Negan upset you somehow! It reminded you of the rough sex he gave you, it made you imagine the awkward situation if you really dated Jack which was unlikely to happen, what if Negan told him about you and what you did, what if the two cousins think you’re one of those college sluts who spread their legs for older guys, what if the two of them want a peice of you, hell , they could ask for a threesome and threaten to tell Lucille if you said no. You felt your breath accelerating, everything was spinning, vomit was stuck on your throat, and your subconscious was drowning in your dark thoughts, till Lucille’s voice brought you back .

“So?! You’re gonna think about it?!”

“Y-yeah… um.. I gotta go to the bathroom! ”

Lucille nodded and you bolted inside the house, you ran upstairs towards the bathroom. Once the door was wide open, You fell on your knees and threw up in the toilet, you made a guttural sound and your tears started flowing, you felt a hand pushing your hair back and another squeezing on your shoulder.

“Are you ok , doll?!” Negan said in a caring and concerned tone.
You wiped some of the vomit off your lips with the back of your hand, you pushed him and got up, you turned the tap on and leaned over the sink washing your face. You could feel Negan’s breath on your neck, you turned around to face him , he was holding a towel and he gently dried your cheeks, lips and forehead, As he softly held your gaze.
“Don’t! Please don’t! ” He whispered.
Your eyes slightly widened in confusion , you didn’t understand what was he talking about.
“Don’t go out with Jack! Don’t date him!!! It’s true he’s a nice guy but please don’t fucking date him!!!” Negan pleaded.
Your eyes scanned every inch of his features, trying to analyze what he just said, he seemed concerned and sad, he seemed sincere , you just couldn’t understand why. Negan nuzzled into your kneck and breathed out.
“That’d fucking kill me! I can’t stand seeing you with another man!” His voice vibrated in agony.

You sighed and gently pushed him back, he glared at you waiting for you to say something. His thumb rubbing your jawline.
“Please y/n talk to me!” He begged.

“I … I .. why do you care?!”

“You know goddamn well why I fucking care!!!”

“Just because we had sex! Doesn’t mean we don’t have different lives!! Yours is with Lucille! Believe me I regret what we did, every second of it!” You whispered as tears whelling up in your eyes.

“I didn’t regret anything! I fucking loved it! Maybe we were too selfish not to think of Lucille! But I enjoyed it, I want more, I want you, doll!” Negan took a step forward, filling the gap between the two of you, pulling you towards him, squeezing on your arms, he leaned closer , you could see his lips twitching, he wanted to kiss you and you almost complied under his touch but you resisted , you just stormed out of there! The only thing that made you feel a little relieved is that you could scratch the theory of Negan blackmailing you and sharing you with his cousin, if he had such intentions , he wouldn’t try to keep you for himself, he wouldn’t beg you not to date Jack. Somehow, you felt warm, Negan does care about you in a way, but things are complicated, the fact he’s your aunt’s husband complicated things. Remembering Lucille made things worse for you.

You went back to the front porch, where Lucille still waiting for you.

“Guess who called while you were in the bathroom? ” Lucille blurted smirking.

“Jack!” You sighed as you tried to compose yourself after your confrontation with Negan.

“It was him, yeah! We’re going out tonight!! ”
She cheerfully chanted before getting up to her feet.

“Uh… I don’t think…!” You mumbled.

“Oh come on girl! Let’s have fun, you’ll get to know him better, maybe you’ll change your mind!” She winked at you then she made puppy face imitating its sound.
“Please, please, please y/n let’s go out and have fun please!”

You submitted and nodded. She clapped her hands cheering, then she hugged you.
“Yeeesssss!!! That’s my girl!!!”

Negan came at your direction, firm expressions all over his face.

“What’s the fucking cheering for?!”

“We are going to the club tonight! You. Me. Y/n and Jack! It’s a double date, yay!!“ Your lips parted , you wanted to say it wouldn’t be a date, but Lucille chuckled as she snaked her arms around Negan’s waist and planted a kiss on his lips, she emitted a low moan. You quickly looked away then you left the porch , while Negan’s eyes watched you disappearing inside the house.


Word count: 1784

You get stabbed and die in Kai’s arms

‘You can’t go!’ Kai stated, grabbing onto your arm as he didn’t want to let you go.

‘I just want to see what she wants.’ You replied, trying to get your arm out of his grip but his grip was so tight on you, scared to let you go. It didn’t hurt, it just showed how much he didn’t want to let you go or watch you getting hurt.

‘You know she always has a plan. It’s Katherine we’re talking about here. She always has a backup plan. Even when the first plan fails, she has another one and if that one fails, well, you see where I’m going.’

'Kai, nothing’s going to happen. I’ll be completely fine.’ You said and stepped closer and placed your arms on his arms. You’ve never seen him like this. The concern on his face wasn’t new to you, but the way he was looking at you at that moment was.

'I just don’t want to lose you. You know how much of a support you are to me. You get me through all the tough times.’ Kai muttered, his arms wrapping around your body and pulling your body closer to his, no space between them left. You lifted up your hand to his face and ran your fingers through his hair, locking your eyes with his. A smile shone on your face, his hands carefully and gently placed on your back.

'You’re not gonna lose me. That’s like not even in my plans in the near future. Or ever. Everything will be fine, you’ll see and we still have that date tonight.’ You added as Kai lifted you up, your legs wrapped around his waist. He spun you around, a simple and genuine laugh escaping your body, happiness traveling through your body.

