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super late wcifs & asks!

  1. hi BUD, hair’s here & yw!
  2. i’ve mentioned it before in a lookbook but it’s right here bc you asked so nicely oigjrgo
  3. i’m really trying to steer away from doing a follow forever bc i don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I’m sorry! :(
  4. (i got a wcif on these jeans by another anon but i’m merging both ha) tbh idk much about the controversy i just know people thought it was dumb. buUUUT I LOVE THEM I LOVE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and you can find them here!!
  5. hair textures are either real life hair textures (close-ups of ppls hair LOL) orrr ones you make using photoshop or any other editing program, you can literally just google hair textures and tons will show up and as for how you apply them, you just layer them over the base texture, set blending to soft light or overlay and that should be it!
  6. hi!! I honestly don’t know how to explain how I make my maxis match retextures, i guess just extract any ea texture off s4s that you like and align it over the alpha(?) texture that you’re trying to maxis matchify.
I don't think they were even playing, tbh. More like he was just going through cards he thought were good, humourous playing ones. But that's besides the point. They pointed out the fact that those looked like his hands and his reflection in the window. I didn't ask you to explain the logistics of PR, just that I'm starting to waiver in my belief it is, but I'll go back and read since I didn't yesterday and am intrigued because I truly don't know what to believe anymore.
Again, unless you are looking at his palm and somehow able to compare hand size to every other man Lili knows in Vancouver, there is literally no reason to believe that was Cole. This is ridiculous. SHs find one of their “breadcrumbs” and use it at proof. It’s not, unless either Cole is visible in the video or Cole posts a video in the same location at the same time, Cole is not necessarily with Lili. I don’t know how SHs make it seem like they are 100% in the same place, but Lili posting a video with male hands holding cards, not proof of shit. Hell, she could have had a one night stand or a Tinder date. It could literally be ANYONE. Don’t fall for SHs assuredness.

Yess……this makes way more sense than the guy she’s been linked to romantically for over a year being at her pad (maybe it’s his pad, too????) late at night, chilling and relaxing, with his babe.

Nope, PR Stooge Lili is merely a tramp who has ONS that she teases us about JUST enough so we’ll know she’s fucking around indiscriminately, but not to reveal her victim’s actual identity. That’s even better than “platonic sleepover cuz they might be filming together in the AM and the studio van will pick them up anyway!”

~~elizabeth keen appreciation month~~

HAHA you all thought it was just going to be a week!! but in honor of mboones basically falling in love with me (we’re already planning our wedding tbh), i though we’d extend our appreciation for one whole month! from july 1st-july 31st, gifs, fics, picspams, fanmixes, fanvids, moodboards, WHATEVER, can be posted every day to celebrate our favorite female lead.  tag (within the first five tags) #lizkeenappreciationmonth or, if i miss it, feel free to submit it. i can’t waaaaiiiiit!!!!!!!

below is the list of episodes to highlight every day. don’t feel obligated to do something every single day. 

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I love watching cis white straight guys joke about girls saying "I have a datemate". Like, have you ever thought that you, someone coming on to her, might need to be told this to go away?



–Mod Mercy

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I'm hanging onto that Korean Keith hc because we need that good representation, so I've always thought that the Texas dad was his adoptive dad, like I know some people have hc's or stuff about him having been in the foster care system for a while, but idk that's just me. I don't want him to be white ugh :(


Tbh the creators could tell me his name is actually Kevin and I would refuse so hard

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My boyfriend has a daddy/son ‘fetish’ and at first I thought he just liked me calling him daddy but I recently realized it’s more than that. The other day I got to his apartment from work and he started role playing that I was coming home from school. Part of me doesn’t want to kink-shame him but the other part of me is disturbed and I don’t know if I should be honest or how I should even feel tbh.

I’d definitely say something.

First, it’s always important to have open lines of communication with your partner. Sex is meant to be fun and enjoyable for all parties involved. If something is making you uncomfortable I feel like you sorta have an obligation to say so.

