i just thought it would look nice

Tear you to pieces and rip you apart

Looking at that flawless skin there is only one thought, destroy it! It would look nice with some angry red swells. Watching how that paleness gets more white, after dragging down those fingernails and then point after point it’s replaced by a fiery red! Adding a little moisture, making that bloody look more prominent and having a beautiful glistering shade. Messing you up is the most fun thing. You are the most beautiful all sweaty, flushed, disheveled and panting. To create imperfection out of perfection with handy work to make it even more perfect is such a satisfying thing to do.

Domestic Life: Part 15 [The Date: Part 9]

[ The Joker may be a bit out of character in this. I hope you all forgive me and enjoy.]

“ [y/n] I know you haven’t wanted to do anything but please, will you come to the gala tonight? It will be such a drag without you keeping me company.”

Bruce begged looking like a sad puppy, slumping his broad shoulders slightly. You give him a loud sigh. You wouldn’t let him know that going out for the night actually sounded like a nice change of pass. It would be better than just sitting here for another day futilely hoping J would finally come for you.

“Well, I GUESS I can go. But I don’t have anything to wear to a black tie event.”

You watch as Bruce smirks and pulls a very pretty box out from behind his back.

“I thought you might need something to wear if you agreed so I went out and got you a little something.”

You take the box from him and put it on the coffee table eagerly opening it up. It was an elegant black dress with a set of white flowers embroidered on half the chest and another set trailing down the side extenuating the curves in the dress. The back was cut out similar to the dress you wore the night you had met Bruce and it was exquisite. Bruce pulls out a set of elegant yet nearly flat shoes as he’s come to know how bad your knee is in heels. You throw your arms around his neck thanking him profusely which causes Bruce blush.

“I only have a couple of hours to get ready I better hurry.”

You give Bruce a peck on the cheek and hurry to your room. In the silence of your room as you get ready you think over your situation. You knew Bruce liked you. A lot. In fact his open ended invitation to stay while you got back on your feet has turned into a permanent invitation.

{ “I like having company around the house [y/n]. I know it’s a lot to think about right now but just think about it. The room is yours if you want it.”}

You have considered accepting his invitation several times in the last few days, but then something would remind you about Him and you would loose your conviction to stay. ‘Your still waiting for him? Why? It’s obvious he doesn’t want you anymore. He always comes for what’s his and he hasn’t come has he?’ You shake your head trying to change the destructive path your brain has decided to take, instead focusing on preparing for Bruce’s gala.

Slipping on the dress Bruce picked out you run your hands down your sides admiring how it compliments your figure. Trying to figure out what you were going to do with the mess that was your hair. You decide to go simple and just stick it up in a bun. Last you throw on some make up and look satisfied with yourself as you look in the mirror. It must have taken you longer than you thought because next thing you know Bruce is rasping at the door.

“Excuse me [y/n] but it’s time to get going.”

You grab a small clutch and head out the door.

——————————– The Gala —————————————–

It’s been an hour since you arrived and God you were bored. With J, going out was always interesting, even if you were only heading to the night club. But these socialites were so dull trying to impress each other. You’ve settled at a table near the balcony were you stare off into space, catching sight of Bruce for a moment as he mouths ‘I’m Sorry.’ before yet another girl tries to drag him away. Exasperated you move to the balcony looking out longingly upon the city.

——————————- Joker’s POV ————————————–

The days without her just ticked by, every moment excruciatingly slow. He has stopped pulling heists, what use was causing mayhem and destruction if you couldn’t get a chuckle out of it? He was coming to the realization that she may not be coming home. The pain in his chest that he had felt when she was kidnapped was back. But in a way it was worse.

She hadn’t been taken against her will this time, she left. It was her decision to leave him and it killed him. He has contemplated several times now about taking one of the many knives he had laid out and just ending it all. Life wasn’t worth living without a smile and to his dismay, she had become his smile. He never meant it to happen. In fact he hated it.

He picked her up as a trinket just someone else to play with and now she had control of parts of him he didn’t even know he had. But even now. Even through all this pain, he couldn’t bring himself to fully acknowledge he loved he. Truly, desperately, and hopelessly loved her. To acknowledge it was to make it real and to make it real was to admit he was broken without her. His thoughts turned to his ‘Damaged’ tattoo. Damaged had never been more true of him than at this moment. This miserable, god forsaken moment.

