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Maybe a "You promised you wouldn't laugh" Ladynoir. And Ladybug would share something a little embarassing to Chat. Just something cute.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh,” Ladybug pouted, crossing her arms defensively.

Chat Noir held up a hand. “I’m sorry, my Lady, you’re right,” he chuckled, attempting to look chagrin and failing miserably. “I’m really not laughing at your confession. The way you said it was just too adorable.”

She stomped her foot in irritation. “It is dumb that I haven’t kissed anyone yet though! I don’t see what’s so adorable about that,” she huffed.

“It’s not dumb,” he grinned fondly, “but I do think you’re forgetting about a very special person you have indeed kissed.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine, let me revise. I’ve never kissed anyone when it wasn’t a life or death situation.”

Chat Noir glanced around the rooftop. “Well, it isn’t a life or death situation now. How about a kiss?” He puckered his lips and leaned forward and Ladybug pushed him away with a finger on his nose.

“Not a chance, Kitty.”

“Rude. I’m just trying to be a good friend.” He tilted his head, studying her. “Wait, does it really bother you?”

Ladybug dropped down to sit on the ledge of the building, swinging her legs over the side. She shrugged with a soft sigh. “I don’t know. A little. My best friend makes out with her boyfriend a lot and it’s like there’s something in the water at school. Everyone is kissing everyone.”

“It has seemed like that,” Chat Noir frowned. He caught her expression and blanched. “I mean, I see a lot of people pairing off lately too.”

She nodded, satisfied enough with his answer for the moment. “I guess it just makes me wonder what’s wrong with me, you know? Why is no one kissing me?”

“To be fair, I literally just offered to kiss you,” he reminded her, sitting down.

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his pet names for you ; tom holland (headcanon)

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→ word count: 286

→ warnings: flufffffff aghhhh


hi i’m back for good this time! 

i’m so sorry for not posting lately but i’ve been swamped with midterms and i just celebrated my birthday yesterday and i’m feeling inspired so let’s write!

i love you all!


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@saisai-chan asked if i had written a homestuck style intro for aizawa so i spent like 15 minutes writing one up 


Your name is AIZAWA SHOUTA.  You are a TEACHER at UA HIGH SCHOOL and PRO HERO ERASERHEAD.  You have a habit of FALLING ASLEEP IN RANDOM LOCATIONS and adore CATS.  People think you're a HARDASS with no COMPASSION.  But really - you're just a BIG SOFTIE, and your students don't need to know that.  Today you start a new school year with a class of FRESHMAN HEROICS STUDENTS.  You hope you don't have to EXPEL the entire class like you did last year, but you aren't going to get your hopes up this time.  What will you do? 



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Screenshots from DEFEATING THE DEVIL | Cuphead Part 11 (END)! :D

Oh my god this game game was wonderful! :D 
I absolutely loved the music, art style and aesthetic of it and I’m incredibly amazed by the animation throughout this whole entire game too. All the characters had unique animations with them that’s full of so much personality and charm. You can tell just by that alone that so much passion, time, tons of effort and hard work went into this game and that’s something to truly be admired. I don’t think I could ever play this game myself though, I think I’d just get way too pissed off at how hard it is. xD But this game will still without a doubt stick with me because I just adored the whole entire aesthetic to it. I agree with  Seán about this game having visuals that will go down in history as being some of the best that video games have ever seen. ^_^
This was honestly my favorite series that Seán had been uploading onto the channel lately. I was always wondering when a new Cuphead video would come out and I was always incredibly excited to see when he would upload a new one throughout this whole entire series. It was just so much fun watching him play this game because even when he got extremely pissed off at it he still loved it and wouldn’t give up on it and would continue to keep trying to progress in it and beat it. I was always so excited with Seán and incredibly happy for him too whenever he did beat a boss or level. I can definitely see why this series is one of his favorites that he’s ever done and honestly I think it’s become one of my favorites too. I’m kind of sad that it’s over now! xD But hey that just means that it’s onto the next series and next video game adventure right? Haha! :D

Also I think we all know who the best characters are in this game. ;) 


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What would bubba be like as a dad?? I think it'd be cute, seeing as he like a big teddy bear!!♡

I’m sure Bubba would actually be a pretty good dad, although I can see him being fairly protective over the child

there’s also no doubt that he would love the child a little bit much (aka would baby the hell outta them) and basically encourage them as much as he can

and of course you could probably find him curled up with the kid in a ball and it’s just adorable (course the kid probably loves laying on his big belly cause it’s probably comfy af!)