Besides that though, I don’t wanna sound like I’m trashing your boyfriend, but there’s a lot wrong with what you described. First and foremost, he seems to have sexual fantasies involving minors. Like I know some people say there’s a difference between a fantasy and actually doing something, but to me that’s a difference without a distinction. I personally think that fantasizing about having sex with a school-age person is…. fucked? Plus, even if it really just is a matter of fantasy for some people, how are you ever really sure if they’re the type who just thinks about it or the type who’d actually do it given the chance? Personally, I’d err on the side of caution and run, but that’s me. The other thing too is, it’s sorta fucked up to just drop you into this weird sexual situation out of the blue. Kinks and stuff can be fun, but you definitely need to talk about it with your partner first and gauge how into it they are. I think it’s shows a pretty deep lack of regard for you as a partner if he just sprung it on you.

Overall, I for sure think you should talk about it, but I also think you should reevaluate your relationship. Maybe it’s that I had my own run ins with older guys who’d seek me out when I was younger specifically because of my age that makes me sorta sensitive to this stuff, but I honestly don’t think I could ever trust a guy who expressed those sort of ideas to me.


Nia came over without letting me know, I had a feeling she’d come anyway.

I hardly ever saw her, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.
I felt happy about getting punched now, because I knew Nia would be giving me so much extra attention, as long as my bruise showed.

Julie let her in and she stormed towards me. I thought she was about to punch me with the amount of anger that surrounded her. 

“Who the fuck did this?!” Her voice was thunderous and it felt way too loud for our mostly empty living room. 
“N-Nia, it’s s-some girl, Charlie’s-”
“Charlie’s what?! Every time that fucking girl is mentioned-”
“She’s Charlie’s friend! She’s hated me since we met. It doesn’t matter-”
“It will matter when I’m through-”
“Nia. Stop! I mean it. D-Don’t do anything. I-I won’t forgive you if you do anything to her.”

Nia was fuming. I could see it in her eyes. I could see her shoulders rising and falling. She was breathing heavily now. 
Someone had laid a hand on me, her girlfriend, and if she did nothing about it she’d be showing the world that she wasn’t someone to be taken seriously, she’d be showing weakness. 
I knew exactly how her mind worked.
I knew she didn’t like it when anyone disrespected her, and by attacking me it was as if someone had personally attacked her.  

I also knew she wouldn’t let it go.
That didn’t mean I couldn’t try my hardest to convince her to do nothing. I couldn’t live with anything happening to Meredith because of me.
And Nia, she wouldn’t just punch back. She’d do a whole lot worse.

Her mouth was clenched now. I needed her to calm down.
I walked up to her and gently rested my hand on her chest. Her eyes settled on mine and we both felt her anger fade away, as if she remembered where she was. She blinked quickly a few times and started speaking, “Hana, if I ever see her, if I ever run into her without you, I can’t promise-”
“D-Don’t hurt her. I-I mean…permanently, Nia don’t do anything bad, please.”

She grabbed me and turned my head towards her. “Let me see.”
I could see her face change with each observation she made of my face. She was turning my head in different directions.
I frowned as she smiled and gently scooted me back a couple feet. 
She held my face firmly, concentrating on my nose. I was wondering if I should break the silence, when her eyes narrowed. “Aw babe, it’s not as bad as it looked in the picture.”
“Yeah ‘cause that was like, right when I got punched.”
I saw her face twitch.
“Nia stop thinking whatever it is you’re thinking.”
“I’m thinking that beating her face in isn’t enough, I’m thinking that I’m going to grab that bitch and ram-”
I covered her mouth. “Stop. It’s not a big deal. I’m okay, it’s just a little hard to breathe through my nose right now.”  
“She doesn’t know how to fight, I can tell by the look of your nose. She didn’t do too much damage, but I, I’ll crack her skull in.”
“Uhm, hey, I’m right here.” Julie said. “I don’t want to be an accessory to assault or what possibly sounds like murder?”
Nia ignored her and continued talking to me. “Let’s go, I’m taking you to a doctor.”

