i just think this movie is underestimated

I think the most iconic thing about Wonder Woman is that she never has to prove herself as a woman, only as a warrior. Like this is a movie set during a point in time where (most, if not all) women couldn’t even vote and yet whenever she’s fighting there are no comments on her gender. She doesn’t have to seduce men and they don’t underestimate her-they just see her as something to shoot at. The fact that she’s a better fighter than Chris Pine doesn’t emasculate him like it would in any other movie, it’s a logical fact. Wonder Woman (2017) worked because it wasn’t trying so goddamn hard to convince you that a girl was worthy of fighting with the guys-it took that as fact and worked from there. And as a result, Diana got to experience such a complex and moving character evolution-optimism, doubt, a crisis of morality, and the development of a new, evolved worldview-that is incredibly rare if not unheard of in any movie with a female protagonist, let alone one in an action movie. Wonder Woman is this iconic feminist figure but the movie wasn’t selling store brand pseudo empowering “girl power,” it was a hero’s journey, a film about loss and doubt and growth whose hero just happened to be female, and as a result it was one of the most complex, resonant arguments for female personhood that I’ve ever seen on screen.

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Haha RIGHT???

Mild Spoilers For the New Beauty and the Beast

I can’t stop thinking about LeFou subtly slipping coins to the various bar patrons to “encourage” them to participate in the Gaston song. What a great touch, Disney.

Also can’t stop thinking about Josh Gad’s performance like dude I underestimated him. He brought real dimension to a character that was previously just a prop more than a person, but in this movie he becomes this voice of reason and you actually see him start to doubt Gaston as the story progresses like yes character development!

Literally my only true bone to pick with the movie overall is the fact that Disney had an opportunity to give the Beast a name and they fucking didn’t why. You wanted to humanize his story by giving him a tragic past but you never give him a fucking name???

Always You | Jungkook

Summary: We’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played spin the bottle on a dare and what follows could either make or break the rest of our relationship
Genre: Drama | Fluff
Word Count: 8,193
Author’s Note: I FINALLY FINISHED. This story is kind of a combination of different prompts, mainly involving spin the bottle and a wedding. Take that as you will.


“Wow, I can’t believe Yoongi-oppa actually let you leave the apartment for more than 5 minutes,” You drop good-naturedly as you approach the familiar back of the boy whose appearance at the party had been questionable since you dropped the question last night.

When he turns around, you take in the messy black hair, fringe across his forehead, and piercing brown eyes that crinkle in the corner with unimpressed amusement. “Ha ha,” He retorts dryly, his voice clear even through the blasting music from the stereo system. “He thinks I went to the library to study. Besides,” He adds with a shrug. “You know this isn’t my first showdown. I think you’ve just underestimated my ability to be a bad boy.” He’s grinning as he brings the cup of alcohol to his lips.

“Yes, that is very possible for me to believe,” You retort, rolling your eyes without contempt. “You sleep in looney tunes pajamas and spend your weekends watching Iron Man on a loop. You do realize Marvel has other movies with Tony Stark?”

“It’s not the same thing!” Jungkook retorts. You can’t help but emit a laugh when he gives you a leveled glare, despite the fact that all your points had been true. After all, you know him like the back of your hand.

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A different type of Fight

Summary: You is an small time actress, who gets cast in the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Only the scene, your character has is a pretty intense fight scene between you character and Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan.

Side Note: I haven’t seen Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit yet, I know, I’m terrible but hey. I did do some research and found out that the movie was originally titled: Jack Ryan: Shadow One so… that’s that. :)

The director,  Kenneth Branagh had spoken highly of the scene in question, he’d nicknamed it: “Kill or be Killed.” It was to be the most defining point in the movie: Jack Ryan: Shadow One. Would Jack be willingly to kill a beautiful woman? You’d just finished the table read, the entire two hour long process of sitting at a table and reading your lines with enthusiasm. The scene between you and Chris went well, the awkward shouting between you two in a all but silent room was uncomfortable but well received. Now, you and Chris were heading to the empty studio that was going to be used for stunt choreography.

Training was now in session. You walk in pulling your hair up into a pony tail and scanning the area. Today was the first day you would come face to face with Chris. Could this be more terrifying You say silently to yourself when you finally see him. Chris is in the middle of the room, speaking to a man and a woman you assume are the stunt coordinators; dressed in dark gray sweatpants and a blank blue T-shirt.

