i just thought this was really cute and funny for some reason

i had a really cute dream that Uraraka somehow like…. got hurt, and was in the infirmary (which was, for some reason, huge), but the entire class was hanging around her and a few other students who were hurt (i can’t remember who else it was, but there were at least 3 others)

Bakugou was on her right side and he made her food, and absently brushed her hair while she talked with Mina. he was kinda acting like a grumpy caretaker. and then the class all ended up falling asleep in the infirmary and Bakugou ended up sleeping on the same bed with Uraraka. just kinda…. sprawled out next to her. he kinda looked like he might fall off the bed somehow, but didn’t

some of the other kids were like on the floor, or sleeping in other infirmary beds, or in weird positions, but they all refused to leave the room when their friends were all hurt, haha

and the funny thing is, in the dream, i thought it was from a new chapter or something and i was rushing to make a post about how cute certain panels were and was trying to crop one of them when i woke up

it was so cute, hahaha


I wanted to upload these again mostly in regards to all the “Bad Art” blogs lying about on Tumblr.

These are both drawn by me, once when I was 13 and one when I was 21. The reason I progressed was that nobody ever told be my art was bad, nobody ever made jokes about it and nobody told me that I. Can’t. Draw. When I made the picture as a 13 year old I was very proud and I thought I was really funny. I used mouse and MS paint and was really proud of myself for pulling it of.  If someone would have uploaded that onto a blog only to make fun of it it would have crushed me and most likely scared me of from sharing my art. If you make fun of little kids for doing something they just think is fun then guess what, they might not think it’s so fun anymore.

Bottom line is kids are growing, learning and thinking beings. They are gonna upload some goofy art and they are gonna make terrible OCs but for fucks sake let them have fun doing it without having to worry about some 30 year old loser making fun of they Sonic-persona online infront of thousands of people.

So @ bad art blogs; Stop being fucking twats

Mystic Messenger

Oh, you picked up right away! We must have thought the same thing~
I know this is funny to say… but I thought you were talking to someone else before I called you.

MC: No, I was waiting for you to call?

Really? Oh.. my heart just jumped a bit. So excited…
Honestly… I.. should be sorry that I made you wait… but I’m happy.
I want to be the only one with your heart~!
Oh, and this is something else… but I think I’m a bit weird.
When I see you enjoy talking with others in the messenger, I feel… itchy for some reason.
It kind of hurts, and I don’t want to see it but I can’t leave… is this what it’s like to be possessive?
It’s always the two of us there… I want to talk to you privately.
I’m sorry. You might think it’s boring for me to say that.

MC: I sign in because I enjoy talking with you.

…Even when I hear that, I feel like there’s a heavy rock on my chest.
I’m so happy, but I’m nervous too.
What if you start liking someone else?
What if I’m no longer the reason you come to the chat room? I can’t help but think about that.
I know it’s important to take your feelings as they are… but why do I keep doubting and wanting confirmation?
When I’m happy, I get scared of losing that happiness… I must be stupid.

MC: Just live in the present. Don’t be scared of your past and future.

Oh, look at the time.
I should quit chatting and get ready for bed. I hope you’ve had a good day.
Good night… and think of me.

…You still haven’t hung up? Hello? Oh… I guess you’re still there.
I need to say this. To be honest…
You know… I don’t know if this is what jealousy is.
I want you to only look at me.
I want you to look at me, cherish me, and just only talk to me.
Your kind voice, words, I  want all those to be geared towards me.
…If this is jealousy, then I am being jealous.

…Sweet dreams. I’m really hanging up now.
Good night.


Really quick Batman comic I call “Days after Release of Pokemon Go:Gotham City crime rate at all time low”


So I read somewhere that someone figured out with actual mass and mathematic calculations that Sans is about 17 pounds. (Provided that he’s roughly 5 feet tall.) So somehow that turned into this??? I was thinking about how easy it would actually be to carry him around. Like, no wonder everyone does it. Then I thought, boy it would be really funny if everyone did it for reasons. Weird thought process I know. Lol

So I figure Papyrus always carries him when he falls asleep because he’s certainly not going to walk on his own like that. Tori just thought it’d be cute to carry him. Mettaton wonders what the hype was about, and if it has any rating possibilities. (He found none lol) Undyne for some reason thought that he’d be perfect exercise equipment for Alphys. Asgore isn’t so pleased with the treatment Sans has been getting and goes to put him in a proper resting place. And Frisk… Frisk just defies all logic… As per usual. :D

anonymous asked:

Wait wait wait. I looked at that "Larry" moments that aren't really Larry master post and you're telling me that gif of two guys hugging in the hall isn't really Larry but two guys from The Vamps? Is that true? Wtf?! The whole reason I got into Larry is because I saw that hug, thought it was cute, and someone had it tagged Larry Stylinson. But it wasn't even them?! What the hell???? What else is a lie?! My whole Larry experience started off with a lie.... and I'm just omg I'm shook


I’ve actually seen Antis use that hug thinking it was Larrie.

It’s funny ‘cause the first time I saw it was on a Debunk masterpost a Larrie made themselves because I guess some of them were sick of seeing fake things spread around, but you wouldn’t really see one of those being made by a Larrie anymore though huh…


I watched High Society over the last couple nights because I have a bad cold and that’s just what I do when I’m not feeling well. Watch old movies. I heard of High Society, but I guess didn’t realize how big its three stars are, and didn’t know it was based on The Philadelphia Story. I know this movie isn’t, like, a landmark of cinema, but it’s funny, adorable, and features singing by Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra. Not sure what more there is to love. 

These were some of my favorite shots. Loved the opening and ending credits, for some reason. Bold color. And Newport Jazz. Sinatra doing anything just gets me, and I thought Bing was really cute at the end. Plus Grace Kelly, goddess as usual.