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From Dan’s Rush AMA
  • He’d like to possibly cover Closer to the Heart by Rush in the future
  • His favorite concert of Rush’s he’s seen (out of 11) is the R30 tour in 2004
  • His favorite thing he’s seen them play live is Xanadu
  • He doesn’t plan on trying to start playing an instrument (aside from the bass which he has said he’s mediocre at) because the band he’s got now has such awesome musicians that he wants to focus on being the best vocalist he can be
  • His favorite Skyhill song is Run with the Hunted, and his least favorite is Only One
  • His favorite Rush song to play on the bass is Fountain of Lameneth (but it’s hard)
  • It’s pretty likely that there will eventually be a new Skyhill song or album
  • He first saw Rush in 1994 in NJ at the Brendan Byrne Arena. He’s seen them on every tour since.
  • He’s hoping that next year they’ll be able to tour in the UK, and he’d like to be able to tour in Australia too at some point
  • What influenced him most from Rush is their chord choices, their worth ethic, and their integrity.
  • If he could perform vocals on one song with Rush, it would probably be Time Stand Still
  • His best Rush-related experience was zoning out by himself as a kid and letting their music take his imagination places
  • His favorite Rush albums are A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Caress of Steel, and 2112. His least favorite (though he still loves them!) are Hold your Fire, Counterparts, and Snakes and Arrows
  • The most direct way that Rush has affected him is that they helped inspire him to commit his life to music.
  • His top 3 songs are Xanadu, Hemispheres, and Fountain of Lameneth
  • He started listening to Rush at 13 and he became obsessed with them. He sang their music to himself all day during school.
  • When asked how many Rush shirts he has, his answer was “Too many!!”
  • A Farewell to Kings is his alltime favorite Rush album
  • What initially caused him to enjoy Rush was that it was an awesome sound that he’d never really heard before and lyrics that appealed to his nerdy Lord of the Rings loving self.
  • His favorite >10 minute Rush track is (possibly) Circumstances
  • “ I’m more Jewish by culture than by religion. I certainly believe that there’s a lot to life and the universe that we don’t understand, and I respect anyone who finds their answers in religion, but it’s never been a big part of my life personally.”
  •  His favorite Rush show to watch is one from Rio
  • The song he’s most proud of is 6969 because it’s a comedy prog song, which is something he’s always wanted to do.
  • His favorite part of 2112 is the overture
  • Hemispheres will always remind him of his freshman year of high school. He listened to it constantly.
  • Both him and Arin write the lyrics to Starbomb songs
  • He feels an immediate kinship with other Rush fans. “We’re like a world-wide secret club!”
  • The rush album he feels is most underrated is Presto
  • The first Rush song he listened to was Roll the Bones
  • He would be interested in giving talks about music/comedy/career stuff at colleges or high schools if there was an audience for it.
  • He got into Rush at age 12 because the guy that worked at his local comic book shop (named Keith) introduced him to them. “God bless that man.” Before he discovered them he listened to a lot of Def Leppard and Nirvana
  • Q:  if you were to start your career again today, where would you start? Youtube / twitch / podcasts?
    A:  I don’t think I’d do anything differently because even the years of “failure” taught me a lot and allowed me time to improve. Once that spotlight is on you, you’d better be ready for it. I’d say start in the medium that inspires you individually the most and work as hard as you can on it from there.
  • Q:  how do you think the future of NSP has changed now that you guys have topped the motherfucking charts with Under the Covers?? You guys fucking rule and I’m so happy for you and your multitudes of success!
    A:  Thank you! We were psyched that our recent albums have charted so well, but I don’t think we’ll do anything differently. We’ll just keep doing what feels right to the best of our ability!
  • 6969 came together quickly when writing it. The video only took so long because it was such a huge jump in ambition and it has a learning curve. “If we do something like that again, things should go a lot more smoothly!”
  • The Pass has helped him through some tough times.
  • (I believe) that the lyrics he’d get as a tattoo are “ All of us get lost in the darkness Dreamers learn to steer by the stars All of us do time in the gutter Dreamers learn to look at the cars!”
  • Q: What would you say is the best dish at Olive Garden?
    A: The dish where you get up, walk across the street, and eat at Outback Steakhouse
  • He meditates in silence before a show because he’d get overhyped if he listened to music.
  • Doesn’t have a favorite member of Rush, “it’s an equilateral triangle”
  • Says Moving Pictures is usually a safe bet to start off with introducing someone to Rush
  • He picked Madrigal and Subdivisions for the first UTC because he loves them and they’re easy to sing. “I don’t know if I could hit some of those crazy high notes Geddy rocked in the 70s”
  • He thinks Witch Hunt would be a very good song to cover.  Such a great song and so relevant right now! “Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand”
  • His favorite song to try and fail at on bass is YYZ
  • “ I don’t think there’s any conscious decision to have Rush influence my music, but I’ve spent so many thousands of hours listening to them, it’s inevitable that it just comes out naturally”
  •  His favorite album to work on in his career is what he’s doing now (UTC2 and Cool Patrol) because “we’ve grown so much and finally have a full band!”
  • He doesn’t mind when fans are super nervous to meet him. He was nervous when he met Rush, too, “so it’s just the circle of life!”
  • He chose bass because it was different and fun to find submelodies.
  • Q:  Hey Dan! I’m looking forward to Under the Covers 2. I started writing comedy music and NSP is one of my main inspirations. What do you wish you knew about writing comedy music earlier on in your career?
    A:  Nothing in particular really. You learn and you go and there’s no substitute for just doing something over a long period of time. Of course there are things I would change about our early work, but it was the best we could do at the time so I have to be cool with it.
  • “I listened to so much of them [Rush] growing up that it’s in my blood and unconsciously shapes the way I approach music”
  • His second favorite album flops between Hemispheres, Caress of Steel, and 2112 on any given day
  • His favorite story/message told in a Rush song→ Story is Fountain of Lameneth because it’s a beautiful summary of life. Message is Spirit of Radio where they talk about the importance of integrity in art.
  • His biggest influences are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Nirvana, Spacehog, and Gentle Giant (to name a few)
  • He does his best on his Rickenbacker bass but it’s just for fun. “My band already has a bass player that’s better than I’ll ever be!”

