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Talk To Me

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Part 1 (It’s not really that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on)

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff

Word count: 988

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“Don’t cry. I will take care of you better than your parents ever did.” he took the papers out of your hand after wiping your tears away and sat down on the opposite side of the table. He kept looking at you but you avoided making eye contact. 

“Talk to me.” but you didn’t say a word. He sighed and stood up. You followed his every move. He came up to you and gently lifted your chin, so your eyes would meet. You stared at each other for a few seconds when he kissed you out of the blue.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” you shoved him away.

“What? Can’t a man kiss his wife?” he asked. “There is even that saying, what was it? You may now kiss the bride?”

You didn’t want to admit it but he was right, you were his wife now. You probably had a gloomy expression on your face so he sighed again and picked you up bridal style.

“Could you stop carrying me everywhere? I said I can walk on my own.”

“Why? I could get used to this, it gives me a very nice view when I look down.”

“Oh my God! How can he flirt in this situation, he can’t read the atmosphere at all.” you thought as he went out of the room.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked as he passed a door after door, his men’s eyes following you. He ignored your question and started humming, when you listened to it more closely it was the wedding march.

“Jongdae, don’t.”

“You’re no fun.” he laughed but didn’t stop. You tried to remember the way you came from but quickly lost track after so many turns. Just how big is this place? He took you up a few sets of stairs and you finally reached a big wooden door, he pushed it open with his feet and laid you down on the bed.

“This is where you will be staying for a while.” he said standing up.

“I’m sorry but I’m going to have to lock you in here. Maybe that way you will behave and won’t try to escape again.” he went to the door. “I will come check on you every once in a while.” he told you closing and locking them. 

“Yeah right.” you thought, there is no way you can sit still and do nothing. You checked the balcony door and to your surprise it wasn’t locked. You opened the window and looked around, you were on the third floor, so no way getting out through here. Maybe you should try the ventilation shaft in bathroom again, you found a note in the sink that said “You won’t fit in. I measured it.” Great. Just great. Well at least the bathroom is spacious, this whole room compared to what you saw before was really fancy. There was everything here that you could need, even a TV and a laptop. A laptop! You quickly turned it on, maybe you can contact someone but the internet access was restricted. Does he have a hacker with him or something, he really thought about everything. Your eyes stopped on the closet, you checked it out and it was full of clothes.

“I guess I should get changed, I have nothing better to do anyways and I have been wearing the same dress for at least two days.” you thought. “But first a shower.”

You took your time washing every inch of your body, the water was warm and soothing. After about two hours you finally came out. Jongdae was sitting on the bed and whistled to you.

“Well that’s a sight I would love to see every day.” you got all shy and quickly put the bathrobe on because the only thing you were wearing was your lingerie.

“What do you want?”

“To talk.”

“I have got nothing to say.”

“Well maybe now you don’t but I want you to get used to my company.”

He kept coming to see you a few times every single day. At first he only made small talk but eventually you started to enjoy his presence, it was nice to talk with someone even if you avoided saying too much. He was generally a very nice guy with a bright smile and a good sense of humour, he was about your age and you had no idea how would someone like him get into the mafia business. You were sure if he went to college or something, he would have girls falling for him left and right. Maybe if you two met under different circumstances you could have been friends but the situation you were in right now prevented you to look past that and open up to him. Before you knew it about a month has passed. One day, just out of curiosity you decided to try opening the room door and to your surprise it actually worked. Not waiting any longer you poked your head out but there was nobody in sight. You slowly stepped out and headed to the stairs. You found this strange but considered yourself lucky. You reached the second floor and froze when you saw Jongdae leaning on the railing.

“I didn’t forget to lock it, if that’s what you’re thinking.” he said, turning to you. “I actually stopped locking it after a few days.” he laughed.

You couldn’t believe it, you were stupid not to try opening them sooner.

“But you were a good girl and actually behaved, not that you would have been able to escape if you found this out sooner but I guess that’s a good start to our relationship.” he said standing up straight.

He brushed a strand of hair from your face behind your ear, making you blush to which he just chuckled.

“Come with me.” he said taking your hand. “We’re going to a party.”

~ Part 3 ~

A/N: Somehow I like this story myself, maybe I will make a part 3 or something someday…  ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

Bun in the Oven

Prompt: Can you write an imagine where you’re Jason’s S/O and you tell him you’re pregnant. It could end however you want

Requested by @angstytodd   

You stare at the door over the top of your book. He’s late, and you’re feeling more than a little impatient. Two minutes later, the knob turns and you smile as your husband comes in. He’s wearing a scowl and three piece suit that costs more than your apartment. The first thing he does is loosen his tie. Then, with an amused smile on your face, you watch as he throws it on the floor, and stomps on it.

    You raise an eyebrow, and ask, “Didn’t my mother give you that tie?”

    Jason looks at you, “If she did, then you’re lucky I didn’t put it down the garbage disposal.”

    You laugh before launching yourself off the couch and into his arms. He catches you effortlessly, and you wrap your legs around his waist before kissing him. “Welcome home.”

He smiles, “It’s damn good to be home.”

He carries you into the kitchen and sets you down on the counter. “Rough day?” you ask, as he takes a beer out of the fridge. He offers you one, and you shake your head.

    “You have no idea. I wanted a drink after the first ten minutes. These guys drone on and on and on. ALL in the same monotone voice. I don’t know how Bruce and Dick do it. I’m fairly certain they had something going on though, because they kept smirking.”

    You smile, “Probably placed money on when you’d blow your top.”

    He shrugs, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

    “At least you only have to do it once a year. It won’t kill you.”

    “I’m head of security. I keep that place sealed. Not one break in, even by Selena. That’s what I’m good at. They should just let me send the files to Dick and let that be that.”

    You laugh, “They have to get their jollies somewhere.”

    Jason rolls his eyes, “They laughed for three minutes straight when they saw me in the suit. THREE MINUTES.”

    “I thought you looked dashing. So did mom.”

    He groans, “You sent a picture to your mom.”

    “And dad.”

    His groan deepens, “Damnit, they’re going to start talking office positions.”

    You laugh, “Not a chance. They know better.”

    He kisses you again, and you watch his eyes slide to the oven, where’d you left the light on. He smirks, “You made me something for dinner? How Martha Stewart of you.”
    You smirk, “Mind getting it out for me?”

    “Sure, babe.”

