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Hi. So, I've been feeling pretty stressed out and overwhelmed. Do you have any super angsty sheith fic recs so I can cry my emotions out?

oh no!! i’m sorry to hear you’ve been stressed :( i really hope you feel better soon! i just woke up so i’m trying to gather this little sheith-angst-care-package-post as fast as possible for you ❤️

my right-hand man by felldragons: CLASSIC SHEITH ANGST. I swear everybody knows this fic by now and probably thought about it at the end of S4. Character death warning, but tbh, I’ll always remember this fic by that really poetic line about Ganymede.

lightspeed by nein: This fic was based off Voices of a Distant Star and let me tell you… despite the good ending this fic made me SOB. I was just. Lying on the floor afterwards like. What the fuck. But it’s so beautifully written and I loved every bit of it.

The beautiful marks by watermelloon (linumlea): this one is short but just… so sad. Soulmate AU with ANGSTTTT

The next few I haven’t read but they were rec’ed to me as angst. Some have a good ending and others don’t.

hope this is good enough! HOPE YOUR DAY GETS BETTER MY LOVE

okay what is with this new trend of like, subtly pushing the “Regina and Hook are friends… siblings… so platonic… aren’t they so platonic, look how much they care for each other, platonically, as friends, like siblings” thing by sneaking it into otherwise unrelated asks and things? it’s starting to feel a bit like denial… like if you just say it often enough and reassure yourself often enough and get enough people to agree that it’s all super platonic, the show won’t go romantic.

Or maybe they’re worried that I ship it? I don’t know. It’s just getting to be quite a noticeable trend.

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as someone who isnt straight,, i also see something v different in jungkook that lowkey implies to me that he is probably not straight or interested in girls at all... i mean ! I hate to intrude too much into what his sexuality might be, but its just a feeling inside me. like if ANYONE in bts were to be a part of the lgbt.. jungkook is definitely the first person that would come to mind tbh idk mdbfks

tbh i’m happy you said this. because i thought it was all in my head. but since you aren’t straight, it’s nice to see your opinion and see that you agree with what i think. like, i agree with this 

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Hi, what I don't get is plenty of folks are saying he sounds like he's saying Hyung. Also he's definitely replying to SG 'the sky was pink' remark. Tae was just there stuffing his face 😂 so did he actually say anything cos I couldn't understand the sound he made. Also some are saying that during Pizza with JK and Tae they talked about being out at night but not stargazing whereas when JM and SG are on the bus ... there's talk of Stargazing. Anyway why would Vlive get it wrong? I'm confused. 😕

even with japanese sub its still yg tho ? and it make more sense since he was talking about how the sky was pink and beautiful, then jm said that.

lmao that’s what i thought at first but tbh i’ve only seen intl fans trying to work it out ,,,, none of the korean stan accs i follow mentioned it and i trust them more than anything so ! rip though vlive DID cut it pretty weird so i get it

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completely random but ok so while amy is always beautiful and ethereal and perfect but i feel like she was like??? particularly radiant in early season 3. thoughts? what's your favorite Amy Era?

i mean she was in the early stages of pregnancy so i guess that was just melissa’s pregnancy glow?????? lmao my favorite amy era is 1x01 - present tbh

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TD and TP really solidified MattElektra and Kastle after DDS2. Both pairs just have so much chemistry, it would be a shame not to waste it. They play off and challenge each other so well tbh and the audience response has showed as much. Not really a Q but

Haha, your thoughts are always welcome here, even if they don’t require an essay of thoughts in response. 

But yes, I agree! I won’t get too much into it because I feel like I’ve covered this ground extensively in past posts, but whether it was accidental or purposeful or whatever, Marvel Netflix has really hit upon something really special with both Mattelektra and Kastle. And I personally would find it very foolish if they don’t continue to allow the story to organically form around them. That’s not me taking the stance that shows need to cater to fandom or whatever (I think that kind of thing is bullshit) but it’s a simple matter of being able to look at the things that are the strongest in your stories and working the best, and following through on that. Two examples in the specific case of Marvel Netflix – the mere existence of DDS2 before Defenders and the Punisher spinoff. Neither of those things were on the roadmap for Marvel or Netflix. But DDS1 blew people away so hard that it was practically a gimme to get a DDS2 going right away. Jon Bernthal’s Punisher in DDS2 also blew people tf away, so of course you’re going to plan a spinoff for him. Obviously neither of these things had to happen, but they saw the response, they knew it worked, and they adjusted accordingly. I don’t see why this wouldn’t also imply to things that are working in story as well.