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Part one: Hi, I'm not sure if you've already referred to this, but I can’t put it out of my mind: who is this "old friend" that is gonna betray the Winchesters? Because if it is my angel Cas, I'm going to punch someone right on the face. In my opinion, that plot idea is so bad and illogical that it's even unconceivable.

Part two: Nevertheless, SPN always surprise me, and Cas is already acting in a strange way (something with his voice and the fact that he couldn’t heal the bank guard, I don´t know. I think he looked adorable, but still, there is something) so, what do you think? And great SPN meta, btw! I really love them.

Cas is not going to betray them. The writers are not idiots and illogical. Cas is not acting strange he just had a huge momentous return from DEATH and has just defeated his 2 year long deep and 9 year long established depression and is still coming to grips with himself, who he is, what he wants, how he feels, what he should do and what he wants to do…

Dude’s got stuff going on! The child of Lucifer who is apparently stronger than GOD thinks he is his dad yet thinks he himself is poison and has flapped off to Chuck knows where, the love of his life was kinda suicidal 2 days ago and now is giddyingly reminding him of the cute times they’ve spent together watching cowboy movies and being adorable whilst also he is aware he thinks his feelings aren’t reciprocated so it’s painful. His kinda mother in law is apparently dead/stuck in an AU with Lucifer.

I mean… that’s a lot to take in on top of his own issues that are clearly really at the forefront of his mind having literally just had his fresh start button hit.

He’s got a lot on his mind is all. Don’t worry :D

so I’ve been thinking about this video all day for many reasons; 

1) imagine watching a horror with these boys, they’re hilarious they’d all be screaming and you’d just be laughing at them



I’ve  Always Cared: Part 2

THIS IS FOR MY GIRL ANNA @queen-archeron whose birthday was yesterday!! She is is one of the best people I know and please check out her blog if you already haven’t cause she is amazing! I’M SO SORRY!!!! I know, I suck, this took me forever to write because I had to start over about 3 times. BUT I did find out how I want this entire fic to go and I think (or hope) you guys will like it ! This one is kinda short but only because I needed this to set some other stuff up. People you asked to be tagged @songbirdsbooks @aelin-firehearts-court @krm00623 @queen-archeron  

Her mouth dropped open. 

“What are you doing here?” Cassian and Nesta said simultaneously. She scowled at him and said before he could open his mouth again, “You know what? I don’t care, if you’re here the rest of your dog pack shouldn’t be far away. I’m leaving.”

She had to get away from him. Out of all the people Nesta could have seen tonight it had to be him. Well, she’d be damned if she let Cassian see her as a sad drunk. She didn’t need him to add more reasons to the list of why he doesn’t like her. Nesta moved to leave, but should have known he wouldn’t let her get away that easy though. 

Cassian grabbed her arm and brought her close to him, “I’m here looking for you.” he said with an almost panicked look in his eyes. 

“And why were you looking for me?” She said annoyed.

“I-We thought something happened to you! Nesta you haven’t been out of that house for more than a couple of minutes for the last four months, but you’ve been gone for hours today! You left no note, nothing to show us you were okay, you just …left.” Cassian said all in one breath. 

Nesta looked up at him wide eyed. “I-I didn’t realize anyone would have cared or noticed if I was gone, least of all you.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Cassian said looking…hurt? Crap, she didn’t mean to admit that last part but still, why did care all of a sudden? 

