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pairing: sehun x reader

genre: fluff ?

This is the first request I’ve taken, so this is dedicated for the person who requested this. I’m sorry if this didn’t make your expectations though. I’ll do better next time. :(

word count: 493 words

“Home is the place where your heart is.”

Sehun sighed in relief as he closed the door of his loft. He was exhausted, really exhausted. He had just arrived from their tour and all he wanted to do was lay beside you and cuddle forever, if that was possible. There were times when he thought of quitting just so he could stay beside you and live a normal life but then he’d remember his team and all of his fans who believe in him.

He threw his bags on the coach as he made his way to the bedroom. I’ll just clean that up tomorrow.

He opened the door slowly,  trying not to make a sound. He did not want to wake you up, not at 3 am. Besides, it would be a better surprise if you woke up with him beside you.

As he entered the room, he took off his clothes and changed into more comfortable ones. After doing so, he plopped himself on the bed and positioned himself beside you.

Three months, Sehun had been away for three long months. So, when he hugged you from behind, spooning you in the process, he felt home. 

He let his hands wrap around your waist tighter, your still back facing his. He nuzzled his face on the back of your neck and pulled you in closer.

Home. To him, that was how you smelled like home. He couldn’t quite comprehend it either, but that was how he saw you. 

Oh how he missed hugging you liking this. He missed the warmth of your body. He missed your sleeping figure and your cute little snoring sounds. He missed your messy hair and how it smelled like. He missed your smile, your laugh and your curious eyes. He missed everything about you. 

He missed you.

He grinned. At least he was finally home now and nothing could separate him from you. 

Just when he was about to drift off to sleep, he felt the bed sheet shift, signaling that you were awake. 

You turned to face him and rubbed your eyes, “Sehunnie? Why didn’t you wake me up?” You missed him so much and you knew he missed you too. So you wondered why he didn’t wake you up, even just to inform you that he has arrived. “You know I missed you,” you said in a sleepy tone.

But for Sehun, it sounded different. Sleepiness suddenly left his body as you looked at him with those soft eyes. 

You were lucky. If only he wasn’t tired, he’d probably do you right then and there.

He could only giggle at your cuteness. “I just didn’t want to wake you. Now let’s just go to sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow,” he said, kissing your forehead.

You nodded and wrapped your arms around him, snuggling up to him like your life depended on it.

Sehun smiled, feeling pleased. He shut his eyes as he hugged you back.

“Goodmornight, love.”

Normally I wait until Sunday to post this stuff, that way CN’s backdoor is all up to date for the week and everything… but this schedule is so… interesting, that I just HAD to post it early. If there’s anything wrong about Saturday and Sunday I’ll fix it. Anyways:

Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, July 31 to Sunday, August 6.


I did not expect this. Nor do I want this.

When I found out TTG had a marathon on the 31st, I was not real surprised. It’s a way to hype up the miniseries. I’m used to day long TTG marathons anyway, nothing surprised me anymore. Or so I thought.

Then I saw August 1st. Once again, I kinda expected a TTG marathon leading up to the Night Begins to Shine miniseries (looks rad) and OK K.O. (is rad) premieres. And of course, Island Adventures would be aired right before, as with any other special CN airs anymore.

Then August 2nd’s schedule came out. I started to get concerned. “Is the entire weekday schedule gonna be just TTG and K.O. for this week?”, I thought.

I was proven right, with the 3rd and 4th’s schedules. “Oh god, will the entire WEEK BE JUST TEEN TITANS GO AND OK K.O.?!”, I worried.

I was wrong. Sorta.

I mean, look, there’s Megamind. Back from a brief run on Discovery Family. There’s that. I guess.

But look at the rest of the weekend. Nothing but Teen Titans Go and OK K.O.. They even pulled new episodes of Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Justice League Action, and The Powerpuff Girls just so they could air an hour more of nothing but TTG, OK K.O., and Megamind. That’s your variety this week.

Now, I want to know, WHO AT CN THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? I’ve never seen any network’s schedule stoop this low. At least when other networks dominate their schedule with only one show for days on end (like FXX with Simpsons marathons or VH1 Classic with 47 days straight of Saturday Night Live) they ADVERTISE it. This is just a regular schedule to CN. That makes it 1000x worse.

Whatever. Reruns of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Ben 10, and most likely Steven Universe return the week after this. So do new episodes of Transformers, Justice League Action, and The Powerpuff Girls. We Bare Bears returns from hiatus, too.

