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Percy/Annabeth Train AU

To the anon who wanted Percabeth, here you go!

Prompt:  “I was trying to take a sneaky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward”

  • Annabeth was on the train with her best friend in the world, Piper. They just finished a long day of shopping in the city and were headed back to their place in Long Island.
  • “Okay, I can not feel my legs anymore.” Piper giggled. “We literally shopped until we dropped.”
  • “I never thought I would ever do that.” Annabeth smiled, looking at the shopping bags at her feet. Between the two of them, there had to be fifteen bags, not counting the small items that they could fit inside of the bigger bags.
  • Piper smiled. “I told you, a shopping spree would be nice for the both of us.”
  • “Yeah, yeah.” Annabeth smiled and rolled her eyes.
  • Piper peered above her seat. “Where’s the bathroom on this train? That trenta passion tea is ready to come out.”
  • “Gross.” Annabeth commented. 
  • She stuck her head out into the aisle and looked forward before looking back. 
  • That’s when she saw him. The guy three seats back and diagonally across from them was totally hot. His black hair, tan skin, and green eyes made her heart melt. 
  • She turned back to Piper. “I found something better than a bathroom. There’s a really hot guy on this train.” 
  • “Where? How hot is he? Ryan Gosling hot? Chris Evan’s hot? Chris Pratt? What hotness?”
  • Annabeth stared at her for a moment deciding that Piper was indeed crazy.
  • “Why don’t I take a picture and show you?” Annabeth decided. 
  • Piper nodded, eagerly. 
  • “And what about Jason? You have a boyfriend.” Annabeth asked as she opened up her camera app on her phone.
  • “He’s Superman hot. The hottest you can get.” Piper rolled her eyes.
  • “Uh huh.” 
  • Annabeth knew she had to be sneaky, otherwise it would be weird that she was trying to take a picture of that guy. She decided to try and sneak her phone sideways and see if she could get him into frame.
  • But he wasn’t. She turned a bit sideways and took the picture, forgetting that her sound was on. 
  • The guy looked over at them and Annabeth saw him. She quickly turned around. 
  • “He saw!” Annabeth whispered, turning red. 
  • “What?” Piper whispered back. “You’re not that good at trying to take sneaky pictures, are you?”
  • Annabeth sank down into the seat. She felt someone coming closer to them and stop right next to him.
  • “Excuse me, but were you trying to take a picture of me?” She heard.
  • Annabeth looked up and saw the hot guy she was trying to take a picture of. 
  • “Zac Efron hot.” Piper said, looking at the guy. “But I need to use the bathroom. Excuse me.” She climbed over Annabeth and walked towards the back of the car.
  • Annabeth wanted to be swallowed by the seat. “I-I’m so sorry. I just…I-”
  • “Zac Efron? Your friend thinks I’m hot as Efron?” He asked with a slight chuckle. 
  • “I guess so.” Why wasn’t this seat eating her?
  • He smiled a bit. “So, you were trying to take a picture of me? Were you trying to capture my hotness?”
  • “Something like that. I was looking for the bathroom sign and I saw you. And I needed to show her the hot guys on the train.” Annabeth rambled. 
  • “Well the hot guy has a name. And it’s Percy.” He stuck out his hand to shake.
  • “Annabeth.” She took it and shook his hand.
  • She was as red as a tomato. And she wanted to disappear. 
  • He smiled at her. “So where are you going?” 
  • “Back home. We have about six stops left.” She explained. 
  • “I’m going over to my friend’s place for the weekend. And I think I’ll get off before you.” 
  • His smile was making her heart melt. Piper was wrong. He wasn’t Zac Efron hot, he was Superman hot.
  • “So, do you mind if I get your number?” He asked.
  • “Uh, yeah, no problem.” She nodded. 
  • They exchanged numbers and Percy sent her a text. Her phone went off. 
  • “Just wanted to make sure you didn’t give me a fake.” He smiled. “I’ll text you soon, Annabeth.” 
  • He walked away and Annabeth didn’t know if she was extremely happy or embarrassed beyond belief.
Do You Believe in Fate? || Closed RP


New town, new mysterious. But she was getting bored of the same old, same old. She wanted to try something different and for some reason she felt brave. She had an idea, but who to try it on? She found a nice looking young male and walked up to him, “This is going to sound like a line, but… do you believe in fate?” she said reaching a hand to him as she raised an eyebrow at him as she smiled. 