“Thanks everyone! I have to go see my family now otherwise I’d stay longer. Sorry I couldn’t get to everyone’s questions but I had a lot of fun. I’d be happy to do this again in the future!
You being fans of mine means the world to me and I promise to keep making comedy and music for a long time! Thanks to you, the moderators who set this up, and of course Rush for being an awesome and inspirational force!”

Bodyguard Bucky.

A/n: The title is unoriginal af, I know. Just a little thing I wrote because I saw a dvd of ‘The Bodyguard’ in a charity shop and was hit with the idea, that Bucky is your bodyguard but you’re secretly in love with him. (It is nothing like that film/play, I haven’t seen it but I looked up the plot.) I thought ‘that’ll be easy to write’, but oh my gosh, was I wrong! It’s gone through so many rewrites and had about half of the original version cut, and it has some of the same themes as other things I’ve written, but I hope it’s okay…

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: You’re secretly in love with Bucky, your bodyguard, but now he’s leaving…Whatcha gonna do?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral)

(Mentions of being Tony’s child, but only mentions)

Word count: 2136

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol/intoxication, some angst and crying, but fluff by the end :)


As Y/N Stark, Tony Stark’s one and only child, you were obviously going to be a bit of an easy target, so since you’d finished school you’d had a bodyguard to protect you practically 24/7. The man entrusted to keep you safe for the past few years was one James Buchanan Barnes, or Bucky to you, and over that time you’d like to believe that he’d come to be more of a friend than just paid protection. Apparently not though. Last week he’d announced he was to quit with no warning and that single action had sent your life into turmoil, having realised a long time ago that you were completely and utterly in love with him.

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There’s this discussion right now about getting your lore/art seen and I just want to throw in some advice of my own: Tag the shit out of your work.

