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lol how do you think aliens would react to finding out about identical twins?

Okay so at first I was like… human diversity in looks is pretty unique (to my knowledge with the exception of species we’ve tampered with i.e pigeons) and speaks to our historical lack of serious predators. But then I thought about aliens knowing this but then huMaNS SUDDENLY LOOK THE SAME?!?!?!

Followed by the human twins in question just going off on the standard answers with a sigh.
“Yes we’re twins, yes we’re identical, no we can not feel each other’s pain, yes we do argue occasionally, no we do not have psychic powers-” at which point the alien just cuts them off because wtf some humans havE PSYCHIC POWERS!?!? Clearly some do, seeing as these humans are so used to being asked if they’re one of them. And there have been accounts of it in written form - the various YA novels descriptions come to mind. A human once said these were written lies, but with so many accounts of it, that sounds less likely than it just being something they want to keep secret.

Identically looking human psychics are quickly added as point number 492 to The Grand List of Reason NOT to Mess With Humans.


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“She’s alright though, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not like I’ve actually seen a girl since I’ve been here, but she is pretty fit.”

“I know right, I mean what I wouldn’t do to hit that.”

“Oh my God, yeah.”

“I would have her.”

“Shut up! If anyone were to get her, it’d be me.”

“No way!”

“Uh, yeah.”

The lost boys continued to argue while you sat up in the tree above them and chuckled quietly as you listened to them. And they were all fighting over you. In truth, though, none of them particularly struck you.

Felix was alright: he was tall and muscular, and you would just love to kiss your way up that scar, but you secretly thought he was pretty into Pan. And plus, he could randomly turn weird, like when Curly asked about his family once and Felix flipped out, beating the kid to within an inch of his life.

Then there was Devin. Devin was okay, if you didn’t actually talk to him and if you ignored the annoying thing he did with his hands when he talked. He was fairly muscular and he was a good fighter if you gave him a knife and something to charge at, but he got arrogant and that got infuriating.

So what about Rufio? Yeah, no, he wasn’t even going to make the list at all. The guy was insane. Sure he had big arms and could run faster than any of the others but he was always the one to get himself hurt doing nothing and he was always the one who refused to shut up even when everyone else was trying to sleep.

Curly? Curly was sweet and cute; he made you laugh when you needed it and he didn’t constantly want to fight, like the other boys. But that said, he couldn’t actually fight and the kid was about as weak as a limp daisy.

None of the lost boys particularly appealed to you.

Well, all but one.

“What are you guys talking about?”

You heard a new -but instantly recognisable- voice come into the conversation. You shifted until you could watch them as well as listen.

“Oh, hey there, Peter,” Devin greeted their leader, the boy king of the island. “We was just talking ‘bout Y/N. She is fit, i'n’t she?”

There was heavy pause. You frowned. Not being able to see Peter Pan’s face, you didn’t notice the scowl that was twisting itself into his features.

“That’s who you’re talking about?” he asked, his voice oddly quiet.

Devin faltered but, being the idiot he was, didn’t realise that that was the perfect moment to shut up. “Yeah, I mean, you see that she’s hot, right? I would seriously hit that, do you reckon she’d be up for it? Well, if I snuck her a sleeping poppy, it wouldn’t matter would it?” he joked, laughing loudly.

Dick, you thought bitterly to yourself, making a mental note to be wary around the sleeping poppies.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Pan suddenly bellowed, making the boys as well as you jump in shock. Twisting around in the branches, you could see his face now and it shot a shiver of fear down your spine. With his eyes darkening and his teeth baring like that, you could see why they called him the Demon boy of Neverland.

Devin was struggling to comprehend the change in the situation and stuttered, “Umm, well, I- err.”

Swiping forward, Pan had the boy’s neck in his hand in one movement. Gasping for breath, Devin clutched the hand that held his writhing figure just above the forest floor and begged him to release him in a strangled and fairly incomprehensible voice.

You gasped, loud enough for Pan to hear. He looked up and, at the surprising sight of you overhead, dropped the forgotten lost boy onto the floor and searched your face through the branches. Now, you couldn’t read the curious expression on his face. His eyes whispered one thing, while his whole being shouted another.

Losing your footing, without warning you felt yourself tumbling out of the tree with a muffled scream and fell down down down-

Straight into Peter’s arms.

“Oh, umm,” you mumbled awkwardly. “Sorry, I-err- I, umm lost my footing…”

He nodded, wordlessly and set you down with an almost shy look of embarrassment on his face, making you frown curiously.

As he strode away, you thought to yourself, that boy never fails to surprise me.

Post-Canon Telepathy Headcanon

Headcanon that Sorey’s and Mikleo’s telepathic connection grows to the point of them communicating even when unconscious. So when Sorey goes to sleep for a few centuries, he’s still there in *some way* and experiencing life vicariously through Mikleo.

Of course it’s still painful for Mikleo to not have Sorey actually by his side, but Sorey reaching out beyond his dreams is a silver lining in this whole mess. They’re still somewhat connected and able to spend a bit of their lives together. Sorey looks forward to seeing things with his own eyes once he wakes up for good, instead of just hearing Mikleo’s thoughts.

They still argue about ruins as Mikleo goes exploring.

