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I see quite a few posts floating around expressing upset at Mycroft being “straight” - it’s gone 1am here, I’m sure this is something which will be mulled and meta’d over a lot. So just my initial twopence worth:

I liked the flirting from Lady Smallwood. I liked the suggestion in TST that they had a past together, but I definitely didn’t see this coming and I laughed out loud at Mycroft’s adorable confusion. I thought it was nice to have an older female character being shown in that light, and it not being a joke - she’s a powerful woman, and she’s calling the shots. Mycroft Holmes, potential toy boy. Far twistier than any secret siblings.

Yes in probably 98% of fic where sex or relationships are explored, Mycroft is characterised as gay or asexual, so a lot of folk in fandom might see the way things have gone as contrary to what they would have chosen. I’ve never made a secret that I ship Mycroft with basically everyone, so perhaps I just don’t find it quite so shocking.

I don’t know. It seems patronising as I write it, but I just want to put out there that Mycroft’s taking the card doesn’t mean your preferred headcanon has to be destroyed. Why would taking the card make him straight? This from a fandom that has worked so hard to make a case for John, a married man with a series of former girlfriends, as being bi!

For the show canon, we’ve not seen Mycroft’s personal relationships at all outside of the “goldfish” conversation. So what’s to say he’s not primarily gay but open to experimentation, or grey/demi sexual and he respects Lady Smallwood’s intellect, or just basically flexible. Or maybe he misunderstands the whole thing and is just intrigued at what she keeps in her drinks cabinet. Who knows. But I don’t see it as a heterosexual conspiracy.

Asexual YouTuber Network??

So, I’m lowkey interested in trying to set up a network of asexual youtubers who frequently vlog about the subject. Because there isn’t enough ace content on youtube thats made by other asexuals. Too much of it is sensationalist “omg these ppl dont have sex?!?!” nonsense. 

Soooo, theoretically, this network would be about celebrating ace content. I’m not sure how people would join/how we’d keep track of members, but i think it’d be fun. All videos about asexuality made by ppl in that network could go in one playlist and it’d be a fun way to help spread awareness for channels just taking off.

Nothing’s certain, but I’m curious. If you’re asexual, have a YouTube, and regularly to semi-regularly make content about being asexual on your channel, and would be interested in joining something like this, maybe respond to this post? I want to know if it’s something worth considering properly. 



Bonus pictures for @dollofdeath who was so kind to take part to the Rewatching with her post that raised some interesting points to ponder on Sakuma and Odagiri and was wondering about Odagiri’s smile when all the boys were grinning.

Yes, the artbook shows clearly that Odagiri’s smile was the weakest of them all.

He wasn’t having so much fun in putting Sakuma in such situation.

But I think there’s something else worth noticing about the whole matter.

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we are used to our oppression

The girl in ripped jeans has been sent home before, so now we just sigh. The girl with the long legs, and pretty figure, has been told to cover up before, so now we just sigh and the teenage girl raped on campus has happened before, too many times to count, so now we just sigh, because we are used to our oppression. The boy in the hall says we should smile more, because girls are only worth something when they’re pretty.

I wish I had known at a younger age, that I threw like a girl, talked like a girl, ran like a girl, laughed like a girl, because I am a girl. The taste of the word on my tongue was sour at a young age, since being a girl was something you should be ashamed of. You were ashamed of it when you got your period and couldn’t tell anyone, when you had to buy a bra because you were insecure about your chest, but later on all people cared about was your chest, you were ashamed when the boy on the football field told you you threw like a girl, when the boy in the classroom called his friend a girl because he was afraid, you were ashamed when you asked your teacher to go to the bathroom, and you couldn’t tell them you were on your period, because you were supposed to be ashamed. You were supposed to be ashamed. Ashamed of your body, of your vulnerable personality, of your high pitched laugh, your short hair, your long hair, your thick thighs, your thin thighs, the shame never ends.

This is not a war declaration, feminism is not an opportunity for you to express how superior you are, because you aren’t. This movement should not be something you are ashamed of. I know you were taught to be, but you can’t be. Not when girls are relying on you, not when your daughter, your niece, your granddaughter, are relying on you.