Here’s what’s new new new new next week:

  • Teen Titans Go! The Night Begins to Shine - SPECIAL MINISERIES - Tues-Fri at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - SERIES PREMIERE - FOUR episodes Tuesday at 6:10p, two episodes a day Wed-Fri at 6:10p

Top 3… oops I mean 2 shows:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 300 - 81%
  2. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 67 - 18%

i wonder what it feels like to die. not suicide or murder, but peaceful. how it feels to almost be fighting for breath, then just letting go. does your entire life really flash before your eyes? does it hurt? does it feel like sleeping? do you suddenly remember everything important you had to do and leave with regrets?

or does it take the weight off of your chest, like years of worries and doubts and pain just lifted away? i like to think it feels like floating, like you’re looking at yourself from the outside, from a whole different perspective. you float and float and float and then you blink and



—  quicker and easier than falling asleep

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Do you have any thoughts on why Dean's hair was different/longer when he was a demon? I'm assuming it was a purposeful change in order to show him being more carefree or something, but I was just wondering if you had any further thoughts on it or if you've discussed it before? (from nealcassatiel)


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The style is definitely different even if the length is more or less the same, though slightly shorter on the sides.

but then by 10x07 and 10x08 it is noticeably shorter, mainly on the sides, the top is a bit shorter but yeah obviously styled differently, more in his old style way.

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So I think it’s a choice to make it longer yes and more just like he runs his hands through it and done (which I think he does a few times?), rather than the way he uses gel and styles it properly the rest of the time (even if really he looks so much hotter with the undone look imo, it does show that he doesn’t really care when he’s a demon and if that isn’t part of the bad boy doesn’t care but somehow looks even hotter thing then….).

And now I thank you for making me look at these and put these gifs on my own dash.

I think i’ll go sit down and breathe now.

“You're Not Even Blinking.” Peter Parker X Reader

Part two of “Just Kiss Me” where Ned is wondering why Peter is staring at the reader waaay more than usual during class. I just really wanted to do a thing where Peter gushed over and over about the kiss and he just seems so excited and happy about it and Ned’s all like OMG DUDE. Again, I really do hope you guys enjoy this even though it’s kinda short.

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@alexiajmariani @goawayimreadingbeach 

 Part 1 

Spanish class was going faster than normal. Peter assumed it was because of the view that had already been great previous, but was now 10x better thanks to last night. He just couldn’t stop staring at how gorgeous Y/N was. He couldn’t see her face from the back of the class, but he thought any side of her was pretty to look at, especially when she turned her head briefly to look at him, and realized he was watching her for who knows how long. He looked away and blushed immediately, and Y/N did the same soon after. They probably looked so sappy and stupid, but neither really cared. Peter was so caught up, he didn’t even notice Ned saw the whole exchange. Confused, Ned wrote a note down and passed it to Peter that said, “Dude, you’re not even blinking. What is up with you?” Peter held back a laugh and replied on the back, “I’ll explain at lunch, just not right now.” Ned nodded to his friend and crumbled the note. Then at lunch, Peter and Ned sat down, separated from everyone else, as usual, and Ned popped the question as soon as they sat down, “So, what’s going on?” Peter rubbed his hands together and maybe got a little bit too excited about sharing the news. “Alright, so I’m just gonna tell you the whole story ok?” “Shoot.” “So, I was out about last night, you know, and there was that storm and the power went out. I couldn’t see anything, and Y/N’s house was nearby, so…” And Peter explained everything that happened, enthusiasm growing with each sentence he spoke till he reached he very end. “And then I was like, ‘I’m not thinking about that stuff now’ and she’s like, ‘Then what are you thinking about’ and I said with zero thought, 'How badly I wanna kiss you right now’” Ned’s eyes widened. “DUDE!” “I know it seemed so stupid at the tim-” “-No that’s awesome. Keep going.” Peter laughed and continued quickly. “Okay, then she was like, 'What?’ and we kept on going on just saying, 'What’ until I started stuttering and freaking out, thinking like 'Oh crap, what do I do?’. Then Y/N turned the light off and I was like 'woah it’s dark’ and then…” Peter’s long smile grew into a laugh. He couldn’t finish. “Then what! Cmon man!” Ned nearly yelled at him. After another couple seconds of giggling like a schoolgirl, Peter said, “Finally she’s like, 'Just kiss me’” “YES!” Ned did yell that time, and some of the other tables looked at him funny, but he didn’t care. He and Peter high-fived. “I’m guessing you did kiss her, right?” “Well, first I was in shock just like, 'Are you sure’, just to make sure I was hearing her right, which I was was cause then she said 'Yeah’ and so…” “You did it?” “I did it.” “Niiiccce.” Then Peter and Ned had to do their awesome totally-not-too-long secret handshake. Peter felt a lot of pride in this moment, until Ned announced to himself, “Now Spider-Man’s had his first kiss.” Peter looked at him weird. “Who told you that was my first kiss?” “Uh…You did. It was last year you said you’d never kissed anyone before.” Peter was now embarrassed. “Oh.” “But still! I’m proud of you!” “Proud of what?” another voice suddenly chimed in. It was Y/N. Peter froze. Ned did too. Neither of them knew what to do. Y/N looked at the two boys, waiting for an answer. “Peter?” “Huh?” “What is Ned proud of you for?” Peter had to come up with an excuse in 2.27 seconds or else this was gonna be way too awkward, but just as he was about to speak, Ned did it for him. “Making out for the first time.” “NED!” Peter snapped at him, standing up. “What…I wasn’t gonna lie like you would’ve.” Meanwhile, Y/N was very, very perplexed. “Did you-” “Tell me about your makeout session, yes.” Peter was about ready to slap this person. Y/N was laughing now and Peter just stood in place, unsure of whether he should leave or… nah, he’s just gonna leave. Before he could however, to his surprise, Y/N said, “You’re so cute,” before giving him a long and sweet kiss on his cheek. “I’ll see you guys later.” she told Peter and Ned before leaving them alone again, and Peter sat back down, slightly mad and slightly flattered. “What is wrong with you!” “Like I said, I was gonna tell the truth before you lied.” “But now she probably thinks I’m some weird…nerd or something.” Ned looked at him like, really? “Dude…you are a weird nerd. I am a weird nerd. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WEIRD NERDS.” Peter sighed, “But-” “This won’t change a thing. You worry so much. I mean, she obviously still thinks you’re cute so…” Peter gave up because Ned was probably right. He was already a nerd, yet Y/N still fell for him. Though Peter came to this conclusion, the thought of that embarrassing situation still bothered him for the rest of the day, and when he went to bed that night. He wasn’t going to admit that though.