If anyone looks at my tags you might notice I add, like, a billion. If it’s somehow relevant to the drawing, I’ll tag it, even if it’s a very small detail. Now, I think tumblr only counts the first 5 tags you use, so make sure you use up those tags wisely. Monster folks get lots of traffic on here, so I tag monster boys/girls/enbies first [and, well, most of my characters are dragon people, so they fit], then flight rising, then humanoid/gijinka, etc. until I use up the five. Then I tag whatever else just in case.

It might feel silly, but trust me, it works. Even if it nets you just one more extra like/reblog, that’s one more person who’s seen and likes your art or writing, and might’ve missed it if you hadn’t tagged. 

Also, double reblog your stuff. It helps get your work seen by people who might’ve missed it due to timezone shenanigans, it’s your blog, and anyone who doesn’t like it can stuff it.

the raid

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so i was gonna make a quick post about bismuth’s brief appearance in same old world. i thought the purpose of that scene was to show what could have been the consequences of the breaking point, since we see bismuth assault lapis. the conclusion is obvious: if rose had approved, and bismuth had used the breaking point back then… lapis would have been shattered. 

it was a pretty straightforward, albeit sad post… but then, i noticed more things about this scene. and it got long. 

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  • What they say: yeah
  • What they mean: I'm sorry I know you're talking to me but honestly my brain has gone completely blank and I can't think of anything to say and all that's going through my head right now is panic because you expect me to say something to keep the conversation going but I can't think of anything and now there's an awkward silence and you think I'm rude but in reality I want to say something I just can't think

Virgo - Hey, Aries, have you seen a large green book anywhere? It’s very important.

Aries - No, have you seen my pants? They’re also very important.

Virgo - I’m serious, Aries. I need this book for history. My professor lent it to me to learn more about this one battle that’s supposed to be super relevant for my test.

Aries - *thinking and not paying attention to Virgo* They weren’t in the living room either… under the bed! No, wait, I looked there too. And then Virgo walked in… (gasps) Virgo!

Virgo - … and this was the only copy, and it was supposed to be really valuable…

Aries - *still thinking* Oh, jeez… she’s really explaining something… (sighs) I can’t just start listening now! I’d be lost… Just like my pants…

Virgo - … or worse I could get detention! That’s why it’s very, very important that I find it. If you see it, bring it to me right away. I’m going to check in the library!

Aries - For my pants? (long pause) … I guess I’ll keep looking here.

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I need to hear more about witch!Sam! how do you think he'll become a witch? like what is ~that~ point when he loves himself and realizes that he's good and not poison? will he and max from s12 like be bros or something?


Ahh… witch!Sam, I have a #witch!Sam and #give sam a dog and a magic book tag if u wanna take a spin :)

In 4x12 Dean tells us that Sam used to love magic and had cards, a wand etc.

Sam is the one doing the magic spells a lot of the time, I think all the time? When it’s Sam and Dean? eg. 12x13. 3x16.

The whole Lily Sunder / Sam conversation was…. eye opening.

Sam is the one associated with Max and Alecia at first, then Dean is paralleled with Max re: family / personal stuff but Sam is the one talking to him about magic in 12x06.

Sam is the one linked to Rowena and running the spell stuff of season 10, of course because it’s for Dean but it is a link.

It’s also extremely relevant to his self forgiveness arc because he doesn’t like to think about the demon blood / having something supernatural inside him part of his life - this is his cleanliness “thing” with the clean eating etc. So accepting that he is innately good at witchcraft or accepting his powers (if they are still there) would be an amazing way to reconcile this within himself, similarly to Dean’s sexuality and all the stuff below his facade, which he is also now starting to do.

So, I feel like season 13 will be very Sam and Cas focused. Both through Jack, but mainly Cas, which leaves Sam’s open for more magic / powers stuff, I do think they’d miss a trick not bringing Max back as he was such a well acted and well written character, very deep, but his story is dark now and difficult to work with, I would love to see how it pans out if so.

The whole “good witch” thing being introduced at just the right time is… excellent for Sam though :) Maybe it’s Max. Maybe its someone else? Maybe more MoL relevance (also I think this could definitely rear it’s head more in season 14 tbh than 13), we saw Magnus, so I would love the second half of season 13 and season 14 to focus on the International MoL, the old men and Sam learning about MoL magic and good witches in the hunting community.