Sorey: You’re only sharing enough information that favors your side! I’m telling you that from what you described earlier, this artifact was made to –

Mikleo makes Sorey’s favorite snacks. Sorey pretends to enjoy them and then orders Mikleo to eat double, for the both of them. Mikleo keeps Sorey updated on all his one-minute cooking adventures. Sorey supports him from behind-the-scenes.

Sorey encourages Mikleo every step of the way in learning new artes and becoming a Grand Seraph. He sometimes has advice from secret details he’s managed to glean through his connection with Maotelus. 

Sorey and Mikleo co-author their books. Mikleo does most of the actual writing, but the back-and-forth ideas about what to include are both of them.

Mostly it’s just Mikleo staying sane from hearing Sorey’s voice in his head all these centuries. And Sorey growing simultaneously with Mikleo through similar (limited) experiences. They stay on the same page, even when they physically can’t be together. Neither one leaves the other behind where it really matters.

Now that's what I call domestic Victuri 4

Victor and Yuri are no strangers to sharing space. Especially since they had to grow used to the bathroom adjoining their bedroom. They could just make getting ready easier on both of them if one decided to use the second bathroom but neither were willing to move. Even though they argue about hogging the sink or the mirror, sometimes that closeness has Yuri pressed against Victor’s back when he’s fixing his hair. And if he kisses the back of his neck, Victor doesn’t mention it but isn’t afraid to roll his hips back into Yuri’s as retaliation. At least they have the decency to blush when Yakov is yelling at them for being late to practice.

Nights are hard sometimes. Especially the summers when the air is hot and sticky and the fans do little to abate the heat. Though, determined, Victor always sticks himself against Yuri like glue. Almost literally with the way their skin feels. It never fails, Yuri will complain and swat Victor off him meaning they playfully argue about whether or not Victor can hold him. And even though Yuri usually wins the argument, he’ll feel the warmth against his side in his dreams.

Just like their first meeting, Victor is no stranger to initiating contact with Yuri. Yuri expects it in some form or another when they’re within a ten foot radius. He has the curtesy to never comment on Victor’s clinginess and often vibrates with excitement when he knows it’s coming. Victor knows this, Yuri isn’t as good at hiding his appreciation as he thinks he is, and never expects or demands Yuri to do the same. Considering the Japanese rarely show displays of affection as outwardly as he does. But once in a blue moon, Victor will find Yuri’s arms around his waist when he least expects it, even daring to lift his shirt. And Victor is absolutely floored when Yuri’s the one who’s backed him into a wall with a kiss, with a knee that’s pressed between his own.

Steven Bomb 6 Leak Thoughts

Ok, so the 6th Steven Bomb leaked on the Cartoon Network website (I won’t make Mellow Frames for them until they are officially aired though). It was a week long story arc like the Week of Sardonyx, but way more satisfying. It looks like Season 4 is picking up again. Here are just some random thoughts about each episode. 

Steven’s Dream 

Looks like they’re going to follow up on the Palequin shown in Buddy’s Book.

Steven is having plot relevant dreams again. Steven must be crying tears of joy because we finally have a story arc again. 

The gems don’t want to tell Steven shit, and Steven is actually arguing with them. Honestly, I do like Steven standing up to the Gems leaving stuff out, especially since (as it was pointed out) they told him they were not going to keep any more secrets. 

Hey! Andy existing actually added to the plot. Gem Harvest still sucks, but at least it had a point. 

It’s Blue Diamond! We see her face and everything (well not everything, but you know what I mean). That’s not the shocking part, the shocking part is that she’s surprisingly sympathetic. She was portrayed as really cold in the answer, but here she actually does come off a decent gem. 

Greg got kidnapped! What’s this!? Stakes! This show finally has stakes again!

Ok, so Garnet’s future vision foresaw that if she was there, it would’ve been bad, but her future vision didn’t foresee Greg getting captured. Garnet’s future vision has to be one of the most plot hole creating powers in fiction history. 

Adventures in Light Distortion

Ok, so apparently Pink Diamond had a people zoo. That is monstrous! Imagine if humans actually had people zoos. Imagine how fucked up that would be. 

 Hey Peridot! Nice for you to help out the gems! Now fuck off! 

There was a slight writing botch. I understand the idea of what they were trying to do here. Peridot was suppose to tell them to make adjust the settings of the ship, but they rush on the ship before she could tell them, but they mess this up a little. They have some of them get in the ship before she could tell them, but Garnet tells both of them to protect Beach city and they set off. Peridot doesn’t insist on telling them, or try to stop them from leaving so what happens later doesn’t happen. What I’m saying is that I know what they were trying to do, but it was poorly executed. 

Hey! It’s the Rubies! They even lampshade how the gems haven’t done anything to find them. Now fuck off! Actually, Garnet does say that they will pick them up on the way back, but how much do you want to bet they won’t do that? 

Poor gems, now you’re chibbi! 

I like how they write Pearl in this arc. She’s kind of comes off as a bit hot headed especially when she blames Peridot for what happened. “This is why we don’t listen to her!” 

Were they trying to make Amethysts messed up form look like a banana, but… It looks like something else. 

Wait, if this ship’s controls could make the gems as big as the diamonds, then why don’t the crystal gems become the size of diamonds and kick some butt? Why don’t the rubies make themselves bigger to kicks some ass? Maybe the size changing only works in the ship. 

This went from goofy to serious pretty quickly. Though we do get a happy ending for now. 