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ENGLISH LITERATURE HL: How to get a seven

[this was previously posted on bookfirefly] 

(Advice in this section can also mostly be applied to English Literature SL, Literature for other languages, as they have the same basic structure. English Language & Literature students may be able to find some useful advice regarding Paper 2 in this section, although the other components of the subject are rather different).

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I don’t normally give shout-outs and do stuff like this but it would be a real shame for me if I didn’t share my favorite channel in the history of YouTube.

If ya haven’t heard CinemaWins yet (a total opposite of CinemaSins), you. are. missing. out. on. life, fren.

CinemaWins seems to be what you’d expect it to be. A parody of CS (CinemaSins, for those who can’t get it) that focuses only on the great stuff of films. But trust me, it is SO MUCH MORE.

This channel just radiates with positivity that it might make me vomit friendship and hugs. While CS sins for cheesiness and cliches, CW wins them (i.e. hugging, intense background music, friendship, etc.). You think that’s all? Ho-ho-ho… you underestimate this channel, bucko. Not only winning those, this guy is so fricking good at spotting references and appreciating them (lots of the references he spots are great for an ice breaker tbh). I don’t know what CW Guy’s background is but, I got to say, he is one excellent movie critic. In an age where movies get critiqued about presentation and giving them some thumbs down in one sitting, this channel is just refreshing.

A lot of critics critique a movie based on their preference and are usually not seeing it in the target audiences’ eyes. CW is a perfect representation of a zealous target audience while not compromising on pointing out flaws. Heck, the guy even gives a tl;dr review near the end of each video, pointing out stuff we missed, and lessons we didn’t really catch on the first watch. This channel doesn’t lazily browse on the film like a math textbook. They go deep within the film and find the heart of it. That is what makes this channel completely and utterly amazing.

To give ya a summary of what this channel is: they promote positivity, point out references that are hard to catch on the first watch, is also JAM PACKED WITH SINCERE FAN REACTION MOMENTS (listen to CW guy’s laugh and don’t tell me your heart didn’t melt), gives an honest yet constructive and positive critique, dives to the heart of the film, and over all appreciates films (and life). And CW Guy’s a dad now!!! (Congrats, ya lovable doof!!!) He and his wife are just amazing beacons of hope in an age full of cynicism and complaints. There’s so much to learn from them. This is my go-to channel when I don’t feel like my usually positive self.

Just watch one video and you might come back as a person with a big heart. If this isn’t enough to move you… idk, man. Ya must have no soul. Or you just have an opinion. Could be both ;3

Just. Check out this channel. Support this guy and his family (HUGS FOR BABY JUDE!!!) and enjoy films in a new perspective. I guarantee that you won’t regret it X3

Fantastic Beasts Review

I have seen many movies. Some I liked, some I loved. And, a few months ago, came Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them. I didn’t just love it : it became my favorite movie. It’s been a while since I wanted to write down what I felt for this wonderful story.

First of all, Newt Scamander. I was very excited about having a Hufflepuff protagonist, but what I discovered was way more than that, I literally fell in love with this character, I even think I’ve never been so deeply touched by a character, including the Harry Potter saga. Newt is in the shadow of his big brother, but doesn’t seem upset about it, neither by the fact that, in his own words, he “annoys people”.

All I could feel from him was pure kindness. First, towards his creatures, of course; at the exact moment he was back inside the case, he is totally at ease in his movements, can’t stop speaking with passion, knows what he’s doing and, above anything, has this motherly look when taking care of his companions that had my heart melting. This, to me, is the exactly accurate description of a Hufflepuff : he’s uncommon, but passionated, and very skilled in what he loves, that is to say taking care and educating. Plus, even if the mating dance scene was a comic part, a bit awkward, I loved it. I mean, he learnt the erumpent’s mating dance and didn’t have any trouble doing it.

He has this delicacy, this open mind and this sensitivity that makes him an incredible and surprising character. He certainly isn’t the happiest one around : it is clear that he feels guilty for the obscurus/little girl’s death and it seems he has been hurt by Leta Lestrange who appeared to be his closest friend. He could have broke down, been embittered, but chose to remain strong, helpful and sharing, as with Jacob who became his friend. I was deeply touched by his sensitivity, the way he politely asks Queenie to stop reading his mind, the way he asked Credence if he could come closer, his understanding of his suffering.

Speaking about Jacob, how can you not love him ? He may be the main humorous touch, his amazement for the magical society is a delight. In a way, he is the spectator that got to be in the movie. The way he pursues his dream is a great lesson, as of his loyalty and sense of justice.