Why I Appreciate RTTE

When I was watching HTTYD 1 and 2 back to back, I had a thought: I really appreciate RTTE. 

(Confession: I don’t know anything about the canon of the HTTYD series, so I won’t pretend I do.)

I love the movies. I love the way they explore the themes of identity and friendship and differences. But I love RTTE because we get more than just the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless (which, naturally, I adore). We get more than just the developing feelings of Hiccstrid (if you look at my username, it’s obvious how much I love Hiccstrid). 

But in the movies, we don’t get much of the others. Snotlout, Fishlegs, the twins, even Chicken, and their dragon companions are just background characters. 

However, in RTTE, we get to see them in a brighter light. We see them develop as main characters, with flaws and strengths and quirks. We get to know the entire gang. We see their relationships with their dragons develop and grow into what they are in the second film. 

For me, RTTE fills in that hole (especially for character development) between the first two movies. It lets us know the gang wholly, not just Hiccup, Toothless, and some Astrid. 

Because of that, I love and appreciate RTTE. 


Bellamy also said in the same interview: “We’ve got to a point where we’re pretty much free to do whatever we like. It was difficult because we wanted every song to be different to what we’ve done before. I think we’ve managed to do that. With the range we’ve shown on previous albums, I think we’ve got the freedom to go into areas other bands would consider risky. Previously, we consciously thought about which songs would work live but this time we just went for it. We’ll worry about how to play them live later”. Muse previously had written songs with their ability to play them live in mind, the band did not concern themselves with this ability whilst recording Black Holes and Revelations.

Classmates > Best Friends > Lovers

look at that cutie 

Changkyun x reader


  • you would meet changkyun one day when u sit in the wrong class 
  • honestly you didn’t know what you were thinking
  • you were just too tired from the overload of coffee
  • and assignments that you were rushing the night before
  • anywaYs
  • you would just rush into class because you were already like 7 minutes late
  • and sit at the nearest empty spot you could find
  • you had no materials because it was the first day of that lesson
  • and you were so ready to learn about plants 
  • but no?? the teacher started talking about forensics
  • you were so confused like “what am i doing in forensics”
  • because you watched too many CSI shows that creeped the poop out of you
  • so you turned to the boy sitting beside you
  • and my was he a cutie
  • but pushing that thought aside, you asked him
  • “hey this is the plant biology class right”
  • and he just gives you this really confused look like what are you talking about??
  • “erm no this is the forensics class”
  • oh wow
  • you just embarrassed yourself 
  • in front of a cute guy 
  • how nice
  • but you were too embarrassed to leave the class halfway so you just sit through it
  • and it was actually quite interesting?
  • and then suddenly your teacher is like 
  • “okay class discuss some goals that you want to achieve in this class with your partner because they will be your lab partners for the rest of this module”
  • honestly, shit was the only word going through your head because firstly
  • you don’t belong in this class
  • and secondly
  • that boy was the only one who knew you were in the wrong class and he ends up being your lab partner
  • so as you turned around to face him
  • he asks you
  • “do you wanna tell the teacher that you’re not going to take forensics??”
  • and you just shake your head and start turning red
  • oh my were you embarrassed x1000
  • but this guy just nods his head smiling 
  • “i’m lim changkyun”
  • he just sticks his hand out awkwardly, waiting for you to introduce yourself
  • “erm i’m y/n y/ln”
  • this leads ya’ll to making conversation
  • and the next thing you know, the class has ended
  • you walk up to the teacher and explain yourself 
  • praying to every god that he doesn’t scream at you
  • and you might have also expressed your wish to stay in this class
  • not because of this cute boy beside you, oh no
  • its because the class is so interesting and fun
  • totally
  • you must have been lucky because this teacher decides to settle with laughing at you 
  • “okay y/n, i’ll speak with the department and get them to shift you into the forensics module”
  • halleluJAh
  • seriously, who in their right minds would choose plants over forensics
  • right
  • you walk out of the class and walah
  • guess who’s waiting for you
  • lim changkyun
  • “so are you gonna stay in forensics or am i going to have to suffer without a lab partner for the rest of the module?”
  • “i’m staying”
  • and he flashes you the cutest smile and walks off towards the cafeteria 
  • “see you tomorrow then”