Gem Heist 

There’s a couple of tall Amethysts guarding the door! Surprisingly little angst from Amethyst. That’s character development. 

We get a new gem named Blue Agate. She’s kind of generic personality wise with weird hair. 

Hey look! A plot where Ruby and Sapphire need to separate to fool someone and it actually makes sense! (Yes I’m implicitly insulting you Hit the Diamond, I love you and all, but the plot didn’t hold up) 

Here’s a funny thing about this episode. Blue Agate is constantly praising Blue Diamond for being wonderful while Ruby is holding her anger. Now usually this would happen with the bad guy having a messed up sense of morality praising the villain while the heroes have to hold back their justified anger, but here’s the thing. I see both interpretations of Blue Diamond as accurate. I understand Ruby’s feelings, but Agate’s praises don’t come off as inaccurate. As stated earlier, Blue Diamond comes off as really sympathetic (Yellow Diamond seems to be the evil one) and she is shown as doing a lot of noble things throughout the arc like keeping the Rose Quartz, humans, and quartz soldiers alive. Her reasons for kidnapping Greg are even pretty ethical. Is it possible she could’ve developed a better set of ethics since The Answer? 

Ok, now here’s the point where the ruse doesn’t make sense anymore. They are at a door that leads to the human zoo, but they decide to create a distraction for Blue Agate so they can get in. The problem is that like in Hit the Diamond, violence was actually the answer. Instead of creating a big distraction for Blue Agate why didn’t they just poof her, bubble her, open the door to free Greg, and just walk out like nothing happened (the Amethysts clearly didn’t care). There are actually multiple times in the arc where jumping and poofing Blue Agate was the obvious solution, but they don’t do it. 

So Steven is on a conveyer belt and is getting undressed/ dressed. The whole time watching this scene I was thinking “Use your shield Steven! Use your bubble shield! Use your regular Shield! Do Something!” 

The Zoo 

Greg’s alive in the human zoo, the resident’s are your typical residents away from a human society. Childlike, ignorant, and blissful. 

I honestly thought they were going to have it where Greg actually wanted to stay in the zoo, but they didn’t (maybe I’ll use that angle for the Mellow Frames). 

Usually this zoo would be a satire relating to our own society, for some reason, I don’t think that’s the case here. 

Bathing with clothes on. That’s how you know it’s a family appropriate show. 

I’m so glad they didn’t have it where Greg hit Steven. That would have been really uncomfortable. 

Surprisingly, Homeworld is way more cool with interracial relationships than way too many white people (or even some black people, look at the crap Mike Coulter got for being married to a white woman from Black women ) in the US. 

Everyone wants to marry Greg! But Greg won’t have it. Breaking a lot of innocent people’s hearts is what they needed to escape. Also love how the Amethyst’s treat the humans. 

That Will Be All 

Ok Amethyst. That was a good prank. You actually fooled me. 

I really like the Quartz Soldiers. Though it does highlight how the more we learn about Homeworld, the less intimidating they become. Though there are definitely upsides to “humanizing” Homeworld gems. 

Yellow Diamond has a song and it’s… not my cup of tea. Maybe it’s because I prefer the more electro or folk songs from Steven Universe instead of the Broadway sounding ones. This song also sounds like a very generic villain song, might tie Strong in the Real Way for most generic song in the show. I also don’t like how most of revolves around a lame pun, that’s not even lame in the fun way. 

Blue Diamond is keeping a room full of Rose Quartzes to commemorate Pink Diamond. I’m actually surprised Yellow Diamond didn’t shatter one at the end of the song. It would’ve done good to make her more intimidating. 

They almost make it to their ship when Blue Agate sees Greg and Steven, but Ruby and Sapphire fuse. Oh yeah! Now let’s get a fight scene!… It’s already over? They beat Blue Agate in a few seconds… Season 4, what’s your aversion to fight scenes? 

Pearl is being such a bitch. I love it! 

Forgotten Problems


lams fic (#47: “Shut up and kiss me.”)

trigger warnings: none

requested by anon

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Alexander was always talking.  Well, he was always talking, or writing, or arguing, or expressing his opinion. LOUDLY.

John thought it was adorable.  He loved how Alex’s nose scrunched up when he was trying to prove a point, and he loved even more how strongly Alex believed in his ideas.  However, sometimes John just wished he would stop talking long enough for them to spend time together peacefully.

One day, Alex came home and practically stomped into the apartment the two shared.  John could already tell he was about to go on a rant and mentally prepared himself, sighing.

“Alright, what happened?” he asked, walking over to Alex, who was throwing his keys onto the counter.

“Dumb Jefferson,” Alex grumbled.

‘Of course,’ thought John, realizing now that this was going to be a much longer rant that he had thought.  “What did he do this time?”

Alex started his presentation-like description of some other reason Thomas Jefferson was an asshole, but John wasn’t really listening.  Of course, he cared; but he had discovered a long time ago that Alex wanted someone to talk to more than someone to listen.  He just had to say everything out loud for his brain to process solutions.

This time was no different; John stayed completely focused on Alex as he spoke, but he paid more attention to his features than to his words.  He admired how his eyes would light up when he thought of something he had left out, and how he would occasionally run his fingers through his hair in exasperation.  Even now, as he was all flustered and irritated, John couldn’t help but think how beautiful Alex was, how much he wanted to hold him, to smell his hair, to kiss him-

“Alex,” John said, interrupting him in the middle of a sentence.