The first time I saw the movie, I also fell in love with Queenie. Just like Newt, she is the little sister that “didn’t make it” in life : she doesn’t have a great job as she said when referring to Tina as the career girl, she is underestimated plus, and I believe this is due to the period, people tend to think she is nothing more than a very beautiful woman. I was glad we knew quickly for her gift of Legilimens, and glad that she used it for good reasons. She may not control it, and surely suffers from it (let’s face it, how many thoughts on her beauty did she have to endure ?) but still, she is very attentionated and kind, understanding.

And Tina, oh Tina… She has very strong ethic, a high sense of justice and is very protective towards people. I know Newt and her are supposed to end up together, and I must say I will be so glad when it happens. To me, Tina is the optimistic one, this kind of people who will stand for what they believe is right, even if they’re the last ones doing it. She is the change, the justice, and it was a pleasure to see her let go of her edgy face and enjoy the adventure.

Credence and his obscurus are the perfect embodiment of evil. Perfect, because he is not evil, there is nothing bad in him appart from the obscurus, He’s innofensive and desperate for help. His development of an obscurus is due to all the bad treatments he has accumulated, and this metaphor was way stronger than de Dementors one, to me. Credence is not the bad one, Credence is the result of all the bad ones. He shows that even on the sweetest and innofensive person, accumulating bad treatment will result in a very dangerous explosion.

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I know this movie is my favorite of all. I know it because, when times get hard, when I have difficulties seeing beauty in the world, in people, all I have to do is think of these wonderful characters. Think about these messages. About that case.

Casual reminder that when Tiana tried to stop Naveen from getting Lottie to kiss him in order to turn them human again, he didn’t say “this is the only way to turn us human again,” he said “this is the only way to get you your dream” and that kills me because the closest Naveen had come to telling Tiana he loved her was promising to do whatever he could to get her her restaurant

And once he found out she only had a day to get the building he made the conscious decision not to tell her because he knew he couldn’t get the money in time unless he married Lottie and he didn’t want Tiana to give up her dream for him

And it hurt him a shit ton but he just wanted her to have her dream even if it meant he couldn’t be in her life the way he wanted to be aND THEN SHE FUCKING TELLS HIM HE’S A PART OF HER DREAM (note that he’s not her actual dream, just included in it) AND HE KINDA CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT HE’S HEARING AND HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO RESPOND AT FIRST BECAUSE HE DIDN’T THINK SHE COULD HAVE THE LIFE SHE WANTED IF SHE WAS WITH HIM

I underestimated how much pain this movie could cause me.

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Hello fellow shipper. What made you fall in love with reylo? Or what do you like the most about reylo?

Hi, fellow shipper!

Well, that’s an interesting question because I’m neither a “serial shipper” or a hero/villain shipper and I certainly wasn’t expecting to ship anything when I went to the movie.

But if you’re looking for a detailed answer, lemme explain:

I don’t ship Reylo for what Kylo did to Rey but for what he didn’t do.

Confession time: I love Rey more than I love Kylo. If I thought Kylo was your run out of the mill creep I wouldn’t ship him with Rey.

I think that Kasdan and Abrams have been pretty clever with all the red herrings. They showed actions on screen, but the most important to me is what they omitted. Perhaps it’s naive of me, but I gave them enough credit to believe that it wasn’t a coincidence.

Without further ado dear nonnie, Top 3 reasons why I started shipping Reylo.

1. He didn’t touch her during the interrogation scene

The red herring: Kylo Ren kidnapped “the girl”. She’s restrained, he’s invading her private space before reading her mind (i.e. invading her privacy) + The infamous line “You know I can take whatever I want.”

This scene would be the perfect set up to show that a villain is a creep. Think about Frollo sniffing Esmeralda or Jabba licking Leia level or creep. 

Sure, he  watched her sleep and he kinda checks her out, but he also avoid looking at her in the eyes and he may as well be blushing when he does that threat of “taking whatever he wants.”

Originally posted by reylo17

2. He never underestimates her because of her gender.

The red herring: We live in a fucking sexist society. The audience will assume that no matter what Rey does, she’s just a “girl” or a Mary-Sue. Villains (and heroes!) always underestimate female characters and/or infantilize them.

What I noticed during the movie, is that Snoke and Kylo never use “girl” as a derogatory term. When they use girl it’s because that’s what she is and because they can’t use her name yet. 