you can request for other scenarios for other members too!!!! ^w^

Fight- Min Yoongi Chapter 2

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It had been a little over 2 years  the incident with Min Yoongi, I was pretty sure our relationship was over since he’d made no attempt to contact me since, and didn’t even bother to let me know that he’d moved out of the apartment, 2 and a half weeks later.

Isabella and Jeraldine kept in contact for a little while, but Isabella couldn’t remain friends with her knowing what she had done to me, and knowing that she continued to date Yoongi, even after what he had done to me.

The last straw was when I planned a lunch with Isabella, and Jeraldine just decided she was coming claiming  she had been friends with Isabella for much longer than me.

The lunch was so awkward because Jeraldine kept boasting about all the things Yoongi was doing for her, taking her out to dinner, and how during summer break they were going to go to the bahamas. It was really uncomfortable for me, so I thought I could just get up and leave, but before I could move a muscle Isabella started yelling at Jeraldine.

Saying that she couldn’t believe what Jeraldine was doing, and she had the nerve to flaunt it in my face knowing how me and Yoongi ended things.

Then Jeraldine said something that really made my heart sink, and question, how I became friends with her.

“Well, maybe she deserved it”

I didn’t know what to say, I just wanted to sink in a hole and never come out. Jeraldine rolled her eyes and gave me a pointed look before placing her attention back on her phone.

Isabella wasn’t having any of it, she punched Jeraldine in the face so hard she flew out of her seat and landed on the ground.

“Delete my number, me and you are done”

She gathered her things, grabbed my hand, and pulled me to her car

And just like that a lifetime friendship had ended… because of me.

I constantly apologized to Isabella for coming in between her relationship with Jeraldine, and the reply was always the same.

“Sometimes you just have to cut off the diseased leg”

At first I was confused when she said this, but later on I started to understand. Her relationship with Jeraldine was becoming toxic, so it was better to ends things, than to continue on with that relationship.

It seemed like I was simply made to suffer because days after Isabella cut things off with Jeraldine, I was fired from my job, and it was so incredibly difficult to find a new one that a few months later I ended up getting kicked out of my apartment, my landlord said if I didn’t give him the money for the months I didn’t pay he would sue, and my credit would be ruined. I couldn’t afford to pay the fees on my college tuition and landed my butt on academic suspension until I could pay it off and for a while things were just really shitty.

Luckily for me Isabella stayed by my side the entire time, she helped me with the payments I owed to my landlord, the fees on my college tuition and she even gave me a place to stay at her apartment, all I had to do was all the chores, and make sure the bills got paid so she could have more freetime. Of course I promised I would pay her back as soon as possible but she insisted that I take my time, and that she enjoyed having me around.

Even though my Academic Suspension was lifted I couldn’t go back to school yet, I was denied financial aid, and a student loan, and I really didn’t want to take out a personal loan because I knew  how dirty those could get.

Isabella noticed how desperate I was trying to find a job, and when she asked me how I got my last job, I explained to her, it was a first come, first serve situation . The ad just came out, and I made sure I got a spot. But those types of jobs are really difficult to come by.

“I can get you a position and my job” she said

I snapped my head up looking like a deer caught in headlights

Isabella was a stripper, she worked at a strip club

“As a stripper?” I asked

“No, you start off as a waitress, and if you want, you get moved up to a stripper”

“How is that a move up” I asked

“Well the waitresses get paid 10 dollars an hour, for a full shift that’s about 80-90 dollars everyday they work… for a full shift, and let’s not forget about the 15% tax they take out. Yea you have tips, but on a bad day the most you’d be making is around $150”

She gives me a look making sure I was following, I give her a nod, so she could continue

“On a bad day I get paid on average, a little over $500 dollars a night, and I don’t even have to suck anyones dick,”

That had me thinking, I didn’t have to be a stripper if I didn’t want to, I could just stay a waitress, and Isabella was very willing to continue paying all the bills, so I could stay rent free, go back to school, and I could find normalcy in my life again.

This stayed in my head for about a week, before I finally decided that working at a strip club couldn’t be all that bad. So I told Isabella I was willing, and she introduced me to her boss, Mariana, who apparently told Isabella she loved me right after the interview, and said I had a very innocent but dark and sexy vibe going.

Isabella insisted that I only wanted to be a waitress, and that I had no interest in moving into the stripper scene.

She said it was too bad, and that I had real potential.

About a month in a half of working as  a Spanky’s employee, I really got the hang of waitressing, flirting with the patrons, walking around seductively, balancing the food in my arms while moving swiftly and efficiently.

It really hard at first and while I was working Mariana would train me, who knew a place called Spanky’s took business so seriously. Turns out Spanky’s was her uncle’s business and she inherited his business when he retired.

The training was rigorous and and there were days where I came home ridiculously tired, and questionably sore.

When I finally got the hang of it all Mariana asked me if I was 100% sure that I didn’t want to start stripping to earn extra money. When I said no, she put her hands up in defeat, and left me alone about it.

She still asked but it was more as a joke than anything else because she knew what the answer was.

However that all changed when I started going back to school again, I noticed I was struggling, as I had before to keep up with everything, and Isabella was worried that I was regressing back to my old situation.

School was sucking me dry, not just my pockets, but my health. I started having panic attacks in the middle of class, night terrors that not only woke Isabella, but our neighbors. I know this because the landlord came to warn us. The last straw was when I was finally awarded 5000 dollars for financial aid, and they would only pay for 1045 dollars, of the 6,500 dollars worth of classes I planned on taking for the fall.

I only had about 200 dollars in my account and when I asked the financial advisor what I could do if I didn’t have enough money by the deadline, she told me that I should just quit school.

I blacked out, and woke up in the school’s nurse’s office, Isabella next to me asking what happened and if I needed to take off work, that she would call Mariana and let her know.

I told her I was fine, and that I could work. On the way home Isabella eyed me like a hawk, asking if I was ok every fifteen minutes, and insisting that I take off. I finally got fed up and told he the situation, when she realized my dilemma and told me that it’ll all work itself out eventually.

Except I didn’t need it eventually, I needed it soon.

When we walked into work, that night we clocked in and as usually when I started prepping the tables for the night shift, it didn’t start getting busy until around 8 and it was 6, Mariana came up to me, said hi and jokingly asked if I was sure I didn’t want to become a stripper.

Now usually I would smile and she would smirk and walk away, but before I know it, I said yes. Mariana had her back to me by then, but she and everyone who was within earshot, including the few regulars stopped dead in their tracks.

The routine had been broken, I just broke the routine, and now I wasn’t sure what to do. Mariana slowly turns toward my direction and gives me a confused look, she walks up to me and gets in real close.

“Are you sure?” she whispered

I nodded my head

“No, I need you to tell me if YOU ARE SURE?”

“Yes, I’m sure”

She gave a wide smile, and introduced me to the practically empty bar as her new stripper.


I wish I could describe the hell, I was put through right after saying yes to Mariana.

She enrolled me in pole-dancing 101, where I had to  register as a level Kitten, and I was required to show up to classes 3 times a week, and find a class before 6.

I was enrolled in Lap Dancing and Sexy Dancing classes, which are apparently not the same things, and existed.

Not to mention the private lessons, and appearance prep she had me going through to find my perfect theme. My assigned stripper name was Wicked, which Mariana claimed would grab someone’s attention, especially since I would be sporting a “Dark but Innocent look” which she refers to as Blackberry Shortcake, a.k.a Strawberry Shortcake in black.

I went home sore every night because not only did I have to do all these dance classes, but I also had to work out to keep a tight shape, so Isabella put me on her own workout schedule, we went shopping everyday, because she insisted a new job meant a new person, so I had to completely change my wardrobe.

She basically threw out all of my clothes, except for a huge black jacket that once belonged to Yoongi, but I didn’t tell her that, I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t part ways with it, so I just hid it in the back of the closet, where I knew no one would notice it.

Mariana compensated me for the time I spent training, and provided me with a bunch of costumes, custom made for my character. I told her to stop spending so much money on me, but she insisted, saying that she invests a lot on all of her dancers, because she knows if she treats them right, they treat her right.