Alex snapped out of his rant-mode, turning to look at John with a confused look on his face.  “What?”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

Before Alex could even process what was happening, John had pulled him closer and kissed him, softly at first.  Alex melted in his arms, forgetting about Jefferson completely and losing himself in John.  Just as he had forgotten what he was talking about, John pulled away, leaving Alex flustered.

“What was that for?”

A grin spread over John’s face, giggling at his boyfriend’s confusion.  “You’re just so cute, I can’t focus on what you’re saying.”  John leaned back in, kissing Alex swiftly, and then pulled him under his arm, Alex resting his head on John’s shoulder and closing his eyes, smiling softly, all of his problems from the day forgotten.

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Hello!! Can i request a bts reaction to their girlfriend hating romantic stuff and more enjoying banter with their boyfriend?

Sure! I had to write this like 3 times because my laptop kept shutting down on me. remember guys send in requests. I may answer some of them, but not all because some I don’t understand. Asks is always open.

*gifs are not mine*

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Hating Romance

Jimin: His feelings would be hurt because you always seem to start an argument every time he does something nice or romantic. He’d start arguing with you back, which you like, and he would just stop because it wasn’t worth arguing about.

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Yoongi: At first he thought you were kidding when he took you out for a romantic night and you complained the whole time, trying to get him angry, but then he’d realize you weren’t joking. He’d be pissed because he took time off for you and you act bratty. He’d leave you alone so he could cool off.

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Taehyung: Sad. he does not like to argue, but every time he tries to do anything remotely romantic, there you are picking a fight. he’d try to reason with you that he likes to do things for you, but you won’t listen so he’ll stop trying to be romantic to avoid an argument.

Originally posted by toughchim

Jungkook: This poor baby would be so confused because he thought girls liked when their boyfriend was romantic. He’d try to figure out what was wrong with you without causing an argument. When he finds out that you prefer to argue instead of being romantic, he’d find it a little annoying and would just stop, so his day wouldn’t be ruined ever again.

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Jin: He wouldn’t understand why you preferred to banter with him instead of going out doing romantic things because it’s very exhausting. He would try to make the relationship work, but he wouldn’t be able to handle how childish the situation would be, and he’d stop trying to get you to be involved in his romantic trips.

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Hoseok: This ball of sunshine would go all out every time only for you to be upset every single time. He’d start to get insecure because he’d think you wouldn’t want to be with him because you’re acting this way. He’d confront you and demand an explanation. When you told him it was just for fun and you like arguing around with him, He’d be relieved but also confused as to why you like it.

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Namjoon: Don’t even expect him to understand this whole idea you have. He’d stare at you and just shake his head because that was the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard. He wouldn’t understand why you would waste your breath arguing when you both could be enjoying your relationship. It’d be hard for him to accept this aspect of your relationship.

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Okay but all I can imagine

Is Even and Isak sitting somewhere at school, preferably on that windowsill that the girls were always sitting at in season 2 and Jonas and Eva used to make out at all the time in season 1. And basically they are just being their usual dorky selves and goofing off about something super silly. Like they are arguing about pineapple on pizza or something. Is it a necessity or an abomination. At one point the argument gets so ‘heated’ that Even takes Isaks precious red SnapBack off his head and places it on his own (the right way around of course. Right after he does this Even raises his eyebrows at Isak and purses his lips as a way of saying “yep I just went there. What ya gonna do about it huh?” Isak responds to this by rolling his eyes in annoyance but you know he’s not really annoyed, by the massive, goofy, crooked smile on his face. He then shakes his head and leans towards Even as he exclaims “you are such a loser” Even grins and leans forward quickly to peck Isak on the nose. “But I’m your loser” Isak quickly grabs the back of Evens head before he can move his head back and pulls him back forward. He rolls his eyes again “oh don’t remind me” he says before letting their lips meet and crash together. Soon of course they will get interrupted by Jonas or Sana or someone and just look up at them with these totally silly goofy grins on their faces. You know the kind of smile of two people completely, insanely, and intensely in love.

BTS Reaction #4

How BTS reacts when you’re in the middle of an argument and you rekt/snap at them in your foreign language.

Request here


“you shouldn’t just do-” *spits water out* “w-w-what did you just say???” *you ignore him* “YAH Y/N!!! It didn’t sound like something good!!!” 

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*goes completely silent* “…um…” *tries to think of a language you don’t know, but fails* “OK YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

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*snaps right back at you in 15 different languages* *you stare at him, stunned* “YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT THOSE WORDS WERE ACTUALLY REAL? I JUST MADE THEM UP TO GET BACK AT YOU!” *laughs his head off, forgetting about the whole argument*

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*continues to argue* “You can’t just go hang out with all those-” *just realizes what happened and stops* “You okay? Was I supposed to understand that?” 

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“Wait what…” *bursts out laughing* “ah you’re just too cute, I’ll let you off this time. But this is the last time I”m warning you!!!” *pulls you into a tight hug*

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“I’m not at fault, YOU are-” *stops mid-sentence* “…” *a few seconds of silence* “Wait can you repeat what you just said, but slower?”

