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OK, in the original HorrorTale, Sans went made due to a lack of food, and nearly getting killed by Undyne,who CAUSED the food shortage. What drove Horror!Lav insane?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot and even i’m not 100% sure- feel free to give me suggestions but-

Perhaps Lav’s views on life suddenly flipped on him- like he was exposed to so much death, destruction, and sadness that he just kinda snapped and realized that life might not be as precious as he thought 

Maybe all it really takes to set Lav off is a good’ol Genocide run ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Friendly reminder that Bran didn’t just save Arya’s life and bring about Littlefinger’s death. He also saved show!Sansa’s life. If Sansa and LF’s plan to murder Arya actually came to pass (it wouldn’t have bc the Northerners never would have agreed to harm Ned Stark’s precious little girl, but still) Jon would have destroyed them both the second he returned. It wouldn’t have involved a trial or even conscious thought on his part. Jon would have learned that his beloved little sister Arya had been killed and his only response would have been to cut off the heads of her killers. Or chop them to pieces, if he wasn’t in a merciful mood.

So kudos to Bran! He saved the lives of both his sisters, prevented his brother from becoming a kinslayer, and brought an end to Littlefinger.

“Can I take it off for you this time?”

Hide’s hands went still at the request, hovering a little just below his face. He gave some thought to the request before letting his hands drop back down to his sides and giving the other male a nod.

Kaneki smiled, grateful to be giving permission. His hands were gentle as they set about their task and with a few careful tugs here and there the mask slipped free from Hide’s face.

Silver eyes lit up upon seeing his most precious person’s face after such a long, hard day. His skin was flushed with heat and his golden hair that now fell below his shoulders was slightly damp with sweat. To Kaneki, he was absolutely beautiful. When he said as much, Hide let out an embarrassed squeak and turned an even deeper red.

It was cute, the shyness his human displayed whenever Kaneki complimented him or showered him with affection. And his soft squeaks. Kaneki felt like he was addicted to those noises the other male would make and he was always wanting to discover more. If he had to guess which noise was his favorite then he would probably have to pick the surprised squeak Hide would make whenever he stole a kiss. Or maybe it was the shuddering sigh that those sweet lips released whenever Kaneki brushed his lips the sensitive skin on Hide’s neck.

(I think you like teasing me too much.)

The ghoul found himself chuckling at the message and his human’s adorable pouting face. He wouldn’t deny that he thoroughly enjoyed making Hide’s face heat up. The blonde wasn’t one to blush very often when they were younger, so it was a delight to be able to make him do so now.

“I can’t help it. You’re just so cute when you’re embarrassed.” He then leaned forward and captured Hide’s lips in a searing kiss, causing his human to let another squeak, but happily kiss back.

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Man. I remember when I first got a hockey Tumblr and I just followed Avs stuff and a couple other blogs. I saw a team picture of the Caps and it said "my precious team. They're so cute" or something like that. And I thought I'd never get into other teams and here I am crying over the Nicky and Ovi and Greenie fic and all over the Sod/Geno shit

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hello! i'm really sorry if you are all busy with other headcanons, but i would like to share mine: lily was demiromantic and asexual, and that was part of the reason why she always rejected james when he asked her out before seventh year. (apologies for any awkward english, also if you are still doing points, ravenclaw)

“It’s so weird. I thought James was just a bully, but then it turns out Sev had been bullying him, too, and then I thought he was more of just a goof, but then I saw him consoling these first years in the hall. It was just so sweet, he made them go from crying to laughing in about five minutes. Precious.”

“So what did you say about the uses of mandrake root in emotion-based potions?”

“Oh, and I was watching him and Sirius, and it was like watching a mirror. Every time Sirius flipped his hair, James did the same. It was the cutest thing.”

“That’s not at all what I said, but okay. I guess I’ll check with Remus.”

“And have you actually watched him in transfiguration? His movements are so precise! I never noticed before just how skilled he really is.”

Alice gave up on her homework, laughing. “Aww… Lils. I think you’re having your first crush!” she teased.

“What!?” Lily suddenly looked a bit panicked. “No, I… I’ve never had a crush before. I - well, I thought I was aromantic. That’s… not possible - is it?”

“You haven’t stopped talking about James since I sat down with you. Seems pretty crush-y to me.”

James,” Lily whispered, as if contemplating if she was okay with this new development.

“You know, Frank is demisexual. That means demiromantic is probably a thing. Maybe you’ve never had a crush before because you never got to know anyone that you might have otherwise had a crush on. Now that you’re actually, you know, not ignoring James when he’s around and actually talking to him, maybe you’ve actually started to get to know him.”