He sat there knife in his hands once again, the many pink tinges decorating his throat from his previous near follow throughs. The only thing that held him back wasn’t a sense of self preservation like he thought it would be. It was her, the thought of her learning he had taken his own life, the pain he might cause her if she even care about him still. The thought of her pain served as hope for him.’ If she would hurt because I’m dead then she must still care if I’m alive.’ He lowers the blade from his throat a new line of blood forming were he came so close to following through.

A knock on the door catches his attention.

“Come in.” He looked dismal, a shell of his former self.

“Sir, I know I may be out of place in asking but is there anything I can do for you sir?”

The Joker looked up from his place on the floor at his most loyal henchmen. He had truly grown to like the goon since he chose him to be his right hand. Frost always followed threw with any job he would throw at him. And he always seemed to make [y/n] happy with his small gestures of kindness. Frost was the only person in this world that he didn’t despise for making [y/n] smile.

She was his and Frost knew it, yet Frost always made sure she felt comfortable with the new life he had thrust upon her. Frost was the closest thing he had to a friend, but that would never be something he would admit to. Instead it seemed to be unspoken and yet understood. There were things that he let Frost get away with that any other man would have died for, including intruding on him while he was spiraling.

He hadn’t noticed he had been silently staring at Frost for some time until slightly uncomfortable Frost shifted and coughed into his hand in a feeble attempt to snap his boss out of whatever spiral he was in this time, without catching the brunt of his bad mood.

Looking up at Frost cocking his head to the side he asked a question that seemed to visibly disturb Frost.

“Have you ever… Have you ever been in love Frosty?”

He was sure he looked pathetic sitting on the floor blood dripping from the shallow wound on his throat but he needed someone to talk to, so Frost would have to do.

“Um… Yes Sir… A long time ago.”

“She left you?”

He watches as Frost shift uncomfortably at his bosses strange new line of questioning. J waves his hand out as an invitation to Frost to sit with him.

“Yes sir. We had different goals in life and in the end the differences were to much for her to handle.” The look in Frost’s eye reminded him of his own.

“Damn women are going to be the death of us Frosty.”

Frost’s face softens as his boss stared down at his feet almost looking like any other normal heart broken man.

“Sir… If I may be so bold.” J stares up at Frost and encourages him to continue hoping for anything Frost could offer to stop this damn pain.

“Sir, maybe you should find her. She loves you sir she truly does and I’m sure she is heart broken.” Frost gulps a bit hoping he didn’t cross a line trying to console his boss.

Looking at Frost for any hints that he lied about [y/n] loving him he sighs.

“Maybe your right Frost… But I’m not even sure were she is. There’s no way she is still with that damn car, it hasn’t moved since she left.”

He couldn’t hide the look of defeat on his face, he was on the edge and ready to let himself fall over. He had been enraged at first, pissed that she had the audacity to leave him, then livid at himself for being so stupid. Now his fire was gone he had no more anger left in him.

“She’s at the Wayne gala tonight sir.” He shoots his head up eyes wide.

“How. How do you know?”

“I… I kept a man near by to make sure nothing happened to her sir. I apologize if I was out of line.” Frost bows his head slightly half way expecting his unexpected heart to heart to end with his head blown off. Instead J gets to his feet placing a hand on Frost’s shoulder.

“Your a good man Frost.” There was a softness behind J’s eyes that Frost had never seen. But as his boss regained his conviction it quickly disappeared under the constant mask of manic energy his boss always wore. “But if you EVER tell anyone about your little talk… I may have to kill you Frosty.” Frost just nods his head knowingly.

“Now lets go get my girl.”

And with a new fire burning The Joker he leaves his hideout determined to win back [y/n]. ‘Or jump of a bridge. That may be an option too.’ He thought silently to himself as he and Frost rip out of the drive way.

Had to have another procedure done(nothing major. Pretty routine for me.) for my colitis. My GI doc had wanted to check my colon after having me on Remicade for the last 5 months…

I woke up and he was so mad and disappointed(at himself) because apparently my colon is hella inflamed and, he said: “I thought I was helping but it looks like I made it worse.” and that just made me so sad because 1)he’s been with me since the beginning and has always been the most helpful(hell, he gave me his cell number just in case I’m having issues after hours) and 2)he’s super nice and actually listens and 3)he doesn’t wanna take out my colon just because it would be easier on him.

