i just think this song fits perfectly ok

I’m forever chasing after time
But everybody dies, dies
If I could buy forever at a price
I would buy it twice, twice
But if the earth ends in fire
And the seas are frozen in time
There’ll be just one survivor
The memory that I was yours
And you were mine
Everybody dies, dies
Chasing after time, time

i dont like nanami generaly (sdr2 nanami is ok tho) but i think this song fits her perfectly and i never really drew her yet

edit: its transparent click it


* Who made the first move; 
I actually don’t think any of them really did. It just kind of happened

* Who said ‘I love you’ first; 
Ivan. I can imagine that Gilbert would probably be very chocked by it and then angst - do I need to say more, pls

* How often they fight; 
They usually don’t have serious fights. They probably argue about small things sometimes but when they actually have serious fights, it’s very serious alright

* Whose big spoon/little spoon; 
I think they switch from time to time but Ivan is probably big spoon most of the time.

* What their nicknames are for each other; 
Ivan usually calls Gilbert ‘Gil’ and Gilbert likes to call Ivan ‘Vanya’ (◔⌣◔)
(I just really like those nicknames)

* Whose the better cook; 
Gilbert. Ivan’s cooking isn’t bad, but Gilbert’s is just better. 

* Their song;
Ok this is actually a really difficult question. I have so many songs for this pairing omfg, you wouldn’t believe-
But one song I just think fits this ship perfectly is ”I know I’m a Wolf”. I mean the freaking pairing is called snowrabbit ffs do you understand what I mean?
Also, the song ”World so Cold” by 12 Stones fits them too. The lyrics are absolutely perfect. I mean the song isn’t that good but man the freaking lyrics 
* Who remembers their anniversaries; 
Both. They do simply not forget those moments, they’re to important to forget. 

* Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex); 
I can imagine that they just like to cuddle a lot, and just enjoy each other’s presence. I also think that they like to sing (and play instruments) together, I happen to have a headcanon that they spent a lot of time doing that after ww2. (◑_◑) Imagine Ivan playing ‘White Flame’ and ‘Winter’ on the piano tho omfg 
I also think that they like to play in the snow and build snowmen during winter because both of them are fucking dorks. 

* Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; 
Ivan. ( ͡° __ ͡°) Even though Ivan is actually very shy when it comes to things like this that’s how it is most of the time.
(they probably switch sometimes tho because Gilbert is stubborn as fuck)  

* How they would get engaged;
I actually have a lot of feelings about this..,
so, imagine that one day, gay marriage is finally legalized in Russia. And Ivan is just so incredibly that he’s crying like a little kid. Like really imagine that everyone’s celebrating on the streets of Moscow and then Gilbert arrives and can you imagine him just running into Ivan’s arms and they desperately cling to each other like the world is going to end if they don’t, like it’s just really happy but sad at the same time and then Gilbert asks if Ivan want’s to marry him and—
ok no I’m done
*lays down*
*cries a lot*

* What their wedding would be like;
Happiness. *still crying* 
Can you imagine tho, they’re standing in a Russian church (because russian churches are beautiful that’s why) and like, all their closest friends are there and it’d just be really happy and beautiful because they can finally be together (Francis is the priest, the axis are bridesmaids and Natalya is the ring bearer ok) and I don’t even fucking know, jesus christ *continues sobbing* 

* How many kids they’ll have; 
I don’t think they’d have any.