Both of them repress things within themselves and both need to learn to accept it as a part of who they are and are starting to realise this and address it… Sam even said so himself.


reasons why I procrastinate :

  • I’m bored 
  • There are too many exciting things around 
  • There are too many exciting things in my mind
  • There are too many exciting things to look forward to
  • I’m too tired to work but not tired enough to sleep 
  • I don’t even realize time is flying away
  • I know the lyrics of the songs playing in the background
  • Fictional ships are amazing 
  • Fictional worlds as well 
  • I’m hungry 
  • I have to learn 3600 theories made by other people, by heart, while I don’t especially share all of their views nor agree with everything they say/said and still fucking have to write 20 pages about them while I just believe it’s mostly bullshit (like if my marks should depend on how much I do understand some chauvinist and classist and whatever bullshit..)
  • I want to sleep
  • Tumblr, and people’s beautiful aesthetics on here
  • The world is too beautiful; nature is too wonderful
  • The thing I have to do seems irrelevant to me right now
  • The thing is actually very relevant to me, so I’d really like to put all of my energy into it, but don’t actually feel like I’m having this energy at the moment, thus doing the thing now wouldn’t do it any justice in my head
  • I think I will have enough time, even if it’s last minute
  • I’m just too fucking used to procrastinating 


(p.s. i am gross and hungover right now but im feeling very #emotional about marcus flint maybe being a sad secret werewolf who just???? really likes how oliver smells????? but he can’t TELL him that so he just. always has to fight him. always. in order to Get Close. because oliver Cannot Know about marcus’s sad secret werewolf powers. anyway i might write about that in a little bit it seemed relevant to your interests 💖💖)

Top 5 Challenge! Free Dances!

Madison and Zach - I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Earned It

I love, love, love this program. From the composition, to the music, to the emotions, everything about this piece of art screams Madi and Zach to me. Knowing that a lyrical love program would suit them, I think that they played with their strengths, but it devastates me that this program wasn’t able to reach its full potential due to an unfortunate series of mishaps. It breaks my heart that they skated this program so perfectly during practice at Worlds. So close yet so far… But really, on a positive note, this program is a true display of the undeniable chemistry between them. The costumes look good. Great choice of color. The choreography and the music phrasing that comes along with it is perfect. Just a stunning program.

Tessa and Scott - Pilgrims On A Long Journey, Shadows, Latch

I love the theme (second chances) of this program. Not only does it suit them, I also think it’s very relevant to where they are in their career right now. I can’t put into words how ecstatic I felt when I heard that they were doing Latch. I was incredibly obsessed with the song when it first came out and as always, they really nailed it. I love that they took the contemporary route and made it their own. I especially love that they tried to change their technique. It really shows as I truly think their skating is at its best right now. Marie-France and Patrice are brilliant at what they do. I would have loved if Tessa did a half-updo at least once, but the ponytail works just as fine. I would have also loved it if she wore a blush hue towards the end of the season, but it’s no question that her dresses for this program were dazzling. The patterns are beautiful and I love that I see the connection of it to the piece. I also love how this program evolved through the season. They have spectacular chemistry between them, but what’s even more amazing is their ability to connect with the viewers. They are fantastic storytellers and they deserve all the success in the world.

Alexandra and Ivan - Libertango, Estaciones Porteñas

This program is definitely one of those programs that get better over time. They have said beforehand that they were not going for a traditional tango. For those who didn’t understand this program, they said (in an interview with InsideSkating) that this tango is about a man and a woman in a relationship. The man gets jealous, because the woman is very flirtatious. She’s the “You know I’m with you but I just like male attention” type, but in the end, he tames her and they stay together. I think this team hasn’t reached their full potential yet. They’re getting there though. They just need to work on their basics and improve on their storytelling skills. What I love about this team is the fact that they try to bring something different to the table, they really try to do something out of the box. Their signature shoot-the-duck twizzles never disappoint, their spin positions are unique, and their lifts are innovative. Considering the fact that they are a Russian team, it is impressive that they can bring a touch of modern flare to their skating. Their chemistry is sizzling hot. I love that this program shows a different side to them, a more mature side.