    You watch his face as he opens the door. You watch the confusion wash over him as he realizes it’s not turned on. His brow furrows even deeper as he pulls out a sheet with bun, and a sonogram picture. He carefully sets the tray down on the counter before turning towards you, “You’re…”

    You giggle, “I went to the doctor today,” you pick up the picture, “meet the cause of my upset tummy.”

    A smile blooms on his face, “I’m going to be a daddy?”

    You nod, and he scoops you off the counter. He twirls you around, before setting you down and sinking to his knees. He kisses your tummy and continues to hug you. And you can’t help but think that you want this moment to go on forever. And then, the morning sickness hits.

Jealousy at it’s finest - Jace Wayland Smut

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Warnings: Smut(unprotected sex) & swearing 

italics is flashback

regular is present

“Jace wait a minute” I called out to him as his steps grew further and further away “Jace!” I yelled he stopped and turned facing me. I exhaled sharply “what do you want?” he spat out angrily “could you at least tell me what’s going on?” I asked him approaching him slowly “there’s nothing to tell” he said flatly “Jace I’ve known you practically my whole life. I can tell when something’s off” I informed him looking up at him suspiciously “well when you figure it out you can tell me” Jace spoke through gritted teeth and left.

This behaviour had been going on for weeks now. I couldn’t figure out what I must have done to deserve this attitude from him.I went my own way to find Izzy.

I knocked softly at her door “Iz?” I whispered “come in” she called out I opened the door and shut it once inside “what’s up buttercup?” she smiled “your brother” I groaned “yeah he’s been acting weird lately” Izzy sighed “It’s just I don’t know what I did” I slumped down on the edge of her bed “Jace has always kept his emotions to himself” Izzy paused “but lucky for you there’s something that can jog your memory” she took out a lotion “I must admit I’ve never tested it out but it’s highly recommended for situations like these” she explained I nodded “okay” Izzy placed a bit of cream on my wrist.

“Y/n would you care to dance with me?” Raphael asked holding out his hand for me to take “sure” I smiled. We swayed in unison as a slow song played in the background. I was in the memory. I looked around for Jace finally spotting him alone seated by the bar,drink in hand while his jaw tightened. He looked jealous which was absurd becaus- I thought about it, did Jace like me? only one way to find out.

I opened my eyes “thanks Izzy I’ve discovered what I so absently missed” I scurried out the door and ran to find Jace.

“Hey Alec have you seen Jace?” I asked the tall brunette in front of me “yeah he’s up in his room” Alec informed me “thanks” I smiled running to find him.

Jace’s door was slightly open I heard grunting and punches being thrown which meant he was pretty angry and letting out his frustration by boxing “Jace?” I spoke softly slipping through the door shutting it after I was in. Jace continued his fighting completely ignoring me “I know why you’re so upset” I paused fidgeting with my fingers “It was that night at Magnus’ party when I dance with Raphael” I ended Jace stopped his movements sweeping his hair back and looking at me “that is why you’re so upset” I spoke moving closer to him.

“I hate you acting this way speak to me dammit” I released some bottled up anger of my own “yeah..” Jace exhaled deeply “it’s just I hated myself for not gaining enough confidence to ask you myself” he admitted “but why though?” I asked “isn’t it obvious? I love you” my eyes went wide “y-you love me?” I stuttered “and I have since the first day I laid my eyes on you” he explained my heart welled up as that sentence left his mouth.

I knocked on the old looking church door completely soaked in rain water a young blonde boy about my age opened the door “Hi” i smiled through my shivering teeth “I’m sorry but I didn’t know where else to go” I admitted the boy was then companied by a brunette girl “Hi I’m Isabelle but you can call me Izzy. Come in we’ll get you settled” she smiled.

I smiled at the memory. “you left me speechless that day and still continue to leave me speechless” he admitted coming closer I felt his faint breath on me “I love you too” I beamed that was all it took for Jace’s lips to connect to mine.

We moved in unison as if our mouths were made for one another,I wrapped my arms around his neck as he placed his hands on my waist leading me back onto his bed. I fell onto his mattress graciously Jace hovered above me unlatching his lips from mine to look down into my eyes “you don’t understand how long I’ve waited to do that” he smiled “oh believe me I do” I mimicked his expression. Jace went back to attack my neck with lovebites and soft kisses causing a moan to slip from me “Jace don’t tease me” I growled palming his member through his jeans causing him to groan “fuck Y/n don’t tease me either” I smiled.

I flipped us over so I was on top,I removed my tank top and bra. Jace wasted no time in kneeling my breasts “my God you’re absolutely gorgeous” he moaned causing me to giggle I rubbed myself into him “fuckkk” he rasped out I began unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down along with his boxers,Jace flipped us again and aggressively removed my jeans and panties in the process.  

He wasted no time fully removing them and slipped himself into me “agh” I was taken by surprise “are you okay?” Jace became worried “I’m perfect” I breathed out pulling him in for a kiss. Jace’s hips began rolling slowly at first then he quickened the pace holding onto his headboard for more leverage “Fuck Jace” I moaned he was going so quick I felt my orgasm begin to grow “faster” I whispered in his ear Jace gripped the bed so hard I thought it’d chip under his touch.

He went deeper in each time “Jace” I cried “It’s okay me too” he let out I clutched around him causing Jace to close his eyes I released onto him Jace gave a few more thrusts before spilling his cum inside me. Our breaths were uneven,our chest heaving a thin layer of sweat on both our bodies “that was-” I paused “amazing” Jace finished he leaned down to kiss me passionately then pulled away to unconnect himself from me and rolled next to me.

I moved on my side to face him kissing his runes gently “God how I love you” Jace whispered causing me to blush. Jace wrapped his arms around me and held me securely in his arms. 

A knock pulled us from our thoughts Jace and I scurried to pull up our underwears and pants. I grabbed the closest thing to me which was Jace’s shirt. Jace opened the door once the coast was clear revealing a smirking Izzy “I see you two made up” she looked between both Jace and I “what do you want Izzy?” Jace questioned “oh nothing just Alec is briefing us on our next mission in 5, just thought you should know” she winked before leaving. Jace shut the door “great” he sighed I wrapped my arms around his torso “at least we don’t have to hide” I smiled “I at least wanted to take you out before the whole institute found out” he blushed “you can still take me out” I peaked his lips “tomorrow night?” he asked expectantly “I’ll be there” I beamed.


4 044!