'What, dancing? Of course.’ He said as he let you down on your feet and took you by your hands and made a few steps before he pulled you closer and then leaned you down, his strong arms holding you. 'Wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ He added and then leaned down aswell, his lips meeting yours.

'Now, I really have to go, but I’ll definitely see you in a couple of hours.’ You kissed him again, his arms wrapping around you one more time before you pulled away and walked out of the house. A smile suddenly disappeared from your face, nervousness and fear taking over your body. Meeting Katherine was probably a really bad idea, but maybe she wanted to bury the hatchet between you two. Even though you never fought Katherine in a physhical way because she’s a vampire and you were just a human, she never was one of those people you loved to be around so you fought most of the time. She did tried to kill you, but Kai saved you snd since then he’s worried about you. You understood that perfectly, but you were always optimistic and always thought Kai overreacted when it came to stuff like that. He was even scared to let you walk home alone at night after the movies with Elena. It was kind of annoying, but knowing you had someone who cared about you and always wanted to keep you safe.

You walked to the place Katherine told you and sat on a single bench around, Katherine nowhere to be seen. Street lights were barely shining, just one right next to you and even that one was flickering, creeping you out even more. There was no one around and if you said your heart wasn’t beating like crazy, you would’ve lied because you’ve never been more scared in your life than you were at that moment. Out of nowhere, you saw someone coming towards you as your hands started shaking. You got up and stood at one spot, frozen when Katherine approached you.

'No lover boy this time?’ Katherine asked and titlted her head to one side, grinning at you.

'What do you want Katherine? I think I made it clear that I don’t want to talk or see you anymore. Leave me alone so I can live my own life and-’

'With Kai? Yeah, I heard he became this cute, tamed guy because of you. Too bad. I liked him better when he was ruthless and didn’t care about anyone.’ She stated and walked around you slowly, trailing her hand along your arm and your back.

'What do you even need from me?’ You asked her, not feeling so scared anymore. Courage grew in you as minutes passed. You’ve always been strong and a little bit reckless, rush into trouble, which Kai absolutely hated.

'I don’t need anything from you. I actually can’t come up with anything I would want from you. You’re just a useless and fragile human.’ She trailed off and sat down on the bench behind you, crossing her legs.

'Then what the hell am I even doing here? If you don’t need anything, I’ll just go home because being here is just a waste of my time.’ You said as you wanted to turn around and leave but she grabbed your arm, squeezing it tightly. Your brows furrowed as you winced out in pain, her grip on you getting tighter and tighter. It felt like she was about to break your arm and it looked like that’s exactly what she wanted to do.

'Katherine, stop! You’re hurting me!’ You desperately tried to move her hand from your arm, but unsuccessfully. She came closer, her face only a few inches from yours. She leaned in, her lips against your ear.

'I want Kai. Actually Kai’s help.’ She let you go and sat on the bench again, her gaze strongly focused on you.

'What do you want from Kai?’ At that moment you knew she had something planned.

'I need his help, but, I need the old Kai. You know, the bad Kai who would do anything to get his revenge and Kai who wasn’t in love so… that’s why you’re here. I know Kai will be here any minute because he can’t resist staying away from you and I don’t understand the urge to protect you all the time.’

'I don’t understand.’

'Oh god, of course it’s too complicated for you. What I wanted to say was you’re in the way. Kai is weak because of you and I need him because he can do what I want. He can do magic but what I need is something really remorseless and the only way he would accept it is if I take away the only person he loves and cares about.’ You swallowed hard and took a few steps back, trying to get away from her. Running wasn’t an option at all because she would catch you in a second. She quickly got up and grabbed your arm again. Your eyes started watering, your breathing turned fast and shallow.

'Please don’t hurt me.’ You begged her, her grip firm on your arm.

'Oh look. She’s cying. You know that won’t help you at all. Nothing can help you right now.’ She smiled and looked behind you for a second. A grin appeared on her face before she locked her eyes with yours and then stabbed you with a knife, leaving it in your body as she ran away from you, your body hitting the cold and damp street. You heard a scream behind you but were unable to look, your head hitting the floor.

'No, no! You can’t, no!’ You heard a male voice, immediately realizing it was Kai. He lifted your upper body up a little bit on his lap, his hand supporting your head.

'Kai’ you said, your voice barely audible, Kai’s eyes filled with tears.

'Shhh, you’re gonna be ok. I know that. You’re gonna be fine.’ He looked down at your wound and then back at you, his hand gently caressing your hair. His hands were shaking like never before, panic obvious on his face.

'I'm… I wanna tell you something.’ You whispered, a weak smile appearing on your pale face.

'No, no, you’re not leaving me.’ He said desperately, his arms pressing you closer to his body.

'I love you. Don’t ever forget that and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it. You are and don’t ever let them tell you otherwise.’ Kai closed his eyes as tears rolled down his cheeks.

'You can’t leave me, I can’t do this without you.’

'You can but promise me something.’ You coughed, blood visible on your lips. You felt your body getting weaker with each second, but you weren’t ready to let go. You weren’t ready to say goodbye to Kai, your only true love. There were no words that could explain how much you loved him, his jokes, the weird things he always did when you two were alone.

'Anything, tell me.’ He muttered, his voice shaky.

'Promise me you won’t do anything reckless and promise me you won’t forget me. Don’t forget how much I love you.’

'I promise. I promise you, I do, but you can’t leave me now.’