Nesta laughed dryly, he didn’t care but that doesn’t mean he was willing to admit it. Too bad she already knew. “Cass, it’s no secret that you’ve been avoiding me. So excuse me for being a bit confused on why you are acting worried about my well being after months of me locking myself away. You didn’t care about me then, so why do you care now?” She said bitterly. She was being childish and unfair, but she didn’t care. She was hurt, and drunk, and couldn’t help but voicing her thoughts. 

Cassian had a pained expression on his face. He opened his mouth, probably to come up with some bullshit explanation when Nesta just could not take it anymore. She pushed him out of her way and left the bar. This time, Cassian didn’t stop her. 

By some miracle Nesta remembered her way to Feyre’s town house and knocked on the door. Elain opened it, her smile fading when she saw Nesta’s expression. 

“I don’t want to talk about it” She said while gently pushing past her little sister. Elain had been staying at the town house for a while now, and always let her know when it was empty so Nesta would feel comfortable staying over. That morning Elain had sent her a note that said she had the house to herself for a week, and Nesta had been planning on staying with her over anyways. 

“I, uh, have a surprise for you.” Elain said with a sheepish smile. Nesta couldn’t tell if Elain was nervous about whether she would approve of her present, or if she was even in the mood to get one. So Nesta forced a smile and asked “What for? Its not my birthday is it?”

Elain laughed and said “No, no, I was out and well, you’ll understand once you see it.” Elain grabbed Nesta’s hand and led her to the room she uses when she stays over. Elain stopped in front of the door and turned to her sister. “We’ve had a rough couple months, and I need you to know that you deserve to feel happy again. I hope this will get you there a bit faster.” She said, and opened the door.

Nesta didn’t know what to think other than her mind felt completely clear for once. She stood staring at a grand piano with unfilled sheet music and pencils upon it. It was the sheet music that made her understand.  Nesta realized that Elain knew she was broken “Elain I haven’t written since-” Nesta began but was cut off.

“Before we moved into that cabin? I know. You told me then it was because you couldn’t write about how you felt because you would only become angrier. Nes I think you are way more than angry now. You don’t have to, but i think you should write about why you feel so…guilty.” Elain said while avoiding looking her sister in the eye. 

Nesta whipped her head to look at her sister. She had always been bad at putting her feelings into words. When she was a girl, Nesta’s father realized how  much she adored music, and taught her how to write her own. Nesta soon learned that she was fabulous at it. Whenever her thoughts would overwhelm her she just turned them in a song to help her sort through them. It was her favorite coping mechanism, but when they moved to that cabin all she felt was that anger. She tried to write about it, but she always ended up feeling worse. After so long, Nesta never thought she could ever write a song again. 

But Elain, Elain who loved to here Nesta sing when they were little apparently never doubted her. Nesta sometimes forgot how well her little sister could read her. Elain knew Nesta was filled with guilt and possibly more feelings she didn’t know how to deal with anymore.

“Just try Nes, I know it’s been a while but this used to help you, maybe it still can.” Elain explained and left Nesta alone in the room.

Nesta decided to listen to someone’s advice for once, and sat in front of the piano.She began to think of who she wanted to apologize to first. 

Richie’s Insta Promo - Day 4; I Don’t Wanna Go Home

The thought of going home and leaving Eddie at his own house, and me staying at mine, honestly sucks major ass. I don’t wanna go home, I wanna stay with him, forever. This trip was honestly all for him, he needed this, but I think I did too, and I don’t want to let it go just yet. I’ve had so much fun, drank so much alcohol, eaten so much junk food, and kissed so many damn times my lips are still tingling, that I can’t imagine going home to anything different. Thank you for being the only home I need.

I adore you.

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Excuse me, I just LOVE the way you draw and write Berrarris! Also, a small thing to think about: tiny human having a giant crush on Berrarris, and it's the same vice-versa. The two adorable dorks have been taking too long to talk about their feelings, thus annoying everybody around with their cuteness.

