i just thought this one was cute xd


Well, set of Zestiria cute family is half done! There is still need santa costumes for Alisha, Dezel and Zaveid.

Only good thing about those unfair free to play games are that we can see our beloved children in different outfits. (Yeah I’m salty after spending 100 crystals in tales of link and not getting ANY santa character from tales games :/)

God! It really made me happy to see Mikleo getting his santa clothes this year too. I just thought on morning about some funny mini fic with Sorey in santa clothes, grumpy Mikleo and star of the end; christmas goblin cart. I wished for Mikleo to have some official santa clothes, I check tumblr and surprise! There is one. Not in tales of link but still, It’s sooooo cute!!! Mikleo is so cute checking his reindeer ears! Is that mistletoe on hairband? Because if it is I hope that Sorey going to use it as excuse to kiss his boyfriend everywhere where they go XD.

I didn’t said before, happy about Sorey getting his goblin card finally but I love Sorey’s hat. I love that there is Shepherd sign on it. And white sewing on his jacket and trousers are great too!

As for Rose, wow, this shoulder cape is really amazing. I would wear her outfit if I had chance.

I stay with Edna costume for a moment. Look at her gift bag in first picture. Look at the candies there. Every candy mean one character from Zestiria party. From left, first Lailah (Her hair clip is there.) then Rose with deadly button XD, Pink cute bag makes Alisha, above it is one of Dezel, then Zaveid, pack with feathers as Sorey and last but not last Mikleo. Cookie with Normin can makes Edna herself in this set sice she loves Normins.

I love this idea of such gift bag and thanks Namco for that!

Well, until now Lailah have less detailed outfit than rest. She’s looks still great since she’s beauty but our beloved puns queen deserves something more, don’t you think?

(Even if those games are unfair money machines)

Sorry, that it’s isn’t Nezushi post. I’m still drawing “All I meant to say”, I just wish that I had more strength to draw and write but like every year winter is killing me off. 

awww precious baby haha xD 

i legit thought that the girls just wanted to fangirl over Mutsumi lolol at least thatd be me for sure x3

lolol when the kohai hast to look out for the senpai xD

he even apologizes hes too pure for this world haha




bonus hes still about that history study group hehe

Good Impressions (Sirius Black)

Request/Prompt : none

Warnings : none

A/N : this one is rather short, but I thought it was kind of cute. Just imagine nervous little Sirius just scared out of his mind that he’s going to give your parents the wrong idea XD requests are open! oh, and just for reference, Y/D/N stands for your dad’s name, and Y/M/N is your mom’s name ;)

“Does my hair look okay?” your boyfriend asked frantically, combing his slicked black hair quickly. His eyes were glued to the tiny mirror inside the sun shield of the passenger seat, and he was leaning so close to it that his nose was nearly touching its reflection.

 You laughed, eyes flickering between the sight and the road that was illuminated by your headlights. “You look fine, Sirius, absolutely fine. There’s no need to stress.”

 "There is every need to stress!“ he cried. "These are your parents, Y/N, there has never been a more important meeting in my life.”

 "You’re making it sound like they’re mass murderers instead of a Muggle couple,“ you told him, carefully steering the car down the street. Houses were lined on both sides, and you looked for the one you had grown up in.

 Sirius finally folded up the sun shield, turning in his seat to look at you. "They could be,” he said in all seriousness which caused you to burst into laughter.

 "It’s okay, babe, just be yourself,“ you replied, pulling into the driveway. You parked in front of the house, and Sirius let out a clipped breath. You sighed and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. "Relax,” you murmured.

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1/2 Has anyone considered Hinata and Shirabu? I'm probably the only one who does, lol i thought about it in my math class out of all things xD Just Hinata and Shirabu just somehow becoming friends and just because hinata is a loveable ray of sunshine

(2/2) Shirabu somehow just falls head over heels for him and just cracks a smiles everytime Hinata is mentioned or when he texts him and all. Its a probably a little ooc for Shirabu but i can’t help but think about how cute they could be like, omg.

if i was shirabu i’d smile anytime shouyou interacts with me too

but since shirabu is shirabu he’d squash down his smile immediately and pretend he’s in total control over his emotions


Y’know what I realized? My otp’s through 2007 to 2009 each had one thing in common. They were silent couples that only made cute little sounds.

I mean okay, Wall-E and Eve CAN speak on some occasions, but for the most part, they too mainly make adorable sounds to communicate with each other.

I guess that just sort of appealed to me without even realizing it at the time…just thought that was sort of interesting. XD



Reunited Friends AU part 8!~
I can’t believe how long this took I’m so sorry! I’m now studying abroad in America and things are super intense! But I managed to graw the next part! I regret that nothing really happens in this part but it’s a needed bridge for stuff to happen XD I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Hehehe and you thought the story was just a cute one off to show Arthur’s frustration XDD Nope, he’s still working on it!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! You’re all so sweet and kind and I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! THANK YOU!!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8]

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Shouldn't Swap Sans be at least 5 year old since Paps is a baby?