A look of horror - the look of horror someone gets when they realize they’re in deep and there’s no backing out how - crossed Lily’s face. “Oh Merlin, no,” she groaned, stuffing her head into her crossed arms on the table. “I’ve got a crush on James,” she said, her words muffled by the table.

Alice patted her back sympathetically. “On the plus side, as you’ve been telling me for the last fifteen minutes, at least James is looking to be like a pretty good person. And he absolutely adores he. He’ll be thrilled to hear you like him back!”

LIly’s head shot up as she grabbed at Alice’s shoulder. “You can’t tell him! I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.”

“By the way you’ve been gushing about him, I’m guessing you’ll be ready pretty soon.”

“So, the effects of dittany on energy, did you ask?” Lily said, voice high and clearly changing the subject.

Alice let her get away with it, smiling internally. “Really not even close. Mandrake on emotions.” Give her friend another day to process it and she’d probably say yes when any of the Common Room gossips passed along what they’d heard to James and he asked her on a date.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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My cousin is a professional hippo keeper and has advanced far enough in the field of professional hippo keeping that she’s head of..idk, hippos? all giant herbivores? at Disney and has been consulting with the Cincinnati zoo about Fiona.

And being her facebook friend has really introduced me to the subculture of hippo keepers, who apparently all know each other and also can recognize most zoo hippos on sight. 

And man, if you thought cat ladies were bad about the “my precious panther children just bit the shit out of my arm and then vomited on my rug”  shit then I need to tell you that it is NOTHING compared to how hippo people talk about hippos with each other.  For example, my cousin will post a cute video of Fiona and her mother and all her hippo friends will comment things like, “Aww, look at Bibi.  She’s beautiful. Remember that time she bit down while I was brushing her teeth and she broke every bone in my hand?” and all the other people are like,  “Aw, precious Nile princess! I remember riding with you in the ambulance!”

Or she’ll post a picture of baby Fiona gnawing gently on her caregiver’s leg and someone will respond with a picture of a massive bruise she got when a teenage hippo did that and everyone will be like, “hahaha, these nightmare murder beasts sure are wonderful.”


MM x BNHA crack

ok but what if BTS doesn’t want to wake up Yoongi not because they’re scared of angering him, but they actually don’t want to wake up him because they know how hard working he is and how less sleep he gets so they want to let him rest whenever he can

‘Long live king Laurent of Vere!’

Yes! Okay! I thought I’d never draw a fanart for Captive Prince but here I am proved wrong yet another time;) So here it is our precious son in all his shining glory:) 

also see Damen

Prints avaiable at Society6

But! I’ve not read The adventures of Charls the Veretian cloth merchant yet (just excerpts here on tumblr):< So here is the deal: if you buy me an e-book (at the moment I don’t have a convenient way of purchasing it) I’ll draw you your favourite character from Captive Prince^^ sooooooo anyone interested? (write me a pm)

You were
so important
to me,
that I couldn’t
count all
the things
I am willing
to do,
just to
make you
—  ma.c.a // Your smile is precious to me

When you see a hot girl for the first time and realise that you might not be as heterosexual as you first thought.

Yuuri’s list of songs for his Free Skate

I’m not sure if this has been done before, but in case it hasn’t, I just thought it was too precious not to share it!!

In episode 4 of Yuri on Ice, where Yuuri is trying to choose a song for his Free Skate, there’s a fleeting moment when you can actually see his entire list of rejected songs (right before he gives up and rings Phichit).

SO. A few months ago, after the nth time of re-watching YOI (where n was not yet an embarrassingly large number), I copied down the list and tried to work out what it said. 

Turns out, it’s not only a list of songs but also a few comments he had for each song!!

Here’s the original Japanese from the scene and a rough translation.
(Pardon my very basic Japanese. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you spot errors and I will correct them!)





“Danse Macabre”

Too bright/cheerful. The image does not fit.

Does not seem likely for skeletons to come out dancing at midnight.

Notes: The song title actually says the “dance of life” but considering the dancing skeletons and the bright image, I think he’s referring to Danse Macabre.




“Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

Not calm. Tempo too intense.

Water-drawing spell seems to be used well…




“The Black Swan”

Too scary. Want it to be stronger.

The white swan does not seem to appear.

瓦割り人形 「ピ·ポ·ポ



The Nutcracker “Pas de Deux”

Too sad. Want it to be more passionate!

I do not want to see such a dream at Christmas.

Notes: This title played merry hell with me. It says “Tile?Ceramic? splitting doll. Pi-po-pu” Ended up searching Japanese sites for possible interpretations and the most likely one seems to be the Nutcracker Pas De Deux, especially since he mentions Christmas…




 “Nessun Dorma” (English: None Shall Sleep)

Not sufficiently romantic.