The point is that in the movie it’s not “a girl” who resisted Kylo Ren, it’s “a scavenger.”

Kylo Ren hesitates to reveal the truth. Then:

           GENERAL HUX (O.S.)
           Ren believed it was no longer valuable
           to us.
          Ren turns back -- Hux enters the large space, moves to the
          platform beside Ren.

           GENERAL HUX (CONT'D)
           That the girl was all we needed. As
           a result, the droid has most likely
           been returned to the hands of the
           enemy. They may have the map already.
          Snoke is visibly furious.

           Then the Resistance must be destroyed
           before they get to Skywalker.

                          GENERAL HUX
           We have their location. We tracked
           their reconnaissance ship to the
           Ileenium system.

           Good. Then we will crush them once
           and for all. Prepare the weapon.
          Kylo Ren is stunned by the moment -- that isn't what he meant
          at all --

                          KYLO REN
           Supreme Leader. I can get the map
           from the girl. I just need your

           If what you say about this girl is
           true, bring her to me.

Interestingly in the novelization, Snoke does use “girl” like if it was another layer of outrage or an insult. The fact that it was removed from the final script shows that someone paid attention to the vocabulary used during that scene.

But back to the movie. Once she escaped Kylo doesn’t consider her harmless, something all sexist villains do.

She's just beginning to test her
           powers. The longer it takes to find
           her, the more dangerous she becomes.

Finally, during the snow battle, YES he throws her into the tree. But he doesn’t do it because he’s a wife beater. He does it because she’s the dangerous one and he knows it. It’s probably the 1st logical reaction he has around her tbh.

3. He offers to be her teacher, not her “master.”

The red herring: Mansplaining 101. “I can show you the ways of the Force”. 

This one is really what sealed the deal for me. 

Keep in mind that Snoke called “Master of the Knights of Ren” and the word Master in the Star Wars universe is rather common.

It refers to two realities: 1/ Masters of slaves 2/ Masters of doctrine. 

So why on Dagobah Kylo Ren would offer to be a teacher? He has all the reasons to use the word Master since that’s basically what he is.

Seriously, if he had a LinkedIn account it would say “Kylo Ren, Master of the Knights of Ren, Space crusader for EvilCorp” or something like that.

So the fact that they decided to use the word teacher, a word that isn’t commonly associated with Star Wars, is very revealing.

Here you go nonnie, you have an answer.

TL;DR: I don’t think Kylo is a sexist pig and I like to imagine how a relationship between Rey and Ren could blossom.

As much as I love Eddie Redmayne and think he is a wonderful actor- I’m fucking pissed about the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them casting. Unsurprised, maybe, but angry nonetheless. They cast a white actor into a role that was a perfect opportunity to cast an actor of color. No physical description of Newt Scamander exists in canon. It is incredibly important to break down the idea that white is the default. And they squandered the chance to change that in a big way. 

If you think you’re going to come into my askbox to tell me that “that’s the way hollywood works” and “they want to make sure people see it so it makes money” then I’ll tell you right now that that is bullshit. It’s a film in one of the most successful film franchises in history. People are going to see it no matter who’s in the lead. And I think it’s time we stop underestimating audiences- a film led by a PoC could do just as well as a white-led one but audiences aren’t given the option to see movies with PoC in the leads. Especially fantasy movies. 

Okay so let me talk to you about the Russo Brothers

One of the things we were most excited about this con was that the Russo Brothers were going to be there!  Now, don’t get me wrong - Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Hayley Atwell, and (of course) Frank Grillo are HUGE draws and super cool - but really, when you get down to it, its the Russo Brothers who have a greater hand in making my favorite movie what it is.  

So yeah, my wife ( @araniaart​ ) and I were super stoked to be meeting them - we went directly to their table on Friday and waiting for them for a few hours because we were near the front and that excited to see them.  I do think the con might have underestimated the draw of these guys, because their line got filled up pretty fast.  Now, like in the most cases of signature tables at cons, I think most of the people there were there to just get their signature on some Civil War something or other to up its value, so I think by the time we actually got to meet them, we were the first fans to really just start gushing and fangirling.

“You’re work is a gift to mankind,” wifey said when we walked up (they seemed amused).  We didn’t have a TON of time with them, after all there were a lot of people waiting, but they were SO generous and nice and didn’t rush us at all.  We told them that CATWS was legitimately out favorite movie and all that jazz.  But the real highlight was when we brought up Stucky.