'I have to.’ You whispered, your eyelids getting heavier and you breathing turning weaker.

'You can’t because, you owe me a dance, remember?  Just the two of us.’ He trailed off and moved a small lock of hair from your face.

'I didn’t forget, but we’re gonna have to do it some other time.’ You smiled at him and heavily lifted your hand up to his face, your hand resting on his cheek softly as you caressed his cheek with you thumb.

'No, please.’

'I love you, Kai.’ You whispered and smiled at him, looking at him for the last time. You slowly let go, your hand falling down on your body from his cheek, your body resting in Kai’s arms.

'No!’ Kai screamed out as he brought your body close to his chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly, not wanting to let you go. Tears were streaming down his face, his body feeling as if he was tearing apart. He looked at you and kissed your cold lips for the last time, his hand closing your eyes.

'I love you.’ He whispered and gave you a kiss on the cheek, his whole body shaking. He never thought he would have to let you go in this way or any way. You were his true love and he was yours. He loved you with all his heart and soul, loving everything about you and losing you was the hardest moment he had to go through in his life, but he had to let you go, knowing he was loved by you.

             Modern AU: Video Blogger Lafayette x Reader

Word count: 3210 (I got very carried away.)

Disclaimer: Google Translated


    A notification lit up your phone while dinging. Rolling over, you mentally smack yourself in the face as the time read ‘1:00 AM.’ Checking the notification, a “Youtube” logo took over the screen then followed by a black and white screen. 
        “Hello mes amours!” a stunning man appeared on screen. You fiddled with the volume so your roommates, Eliza, her boyfriend Alexander, and your freckled friend John Laurens, wouldn’t wake up. The video continued on after you pressed play. 
        “Exciting news! I get to go to America to visit mon meilleurs amis (my best friends)! Oui! Je suis très excité (I am very excited)!” the man beamed on, smiling a wide, toothy grin. “There is Eliza, elle est une femme très intelligente et merveilleux (She is a very intelligent and beautiful woman) and she is letting me stay with her so I don’t have to travel far from my two other friends Alexander and John!” You couldn’t decide if you were to grin or let your jaw go slack.
        “Is Lafayette, the man I’ve been talking to everyday since last year, talking about MY Eliza and MY John Laurens!? The grinning, French heart throb is going to be rooming with us!?” You unknowingly, let your jaw go slack. In the room next to yours, you hear a man verbally groan then slam his fists against the wall. 

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Title: Prove it pt.2
Pairing : Brendon X Reader
Request are open! 💙
So then you just take a few breaths and just wonder how your going to get away once again you were wondering why did you agree to do this

So later on it had gotten dark out and you almost forgot you had to go to that dumbass party of his. Then you heard your mom outside of your room

“Good night honey” she said

“Good Night” you said

Thankfully your door has a lock and so you went over to lock it and now you had to get ready, so you took a shower and did your makeup and hair and wore a simple outfit which was skinny jeans with converse and a shirt with your leather jacket

Then all of a sudden you heard that voice of his out your window

“Come on out doll and have fun” he said

So you got out of your window and closed it. you knew that the only to get down where brendon is you have to jump and you can tell he was going to mention that

“Just jump I’ll catch you” he said

So you thought ‘fuck it’ and jumped and he catched you and you notice that your arms were wrapped around his neck and he was holding your legs and got off him quick and you see a light blush appeared on his face

“Wait shouldn’t you be at your house since it’s your party and what about your parents?” You said

“A good friend of mine is helping he had already started and my parents are gone on a trip but anyways let’s get going and have fun” he said

So during the drive to his house for the party he had put on some music and he had putted on Frank Sinatra.

god you never expected him with that taste of music and plus it sucked cause Frank Sinatra is your weakness and you can’t help but sing along so you hold it in then brendon starts singing along with the song which was luck be a lady and you had never heard him sing before he has a beautiful voice but just a asshole attitude sometimes but hey it’s him we’re taking about here.

Then the next song came on which was fly me to the moon and that Just happened to be one of your favorite songs from him and you couldn’t help but sing along

“Fly me to the moon
Let me swing among those stars
Let me see what spring is like” you sang

Then brendon joins in and sings too

“On a, Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby, kiss me” he sang

He smirked at you and you just looked away pretending that didn’t happen then you hear him singing it again

“Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you” he sang

And once again you couldn’t help but sing along

“Why don’t you fill my heart with song
Let me swing for ever more
Because you are all I long for
All I worship and i adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, in other words
I, I love, you” you sang

Then as the song ends brendon parks his car I’m guessing we’re already here but before we get out of his car you see brendon smiling at you and you looked at him with a curious look

“What are you looking at me for?” You said

And he didn’t answer but what he did instead he puts his hand on your face and kissed you slowly and soft and you couldn’t believe it and you started to feel a feeling and you gave in and kissed back and put your hands around his neck and you pulled away but he pulled back wanting more and kisses you passionately and you feel his hand on your thigh and in your mind you just can’t believe that this is happening and you pull away and had to ask him a question

“Hey why did you kiss me?” You asked

You see him taking a few breaths and he seems as if he’s trying to get his words together

“Because I like you Y/N ok I’ve liked you for a long time now I just didn’t know when to say it and I apologize if I’m annoying and a asshole to you cause everyone had changed me and just made me into a person that I don’t even want to be and when I came across you i felt a feeling that I’ve never felt before but I hid it and I couldn’t hide it anymore til now so yeah there you go” he said