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wait what did she just say??? Was that English or..? I can’t let her win this argument too…  “…pardon?” *scratches head*

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Let’s be honest here, all we really need is an episode with both Yukiko and Shizuka fangirling over the photos and home videos they made of Shinichi and Heiji when they were little. 

“And this photo is from when Shin-chan won his first soccer match with his school team! Doesn’t he look cute!?”

“I have all of Hei’s kendo matches on video!”

“This one is Shin-chan falling asleep while reading his dad’s novel, Yuu-chan got sad because he thought his story was boring~” 

“This is a video of Heiji riding his motorbike for the first time! Heizo had to help him though, he almost crashed it~” 


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hi there leela :) maybe this is something you have/will talk about if you do a fullfledged review of the past video but do you think the horse prince is actually, in some ways the most they've pushed the envelope re: getting us comfy w/ them being together? 'cause , like, you can go lol horses all you want, it doesn't change the fact that you're recording romantic/erotic(???) RP with your bro. (dan's fake choking was like...wow y'all are really going there??) Just curious of your thoughts.

hi :) i think it’s perhaps the most comfortable they’ve been in breaking some of the unspoken PG boundaries that exist on dapg. they’re quickly normalizing talking about sexual themes and talking about them together (rather than dan just making a weird sexual remark every now and then) and i think that’s important (though i would argue that other videos have done this too, to lesser extents). i also think it’s been somewhat aimed at getting more comfortable voicing sexual attraction to a male character and making sure the audience knows they experience same gender attraction (though obvi thats a bigger step for phil than dan). and i did write in my response to the first horse vid that it seems notable that they’re rly into the idea of this game that involves them roleplaying w each other so sexually when just a few months ago ppl were like losing their shit over the idea of them doing that two sentence scene in undertale where the guards realize they’re attracted to each other? lmao. 

but despite their excitement around it, i don’t think it’s a specific or targeted attempt to get people comfortable with their togetherness, especially when you compare it to other ostensible “““boundaries””” they’ve been breaking lately: all of their little comments about sharing all of their possessions or their domestic stories that they tell on younow that always involve each other or all the allusions to planning for the future together both professionally and personally or all the ways they’ve been promoting and talking about each other on social media and all the soft touching they’ve become suddenly comfortable with in the last three months and their own organically generated sexual teasing and innuendos that are directed at each other (rather than ones they’re reading from a script) and their openly going on several dates all throughout january and february and a few even in the last couple weeks (the cursed child, all the movie nights, the sushi nights out, the afternoon tea, etc etc) and the way they’ve shared stories about those dates with us quite happily and dan openly going to be with phil and his family for phil’s birthday and the way they kept posting photos about their walk.  for me their togetherness has always evinced itself through these small details and larger stories that demonstrate that they can’t imagine or even begin to talk about their individual lives without talking about each other, much more than sexual remarks ever have–but that’s a whole other conversation about why people define relationships and “togetherness” in such a particular way, and why ppl need confirmation that they touch each others’ dicks in order to be “convinced” that they’re together. like they can literally go out of their way to talk about all of the ways they depend on each other and need each other and do every single part of life together but bc we don’t have those comments about sexual/physical attraction people don’t acknowledge their togetherness? i’ve never understood that. but insofar as that standard does exist, you’re right in suggesting that the sexual comments do take on a particular importance bc for some people they will be a decisive factor in how they perceive dnp’s relationship. but all of that being said, i don’t think they’re really planning or coordinating a strategy to get us to see them and their relationship status a particular way. rather i think what we’re seeing is the cessation of their caring about the way they are perceived. they are just loosening up on many fronts in order to let themselves act more naturally on camera (by which i mean let themselves act more like they do off-camera) and so it’s less about making targeted and premeditated decisions about how to make us see their togetherness and more about acting like their true selves. in the process, we are just seeing more examples and manifestations of what has always been there

But just imagine people asking Fred and George which one of them is at the front of the shop (like that hat lifting guy they show in the movies) before the war, and they’d each argue about it and be like “It’s me” and “No, it can’t be you, you’re not nearly as attractive.” but after Fred died, George just agreed with himself that it’s Fred.

Arguing with the Hound

Anonymous asked: Hey Meg! Can I please Request a sandor x reader? maybe the two of them have been in a relationship and they argue about something and then the reader storms off and gets into some sort of danger and sandor saves her? I just thought it would be extremely cute if it was like a fire related incident because sandor is afraid of fire BUT he’s afraid of losing the reader more? as always thank you so much for the wonderful stories! I admire you and your work

Here is your one-shot, lovely! I do not own Sandor or Tyrion. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: mentions of fire and arguments, fluff

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader, Tyrion Lannister

Originally posted by nostalgicgirl99

Your relationship with Sandor was unexpected, but no less passionate. The two of you argued the way you loved. With everything you had. This time was no different. Your love was at his wit’s end with you. It was strange. You were arguing about marriage. Sandor wanted to marry you. In his mind, he was finally loved and he never wanted to let that go. Meanwhile you weren’t looking to get married. Not yet anyway.

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All I’m saying is that having Anakin simply acknowledge the twins a little more in Revenge of the Sith could have given the story a little more depth. 