Keeping track of your thought-forms

Your special Book is an excellent place to keep track of your constructs/thought-forms.

Try using two pages.

At the top of the first page, write the name you gave your thought-form. Below that, write important information, such as

  • The secret name your thought-form gives you
  • The sigil associated with it
  • What abilities or powers it has
  • Its primary purpose
  • What kind of energy it feeds from, and how often you feed it
  • The physical object it is housed in
  • Any passcodes you have given the thought-form, such as self-destruct commands
  • Important programming, including the thought form’s schedule, where it goes, etc
  • The form’s personality and traits, both given and those it has developed on its own
  • Any successes or failures you’ve had with this form
  • The date you created it

On the opposing page, draw or paint how your thought-form looks. This is very helpful for visualization, but it’s also just nice to have a representation of what your creation looks like.

I would not recommend this for other spirits. They may be uncomfortable having their personal information laid out in such a manner. Ensure that any pages such as this are kept totally private, or else someone may be able to use the information to gain control over your forms.

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Have you ever thought about getting your ears pointed? I think it would suit you very well! Have a nice day xx

Omg yes .. I really really want to! But my ears are very big and visible (they stick out) so it’d have to be done very well and in a specific way to look good I think. I’d actually like to just have them slightly pointed, not all the way, but more natural looking. That would be cool! Like this:

place to stay in NYC

so asia raspberryblainers and i are traveling to NYC july 6-12th and we’re looking for a place to stay. the transatlantic plane tickets leave us kinda short on cash and our original plan didn’t work out as we hoped so i thought, what the hell, i’m gonna try with nice people first.
we really just need a place to sleep. even the floor is fine (seriously). also shower would be nice. we’ll be spending most of the time out in the city tho.
we both had to get visa for this so you can be sure we’re not a murderers or won’t do anything illegal.
we’re of course ready to pay for this if it’s our only option, we’re open to negotiations.
i know it’s not a life/death situation but please signal boost and if you can help, you can contact me or asia via tumblr/twitter or ask for email address


Introducing my beautiful new bento lunch box! It’s really nice to be able to put all my food in one tidy little box and keep it looking pretty without getting squashed right up until I am ready to eat it! I thought it would be fun to post some lunch-at-work ideas for you guys too, as I usually just post home lunches I make for The Lovely Man. Coming soon…hope you like them!

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Nannies are still crying "You're just jealous." Ah, no. He's not my type. Too weird looking. I liked Sherlock, but that's about it. His engagement was announced on TV (15 sec blurb - obviously earth shattering news, LOL) & I thought "That's nice. Now he can start having those babies that he's always banging on about." What hooked me was how unhappy he looked, the bizarre quotes, & PR WTFery. If he'd looked happy, I wouldn't have paid any notice. Nobody would have. That's on him.

Didn’t Mama W want him to have Cumberbabies as per his interview on GMA?

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Someone said Mel was spotted yesterday in the housewife outfit, so looks like Carol will be kicking ass in one of her sweaters! Lol.

I thought could happen like that cause there would be no time for her to actually change before the Wolves. It’s just nice the Wolves and that whole thing won’t be dragged as much as some expected and that by episode 2 people will know what she’s capable of but when it comes to actually changing into her old clothes I think that will have to wait until the war agains the wolves ends :p

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It makes me moderately annoyed that those crazy animal activists made you feel obliged to explain yourself that you're wearing a fur. I think that killing animals for furs is cruel but making those who buy them feel bad is not any better. You're not the one who does those horrible things, are you? You just wear fur because it's warm and looks nice and nobody should care about it.