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Quick question I don't wanna sound rude I'm just. Rlly curious cuz I've thought abt this for a long time but. How is wanting murdoc and 2D to be friends much different from wanting them to be lovers? The abuse factor still stays, murdoc is still an asshole, it doesn't really matter if their relationship is platonic or romantic. Now if you chose to make murdoc apologize and the friendship to grow.. why can't.. 2doc shippers also do it? Most of them don't like the abuse and want healthy 2doc tbh

Of course the abuse factor still stays, no matter what. Romantic relationships are meant to be nothing but pure love and the relationship Murdoc and 2D have is really unhealthy and Murdoc is 2D abuser. I’ve never heard of a romantic relationship between a abuser and a victim or even any type of relationship but only an unhealthy one. I’m not the writer for gorillaz, if I was gorillaz would’ve turned out way differently then it has. 

I can’t speak for all those people who want Murdoc and 2D in a platonic relationship but the reason why I want that is because that’s the only way gorillaz can stay together and I want them to be happy. If i chose the path 2D took I would’ve made him never come back to gorillaz, not after everything Murdoc has put him through and I’m thinking on a realistic level. Like 2D could’ve gotten a restraining order against Murdoc, he could’ve done so much for himself but you know why he can’t because he’s scared of Murdoc. He didn’t have a chose to stay with Murdoc, Murdoc made his choices. After the whole car incident once Murdoc knew he wanted 2D to be apart of his band, he wouldn’t take no for a answer and if 2D said he didn’t want Murdoc made him do it which I’m pretty sure that’s how it went down. With that Murdoc was in 2Ds life forever, he couldn’t just make him go away because have you seen Murdocs character??? He’s horrible!!! He’s done so much to the poor man??

I just find having them in a romantic relationship is very wrong, in a platonic relationship I’m still not very okay with it but that’s the only way its going to go. I want them to be happy and patch things up about their past, especially about the plastic beach times. Still I think 2D deserves better then Murdoc, though the only way for the gorillaz to still be is for them to be together. If I was 2D I would never forgive Murdoc and want him out of my life.

I know this makes Murdoc look like the worse human being but I’m pointing the super bad side of him. Murdoc has a very strange character. He can be charming and funny but he’s an alcoholic and has a horrible past with abuse so he’s just something I can’t explain.

Ok, I’m done. Sorry if this doesnt make sense. It’s late at night, I have a headache and I am tired.

So like, I read My Friend Dahmer a while back way before the movie was even a thought (at least I think so), and tbh the book itself is a pretty good read. Its told by a dude who went to the same highscjool as him, and it never sugar coated the stuff that dahmer did and the things that happened to him imo

I’m kinda wary of the movie and how well this will translate over into film without humanizing him, can only hope they take a mature approach to this movie,,

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i just saw a thread where some ppl said jk's voice isn't that good and some said his voice is boring and i am honestly shocked, even before he was my bias i absolutely adored his voice and im wondering is that a popular opinion? i have never once thought his voice was bad or boring.

Tbh I don’t care what other people say about his voice, I don’t even pay attention to it. You shouldn’t either. You do you, you have your own opinion about his voice and that’s all that matters. 

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I've been reading the new Vader comics and it just struck me how young Vader is. Early twenties and doomed to a life of pain. It's rather disturbing. Maybe it's because I'm in my mid thirties and an oldie or something, but dang. The guy was just a kid.

And his tragedy doesn’t end there, Anon. For one thing, he was never allowed to be just a child, coming from slavery and all. For another, even though he survived what no one could survive (or want to, tbh) he doesn’t care what happens to himself, he never have. It’s always about the people he cares about. His true tragedy is his own selflessness/low self-esteem.

The Tusken didn’t reply, but Anakin sensed he was afraid. Because nearly everyone believed Tusken Raiders to be fearless, Anakin was surprised. Why’s he afraid of me? It not afraid of him. Then Anakin thought with some surprise, I’m not afraid of anything. But as Anakin stared at the Tusken’s masked face, he saw his own reflection in the lenses of the Tusken’s gogeles and shuddered slightly. He had heard that Tuskens never took off their masks or bared their flesh, and the thought of his entire body being so completely enveloped, sealed off so that he’d be unable to feel anything - not even the touch of my mother’s hand - made Anakin suddenly realize a painful truth: Although he was never afraid for himself, he was sometimes very afraid for his mother.