It started when @araniaart​ brought up how perfect their response in China was about the relationship between Bucky and Steve (if you’re not familiar with it, check out the relevant bits here).  Not only did they look pleased we were familiar with that interview, Joe (who by the way was more vocal and open than his brother, who seemed a bit more reserved, but they were both listening and contributing to the conversation) emphasized that they are completely supportive/comfortable with any interpretation of their characters and their relationships.  That’s why they make movies after all - like all art how the fans interpret the art is why they do it.  That’s what makes great storytelling.  It’s not really their job to tell us, as fans, how to interpret the stuff you can read between the lines.  

We were overjoyed with that, of course, and I joked, “We’re slight Stucky fans, if you couldn’t tell,” as we were obviously a couple and cosplaying Cap and Bucky.  Joe smiled and looked directly at me and said, “If you love Stucky, you’re going to love Civil War.”  

Well, there it is.  Proof that they know the term, used the term several times throughout the con, and seemed to indicate that the trailer is probably just a taste of the heart-wrenching stucky goodness we’re going to get out of this damned film which will probably kill me.

We were ecstatic with that answer of course - we told them as bisexual monogamous ladies ourselves how IMPORTANT that is to us.  Joe and Anthony were so nice and supportive.  Arania gave them a watercolor piece she did which they seemed really touched about (I have a feeling they don’t get as many ‘fan gifts’ as the actors do) and of course, without even asking for it, Joe wrote our inscription on the poster:

Lookit at these adorable fuckers.  They know exactly what they are doing here.  They know THE LINE.  They know what it sounds like, lol.  

Anyway, they let us take a picture with them, too, and just seemed pleased as punch to have met us.  

Not only were they generous enough to sign the poster, they also signed our CATWS poster (because, at least for now, that’s our favorite movie), and they got to pop the cherry on our new shield-for-signatures.

And that, my friends, was only day one.

The next day was super busy with photo ops and signatures of the headliners, but we did manage to swing by the Russo’s table again.  Sadly, they were just packing up to leave but when they walked by they recognized us and waved, and asked if we were going to their screening later that day (which of course, we were!)

Sadly, because of all the photo ops and such we missed most of their first panel, but we did catch the tail end of it.  Stucky got brought up again.  <3  I really need to dig up some videos from that panel, it sounded like fun.  But as I mentioned, we only caught the tail end, and both Joe and Anthony saw us before they left, and made a point to wave to us.

Screen Junkies and The Russo’s has a screening of CATWS that evening and… holy shit.  There was so much said and going on, I don’t know if I can recall all of it, but it was amazing.  Especially because Screen Junkies asked up to sit up front (they liked our costumes) and we ended up being virtually RIGHT next to the Russo’s during the screening.  

So close, that while a majority of the questions were fielded by the Screen Junkies, wifey and I were close enough to ask questions and personally comment with them as well.  And they were SUPER nice about it.  Actually - going back to the fact that Joe seems like the more extroverted of the two, he mostly spoke to the crowd/Screen Junkies but Anthony was closer and seemed to enjoy the more one-on-one interaction.

Unfortunately they couldn’t stay the whole time (they left after Steve’s escape from the Triskelion) but even for the amount they were there is was probably the Crown Jewel of the whole weekend.  

I mean, to sit in the same room with the DIRECTORS of your FAVORITE MOVIE was just something I don’t know I would ever have the honor of doing.  I’m going to try to list the most significant things I can remember them talking about / learning while watching:

- they had to fight to get Black Widow in as an important role as she did, eventually it seems Marvel wanted to focus on mostly Cap and Falcon, but they really wanted to delve into Black Widow and get a solid grasp of her character

- They definitely didn’t want to do a romance plot with Black Widow, instead, they seriously wanted to focus on the texture and depth a friendship could be. (I would say, “Sorry, Romongers,” but that would be silly considering their answers previously to Stucky.  So if you’re a Romongers shipper, you keep on doing you).

- The Screen Junkies pointed out that doing a romance with BW/Cap would be silly considering they already have a romance subplot with Cap/TWS.  Video here. Subtitled here.

- The Russos agonized over almost everything to make sure it was in-character for Steve.  Would he really throw a knife through someone’s hand?  Yes, he was about to set off an alarm.  Where would he keep his shield? In the bathroom? The bedroom? The hallway?  

- Was “It’s Been a Long, Long Time” a deliberate choice.  Yes.