I feel so proud of myself for actively doing this for over a year now and it makes me surprisingly happy to hit these milestones. But enjoy this! (I know it’s not that much, but school has been so hard)

1. Maybe we should take on the offer and just leave without a fight.

2. “Where is it?”
“Where’s what?”
“The shoe I don’t have on my foot.”

3. Chain link fence is such a great cover, mate! Good job!

4. She was good at four things, long range shooting, rocket science, classical literature and lying. None of those would be any help right now.

5. Hey, at least they don’t have… oh no, I’m sorry I lied, they have dynamite too.

6. We just need to keep it simple and try not to get double crossed

7. I’m like 97% sure my old house is being used as a brothel right now

8. That motherfucker better not be dodging the goddamn briefing again.

9. Some of your old contacts were more than happy to give me information I needed. You should thank them.

10. “I’ve lost so many hours, so many days, just pretending I loved you.”

11. I wasn’t prepared you to be the villain in my life

12. It has been awhile since I have seen you actually leave the office, so I brought you food.

13. When I said I didn’t want you to do it, I genuinely meant that I didn’t want you to do it.

14. She would be lot easier talk to if she didn’t have a bullet in her head.

15. I was gonna get mad, but this is my old gum I left here like four years ago.

16. You need a lesson in trash talking, honey.

17. He has the right to the crown, right to reign. He does not need your permission to do anything.

18. “Loyalty, right? That’s what you want from your soldiers? I can make that happen.”
“You only know loyalty out of fear. I don’t want that.”

19. What a nice thing to be yelled at right off the bat

20. I think she technically said she won’t date anybody who doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, so..

21. You spent years in shackles. Have you forgotten how to fight?

22. Well I think you technically broke someone’s back..

23. I don’t want to sound like an asshole… Well in this instance I don’t really give a fuck, so I’ll insult you

24. It always managed to surprise me that two lunatics with death wishes found each other and decided that they needed to take over the word.

25. There was always going to be death in drunken brawls. At least when the poets joined in and swung their weapons around.

26. You always look like you just escaped homeless center

27. Whenever you say that, it starts to mean little less and less.

28. Why are you even bothering to apologize for it? I’m not mad and these people here aren’t demanding an apology.

29. I don’t want to waste your time with my crying.

30. You can’t imagine how long I’ve wanted to say that joke.

31. She knew they weren’t coming for her, so what did she have left to lose? She started screaming, banging her hands on the metal door, shouting treats and profanities at her captors.

32. Stop throwing the basketball to people who aren’t in the game!

33. I need you to stop being so distracted by dogs, man.

34. We cannot risk that she won’t come back and try to free them again.

35. I have super glue and duct tape ready if you fuck this up somehow.

36. “But you’re a hero!”
“I guess it depends on who’s eyes you look it through.”

37. Some people can only learn by pain. Are you one of those people?

38. I’m going to invade your privacy now, please don’t hit me.

39. Please stop with the slow-motion fighting!

40. Your fake Scottish accent involves awful lot of spitting.

41. The motherfuckers blew up our card house? It’s time for death.

42. “Because carrying one taser gun wasn’t enough?”
“I’m a boy scout, I’m always prepared!”

43. You are accusing me for being one of them? Even though I have been fighting against them for whole life?

44. We are enGAYed!

45. Did you open a champagne bottle with stiletto?

46. It might be illegal, but at least it’s not morally wrong

47. Why do you sneak around like a t-rex?

48. Is this something we should talk about or just blatantly ignore?

49. “Are you not going to let me even apologize?!”
“Apologize about what? I thought you didn’t do anything.”

50. She left the club on sixth street at 2am, phone dead and heels slowly proving victorious once again.

51. Are you not aware how many lives you’ve single handedly affected? It’s rather amazing.

52. All my friends are war journalist or demons, let’s just think about that for a moment

53. What happened to you? You’ve settled down now? And… what? Found the love of your life?

54. She crossed her legs with flirtatious smile that didn’t match her words towards me, “They always did tell me you deserved to die.”

55. Your improvise shooting targets just become smaller and smaller every time, don’t they?

56. We need to get piss up drunk right now and try to forget the whole day before somebody gets traumatized for life

57. “I’ll be brutally honest –“
“As always.”
“Yes, as always. But your father is the most traumatizing motivational speaker I’ve ever heard.”

58. Not only does the mall Santa look like a Donald Trump, but he just dropped about three bags of cocaine.

59. There’s no doubt that you absolutely have enough ammo stashed away somewhere to take them down

60. He didn’t think the girl had done it, but the half-grin on her mouth the whole interrogation only fueled the others to pile the evidence solely on her.

61. Could you return her alive the next time?!

62. This is a hate hug, stop enjoying it!

63. I’m suddenly the reliable one?

64. This is oddly violent restaurant

65. You got your bodybuilder ass handed to you by a pregnant woman, you should be ashamed

66. I feel paranoid. Please stop telling me you love me.

67. You proposed her in a hospital waiting area, and honestly, I think that’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done to her

68. The king wept at the loss of his stallion, but not the death of his eldest son

69. “She’s one of the most caring people I know!”
“Well I guess she’s just hiding it very fucking well”

70. It’s controlled arrogance

71. I need some education… I’ll google it

72. I took a half day out for this, you better not die, yeah?

73. Make sure they’re okay if I’m not gonna be…

74. “You son of a bitch!”
“Well I’m a daughter of yours, so you’re practically correct in your insult.”

75. Why are you acting like he never tried to kill me?!

76. Well I think heart attack kinda ruins the joke

77. She knew she shouldn’t have voiced her misfortunes out loud, it was just asking for the world to pile more bullshit on her shoulders.

78. He’s just a definition of heart attack!

79. I think you’ve tricked me into having fun

80. As far as I know, I’m the only lawyer in the city to run over a client with a cement trunk

81. They always told me stories of how she sailed to the edge of the world and how she fought the seven devils alone to save the world

82. Tie your shoes, it’s parkour time!

83. Communicate with me! Don’t yell!

84. He even smells like a rich brat! Like a repulsive rich brat…

85. Do you really think I’m the type of girl to joke about double homicide?  

86. I think our father is trying to cook lobsters in the microwave…

87. I don’t know about you, but that sounded like a confession to me

88. She knew no matter how bad she could fuck up, there was one person in who could get her out of anything

89. He never told me where he was going. And maybe that was for good, knowing me, I’d probably follow him like a desperate puppy I am.