You were just shocked you’ve never seen this side of brendon and you didn’t know that he liked you. You liked him back and hid it too

“Brendon look I like you too I also hid it as well cause since you were just a ass to me sometimes I had to hide it and I didn’t find you annoying that much I just had gotten used to you being like that and if everyone changed you and made you into a person you don’t want to be,  don’t be that person just be yourself cause that’s all what matters just you being you” you confessed

Then you a little smile appear on his face which made you smile too and now you had to ask him one more thing

“Just curious why do you like me?” You said

“I liked you because your different than the other girls your just so amazing, dorky, beautiful, and sweet have I mentioned beautiful. I mean you’re just a really great girl or in my perspective a gorgeous rare diamond that Just leaves me completely starstruck everyday by her beauty and who I just fall in love with more each day.” He said and kissed your forehead

He intertwined his hands with yours it’s like if you two were made for each other and he looks at you and let’s out a small laughs and seems nervous

“So will you be my girlfriend?” He asked

You kissed him passionately and pulled away

“Yes of course” you said

You see him smile and he can’t stop smiling which is cute and you couldn’t help but smile too he grabs your hands and kisses them

“We should get to the party” you said

“Yeah we should” he said

So he gets out of his car and runs to your side and opens the door and you smiled at the sweet gesture and as you guys are walking to the front door he puts his arm around you and kisses your head and before you enter in brendon says something

“You know instead of partying we can just go to my room and watch movies or talk instead ” he said

“Yeah I like that more” you said

And as you guys entered into his house he was leading the way to his room and once you got to his room it’s not what you expected. You expected it to be messy but it’s actually quite nice and he has some vinyls and it’s actually pretty cool

“Make yourself at home” he said

So you sat on his bed while he’s looking for a movie to put on and as he’s looking for a movie you hear singing Friday I’m in love by the cure and his  singing is just so amazing it sounds really beautiful

“Always take a big bite
It’s such a gorgeous sight
To see you in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff
It’s Friday
I’m in love” he sang

you decided to join and sing along with him

“I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don’t care about you
It’s Friday I’m in love” you sang

You see him walk over to you and he puts his hand around your waist while your hands are around his neck and both of you sing the ending at the same time

“Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn’t even start
It’s Friday I’m in love” you both sanged

And then brendon starts leaning in and so do you and then you guys started to kiss slowly and soft then brendon starts kissing a little rough.

He pushes you onto his bed and then he goes down and kisses your neck and starts nibbling your flesh which leaves a few hickeys and you let out a little moan which turned on brendon

He takes off your jacket and kisses you even more with alot of passion and as you guys are kissing you feel his hand go under your shirt and he unclasp your bra and he takes off your shirt and you cover your chest and you brendon with worried face expression

“What’s wrong?” He said

“It’s just that I’m just insecure about my body” you said

“You have no reason to be insecure about your body, your body is so beautiful and you as a person you’re beautiful in and out and you should accept it” he said

So he removes your hands from your chest and kisses your chest while one of his hands is grabbing your breast and you put your hands in his hair and gripped on it which made him moan and he takes off his shirt quick and kisses you softly and bites your lip

“Your so beautiful Y/N ” he said

A light blush appeared on your face he’s honestly just the sweetest. Then he goes to your neck and kisses your neck then down your chest and got to your area and he looked at you

“you sure you want to do this we don’t have to if you want, I don’t want to force you into anything you don’t want to do” he said

“Just fuck me already” you said

so brendon takes off your pants along with your underwear and he had also took off his pants along with his underwear. he goes and leaves a open kiss on your clit and then puts two fingers in going at slow pace then went to a fast pace and now your such a mess, you grip on his bedsheets and he leaves one more kiss on your clit and stops.

He looks at you for permission and to see if you want to do this and you nodded a yes and he was had put his member in slowly going at a slow pace and after a couple thrust he starts going at a faster pace and you were gripping on his back probably leaving marks.

You let out a few moans and brendon goes more rough and you wrapped your legs around his waist and he goes much rougher and deeper hitting that one spot

“Holy shit bren…"you said

he smirks and goes down and kisses your neck roughly and then goes to kiss your lips and bites your bottom lip

He smirks and goes much more faster and after a couple thrust you reached your climax and he did after and you two layed down and he covered both himself and you with his blanket and you had your head on his chest and his arm was around you

"That was…” He said

“Amazing” you both said

You feel him plant a kiss on your forehead and you smiled at that sweet gesture and looked at him and kissed him softly and you feel him smile in the kiss and then you pulled away and he caresses your face

“Just know that I love you so much ok no one else can ever make this happy the only person that can make me feel happy is you. And I’ll always be here for you to lift you up when you are down and I’ll kick anyone’s ass who messes with you cause If they try to do anything to you they have to go through me first. And I don’t know what I would do without you I know that I would act like a asshole to you most of the time that isn’t me, right now this is the real me. You’ve showed me a side to myself that I’ve never felt and that was happiness and love and it’s a amazing feeling. And when I first saw you I was in awe your just so beautiful even better beyond gorgeous and I was just so amazed and I hated how much of a ass I was to you and I promise I’ll never act like that to you ever again” he said

And after he said that you see him tearing up so you gave him a heartwarming hug and he hugged back and you feel his tears on your shoulder and you let go of the hug and kiss him with love and care