I’m not going to cry! Sorry, but this ask just had to include a super quick sketch of Berrarris with a crush! <3 

Lets say, the human is waiting for Death, who’s discussing something confidential with The Keeper. This is the third time they’ve visited, and Berrarris still hasn’t plucked up the courage to talk to the human. xoxo


Here is our card for the new week. Takaki and Nakajima on side one, Dai-chan on side two. I went overly nutty for Dai-chan. He’s just so damn adorable! I love him lots! Have a great week everyone! And everyone in the USA, like me, have a great Thanksgiving! And be safe if you go shopping on Black Friday!

These are scans I did with the scanner. Let me know what you all think. If you like the scans or the pictures I take better. To me, the scans came out a little grainy. Thanks!

Monsta X Reaction to their S/O being as tall as them or taller.

Hi! Thank you for requesting, I hope you like this, you’re welcome to come back whenever you feel like it♡♡


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Shownu would love your height, if you’re almost as tall as him he’d literally love it. He’d really take advantage of it because it’s easier to kiss you that way. If you’re taller than him he’d feel a little intimidated but it would be pretty much the same thing.


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I think Wonho would be a little unsure at first, because he’d think he is somehow unable to protect you or something. Later on, he’d realize he was just being silly and would get used to your height, just don’t expect him to stand on his tiptoes or something. 


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Minhyuk would literally ignore your height, I think he’d always find his S/O adorable and “tiny” in some ways, like they need protection. If you’re taller than him he’d always exaggerate about getting on his tiptoes to kiss you.


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I think at first Kihyun would feel a little intimidated by it, and he’d really wish he was taller. But as time goes by he’d get used to it, he’d sort of expect you to stand up for him when his mates bother him about his heigh although sometimes you join them in the teasing.


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Hyungwon would think your height makes his life much easier, than way he doesn’t really have to bend to kiss you, and if you’re taller than him, he’d expect you do to it.


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Jooheon would be impressed by your height but he would love it, like Minhyuk, if you’re taller than him, he’d exaggerate a lot in trying to reach you (even if the difference isn’t that big) and he’d just love to act cute. 


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I don’t think Changkyun would mind too much, he’d like it and would think you’re beautiful no matter what. Though if you’re taller than him, I think he’d expect you to baby him, leaving age aside.

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Is there anything that does bother you about Zack Snyder’s DCEU? I adore the movies, but (especially in Man of Steel) the Jesus imagery surrounding Superman really irks me, not in a thematic way, but just because I’m Jewish and want to see Superman’s Jewish roots referenced for once. Is there anything like that-from a critique standpoint or just personal preference-that you would change about the DCEU?

i love snyder’s vision for the universe, but i wouldn’t have adapted TDKR. the way snyder did it, in my opinion, is absolutely masterful - BvS is dripping with references, from the mechanical suit to robin’s case to batman’s characterization to the burned-out manor he doesn’t even live in - but that’s not what i would have done. 

i wouldn’t have wanted the first cinematic meeting of the two biggest superheroes on the planet to have been them beating the shit out of each other - the movie i would’ve written would’ve been called world’s finest, and i would’ve layered it with every tribute to the two’s partnership i could give it. TDKR, in my opinion, is about the furthest thing from a true world’s finest story a person could find; miller’s superman is a hollowed-out political criticism, gutted of the nuance superman could be potentially given. TDKR’s not a bad comic to choose to adapt, quite the opposite in fact, but my personal opinions on it make it a no from me. as much as i love BvS for all its depth and power, i’ll still always crave a true story of friendship between comics’ two greatest friends.

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valkyrie is...... an actual literal angel............ so..... idk why people can't adore her she's got problems that are real problems but that makes her MORE compelling because she's a fully fleshed out 3D person who has the same goddamn arc that han solo has


But she is just so so so GOOD!!! I really think she’s more dynamic than almost all of the other supportive-mains (ex: Sam, who is right there on the list with her imo) in the entire mcu. I adore her so much!!

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I don't know if you know, if you tag just "eleteo" in google, the results of the search in the images section, you'll see a few photos scattered around of a pair of cosplayers of Elena and Mateo and of great quality, there is some individual and together, and the cosplay of them is high quality, very impressive. If you knew or you already found them, what did you think?