90. When you asked me on a date, I thought we’d go to get food or drinks or something normal! Never did I thought you’d involve me into a hostage situation!

91. Her grandfather made his living playing a piano in bars around the big city and her father played a guitar in a cruise band, there where she got her musical talent.

92. She sat on the stone steps of the brownstone house, the cold rain slowly drenching her, but she still looked happy

93. They hadn’t realized how much alcohol they’d ended up drinking the night before, but the head splitting headache and the new matching tattoos on the bottom of their feet told a story of different kind

94. You want me to give your life expectancy? Because I could. But I also think you’re immortal.

95. Oh wow, they learned to shoot at your legs finally?

96. Please don’t shoot at me, please don’t shoot at me… Oh my god! PLEASE STOP SHOOTING AT ME!

97. This turned out to be hell of a lot more painful than I thought

98. I’m willing to lose this fight if it’s necessary…

99. Let’s hope they are the type who ask questions first and then shoot…

100. You have to hope they still remember me and that I didn’t anything to anger them before I died

101. They lived only a block away from the pool hall, so their father assumed they were there and left for his next shift downtown.

102. I think you forgot that I’m quite much useless in a long fight

103. My legs are sore from running and I want to kill your boyfriend

104. He was sure if he was to walk there and tap on her shoulder, she would jump out of her chair screaming.

105. It turned out to be easier to pull the trigger of a taser than trigger of a gun

106. She sucked in her cheeks and crossed her eyes, making a silly face for the baby laying on its back

107. He rubbed his tongue on the roof of his mouth, wanting to say something, but never doing so

108. They sat on the edge of their bed, contemplating should they leave a note for their sleeping brother

109. They sold his car last Tuesday, still fully believing he was dead

110. Just out of interest, have you heard of invasion of privacy before?

111. Somebody bless my soul!

112. “So are we on the same wavelength?”

Some chapter title ideas also;

1. Heroes Always Die Alone

2. 19 Easy Ways To Lose Your Friends And Bury Your Enemies

3. The Loyal Knight And Righteous Mad Woman

4. Too Naïve For The Job

5. One Hated, One Loved And One Pitied

6. The One Who Pulled The Trigger Was In Love

7. I Kissed You And Lost Your Heart

8. Me, You And Our Best Friend Death

9. Extravagant Lies Always End In Death

10. The Royal Alien Changes Nothing

11. Some Level Of Insanity In Us

12. Bewitched Love Story

13. Four Lured In Death

14. Gullible Sweethearts and Coffee Cups

15. Barbed Wire And Beer Bottle Hassle

16. Misfortune of Misplacing Things

17. Deep Conversations In A Strip Clubs

18. 3 Original Ways To Wish His Death

19. Bottle Jäger Later And It Didn’t Sound So Absurd Anymore

20. Love Proofed To Be A Slow Death

21. Differences Between A Fool And A Tool

22. Thinking Of London And Him

23. Skin-Crawling Love

Also, shoutout to @humdrummoloch, I really been enjoying the blog. Also to @dawnuchiha and @savannahthepeach, who I have started to recognize when going through the like, thanks guys :))

Sometimes I pause and suddenly remember a time where my day was brighter because I had a funny, interesting or genuinely sweet interaction with a stranger, and I start to wonder how they’re doing and if they’re happy.
I just thought u guys should know that you might have been that funny, interesting, or genuine person for someone else too, and I guarantee that they’ll look back upon that interaction at least once in their life and will hope you’re doing well. Don’t ever think your life isn’t important, cause you might’ve been important to a stranger without even knowing it.

Listener - Request

Requested by anon:  Being Sherlocks first girlfriend and him only listening to you during one of his boredom cravings? Thank you so much!

Summary: Reader realizes Sherlock doesn’t listen to her unless his bored, which makes her feel a bit down and Sherlock notices.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,505

Warnings: Nope.

A/N: It’s been a while since I write in the “you…” format (whatever it is called) so I’m curious as to what reaction you’ll have.


Originally posted by silent-micka

Sherlock Holmes, the most famous high-functioning sociopath and your boyfriend.

He was a lot of things, but a good boyfriend wasn’t one of them. For instance, his high ego about his intellect made it hard for him to give you a decent compliment which resulted in: “Your… shirt looks nice, although that colour doesn’t really fit you”, “Your un-used mind amuses me” and “I’d rather keep you at home than out on a case, you might ruin it… And I also want you to be safe, although no one is really safe. Bye!”

However, you were enamoured with him. His aureate language and his multiple talents had you head over heels, without mentioning those small but highly appreciated moments in which he would actually show affection to you.

It was weird, and nobody understood how you could date a man like him, but that’s exactly what love does: it turns you into a stupid person. Sherlock would remark that as constantly as possible, making sure to add a “maybe that’s why my IQ is becoming lower… because of you” Which was as romantic as he’d get.

You’d find yourself brooding about him when he and John were on a case. He had had a few love affairs in the past, nothing to worry about, and they had proven to everyone that Sherlock Holmes could actually feel; after all you were his first girlfriend. However, there was still something off about your relationship. An effervescent feeling, down your gut, that begged you to re-think.

But what was it?

It took you a while to find out, but once you reached the denouement, you couldn’t help but to feel a tad bit down. Sherlock wouldn’t listen to you unless he was bored, and yes, he didn’t truly listen to anybody else but him and sometimes Watson, but you weren’t just anybody.

“You’re upset.” He observed, although he hadn’t moved his gaze from the book he was reading. You looked back at him, sitting in his seat, crossed legs and tilted head. He was like a fine piece of art, and yet, your broken heart made you focus on the conversation.

“I’m just tired.” You muttered and gave your back to him once more, pretending to be rearranging the books at the nearest shelve.

“Tired?” Sherlock chuckled, “If you were tired you’d be yawning, or at least looking sleepy. You’re not tired.”

“Well, you’re the expert.” You sighed and walked over to sit in front of him. “Tell me, Mr. Holmes, what do I have?”

“I think that’s a question you should answer to.” Sherlock commented, putting the book down.

“Are you telling me the great consultant detective can’t deduct his girlfriend’s thoughts?” You provoked him, “The first time we met, you said I was clear as water to you. So tell me, what do I have?”

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I’d Rather Choke: 2

Pr  1  3  4  5 /// Masterlist

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Pairing: Yuta/Reader (Female)

Series/Fluff/ANGST/smUT/College au

Warnings: Cursing/minor mentions of sexual assault??(not really but I have to include this just in case)

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Second Chance - Part Eight

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Guys, I’m posting this from my new home in Florida! Whoot-whoot!

