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i'm not sure who else to ask and you're one of the few harries i've been agreeing with over the past i guess, year but. is this actually on par with what you expected from him? because to me this just screams SOLO SUPERSTAR and i was always under the impression that he was fighting that image. i just feel like i don't know him. (which, no shit sherlock, but still. i feel like the harry i had in my head is completely different from this Super Star we're seeing Reborn.)

hmm…well, i will admit that it’s different than how i thought a year ago about how he’d go about it. did harry even think he would go about it this way when the hiatus started? who knows tbh. his answers that he’d previously given didn’t seem like it.  i think harry’s grown a lot over the past few years and yeah…while i do think he may not like the concept of ‘celebrity’ or ‘fame’ - especially how he knew it at the time - i think he’s accepted it as part of his job. also, i think him being able to control more aspects of his fame and what is put out into the public sphere has probably made it a lot easier for him to compartmentalize his life.  and i personally think harry just…found his message. but even thinking back, it’s not necessarily that i think harry was against being a solo superstar…but he was definitely against the KIND of solo superstar he was being portrayed as. he’s not a womanizer, he’s not arrogant, he doesn’t hate his bandmates or being in 1D. he’s just NOT that person. so i hope this time he gets to truly show who he is as a person. he seems to have grown into himself  and learned what he wants to do over the past year and who he’s going to be and i’m really proud of him.

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I would rather if no one spammed BigHit about it, send them one message with what you personally find is enough of proof and settle with that unless you find something new of extreme relevance that people haven't sent before, i understand you all want to protect BTS but spamming BigHit would only slow down the process (if any of you can't contact BigHit then i'd resort to just reporting the tweets and it's fine since BigHit can probably contact Twitter and get the info even if it gets deleted)

Tbh i rlly dont know. I think the most important thing is to report the tweets and to stay quiet. I thought about it and if the french army gives me a legit proof (more than just screenshots) I think I will choose to not tell Big Hit about it and to not show the proof.
I’ll wait, if Selja really tries to spread this rumor, I’ll contact Big Hit. If she doesnt do shit, I won’t.

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Mkay lemme tell u bout my boyfriend, hes really good and pure and he deserves better. He loves the stars and honestly??? hes just??? really amazing??

Sweeto! I have an amazing girlfriend who is honestly so creatively funny and always knows how to make me laugh or smile. Like this memelord of a girl makes the weirdest jokes but she can also crack me up. The moister than an oyster thing in my bio was from her and tbh it’s now a meme around a few of my friends. And yes, they even make horrible sexual jokes that I just laugh because it’s so childish. I love @thoughts-of-a-teenage-garbagecan s childish beauty and wonder. She’s also super pretty.

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Thought I would let you know that I'm trying to tame a horse in Breath of the Wild that's brown with an orange mane and I'm gonna name it Tim but he's a goddamn asshole just like his namesake. I've spent two hours chasing them around trying to tame the goddamn horse but it's not working.

You’ll never get him alive tbh, he is gonna be screaming Woop until you feel defeated.

Having both Chiron and Lilith (3rd House - planet of communication) in Scorpio is still something that is very potent with me even to this day. I think that my Chiron placement, from an incredibly young age, wounded me the most. Growing up I never felt listened, ever, nobody wanted to hear what I had to say; I guess I just never had a person to confide in or to share my thoughts with. I can’t recall a point in time where someone close to me listened, at least not when I was younger. But still, I look at my friendships and there’s a similar problem; it’s always been prevalent. I don’t mind listening to what my friends have to say. In fact, our conversations can sometimes be quite humorous and easygoing. But the thing is, we always discuss the things that only they want to speak about, their favorite topics, what they are interested in. But me? Never. I engage in conversations with them and it’s fine, it’s cool, but I can’t talk about what fascinates me. They don’t want to hear it. I can’t talk about my favorite subjects around them. I like discussing art forms, like film, music, literature, and I also like discussing politics, the state of the world, the intricacies of the universe, and more. But with them I just think it’s mostly superficial stuff, or things that I don’t know much about; it’s only ever what they enjoy. I can’t speak about astrology around them, even though I like it very much, or outer space in general. And my favorite thing of all: films. It kind of sucks to have to conceal my favorite passion around them, just because they don’t necessarily want to hear what I have to say about it…. Then again, how could I explain to them what film means to me? It is impossible.

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Hey Serra, what do u think of trans boy!Harry being raised by trans!Remus and nonbinary!Sirius? Bc I like that idea a LOT. Like... Remus would know so many spells or potions to help with transitioning or passing at least, and ok tbh Sirius being nb is sorta self indulgent (lil nb bean here hi) but I rlly like that idea? Idk. What's your thoughts?

I love it! I personally really like trans Remus and genderfluid Sirius, but i’m open to all interpretations of them. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for little Harry to have people in his corner who love and accept him unconditionally as he discovers his gender identity. They’d be able to understand and help him in ways not all caregivers can, and i’m sure Harry would appreciate that a lot. :)

one of my friends was telling me that she was talking to a guy and he was asking about me because he thought maybe i don’t like him bc i’m so quiet?? 

so my friend was like no no she’s just a quiet person don’t worry and like…first of all it always makes me sad when i learn that someone thinks i dislike them :( but also? ?? when will people finally realize that some ppl are just quiet and that it’s like……..not indicative of anything it’s just how we are lmao

also tbh I really loved cresswell reading the books like the age gap & everything freaks me out but…. I still like em just thought you should all know I’m a dirty liar and fake

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I love your video reviews!! Tysm for taking the time and effort to write them because I really enjoy reading them! :)

awwww thank you friend :( this is so sweet!!! it’s really hard for me NOT to write them tbh because writing is the best way i know how to deal w my Feelings and their videos lately have been drowning me in those :-) i’m just so surprised and happy that y'all enjoy reading my thoughts so much. you’re the nicest :( thank you sososo much and have a lovely day!!!! xx

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I thought that I was the only that dislike Nyo Belarus (and the Nyotalia guys), because in the Reader Insert fics, the girls are always turned their Nyotalia counterparts for no reason. Actually there is a reason, the close minded authors hates the idea of us Readers being bi or lesbian. Just let us kiss our girls.

brooo tbh i don’t like the guys too much (mostly because of the yaoi)

i’ve been thinking of writing some sort of nyo (male to female character ONLY) x fem reader fics on my deviantart but i dont Have any ideas

i can’t believe space dad j'onn j'onzz has known this entire time that alex danvers is a huge lesbian since he can read minds and it makes me wonder did he ever read her mind when she was trying to figure out if she’s gay?? like throughout the day she would subconsciously just think about how amazing girls are and j'onn is just like “alex are you kidding me there is no way you are straight” but being the respectful, supportive father he is he just let her figure it out and then wait for her to tell him on her own terms


robert „romance novel” sugden



I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent