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Uhhuhhmmm ok no offense to the drake lovers I guess but i would LOVE for u to post a drake rant like ..... yes sis....... let's drag him

Okay Anon, you asked for it who am I kidding, I’ve been DYING to make this post, I just waited for the TRR 2 launch to be extra petty:

  • we thought Jake was rude at the start of ES? Bich guess again, Drake totally left my favourite pilot in the dust.
  • he’s a whiny little bitch & no one can tell me otherwise (remember when he complained about free food?)
  • he’s a shitty friend to Maxwell from literally the start when MC tell him that Maxwell is nice he replies “you don’t know him like I do” or some shit like that. Honey, I don’t wanna know him like you do because you’re the only person who could make a cinnamon roll like Maxwell sound like a wanker. aslo, I wanna fuck Maxwell, can we fuck Maxwell on TRR 2? We’ll have to see.
  • Shitty friend to Liam as well ‘cause our beautiful boy out here tryna fall in love in like a month and Drake comes and flirts with the woman he knows his best friend is in love with???? bitch what kind of best friend are you a shitty one that’s the kind of friend you are
  • Also, I’m salty af about the fact that for Liam/Maxwell/Hana to even breathe in the same room as me I gotta be idk fuckin naked in there but if I choose to be even the tiniest bit nice to Drake I get a romance point I DON’T WANT THE ROMANCE POINT WITH HIM WHAT THE FUCK
  • May I point out that Hana, goddess and literally the person who invented kindness and anti-pettiness, feels sorry for Drake? That’s how much of a whiny bitch he actually is

Funny how antis think that fans would suddenly and magically change their minds just because of their hate post

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Thank you all so much for following me and getting me to this point.  When I wrote tequila I never thought that people would like it or think it was good.  Now I’m just overwhelmed by the comments and friends I have made from this blog.  You’re all amazing and it’s my turn to read your amazing writing!  I can’t wait to read and reblog!


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Prompts are below :)


  1. Frost
  2. Crisp Air
  3. Falling Leaves @buckyappreciationsociety - Bucky x reader
  4. Pumpkin Spice
  5. Corn Maze
  6. Fairs
  7. Whiskey
  8. Hoodies @girl-next-door-writes - Bucky x reader
  9. Scarves
  10. Sweaters @full-of-sins-not-tragedies - Steve x reader
  11. Fireplace
  12. Bonfire
  13. Pies @sgtbxckybxrnes - steve x reader
  14. Toasted Marshmallows @mindingmyownbusiness 
  15. Fog
  16. Blankets
  17. Pumpkin Patch
  18. Hayride
  19. Knitting
  20. Apple-Picking
  21. Touch Football
  22. Tailgating
  23. Leaf Raking/Leaf Piles - @after-avenging-hours
  24. Farmer’s Market - @daily-cup-of-writing - Bucky x reader
  25. Fall Festival
  26. Bed & Breakfast @wildestdreamsrps Steve x reader
  27. Renting a Cabin
  28. Stargazing @marvelfandomthings - Bucky x reader
  29. Maple Syrup @hellomissmabel
  30. See Your Breath
  31. Flannel

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I love when my mutuals indulge me on my Shizaya Thirst. 

• when or if I started shipping it. Ever since I saw them on the opening and I’m not even kidding. I wish I was.

• my thoughts: Literally, almost every problem those two ever had (including some of the emotional ones) would be fixed if they could find something like a peaceful coexistence. A Truly peaceful coexistence. That could be by just being companions, snarky friends or being a couple (this last one, Im just saying, IM JUST SAYING)

But at the same time, it just… wouldnt be them, if they didnt have passionate  feelings for each other. So much of their characers, of their actions, of their feelings, of their personality, was build because of their meeting, because of their contact with each other. This is why I cant really see them being close friends without, somehow, falling in love. Or becoming destructive/self destructive again.They’re literally incapable of being indifferent to each others very existence. Not, at least, without taking a huge toll of their energy.