Thank you so, so much for your patience with me. My life has gotten incredibly hectic, and it’s taken me a while to be able to update. But it’s finally here, chapter eight of Second Chance! It will be a while before chapter nine comes out since I’ve got to unpack and apply for jobs and get settled in here. Thanks to all who have commented on this fic or messaged me–I still jump for joy when I get a notification that someone’s said something about it! Let me know if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters! Special thanks to @sannvers who is busy with band camp and still managed to edit for me.

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 7,466

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

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Chloenette Roommates AU?

words: 1120

“If I asked you a serious question, would you promise not to laugh?”

Marinette didn’t look up from her cellphone as she took a long sip of her coffee. “You know better than to hold me up to those kinds of standards.” 

Chloe glared from the kitchen doorway. “I’m being serious.”

“So am I.”


What? I didn’t say I wouldn’t help. But if this is another one of those rich girl questions then yes I reserve the right to make fun of you.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and looked down at the detergent bottle in her hands. “It’s not a rich girl question…” she mumbled. 

“The fact that you’re prefacing your question as such leads me to believe that it is a rich girl question.” 

“Are you going to help me or not?”

“Fine, fine, alright,” Marinette relented. “What’s the question?”

Chloe spun the bottle around and pointed to the directions written on the back. “When they say large load….how are they defining that?”

Marinette raised a brow and looked slowly from the bottle to Chloe’s face pinched into genuine confusion. “You’re asking me what large means?”

Chloe smacked the back of Marinette’s head. “No, you idiot! I mean what does large mean in the context of laundry? Like what’s considered a lot of laundry?”

“Chloe, I don’t know, you just eyeball it,” Marinette said. “You have to see how big the washing machine is. You usually fill it like three quarters of the way up.”

“There are no little lines in the washing machine to tell you where to fill it?”

Marinette unscrewed the top of the detergent bottle and pointed on the inside. “The cap comes with lines, not the washing machine. They can’t do everything for you.” 

“Well why not?” Chloe complained. “I can’t just eyeball it. I’m not some laundry expert. What if three quarters to me isn’t three quarters to you? What if I add too much soap and not enough clothes? I don’t know how these stupid machines work.” 

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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

Originally posted by wonhontology

Warnings: Strong language, implied sexual activities (nondescriptive smut)

word count: 2,335


1 | 2 | …

Part 3: Bullshit, bullshit, and.. oh look, more bullshit.

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annoyingpigofficial  asked:

Do a story about when they revealed their identities

Thanks for the request! Since you didn’t mention a ship, I’ll actually go ahead and write a reveal @agrestenoir suggested!

Probably the worst part of being a hero on top of being a student, model, and overachiever was that sometimes things fell through the cracks. Like the fact that he’d somehow managed to double book himself for an evening.

He was sure Nino would understand. After all, he’d seen Adrien’s packed schedule firsthand, but that didn’t change the dread pooling in Adrien’s stomach while he stared down at his screen, thumb hovering over the call icon under Nino’s smiling face.

As much as he loved being Chat Noir, sometimes he hated the responsibility that came with it. Especially when it meant letting his boyfriend down. And after struggling so much to find a free night, he knew this was letting Nino down.

Adrien squeezed his eyes shut and took a breath before dialing. As he waited, held the phone to his ear and rehearsed what he needed to say.

“Hey!” Nino answered almost immediately.

Adrien smiled, hoping it would make his voice sound less stiff. “Hey, I um… have some bad news.”

“You have to cancel tonight?”

Adrien nodded. “I’m so sorry. I thought I was free, but-”

“It’s okay!” Nino laughed, and Adrien could swear he almost sounded relieved. “Really, we’ll find another time.”

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Hi! If requests are still open, do you think you would consider writing about MC and Jumin getting married? Maybe the proposal or the actual thing? No matter what, I absolutely adore your writing, so thank you so much for your amazing work! Keep sharing your talent and passion!

This is that quality content I’ve been searching for ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Anyhow, I’d be happy to do the request, thank you and have a fantastic day! Have a great day sweetheart! Enjoy❣️


“I want you to have dinner with me.” 

You laughed lightly over the phone, nodding. “Sure, when should I come over?” 

“No, I want to have dinner with you,” He restated. “at a restaurant.” 

“Why the change?” You asked, grinning. “I thought you liked just getting to spend time with me at your home?”

“I do love, but I thought I’d do something special this time,” He remarked. “I know you don’t like me spending too much money on you but I hope you’ll be willing to allow me to-just this once?” 

“What’re you planning?” 

“That’s for me to know, and for you to find out,” He chuckled. “But it will be a lovely surprise darling-at least-I hope you’ll think so.” 

“I’m sure I will,” You assured him. “When and where is it?”

“It’ll be tomorrow, around eight or so, don’t worry about getting there I’ll send someone to drive you there dear.” 

“Really you don’t have to-”

“This is special MC, let me do this.” 

You hesitated, sighing. “Alright, just this once though!” 

“Then I suppose I better make it count,” He hummed. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Of course you will.” You smiled lightly, a warmth blooming in your chest, preparing to hang up when he spoke once more.

“Oh and MC?”


“I love you.” 

You felt as it the sun drenched you in light, pink sprinkling your cheeks as you returned his words.

“I love you too.” 

Yet until the date, you couldn’t help but admit that your mind was rampant. 

It raced with questions that clawed its way into every waking moment of your life, a mixture of worry and anticipation welling into of you to the point where you thought you may burst.

Until eventually, it came. 

You couldn’t even sit still in the car as you were driven, your feet tapping nervously and hands recoiled into fists, mumbling to yourself, trying to calm yourself for something you weren’t even entirely aware of. 

Yet somehow, as you saw him, those worries seemed to drift away.

And smile replaced them. 

He stood up from his seat and met you halfway, pulling you close, embracing you as if he never quite wanted to let go. 

“It’s wonderful to see you again,” He greeted, leading you to your booth. “I must admit, I’ve missed you dearly.” 

“I missed you too,” You confessed, sitting across from him, leaning back against the cushions. “I was really excited to see you again but…”

He furrowed his brow, a flicker of worry striking his face. “But what?” 

“But this whole surprise has nearly made me explode,” You snickered, embarrassedly. “I’ve been wondering what this is all about.” 

