i just think this sums up their relationship pretty well

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hi! i'm about a year late, but i was wondering if you could do an analysis of she is? i've heard people (including key) address that the lyrics (thick eyebrows, small eyes, pouty lips) seem to describe key but I wanted to hear your thoughts?

Hello! A year late is never too late within this fandom! I don’t think I’ve ever analyzed a song, so we’ll see where this takes me. 

I’ll start with the second verse, although Jonghyun uses ‘she’ in the majority of his songs, I’ve always thought that he does this because it’s what is socially acceptable in Korea. With that said, let’s ease our way into the second verse. “She Is” happens to be one of Jonghyun’s more “as it is” songs; it’s simple and cute and refreshing, depicting the beginnings of a relationship or having a crush.

Oh sweet love

Quietly sitting in front of a softly lit candle (we all know Jonghyun enjoy’s his candles)

Oh sweet love

Quietly locking eyes with you, just looking at you drives me crazy

And we all know how he likes to stare at Kibum 1000% of the time. 

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Oh She is, I like your small eyes, the way you look at me
Oh She is, I like your thick eyebrows
Oh She is, I like your slightly pouting lips
Oh She is, I like it like that

Now this is the verse you were talking about and the verse Jongkey teased each other with

Although Kibum brings it up as a joke, Jonghyun doesn’’t just brush it off, instead he laughs and even pushes Kibum to do more. Maybe it was in the script, but the way he touched the back of Kibum’s neck and giggled/laughed was genuine. 

I don’t care how we might seem to others

THIS. That verse speaks so much about them and it implies a lot as well. Although throughout the beginning of their career they might’ve done fanservice because their company asked, but as the years progressed their actions become more real and natural. So this line speaks a lot to Jongkey and their view towards the public.

(Cool) I like how you act coy
(Relationship) I like it like that

I’m just going to add this line because to me it exemplifies a portion of Kibum’s character when it comes to Jonghyun; teasing him, joking with him, etc. And I think this picture from this era pretty much sums up this song. (and the enterity of their relationship tbh) Jonghyun’s discarded photocard, the intimate hug I MEAN, what more do I have to say?

Don’t be flustered (Woo woo woo)
This is natural 

Once again this applies to my previous thoughts on the current status of their relationship.

And with that being said I’ll end my analysis here, because this song is very simple and as it appears on the surface, and I think that’s what Jonghyun was going for, so each person reading them can come away with their own opinion. Thanks for the ask and I’ll get around to answering the others I have ^^

Queer Sam Week Day 1: Favorite (potentially) Queer!Sam Moments

In general, the fandom seems to focus much more on Dean’s instances of questionable heterosexuality than Sam’s, as, admittedly, they’re often a little more blatant. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing in the canon pointing to Sam being anything other than straight. Since I have no skills with video or photo editing, however, I’ll just be describing my three favorite scenes.

#1 Sam Not Giving A Fuck

One of this show’s favorite running gags is having characters suggest that Sam and Dean aren’t quite as macho and heterosexual as they appear. This ranges from honest misinterpretations (see every realtor who mistakes them for a couple) to blatant jabs at their sexualities (see half the stuff that comes out of Crowley’s mouth). But while these are usually effective in getting a rise out of Dean, Sam doesn’t seem to react that much most of the time. I think it’s pretty well summed up in this line:

Dean: ‘Course, the most troubling question is why do these people assume we’re gay?

Sam: Well, you are kinda butch. Probably think you’re overcompensating.

Typically in these kinds of situations, Dean’s the one who feels the need to defend his heterosexuality (quite vocally, I might add), whereas Sam just kind of takes it in stride. The only time he seems legitimately bothered is when someone knowingly implies that he’s in a sexual/romantic relationship with his brother (apologies to any Wincest fans; I’m not undermining your ship, I’m just giving my interpretation). 

Dean: There’s Sam!girls and Dean!girls, and…what’s a slash fan?

Sam: As in Sam-slash-Dean. Together.

Dean: Like… together together?

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: They do know we’re brothers, right?

Sam: Doesn’t seem to matter.

Again, it’s the fact that Dean’s he’s brother that seems to get to him, not the fact that he’s being shipped with another guy. Obviously, there are different ways to interpret this behavior, but I think it’s clear that whatever Sam’s sexuality is, he’s secure enough in it that these kinds of situations don’t really phase him. However you read it, though, Sam’s lack of reaction in counterpoint with Dean’s overreactions is pretty entertaining. ^-^

#2 Sam’s Crossroads Demons

This is probably the strongest canon evidence that Sam may not be entirely straight. As we all know, crossroads demons use vessels that their summoners will find attractive, and deals made with them are traditionally sealed with a kiss. That said, it’s worth pointing out that of the three times in the series Sam has summoned a crossroads demon, only one of them used a female vessel. This means the majority of Sam’s crossroads demons have guys, and although none of these encounters ended in a deal actually being made, it’s probably safe to say there would’ve been some lip-locking involved. Either the writers decided to play fast and loose with continuity (which, unfortunately, does happen), or there’s at least some part of Sam that would have no qualms about playing tonsil hockey with an attractive male vessel. And just to add to that, go back to Taxi Driver and look at Sam’s face when the crossroads demon shows up. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty terrific.

