i just thought of tiva

She had been waiting on the step for what seemed like an eternity when he flopped silently down beside her. She had run this moment over and over in her head so many times in the past nine months, yet now that he was in front of her, she was rendered speechless.

He stretched his left arm behind him for support, his eyes fixed on the woman in front of him. The woman he had longed for from the moment he had boarded that plane all those months ago.

In silence they sat, each soaking the other in, afraid that this was perhaps another moment to be woken from. 

‘Tony…’ Ziva started, but emotion quickly seized her words once more as she choked back the tears rapidly filling her eyes.

But the words did not matter, they had never mattered with them.

His eyes continued to hold hers, the love and understanding emanating from the unwavering gaze reminding her that this was why she had to come home. 

Gently Tony took her hand, raising it to his lips as he placed a delicate kiss on the back of her fingers, 'I know’.