- Anthony Russo referred to me as his friend ;)  I know he was just being polite but still, my fluttering heart.

- If you didn’t know already, Joe Russo is the surgeon (the very sexy surgeon, as he pointed out) who is operating on Nick Fury after he’s shot, and later treats Nat’s gsw in the underground bunker.

- They explained how The Winter Soldier was able to shoot Nick Fury though Steve’s Wall.

- They also explained the reason they used TWS to go after Nick Fury to  begin with - they actually based his car after what the President uses.  They researched its specs and features (like being able to take a bomb exploding underneath it, for example) and basically gave it a FULL SHIELD upgrade.  Nick Fury is harder to kill than the president, so that’s why they brought in the big gun.  And to also show, narratively, that a full squadron of HYDRA agents couldn’t take down Nick Fury but the Soldier shows up and immediately ends the fight.

- They also explained why everything seemed to happen NOW and so suddenly - basically just the completion of the Insight Hellicarriers.

- Why does Steve live in a crappy apartment?  He’s an everyman - he most likely wouldn’t choose to draw a salary from SHEILD (just ask to cover his modest living expenses).  He also most likely gave away most of his money he would have received as back-pay from the US Army to charity because he’s fucking Steve Rogers, guys.

- The cute kid from the Smithsonian exhibit is the Russo’s nephew. 

- The women speaking in Sam Wilson’s support group is their sister.

- Robert Redford only agreed to do the film because his grandchildren are huge fans of comic book movies - so the joke about Iron Man making a fly-by at Pierce’s granddaughter’s birthday wasn’t completely inaccurate. 

- Joe might have accidentally slipped who dies in Civil War.  Anthony looked a bit blanched when he did, and they tried to cover by joking about a Red Herring.  So either he slipped, or they were being purposely deceptive.  Only time will tell (and no, I’m not going to say who).

That’s all the highlights I can think of right this second… *taps chin*  I might add more later so feel free to check back.  I didn’t record the whole thing, but I did get the last couple of minutes if you want to see what the experience was like.

I think I’m finally happy. I’m with you and you make me smile and I think we might work. It’s been a month now and this is longer than any of my relationships have lasted. You care for me. You actually respond to my texts. You don’t flirt with other girls. You care about me and it feels great to be cared for.

I remember when we first started talking. You told me not to doubt myself, that I underestimated my talent. My heart ached with longing because I doubted that you could ever like me back and then you asked me out and I said yes.

We just saw a movie and god, it made my day. The movie was awful, yeah, but I loved being beside you. It was a horror movie and all the jumpscares terrified me. You put your arm around me and let me hold your hand to keep me from being scared.

I hope that we last, I really do. You’re making me so happy and I don’t think I’ll be able to let you go.

—  scary movie//excerpt from a book I’ll never write #12
Kylo Ren's hidden skills

Let’s stop and think about this for a second , Kylo Ren was raised traveling with Han Solo in the millennium falcon alongside wookies and creatures and droids and I think we are all underestimating how powerful that boy truly is . He probably learned all the wookie and creature languages, can communicate with droids , knows how to pilot which means he’s probably very good at fixing and working with machinery and computers ( we’re talking about Kylo not Matt here ) , and has a serious set of skills we will never even get a glimpse to see . Kylo Ren is such a skilled character and we will never get to see him up his full potential . I need a movie just dedicated to the skills of Kylo Ren , who’s with me ?

We Should Question Everything Noah Does

I believe that we are underestimating Noah this season and the writers know that. 

Let us recall Noah’s monologue from the season one finale. He mentioned that “having made it to the end of our very own slasher movie, I think we’re all just processing what we’ve lost and how to move on. Staring death in the face has a way of making you want to be a little more forgiving. Maybe we’ll find that the loss of someone we loved may lead to the promise of someone new. Maybe we’ll see this as a second chance to do things differently and make a change for the good. Or to wipe the slate clean and reinvent ourselves as someone new”. 

The interesting thing that I picked up from his speech was the idea of reinventing ‘ourselves as someone new’. If Noah found out the truth, how could he reinvent himself and live that part of his life as a lie or a sham. No, I don’t believe that he would have accepted such a thing. His love for horror movies would give him an idea to get back at Audrey for the cruel betrayal that he experienced during the three months that Emma was away from Lakewood. You can see from his posters around his place, some of the movies like Twisted show a serial killer (Noah) that is always present near the protagonist 

(Audrey/Emma). In 2x05, when Noah was talking to Zoe, behind her, you see a picture on the wall saying “open your mind”. These are little clues that we are avoiding as we are not seeing the bigger picture. The writers are presenting Noah to us as a hero like Randy was in the movies but they will switch it up and shock us.

