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Maw kind of scares me the most out all of them. Mostly from thinking about whatever hes has in mind for the new roboticizer. I think he plans to use it either for him self, or he just has everything to gain from working with egg man. Either one is still not good.

I could see it going either way. His quest for perfection could result in some genuinely terrifying scenes. I had an idea for one I discussed with @getters-blog-index that would mirror this story from the pre-reboot

It’d be a story entirely from the POV of one of Maw’s “experiments” and it’d serve to give the reader an idea of what Maw does and how horrifying it can get.  Like Eggman here, he’s “fixing” his “patient” but the end result is a lot, LOT more horrifying.

One Night (Part 2)

Ahh.. Clichés, don’t you just love them? So here’s part 2 of the dream I had of Kit and Sophie getting it on. I remember bits and pieces but I remember there was lots of kissing. And don’t mind Robb, I just think it would be a funny scene for him to discover what Jon and Sansa had been up to. And also, I am in love with Robb Stark. Book Robb and show Robb (Richard Madden is bae). Sigh… Anyway, enjoy this cheesy, tarty, smutty trash and it’s okay if you blushed reading it.. (I did haha) and it’s okay if you don’t. I just needed to get it out of my system. Thanks for all the likes and reblogs! Enjoy Jonsa cruisers! You guys are the best! xxx

Jon’s eyes bulged at her request. He blinked twice to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Sansa was still staring at him, waiting, her luscious body in that dress turned towards him. What a night this was turning out to be.


“Sansa.. A-are you sure about this? I mean, I love you and god the things I wanna do to you…” Jon’s voice trailed off as Sansa inched closer to him, till they were both face to face, noses almost touching.

Sansa didn’t say a word. She couldn’t and she didn’t need to. The thong she was wearing was getting increasingly damp and all she needed was some relief. Even if it was just making out and some dry humping, as long as she got off, it would suffice. But something told her that Jon wasn’t going to only let that be. But still she shivered slightly, imagining the ‘things’ Jon wanted to do to her. Sansa took Jon’s hand and brought it to her lips. They felt rough and calloused but smooth and his skin was hot to the touch. Sansa stuck out her tongue and licked his digits, shyly at first, her blue eyes on him constantly. Jon gasped and his jaw hung open as he watched Sansa’s tongue caress his fingers one by one, feeling his cock leaping to life, desiring the same attention.

“There’s more of that if you want… Come to bed, ” Sansa seductively suggested as she led the way to her bedroom.

Her room was just like her, bright and pretty and smelled amazing. Jon never ventured into her room much except to look for her when he needed to do laundry. He never noticed how colour coordinated it was. Jon jumped as he felt a piece of clothing hit him on the head. It was Sansa’s dress. Her perfume mixed with her scent was heaven to him. Soon, Jon was faced with a very naked and giggling Sansa clad only in her black lace thong. Jon had to pull at his crotch to adjust himself. His cock was begging to be released.

“Ohh.. My Sansa.. You’re fucking beautiful,” Jon was in awe as Sansa inched nearer to him, backing him towards her bed. Jon felt the edge of the bed bump against his calves and sat on her bed as Sansa undid his belt and jeans and straddled him. Jon had to watch Sansa’s face as she did so, her eyes gleaming with desire and hunger. She was horny and he was her relief. Whatever it was, Jon may never have this chance ever again, so he took it all in as much as he could for as long as it lasted. Sansa giggled as Jon watched her every move.

“Are you gonna watch me all day or are you going to be an active participant Jon Targaryen? Show me what you want to do to me.. ” Sansa whispered, her breath hot on his ears and neck and Jon turned to claim her mouth with his. He probed her mouth with his tongue, this time hungrily and Sansa reciprocated with the same ferocity. Jon broke away for a moment to take off his t shirt and went back to nipping at her neck and collarbone, her skin smooth, pale and delicious.

Sansa enjoyed straddling him, she loved his mouth on her body, relishing every touch and every sliver of his tongue brought her trembling pleasure. They were both as naked as the day they were born, her on top of him, his hands squeezing her cheeks and almost urgently pushing her down to him where he needed her the most. She wanted the kissing to last all night if she could, he was too good. Where he learned to make a woman feel this good she had no clue but she didn’t care. Jon was full of surprises tonight. Sansa gasped as she felt a hardness touching her entrance, it felt meaty and large. She sighed knowing full well that she was slick and well lubricated enough for him to slip in and for them to cross the point of no return. It was so tempting but she wanted the night to last.