When I was finally ready to debut as Wicked, that morning, I made my first payment to the school, which was everything in my bank account. That was more than enough motivation for me to rest up and get my butt to the club.

Isabella was off but she absolutely had to see my debut, I had my routine, my moves, my back-ups, my wardrobes, wigs, shoes, and I knew what to do for the next few hours. Mariana drilled rules, regulations, and maneuvers into my head, to make sure I knew how to handle the more handsy clients.

I was ready, that’s what Isabella and Mariana told me when I was getting ready to head to hit the stage, fussing over me, making sure my wig was tightened so it wouldn’t fall off, straightening out my outfit, removing lipstick off my teeth.

Until it was finally time for Mariana to go on the stage to introduce me, the other strippers backing me for moral support, everyone holding hands, and and suffocating me in this group hug, something I would normally hate, but I found it to be quite relaxing. When Mariana finally called me out, they let go and clapped along with the crowd outside.

As soon as I stepped out, stage lights were blinding me, but I couldn’t put my hands over my eyes , because I knew I would look like a total noob if I did. So I breathed in and out and continued to walk over to the pole that was up in the middle of the stage.

At Spanky’s this was known as a debut pole, it was only taken out when a new stripper debuted, otherwise it would stay hidden within the stage. I could see Isabella near the front of the stage giving me a thumbs up.

I found my position next to the debut pole and struck a pose before looking out into the sea of people. Despite the name, Spanky’s was a really classy place, Successful businessmen, CEO’s, even housewives showed up.

The my music piece began playing, and I had to start the dance at the first beat drop, I took another breath, right before the beat drop and just let my body move. At first, the butterflies ran rampant, but as soon as I  stretched out my legs into a russian split, I got my first round of cheers, a few bills hit the stage, and I got braver.

Before I knew my dance ended without a hitch, the crowd was cheering, and the poles surrounding me were coming out for the group dance. I had so much fun, I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and when time came to do the lap dances, all the clients were so respectful. Well as respectful as they could be with a girl dancing on their laps .

That night, I made over $1000 dollars, if this kept up, I would have more than enough money to get through school.

xiuminscheeks  asked:

if you had to choose only one lyric line, one line per member, from the new album, what line would that be?

Sehun (Kokobop) - “No matter what anyone says, don’t listen, just be beautiful as you are right now”

Kyungsoo (The Eve) - “The one to create an ocean that will swallow it all, it’s you”

Jongdae (Diamond) - “Shine on, shine on, shine on” (bc I love how he sounds)

Baekhyun (Touch It) -”Your breathtaking silhouette. You’re as beautiful as a painting”

Minseok (What U Do?) - “Your thoughts and long talks, share them, you, only to me, you”

Junmyeon (Forever) - “When the morning finds us I’ll cover you warmly with my whole body, hold me close to you, too”

Jongin (Chill) - “You’re beautiful that’s why I’m afraid”

Chanyeol (Going Crazy) - “Up and down like a roller coaster” (bc ICONIC)

idk man I just love all of their lines???? this was so difficult omg I’m not very happy with some of them…I’d choose a hundred different lines from each member from each song it’s really hard to choose just one

(also sorry for replaying to this 34 years later heh)

I'm gonna start writing

I’ve been wanting to write for so so long now and my love sophie @sincerelystiles has been encouraging me for the longest time, but I just haven’t had the confidence to do so.

That being said, I was thinking about it and I thought “you know what? Fuck it.” I’m going to start writing and although it may not be quality stuff like everyone on here, it’s something I just wanna try 🤷‍♀️

So thank you to

@sincerelystiles @thelittlestkitsune @writing-obrien @werewolfmutant @stilinski-jpeg @minhosmeanhoe @sarcasticallystilinski @rememberstilinski @ninja-stiles @mf-despair-queen @smutandahalf @bonniebird

And many many others for inspiring me and making me want to write. I hope one day my work will be as amazing as yours! ❤️


Folks may have noticed something a little different about me lately… I went blonde! Not something I’d considered doing in a million years.

I wear wigs. 29ish years of testosterone poisoning resulted in a very masculine hairline that can’t be hidden with bangs or length. But, wigs can be fun, so I’m not too upset about it.

I had to go to a new salon to acquire my newest ‘do. I’d communicated with Alicia, my new stylist, by phone and email. I’d sent some pics of my previous style and let her know a bit about my love of vintage dresses and just generally have her a sense of who I am. Hair is A BIG PART of how we present ourselves to the world, after all.

It was a bit of a drive, but worth it! Alicia had ordered a new wig of the same style I’d been wearing, because I honestly thought I’d just be going back to it. She also had picked out a couple for me to try.