If the show-runners go in that direction, I strongly assume and I mentioned it in my earlier theory that Noah’s idea would start from revenge. I say start because I believe revenge is not something that will be sustainable like Piper’s quest in season one. I believe that the motive will move into the territory of control and power. The way Noah would display such power and control is through directing a ‘movie’ of his own making. The show-runners mentioned earlier in an interview that the killer is setting a ‘large scale performance’, that video streaming is an important element this season and that 'the sins of the past’ will be an initial catalyst to the killer (or killers) committing the killings. If that is the case, ask yourself this question, why did the killings start again when Emma came back to Lakewood in I Know What You Did Summer? While Emma was away, Piper’s second accomplice could have started killing the remaining survivors of the Lakewood Six. So why didn’t they? Could it be that Noah knew the accomplice and started to concoct a plan to get back at Audrey when Emma was away from Lakewood. If that is the case, it would explain why the killer is heavily targeting Audrey this season. Also, don’t forget, Noah was one of the only members among the Lakewood Six that successfully contacted and emailed Troy James. This was mentioned in Hello, Emma when he was interviewed by Kieran’s deceased father, Clark Hudson. Could it be the case, that he discovered more information about Audrey’s role, the extent of her involvement and the real history or story behind the Brandon James killings sometime during Emma’s retreat away from Lakewood. I would say the likelihood of that development is very high.

Moreover, I want to mention something important that I have noticed this season. The fact that the tone in Noah’s character shifted dramatically in the last few episodes has given me a lot of red flags. For those that are still doubting Noah’s involvement, you have to remember, the evidence that we see could be a fabrication since it is put there on purpose. It is meant to misdirect us. We rationalise and internally believe that it is impossible for Noah to be the killer. I don’t believe that to be the case. When we saw Noah reacting to Audrey’s messages on her phone in Dawn of the Dead, we could attribute his ‘reaction’ as a performance. Also, when Noah was at the fun-house tied up by Audrey, he was telling her 'personal details’ in Jeepers Creepers. Again, this could be viewed as a performance as well. Noah could be using his friendship from the Lakewood group (including getting inspiration from Gustavo’s comics) as a tool to further his ambitious vision. Remember, the killer this season is smart. They have orchestrated everything. From filming Jake’s death to psychologically tormenting and manipulating Audrey, Emma and Brooke, this season’s killer is intelligent and astute. Who fits into that particular profile? Noah. 

His actions this season are highly questionable and we cannot ascribe such inconsistencies in his character as a problem of 'writing’. For example, why couldn’t Noah connect the dots that someone was threatening Eddie in Psycho. Also, when Audrey showed up just a few moments after the interview outside the motel, he didn’t question her excuse for being late. He just told Audrey enough information, including the location of the storage unit that Piper owned so that he could have something to frame Audrey on-camera.

Another thing that we didn’t see and this could be a clue that Noah is involved in the killings is a scene in Happy Birthday to Me. We never saw him drink the laced cup with ayahuasca. Again, for all we know, he could have been faking it for the purposes of a 'performance’. Another thing that was peculiar about the party scene in the same episode is that the killer did not text Emma or Audrey. All the other characters including the remaining members of the Lakewood Six were present (Brooke, Noah, Kieran, Eli, Gustavo, Zoe). In Vacancy, Noah found the camera in the storage unit. Also, prior to entering the storage unit, he wanted Audrey to film his reaction or 'reveal’. Remember, how I highlighted earlier that the show-runners highlighted that there are cameras everywhere. Well, this particular scene near the storage unit in Vacancy was a hint. He wants to be in on action, he wants control as a ‘director’. It is not just pure revenge anymore, it is his goal, the ultimate expression of Noah’s love for movies. It would be symbolic, the nerd that made a movie as an extension of his psychosis.