Sansa never really had experience of giving head before, her past boyfriends were all about getting the deed done, foreplay was never part of their routine. But she could try, since Margaery said it was incredibly sexy. Sansa slowly inched down, returning Jon’s kisses on her body with her own. Sansa heard Jon hiss with pleasure as she neared his navel and soon came face to face with his cock. Hard and dark and just as handsome looking as Jon was, his cock was glistening. Sansa figured it was probably from her own juices mixed with his pre cum. That thought made Sansa even wetter than she thought possible. Sansa grasped the stiff shaft in her hands, it was bigger than she thought, which made her mouth water. Sansa gingerly licked the tip and that made Jon groan. Sansa decided it was now or never. They went this far, might as well go all the way. With that as encouragement, Sansa opened her mouth and swallowed Jon whole.

“Ahh! Fuck Sansa ! Your mouth… Oh my god that’s so good!” Jon howled as he felt Sansa’s warm mouth engulf him from tip to the bottom. Sansa almost gagged as Jon’s cock reached the back of her throat but she relaxed and felt her mouth able to accommodate more of Jon’s length. She felt Jon squeezing her shoulder and a hand grabbing at her hair. Margaery was right, it was sexy, now that she was watching Jon lose all control having her mouth over him. And boy, he tasted good. Sansa’s head bobbed up and down as she sucked Jon like a yummy ice lolly, feeling him getting even harder as she did. Sansa’s eyes were closed, enjoying his smooth hard cock in her mouth but opened when she felt him lightly tap her shoulder. Sansa looked up and saw Jon pointing to her to move up. Jon kissed her as she reached to face him, it was undeniably sexy to her how he loved to kiss.

“I want to taste you too, turn around so I can eat you while you suck my cock Sansa Stark.. I wanna make you come,” the dirty talk that rolled off his tongue as his hands groped and fondled her breasts gave Sansa another gush of wetness. She was awfully turned on by this man, who somehow knew how to push the right buttons. Sansa nodded and turned around so her butt was in Jon’s face. Sansa whimpered as she felt Jon’s hands grab at her butt cheeks and she moaned as his hands started to spread them apart. She was fully exposed and she loved it. She grabbed at his cock again, licking and sucking but groaned loudly with his cock still in her mouth as she felt something wet and warm dart in and out of her wet folds.

His tongue was probing her inner walls and his mouth was sucking on her mound. Sansa had to stop and take in a breath as Jon’s tongue found a little nub of flesh which made Sansa pause. It was too much for her to bear. Jon made good on his promise to make her come and tonight was it. The thought drove up the pleasant pressure as it rose within her. It got more and more intense and as she felt Jon’s mouth enclosed on it, and Sansa felt an explosion in her insides.

For a second, Sansa was almost out of her own body, but then found herself trembling and quaking riding on the pleasure wave that Jon had gifted her. Jon held on to her tightly as she trashed about trying to recover from the earth shattering orgasm. Sansa’s grip on Jon’s hard cock loosened as her body went slack. She leaned her head on his thighs as she panted for air. She felt Jon move his body around and shifted hers, his strong arms effortlessly lifting her as if she weighed nothing. Jon caressed her face and kissed her forehead, his eyes looking into hers, full of love and adoration for her just as he had just confessed to a while ago.

“Sansa, you all right sweet girl? You tasted amazing… I can’t wait to make love to you, do you want me to Sansa? Can I make love to you, my darling girl?” Jon cooed as he stroked her face lovingly. Sansa smiled and moved herself to her desired position. After what he gave her, it only felt right that they were joined together as one. Sansa nodded and kissed him, her hands reaching out below her to grab his cock and placing it at her entrance.

Jon’s mouth paused to gasp as she did so, his eyes looking into hers. It was perfect, as it dawned upon Sansa that she once had a dream that she had made love to a man whilst looking into his eyes. And now here she was, ready to be taken by this amazing man, wanting to make her his, joining their bodies as one, looking into her eyes longingly and lovingly. He literally was the man of her dreams. Jon felt her wetness welcome him and it took all his might to not come right there and then. He was not going to ruin his and Sansa’s night by coming prematurely. If he was an expert in anything, it was waiting. He had waited three long years for this. Finally it was in his grasp. And how wonderful it felt.