• What makes me happy about them: They’re on each other’s mind all the time and thats canon.  Izaya costantly mentions Shizuo when talking about his only exception on his sick, twisted love for humanity. Scratch that, Izaya mentions and talks about Shizuo all the time when nobody asks. 

 Shizuo is reminded of his own brother when he sees Izaya’s little sisters. I though that connection was odd to have with someone you hate; to be reminded of the positive bonds in your life, by remembering the ones your enemy has. At some point in the novels, on Shizuo POV, when he’s wondering about his past, in which everyone was afraid of him, he specifically remembers Izaya as the one who didnt. And then Narita immediately goes “but he was a man! no homo”.

Besides that, they complement each other. In personalities, in color palettes (I draw! Leave me alone!), in actions. They polarize each other on a perfect way inside the narrative.


They’re both very lonely. And its due to their own unchanging nature. And they have a very difficult relationship with bonds. Y E T they seek for bonds, each one on their own way. Izaya by rejecting them and creating his own rules about his relationship and dynamics with people. Shizuo, by accepting his loneliness while at the same time accepting he yearns for connecting with others.

They’re both very sad, deeply lonely characters and due to that I think they do understand each other on a level no other character is able to. (Shinra sees it, but from a detached point of view.)They seem to deny it and push it, though.

Obvs, at the end of the novels Shizuo gets better (but at what cost?).

They’ll never be completely happy or free until their conflict reaches an satisfiable end and I do hate the fact Narita pulled away from that at the last fucking second, after an entire, intense and ultimately useless build up.

• things done in art/fic that annoys me:

- When they’re already on a stablished relationship but Shizuo is constantly brute and hurtful. So unnecessary. Especially when, on the plot, is constantly uncalled for, when Izaya has barely done anything to be an acceptable target. There’s a difference between this and being snarky, and I cant see Shizuo not being devoted and compromised with a person he’s in a relationship with. Also, because its usually justified that, despite how brute, uncaring and hurtful he acts, “Izaya knows Shizuo loves him”, which is just…. Yeeeaaah, guys, being treated like shit by somebody you do know loves you, doesnt necessarily makes things better.  The same thing for Izaya taunting Shizuo or provoking him on a distressful manner.

((Its not like I dont want conflict in their relationship, but if I start to wonder wtf those people are even doing together, then you’re not handling writing them on a “relationship”. Relationships are supposed to have nice moments once in a while.))

- When people go ~~dark and gritty~~ and cant decide if they love or hate each other, and then tropes like rape and abandonment and emotional abuse are evoked. Dont do that shit if you dont know what you’re going to do with those plot elements.

- People are usually way too afraid of going far with Izaya’s character (which is such a waste, he’s the character to go far with.), afraid of making him OOC and getting him wrong (which I kind of get it). And then they go T o o F a r with Shizuo’s one instead, making him IDK kill people, be angry with everyone 100% all the fucking time, eat 92059482 cakes, act stupid and unthoughtful, and generally being dumb or selfish, which is just… Ok, but what happened with the Silent Shizuo, who honeslty ponders over things while walking the street, and is kind with people he cares about??

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I would like to point out that I never say things the right way. I’m just an anxious 23 year old momma of two boys who has been faking her way through adulthood with her best friend.

I’m dramatic and I exaggerate in the moment before I collect my thoughts.

This has been a PSA for all of the people who follow me and are concerned.

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What are your thoughts on any cartoons besides SU? I need something new to watch to get me through this hiatus (and I've watched most of Adventure Time and all of Gravity Falls already...)

If you’re looking for more recent shows, I would suggest O.K K.O, We Bare Bears, and Amazing World of Gumball. The Ducktales reboot just started, as well.