Anakin and Padme arguing about names and about the gender

 Anakin swearing it’s a girl and Padme knowing for sure it’s a boy 

 Anakin trying to sense a force presence from his baby 

Anakin telling Padme that he doesn’t want the baby to be a Jedi because he no longer trusts the Jedi and doesn’t trust them with their child

 Anakin telling Padme that he was going to show their baby all the love the Jedi never showed him when he was growing up

 Anakin wishing his mother was there to meet her grandchild which she would have been if not for the Jedi and Obi Wan

Anakin worried that he might not live to meet his baby if the war drags on

 Anakin talking to Padme’s baby bump telling the twins about how much he already loves them and promising to protect them and telling them that even though war’s been hellish it’s worth it because he was making the galaxy a safer place for them and saying that he’d give them whole galaxy if he could

Anakin dreaming that Padme dies in childbirth

Anakin worrying that he is going to loose them both

 Anakin suddenly becoming panicked about Padme’s diet and how much sleep she’s getting and asking her to stop working because it might hurt her and the baby

Anakin being frustrated that Padme doesn’t trust his instincts when she tells him to calm down

Anakin not sleeping or eating because of his fear of loosing his family

Anakin being told by Palpatine that Padme had been spending a great deal of time with several of her… male friends while he’s been away

Anakin noticing that Padme is bigger than she should be at this point in her pregnancy and wondering if she might be lying about when the baby was conceived 

Anakin wondering who… Bail Organa… Obi Wan…

Anakin hating himself for his momentary doubt of her and their baby

Anakin wanting to talk to temple healers but being too afraid that the Jedi might take the baby away from him once it’s born

Anakin begging Sidious to save his family

Anakin telling himself that he’s saving the two most worthy lives in the galaxy while striking down his Jedi brothers and sisters

Anakin telling himself that he is fulfilling his promise of protection to his unborn child

Anakin telling himself he was probably saving his daughter from the Jedi and the lies they would poison her mind with if they ever got their hands on her

Anakin coming home to his wife and baby and being afraid to touch Padme or the swell in her stomach that was their child for fear that he would taint them both with the blood of innocents on his hands

Anakin already beginning to disassociate himself from the crimes he committed 

Anakin ending the war so that his family would be together always. So that his child could grow up in a peaceful galaxy. 

Anakin knowing that he was a step closer to saving his family so that their love would never leave him

Anakin being confused as to why Padme was upset with him. Doesn’t he know that she could have died? That their baby could have died? 

Anakin hearing that Obi Wan has turned his wife against him 

Anakin knowing that Obi Wan would also go for the baby once it was born 

Anakin telling Padme that now they could actually give their baby the whole galaxy 

Anakin wondering why Padme wanted to run now that they can finally be a real couple? A real family? Did she not want people to know she was actually with him? 

Anakin wondering why she wanted their baby to grow up in hiding. Doesn’t she want better for their child?

Anakin wondering why Padme doesn’t understand that he did this for and their family. Why isn’t she grateful? Why doesn’t she understand? Why doesn’t she trust him? Why doesn’t anyone trust him? Why is she so upset that he killed the Jedi? Doesn’t she want the baby to live in a safe galaxy? Why does she still not want people to know about their marriage? Their baby? Was she ashamed? Did she not care about him? 

Anakin filling with rage. Padme  wants to leave him? After everything he’s done to save her? Did she not know she could still die? Did she not care that the baby was still in danger? Did she ever care about him and their family?

Anakin seeing that his wife has brought Obi Wan to kill him

Anakin loosing himself to his rage 

Anakin feeling his rage extend to his former master for forcing him to hurt his wife and his child. It’s all Kenobi’s fault. 

Anakin waking up from his surgery and asking where Padme was. Is she alright? Is the baby ok?

Anakin learning that the powers that he thought could save his family ended up killing them. His wife who loved him and his child who never even got a chance to live. All because of him.

Anakin hearing that his baby had been alive for all these years. 

A son.

Padme was right all along. 

Aw Hell No

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Steve Rogers x Howlett! Reader



A/n: this is such an awesome request because Logan gets to be the lil asshole he is :3 by the way, I hope you do not mind me making the reader a mutant like her brother Logan and Victor C:


Genre: Humor, Romance, Family

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Crude humor, swearing, mutant reader.


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines


You were sitting on the couch in your brothers’ home. Currently, Logan Howlett was arguing with Victor about something stupid.


You thought.

'Why can’t they just get along for once?’

I yelled to the mutants in the kitchen.

Hey! Shut the hell up!”

I stood up and crossed my arms, glaring at them from the kitchen’s archway. They looked at me and I growled out.

“If you two don’t stop arguing like a bunch of cats and dogs, I swear to fucking god both of you are going to have your tongues cut off. I cannot believe you two cannot get along for once. Logan, don’t you fucking dare open your howling screamer.”

I growled at him. Victor sighed and looked over at me. I stated, taking a step forward.

“Got something to say? Say it. I dare you. You know I’m right.”

Victor looked at me and Logan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.


“Whatever. I am taking a walk. Don’t wreck the house or I’m going to kick both of your guys’ asses and skinning your hides.”

I walked off, slamming the front door and took out my phone. Scrolling through, I picked the contact labeled as 'Stars N’ Stripes’


“Hey Steve.”

“Hey doll. What’s up?”

“The Log Man and the Meow-Festation are arguing again.”

“Let me guess, someone scratched the others back?”

“Yeah, basically. Can we go for a walk or something?”

“Sure. I can actually see you right now.”

You waved furiously and he chuckled. You spotted him and gave him a smile. He smiled and waved.