I’m moderately annoyed that you thought I was a good person to send such a message to. I LOVE animals. In no way do I think it’s right, or even okay for us to kill animals JUST for their furs. That is so messed up. People SHOULD care about it. By going out and purchasing these coats new, we are directly contributing… giving them reason to keep doing “those horrible things”. Fur has been worn for ages, but the tribes and people in the old days would use all parts from that animal that they possibly could. That is 100% different than someone killing for fur alone, or raising animals in a “fur farm” who are bred and born just to die and be worn on the backs of the rich. 

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“Is it customary for friends to take vacations together?”

Raven turned around and watched as Starfire fingered the plane tickets in her hand. She knew that buying the plane tickets was a somewhat redundant gesture for a girl who could very likely fly from her planet to earth and back again, and for a girl who could very easily warp the dimensions she lived in to travel, but there was something normal about having plant tickets. Raven licked her lips and looked down at the floor, shuffling a little on her feet. 

“I guess… I mean… sometimes it is. I just thought that maybe we would have fun being together.” Raven felt the blush stain her cheeks and she lifted her stare to Starfire’s face again. “I thought we could have a nice time… together.”

Starfire blinked, her eyebrows knitting together. “But not as friend?” A long second ticked by and her face lit up, excitement practically shining through her bright, green stare. “As girlfriends!? We would be going as girlfriends?”

Raven just blushed and nodded. “Y-yeah…”

Starfire swept her up in a hug that threatened to break Raven’s ribs. “Oh, I am most excited!”

“THESE ARE A LOT LOUDER THEN I THOUGHT THEY WOULD BE” Bailey yelled over the sound of the fireworks exploding over their heads, although she felt giddy and happy with the laughter and mood of the entire place and everybody there, and the fireworks were beautiful. “YOU LOOK VERY -” She went to say just as the fireworks stopped, causing the entire place to go silent as everybody looked over at Bailey who immediately blushed, ducking her head. “Um. Nice. I was going to say- you look very nice tonight.”

A quick picture of Rain for BJD day, I think this wig would have looked pretty good on her if I hadn’t ran out of the alpaca from that batch. I had dyed it with some left over box hair dye forever ago just to test it and it ended up really green looking at first. After a while it actually turned a more brownish color with just a hint of green, which I actually thought looked nice on her since to me she seems to give the nature-y elf/fairy feeling lol. Still working on what I’m doing with her, plus she needs clothes and a proper wig… XP

I would like to take the time and flat out say, that Barbara Dunkelman has to be one of the most beautiful woman ever, both what makes her an amazing individual with her rather great and genuine nice personality to the community that she started from & her outright gorgeous looks. She is just an amazing person & I thought that one of the greatest, hard working employee and community manager out there, needed some appreciation! ^-^

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May i request a first date scenario with Fem!MU with either Stahl or Lon'qu please?

You may! I will do both, just for you, anon, since you asked so nicely. ♥


Lon’qu would probably prefer a quiet evening. He would come to your tent around sundown and after waiting for you to finish getting ready, take your hand (quite a daring move for someone so afraid of women) and lead you away from camp. You end up at a clearing in the forest. Here, Lon’qu has previously set blankets and comfy pillows around for the two of you to sit on.

“I thought we could look at the stars together,” he tells you, his face reddening. When you don’t say anything, he becomes a little worried. “It’s not enough, is it? I knew you’d want something more extravagant -” he tries to break away from your gaze but you don’t let him. You take his face into your hands and stare into his eyes.

“Its perfect. I love it,” you assure him. He smiles. For a moment you think he might kiss you, but shortly his face grows red again and he pulls away from your hands. Keeping his gaze averted he sits down on the blanket and pats the spot next to him. Obediently you lower yourself onto the blanket beside Lon’qu and lay on your back. After a few minutes he lays down, too.

The two of you end up chatting quietly as the night sky grows darker. You wish you could stay next to him forever, just talking and enjoying each other’s company. Over the course of the evening you inch closer and closer to him. He doesn’t seem to notice until you move closer one last time and rest your head on his shoulder. He tenses visibly, but does not flinch away. Impressive.

“Is this okay?” you ask him. Lon’qu nods, and to reassure you, he shifts so that his arm is around your shoulders. You turn to lay on your side, facing him, and place an arm over his waist. Feeling a bit more daring, you tilt your head up to kiss his cheek, thinking maybe it’d release some of the tension between you. Not for Lon’qu, though. His face only blushes deeper, and he closes his eyes, lifting a hand to cover his face.

