i just thought this scene was adorable (:

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Borrowing this awesome gif for a moment (since my giffing skills are non existent). Has it been brought up yet just how camp this moment was?

Like i LOVED this moment but OMG Dean. I can’t quite get over it. There was something about his teasing tone and the ‘ooh rebel!’ after as well. It just seemed kinda CAMP. I have watched this scene over and over and it makes me laugh because yeah its subtle but I have never thought that about Dean before like EVER. 

We have all this Dean is Bi meta and yet I have never ever read any sort of overt ‘campness’ into Dean’s personality. One because tbh its a silly stereotype that gay men are camp (though I have a couple of gay friends and colleagues who like to camp it up to the EXTREME) but quite frankly, Dean in this moment reminded me of the way my slightly camp gay friends tease each other.

I am in no way saying I think that Dean should become more camp to support the Dean is Bi reading. After all, both Jesse and Cesar kinda threw that stereotype under a bus after this episode. I just thought it was interesting that in the same episode that we have a canonical gay married couple of rugged macho hunter dudes, we have Dean acting like this… or should I say Jensen acting like this? 

Here’s some wild speculation then… Jensen would have read the script for the last few episodes at this point right? Does he know something we don’t? Is this an unconscious acting choice? Or a very conscious one? 

Or was it just me that thought this about this scene?