Sansa bit her lip and shut her eyes, as she stroked his cock on top of her wet slit. And that was all it took for Jon to thrust into her, his cock fully sheathed in her wet folds. Sansa and Jon both groaned in unison, the pleasure from the union of their bodies was beyond anything they had both imagined. Sansa felt as if Jon’s cock was made specially to fit in her. He made her feel full and glorious. Jon started to move and his slow thrusts were deliberate and enjoyable. Sansa had never felt anything so hot and sexy in her life. She wondered if this was what people were talking about - that making love to someone you love and care about was the best feeling in the world. Well, they were right.

Sansa loved hearing Jon moan and calling out her name as he fucked her, his cock massaging her inner walls as it moved in and out. Sansa felt the familiar pressure again building up in her. Jon watched as Sansa’s face contorted in bliss, realising that she was near orgasm. Jon wanted to come with her, it would be so romantic. Sansa gripped Jon’s shoulder and her mouth opened in a silent scream as the orgasm caught her by surprise, her muscles contracting, sucking and milking on Jon’s cock as he pistoned in and out of her. Her orgasm shook her body, mind and soul. Jon continued his pumping and every thrust became more frantic as he felt his own orgasm near. Her squeezing walls were too much to hold off any longer. He howled as he spent inside her, his hot seed flooding her canal. His cock throbbed and pulsed as he rested on top of her, both of them gasping for air.

Sansa kissed Jon as she laid her head on top of his heaving chest. This was one night to remember and she vowed never to forget it, if they never had a chance like this again.

“I didn’t know it was possible, but I believe I love you more now than ever Sansa Stark. There’s no one else for me now. Not ever. It’s you. It will always be you.” Jon finally spoke, as her fingers ran through her hair, slightly matted from the sweat of their coupling moments ago.

Sansa couldn’t help but notice the slight waver in his voice. His earnestness tugged at her heart. She didn’t want this to be some casual one night thing. She adored him too, he was more than a friend or even a cousin for that matter. Whatever little love she had for him, would only grow now that they both had a taste of what they each had to offer. And boy, he was a good fuck. Sansa turned her head and looked up at him.

“Then you shall have me, Jon. Let’s see where this goes.”

Jon didn’t need her to tell him she loved him back. He had her in his arms, he had her in his mouth, he had his cock buried and come inside her and loved every bit of it. Sansa saying yes to giving him a chance to let this relationship blossom was all he needed. He wanted to be the best boyfriend she ever had. He wanted to be the one and only husband if it ever came to being.

Fuck everyone else, they wouldn’t understand what they had. It was only Sansa that mattered and only Sansa he wanted. If it came down to it, it would be them both against the world. He would do anything for her. Jon’s thoughts drifted back to the room as he felt Sansa’s rhythmic breathing on his chest. She looked beautiful even in her sleep. This was one night that he never wanted to forget. If it was all he ever had, he would hold her until the night ended. And how he wished it lasted forever.

“We will always have tonight, Sansa, no matter what happens. I love you,” Jon whispered to Sansa and propped up slightly but gently to kiss her head. Sansa purred and smiled sleepily in acknowledgement. Jon smiled as he watched her sleep, his eyes slowly closing, his body spent from the passionate love making with his Sansa.

“Jon! Sansa! What the fuck??” Sansa and Jon stirred from their sleep and was greeted by a very shocked Robb Stark.


Honestly, I’m baffled that some people still have the nerve to say that Yuri on  Ice “wasn’t gay enough”?

Or that it wasn’t “explicit enough”?

And see, I somewhat understand what you mean, and I will expand on that later, but for now let me take the example of the rings from episode 10 in order to present why I think that the statement that “it wasn’t gay enough” is BS.

I think just watching the scene of the ring exchange will give you the effect I’m thinking of but allow me to use this screenshot for the sake of this post

Let’s all take a moment to remember and think about this scene. It is set in front of a cathedral, to the tune of a choir and the moment Yuuri gently slips the ring onto Victor’s finger, the bells ring.

Which to me sounds like… the perfect setting or an engagement? Here, people usually argue that they didn’t say the things people usually say while getting engaged etc etc but 90% of reactions that I’ve seen to this scene (including reactions of straight cis males) was “oh my gOD they’re actually getting engaged!”

You know why? Because this anime shows and doesn’t tell. Honestly, this scene was the best illustration of this principle - everyone understood the meaning behind it even if they didn’t say “will you marry me” or anything like that.