“I’m sorry,” you giggle.

“Hmph,” is his reply, but you can feel that he’s beginning to relax.

The two of you lay there for several more hours before saying goodnight and retreating to your tents.


A first date with Stahl would obviously include a wonderfully prepared meal. Stahl would invite you to come to his tent for dinner. When you arrive, everything is already set out. You realize that he’s prepared a variety of your favorite foods. He must have picked up on them during previous conversations.

“Robin! You’re here!” Stahl exclaims when he notices you enter. Excitedly he rushes forward to embrace you, and you hug him back.

“Everything looks wonderful,” you tell him.

“Really? You mean it?” Stahl asks, his eyes lighting up. You nod vigorously.

The two of you sit down and the table, across from each other, and enjoy dinner together. Stahl’s stories and jokes have you cracking up, and you have to be careful to not choke on your food, or worse, spit it across the table.

After you’re both done eating and satisfied with full tummies, you sit down in front of the fire and continue telling each other stories. Stahl drapes and arm around you shoulders gently, and you lean into him, closing your eyes. He’s warm and comfy, and you feel at home by his side. The adorable cavalier rests his cheek on top of your head and you hope to Naga that this won’t be the last time the two of you share such a tender moment.

You and Stahl snuggle in front of the fire for a long time, exchanging sleepy banter and giggling. Once it starts to get pretty late he helps you up and walks you across camp back to your tent.

“Can we do this again sometime?” Stahl asks you outside your sleeping quarters.

“Of course. I had a lovely time,” you smile up at him, and in a swift movement, he leans down to kiss your lips softly. You beam at him as he pulls away, unable to speak. It’s okay, though. You don’t need any words. So you just wave at him, unable to wipe the smile from your face, as he returns to his own tent for the night.

I got there an hour early, saw herds and flocks of people passing in front of me. I have been dreaming of this meeting for years now, meeting someone you have longed for as long as you can remember. Nailed at this wooden chair outside of an old coffee shop just at the end of the alley of my apartment, my eyes followed every face that passed me.

It was November that day around 3pm, the sun’s a bit timid and all that’s left to keep me warm was a nice cup of hot coffee, thoughts of her floods my mind in rivers and oceans. What would she look like? Does she have sapphire or emerald eyes? What would be the first thing she will say when she sees me?

I smiled at the thought of it, of how one person could occupy a person’s mind and heart so much. I can’t seem to wipe off the smile on my face. I thought something like this would be hell scary and stressful but I’m actually feeling the exact opposite.

I am completely calm and happy. No traces of doubts and worries can be found in my face. I was overwhelm with excitement, of happy thoughts, of future plans. If this is what it feels like to meet a stranger - then I’m inlove with it.
—  Meeting a Stranger || s.s.n.
I think 17 will wreck me ...

okay, i just looked at 17′s profiles - because i thought their songs sounded nice - together with my friend and the first thing we do is making otp’s that we would like to see together (we usually don’t do that, so please don’t judge, but there’s something with this group … asdfghjkl), because we don’t know about ships that may already exist so here you go:

  • Wonwoo X Jeonghan -> WonHan
  • DK X Mingyu -> Dgyu (or Dmin …)
  • Joshua X Jun -> JosHui (because Jun’s real name is Wen Jun Hui)
  • we also really want to ship Vernon with someone but we don’t know whom yet and he is also too young, i just realized (they are all so fucking young wtf)

so yeah … idk … sorry for this post

- with yayayanya

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Hey, I just wanted to say that I thought that it was very brave on your part to defend Annie Mei, and I would like to say that I am of mix race (part white and part Japanese) and I happen to look more white than Japanese and I always thought that was the case with Annie Mei (and yes, I did know about Mei being a Chinese name, but it is also a dinosaur), but as I was saying- I think it was very neat that you explained this and stuck up for your character.

I was mostly just informing the anon about what they might not have known about Annie and my reason for her name!  Nice to hear you thought it was neat.