Yes! I follow them on Instagram and Twitter! They are an adorable Elena and Mateo! Mateo’s robe and tamborita is especially well detailed!

You can see their profiles here:



Since I have a lot of requests to do and no idea were to start, I want to give you the opinion to vote. Just drop by in my inbox and tell me what you would like to see in the soon future!

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  • finding out you have a mental illness 
  • you being adorable/childish but acting completely different during sex
  • you having a panic attack from anxiety 
  • you giving them a striptease 
  • you having a high sex drive 
  • them misinterpreting a text and thinking you cheat on them 
  • you disappearing suddenly a day after you told them you met a weird person and became friends with him
  • their ex girlfriend trying to make you feel bad about your succeeding relationship 
  • you are best friends with them and they wake up with morning wood
  • you telling them you are a virgin
  • you pushing them against a wall to talk
  • you waking them up with a blowjob
  • you being drunk 
  • you having sensitive nipples
  • you (their best friend) coming out bisexual to them
  • you confessing being abused/raped as child


  • Youngjae Smut (“No, I’m supposed to be making you feel good.”, “Oh my God, do that again.”)
  • Jongup Smut (“Try to stay quiet, understand?”)
  • Youngjae Smut (“I’m going to be late because you can’t keep it in your pants.”)
  • Zelo Smut  (“Oh my God, do that again.”)
  • Jongup (“Use your words.”)
  • Jongup (“D..did you just make that noise?”)
  • Daehyun Comedy (“Forget it. You fucking suck.”, “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”, “Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”)
  • Yongguk Smut (“The skirt is supposed to be this short.”, “How long have you been standing there?”, “I don’t do hugs.”)
  • Daehyun (“Forget it. You fucking suck.”, “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”, “You can scream if you want.”)
  • Zelo Fluff (“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.”, “Sharing is caring. Now give me your fries.”)
  • Zelo Fluff (“I let you win.”)
  • Yongguk (“Who gave you that black eye?”, “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”)
  • Yongguk Smut (“The skirt is supposed to be this short.”, “Take. It. Off.”)
  • Himchan (“D..did you just make that noise?”)
  • OT6 (“You’re going out dressed like that?”)
  • Zelo Fluff (“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”)
  • Youngjae (“You look pretty hot in plaid.”)
  • Yongguk (“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”)
  • Yongguk Fluff (“Trust me.”)
  • Yongguk (“He’s four years old!!”, “I’ve had enough! I want to be alone!”)


  • Werewolf Junhong (you find out about his secret)
  • Scare war between Daehyun, Youngjae and Zelo
  • Werewolf Yongguk
  • When you have a huge scar you are insecure about and open up to Yongguk about it
  • having a bad fight with Youngjae 

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Love ur blog it's awesome can't get enough of the headcanons (might've slipped some in my fanfics 😉) can I ask you for some mikaani headcanons?

Oh my, I’m honored to hear that you’ve found some of these headcanons worthy to be your fanfics! Ah! Thank you!

  • Annie resents being shorter than Mikasa. She doesn’t like having to lean up even a little bit to kiss her, and she just generally doesn’t like being short. But she does enjoy the fact that Mikasa’s sweaters are just too long on her and that she looks super cute in them. This also gives her license to wear heels, which makes her feel powerful. She tells Mikasa all of these things. Overall, Mikasa thinks Annie’s beef with her height is adorable and precious and loves her all the more for it. 
  • They love to people watch together, pointing out ridiculous outfits and cute dogs and funny interactions. It’s one of their favorite pastimes. 
  • Mornings with them are comical as all get out. Mikasa is such a morning person and gets up with one alarm, humming to herself as she gets ready for the day, making coffee and breakfast before Annie’s first alarm even goes off. Annie needs like eight alarms and Mikasa to drag her out of bed, and then will only get moving once she has coffee. She’s a literal zombie and Mikasa is very lucky that she loves her otherwise she would not be able to get away with her general love of mornings around Annie. 
  • They’re very sarcastic with each other, sometimes borderline mean in a way that makes people who don’t know that they love each other question that they love each other. But that’s the thing; they know that they can be sarcastic because they know it’s all meant in jest; they pick at each other because they can. 
  • They love to cuddle when they’re alone. One always has an arm thrown around the other, or they’re holding hands, or their legs are intertwined. They’re always casually touching somehow, completely innocent yet adorably intimate. It’s precious. 