If you would like something older, Animaniacs is always fun. Batman: The Animated Series (1992 version) is amazing. Samurai Jack (old seasons + the new one that just finished up). Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends was one of my favs. The 2001 Justice League was awesome, too… but got a little strange in later seasons. lol

I hope that helps!

some self-care/mental health tips for the upcoming school year

with school coming soon or already starting for some people i figured i’d share some of my tips for a healthier lifestyle. i know in the past i’ve struggled so much with being good to myself once school starts, both mentally, emotionally, and physically!

keep a clean room 

i know how hard this is. i’m absolutely awful at it, even in the summer but it really makes the biggest difference. coming home to a mess when your life is already stressful and messy enough just makes things worse. i know when i have a clean space i’m way more productive and at peace with my situation.

take a break from social media

just doing this every once in awhile makes the hugest difference. social media is a wonderful world but it’s easy to get caught up in how everyone is doing things without you or having more fun or how someone’s prettier or whatever. it’s not worth it. i’ve learned that just deleting the apps for even a few hours can make my mental state 10x better. it’s important to realize that while people are out doing things all the time, you can never be as fun as all the 162 people you follow combined.

don’t be afraid to invite people out

one of the biggest things i struggle with is being social, simply because i overthink inviting people to do things with me too much and just wait to be invited by someone else instead. remember that even if someone says they can’t do something, it’s not the end of the world. at least you opened up a possibility!!! by being someone who invites others to do things, people will feel more appreciated and like you actually want to hang out with them! but also always save time for yourself as well!

create a self-care routine with motivation

by giving yourself some type of reward to wash your face, brush your teeth and shower, such as only watching your favorite tv show afterwards, it will feel a bit easier to accomplish the tasks that seem simple but can be terribly hard, especially if you suffer from depression. i’ve learned that combining things into one task also makes it easier, such as once you get in the shower, do everything. wash your face, brush your teeth, shave, all in the shower. it makes self-care so much easier.

get outside, stay out of bed

laying in bed is the best thing ever, i know, but it can be so easy to get in there and never get out. this is my biggest bad habit. i feel more productive even just sitting on the couch. my bed is like a black hole of lost motivation. go outside for twenty minutes a day if you can. sunlight makes things a little better and staying inside all day does nothing for you.

do one thing that scares you everyday, big or small.

i’m someone who has struggled with social anxiety for years now, but i’m slowly getting better because i’m making a conscious (and very terrifying effort) everyday. this won’t work for everyone, i know, but it’s helped me a little bit. i try to challenge myself everyday to do one thing that scares me, whether it’s asking someone to do something after school or agreeing to get coffee with a friend you’re not super close to yet, or even just making conversation with someone next to me in class. don’t push yourself too far but don’t make zero effort either.

cut the negative language/mindset

anytime you have a negative thought find a reverse positive. even saying “i’m not happy with how my hair looks but my ass looks great in these jeans” is better than saying “i look awful today”. stop the constant internal bullying! think of it this way, if your best friend said the things you say to yourself, how would you feel? you’re your own best friend, so cut the shit! compliment yourself like you do your best friend. complimenting myself and finding things i find beautiful on my own body even once a day has increased my confidence exponentially. a negative language towards yourself leads to a negative mindset.

find someone who motivates you

if you need motivation to work out, study, anything, find a buddy. having someone to do things with and hold you accountable makes a world of difference. this summer i got together with a friend and made a deal that we would work out 2-3 times a week. it worked so much better than if i had just made that goal for myself because she was always there to text me to ask to workout when we needed to but i lacked the desire. and i did the same for her. now we actually both got a job at a gym together this fall and are working out consistently because we have that mutual  accountability with each other! plus just having someone you enjoy seeing makes doing the hard task more fun!

accept your individuality

you don’t need to look like society’s ideal of beautiful. there’s millions of types of flowers, and just because one kind is pretty to someone, does that make all the others ugly? no. there’s tons of species of dogs too and they all look totally different. is a poodle ugly just because a golden retriever is cute? NO. your individuality is you. everyone is beautiful in the very own unique way. don’t try to look like someone ellse. your beauty is not measured by how perfect your features are. 

drink some fucking water

and eat some food too

understand that a bad week doesn’t mean a bad life

we’re all going to go through those weird ass time periods where it feels like everything sucks and nothing can go right. accept that although it’s pretty bad right now, it won’t be forever. 

good luck with this school year everyone! hope my tips help even just one person. take care of yourselves, kiddos.