“Brendon I love you so much too and forget about everything that has happened in the past with you being a ass to me and focus on now I mean look at you your just so amazing and sweet which warms heart and no guy has ever made me feel this way before and what you just said right now honestly is so heartfelt and beautiful. And instead of being someone that you aren’t be yourself because it’s amazing” you said

you hear nothing anymore downstairs your guessing that the party is over and everyone left and you hear brendon’s friend outside his door

“See you tomorrow man” he said

“Yeah bye man” brendon said

And you two started getting sleepy and brendon layed his head on your chest which made you laugh and you intertwined your hand with his

“Why don’t you sleep over tonight?” He said

“But what about my parents they’ll probably be curious of why I’m not home” you said

“You can just make up a reason but please sleep over pleaseee” he said and started giving you a pouty lip

“Alright fine I’ll sleep over” you said

You see him look at you with a smile and he kisses you goodnight

“Goodnight beautiful” he said

“Goodnight handsome” you said

And you two fell asleep happy knowing that you two have each other and just make each other happy.

A/N: sorry if the imagine was too long but I hope you guys liked it!

Josh Dun flirts a lot while drumming and Tyler Joseph gets jealous


“Hey Spooky,” Tyler started, taking his shoes off and making his way over to the fridge, not making eye contact with Josh who was sitting at the table eating cereal. 

“What is it baby boy?” Josh responded, hesitating before taking another bite. He could tell Tyler had a bit of sorrow in his voice, so he knew something was up. 

“Who are you looking at when you are making those faces while drumming? What are you thinking about?” Tyler questioned, cracking a coke open and staring Josh in the eyes intently.

“What faces? What are you talking about? It’s probably just my stage presence.” Josh explained logically.

“No, it looks real and it looks sexual, Josh. I know that look.” Tyler began, refusing to accept his answer. “You only have that look when we are in the middle of….”

“Oh, you mean when I just wink or bite my lip or something? Ok, I see what you mean. I just get really into drumming, you know that. And the crowd’s enthusiasm just kind of gets me going.” Josh reassured Tyler, realizing what he meant. 

“They get you going, Joshie? Huh, Jishuwa? Are they better than me?” Tyler asked with a twinge of jealousy to his voice.

Josh paused before responding because he thought he might have been joking or acting, but they weren’t in an interview. Then again, Tyler did like to fuck with his head an awful lot.

“They’re not…they can’t be better than you, Tyler. You know that. C’mere.” Josh said, trying to comfort him. Tyler moved over beside him and Josh set his spoon down. Josh pulled Tyler in for a tight hug and Tyler clung to him for all he was worth. Josh could’ve swore he felt him tremble, and pulled back a little to see if he was okay. Tyler looked at him with tired, sad, puppy dog eyes. 

“Tyler, you need to sleep. You always get like this when you’re tired, baby. You shouldn’t be drinking coke before bed either.” Josh said in a fatherly tone. 

“OK, daddy, but will you put me to sleep?” Tyler asked sleepily, resting the side of his face on Josh’s strong chest. He slightly smelled of aftershave and something uniquely Josh, which to Tyler smelled of sunshine and warmth. Tyler tilted his face up with his eyes closed sleepily, burying his nose into Josh’s neck and pecking soft kisses. Josh melted like chocolate ice cream on pavement in the summer.

“Alright, let’s go.” Josh said, before wrapping an arm around Tyler’s smaller frame and helping him over to one of the bunks. They have done this before. He pulled off Tyler’s shirt while Tyler lazily lifted his arms up to help, and then he squatted down to undo Tyler’s button and zipper before dragging his pants down his thighs. Tyler stepped out of them, and pulled at Josh’s shirt. Josh unceremoniously took off his shirt and pants, and he allowed Tyler to crawl in the small, coffin-like space first before climbing in behind him. There was not much room, so the small space always forced them together like sardines. Josh spooned Tyler who stretched out and sighed loudly. Josh couldn’t help but run his free hand over Tyler’s warm, soft skin. Even though his body felt toned and masculine, his skin was baby smooth and hard to resist. 

“You’re mine,” Tyler whispered

“Yours.” Josh punctuated the word by pulling Tyler closer to his body and pressing his hips to Tyler’s butt. Tyler bit his lip to keep from moaning, but a whimper escaped anyway.

“I’m sorry.” Josh said, knowing what he did.

“It’s ok,” Tyler said, understandably. “I really can’t shut my mind up. Maybe it will help me sleep?”

“You think?” Josh said, breaking his whisper.

“Why not?” Tyler shrugged, hooking his thumbs around his underwear and pulling down. Josh helped, and once he got them off he wrapped his hand around Tyler’s warm, semi-erect cock and pumped languidly. He licked his lips as he felt it getting harder, and Tyler gave a little thrust encouraging him to speed up. Josh tightened his grip on his friend’s cock and gave it a steady pulsing rhythm. After a minute, Tyler was squirming against him and panting out little moans. 

“Josh, please.” Tyler sounded pleading as he ground his ass back against Josh’s erection and touched Josh’s hand to stop him. Josh let go and swiftly pulled off his underwear before lifting Tyler’s leg up and hooking his arm under it. He scooped a generous amount of spit from his tongue and slathered it on his cockhead before circling and pushing against Tyler’s entrance. Tyler relaxed against him and cried out as Josh inched his cock in little by little, until he bottomed out. He waited for Tyler to give him the go ahead before he began moving in and out of Tyler’s tight ring of muscle which wrapped so elegantly around his cock. Josh lazily pumped in and out several times while licking and sucking sleazily on Tyler’s neck. 