Piper and Paul - Con Buena Onda 

Yes, another tango, but this one is very different to Stepanova and Bukin’s. This tango is more traditional, more refined, and it definitely feels cleaner as a whole, because of that. I love the choreography. I think that this is an superb vehicle for Piper and Paul. It is a traditional tango, but they somehow, are still able to make it their own. The program suits them and their eccentric style. I love Piper’s hair accessory. The burgundy flower really accentuates the feel of the piece. This well-packaged program is absolutely a commendable choice for Piper and Paul.

Anna and Luca - Charlie Chaplin Medley

I love this pair and I think this program really suits their brand as a team. It’s classic Anna and Luca. The dreamy feel is very heartwarming. Great chemistry. Great storytelling. I love the grand lift towards the end of the program. I love the black and white costumes. Another great program from Anna and Luca, overall. I have so much respect for them.

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Hiii, I just wanna share that I don't think louis and harry's team promote their things in coordination. I think they do what's best for their own client. I think right now, they're not relevant to each other regarding their solo career professionally. Do I make sense? Hahaha. I'm sorry.

You make sense and that’s perfectly fine to interpret it that way. Obviously Harry’s stuff needs to coordinate around Dunkirk first and foremost so any other coordination could be planned or coincidental depending on what the team’s motivations are. I do think the whole band would want to at least be slightly coordinated since they’re essentially fighting for the same pockets, but they are also individual artists now and there are only so many Fridays in a year and they obviously have other things to schedule around like interviews and performances so we’ll see how things progress.

They talk so much about acceptance now today and it’s like, yes, but trust me — I’m old and I know this shit — it’s superficial. Because as soon as the lights go out, you’ll see how advanced people’s thinking is. This so-called “Will & Grace acceptance” era is just people fucking posing. Things haven’t changed that much. You see it in politics right now — that’s the fucking truth of people. And you know, people will have you think, “Oh, we’re fashion. We’re gay. That’s my gay over there!” It’s like, no. We’re still a very, very, very primitive culture.
—  Rupaul

Danny Phantom Teacher AU; where Vlad is the asshole Principal of a shitty high school, he’s a smarmy bastard who scares the shit outta everyone, including students and staff. He used to work at a rather well known and expensive high school until his scandalous affair with a student’s married mother went public and he was pressed to ‘respectfully resign’ so that his misdeeds wouldn’t affect the reputation of the school. After this he found the only school that would take him was a school with nothing to lose

Mr Fred Knight is the vice principal, he’s a severe suck up to Principal Masters and can be a hard ass most of the time but always gets into a way better mood whenever Halloween rolls around and can sometimes let minor misdeeds slip if the students give him some sweets

Coach Skott Ulker (referred to as ‘Skulker’ by the whole student body) is the gym teacher and he loves setting up obstacle courses and throwing balls at the kids while they manoeuvre them, he has a personal point system - five points for the face, ten points for a groin shot, he does live up to his reputation as ‘the greatest coach in the whole world’ though, his team never loses, they’re too afraid to. His relationship with Amber (“don’t call me ‘Ms McClain’ it makes me feel like an old geezer”) the music teacher is a constant gossip point as it goes through many (sometimes very public) ups and downs

Mr Gary Riter is the neurotic English teacher and he gets so riled up by his terrible students that everyone’s surprised he hasn’t had a nervous breakdown and strangled someone yet. It’s said that the teachers have a bet going about it, and that someone once found a story in his desk written about a number of his worst students going through horrendous ordeals, no one has proven either of those stories, yet they are unanimously accepted as truth

With a smart ass quip halfway out of his mouth before any of his students have realised he’s even in the room, the history teacher, Mr Clark Wùrk, is always on the ball. Nobody can get away with ANYTHING in his class, every cheater gets caught, every note passed gets confiscated and every piece of gum stuck under a desk gets cleaned off by the poor sod who stuck it there. Despite all this, no one can say they actually dislike Mr Wùrk though. The rumours about his leg and his face scar are all wildly ridiculous and new ones crop up every time there’s a lull in gossip fodder. Mr Wùrk has a terrible habit of changing his story every time he’s asked about it, one version contains a unicorn striking his face and trampling his leg, in another he claims his injuries are battle wounds from a fight with a god named Chronos and he took his staff as a victory prize, this story was accompanied by a nod towards his walking cane and a cheeky wink