It’s only when people started overthinking it that the “uh, they didn’t *actually* get engaged, those rings are just ___” comments started appearing. Because in that scene, at that moment, it didn’t matter how Yuuri justified those rings to himself - they were presented like engagement rings, and we all understood that they were engagement rings, no more words were needed.

But just in case you did need words, they did come:

And this was literally the most explicit confirmation we could hope for and it’s right there, sitting there in all its canon glory. The only way this could be more explicit is if they said that they were going to get married- oh wait, that also happened!

And many people took it for what it was, rightfully, in my opinion, because we got both an engagement scene and a direct mention and confirmation of it in the span of just a few minutes.

But of course some people did appear saying that “Oh, Victor was just joking, you know how he acts.”

Which is a ridiculous justification, but it shows us one thing: No matter what the anime does, there will be people out there ready to deny it.

Sure, their arguments get more and more ridiculous as the anime goes further and further in its presentation of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship, but those people don’t disappear. The truth is:

People will deny it if it’s not explicit.

People will deny it if it IS explicit.

So while I suppose I can understand the sentiment of wanting to see Victor and Yuuri explicitly kiss just to “shut people up”, the truth is is that it wouldn’t shut anyone up at all because those people will find a way to deny the canon and annoy us anyway. If someone really wants to deny something or hate on something then they will.

But the truth is also that the anime doesn’t need to be explicit in order to convey the necessary feelings.

Because, as such, those things are clear to anyone who isn’t actively trying to deny it anyway. Remember what I said about Show, Don’t Tell? That’s exactly what I mean. Victor and Yuuri’s love is shown on practically every step so much so that they don’t need an “I love you” to validate them. We all know that they love each other. A confession like that could even be considered superfluous.

Would I like to see Victor and Yuuri openly saying “I love you”? Of course I would. But can I live without it? Of course I can, because their love is visible and clear even without it.

Then, I suppose, comes the discussion of an “uncensored” kiss, or basically just an overt, explicit kiss. “Show, don’t tell, right?” you scoff “What better way to show than through a kiss?”. And yeah, I get your point - I would have liked a kiss myself. Not a wet French kiss (which perhaps people fantasize about but which would also be just… too much for this anime), but a simple peck on the lips - a simple, non-offensive but poignant statement on Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. Because exchanging pecks is definitely a thing a couple like them would do.

But at the end of the day, I think we could say that a kiss as such was unnecessary to the presentation of their relationship which was clear even without that. Of course I would have liked an open kiss and of course I think that it would work in favor of showing their relationship but I’m willing to be happy just with the non-explicit kiss because it was great on its own. Not to mention that relationships aren’t based on checklists you can’t just go and tick everything that you see off and then by the end say “nope, they’re not canon, they still haven’t done this, this and this.” Victor and Yuuri’s relationship is clear to most viewers, the same way a straight relationship in anime (also without a confession or a kiss) would be. And isn’t that part of the point? Normalizing the relationship?

And perhaps most importantly let me say that I am wiling to be extra understanding of the anime studio here, especially considering how much they’ve already shown us. Because, and I know this may be a terrifyingly realistic point but hear me out for a moment, maybe the creators were afraid? Because one fact is that they’ve already pushed borders - tons of them, the engagement being the most prominent one. But let’s also consider how risky of a project it was for them? I wrote a post about it recently and the take away point is that they were afraid that this anime would be terribly niche (they completely didn’t expect the popularity) because the subject topic is niche in itself, because when people think “sports anime” they think “soccer” and “baseball” and probably even “volleyball” but definitely not “figure skating”. Add to it the amount they clearly invested into it and yeah, it’s understandable why they’d be afraid - it was a huge risk from the very start. And how are they supposed to know “How far is too far?” (Or how far is not far enough, for that matter.)

Believe it or not but Yuri on Ice is a pioneer in the world of anime - a sports anime which normalizes gay relationships and discuses many other important topics. Yes, this is where angry No. 6 fans come out and yell that No. 6 did it earlier and it even showed kissing. But you’re forgetting one important thing. No. 6 was based on a light novel. When it was animated it already had a fanbase. The anime was mostly promotional material for it and the upcoming manga adaptation anyway. YOI though? YOI is a completely original project with no previous following. You could very well say that YOI itself is one huge experiment in what anime can and cannot show these days, because literally no original anime has ever done this before and succeeded so overwhelmingly which is actually a good sign. Because it means that the otaku community is changing for the better and can recognize what’s good. Because if the industry realizes that featuring normalized gay couples isn’t risky then they will create more of them. It’ll be the end of the age of queer-baiting and the beginning of an era of actual LGBT representation.