((There’s no canon age difference stated in Underswap. :) And, as far as I know, popcornpr1nce never mentioned who was older either, so anything goes when it comes to headcanons. Personally speaking, I like to imagine that US!Pap is older, but I also enjoy the work people do when they make US!Sans the elder brother dealing with his depressed mess of a little bro. :’)

In terms of why I drew them both as babies—


LOL Like, there was no higher thought process here hahahah I just thought it’d be cute so that’s what I did~ XD And also, I like to think that if the main bros were all in one place, it’d go something like Talebros > Fellbros > Swapbros in terms of age. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ))

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I haven't watched ed edd n eddy in YEARS. I watched it back when I was a smol bean who hadn't even considered gay ships to be possible. But you just had me scrolling through the kevedd tag for half an hour. On a slightly unrelated note I used to think double d was a girl.

My feelings that time as a child was that “They make a cute couple!” I thought daily not knowing the what gay ships were at that time xD 

One of my earliest memories was having a HUGE CRUSH on double d ! I still do, such a cutie!

Originally posted by dodrio

I had my galaxy nails and stars paci and thought of you Luna, aka queen of the little universe 💜💫💞⭐

Submission from @thelittlestdragon Oh!! That pacifier is SOO cute AH! AND the galaxy naillsssss! I’ve been looking at some pretty false stiletto nails that I want because I’m really awful with nail polish, but I also struggle with false nails xD I dunno about queen of the little universe 😶 but I certainly try to be a kind, understanding, and accepting person and keep this blog happy and cute and safe, but it is also one of my personal blogs, so my thoughts and such are shared through my blog 💜 I’ve grown and learned a lot since I started this blog around 3 years ago. I’m just glad I get to share things that make me happy with my followers 🌸 I hope that you have a safe and wonderful night or day, wherever you may be 🌸 - Luna 🌛

Day 11 of the OTP Challenge: Wearing kigurumis

Fun fact, I didn’t know what kigurumis were until I looked them up. I knew what they were, but I didn’t know what the name of them was. Did that make sense? Probably not… xD I just looked up some on google and I thought the penguin and cat one was so cute. ^^ ~Blossom

I just had a thought.

You know about all those cute headcanons about Reaper’s sewing skills? Since it’s already proven that he made his own Halloween costume in that comic. Well, I was thinking about it and remember those shotgun shells that he wears that he never uses because he just throws away his shotguns?

What if those are actually emergency wardrobe supplies? Like sewing needles, thread, scissors, etc.? There’s a tear in your shirt and he’s like “Hold on” and pops one of them open to reveal a spool of thread.

I thought it was cute XD

Misty's confession to Ash!
  • Misty's confession to Ash!
  • PokéHit - Episode 22 - Xochitl Ugarte Interview

Here is a little fragment of an interview @pinkstar375, other friends and myself have with Xochitl Ugarte, Misty’s latin american voice actrees in 2014, yeah kinda old… but still, I just listened it again and I thought about sharing it with xD

Xochitl: Ow, how cute. Const want me to share with you, Const is my daughter, that her favorite Pokémon is… Pikachu!
All of us: Ahahaha aw~ *ignore our fangirl comments xD*
Xochitl: *she murmurs other things, reading the comment* Do you think she was in love with Ash? OW, BUT OF COURSE, OBVIOUSLY YES! *we laugh while she continue reading* Can you say him with Misty’s voice that you love him? Thank you, greetings from Ecuador! Awwwwww. It would surely be while he’s sleeping and she ontemplating him like in one scene, right? *we told her like in the song* Exactly! That’s how it’ll probably be. She would probably say something like:

Ash, I’ve never told you this but that’s why I follow you and I’m with you all the time. I do believe you’re an incredible trainer but, above all, I would like you to know that I love you...”

Xochitl: AWWWWW, just imagine if it would have been something like that!!!

All of us: Fangirling.

Me: What we never had in our childhood, thank you pokémon staff, thank you…!

And so, we spent a great time talking with Xochitl, showing her also some fanart about Misty, works from @moritosakura, @hollylu-ships-it and other ones x’D


a/n: So who plays Pokemon Go? XD I don’t, but I do ship these two uwu I’m a Pokemon fan and I have played all the games and watched the anime shows but I’m too poor to have the proper phone for Pokemon Go :/ But when fan arts started to spread all over the interweb about these two, I JUST HAVTA SHIP IT HAHAHA

Anyway XD I found a picture in the internet called “30 Days Challenge” it’s supposed to be for illustrators or artist to draw their OTP in the given category for a day. I don’t draw, but I do write! So I thought, ‘why not take the challenge via cute little fluffy drabbles?’