Nobody knows the creepy janitor’s name, just that he has all of the school’s supplies stored in perfectly organised and labelled boxes and if you have the misfortune of being sent by a teacher to collect something from one of these boxes he’s about 90% certain to show up behind you and go mental, scares the shit outta the students but the staff just find him to be a harmless nuisance, he’s so quiet that some students think he might be some kind of ghost haunting the supply cupboards. His relationship with the somewhat bipolar lunch lady is something the students like to pretend they never noticed due to sheer discomfort

The school is in a terrible neighbourhood and things have a habit of going wrong quite often so Superintendent Patrick Dark is always forced to make frequent visits to make sure things are running smoothly again, the only time people see Principal Masters lose his cool is when the absolutely god damn terrifying Superintendent Dark is around.

The math teacher, Mr Sydney Dexter, (his students all call him ‘Poindexter’ behind his back) is the youngest teacher in the school, which he seems to think should make the students like him more (spoiler alert: it doesn’t) so he uses a lot of incredibly outdated slang in an attempt to connect with them, the only person who knows what he’s ever saying is the IT teacher Mr Nikolai Techner, who uses equally embarrassing but not quite as out of date slang as Mr Dexter. Students prefer to sit up the back of Mr Techner’s class due to his loud, grating voice being quite taxing on the ears

Nobody ever goes to see the school counsellor, Ms Penelope Spectra doesn’t seem to do anything but make people feel worse, but no matter how many people complain she never gets fired, the students think she has dirt on Principal Masters. No one can prove it, but the students are more interested in theorising what the dirt might be rather than whether or not it’s true (the ‘ladies underwear’ theory is by far the most popular… for more than one reason)

Mr Daniel Fenton is a student teacher who helps out in Mr Foster Bitte’s science class, (despite looking quite huge and terrifying Mr Bitte is actually quite the softy, the staff are all very familiar with his huggable nature, he has a knack for keeping his prosthetic arm from making his hugs too uncomfortable) but Mr Fenton always seems to be getting himself roped into subbing for other teachers in classes he has no qualifications for, he usually just Googles relevant YouTube videos for them to watch for the whole period, so all the students love it when Mr Fenton subs, the fact that he holds a very public contempt for Principal Masters also aids in his popularity. None of the students really know what the deal is between them but he once accidentally let slip that Masters used to be the principal of the private school he used to go to…

12x08 Coda - Castiel and Mary

“I need your help, Mary.” The call had been difficult to make. Castiel had researched, interrogated, tortured…all for naught over the past six weeks. Then one of Crowley’s informants gave him something to go on. It was as far as the newly re-throned King of Hell was willing to go. Crowley served his own purpose.

She arrived in two day’s time. Her pack hit the floor with a heavy thud and she swiped the liquor bottle Castiel had been nursing. Mary poured herself a glass and steeled herself for whatever the angel was about to tell her.

“Six weeks, two days, and ten hours.”

The words rang in Mary’s head. She assumed Dean was too busy to play their phone games or had lost interest. She was all too aware of the pain she was causing her eldest son.

“Why did you take this on all by yourself? Why didn’t you contact me sooner? Or Sheriff Mills?”

Cas sighed, his shoulders heavy with the weight of the situation bearing down on him. He should have stayed with the President and sent Kelly with the brothers. She couldn’t have easily gotten the drop on the both of them.

“I had so little to go on. I fucked it up. It was on me to fix it.”

“How long have you and Dean known each other?”

“Almost nine years. How is that relevant?”

“Because you sounded just like him right now. You both think you’re Atlas with the world on your shoulders.”

Castiel fiddled with his empty tumbler. He and Dean were very much alike. Some of it learned behavior, some of it innate. “Dean and I, we do share a profound bond.”

Mary gave a weary smile. She downed her Scotch and poured another for them both. “How long have you and Dean been…together?”

The angel looked up at her with a furrowed brow and confused expression.