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.

Me watching the live action Beauty and the Beast:

90% of the movie: wow, such a cinematic masterpiece

Any time LeFou is shown on screen: gaygaygaygaygaygaygay

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Hi, so I don't know if you're gonna wanna draw this or not but I've had this idea in my head for so long now of Hanzo knowing how to play the violin and every one is just shocked when they learn, and he's like really good???? Like he's been playing since he was rlly little so he's just great at it and everyone's like >:OOOOOOO k imma go byeeee

Sorry, this took so long ‘cause I was on vacation for almost a month!

But I adore this kind of headcanons!

I was talking with my friends about it, and we thought it would be really nice if the moments Hanzo plays his favourite instruments are the ones he’s the happiest!

Relaxed and peaceful Hanzo is what I live for. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

(Oh, in case if you’re wondering what he’s playing. ;^) )


Happy 26th Birthday Dylan O’Brien! (August 26, 1991)

I moved to California when I was twelve and I got a video camera and made little movies because I didn’t have any friends yet. I would force my sister to make these movies with me - which became my YouTube channel. - The thing I like a lot about acting is I’ll never learn enough. I’ll never know it inside and out. - I just want to work with good filmmakers and do good projects that mean something to me and play interesting characters. That’s really it. - I don’t really give much thought to the roles that I’d ideally love to play. - I just happened to step into acting. And now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.


i feel like you hate me
and you don’t wanna see me again
even though everyone says that’s not true
my position still stands

and until i gain the courage
to break out of my shell
and text you first
i’ll be living in a constant hell

and you’ll be sitting
on the sidelines shaking
staying sober just like me
but we both know we can’t keep sobriety

and if i could just talk to you
like before
i would be so much better
and maybe you won’t feel alone

i miss you more than you know
i care about you still
sure you’re not in love with me
but we all learn coping skills

i still need a friend
and you’re the only one i needed
but now that you’re gone
i realized i’m lonely again

170811 - Meeting Monsta X at Starbucks in Berlin

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I met Monsta X on the streets of Berlin yesterday. Or at least two of them, my bias and bias wrecker, Jooheon and Kihyun. Nice.

Basically. My friend (from the Czech Republic) and I (from Sweden) had wandered around all day, visiting the kpop store and all that. Then we were standing by a pedestrian crossing, waiting for the green light. And suddenly this guy walked up to my side and I had to take a double take bc, ‘Is that Kihyun???????’. My heart dropped and I turned to my friend and was like “IT’S KIHYUN IT’S KIHYUN OMFG IT’S KIHYUN.” BC HOLY SHIT HALF A METER FROM ME STOOD THE ACTUAL YOO KIHYUN!!!! Sorry I’m still freaking out holy shit. He looked like a f**king god, looking all artsy in his round golden glasses and big camera. Plus: no make-up!Kihyun is 👌 👌 💕 👅 👅 😭 💖

Kihyun then waved to someone on the other side. We thought it was his manager bc what would he be doing all by himself in Berlin when his concert is just in a few hours?? Suddenly the light turned green and he went ahead of us, and since we thought that it was his manager on the other side of the road (we couldn’t see the person he was waving to yet) we didn’t want to ask for his autograph since they usually aren’t allowed to do that.

But then we saw who he was waving to. J O O H E O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was also standing by himself, wearing slippers, shorts and a wind jacket. He looked so fluffy and smol and okay imma stop talking. So now we had to make a decision in 0.1 second, are we going to follow them and ask for their autographs or just go back home? 

We decided to follow them, walking about 100 meters behind them. After only a minute or two they went into a Starbucks and we stopped outside. After about two minutes of freaking out we decided that our last chance was to also go in, just look at them and then leave without bothering them. So now my friend was literally standing right next to Jooheon (who ordered an iced americano for Kihyun and a coffee with milk for himself bc that’s important information). When he’d ordered he stood beside Kihyun who were waiting for their orders. Then one of the cashiers recognized them and asked for a photo, and they actually agreed to take the picture so yeah. My hands were shaking so bad when I payed for my drink but I’m proud of my friend and I bc we actually managed to act like any other customers in the café (where are our Oscars?).