It seems the name of the prince cannot be guessed.

Notes: Another title that was quite difficult to guess, because it’s not the official Japanese name of Nessun Dorma and literally says “Everyone shall not sleep”. But since he mentions guessing the name of the prince, I think Nessun Dorma is correct.

Thank goodness he rejected all of the above, because his final FS was much better <3 <3 <3

So I was watching the entire series over again while I was working on some Voltron art and I came across this little interaction I had to share. Besides a million more small things I’m enjoying rooting out as I watch again, watch this as Team Voltron wins the day for the first time and Shiro decides to give Keith a good solid smack on the back.

I took a screenshot of the frames because dammit if they’re going to draw them, let’s look at them, and honestly they are wonderful. Seriously, look at Shiro’s face and Keith’s surprise. He nearly topples the poor guy over!

And then look at his dumb smug face:

But of course it ends even sweeter:

And another favourite I’m finding. When close, what draws one of their eyes is sure to draw the other’s:

This is affection and connection. And this sort of stuff makes me really happy <3

Pink is the Tiniest Diamond!

Crewniverse tricked us into thinking that Pink’s palanquin is a lot bigger than it is - same with Pink, herself.  When Blue walks up to her own palanquin, it’s obvious that it’s just the right size for her.

But when she’s next to Pink’s, there are a LOT of optical illusions going on:

  • Blue was kneeling or crouching by it at first, making it look bigger.
  • When Blue stands up, she still looks shorter because she’s slouching.
  • The way the palanquin is leaning makes the roof look higher.
  • The flowers obscure the bottom, making it hard to see just how big it is.
  • The palanquin is on a hill, making it higher, and thus bigger-looking.
  • The legs are extended (the ones on Blue’s were retracted), making it higher.

In the above image, you can already see that Pink’s palanquin only comes to Blue’s shoulders.  Let’s take a closer look and find out just how big it is:

Already we can see that the palanquin is a lot smaller than it initially looks.  Let’s find out how much smaller Pink really is next to Blue.

So it looks like Pink is probably less than half as tall as Blue.  Maybe about halfway up her thigh, give-or-take.  Looks like Pink’s palanquin lends credence to:

  1. The common theory that Pink is the newest Diamond.
  2. A theory I’ve had that the Diamonds, unlike their Gems, grew up.

If so, this would mean Pink is even newer than I thought!  That would explain why Blue (and Eyeball and Holly Blue and even Yellow) seem to act as if Pink was especially precious: She’s just a little kid!

EDIT: (In case anyone sees this.) Nice to see this post getting attention and some good discussion! =D I’ll note that I’m experimenting with how much detail to include in a theory post, and how to best present information. Some stuff has been brought up that I left out on purpose for readability, or because it wouldn’t make a huge difference in the end result. That said:

  • It definitely looks like Crewniverse was trying to make the height difference hard to notice, and the height difference is consistant thorughout the scene.  To me, the scene screams “We’re leaving subtle hints about things we haven’t revealed, again!”
  • Blue isn’t much closer to the camera than the palanquin, so there shouldn’t be too much of a perspective difference.
  • The ‘How Are Gems Made’ Minisode states that Gems suck the life out of the ground to skip childhood (I suspect Peridot will grow).  Gems are probably designed to do that because the Diamonds wanted them to get to work right away.  If the Diamonds don’t have that feature, however, they’d experience childhood.
  • I do think dialogue hints at Pink being a child, rather than a runt.  For example, Yellow calls Pink’s zoo “silly,” suggesting a childish nature.
  • I do think that young Gems and Diamonds would still grow up very, very slowly. Remember that Pink would have to be a MINIMUM of ~1,000 years old by the time she was taken down; probably much, much older, especially if the Gem writing in Off Colors is any indication.
  • I suspect that Blue and Yellow are already fully grown.  Between that, and the previous bullet point, we wouldn’t see any height difference with Blue between The Answer and Steven’s Dream.

I guess I got some good feedback on how much detail to include, and I’ll try to adjust accordingly for future posts. Thanks!

She landed her eyes on him and realized that he was staring off into the distance, totally lost in his own thoughts.

She wanted to know what he kept inside of his head. The things that would keep him up all night and the things that would make him smile or cry. She opened her mouth to ask but only silence came out.

“I’m thinking of you.”

His sudden answer gave her heart a little jump in her chest, as if he could hear her thoughts.

“I’m just wondering,” he continued with a gentle smile,

“What did I ever do in life to have you, the oh so precious you, inside of my arms?”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #137 // “What did I do to deserve someone like you?“

“Maybe I can’t be like father or you, but I want to become capable in my own right”.

Precious eyepatch!Ciel in chapter 132