“I’ll be right there. Don’t wander off, Cat-dog.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. Don’t make me bring the claws out.”

“Ooo I’m scared.”

“You should be. Mroof.”

You heard laughter and Steve held open his arms, closing the phone. You walked over and hugged him. He whispered.

“Can you show me?”

“Let’s go to the lake, and then I will.”

Steve smiled and held your hand. You smiled and walked to the lake, your senses picking up many things. Birds, people, the water washing on the shore. Scents assaulted your nose and you sneezed.

'Bless you.“

"Thanks. There are so many smells here.”

Steve chuckled and you two sat on the shore. Steve watched you as your nails grew into claws and long, jagged claws ripped from in between your knuckles. Steve gently caressed the bones and you smiled softly. Steve stated.

'I’m still so amazed how you have saber-tooth and wolf DNA in you.“

"X Chromosome.”

“I thought Victor was your half brother and Logan was your full blooded brother?”

“They’re both my full blooded brothers. Meow-festation just doesn’t like Logan so he calls him his half brother.”

“What about you? Is Victor nice to you?”

“Victor loves me. When we were younger, Vicci would call me so many names like 'Cub’, 'Kitten’, and even 'Fluffy’.”

Steve chuckled and asked.

“And Logan?”

“Logan likes to keep to himself. However, he will open his howling screamer when need to. He hated it when Vicci called me only feline names. Therefore, Logan is only allowed to call me canine associated names. His favorite is 'Bitch’,”

Steve snorted and you giggled. Steve gently kissed you and you let your claws retract, running your hand through his hair. You froze when you heard.

“Oh hell no.”

You pulled back and there stood Logan and Victor. Logan was scowling while Victor quirked an eyebrow up, a smirk on his face.

“(Y/N), don’t tell me you’re dating Mr. Rogers.”

Victor said. You blushed and smiled, a fang popping out.


Logan snarled and stated, pushing you away from Steve and standing in between you two.

“No you are not.”


He looked back and growled.

“I’m your alpha, you listen to me.”

“I listen to nobody.”

I stated, getting in his face. He snarled and growled out.

“Don’t you try to fight for dominance, (Y/N)! I’m your alpha-”

“-I will. You are not going to take the only thing that makes me feel human away.”

Logan was taken back and I stated.

“I didn’t act like this when you were with Jean.”

Victor whistled and said beneath his breath, dragging Steve his way.

“Low blow, Kitten. Mr. Rogers, you might want to stand back.”


“It’s going to get ugly.”

Logan glared at you and you let your claws out, growling. Logan stated.

“You know I’m a lot stronger than you.”

“Too bad your stupidity overrides it!”

You tackled him and went to scratch his face. Suddenly, arms gripped you by your hips and a voice whispered.

“Kitten, it’s not worth it.”

“Victor! Let me go!”

“I can’t do that. You will kill him. Go with Steve, I’ll take care of this idiot.”

You glared at Logan and Victor set you down. He turned you around and you looked into his eyes. Victor smiled softly.

“You tell me if he hurts you, I’ll let him have a taste of cat.”

You cracked a small smile and stated.

“I can take care of myself, Meow-festation.”

Victor grinned at the name and patted your back, pushing you toward Steve.


You nodded and gave one last look to Logan. You took Steve by the hand and quickly led him off. You heard yelling behind you and Steve whispered.

“Ok. I have to admit this. That really made me nervous.”

You looked at Steve, stated. “Bite me,” and rolled your eyes.


au where rose has an extended life span because of bad wolf, so she stays with the ‘original’ doctor in the tardis, whilst the other one is left with joan redfern.

BUT, and here is where things gets interesting, river is still the doctor’s wife… but she is also rose’s wife. 

rose/river/eleven in a poly relationship. 

Informally Formal Introduction Post!


My name is Meghan, I’m 28 years old and a mother to a wild four year old boy, Harrison, and a four month old little girl, Hazel!

My kids are my world, and I can’t imagine life without them. However, this is MY blog, so I want to tell you a bit about me.

I was married young, at 21 years old, to a man I thought was the love of my life. We were married for three years, and everything was just fine, until he decided to start picking fights with me. We began arguing all the time, and I found out why later. He was cheating on me for a good year prior to me finding out. 

I was able to gain sole custody of the kids after a long, hard battle with the court. He’s off with his new wife, and I moved far far away with Harrison and my unborn baby girl.

I moved in with Bennette (@ittybittybugs) my best friend in the entire world until I could find a home that I loved that suited both me and the kids. We found a gorgeous house that I’ve slowly been renovating and I’m beginning to like where it’s going so far!

I’m also a nurse at the local hospital, so I spend quite a bit of time there. Luckily Bennette works from home, so she takes the kids during my 8 hour shifts every day!

I’m happy and content with my little life here so far, and I’m hoping great things are in store for me and my kiddos. 

Hopefully I’ll remember I have this thing and I’ll actually continue to update this thing. We’ll see. Cheers!

Edmund x Reader: Did That Work?

Edmund lowered himself onto a log near the small he had made for himself.

           He heard a crackling behind him and threw a blanket over the light. He grabbed his sword.

           "Just me,“ he heard (Y/n)’s voice.

           He relaxed and leaned against the tree. "Is it near the end of my watch yet?”