While we were waiting for my friend’s drink, the boys left the café and we were kind of sad bc yep they’re leaving and we’re not going to follow them. But then they sat down at a table outside! At this point a total of five girls + a really kind dad had noticed them. So we looked outside and saw that they actually signed autographes to the girls! So they basically only sat down to make those fans happy and sign their stuff (stan monsta x) And now we freaked out again bc neither one of us had a pen nor a piece of paper. But when we walked outside a girl let us borrow her pen and paper so that was really nice of her (I owe her my life).

While my friend was doing something else, I walked up to their table, Kihyun to my left and Jooheon in front of me. I just said that I was “so so sorry for disturbing them but can I please get an autograph?” Kihyun made his “pftttth” laugh with his eyes looking like half moon crescents (y'all know which one I mean), but he took my paper and signed it. Since Kihyun was to my left I couldn’t really look him in the face that well, so when I spoke I mostly looked at Jooheon. I was stuttering like an idiot in the beginning but I was shaking so much while trying to act cool and look calm lmao. I basically told them that I was “really excited for the concert tonight” to which Jooheon replied with an “oh really?~” AND HIS DIMPLES ARE SO FREAKING DEEP MAN I SWEAR TO GOD THAT BOY WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. . So yeah I basically managed to keep eye contact with JH for like 15 seconds and then I just said “thank you so much and sorry for disturbing” to which Kihyun replied with a “It’s alright” then I  left so that I wouldn’t disturb them more than I already had.

A short clip of me saying the last sentence and Kihyun replying with “it’s alright”. 


The video was recorded by smallestnose

So yeah, in totalt there were five people plus my friend and I who noticed them that time. Everyone was really respectful and left as soon as they got their autographs. My friend and I left (shaking like idek) and when we looked back when we had walked about 300 meters, we noticed that the boys had left.

So yep that was the first time I met an idol and talked to one. Also, you should know that I’ve always thought that I would be one meter taller than every mx member (I’m 175 cm [5'8 ish inches?]) but both Kihyun and Jooheon were taller than me. They looked 300x more beautiful in person and both of them were tanned and just yeah. Kihyun looked like a photography student who just walked out of class while Jooheon looked like a fluffy 22 y/o who just woke up, hair in a mess. 

So now I own a paper with their autographes (jh signed w J-honey i mean yes i’m dead) and I’m just so so so so grateful that they took their time to make their fans happy. A plus is that the concert also was bomb af.

Basically: never be one of those fans who tries to search for the location they last were seen, just walk around, do your thing. And if it happens it happens, ya know? 

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there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

The List - Bruce Wayne x Reader (Quite NSFW)

Summary : You and Bruce, are making a list of all the people you slept with…Because why not ?

I just had this stupid idea when I was at work and sorry for it…hope you’ll still kinda like it and boom, here :

Do NOT read if NSFW/smutty things make you feel uncomfortable, you can go check my other fluffy and angsty stories instead, over there ;-) : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You don’t even remember who started it.

You don’t remember if it’s you who made a snarky comment first, or him.

You both were equally gifted in the sarcasm area, so it really could be any of you. And none of you could actually remember the instigator of it all…

But oh someone definitely started it, and now, you were both sitting on the floor around the coffee table of the living room, a pen in hand, a blank sheet of paper in front of you, thinking about all the people you had sex with. 

Or rather, about the people you had sex with and that you both knew. 

Who cared about some unknown guy from a bar, or a girl from a gala ? 

They meant nothing. They were just pleasure on the spot, something that didn’t matter at all and…to be honest, both you and Bruce didn’t care about those one night stands with people you didn’t give a damn about…You both knew you weren’t each other’s first time after all, and one night stands ? They were long over and there were not nearly as much as everyone thought…Bruce had only a few, and you too. And again, it was such a long time ago, and so meaningless (definitely not your favorite kind of sex, and Bruce would agree with that). 