Of course, that’s idealistic right now but perhaps not impossible after all. Remember guys, baby steps. And YOI itself is like a leap forward anyway, and I think that deserves to be appreciated and not shunned for “not being enough”.

And the bottom line is: Now that the creators have realized the power of Victuri and the fact that they don’t need to hold back when showing them, I think we can expect a lot of good things from season 2, whenever that rolls around.

And if you really think that it wasn’t gay enough then please stop comparing Yuri on Ice to yaoi anime or to shows with gay couples in Western media, and start comparing it to relevant stuff - anime within its genre. And what genre was YOI? Sports.

Which sports anime comes anywhere near what YOI showed us? Exactly.

I rest my case.


Outlander Season 2 Meme: [5/9] Favourite Visual Moments: You are so like him.

I’m so sorry guys but I think i’ll always be bitter with Emma...

Because we had this incredible beautiful view of our baby Even

I mean look at him! omg the glasses, the clothes, the way he’s sitting, his hair, his effortless cool swagger. It was a gift from the gods. The music, the aesthetic, the perfection…must I go on? 

But then this happened…

and then this

and soon…

Emma made Even disappear. I just I can’t let this go. the only scene we had of sunglasses Even, and Emma cut it short with her blurry head 😭


Isak’s reaction to this cruelty


Anyone else notice that Yellow Diamonds outfit has changed? I don’t know if there is a possibility that she could have reformed or if the change was just due to Rebecca Sugar being the one who story-boarded the Blue and Yellow scene in “That will be all”. 

I feel like I keep seeing people drawing scenes from “That will be all” with Yellow in her old design. I don’t know if it is because they like the old design better or if it’s because they didn’t notice the new one. In any case I hope this helps other artists as reference! ^^

Bonus: I also think it is interesting that Blue and Yellow have different shaped gems. I guess I just assumed they would all have perfect diamond shaped gems.

My thoughts when I paused the video and watched this scene:

  • This is way too romantic to be real, isn’t it?
  • This scene doesn’t need a kiss to be perfect by itself.
  • As a matter of fact, this might be even better than a kiss, just look at that eros (Victor) and agape (Yuuri) aura flowing through their eyes, it’s sublime.
  • Erotic and cute at the same time
  • I’m thankful I was born to see this moment.

I’ve just realized that the moment before a kiss might be hotter than the kiss itself….interesting…omg


You’d think itd be a fight scene, or love scene…NO



Scene: Aelin, Nesryn, and Aedion walking through Rifthold at night after playing cards and drinking..theyre tired and enjoying the tiny bit of peace they have in that moment…

Then suddenly Aedion tenses, someone is near, Aelin notices and stops walking. She looks around to see if she could see anything..

.. A small breeze blows and he gets a whiff of the stranger…he’s confused but still cautious. Aedion and us the audience see movement in the shadows. The three of them frozen in place, Aedion still deciding if friend or foe.

We see a close up of the stranger walking towards them, close up of his tattooed hands..

..Aelin’s eyes widen as she begins to recognize him…Aedion steady but slowly connecting the dots because of the man’s scent.

Close up of the mans hooded face, as he continues walking, we see it tattooed on one side..

.Aelin then dashes towards him..

.Nesryn asks “Who is that”..Aelin pounces on the man and he chuckles and we see his smile, we know that smile.

Aedion has a huge smile on his own face and answers Nesyrn’s question just as some light hits the man’s face and the audience sees it clearly…..”It’s Rowan”…….**entire fandom screams**


Sing Street (2016) - John Carney

5 bullets on this film:

  • Okay. I have been crying for about two hours because of this film, and I don’t even have feelings, so I don’t really understand what’s going on. It was one of the purest things I’ve seen this year and it made 2016 less shitty. This movie inspired me so much and now I feel ready to face 2017. Sing Street is beautiful, funny, sad, real, and wow, just go and watch it. 
  • THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK IS AMAZING, if you don’t want to watch the film that’s fine (whatever, you’re just missing a great movie), but please listen to the soundtrack because it’s almost perfect. Personally, this is my favorite one. 
  • The actors are amazing and the characters are really well developed, I now officially have a platonic crush on each one of them. I didn’t know Irish people were that cute.  
  • You can really notice that it’s well written, the dialogues are natural and there aren’t any boring scenes, I think the pace of this film is perfect. You know when you don’t want a movie to end? Yes, exactly. 
  • The main theme is music, but the moral is that you have to follow your dreams. Okay, that sounded terrible, but really, follow your dreams, because if you love what you do it means you’re good at it so you’re going to make it. I loved how the characters went through different musical styles before finding their own, and that’s it, if you keep doing your thing, everything will work out at the end.

PHILKAS WEEK: day 3 : a scene: 
such a perfect scene. i love anne so much and she deserved so much better. she could have been a mother figure for lukas since they seemed to get along very well. i love this scene because it’s the first time lukas tells somebody else that he likes philip and even if the scene is just a couple of minutes, it’s super nice to see lukas being open and honest and thinking that someone is gonna judge him but no one does. in fact that person that he talks to, anne, just gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him that it’s gonna get better. yeah i don’t know if this makes sense but it’s such a perfect scene. that’s all you really need to know. it’s a perfect scene.

David Duchovny: The relationship scenes, the scenes between me & Gillian, that deal with something other than furthering the case or propelling the action forward, the emotional spine of the movie. I thought so important, that sometimes it brings more pressure into those scenes just for me wanting them to be special, or perfect, or provocative or strong enough to carry through the next 20 minutes of action. To emotionally engage the viewer in this relationship. Then drop it for the next half an hour so we can chase some shit around.

Gillian Anderson: I think both of us are very interested in the scenes being not just accurate in terms of who these characters are, where they are in this particular place in their life, but that we bring all the history with us into the room. Plus the history that we are making in the moment as of this script which is quite heavy duty. That happens in-between the two of us in this film and the balance between the past and the present is quite intense in this film. 

Okay, but the scene in Jody’s house with the pizza and the Netflix… I can’t have been the only one who just couldn’t keep their eyes off of Sam’s loose, relaxed moosey self all sprawled over that couch. He looked like he’d kinda just melted into that position like an ice cream cone in direct sunlight. And his little cheeky grins, and the little jibes about Dean’s hentai thing, and his dimples… just his face in general. He looked so pure and content and happy and I loved every last bit of him in that scene.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that and the way Sam and Dean just popped up at Jody’s door all smiles and stink because they were fresh from a hunt like “we’re adorable and smelly and hungry please let us in so we can eat all your food and watch your Netflix”. I definitely couldn’t have said no to those faces.

My lil pure smol beans.

Can’t stop thinking Victor is feeling jealous in that last scene…I mean just look at that lovey-dovey  Victor cuddling with Yuuri scene and with Yuuri’s fan’s arriving how Victor’s face turns from a excited and warm one to a boring and emotionless face like “*sigh, why now?”.

..well, he’s still cute anyway but…omfg…this pair is so f*cking CUTE–. 

Okay, but really my favorite scene from “The Office” will always be when Pam and Jim ran away from their own wedding so they could get married on a ferry under Niagara Falls.  I still get emotional when I think about it.

Like, their wedding day was going so crappy and Pammy was so upset over everything.  Then Jim was like, “Fuck it,” and they just ran away!  That entire episode was the most perfect thing in the history of television, in my opinion.

stillframefan  asked:

Hi Steph!! So, I just rewatched TFP trailer and I noticed that we see Sherlock running in the night with a torch, and in another shot he seems in a dark place, maybe in the well, and desperate... could this two scenes be connected, maybe Sherlock tries to save John but he thinks he's arrived too late - a perfect scenario for a love confession, I must say!

Why yes. Yes it does Lovely. 

I actually need this to be the case.  Yeah. I mean, I’m scared as to why John is stuck in a well, and he looks like he’s lost all hope, but God, Sherlock is only that panicked when John is in danger!


I think this is what happened behind the scene. I love how they became get along at the end. they’re perfect as brothers imo.

The first cover has gold colored title and the second is silver. Then the third might be bronze.