We never hear about the girls who went to space. We hear about the annoying girls, the girls that tried too hard, the girls who don’t try enough, the girls who raise their hand too many times in class, the girls who are too sassy, too outspoken, too loud and too cocky. We always hear about the boys who go to space, and how perfect they were, how they only messed up a few times, because now a president who only abused a woman twice is a “good one”. You should be those girls. Those annoying girls we hear about. Be loud and outspoken, raise your voice and your hand. You deserve to be heard, the time of being ashamed has reached it’s end.


Screenshots from 13,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS! :)

So this is the first post I’ve made about this milestone, I didn’t make some big grand special post because I literally couldn’t think of one and I didn’t want to force one out of me. All morning I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together about this milestone and just about Sean in general I guess and I feel like now after I watched some fan videos celebrating this milestone and this vlog that I have something to say that’s worth while now. I’ve decided to completely and genuinely speak from the heart as much as I can. :) So I apologize if this post becomes extremely long or goes all over the place because I’m speaking from from my heart and also for only speaking for myself and talking about myself in this and not the community because that’s what these milestones should be about is celebrating the community. So please remember to pat yourselves on the back everyone because we’re in an amazing community together and we deserve to celebrate that. :)

Anyway getting to what I want to say about Sean.

There’s a certain moment from Sean that I always remember, he said this in a live stream he did a little while ago.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I always remember this and also because it perfectly describes how Sean has made me feel in this whole time I’ve know that he’s existed. He helped me make my life worth living every single day too. :’) That probably sounds like a complete over exaggeration and it probably sounds awful to say that because that’s a huge thing to say about just one person. But it seriously is the truth. If I never discovered Sean I wouldn’t be who I am now, I wouldn’t be me. I’d still be this negative and sad person who wouldn’t let herself enjoy anything because she was so angry at herself for being scared of her future and feeling like failure before she even had the chance to try because she was always comparing her lack of accomplishments to other people’s. I was drowning in an endless sea of negativity and just felt like I’d never get out of this hole I’d dug myself in for like 2 years at the time. During that time I completely shut down, I lost so much of who I am in those years and just treated myself like absolute shit. I treated myself like I never ever deserved to have happiness and no one should live or feel like that. :(

But thanks to Sean and him just being who he genuinely is and making me smile and laugh. His contagious positivity got through to me in a time where literally nothing was. I was finally laughing and enjoying myself again, I started to try new things, I was being a lot more positive and optimistic and I even emotionally cried for time in years. I finally changed like I needed to after years of just forcing myself to stay the same. Plus because I was making posts about Sean everyday it gave me something to do with all the free time I had that actually made me feel productive. I saw so many of the things I loved about myself in Sean and somehow by him just helping me smile and laugh it helped me connect back to myself and the parts of myself I thought I had lost in those years. I found who I was again and I realized that I’m not bad person for being scared or not knowing what to do with my life and that I don’t hate this person I’ve become. I realized that I loved myself and that I didn’t hate who I am. There’s no words I could ever say that could ever describe how much all of this has meant to me. Sean has taught me so much and given so much then he could ever possibly know just being who he genuinely is. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to make it sound like Sean saved my life or anything like that or to make him sound 10x greater then how he actually is. It’s just that his positivity inspired me to change my own life.That’s why I say that he has helped me make my life worth living too. He may have started the engine for my changes but I’m the one that’s keeping all of that going. :)
But still, there’s no way I could ever describe what all of that has meant to me. :’)

Sean if you actually end of seeing and reading this post, the first thing I want to say to you is you’re welcome to all the thank yous you’ve said in this video. xD But also speaking just for myself anyway and not the community as a whole, you don’t need to repay me for anything that I’ve ever given to you. You don’t owe me anything just like how I don’t own you anything. That feeling of gratitude and appreciation is equal and mutual. :) Everything you’ve given me or inspired me to do for myself is enough and worth so much more then you even realize it does.  I mean it’s absolutely fantastic that you want to improve yourself and your content to make us all happy but honestly all you need and all I’d ever ask you to be at the end of the day is who you are. I mean you’ve helped me become and better and stronger person just by being the person who you genuinely are. My friend, I know and believe with all my heart that you are going to bring so much more happiness into people’s lives and get even more amazing opportunities for yourself and for the channel. You have such a amazing, unique and beautiful spark and light to you that brings so much positivity to the world. I know that you’re going to continue to work hard and throw your all into the things I know you’re are the most passionate about in your life. ^_^

I believe in you Sean and you always have and always will do me proud. :)

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Congratulations on the channel reaching 13 million subscribers. ^_^



Almost certainly not going to finish this one up any time soon- I include two versions because you can see that it is just not going in any sort of good direction for me at this point in time

I am super rusty at proper digital painting and I have no idea why I attempted this before trying to do something with simpler lighting/colours. I just ended up losing what I liked as I worked on it. Thought it was worth posting anyway since it is still kind of pretty in places haha- Enjoy!