This list was about the people you had sex with, with whom you shared part of your life, and/or someone you both knew. 

You knew almost everything about each others, but your past relationships ? You rarely talked about it. You never felt the need to, as you were too in love with each others for anyone else to really matter…

Both of you already stated multiple times, in your long years of marriage, that you never loved anyone like you loved each other. That all those past relationships were nothing compared to what you felt to each others. 

But…Curiosity always got the better of the two of you. 

And besides, when Bruce learnt that you used to date his best friend, Clark, he started to wonder if you slept with anyone else he knew, after all, you knew lots of Justice League members before knowing him so…He just wanted to know (he would never admit it, but he was quite jealous really. Grumpy Broosh). 

And so here you were, after one of you made a comment about it (wether it was you comparing Bruce to Clark or him saying something about Selina, you didn’t quite remember), writing a list. You were writing the last name on yours when Bruce raised his head and, very sternly said :

-I’m done.  

You smiled as you finished the last letter of the name you were writing and looked up, smiling at him. 

-Me too. 

Just another proof of how you were always so damn in sync, finished right at the same time. He doesn’t smile, and you smirk at him as you exchange papers. And…Exact same number than you. You quickly look over it and chuckle a bit, he detached his attention from your list (his frown getting bigger by the second as he was reading it), and, a bit suspicious, says : 

-What ? 

-Bruce, I think the two of us basically slept with the entire league. We’re super-sluts my heart. 

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Hey, y’all, I hate to do this, but today my cat, Sugar, was taken for a check up and we found out she has a lot of problems with her kidneys right now and there’s a chance she won’t be able to make it (it doesn’t help she’s quite old too) and just the thought breaks my heart she’s like a best friend to me and getting the supplies she needs cost us quite a bit of money and we were already in a pretty bad money situation.

If any of you would like to help out (we’ll probably have to pay even more in the near future if her condition worsens) my paypal is sirnimbus4@gmail.com please don’t feel like you HAVE to give however, even just reblogging would mean so much. Thank you for reading.

Maybe We Can Be Friends - Uma x Harry x Gil x Reader

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Requested: I was just going to ask if you could write an imagine where Uma and her crew come to Auradon and they’re greeted by this really sweet and cute girl who ends up being Queen Clarion’s daughter? So at first Uma didn’t really like her but in the end they end up being really close because the girl revealed she didn’t really like Mal either and can you throw in a little Harry? I’m sorry and thank you <3

A/N alright this is my first time doing an Imagine like this and I’m quite excited to try this! Hope you love it (: thank you for the request @meiwasesu

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I had a horrible argument today, and I’m going to talk about it here because I need to discuss this with other trauma victims.

I don’t really understand how we even got to this topic, but my roommate started arguing that victims of abuse who are mostly trapped and coerced into staying with their abusers, actually want whatever is happening to them, and they’re equally guilty for everything that happens in that place. According to them, if the victims didn’t escape, they are compliant and they shouldn’t be helped at all, after all they don’t really “want” to escape their abusers, and they’ll come back as soon as they can, so why should anyone care what happens to them? And then this escalated into them screaming at me that it’s stupid to care and that they would long escape any such situation, and wouldn’t put themselves in such situation in the first place, and when I voiced sarcastically that I’m sorry I ever expected them to care, they screamed at me that I’m not doing anything to help them either so I should shut the fuck up.

I couldn’t exactly tell them about what I’m doing because I don’t want to use something like that as an argument that I’m better than anyone else, nor should one be deeply involved into activism for trauma victims in order to defend their interests and lives, because what this person said was aimed directly at victim’s lives.

I tried to explain to them that one of the major reasons why victims can’t just up and leave is due to their survival instincts, because you can’t do something that will so obviously get you killed. There are so many victims who are in biggest danger after they escape, because that is when their abuser kills them. (they replied “i don’t care!!” to this argument). I tried to explain to them that putting their own lives on the line, escaping to live on the street where they will very likely get humiliated, assaulted, starve or succumb to illness and die, is most often not an option because it’s like stepping into death, there are people who survive this, and those who don’t, and nobody can willingly just put their life on the line like that, because their survival instincts wont allow it. However this person denied any such thing and insisted that they knew someone who survived on the street for few months so it’s possible.