“I didn’t mean to worry you,” He took your hand, squeezing it fondly. “It’s nothing bad, I told you that.” 

“I-I know but,” You tipped your head from side to side, considering. “You know how easy it is to worry.” 

“I do, I’m sorry,” He said to you, running a gentle thumb over your knuckles. “but I would never to do anything to hurt you, you know that.” 

“I do, it was silly I know-” 

“No it wasn’t, I would be concerned too but…” He let out a deep breath. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my whole life.” 

“Sure of what…?”

He swallowed hard, a crooked smile tugging at his lips as stood up, coming to your side and dropping down onto one knee.

And suddenly it clicked.

“I thought love was an impossible concept for me, I thought-I would never find someone who cared about anything other than what I had.” 

He looked, up, locking eyes with you, still interlacing his fingers with your own.

“And then I met you, and it felt like I had entered a whole new world. One that was happy, amazing, and unlike anything I’d ever experienced-because you were in it. You light up my days like you’re the very sun-and-I simply don’t want to imagine living a life without you in it darling.” 

Tears welled in your eyes as he dropped your hand, and took out a small box from his pocket. 

“I knew from the moment I met you, I wanted to spend my entire life with you so…” 

He unveiled the box, revealing a ring, crystalline and shining in the light, rose quartz dotting the rims, a clean cut centering it.

“MC, will you do the absolute honor of marrying me?” His gaze was shiny, nervousness painting his expression despite everything.

And yet it didn’t even take you a moment to answer.


You jumped onto him, embracing him, burying your head in the crook of his neck as tears dribbled down your cheeks redder than a rose.

“Yes, of course, I will!” 

“You will…” He repeated it in almost disbelief before holding onto you as though you may disappear with the slightest breeze, joy engraved in his voice. “You will…!” 

And even as he seemed surprised you knew.

It would’ve always been yes.

No matter what. 



you know how some people will lightly grab their dogs snooter to get them to stop barking

well that doesnt work for annie because she LOVES the game wehre i grab her face. i’m pretty sure its this behavior that wolves and some dogs do, but, it’s not a dominance display or anything (i am always skeptical when people call wolf behaviors hierarchical anyway.) 

even if it was a dominance thing, it means that annie sees me as her equal, which i already know, because she does it back to me. she will jump up and snap at my face (remember she has no teeth!!) but she’s not angry or anything (she also snaps when she’s angry). 

like she just puts her whole mouth over my nose…. i know she wants to play this game when she starts opening her mouth and wiggling her face at me PREPARING TO STRIKE….sometimes i’ll pinch her on her back or her butt and she’ll start rolling around in doggo bliss. also, if i try to do this when she’s being a bad girl and borking at me, it doesn’t work because she’s like pLAY!!!! PLAYING AND BORKING!!!

she just loses her shit over this

(out of frame: my hand about to grab her face, approaching in slow motion to build up suspense)

i’ve got some videos of this somewhere that i can try to find bc u need to experience the cutest doggo in the multiverse. whenever i post a vid of us playing i am usually doing this at least once and you’re probably like “what the heck ashley why would you do that to her”. she like it…..

anyway (annieway) i thought you should all know about this. 

Chris Evans Fic: Disney Princess Series Part 2 (Reality)

Sequel time! This is a sequel to Disney Princess Obsession, requested by the lovely @pegasusdragontiger, who wanted Chris and Sleeping Beauty to be reunited: “Sequel to Princess Obsession, She is cast in the next Avengers movie with Chris they are awkward and flirty with each other and do interviews together to promote the movie. In an interview the interviewer ask’s their favourite part or ride in Disneyland Chris of course answers as dot he fellow cast mates and everyone looks to her and she say’s she hasn’t been to Disneyland everyone ask’s why said well 1)her family never had the money and the other she hasn’t had time and Chris desides to take.”


So, I’ve got to ask, how has working together been since Chris’ epic humiliation after the Oscars?

‘Really dude? We’re really going to go here again?’ Flushed pink tinged Chris cheeks as he barked out an embarrassed laugh. It had taken weeks and weeks of hardcore charm offensive from him for you to drop your guard around him after his put his foot and most of his leg in his mouth when he met you on the press line at the Academy Awards, and then again when he was asked about you in an interview. And now in every interview on this fucking press tour, his massive blunder was brought up time after time.

You’d been polite of course, from the moment you met him. You’d taken a deep breath, pushed your shoulders back and, when he walked into the room for your introduction, you stuck out your hand politely and addressed him as Mr Evans. You were going to be working together for the best part of the next twelve months and you wanted to set very clear boundaries from the start. His bright expression had fallen a fraction but he had recovered quickly, shook your hand warmly, closing his free hand over yours, sandwiching your dainty fingers between his palms.

‘Please, its Chris,’ he’d said, ‘And I just wanted to say that I am beyond sorry for…’

‘Oh, don’t worry about it! I found it funny, honestly. Nothing to worry about.’

You’d cut him off quickly with a smile and a wave of your hand, your other one still snug in his fingers. You absolutely did not want to listen to an apology for his comments. You hadn’t been offended when you heard about it. You’d been flattered even! He seemed like a nice guy, friendly and open, and that was difficult to come by in your line of work. But this movie was a huge win for you and you would be doing everything in your power to ensure your time on the movie was a success. And that meant keeping Chris Evans, his blue eyes, dazzling smile and warm hands at arm’s length and then some. Right after he let you go. Any second now.

He did, eventually, after a few more absent-minded gentle shakes and a slightly awkward silence, let you go with an ‘okay then,’ and a ‘let’s get started shall we?’

And it had been fine, really. The cast were close and you were made to feel nothing but welcome. After a few weeks, you couldn’t help but defrost a little bit, swept up as you were in the easy atmosphere and natural banter that flowed between them all. You and Chris had found an easy rhythm and, dare you say it, had developed something resembling a friendship. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but that was fine by you. It was safe and you weren’t doing anything to make anyone question your professionalism.

But these interviews were getting on your last nerve. You felt for Chris, he was the one getting the brunt of the humiliation of course, but he bore it well. He laughed it off every time, talked about how professional you both were and how you had graciously accepted his apology. A couple of times, he’d even offered you a fist bump as a show of camaraderie and to make it clear to anyone watching that his verbal eruption had resulted in only friendship.

You were irritated though. There were six other cast members on this particular interview and it must have been annoying for them as well. This must have been the seventh or eighth time this question had come up and it really had nothing to do with anything. So you brightened your smile, leaned forward on to rest your chin on your curled fingers coquettishly and turned your attention to the interviewer.