So, he put me back on the Prednisone(I’d been off of it since June) 40mg a day while he goes back to the drawing board and tries to figure out what’s wrong. Also, he wants me to discontinue the Remicade because apparently what works for others ain’t working for my body.

Odd thing is I feel good. I don’t know if it’s just cause I’m used to it and this is my new normal or my body was gonna do another ninja sneak attack! LOL!


True story : I really want to work at the local food co-op. I applied two months ago, and got a nice “sorry but no” email. They’re hiring again, and I just sent over an email and cover letter/resume and let them know I’m still looking and would love an interview. I feel needy and shit, but I think one reason why I didn’t get an interview before is because I was honest about how much I made at my last job. I definitely made good money in health insurance but it was seriously not worth it. I know I’ll make less at the co-op but not wanting to cry in the bathroom at work is worth the pay cut!

Maybe think nice thoughts my way? 😊

Nice try, Malfoy
  • draco:you know what granger?
  • hermione:what do you want now malfoy?
  • draco:my father told me i can have anything i want in my life because i was a malfoy
  • hermione:i dont want to know any more about your selfishness malf-
  • draco:but then i realized it was all a lie
  • hermione:is there a point in this? you're seriously wasting my-
  • draco:i knew it was a lie because when i saw you, i wanted you but i never had you *stares intensely into her eyes*
  • hermione:*looks intently at him* nice try malfoy. no, i wont let you copy off of my potions essay. now will you please let me read in peace?
  • draco:dammit! i thought it would work. please? just this one time??
  • blaise:dammit guys, i thought that was for real
  • blaise:*cries silently in the corner because he ships dramione and was given false hope*

Amanda Winchester: “[…]And as I was trotting along casually, who did I spot mere meters away from me but Brendon Urie!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Literally, I went up to him and said, “Excuse me, are you Brendon Urie?”. Just in case it was a dude who looked exactly like him, or something.

Of all the people I’d dreamed of bumping into, I never, ever thought I would get to meet Brendon. The dude is a superstar, for Goth’s sake, I didn’t dare to even entertain a grain of hope! But there he was, just buying t-shirts, and he was super nice. He posed for photos with me and my mum!”

can i say how much i love fmab’s simple people ova

  • it’s overall really cute
  • ed’s awful fashion sense is mentioned
  • earrings. so many (now is a good time to look at my blog description)
  • when ed’s arm partially breaks while fighting he says that he still trusts winry’s automail to not break down so easily because it’s her automail
  • al asks ed whether winry will beat him up with a wrench or a spanner this time around
  • they panic when she gets more piercings because they’re afraid she eventually won’t have any ear left to pierce since they plan to use the appeasing gift method multiple times
  • the ova is entirely about two girls who decide to change their appearance because they’re inspired by each other, simple as that
  • when asked specifically, riza said she wasn’t trying to impress anyone she just thought it would look nice and might make her happy
  • that one scene where she walked past two other military men i was so afraid they were gonna comment on how she looked but then literally all they said was “wow she inspires me to practice and improve my marksmanship”
nct as texts in my class chat
  • Taeil:#whyareyouallsogay
  • Hansol:that was my plan and if you steal it i will break a coconut with your head
  • Johnny:*at 1am* what was the homework and did anyone do it and can you send it to me. *1:50am* please?
  • Taeyong:you all should be studying instead of writing here
  • Yuta:*only ever writes happy birthday and happy new year*
  • Kun:oops sorry, wrong chat
  • Doyoung:wow! great! i would've never! ever! thought of that!! you! deserve! a medal!!!!
  • Ten:*only ever sends dog pics captioned 'look how cute, just like me'*
  • Jaehyun:i just met my old teacher, should i fuck him?
  • WinWin:why did i even get up
  • Mark:i'll explain the homework to you but you gotta do it yourself i'm not THAT nice
  • Renjun:*the one who always sends the material*
  • Jeno:*uses fish and noodle as insults*
  • Haechan:Guys…I have to tell you something…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT
  • Jaemin:Shirts do weird things sometimes, you never know what they’re up to in your closet
  • Chenle:i'll bring watermelon. or some other fruit. fruits are great.
  • Jisung:*8pm* good night, i'm going to sleep

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headcanon on holtz reacting to finding out erin has tattoos, also how does she find out

ohh my god!!!!