“It’s okay, Castiel. Any fool could see how much you love each other. You didn’t have to hide it. I assume Sam knows since you all live together.”

“Mary, I…”

“Castiel, stop. I won’t bring it up to Dean. I can wait until he’s comfortable telling me. You strike me as a ‘cut the bullshit’ type so I did.”

He didn’t know what to say. He was accustomed to Sam’s inferences and Crowley’s snark, but not the sincerity of Dean’s mother. He just nodded his head and let it be. Perhaps this time he would have the proverbial balls to tell Dean, show Dean, how he truly felt.

Mary slapped her palm on the table much like Dean did. “Come on, let’s go get our boys back.”

  • Remus: Hey, Sirius, have you seen a large green book anywhere. It’s very important.
  • Sirius: No, have you seen my pants? They’re also very important.
  • Remus: I’m serious, Padfoot. I need this book for Herbology. Professor Sprout lent it to me to learn more about this one plant that’s supposed to be super relevant for my O.W.Ls…
  • Sirius: [Thinking] They weren’t in the common room either… under the bed! No, wait, I looked there too. And then Moony walked in… [gasps] Moony!
  • Remus: … and this was the only copy, and it was supposed to be really valuable…
  • Sirius: [Thinking] Oh, jeez… he’s really explaining something… [sighs] I can’t just start listening now! I’d be lost… Just like my pants…
  • Remus: … or worse I could get detention! That’s why it’s very, very important that I find it. If you see it, bring it to me right away. I’m going to check in the library! [Leaves]
  • Sirius: For my pants? [long pause] … I guess I’ll keep looking here.
Origins part 1: casual choice of words? Or not?

I’ve been thinking a whole lot about the very first scene in Origins part 1. I feel like the choice of words in it is particulary relevant. Allow me to explain why. I won’t debate on the Gabriel is Hawkmoth or not right now, but I feel like this “analysis” kinda confirms that theory (but also doesn’t). Anyways.

Let’s start with some images from the episode.

First of all, this is not really about the words used, but more like about the miraculous itself. If Hawkmoth had just in that moment found the brooch, why is there a picture of Miss Agreste in it already? There’s NO way it was already there unless someone left the miraculous to him. When Fu says he lost Nooroo and stuff, he didn’t imply someone stole it from the actual miraculous box. He said “I thought I had lost it forever” which means he might have lost it for a long time and was never hoping to see it again. He might have meant that someone with bad intentions had found it.

Now here. English does not make this clear enough, but in French I’m pretty sure he says “J’ai retrouvè toi Nooroo”. Not “trouvè” but “retrouvè” which can mean “i found you” but can also mean “I found you again” which has definitely some sort of relevance because if he found Nooroo “again” it means he knew him already!!!

You might think “Yeah but he didn’t know how the miraculous works!” Well…not exactly.

He says “Remind me” not “Please educate me on this it’s so new to me”. Remind me. Which might imply that he actually knew how to use the miraculous, but simply forgot, because he hasn’t been active in a long time.

I’ve also already covered how Nooroo seems to lie about not knowing where the other miraculouses are.

I don’t know all of this is somewhat relevant but it made me definitely think.

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Can i request a markson hp!au in which jackson is the gryffindor quidditch captain and mark comes from slytherin? and like when they are officially dating, people looked at them stangely since their houses are rivals so jackson became really protective (i have a thing for possessive jacks sorry T T) I hope you understand what im trying to say since my english is so lame T T Thanks a lot in advance!!

warnings: none

word count: 7.6k why am i alive T.T

author: angel

omg so this took me forever and I’m like dying right now, my exams just finished so I’ve been on this writing spree (watch me expertly gloss over the relevance of my writing to this blog) so yes omg I hope you like this T.T I know it’s a little jerky and stuff but it was like growing and growing and I had to make it stop so yeah. /cries

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Something I've been thinking about lately

And I’m not sure how much of a basis this has because I haven’t gone full ‘scholar mode’ on canonical source material, but…

Why does Cecil get away with saying the things on air that he does?