So here it is! I choose Blanche and Spark for day one because my brain can’t stop making thinking about them. XD And I discovered that there are not enough Blanche x Spark fics! Hhhh!

This is also posted in fanfiction.net in my code name AliceInRealWorld

I hope you guys enjoy it!


A Blanche and Spark fanfiction

“You’ve been staring…”

I hastily stuffed my phone inside the pocket of my jacket then hide my hand under the table. I placed my free arm on the rest and then nervously ran my fingers through my hair. I cracked a pretentious smile. “W-what?”

Blanche’s icy blue eyes narrowed. Her arms crossed and her jaws were tense like how she does when she’s suspicious. “I noticed lately that every time I’m around you’re pretending that you’re busy on your phone.”

I looked at her for a second. “How can you be so sure?” I grinned. “How can you say that I’m only pretending?”

Her tense jaws relaxed a little as she pursed her lips. Worry appeared on her forehead. She absent-mindedly pinched a lock of her hair and began to smooth some nonexistent knots. She always does this when she’s nervous or embarrassed about something; and is still trying to act cool and stoic.

I gave her a small smile.

She paused her adorable antic for a moment and then blink.

‘Cue the blush.’ I thought knowingly.

She blushed then look away. “I-if you’re trying to avoid me…” She began caressing her hair again but in a faster pace. “J-just tell me.”

I laughed softly. I slowly moved my chair so that I was facing her properly. “Do you want to see what’s keeping me busy at my phone when you’re around?”

She stopped playing with her hair and relaxed a little. Her facial expression returned to her unreadable mask. She thought for a moment then slowly nodded.

I motioned her to come closer.

She narrowed her eyes but complied. I moved my chair again, making enough room for her between me and the table I was leaning on. When she was near enough, I swiftly  pulled her on my lap.

She yelped, “Spark! What-”

I pulled out my phone from my pocket and showed her the screen. I switched the camera on selfie mode. It showed her current state-surprised eyes and rosy cheeks. I’ve been trying to catch this rare expression from her for a long time. I leaned to her ear and whispered, “all along I was busy hiding the fact that I was staring at you.”

I pressed my lips on her soft and warm cheek.


'Mission accomplished.’ I smirked.        

a/n: Sooo, did you guys like it? Hate it? Love it?

I’m planning on using other OTP’s for the other categories. It could be them again OR you can suggest who I should use!

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Who's your favourite actor who has played Peter Parker so far? Mine is definitely Tom Holland. That cute lil bastard 😂🖤

FOR SURE TOM HOLLAND HE IS SO CUTE AND JUST PERFECT FOR IT :D (Like one of my favorite moment in Civil War was definitely when his Spider man was introduce!!! I thought he was cute, funny and just overall perf XD)

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- How was your day? - What is your favorite animal? - What is your favorite ship? I couldn't remember the list so I just thought up some questions

lmao hi lovely these are cute XD

ummm. day was good? i had to go into uni for 1 lecture, but the trains are funny on fridays because of my lecture time and i had to change loads so i was actually on the train/waiting for one for like, double (triple?) the time i actually had my lecture lol. the lecture was on the late antiquity, and the etymology of the period, etc. interesting … to a point lol.

favourite animal is a dog. but not like, a little yappy dog. a big dog. a ‘proper dog’. 

ahhh that’s so hard. umm. i love both 19 days ships. viktuuri is wonderful. otabek x yuri warm my stone-cold heart. my first ship was dramione x hermione (dramione). i don’t think i have a ‘favourite’. it just depends on what i feel like writing/reading/watching at a particular time, i think! x

i finished the chibi mincat if u guys wish to see my chibi h20vanoss just scroll through my posts and u should find it ^^ i should be the one right below this one XD 

there is a video to still but its taking longer to upload then i thought so when its done uploading i will post it to a different post

but i hope u guys like it!

i think i might do nogla and lui? what do u guys think ;)

© me

hotlightning replied to your post:                    Tbh Loke, Lyon and Freed should just go shopping…                

   I am so PISSED that Freed dropped in rank for changing his hairstyle. His short cut was amazing he looked so cute.

// I personally think it did look a little weird, in the one panel we got of short-hair Freed at least lmao. Yes, it was ony one damn panel. Though perhaps it was just the way it was drawn because I absolutely LOVE this

shot. He looks damn handsome I mean he always does but and this make up just fits him really well??

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You have this Japanese potty training on YouTube that have these cute talking chibi tigers parents with a cute tiger boy learning how to use the potty. I just thought of Victor & yuuri teaching baby yurio how to use a potty by this video since yurio love tigers and felines. Him older being embarrassed about it.

Omg thats really cute ahahha XD I feel like they were really struggling to teach yurio how to use the toilet, until one day Victor finds the video to show him
And then they go buy tiger print undies, so he’ll try not to get them dirty but will cry so much when accidents happen ;w;

(i love baby yurio so much please talk more with me about it ;w;)