‘Working together has been brilliant! He’s a funny, intelligent, very sensitive guy, not to mention he’s fairly easy on the eye right?’ At this, you held out your palms and gave a exaggerated wink to the camera for good measure, ‘I mean, what girl on this planet wouldn’t be beside themselves if they heard the Chris Evans talking about her like that? And, as it turned out, it was a great ice breaker when we officially met for work for the first time.’

A chiming laugh and an affectionate light punch against Chris’ shoulder completed your scene perfectly and everyone in the room laughed along with you. Once you knew you had the interviewer and other press people on side, you cast a subtle glance in Chris’ direction and he gave you an equally subtle smile. He appreciated the intervention and the interview could move on.

Okay, next question. So, let’s talk everyone’s favourite subject - Disney. We’re all familiar with Disney parks right? So what’s your favourite Disney theme park ride?

You waited patiently as your fellow cast mates answered, sometimes debating, or bringing a lesser known or forgotten ride to mind. You stayed quiet until Chris turned to you.

'And what about you, what’s your favourite ride?’

You stalled slightly, unsure of the best way to respond without starting a pity party.

'Unbelievable I know but I’ve actually never been to Disney! So, honestly, I wouldn’t know.’

Chris’ mouth dropped open, 'What?! You were a Disney Princess! How can you have never been to Disney? Were you born an adult and skipped being a kid altogether.’

'Oh, you know, we just lived a long way from a park and… we just didn’t manage to get to one,’ you shrugged like it was no big deal, wishing the questions would move on.

Chris placed a hand against his chest dramatically, pretending to be speechless as he drew laughs from everyone in the room. You laughed along too.

'Really Chris? It’s not a thing. Lots of people have never been to Disney.’

'We’re going. You. Me. Hardcore Disney park visiting. I’m gonna get you some Mickey Mouse ears and make you go on every ride, make you queue up for photos with characters, eat in every country’s restaurant in Epcot. It’s going to be amazing.’

Everyone continued to laugh at his enthusiasm and ridiculousness and he placed his hand on your shoulder, almost as if making a deal. You thought he might have noticed your discomfort because he moved the interview on pretty quickly after that, keeping the attention on him and away from you.

Eventually, the day came to an end and you could all retire back to your hotels to freshen up before dinner. As you were striding through the halls, you heard a voice behind you.

'Hey, wait up!’

You span around to see Chris approaching you with a light jog.

'Everything okay?’ You paused your walk and waited rfor him.

'That thing about Disney before. Why have you never been? Really?’

You shrugged, 'There’s no big mystery here Chris, my family just couldn’t afford it. I have loads of siblings and there’s no away my parents could have got us all there. I used to watch the tv ads but I got over it. Grew out of it.’

Chris was quiet for a beat and he leaned against the wall with his shoulder, tucking one foot behind the other. You wondered if you’d made him uncomfortable. You had reached a level of friendliness but you weren’t really at the sharing stage.

Eventually though, he found his words, 'You don’t ever grow out of Disney, I promise. I already spoke to my mom. You are officially invited on the trip.’

That really threw you, 'Chris! I can’t go on your family trip! It’s a family trip for a reason.’

You’d met some of his family members briefly during shooting when they would visit but you’d had certainly not spent enough time with them to be invited on their annual trip.

'Unfortunately, now the whole of the clan know that you have never experienced the wonder of Disney, they won’t let me go without you sooooo… if you don’t go, I don’t get to go either. And that would really break my heart,’ there was that easy smile. You needed to be careful.

'Chris… this is too much. What will people think? It’s not like we can wander around under cover. You’re not exactly inconspicuous.’

Chris just laughed, 'Sweetheart, if I cared what people thought, I’d never open my damn mouth, as well we both know. So, of course I’m not going to kidnap you and throw you on a plane, but I really do think you should experience Disney at least once in your life, and you may as well do it with a bunch of people that are shameless Disney nerds. So, if you’re not doing anything over the holidays, you should come with us. My mom likes having a lot of people around. When I’m a good boy, I get to take a friend.’

His grin was infectious.

You stalled, trying to decide. You felt like you were on the edge of cliff and one good shove was going to send you plummeting. This was everything you said you wouldn’t do. More than you said you wouldn’t do, in fact. Much more. This would force this professional friendship you had into something resembling a real, outside-of-work relationship. Platonic, of course.

'Don’t take this the wrong way but… this is definitely a friend thing, right?’ You had to maintain some semblance of boundary.

He cocked his head on one side, curiosity etched into his features, 'Of course, unless you…’

He raised an eyebrow and used his index finger to gesture between the two of you.

You instantly wished you hadn’t said anything and as a result, was too hasty in your response, 'What?! No. No! Of course not. No way. Just friends.’

That stupid, curious grin was still dancing on his lips, 'Just friends, right. But this means you’ll come with us, yes? I assume that there’s no reason for you to refuse since we’ve established that we are just friends.’

You’d been backed into a corner, you’d realised. Now, if you refused, it would seem like it was because you had feelings for him or something.

'Yeah. Yes. Okay, that would be really great. Thank you. For inviting me. And thank your mom too. Just let me know when I need to be there and I’ll sort my air travel and hotels and… stuff.’

'Amazing. Best news I’ve had all day! I’ll go message the family group now. Don’t worry about the logistics, you’ll be staying with us anyway. We get a villa. I’ll email you the details,’ he shifted from the wall and made to walk in the direction of his own room, 'I’m excited! I love it when I’m with someone who’s seeing it for the first time.’

'Even when said person is almost 30?’

'Especially then,’ he gave you a slight wink before starting to walk away, one hand tucked in the pocket of his jeans. After a few paces he called out over his shoulder, 'Check your emails in a little while.’

'O-Okay,’ you called back. You still weren’t quite sure what you had agreed to, but there was a smile on your face and your steps felt lighter as you walked back to your room.

And if you did check and refresh your emails every five minutes for the rest of the night, you didn’t beat yourself up about it.


So, I did it. I should be working on Riven Crown, but I opened up the unfinished catlock instead. I wasn’t expecting to go anywhere with it. I’d stopped mid-word. Mid thought.

But it was like I’d never left. Just… SO unbelievably easy to write I could cry.