What if I were to lose her? How brave would I be then? Anakin continued watching the Tusken until he fell asleep.

The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader by Ryder Windham.

My poor boy, you are a living tragedy.

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tbh I've been a bit ashamed of having my Tumblr as my friends aren't really into that, but your blog is so beautiful and wonderful and I love it and I love this community

I completely understand how you feel, darling. Most of my friends aren’t into it either. It was only until recently I realized that some of my co-workers have a Tumblr themselves. And now I’m slightly terrified because one of said co-workers read the ACOTAR series very recently - at my request/demand - and she looks at the ACOTAR tag on Tumblr now. So I’m just waiting for her to come across my blog any day now😂

But thank you for all the kind words! They truly mean a lot❤️

***write me a tbh in my inbox stating a thought you feel about me.

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If it's alright, I thought I'd bring up the clip JUST for a bit to bring up Willy's mentioning of the butterfly effect. I thought that was really cool, because from the s4 trailer itself, the concept of small actions having large consequences is very much shown. I especially thought it was nice bc with Sana's saranors2 acc, it shows how negative actions can have a 'bad butterfly effect', but this entire week shows that the butterfly effect of kindness/love can have a 'good butterfly effect' :)

ahhh that’s nice! tbh i didn’t understand that theory at all because there was no norwegian subs and i couldn’t really hear what he said, and i don’t wanna rewatch now that the norwegian subs is up so idk what he said

BUT what you said is very nice and very true 💜
I love how chris used that “what i see is” line on Even yesterday, it was really really nice!!

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Hi, I love your paintings! I had a question for you - I've noticed your paintings tend to have lots of pinks, purples, greens and yellows - what do you make of that (if anything?). I just thought it was very interesting!

You’re the first person to not immediately tell me I use too much blue, so tbh I’m a bit surprised 😂😂 tbh it’s mostly just cooincidence. Yellow is in a lot of songs with acoustic guitar, though, so that one’s been common recently!

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Do u think that whole "daddy" kink is pedophilic? Tbh i thought it was just another word for some one who is a bear.

Yeah I mean it isn’t inherently pedophilic but it fetishises incest which is icky in itself and very closely linked to pedophilia and abuse. And it’s just weird like take a minute to self-examine and ask yourself why you want to use that word

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this is wild like yeah I had a relationship with an adult as a teenager and it was fine but is the main issue the vague age gap? Larssadie clearly don't have a healthy relationship and the difference in maturity just is another layer to it??? And honestly reality is one thing but putting it in a children's show is another??? Tbh I thought Sadie was a hs student so I'm floored by ur criticism, it sounds skeevy as shit to me

i never even said it was clear-cut pedophilia. i said it was creepy bordering on predatory and toxic. i didn’t even say it was abuse. it’s just really concerning how the only confirmed ages we have for them is “high school slacker” and “an adult”. that’s it. 

but people really got their shorts in a twist about that for….some reason. i really wonder why 🤔

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i don't understand why people hate Rhysha so much?? i know you ship Rhack, i do too, but i also ship Rhysha, why do so many people hate on it so much?

I’m not a huge fan of Rhysha just because I preferred their dynamic as a friendship (and I played Rhys down the “I like somebody else” path so I guess that’s where I get it from??), but I don’t hate on the people that do! Everyone’s allowed to like what they like~ 
But the only reasoning I’ve seen from people is that they thought it was forced and “heteronormative”…which is just…ehhh. I don’t agree. Maybe agree a tiny bit with the forced part but that entirely depends on how you play the game really. Tbh they should be all for the representation of interracial relationships in media!
It goes both ways though. There’s a lot of hate from some people against Rhack and there’s hate from some people against Rhysha. It happens, and it sucks. Just wish people could let others like whoever and whatever they want to <3