I believe that if I am correct, Noah’s reveal will be a meta kind, similar to Mickey Altieri in Scream 2. He could control the fear of the characters in the 'movie’ as a director, play psychological mind games on Emma/Audrey/Brooke (final girls) as a 'friend’ and he could enjoy himself knowing the pain and hell that he will put them through as a disguised 'killer’. Everyone thinks Noah is in the clear especially after the ending of Happy Birthday to Me. Remember, the writers will not go for the obvious route of Kieran being the mastermind killer. Also, don’t forget, there is a reason, why we started the premiere and the season with Audrey at the theater. Also, there is another reason, why the location settings this season are heavily around Crescent Palms Motel (movie reference to Vacancy), the Zenith theater (reference to Scream 2) and other set pieces like the Carnival. Also, remember, the titles of the episodes this season coincide with famous horror films. Who is a big fan of horror films in the show? None other than Noah (and possibly Gustavo).

We should question everything that Noah does, he is not telling us the whole story. Noah has the audience fooled. We keep asking ourselves many questions including the following “If he is the killer, why is he investigating the identity of the second accomplice. Wouldn’t that go against his own interests?” Remember, if he is the mastermind killer, he needs a perfect cover. If he is investigating the information, the audience as well as Emma, Audrey and the other characters in the show, that would take their (and our) attention away from him. One thing I want to add is that we are led to believe that Kieran is the ultimate killer or the Billy Loomis of this season. That is a predictable reveal. Noah’s reveal would be the exact opposite. If he has accomplices and he is the mastermind killer, he could very well be in a position to experience a cathartic moment of joy by blurring the very lines of fantasy and reality. Also, wouldn’t it be the ultimate tragedy, that not only did he inherit Piper’s podcast but that he did become the very reflection of his passion, a ‘serial killer’?



“This is so cool, Nat, oh my God. Shit, fuck, is that - Nat, that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger -”

“No it’s not, Steve; he’s not even in this movie,” Natasha replied, rolling her eyes as she tugged Steve through a door into the studio. “I know you’re excited about this, okay, but you have to chill. This is my job; do not embarrass me.”

“I won’t, I promise,” Steve replied, following her over to to a group of other extras listening to a lady with about a dozen walkie-talkies strapped to her belt. 

“- not putting mics on you, so you can talk, but we’re gonna need inside voices so you don’t overlap the leads,” she was saying. “No drawing attention, don’t actually eat the food, yada yada yada, you all know the drill.”

Steve was still bristling with excitement even though he and Natasha were then split up. The same lady, who Steve realised was an assistant director, pointed him to a table right behind where the leads were sat, and he could barely contain a grin as he sat down. Instead, while he waited for everyone around him to get ready, he glanced around him. 

The set was amazing. It looked exactly like the inside of a coffee shop, right down to a glass cabinet with what he realised were actually fake desserts. Awesome

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just wanted to throw this out there - not only was Star Trek Beyond a SUPER entertaining movie, but also the whole premise is about unity and coming together and sticking up for one another. with everything going on in the world right now, it is a phenomenal message to send. 

when Krall said, “Unity is not your strength. It is a weakness,” Captain Kirk had the perfect response:

“I think you’re underestimating humanity.”

We should all take a lesson from Captain Kirk.

why are people saying that reylo probably won’t happened bc its disney??? hasn’t disney been very pro antihero/villain/hero love story dynamic in like the entire history of disney?? beauty and the beast anyone ??? that K.C. Undercover show people where talking about ?? kuvu and nala från the lionking 2 ?? Aladdin who starts out as a thief and a liar and who is not at all actually a hero to begin with??? i can probably point out a few more similar characters and movies but i feel like this is proving my point. 

Also the thing is Star Wars is still Star Wars they are not going to change a whole lot of things since the first movies are already pretty PG13, and in the preivious ones we had all kinds of characters and stories with villains and heroes, about redemption, love and compassion and dark vs light ,which tbh is like every disney plot ever made wrapped up with a pretty bow, so i don’t think disney would oppose to reylo romance since it contains exactly all elements listed above which has also, might i ad, made star wars to the epic space opera that it is!

and i just need to add that disney do produce movies that are aimed towards a more grown up audience, i mean Pirats of the Caribbean isn’t exactly made for small children (it scared the crap out of me when i was younger) everything marvel?? also fucking dead pool anyone? hello rated r?? i mean marvel owns dead pool, disney owns marvel so i think we’re underestimating disney and what they’re actually willing to put their name on (don’t get me wrong i don’t mean we’re going to get an R-rated star wars movie, which i don’t even want) also i don’t know if disney owns harry potter ??? I saw a post where someone said that they do, and if they do then if they can spit out a heavy (naked) make out scene between harry and hermione then they can at least have a reylo romance imo!!

P.S sorry I’m just kinda word vomiting this so i don’t know if i make any sense, i just felt like saying something