#3 Sam and the Trickster

In all honesty, I may have a biased opinion on this last one, given that I ship Sabriel. Regardless, I’m putting it here because even if it’s not the most concrete queer!Sam moment, it is one of my favorites. In Tall Tales, when they’re talking to the janitor/Trickster/Gabriel, Sam almost seems a little too enthusiastic during the conversation. Maybe even a bit…flirtatious? I’ll admit, I might be reading signals wrong, but I don’t think Sam’s usually this smiley and open when talking to witnesses; turning on the charm is more Dean’s strategy. Of course, this episode is a study in unreliable narrators, seeing as both brothers are giving their renditions of what happened in the episode, so not everything can be taken at face value. In this particular scene, though, Sam’s the one telling the story. We know for a fact, then, that this isn’t Dean trying to embarrass his little brother; we’re seeing Sam’s perception of how things went down, including his interactions with Gabriel. To me, that’s enough to give the idea a little validation. Too bad the flirting’s cut short when the monster of the week is revealed. :P

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what do you think of intp and istp buddies

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As an INTP, I personally love ISTPs. I get along with them really well because I can talk to them about anything for hours and hours on end. And their Se is so intriguing as well, and makes me want to be more active and explore the world more. INTPs and ISTPs are so similar in so many ways, but their key differences are what makes the relationship so interesting. Not only that but ISTPs all seem to be just so damn mysterious and it makes me want to investigate further and figure out just what’s going in on those fascinating minds. 

And also there’s no other type than ISTP that appreciates my dark/dry/sarcastic humour than fellow IxTPs. Recently my school had this thing where students could give swabs of their saliva for stem cell research or something like that and both my ISTP friend and I didn’t get around to doing it and when ISTP asked me why I told her it was because I was ‘afraid the government would use my DNA to create clones of me in the future that would kill and replace me’. And I asked her why she didn’t and she said it was because she ‘didn’t want anyone to have a copy of her DNA so that nobody would be able to trace her future murder victims back to her’. We both looked at each other for a second and just blurted out “you’re so weird”. And I think that pretty well sums up the ISTP/INTP friendship.

Thanks to the people who originally posted these gifs <3 And thanks so much for the ask!!!

I have a complicated relationship with Christmas.  I am the product of a pagan/jungian gnostic and an existentialist demi-jew,  and between Mom’s mysticism/impeccable design sense and Dad’s love of deception-based holiday traditions I had some pretty intense xmasses growing up, particularly after they got divorced.  I don’t do much in the way of holiday celebrating now that I am an adult, in part because I feel kind of like a yuletide version of Julian Lennon, but my upbringing did leave me with very particular opinions about Christmas music.  This was Mom’s doing, and so she gets the credit/blame for what follows:


Before we begin, here’s what I look for in a carol:

1. It old

2. It complicated

3. It’s not so much about the baby jesus (although I will definitely brook some exceptions if the baby jesus gets up to some wacky hijinx)

 OK here we go

10. “Jolly Old Hawk

The best Christmas carols are only tangentially about Christmas, and  "Jolly old hawk and his wings were grey - now let us sing, who’s gonna win the girl but me?“ is a pretty promising opening gambit

This is basically the Twelve Days of Christmas, but better, because all the animals who are inexplicably getting sent to the lady in question are really grumpy about it, and also there’s something called a "three-thistle cock” involved

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im not convinced youre gay enough you must write more stories about women banging each other to convince me pls. purely for academic and scientific reasons, you understand

“So?” Cinder said. She sat on the edge of my table, crossing one leg over the other, flashing those shorts that did almost nothing to convince me they were for modesty. “You live above a bar, but you don’t drink. You practice with a staff, but you use a pistol. You dress like an accountant but you work for Junior. You build things just to break them apart.” Her golden eyes flicked over to the locked room, the one with the dresser in front of it blocking the doorway. “And you rent a two bedroom apartment just to keep one permanently empty.”

Her eyes found me again, smiling thinly. “Have I left anything out?”

My fingers fiddled, idle and uncomfortable about it. Pulling my spinner ring back from where I’d set it aside, I looked down at it instead of her, thumb twirling the case too hard. “Well,” I said, sounding lame, “The extra room is for my workshop.”

“Well that just answers everything, doesn’t it Miss Rose?”

Spin spin spin spin.

The lump in my throat grew larger, no matter how many times I tried to swallow it down. “I don’t really do well with. Playing around with words and stuff, ma’am,” I said after a while of her terrific silence. “So if there was something you needed, I’d appreciate it if you—” just spat it out already ”—Were a little more direct about it.”

“I just want us to have a smooth working relationship together,” Cinder said. “And I like to know more about the people I hire.”

“Well, you’ve summed me up pretty well, I think!” I said, pulling the ring back onto my finger where it belonged, thumb skating across it so that it span in endless, soothing circles. “Anything else you wanna know, just ask. I’m an open book.”

Her hand moved, fingers dancing in a way that misdirected my eyes. It meant I didn’t catch the sleight of hand she pulled, a pack of cigarettes seeming to just appear in her palm. Show of prestidigitation over, she bounced one out, offering it to me.

I shook my head. “Don’t smoke either.”

“Of course you don’t,” she said, lighting it up with her semblance. “Got a boyfriend?”

I shook my head, free hand grasping the wrist of the one still busy spinning, trying to stop myself but somehow unable to. By now she’d noticed it, the nervous habit. Better than chewing on my nails, at least, but a little more noisy.

“A girlfriend?”

I shook my head again.

“Of course you don’t,” she repeated, grinning at me around the cigarette. “You’re too busy hunting down Yang Xiao Long.”

Abruptly, my hands went still.