It wasn’t quite love at first sight with this darling, but I felt something. I snapped a few selfies and sent them to friends for their thoughts. I actually chickened out, initially. I’d asked her to order this style in a brunette with red highlights. I drove home (about an hour and a half) and checked my messages, and people were going nuts over this new style/color. Even my mother, whom I STRONGLY resemble (especially with dark hair,) said she liked it. So, I called Alicia back and asked if we could go with this one instead. She was so sweet and gracious and said she thought the reactions would be good. She shipped this lovely to me overnight!

So now, I’m blonde! Will I have more fun? Perhaps I already have been…

; )

Inhaling the Light While Choking on Salt

mourning, day four-

light, pure, clean light. pulling itself through the curtains. just once I wish the street was silent. I beg the earth for a sinkhole, an earthquake, a tsunami. take these loud things away. swallow them whole, and when you’re done, swallow me too. nothing happens, as I had feared.

I dreamt-

of times past. of moments I had forgotten. him reaching for my hand for the first time. and I thought: I have never been so full of happiness or felt deserving of it. night- “you know I really do love you”. and the room starts to melt, walls turning into rivers of paint and thick clumps of drywall. exposing the skeleton of boards hidden. I scream and scream and scream. I’m alone. he’s gone. and I wake up. and it stings all over. my muscles twitch, my face crumples, but I cannot cry. they’ve been all used up. I lie.

morning, day four-

the salt rolls down. caressing the curves of my face. how I wish for the comfort of his fingers, but the earth won’t indulge me, and God remains quiet. I breathe. deep breaths. from the chest, pushing sternum to spine. but the salt falls into my cup. spoiling the milk I have poured to make the contents less bitter. what a waste I have become.


Prompt: Milk. Provided by @thatrandomprompt. Thank you!

scxrlctisms  asked:

((Hey mun!! Quick question but how do you paint lineart? I'm kinda interested since I wanna improve on my art so I thought I'd just ask!!))

Hey! Oh gosh this will be hard for me to explain because I draw very strangely, so this is going to be a small tutorial. I use Painttool SAI, so this will help you maybe if you have it too. I usually sketch things out and it looks like this sort of:

It’s messy (and he always looks so funky) but I have a layer for everything, so it looks like this (I don’t name the layers actually, I’m only doing it for this post. I have a specific order I draw things, I’m strange, haha.) and also with the brush that I use (and only use):

When I do the lineart, I just clean up the sketches and full in the details as I go. (It would be easier to make a video on this but I don’t know how to. If I figure that out, I might make a video of me drawing.)

I turn off all the layers except the one I’m working on to have them not in the way, and just go at it.

(I forgot his teeth haha oops) When I do the damages, I just put them where they go and then erase spots for details.

That’s pretty much really it! I have a really weird way of drawing, so its usually unusual to people, but this is pretty much how I do my draws! I just keep doing that with all the parts and all the other details like his wires and stuff and then it looks like this!

Anyways that’s all I have to say on that. If I can make a video of how I draw I’ll for sure do that and share it with you guys. I hope this helps people or something or get a feel of how I draw.

moonshine-lester  asked:

no i get that i just meant there was this one fic where bucky thought that had happened but it didn't actually and i really liked it so i meant like similar things. i totally understand what you mean it's gross

Oh ok that makes sense! I do actually have a few for that

A History of Skin by cheesethesecond

Bucky and Steve were made and unmade by each other’s hands.

[Or, five touches that defined Bucky Barnes, and one that didn’t.]


Pianissimo by Odsbodkins

Steve and Bucky from the 30s to 1945. Inspired by an Avengerkink prompt about Steve and Bucky hiding their relationship.

there’s nothing left of you by notallbees

Bucky’s having a hard time reconciling Captain America with the friend he left behind in Brooklyn. It’s bad enough that every time he closes his eyes he sees the inside of a torture chamber. Now, every time he opens them again, he sees a stranger with Steve Rogers’ eyes and smile.

[TRANS] 170727 10Asia's Interview with MXM (Donghyun)

10. I heard that you enjoy the acoustic genre. Your company, Brand New Music, is a hip-hop label, so how did you end up joining?

Donghyun: I enjoyed listening to San E and Hanhae seniors’ music and respected them. And at that time, my vocal teacher had a tie with Brand New Music, so I ended up auditioning. At first, I thought ‘Would this fit with my style?’. But after hearing what Rhymer CEO said, I thought ‘I’m someone who fits with Brand New Music’. He told me ‘Hip-hop is something that company, Brand New Music, does. You can just do the music that you have been doing. I respect your style and am here to just develop your skills.’ With that one phrase, I gained belief.