I didn’t think it would even do anything to try to explain the psychological damage abusers can inflict on victims, how deeply abusers can convince victims that they can’t survive on their own, that escape is equal to death, how overwhelming the guilt can be at the mere thought of escaping, how much sabotage goes on and how much abusers make sure that the escape is next to impossible, it’s not like abusers are dumb and don’t make sure victims have next to no chance of escape, they make sure police would bring them back, that their family and friends would betray them, that it’s only matter of time before they’re found and dragged back, there are just so many reasons why escaping abusers is life threatening and insanely dangerous thing to do and I would never in my dreams try to convince victims that they have to subject themselves to that if they want to deserve to not be blamed for everything.

In conclusion, this person didn’t care about trauma victims living or dying, they just cared about judging them, blaming them, putting all the responsibility on victims so they wouldn’t ever feel responsible for helping or even feeling empathy towards them. Of course someone who was never in abusive situation can have no idea what it is to face abuse and to have to escape to save life, (i tried to use this too to which they spat at me that i don’t know either… even tho.. i did escape… so.. i … know)

I can’t describe how much this kills me, because when I was still there, when I was still abused, it was people telling me this kind of thing that made it so much harder for me to escape. They made it clear that nobody, not any person in outside world cares if I make it out alive or not. Just like my abuser convinced me. They were blaming me for everything done to me, just like my abusers did, they were acting like I’m somehow compliant just because I couldn’t ignore my survival instincts and put myself on the street where I felt I would die, like I wasn’t strong enough or good enough to deserve to be alive unless I do that. Those people made it clear that when I do escape, I’m escaping into the world that will hate me, into the world that will always readily excuse and defend my abuser, and always put all of the blame on me. It made me miserable. It made me wonder if it’s even worth escaping if the world is going to be like that towards me until the end of my life.

I wasn’t asking for any help, because it became very obvious that people will rather tell you that you deserve every bit of suffering and abuse you’ve been thru rather than help you, but to go this far out of your way to demonize and even more deeply traumatize victims, there is just no excuse for that.

I used to believe this happens because people who are not trapped into abuse just don’t like the idea of themselves being trapped like this, so they convince themselves that this would never happen to them and they would escape just like that, because it’s extremely uncomfortable to realize that it could happen to them, and no, they wouldn’t be able to just up and leave either, they would have to defend their own lives with all they’ve got, even if it means trauma bonding to abuser, even if it means loving the abuser, even if it means staying to avoid death. But would a person go this far just to avoid uncomfortable truth? This is pure hatred towards victims, and I know this is the default view of society, not just of this one person, this is what most people believe, and while struggling with abuse this is what I heard from most of the people I talked to.

I don’t know if I can do anything with my activism, but if I could do one valuable thing, it would be to end this societal victim blaming. Abuse isn’t a problem of an individual, it’s a social problem, and victims not only aren’t at fault, they need and deserve full support and help in escape, those people are in fucking danger, they haven’t harmed anyone, they haven’t done any crimes, their lives are at stake, what on earth makes us as a society unwilling to help them?! And so ready to demonize them?! I don’t know if abusers managed to spread the ideas that victims must really want abuse, or is it just because it’s easy and convenient to blame victims, but it needs to stop. If you don’t want to help us, fine, but stop wishing death on us, stop blaming us for things we haven’t done, stop making it so fucking damn easy for abusers to keep abusing us and blaming us, stop standing up for them and working with them and on their side, what the fuck kind of society is this. Stop siding with abusers.

(also if you can think of something to comment on this pls do I need someone to talk about this with)

me: *takes a deep breath*
me: i lo-
anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love engeki haikyuu, we know, you love engeki haikyuu so much, the cast is the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love engeki haikyuu, we KNOW , you love engeki haikyuu you fucking love engeki haikyuu ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ENGEKI HAIKYUU. WE GET IT.