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Imagine after doing the deed and just laying there, the gender neutral s/o starts singing something like All of Me by John Legend. Not even realizing it cause they think they are doing it in their head. That with Fury, Alya and Muria and Uriel

Aww. <3 That’s so sweet. (And I love that song omfg)

  • Fury: She loves hearing your voice, and your Earth love song to her is touching to the point where she nearly cries. She looks at you with adoring eyes, long fingers tapping in time with the beat as her breathing slows. She falls asleep by the time the song is over, but you’ll catch her singing it the next day and she will insist you do a duet with her.

  • Alya: Blushes redder than those pretty red locks of hers. She is so transfixed by your voice and the fact that the lyrics convey how much you love her, and she will actually start crying because she’s just so emotional and she loves you so much. Whatever’s put her in a good mood the next morning at the Forge, Valus gives a nod of approval to you as you walk in. 

  • Muria: She’s had many lovers in her lifetime, some who have sung for her, but every song she hears is unique and beautiful, and yours is just as such as the others. She lies there with you, listening to you sing with a wistful, loving smile on her face. She kisses you when you’ve finished, and it’s going to be on her mind the next day as she’s working as she sings to the plants she tends to.

  • Uriel: SO FLUSTERED OMFG. Angels take singing very personally. All their war-chants are songs, most spells in their language are songs- so it’s a big thing when you start singing to her after you’ve just made love to her, like her heart’s about to beat out of her chest bc nobody’s sung to her this way after Abaddon’s betrayal. You’d better stay with her now that you’ve started singing to her. I don’t think she can take another heartbreak.

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Omg nuuuuu I loved crimsy and his adorable face. But it's okay if you change. It's cool your still cute^^

While I have this in my inbox, I should probably clear a few things up. Crimsy isn’t going anywhere, neither are the other Bendy’s that have been on this blog. They’re all being turned into ocs except Bembdy and toon!Bendy. (idk about Bembdy, I might turn him into something. I’ve already drawn a few of their new oc designs to make them less batim-y. Crimsy has been split up into two ocs mostly because he was already an oc I had when I made this blog, I just changed his appearance. So Crimsy’s personality will be in one oc and his bodily characteristics will be another.

So far the oc’s I have designed are:

Crimsy (personality) [Now called Dyschroa]:

Crimsy (appearance) [I hope you still think his face is adorable]:

Nightmare (but without the tie and gloves):


Sam (right):

Joey ??? (Gonna change his last name)

These are the ones I’ve got everything worked out for so far. I still have to make designs for the rest of them. The other ones I’m keeping (but still have to make designs for) are Spazz, Sigil, Inkwell(?), and Bembdy(?). I put question marks after those two because I don’t know if I can actually redesign them yet. But yeah, my characters will live on :)

It makes me really sad when i see cosplayers/artists/youtubers/etc. get tons of messages that say stuff along the lines of “you’re so cool but ill suck and ill never be as good as you” cuz it always happens at a weird point where someone is just becoming “popular” and to have a “fanbase” of sorts and 

i feel like what happens when you have a “fan-based” community around a single public figure is that a weird hierarchy forms where suddenly the public figure and “fans” are on different “levels” 

and i dont even think it’s usually the one person becoming distinguished and rising above others– i think people just start putting themselves down en-masse in some sort of bizarre response to adoration…and in the end, that person is still standing at the same level they started as, the “height difference” is just. everyone else lowering themselves down around them 

it’s just a weird phenomenon of everyone suddenly perceiving them as “higher” or “better” and start degrading themselves to “make the other person look better” or somehow “flatter” them when itsssssssss. not