  • she finds out bc on a bust one day, they got a REALLY grabby ghost (to the point not only did erin have slime in every part of her body, the ghost grabbed the front of her overalls and ripped it downwards while erin screamed)
  • queue patty widening her eyes all “nice bra gilbert” abby’s just laughing hysterically and holtz is blushing for the first time 
  • erin stammers and folds her arm across her body, and abby gets her a blanket for all the slime and it isn’t until they’re back at the firehouse does holtz blurt “so, tattoos? didn’t know they were your thing”
  • erin blushes while she wipes her self down of slime, shrugging self consciously as she says “i thought the one under my bra line would look cool. not working?” as she laughs lightly
  • holtz just grins, winking. bc DAMn do tattoos look good on erin, especially the detailed fibonacci sequence that lies there
  • “the opposite ez. they look hot”
  • erin blushes and bites her lip, holtz 100% just *heart eyes* bc she found another thing to add to her list of Favourite Erin Things that is at least a mile long 
My Thoughts on Girl Meets Bear

The Rilaya moments were great. Face caressing? Sleeping in the bay window? Cute gay stuff as usual. I can’t remember all the romantic stuff they said, so I will be looking for the gif sets.

Zay and Maya? I am starting to ship them a bit. Zay is just so nice and I’m glad he’s getting a storyline! Interracial couples are rare on Disney. But, would that be another triangle? Maya, Zay, and Josh. Better not be.

I still strongly dislike Rucas’s relationship, but they didn’t ruin the episode.

Auggie was cute!

Topanga had a meaningful talk with Farkle. It made me smile.

The whole Taco thing was hilarious! Sabrina and Ben’s acting was perfect.

Josh was Josh. I couldn’t help but cringe when he helped Maya up and said, “the long game?”

Overall a cute episode. My OTP had moments and I’m starting to kind of ship Zaya? I liked it better than the last couple episodes.

@derek-nursey-nurse wanted nurseydex graduating college! Thank you for sending me a prompt!


Nursey smiled as his ma threw her arms around Dex. “I can’t believe you two are finished! It seems like only yesterday Derek was complaining about you and your freckles.” She pulled back and smiled. “He complained a lot for someone who was smitten.”

“Denial is a beautiful thing,” Dex joked.

“Yeah, now those stupid freckles are inspiring poetry.”

“Be nice, Derek!”

Nursey just smirked at Dex. He looked a bit out of place, as if he was wandering around aimlessly. “So, where’s your family?” his ma asked. “I thought I would have ran into them by now.”

“They couldn’t make it.”

Nursey knew the truth. They didn’t want to come out to see their son graduate because Dex had finally come out as gay. “Ain’t no son of mine a queer,” his mother had told him. And that was it. Even seven months later, nothing had changed.

“What a shame,” Nursey’s mom muttered. “Join us for lunch! It wouldn’t be right if you didn’t get to celebrate, it’s such a huge achievement!”

“I’d love to.”

His mothers linked arms. “We’ll let you two go say your goodbyes and we’ll circle back around to get you.”

As soon as they were out of earshot, Dex pulled Nursey into an embrace. “I am so thankful for your fucking moms,” he breathed.

“You know they love you more than anything,” Nursey chuckled. “I know you really wanted your parents to show up. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault they’re bigots,” Dex said. He couldn’t hide his disappointment; he really wanted his parents to at least see their son graduate, whether they hated him for being gay or not.

“You always have my parents to be proud of you.”

Dex nodded, but he didn’t accept that. It wasn’t exactly that simple, especially since he had no idea where this relationship was heading. The past few nights have been awkward as hell, with both boys sneaking around the topic. What comes next? What will become of their relationship?

“I know we haven’t exactly… talked this through,” Nursey said, “but I really don’t want this whole thing to end. I love you, Dex, and I’m really proud of you.”

“Proud? What do you mean by that?”

“It’s hard to come out to your parents,” he said. “So I’m proud you accepted who you are. I’m also proud of you for dealing with me for so long. That’s pretty romantic and impressive.”

Dex smacked his shoulder. “Be serious. How are we going to keep this going? What are the big plans for us? This is terrifying, Derek.”

But Nursey just shrugged. “Chill.”

“I swear to God–”

“Let’s get an apartment together.” Dex blinked a few times, baffled. Nursey continued on. “Yeah, let’s just get an apartment together. We’ll pick a place and plant roots there and boom! Problem solved, right? We’ll be roommates and boyfriends and successful and it’ll be chill, ya know?”