Why do you share with strangers online?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. You’re so so welcome to share!

On my hand, I think sharing online makes me feel significant. I think that’s why I share stuff, knowing what I say might be worth someone’s time. Maybe someone will connect very deeply, maybe something I say will be completely understood. It’s different in real life, in a conversation, there’s an exchange. Online it’s just me and I can say however much I want. A good ego-stroking session.

In real life there’s a lot of waiting, and holding back. I’m not good at that. Today someone was talking about something I forget already, I think about light bulbs.

They were taking and talking and I had a big headache. I was looking at a picture where someone was shining a light into their eyes and in that moment I wanted to do that really badly. (The picture was by tamasakuu.)

I think the danger with online sharing is that I start to depend on it. I’m confiding in a digital entity, something I can’t see, composed of many unfamiliar people who don’t respond verbally, but instead through likes and reblogs, which might mean anything really. How would I know?

That’s the allure and the danger I think. To my psyche, who interprets it according to what I want to believe.

And then when something doesn’t get likes or reblogs, it’s a blow to the online ego I’ve built up. “I’m an annoying baby,” says my brain.

But there’s definitely a responsibility that comes with online sharing. Compared to a regular journal, I can’t say whatever I want, ‘cause some things might be hurtful, or breach the privacy of people I know. I’m limited to a lukewarm mixture of interests and vague events. And it’d be awkward if I mention how worried I am about a friend, or how much a certain thing is stressing me out, since the other person might read it and feel accountable. I am allowed to say the rain makes me feel tired, ‘cause the rain probably can’t read this, or respond, and it probably doesn’t care.

I guess all in all, I’m grateful for technological platforms. If they weren’t here, I wouldn’t have friends, since they’d all be so annoyed by my winding thoughts that they’d explode.

fan art prints... yay or nay?

Folks keep asking whether I have a shop for my art, so I wanted to see if this is something worth looking into. I never planned on selling since I do fanart for fun, so I don’t mind either way, just figured it’d be nice to offer if someone is interested. SO, If you’d be willing to purchase a print, phone case or laptop skin, throw pillows, mugs or whatnot (full list of printable items and prices can be found on society6.com, check it out, it was cheaper than I thought), please leave a quick answer to this post below or like/reblog it. If you want a better look at the pics, visit my fanart tag! And if you have questions, there’s always my askbox.

Thanks, and I’d be grateful if this gets spread so I can get a vague idea of how many people would be interested. On this note, thank you to everyone for reblogging, liking, leaving love, being supportive of my art in general (yes, tags count too) ♥♥

here a random selection of some of my stuff, you might recognize one or the other.

yay or nay?

i think im gonna try taking a probiotic to make my poops and farts not smell as bad??? that’s what my psychiatrist recommended and i didn’t believe her but it’s annoying so it’s worth a try i guess. she kind of thought it was caused by my vegan diet instead of the antidepressant i’m on but i’ve been vegan for years and it wasn’t like this! and it started right after i started taking the antidepressant. i mean it could be a coincidence or it could be just caused by stress or something but idk the most annoying thing is just that my digestive system feels a little weird sometimes?? my poops arent as good as they used to be i guess. ok anyway this is a gross post bye

I know I hardly ever post stuff myself, but I just wanted to say thank you to each and every person posting –daily or rarely– in the INFP tag. Thank you for making me feel less alone. For showing me that there were other people like me in every corner of the world. For making me feel like maybe I’m worth something after all, even though I often feel like a scared little girl.

Thank you.

Also, if you ever feel lonely and want to talk, I am here for you. There’s no guarantee I can help, but I will listen, and I will understand.

Please Go to Shows

(I originally posted this on my personal facebook, where it got a lot of traction, but thought the idea worth sharing on here. I’m placing my point in Seattle, but the concept applies anywhere.)

So firstly I want to acknowledge that I’m writing this as someone who has something to gain, I’m writing this as a career musician living in Seattle.

I understand (as someone who just moved because of rent hikes) that Seattle is expensive, and that our disposable income doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.