10. Are there company seniors that are cheering you on?

Donghyun: Whenever Kanto senior sees me at the practice studio, he tells me, ‘I’m watching you well’, ‘You need to work harder’, and although it feels like it’s something he says lightly, I can feel his sincerity. I gained strength from it. The company’s senior artists sincerely care about the trainees too, so I’m thankful.

10. When did you start dreaming of becoming a singer?

Donghyun: In my 3rd year of middle school, I was part of a band in school as a club. We stood on stage during festivals and while practicing as a band, I naturally formed the dream of becoming a singer. I officially thought ‘Let’s do this’ in my 1st year of high school.

10. Were there any oppositions in your family?

Donghyun: There isn’t any who pursued arts in my family. Maybe that’s why, but they opposed strongly at first. However, since their son continuously said he wanted to do it, my parents’ hearts weakened. With a good opportunity, I was able to join an entertainment for a bit during my 1st year of high school. Ever since then, my parents supported me too.

10. Do you remember what you sang during your audition for Brand New Music?

Donghyun: I sang it on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 as well, but I sang Jang Beomjun senior’s ‘Between Hongdae and Geondae’ along with Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’. I remember the person reviewing at the time was very fascinated. Something like ‘How could he sing something like this?’, I felt a very good fascination. (Laughter)

10. You’re 20 years old this year, but I heard you had a fantasy about university life?

Donghyun: I hear about campus stories from my twin brother. (Laughter) He told me that he would befriend upperclassmen and get along with his peers from all locations, and that he’s experiencing a lot of fun things. But I also experienced quite a meaningful experience through ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 too! (Youngmin: With trainees from even more locations) (Everyone laughs) That’s true. I’m thankful that I was able to beginning my 20’s so fruitfully.

10. Since it was a survival program, you were probably burdened or anxious. Did trainees from your company give you strength?

Donghyun: I relied a lot on Youngmin hyung. Especially when learning the choreography? When we were learning the ‘나야 나 (Pick Me)’ choreography, we were in the same B class. Since it wasn’t the dance style I normally did, it was very hard. So I kept clinging on Hyung who dances well and asked him to teach me. Hyung probably had a hard time too, but he taught it to me till the middle of the night. I was so thankful.

10. During the position evaluation, you chose the rap position song, ‘Boys and Girls’. Aren’t vocals your main position?

Donghyun: I drew out a big picture. (Everyone laughs) At first, I wanted to choose ‘Playing With Fire’. But with Dongho hyung as the last, the team for ‘Playing With Fire’ was full. I felt like my world was crashing down. (Laughter) From then, I thought that I should be smart about this. Although ‘Boys and Girls’ is a rap song, there are many vocal parts. I thought I could show various sides through vocals and rap. I drew a big picture and went, but Youngmin hyung was in that team. (Laughter) Even the PD-nims on-scene asked us ‘You guys planned this out, right?’, but we really didn’t. (Laughter)

10. The performance you remember the most?

Donghyun: It would have to be our concept evaluation song, ‘I Know You Know’. I remember having a hard time while preparing for other stages, but I have more fun memories from ‘I Know You Know’. I felt that the concept suited me well too and I was able to happily prepare the performance.

10. I saw that you wanted to be the leader at that team?

Donghyun: During the member voting, I lacked in one vote, so I wasn’t able to. (Laughter) Hyunbin hyung did well as the leader. I took the role of helping Hyung from the back. After the performance was finished, I felt that Hyunbin hyung received good results as a leader, so I was quite proud. (Laughter)

10. You were regrettably unable to make it to the final competition. You watched the live broadcast on the scene, but how did you feel?

Donghyun: Youngmin hyung, Woojin, and Daehwi all stood on the final stage. Prior to the stage beginning, I told them at the waiting room, ‘You guys all worked hard and went through a lot, so it’s okay even if you don’t make it into WANNA ONE. Don’t feel burdened’, but I realized that I was actually thinking that they had to make it no matter what. Every time each of their faces were captured on screen, my heart started to beat. (Laughter)

10. A phrase that gives you strength?

Donghyun: Although I’m working hard and know that I have to work even harder in the future, there are times I feel tired since I am human after all. At those moments, I gain strength whenever fans would tell me, ‘You’re doing well as is right now’. When I heard ‘Don’t try to do too well, you just need to do the amount you like and the amount that you can do’, it was something very obvious, but gave me strength. (Laughter)

original post: tenasia
translation credits: @woojinprk

What about D and Jorah?

I just had this crazy thought. What if the leaks are partially true - that D does have boat sex with someone but it’s not with Jon? What if it’s Jorah? I am sure that Sam will cure the greyscale. After which Jorah will head to Dragonstone to be closer to D. 

What if D finally realizes that she needs and wants Jorah beside her? Jorah is completely devoted to her and will do anything for her which makes him the perfect consort.