Before Dex could say anything, they were being tackled by Chowder. “We did it, guys!” he yelled, taking them off guard. “I can’t believe this! It seemed like only yesterday we were touring this place!”

Dex just looked at Nursey. “We’ll talk about it over lunch.”

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it was basically iron man 4

it was more like Avengers 3 than iron man 4, but either way there was too much of everyone else and not enough of Steve, Sam and Bucky.
Like these are the films that give those 3 their arc, their story, and the first 2 films set them up so nicely like, the first 2 cap films are 2 of the best Marvel movies, if not the 2 best. And the original idea for Cap 3 that was going to be Steve and Sam looking for Bucky and finding him and moving on from there would have been so much better and more satisfactory as the final instalment of the Cap trilogy.
Civil War wasn’t a bad film, like I really really enjoyed the film, i thought it was great and i paid to see it like 6 times, i just don’t think it should have been the film they used to close that trilogy bc it just, it wasn’t a Cap movie. There was too much going on that didn’t tie in with Steve’s story for it to be a Cap movie. Steve’s story seemed like a secondary plot point in this film rather than the point of the film.
This seemed too much like an Avengers movie bc it gave too much screen time to Tony even though he’s had his arc, and there was too much focus on Spiderman and T'Challa and Zemo. Like don’t get me wrong, i love both Spidey and T'Challa and I’m hyped for their movies, but they used this movie to set up their characters arcs. Which would have been fine had it been an Avengers film, which by name is about all the Avengers. But it wasn’t it was a Captain America film and there was too much going on to do justice to Steve’s story.
Idk man I’m just so sad about what could have easily been one of the best trilogies of all time, had they gone with their original idea for the 3rd movie and kept Civil War as the next Avengers. Infinity War isn’t even 2 parts now so tbh, they could have done Cap 3 this year, introduced Spidey in his own movie next year, done Avengers: Civil War in 2018 and introduced Black Panther there, done the Black Panther movie at the end of 2018 and had Avengers: Infinity War release in 2019. That would have worked better and would have given a more satisfying ending to Steve’s story.
Because currently, it doesn’t even feel like they’ve given Steve an ending. It was such a loose ending but they’ve already said that this film closes Steve’s trilogy but like, it just didn’t, it didn’t resolve or close anything.

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TBH when everyone gets picked up at camp Max doesn't want to go with his parents and David just tells them off and his parents just scoff and drop all of Max's stuff on the ground and leave. Point is, David is very overprotective of Max do you agree

W-wait… Why are you hurting me again, I thought it was over, I survived the night, what diD I DO?! Oh my god… don`t do this to me… But this is amazing, as much as it hurts, he would absolutely do this too, I mean…

Oh my god no look:

All the parents come to Camp Campbell, like maybe it`s that big festival thing or something to say goodbye to the camp or summer or whatever and all parents and children and just the whole family squad are there and everybody is kinda having a good time, it`s actually really nice! But as soon as Max parents arrive everybody just knows at first glance, freaking knows how awful they are. Just looking at them you know they don`t care and the vibe is just plain wrong.

And I don`t know how it escalates but somehow they`re just straight out grabbing Max and tug him with them. Maybe they scream at him, no one had ever heard such booming voices, and all are just flinching back. Everybody is just watching in utter confusion, what could you do? They were his parents, and they are angry and scary and oh god poor Max is leaving with them…

Until David steps in.

My god, everybody would just watch as he steps up to them and pulls Max away behind him, nobody has ever seen him this livid. Just imagine his glare, or the way he protectively stands there, he would look like he could tear them to shreds…

He would literally destroy them, not physically speaking but he would give them his piece of mind and just straight off telling them to leave. And when they do there is just that weird silence and nobody really knows what to say.

“Thanks David…”

God I just imagine David standing there and glaring after them, maybe even heaving breaths and his knuckles white in anger, before he would glance down at Max, who was gripping Davids legs and staring at the ground. David would try to calm down, let a sigh slip before nodding.

“Yeah… No problem.”

Goddammit I made myself cry again….

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When I first started reading TBWF, I looked to the left side of the page and saw the cute picture of Nero with an apron and cake. I thought, "this should be a nice, happy series!" I mean, sure, Nero's stuck in HELL and all that, but nothing TOO bad had immediately happened, so I figured everything would work out JUST FINE. 30+ chapters later, and we've seen brutal murder, extreme violence, manipulation, and now a hostage situation. But seriously, well done, STR.

Thanks! :D