“I want to see you touch yourself.” Josh said, his voice low and deep. Tyler wrapped his hand around his own cock and jerked, feeling Josh’s eyes on him as his thrusts pick up. Josh’s hips jerked forward suddenly, and Tyler heard him grunt harshly as he came. His climax caused Tyler’s to spark and he was suddenly cumming without warning, muscles spasming. 

For a moment they felt like they were floating down from cloud 9. Tyler relaxed as he felt Josh slip out, and his strong arm wrap around him. Tyler hummed appreciatively.

“Thank you.” Tyler said softly.

“Any time.” Josh replied without hesitation. He affectionately caressed Tyler’s hipbone with his thumb and kissed his shoulder blade. Within moments, they were both sound asleep. 


Summary: You and Daryl like each other but you’re too shy and end up avoiding him. He gets the wrong idea and confronts you.
Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff.

Being shy was a pain in the ass. All you wanted to do was talk to Daryl Dixon like a normal person, but no, every time you tried you’d make a fool out of yourself. And that was on the rare occasion you actually spoke instead of just nodding and smiling like a fucking idiot. He must think you’re stupid and annoying by now. He actually thought the opposite, Daryl really liked you. He thought you were sweet and very pretty. He liked how quiet you were, you didn’t force small talk on him like everyone else. He thought it was incredibly cute when you’d trip over your words and get embarrassed and he actually liked your company. Which is why he was a little sad when you started to avoid him. At first he thought it may have been unintentional, but then he found out from people that you were swapping watch when you were paired with him and refused runs if he was going. He thought he had upset you or offended you but couldn’t think of what it could be. After a week he started to get angry, that typical Dixon temper coming out with his insecurities. He figured you were avoiding him because you knew you were better than him, that he wasn’t worth your time. The more he thought about it the more pissed off he got, and it didn’t help that he had Merles and his dads voice floating around his head telling him that no one would ever care about him, what would a pretty girl like her want something to do with a worthless piece of shit like you?

He made his mind up. He found out you were going on a run that day with Tara, it was a simple run, just in and out, so it was just the two of you. He managed to convince Tara to stay home with Denise and let him take her place. You’d just got ready to go when you saw Daryl loading up the car. You stopped in your tracks and started internally panicking. You’d successfully avoided Daryl which meant avoiding making a fool of yourself. Now there was no escaping it, this wasn’t good. You couldn’t deny that you’d missed him though, just seeing him there was giving you butterflies. You carefully approached the car and couldn’t seem to form words when he turned around and saw you.
“Just us today princess.” He sneered as he walked passed you to put the bag in the back seat. You were taken back by his attitude, he had never spoken to you like that before.

“Um…ok.” You squeaked out as you got in the passenger side. The first half hour was unbearable, he kept giving you dirty looks and the air was thick with tension. You were tempted to just open the door and roll out of the car at this point, it would probably be better than this right now. You searched your pack for your water and after having some you held it out for Daryl.
“Surprised ya think I’m good ‘nough to drink yer water.” He scoffed as he looked back to the road. You furrowed your eyebrows not understanding.
“W-what?” You asked confused. The look on your face was pissing him off, you must be a hell of an actress, you were almost convincing with your stupid pretty eyes.
“Like ya don’t fuckin’ know.” He spat as he glared at you.
“I don’t…I don’t know what you mean.” You stumbled over your words getting anxious with his temper. He suddenly slammed on the breaks and your head hit the dash, cutting it slightly. Daryl didn’t seem to notice as he was too absorbed in his own rage.
“Ya don’t fuckin’ know? Ya think yer too good to speak to me! Lil miss fuckin’ princess is too special to associate with Daryl fuckin’ Dixon.” He sneered. Your eyes went as wide as saucers, you were horrified, he had got it so wrong.
“No, no Daryl its not like that!” You frowned. He just scoffed again and wouldn’t look at you.
“What’s it like then?” He asked dryly.
“I-I fucking like you… Alot. But I’m shy and stupid and I kept making a fool of myself.” You admitted. He looked at you shocked but then looked absolutely guilty, and not just from your confession but the fact he had cut your head.

“I’m fuckin’ sorry y/n.” He sighed as he put his head in his hands.
“It’s fine.” You smiled.
“Nah it ain’t fine. I treated ya like shit cos I got in my own damn head. Then I go and fuckin’ injure ya. I’m such a fuckin’ dick.” He scolded himself. He couldn’t believe how wrong he had been. He grabbed the first aid kit and got out the alcohol and gauze to clean your wound, it wasn’t deep so it didn’t need dressing. He just stuck a band aid on it when it was done.
“So ya like me huh?” He smirked trying to lighten the situation a bit. You blushed furiously and lost your voice again so you just nodded.
“Gone all shy ‘gain?” He chuckled, he loved how cute you looked when you were embarrassed.
“Shut up!” You laughed as you playfully smacked him.
“S’alright, I like ya too.” He smiled making you smile back at him. Now the air was clear he started the car back up and continued on the journey.

It didn’t take long to get there but before you got out of the car Daryl grabbed your wrist to stop you.
“C’mere.” He smiled as he pulled you towards him. He gripped the back of your neck and kissed you, leaving you breathless. The kiss was intense yet somehow gentle at the same time. He must have ate some peaches before leaving because he tasted like peaches and smoke, a weirdly good combination. He broke away and gave you cheeky grin, making you laugh at him. You had no idea what was in store for you both now but you were happy as long as Daryl was by your side.