And I ask this because really, he gets away with saying way more than he ostensibly should in a police state, even given his status as the (presumably unironic?) Night Vale Government’s #1 Fanboy and Official Spokesperson.

I think the reason is that although he practices subversive journalism, the government does not believe that he poses a threat to their power.

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i wanna ask do you think that there's a possibility that mcu will have buckynat? i mean nat's birth dates in 616 and mcu are so far apart and bucky was taken by hydra not kgb

I think for all of us – and yes, I’m including myself in this – who read The Death of Captain America in one or two sittings as a graphic novel or digitally, it can be easy to overlook how much time passes between Captain America #27 and Captain America #36. That’s nine months our time and roughly three months in-universe. It was only after working side-by-side and getting to know who Bucky Barnes was without all the conditioning and brainwashing for three months that Natasha finally asks him if he even remembers their previous relationship before she made the first move. 

I bring this up because I think this time gap is very relevant to the discussion of BuckyNat in the movies. In the comics, they did not pick up their relationship right where they left off. It was only after months of working together day-in and day-out and learning who the other now was that they got together. Years later, looking at this in hindsight, it is very easy for both us as readers (and for Bucky post-Widow Hunt tbh) to see a continuation between now and then. But as it happened, their past relationship was just the spark of interest, not the catalysis for their modern day relationship.

Which brings me to your question – yes, I do think there is the possibility for BuckyNat in the MCU even with Natasha being born in 1984 and Bucky being taken by HYRDA instead of the KGB. There are three potential scenarios I could see happening behind the cut:

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so i was just reading through a post and i came across this section 

- it’s a post about a fall out boy concert but it very well relates to the 5sos family right now. -

‘Meeting the Band

If you’re lucky enough to follow a band like Fall Out Boy, you’re likely enough to get a chance to meet them after the show. This is a privilege, not a right.

DO stop by and say hi. Compliment them on the show, tell them what parts you liked, let them know this was your first show/seventh show/best show ever. This is the feedback portion of their night. The applause is great, but this is a person’s voice saying, “I really like what you just did. Thank you.”

DO ask before touching. Patrick Stump, the nicest person on the planet so far, will pull you into a hug before you even know he’s there. It’s pretty great, and as a fan you feel a great connection. However, not everyone is so fond of being touched. Ask for a hug before going in.

DO try to have a conversation. Instead of grabbing a signature or photo and running, try to say something to them. They aren’t factories. Some human contact is good.

DON’T squeal, yell, shout etc in their faces. They play loud shows every day. Don’t damage their ears anymore than they have. Say hi in a regularly pitched voice. If they can’t hear you, they’ll let you know.

DON’T BE CREEPY. Don’t ask about their wives or kids, don’t ask about their houses or personal lives. If they have made something about their private life public, mention it with discretion. Do not shout, “Oh my god I love you!” at them. Do not ask them to marry you, or lave on sexual innuendo. You wouldn’t do that to a stranger on the street, and no matter how many times the drummer has tweeted you back, you are still strangers. ’ - main source on help at a concert if any of you lovely people are interested! 

and i just want to share it with you all because i think it’s very relevant to what’s happening with the 5sos boys right now and the whole personal space and personal boundaries being pushed, like the post states, ’meeting the band is a privilege, not a right’ and although 5sos are a small band, it’s still a privilege to meet them, there’s no guarantee and it’s not /their/ fault if you don’t meet them and im kinda just sick and tired of people complaining that they didn’t get photos with them and i just think some people need to realise that it’s not a given that you’re going to meet them, most of the time it’s pure luck. again with the screaming, don’t scream at them, that’s weird and really cringe worthy and a big one, don’t ask about their personal lives like it’s nice to say like, how’s harry IRWIN going, when talking to ashton.. because he talks about him alot, it’s not okay to ask about Luke’s siblings because they aren’t spoken about much and most of the time people will ask if they’re single so they can get in with them and that’s really creepy also! one last thing, ask for a hug. it’s common courtesy, instead of just grabbing onto them like some crazed fan, and especially ask if you can kiss them on the cheek, don’t just go for it, because that’s the most weirdest thing /to me/ that a person can do. ok thank you for you time + brief rant from yesterday here  xx