So looks like it will be kind like dance partner. I wish they make Yuuri dance with other characters too. That would be rad and maybe awkward but it would be awesome and looks fair because they also need appreciation right
lowkey wants to see Otabek in the CD’s cover

My Thoughts About Jacksepticeye’s “SAY GOODBYE” Halloween Video

SAY GOODBYE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcGpACOXxMo

Jack’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzPXprvl5Y-Sf0g4vX-m6g

I needed a place to share my thoughts on how amazing this video was.

To start off, I did not catch any of the hints leading up to this last October video. I thought the face cam glitches and other spooky Antisepticeye edits were just for the scares. Then SAY GOODBYE is uploaded. My mind was BLOWN. I swear, there are absolutely no words to describe how perfect it was.

First, Jack’s acting was so good, it didn’t even feel like acting. I knew he was acting, but he really made me question myself! I think the nosebleed scene was where I started questioning if all the coincidences were real, and just the editing was fake. Logically, I KNEW it had to be fake blood. But, the way Jack just laughed it off, saying “I never get nosebleeds! Haha, what a coincidence for this time of year!”, that gave me instant chills up my spine. What if he isn’t faking this? Don’t even get me started on the random noises, and how Jack just deadpans the camera at the end and “dies.” Gosh, Jack did SO WELL. Again, words can’t describe it. It was too good!!

Second, Robin’s editing was spot on! That’s the level of editing I want to achieve one day! All this month, the camera glitches and little easter eggs in videos were very well done. I loved it! Robin really upped his game throughout this month. He really showed off what he could do in this particular video, though. Like, DAMN, the way he created Anti’s appearances as a static-hologram-thing and the strange shadow on the door…SO GOOD! Seeing all the cuts and scenes come together was amazing. I loved how choppy it was, with the static lines as if it was falling apart, and how Anti comes in while Jack is killing himself and how REAL it looks. I seriously thought the video would end there, with Jack’s lifeless body encasing the pumpkin, and it would cut to black. No, it was even better than that. I jumped when Anti came up laughing at the camera. One of my favorite parts was the voice changing and when Anti said, “…but you just watched.” Honestly, it gave me Undertale vibes and reminded me of the Genocide run. How the player just wants to see what it’s like, how even Flowey references the audience watching it all happen…it perfectly fits in with us watching Jack’s videos. We wanted to see these Anti clips, these glitches, just to see what it’s like, and we didn’t do a thing but watch. Oh, and the 15 seconds of a black screen and silence, that was a fantastic way to end this spooky video. Seriously, props to Robin! He really went all out for this; I admire how beyond he went, and I really appreciate it. 

The final thing I want to touch upon is the aftermath video, “Happy Halloween!” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iODdNMA0ZCU). First of all, I tip my hat to Jack on delaying the video. It really got me spooked. I wondered if he was going to upload a second video at all! Secondly, I LOVE the fact that Jack didn’t want to create a canon Anti for the channel. He used all these different ideas from the community and incorporated them into Anti. I love it so much. I love how much Jack really pays attention to us. When he was thanking the community for what we’ve created, I wanted to stop him and say, “No, Jack, thank YOU for listening! Thank you for doing all of this!” He didn’t have to make this video. Him and Robin didn’t have to do those little spooky glitches and easter eggs. But they did. They led us up to this finale. I really, really appreciate how much effort they put in. It was so worth it in the end. And in the aftermath video, you can tell how much Jack loved putting it all together. Gosh, I can’t say “thank you” enough. I love everything Jack does, I love all of Robin’s editing, I love everything these two have done. 

*sob story coming through* 

Jack’s videos have helped me through terrible days and they make me smile when the depression doesn’t want me to. I swear, when I watch Jack’s vlogs, I actually feel like I have a reason to live. I should live to achieve my dreams and I should be happy. Seeing how much effort Jack puts into his videos and into the community, it motivates me so much. Not only Jack, but the many YouTubers and bands that I love and follow; I’ll probably ramble about them in separate posts in the future, but this post is about Jack. You can see how much Jack loves doing this, and he’s always so honest and genuine about what’s going on. That’s the kind of person I could only wish to be. 

Again, words seriously can’t describe how well-put this spooky video was. I can’t congratulate Jack and Robin enough on their hard work. Everything leading up to it was fantastic. I loved it, and I know the rest of the community did as well.

Thanks guys. Thanks for everything you do. Thanks for listening to us.

Thank you.


lotr meme: seven places (2/7) → Rivendell

[The house of Elrond] was perfect whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or just a pleasant mixture of them all. Evil things did not come into that valley.