Poisons ended and everyone hurried out to go find a seat at dinner next to all of their friends. You in the other hand stayed behind asking Snape questions you already new the answer to. Whenever you where late for lunch your friends would save you a seat but never big enough. You always had to cram in and fight for arm room.
But Draco would also save you a seat when you where late. Plenty of space for the both of you.
So you stayed behind long enough for Draco to save you a seat.
“Ms. (Y/N), why are you here? You know this better than anyone else in the class.” Snape looks at you, one thick eyebrow raises.
“I’m just checking my work professor.” You smile before turning on your heals walking quickly into the dungeon hall. The dungeon was quite by this time.
An arm wraps around your shoulder and a deep voice pulls you out of your thoughts.
“You sitting with me today?” Draco smiles.
“I guess” you try not to blush.
“Well come on then (Y/L/N), we might miss something if we don’t hurry.” His smile larger then before.
“Hop on.” He stops walking bending over his hands behind his back.
“What are you doing?” You ask.
“You’re too slow. I can give you sapiggy back ride. It will be way faster.” He smiles.
You can’t help but smile,“ I’m not slow.”
“Yes you are. Come on then love; hop on.” He stands crouched over waiting for you to jump on his back.
“Ok fine.” You give in.
It was much quicker then the usual walk you take. also it was incredibly fun: he would spin in circles and throw you around, press you into walls and threaten to drop you.
By the time you both reach the empty spots that the table he places you down slowing you to sit before him.
The space for the two of you was smaller than normal. His hand would sometimes graze your arm and send tingles up your spine. His knee would sometimes though yours and you didn’t really mind it.
{{I hope this is what you wanted doll!! I feel like Draco would give the best piggy back rides ever!! I haven’t slept in 40 hours so sorry of its bad}}

Jealousy has no end - Liam Dunbar

Description: Based off 5x06, you get jealous when you see the unusual interactions between Liam and Hayden, making you lose control of your witch powers.
Ship: Reader x Liam
Fandom: Teen wolf


It was training time for the young and new people in your coven, and today you had to learn tracking spells. you were only 3 people in class; you, the twins Caleb and Cassie, both were one year older than you. yet the 3 of you went to devenford prep.

it was how you met Liam actually, before he got expelled, he found you and cassie trying to cheat on a test using your magic. back then, you used a memory spell to make him forget. but when he got his werewolf powers, the memory resurfaced.

and then the there was the deadpool, so with time, you ended up dating
(A/N: might write the full story, if requested bcs idk)

“So who are we tracking first” Cassie asked setting 3 maps of beacon hills down on the floor

“Brett left his jersey with me today after practice” Caleb says “I can track him down”

“I’ll track Liam since he forgot his phone with me today” you say pulling the phone out of your pocket

Cassie looks around the dim lighten room “Oh” she jumps up and takes a book that was on a table next to her “I borrowed this from Mason the other day”

“Well now we can move on to stalking our friends” Caleb joked earning chuckles from you and Cassie

The three of you start to chant words, you feel the energy flow throw your fingers, then a blue spark hit your map, your eyes shoot open to see that the same had happened to them.

“Mason’s at Hills’ homemade ice cream” Cassie says
Caleb raises an eyebrow “I knew something is going on between them” he grins “Brett’s there too”
“I wonder who Liam’s with in Sinema then” you say but the answer was already in your head, Hayden.
“His pack maybe” Cassie tries to answer.
“They’re having a book club” you tell your friends who look confused “It’s something about memories or whatever”

“you do realize you can break whatever’s blocking their memory” Caleb says 
“Yes, but Liam doesn’t want me in this” you explain


You sat next to Mason and Brett as they talked about something that you weren’t paying much attention to, instead your attention was on Liam and Hayden’s interaction

He had obviously told you about 6th grade, but you knew there was another kind of tension building up between the two of them.

but now instead of reading the dread doctors, as Scott had asked you to, you were watching Hayden and Liam as they continued to score a goal after another

the eye contact they shared made something in you boil “Y/N” Mason exclaimed making you jump, you look at the paper in your hand that was on fire.

your eyes widen and you quickly put off the fire you had unintentionally caused. “are you okay?” Brett asked 

“Yeah yeah” you shrug off opening the page you left on to continue reading

“What’s up with those two” Brett asked mason and so Mason started to explain their 6th grade story.

You look up from the book to see the lacrosse goalie on the floor, Liam must’ve hit him hard.

yet they continued their little contest making you even more jealous, which deep in your mind you knew was kinda stupid off you since it’s probably nothing.

but another part of your mind said otherwise, it was then you heard a scream from the other side of the field 

“Y/N what’s wrong with you today?” Brett asked raising his voice, you noticed that Liam was looking at you too

“What did I do?” you ask
“Blue mist covered half of the field” Mason explained “and I’m pretty sure Blue is your signature coven color, so unless there’s another witch around here from your coven, you have to explain yourself”

he was right, each coven had its own colour to mark their work, and yours was blue.