Knowing all this, I’m urging you to reconsider the importance of being an audience member. I’ve noticed a certain apathy permeating the Seattle music scene, where, if there is an audience, they’re mostly active members of the music community or musicians themselves. And I’m not talking about Showbox, Paramount, or other large stage performances. I’m talking about the actual roots of any music scene: bars, small venues, and house shows. And it’s amazing we have such a supportive and artistic community, but it’s hard and unsustainable to only perform for a group of your peers.

Performing artists require a live audience. We can make Kickstarters, and have Patreon accounts, and sell our music online (don’t get me started on the unfair pay from streaming services), but that doesn’t really mean anything for most of us if we can’t get butts in the seats.

There’s a lot of roadblocks placed before you to go out to see a show. Money, age restrictions (if you’re under 21), even safety in getting to and from a venue. I understand this, but if we want Seattle to remain as vibrant and artistic as we all know it to be, we need to reinvest in our artists. And that means going out of your way to discover new music. Going to that Tuesday night bar show. Being present for the music scene you want to foster. And it’ll be hit and miss, and some shows will leave you wanting, but some shows have the power to create a community inside that small, shared space, and there’s nothing quite like being a part of it.

And I could wax on and on about how being a musician is 90% a thankless job. About how most people see only a sliver of the work that goes in to performing a show for you. But that’s not why you love music. You love the heart of it, the way it makes you feel, and the passion of another person.

So go out there, host house shows, find the venues and bars that treat their musicians well. Pay the cover charge so musicians can at least cover gas money home. Find new music to connect to. But don’t quit on your community without seeing what it has to offer. Give us a fighting chance.


July 8 | so as you may or may not know, I’ve been going through a lot recently and had to take a semi hiatus from here. Two nights ago, I hit rock bottom and reached a point where I just couldn’t function emotionally or mentally.

I hate calling out. The last time I called out was when I had laryngitis, sinusitis, and conjunctivitis all at once, and even then I kept trying to go into work. I hate the thought of not being able to do my job for a reason as seemingly trivial as “because I’m stressed” and I hate the idea of inconveniencing people.

My coworker talked me into calling out for Thursday. It took me hours to get up the nerve to text my boss. When I was dealing with depression after a car accident in January, I also suffered in silence until one day I broke down at work (I work full time), and that same coworker went with me to talk to my boss. I let her know my situation, and it paid off, because when I told her I needed a mental health day she wasn’t caught off guard. And as you can see, she was totally alright with it. No asking me to come in, no saying she couldn’t spare a worker seeing as my other coworker is out of commission right now as well.

I also texted my coworker who I suspected might need to stay later to cover for me (I really don’t like inconveniencing people) and her reply, in my emotional state, actually made me cry.

Granted, I’m blessed with a fabulous understanding boss and wonderful coworkers who genuinely care about me. But many people understand, and will tell you to take care of yourself if you do tell them that you’re coping with mental health issues and you can’t be 100%.

Sometimes it all gets a bit much. We are only human, and we can only juggle so many balls and spread ourselves so thin before we need a break. Whether this is a personal day from school, work, or life in general, be patient and kind with yourself. Know your limits.

I took a personal day and I feel much better, even though I lost a day of pay. I studied, I journaled, I relaxed, I slept, I forced myself out to dinner with Alec, and I started over. That’s all I needed: one day without immediate obligations (like being responsible for nine screaming toddlers) and some time to reflect on myself and pull it together.

My stress isn’t over, but I cannot imagine how I would feel right now if I hadn’t taken that day. I don’t know if I would have gotten through another day of work. I sure as hell would be in a horrible position to take my driving test tomorrow (although I’m pretty freaking anxious about that too).

Take care of yourselves, please. Grades and school and money and jobs and friends and significant others and obligations are all important, but sometimes you really just need a breather. Take it.

Now that it’s Halloween the First, I should really talk more about how amazing Over the Garden Wall is.

I promised a million years ago that I’d make a post analyzing my thoughts about The Beast and this is probably the month to do it. I have a LOT to say about him.

Before I actually make the big post, there’s one thing I think is worth mentioning–there’s a lot of creeps and creatures that look intimidating and scary in Over the Garden Wall. But only one of them is actually monstrous.

That’s a running theme in OTGW. The gorilla is really your boyfriend, just trying to get help. The “ghost” is just as scared of you. The killer dog is just sick because it ate something bad. The real threats, like Adelaide or Lorna, tend to be presented as friendly or helpful before they attack. 