I’ll also take a moment to address the chatter I hear sometimes about why some relationships are more valid b/c of comics canon, endgames, blah blah blah. Here’s the thing. Yes, they are adapting existing comic book storylines and relationships but the key word here is adapt. Which to me means, anything goes – there really isn’t a relationship in the mix that feels any more “canon” than the other at this point, and yeah, that even goes for Mattelektra, who have diverged quite a ways away from their original comics storylines anyway. Now of course I want TPTB to respect their shared origins, just as I think it’s right to respect Matt and Karen’s shared stories from the comics as well. But that doesn’t mean don’t change them and make them better for a modern day adaptation (I’m looking at you Born Again!). And it doesn’t mean that a relationship that didn’t originally exist in the comics can’t also be well-written and well-loved by a new group of fans. 

But let’s be clear, as I’ve said many times before – I know that they’ll explore Matt and Karen again in DDS3, and as far as I’m concerned, they have to because it’s been left as a loose end for way too long (since DDS2!) and they have a pre-existing relationship that I genuinely want them to mend and restore, along with their friendship with Foggy (they are my brOT3 and I want them to be enjoying their friendship again damnit). But Matt and Karen repairing their relationship shouldn’t necessarily preclude any continued exploration of Mattelektra and Kastle. Matt and Karen don’t exist in a vacuum. None of these shows happen in a vacuum, at least not from each other. The things that affect these characters in DDS2, TDS1, and TPS1 should naturally be addressed as these characters move forward into DDS3. So call me an optimist, but I really believe you can let Matt and Karen deal with their thing, while also allowing Matt to deal with the emotional fallout of what happened with Elektra, while also allowing Karen to pull at the strings that tie her to Frank Castle. I don’t know where Marvel intends to lead us but no matter what, it’s just not as cut and dry as some people want to think. As long as the characters and their existing storylines and motivations are being respected as they build these new stories then even if it doesn’t end up being the ideal scenario for me as a shipper of a specific pairing, I’m still open to seeing how these stories play out. 

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You mentioned that there are 2 chances for honorable release from the tournament in TSC. Did you include those because you realized while outlining that there were characters that needed to survive for the plot or did you think that complete death as an end-all-be-all was too much? Or other reasons that I haven't thought of?

It just seemed logical, tbh. Plus it makes things more interesting. If everyone dies, well…everyone dies. Boring.

Then I made sure the characters who were released were ones who would be valuable throughout the series. 

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i just wanna say that you using and talking about using they/them pronouns for shepard is the best thing i’ve seen all week, since im nb and i play a nb shepard (though i’ve come to accept that my shep is stuck w she/her pronouns cause of the game lol, i like to have my own canon be that they’re just not out cause they’re like “why does it matter “ cause same tbh) sorry i got v side tracked but anyway thanks for using they/them pronouns it’s fantastic

I’m glad we’re talking about it for that reason :) Thank you!

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tbh i thought bi mike was like... THE headcanon in the fandom? like right next to will being gay. i've seen a ton of people talk about it, so you are def not alone!

yeah ! i mean i always knew that will being gay was like, an unspoken Canon Fact in this fandom lmao but i guess i just haven’t seen so many people speak up about bi!mike ! it’s probably just from my personal experience of reading byeler fanfics in the past lmao but i’m glad a lot of people can see it too !! that’s really neat !!!

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How the fuck is Alec going to function at all in season 3 when Magnus looks so good? He’s always looked good but damn, he’s bringing something extra this season

At this point, Alec’s one saving grace is the fact that he’s clearly stepping up his game this season as well (if That Shirt is any indication). I’m assuming he started seeing things like The BaneHawk and thought ‘well shit this requires an answer’, and this entire season is just going to be them perpetually upping their Shameless Gorgeousness level until they become the ultimate power couple, so beautiful that just looking at them too long can be lethal. I was originally going to respond to this message with “R.I.P. Alexander Gideon Lightwood”, but let’s be honest, these men clearly gain power from each other’s beauty. Just one look at Magnus in that coat on a goddamn motorcycle is going to give Alec the strength of twenty men. These two are gonna be fine. R.I.P. All of Us when we watch it happen.

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I am the last anon, and I was joking I swear, I am sorry people unfollowed you their loss tbh 💕💕mwah

hjkamhJHGKSJGKSDRG OMG NO I WAS JOKINGHGJhg dont worry i dont mind if someone unfollows me dfhjdhfhfjgjfg i just thought it was funny that someone did it right after i said the gay thing pfhjfjthjtgffffftt, ANYWAY PINOF IS GONNA BE GAY


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Jung Hoseok feat. Pink + White by Frank Ocean