“I’m gonna go, I need rest” you say putting your things in your bag.

as you walked away you heard someone yelling for an inhaler.


that night, you sat alone in the training room, learning spell about finding killers, if you got that down, you can find the dread doctors’ whereabouts using things that were left in Donavon’s jail

in truth, you just wanted to distract yourself from thinking of Liam, he hasn’t really answered your phonecalls and you two haven’t talked in a while

Then your phone rang, you look at it hoping to see Liam’s name, only it was Scott

“Hey Scott” you answered your phone
“uhm Y/N” he says “I need a favor”
“What’s wrong?” you ask

You weren’t apart of the pack since you were in your own witch coven, but you had no problem helping Scott and his pack whenever they needed help

“Can you track dead bodies?” he asks, which at this point didn’t surprise you.
“no, I find people using their aurora that leaves a magical track on their things” you explain “and since they’re dead, the aurora’s gone”

“Oh” he says in disappointment 
“Is there anything else I can do?” you ask hoping you can be somehow helpful to the Alpha
“Not at the moment” he replies. “see you tomorrow”

but before he closed the line you needed to ask about Liam

“Scott can I ask you something?” you say
“Sure” he answers
“Do you know where Liam is?”
“he mentioned something about going to Sinema for Hayden” he says “Is something up between you two?”

“possible” you say “We’ll talk later scott”

“ok bye” he ends the conversation 


you walked through the doors of Sinema with Caleb behind you, when you told him where you were going he refused to let you go alone while you’re angry.

so that’s how you ended up looking for Liam between the bodies of people.

and when you saw him, he was alone with Hayden “Ok what the hell” you yelled at them your hands lighting with blue sparks

Caleb held your wrists in an attempt to hold you back, instead you started chanting words that you didn’t know their meaning nor have never heard before.

“It’s not what it looks like” Liam said trying to calm you down but you kept chanting, unable to stop yourself, you felt something taking over. Soon your feet were off the ground and your eyes were glowing blue.

Hayden collapsed to the floor “I’ll help her” Caleb said “you try stopping Y/N” he told Liam

You couldn’t control yourself, you tried stopping yourself but you kept chanting. It was as if something was controlling you
“Y/N” Liam yelling lunging at you only to make you fall on the floor beneath him.

Your head hit the floor making your eyes come back to their natural color

“What happened” you ask as your eyesight went back to normal, Liam was on top of you with glowing golden eyes. “What did I do?” You say moving away from him, afraid you’ll hurt him.

You saw Caleb holding an unmoving Hayden as he tried bringing her back to consciousness “I’m sorry” you whisper “It wasn’t me doing it, I would never hurt her”

“It’s not you” Caleb confirms “I read about something like this before” he says as Hayden slowly opens her eyes.

“It’s when you feel a feeling for the first time, your magic is surprised by it in your system and therefore follows its lead” Caleb explains “what were you feeling?”

your head goes down “Jealous” you admit “like I’m losing something I love" your eyes look at like “someone actually”

“You thought I liked her?” Liam raises an eyebrow at you “Y/N I love you and nobody will change that anytime soon”

Hayden slowly started moving, and when she opened her eyes, she yelling on the top of her lungs “What did you do?” She asks looking between me and Liam

I’ll block her memory, you two can finish talking so I can head home" Caleb says knocking Hayden out, again and taking her away.

Liam laughed at something Caleb mumbled while leaving, werewolf powers you mentally sigh.

“Now where were we?” Liam says coming closer to you

“I was apologizing about being a jealous girlfriend” you say trying to break the tension

“Not that” he rolls his eyes “I mean the ‘I love you’ part”

You fail to hold back a smile at his cute idiocy “I love you, Dunbar”

He gently puts his hands on your waist and his lips move to yours

“I love you too” he mumbles between the kiss

“What the hell are you doing here?”

When he heard his voice, Percy opened his eyes and smiled.

“Waiting for you.”

Nico blushed. He turned his face away from Percy so he wouldn’t notice it.” You weren’t in the party.”

“There were so many people I couldn’t even talk to you.” He sat shaking the sand from the beach off his hair. “You have a lot of friends there, uh?”

Nico rolled his eyes and sat next to him on the beach sand. It was a beautiful night to walk on the beach, but he could still hear the lights and the noise coming from the fire.

“They are not my friends. Not all.”

Percy laughed.

“I know, Jason said it would be a commemorative meeting with close friends because you don’t like parties, but I think things were not like you planned.”

“Apparently the whole camp felt invited to participate. I don’t even know most of people who are there.” He sighed, but he was happy that his friends did this for him, even if it ended up like this. “Well, I needed to get out and walk a bit”

“It’s okay don’t worry. I’m sure they don’t even know that it’s your birthday party.”

They laughed together, something that had become common between them, until Nico felt Percy look over to him. Their eyes met and this time neither of them looked away.

Nico felt his heart beat faster. Why did he have to feel like that?

He felt so stupid for being at the same point where he was years ago. It was as if all his hard work to give up Percy depended solely and exclusively of the fact of him not having any chance, because Percy was with his soulmate, Annabeth, and all he could do was move on.

But it was before. Before Percy and Annabeth went to college, met another people, realized that they can be attracted to these people and that some can have more in common with them. At least that’s what Percy simply said to explain why they broke up.

In a summary, they destroyed his theory about soulmates and now Annabeth was dating another architecture student while Percy returned to the camp.

The annoying thing is, without Annabeth there and being so close to Percy every day, Nico almost forgot why he was hurt, why he had to give up, why Percy will never be his. All that remained was why he was so deeply in love with the son of Poseidon. Actually he knew he never really stopped being in love with him. All his hard work was thrown away with just a smile. So stupid.

“What?” Nico asked when he saw Percy looking at him with a smile.

“I was thinking about my birthday. That birthday when you were in my room.”

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