And the thing is, I’ve always thought I’d find it hard to write two fandoms at once, or whatever, but maybe it’s something I can do. Maybe it’s something i SHOULD do (or at least try to do) because in theory it could keep both projects fresh and stop me getting bogged down.

In practice god knows. Maybe it just means I’ll never finish anything. BUT it’s worth the attempt.

I mean 1400 words in 42 minutes? That’s not happened for AGES.

The Growing Heat of Summer

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from A Sense of Control

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

As always, let me know what you think.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Furihata gets the flu and Akashi doesn't really know what to do (I really love the series and how the characters are written! Thank you for making such an amazing series!)

“Shintarou-kun, your…friend is here to see you,” Dr. Kishitani says from his doorway.

“Takao?” Midorima says, confused, since surely Kishitani would not be so hesitant to say Takao’s name, but he can’t think of anyone else who would be suddenly visiting him.

“No,” Kishitani says, and he seems equally confused. “Seijuurou-kun.”

Midorima is seconds away from saying, “I don’t know anyone by that name,” because he doesn’t know any Seijuurous in Shutoku, before his brain processes things. “Akashi?” Kishitani nods. “Here?” Kishitani nods again.

He has the distinct feeling that absolutely nothing good can come from the fact that Akashi Seijuurou is suddenly at his house.


They sit in the living room. Dr. Kishitani brought them tea, but it just sits between them, untouched. Naoko poked her head out to say hello but retreated back to her bedroom when confronted with the tense atmosphere.

“Why are you in Tokyo, Akashi?” Midorima asks finally, even though the real question is, Why are you in my house?

Akashi looks stiff and withdrawn, which in turn only frightens Midorima, because surely something terrible must have happened (again) for Akashi to look like that. Finally, Akashi speaks. “Furihata has the flu.”

After a beat, Midorima says, “…Ah.”

Because, strangely, he knows exactly what the problem is, and actually sympathizes quite a bit. Although, Akashi’s presence in his house still remains a mystery. “And… why are you not with him, then?”

Akashi sighs, long and suffering. He takes out his cellphone and presses a few buttons, then a loud and heavily congested voice starts speaking, “AKASHI SEIJUUROU I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GOING TO BE SO PISSED IF YOU SHOW UP AT MY HOUSE. I AM SNOTTY AND GROSS AND SUPER DISGUSTING AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME HERE FROM KYOTO TO STARE AT ME WHEN I AM SNOTTY AND GROSS AND DISGUSTING.”

“…Ah,” Midorima says again, after the message finishes playing.

“I was already on the plane,” Akashi says, and if he were any other person Midorima would think he was sulking.

“Had he told you before not to come?”

“Yes. Repeatedly.”

Midorima stops himself from saying “ah” again. “All things considered, if he is capable of being that loud, he is probably fine,” he offers, but Akashi doesn’t look like he takes consolation in this. There is a long silence and then finally Midorima says, “Would you like to play shogi?”

“Alright,” Akashi says.


For the first time in his life, Midorima is thoroughly beating Akashi at shogi and he can’t even enjoy it.

“Takao was sick once,” Midorima offers. Because he understand what Akashi is going through, and he feels the least he can do is sympathize. “It happens to humans. Fairly regularly, I am given to understand.”

“I know,” Akashi says, his lips tightening. “Humans are incredibly poorly designed. I somewhat understand the impulse to build a better one.”

It is just as well that Akashi came here and not to his boyfriend’s, Midorima thinks. He would not be a very comforting presence at the moment. “That is not a train of thought we should follow, Akashi,” Midorima says, as gently as he can while still being firm. Because Akashi might actually decide… and well, it’s better in the long run if Akashi doesn’t look into genetic engineering.

“Sometimes they just die,” Akashi says. “You understand that, don’t you? They just die. For no reason at all.”

“I do understand that.” Midorima says. Dr. Kishitani’s wife had died from cancer. It terrified Midorima to think that could happen without warning and there was nothing that could be done. He feels the need to point out, “But, to be fair, Projects did not have a very high life expectancy either,” because it’s not like death was something new to them. People died all the time.

“It’s different,” Akashi says.

And that’s true. It is different. Because they were Successes, and Successes did not break down. (Like White. He tries hard not to bring up White, since surely that will not help matters now.)

“Perhaps it would be best if you spent the night here,” Midorima says. He is a little worried about what Akashi might do, if left to his own devices.

Akashi must be worried about that too, because he just nods and says, “Thank you, Midorima. I appreciate it.”

A/N: ahahaha, sorry, anon-friend. Having written a couple renditions of sickfic in Designation: Miracle, I wanted to do something slightly different this time and it sorta ended up with way more angst than anticipated. Sorryhopeyouenjoyedanyway!!

anonymous asked:

“I dare you to date Y/N for 2 months” “I thought you liked me, I was really starting to like you Shawn” “How could you do this to me”

(i edited one the first line to “I dared you to date Y/N for 2 months”)

You were in the kitchen cutting the pizza when you heard your name pop up in the conversation Shawn was having with his friends. “Hey, remember when I dared you to date Y/N for two months? And you two are what, five months in?”

“Yeah, almost five months.” Shawn replied, and you set the pizza cutter on the counter, before walking into the room. 

“You know, if you’re going to talk about stuff like that, you should at least learn to whisper.” 

“I didn’t- wait, guys, can I have a minute alone with her?”

Shawn’s friends left the room, and you placed your arms across your chest, frowning. “I thought you liked me, I was really starting to like you, Shawn.”

“I was going to ask you out anyway! I just didn’t know when, and that stupid dare gave me a time to!”

You rolled your eyes, scoffing. “How could you do this to me, Shawn?”

“I don’t- I don’t know.” 

You nodded once, and spun on your heels and left the house, not once looking back.

i’m just finishing up the blurbs that were sent in the other day

i’m not making a part 2 to this so don’t even ask

Haunted house sickfic ideas:

  • We all work at this haunted house and you’re just sort of sitting in the corner, are you trying to be a dead body or are you unconscious
  • You’re a haunted house worker and I do your makeup and wow, you feel hot
  • We dragged you to this haunted house because you need to experience it at least once and we definitely thought you were faking to get out of it when you said you were sick but that doesn’t seem to be the case
  • We are both working the same haunted house room and I can’t stand you but HOLY SHIT DID THAT DUDE JUST PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE SURPRISED
  • Bonus : I thought you said you wouldn’t get us lost if we agreed to do the corn maze? Oh shit I was joking don’t cry please maybe you should sit down, you look pretty flushed