         "You’ve only been an hour in,“ (Y/n) gave him a soft smile. She looked at the smoke from the dead fire. "Isn’t it bad technique to start a fire while on watch?”

           Edmund rolled his eyes. “Let’s face it. There’s no bandits anywhere near here. You’ve heard it from them themselves. Owen and Peridan are just paranoid.”

         She didn’t argue. “They aren’t much company–talking about politics and plans and whatnot. So, I thought I’d keep you company.”

         Edmund raised an eyebrow. “You’re voluntarily coming into my presence? Didn’t know you cared.”

         She punched his arm playfully. “Shut up, Edmund.”

         He chuckled and looked out to the lake ahead. He felt (Y/n) come closer.

         "It’s so beautiful in the moonlight,“ she muttered.

         "Are you turning soft on me?” He said. Though, she was right. The moon made the lake seem almost like glass.

         "Even you can appreciate beauty when you see it, surely,“ (Y/n) replied.

           "Like you,” he said, only half jokingly. They had gotten into the habit of teasing each other. Making it easier for Edmund to release some of his feelings during the banter. He couldn’t express the depth of them…but some.

           "Like me what?“ She asked. He turned to face her and she went on. "I can appreciate beauty or I am the beauty?”

           A smirk formed on her lips. She, too, leaned on the tree trunk, so they were almost touching noses.

       Edmund crossed his arms. “Sometimes, I think you just like fishing for a compliment from me.”

       "Sometimes, I feel like you’re just waiting to give them,“ she returned. "And other times, it’s like pulling teeth.”

         There was an icy edge in the last statement which made Edmund speculate how deeply he affected her. He pushed the idea aside.

           "Very well,“ he said. He leaned forward conspiratorially. He looked into her eyes, even if just to see her squirm at the direct eye contact. "I think…” He began. “That you are very pleasant to look at.”

           Edmund smiled smugly when she blushed. “Your turn. Compliment me now.”

           (Y/n) rolled her eyes. “Must you have one in return?”

         "Yes,“ Edmund said after a little while. "Or is it like pulling teeth?”

         She took the point and pursed her lips. She pretended to think. “Hold on. Could take a while to find something I like about you.”

         "The word ‘everything’ would suffice.“

       She glared at him. "Hardly.”

       He only smiled. He watched her pretend to think. He knew she was just holding back. She was so easy to tease, but only by Edmund. He had watched her these few months, and noticed that other princes…other men…couldn’t get a rise out of her like he seemed to. He would take that as a small sprig of hope.

         She finally nodded. “Alright, I’m ready.”

         She tried mimicking Edmund and leaned forward. Only, that made their noses brush together and their distance close magnanimously. Resulting in Edmund’s heart pounding.

           "I think you’re funny,“ she said.

           Edmund forced himself to form words. It was hard to think when he could feel the heat of her breath on his face. "That’s all you could think of? How about dashingly handsome?”

           "Don’t push it,“ (Y/n) chuckled.

           "You didn’t deny it,” Edmund shrugged. “So it must be true.”

           "Shut up.“

         "Make me,” Edmund said before he could stop himself. He wanted to take it back, but his mind wasn’t working.

         There was obvious surprise in (Y/n)’s eyes, though her expression remained collected.

         Edmund was waiting for her witty comeback, until she glanced down at his lips.

         Edmund wasn’t sure what happened next. He felt her lean closer. His eyes closed and his nose was filled with the scent of vanilla and flowers. His stomach flipped when he felt her lips kiss his.

           He felt awkward, unsure of what to do. She pulled away briefly, but to his surprise she kissed him again. More confidently now.

         Edmund’s hands fell to his side before slowly wrapping around her waist, pulling her closer as he kissed her back.

       (Y/n) slipped her hands to his shoulders and then moved her arms around his neck.

       He was aware of everything at once. How she smelled of vanilla. How she tasted of coffee. How her fingers absentmindedly tugged on his hair near the nape of his neck.

       It felt so right.

       When they finally pulled away, they were both stunned.

       "Did that…that work?“ She stammered after a few moments.

       "No,” Edmund forced out. “I’ve been waiting months to do that.”

       (Y/n) stared at him almost disapprovingly before laughing.

       Edmund joined her eventually. “What?”

       "You’re ridiculous, you know,“ (Y/n) said, kissing him lightly.

         Edmund rested his forehead against hers, and folded his hands by the small of her back.

         "Yeah, pretty rubbish at watch too.”

           "I distracted you,“ (Y/n) said. "My fault.”

           "Wow,“ Edmund scoffed. "Never thought I’d hear that ever–ow!”

           "Shut up, Edmund!“

          Edmund grinned cheekily. "Oh, please start that up again.”

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giles mighta done errands for jenny at the magic box, picking up stuff. he probably thought of that when he bought it later


ok but when he ran errands for her he’d always change little things. like she’d ask him for a certain herb and he’d come back with a different one because he knew what she was trying to do and really, jenny, this would be a better herb to use for the spell you’re trying to cast (why are you looking at me like that). then she’d just go with him and be like “see this is what i want. this.” the shopkeeper thought they were married and gently teased them about it when he was ringing up their stuff, and giles went pink when jenny didn’t make any effort to correct him.

(they kissed under the sign outside, and it’s the first thing he thinks of when he’s stepping through the doors. he wonders if she’d argue about the herbs he wanted to stock the store with)