There’s only one figure that the boys are warned about who turns out to be a true threat, and that is the Beast.

a quick writing tip;

I felt like mentioning this because I have it written down in my collection of resources for writing, and I just came across it… and I thought I’d make a quick post because it’s something I used to do a lot and once someone told me this, I wished someone had mentioned it sooner. Anyways, here it is: use epithets very, very sparingly. It disrupts the flow of a writing piece unless its done properly. 

For example, instead of saying “the blond man,” use the person’s name. It might start to feel repetitive at some point, but just play around with your sentence structure to navigate around finding a perfect balance between names and pronouns. It may take some tweaking, but it’ll be worth it. 

Really, in my experience, the only time epithets have been beneficial to me as a reader is when the narrative is purposefully holding back information about the subject. For instance, if you’re withholding information about a character to build up suspense, or if the character whose POV you’re narrating from has not get been introduced to the subject yet. Using epithets, in my meagre amount of experience as a writer and a beta, should be for the purpose of generating intrigue, or describing an unknown subject. 

Just something I thought I should share, because, like I said, it’s something used to do and I like the flow of my writing a lot better now that I’ve stopped! Anyone else feel free to add comments :)

Post it For: Self-Esteem

I just want to say a few things about Compliments.

If you have something nice to say to someone, please, please, please say it!

You have no idea how important this could be to someone!

I got complimented the other day, and it boosted my self-esteem so much more than I thought it could.  So much that, even as I have a huge audition mere hours from now, I’m barely nervous, because I have those kind words to keep boosting me on.

Compliments are worth so much more than the time it takes to say them!

If you get a chance to compliment someone, please do it.  Even a simple “You look nice today” could make someone’s day.

Take a few seconds.  Say something nice. :)

But We Come Home Instead / ch3stpaynes

Word count: 8,515


Liam’s ideas are brilliant almost all of the time. 
They just go bad whenever Zayn’s involved.

Decided to fix up a little something and just post. Haven’t written in a while my heads been so clouded with ideas. So I apologize for my overwhelming thoughts. Hope this is worth the short little read. Not much, but it’s something. 

I want to talk about Mitch for a second.

HAHA SIKE. Saw one more post that pushed my buttons, so let’s have a little chat. This won’t be shady, I just wanna give my two cents, for what it’s worth.

I know we all freaked out over how beautiful Mitch looked tonight. The shoes, the dress, the hair, the makeup, he was literally the walking image of perfection. 

But I want to talk about something. 

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The thing about The 100 though, is that it’s a show with such deep, immense HOPE.

OK, wait, hear me out. I know it’s a post-apocalyptic future with everything that entails but in its heart of hearts, it is a hopeful show. A random sampling of my reasoning:

  • Marcus Kane, after the culling, loses himself in guilt and pain and he CHANGES. He changes for the better. 
  • Abby Griffin comes to earth expecting to find her little girl, and instead she finds Clarke is a woman forged in fire who teaches her about this new world (young people, do you hear that? You will be teaching the older generation about this new world, that is your role, and I really believe this show hopes you will approach that with the same fire and love and passion as Clarke). 
  • Octavia Blake has been trapped one way or another her entire life, and it has made her kind. Not soft. Not gentle. But kind and loyal and fiercely protective. It has made her strong and true to exactly who she is. 
  • Lincoln has spent his entire life with people trying to make him into a monster, and instead he loves and loves and loves. He fights for love and honor and for what is right, with all of his giant thumping heart. 
  • Bellamy Blake… what do you even say about him? Selfish, angry coward who learns to extend his love for family to people other than his sister. He becomes a friend, a protector, a loyal partner in Clarke’s leadership, and a selfless rescuer in dangerous territory. He even does his best to offer the absolution Clarke so desperately needs. A long way indeed from “whatever the hell we want”. 

They all have their flaws. This show is never about black and white choices, and we are reminded again and again that we are the heroes in our own stories, and villains in someone else’s. The world is vast, and complicated, and humanity so much more so but this show, in it’s BONES, is about hope. Hope that even broken and battered as we are, humans can reach for love. Can reach for compassion. That we don’t have to be defined by the harsh world around us, that we can try to do better and even when we fail (and we will) there is something… some special thing in the trying

The thing about The 100 is that at its core it is a show about hope. And personally I find that to be a near-revolutionary take on the post apocalyptic genre.